Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 07 July 2015
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Death of San Francisco Woman Kate Steinle is a Gun Control Hoax

By no means was anyone named Kate Steinle shot dead on a water-front walk-way in San Francisco. This was staged, a fact which is impossible to dispute. It’s easy to prove.

It’s the same, standard blurry images, many of which appear to be corrupted by Photoshop:


That elephant has clearly been put by PhotoShop. Notice how straight is the trunk. There are cut lines all around it, also around her head. This is an artificial identity, a fraud by the Zionists, no doubt about it. Moreover, why would such an image be subjected to digital alteration unless it is nothing other than an arch-fake?


See the cut lines all along the leg and trunk, plus cut lines an blur tool marks along the top or spine. Make no mistake about it this is a Photoshop hack-job, purely amateurist.

Regardless, it’s the same, standard huckster methods with the good Samaritans jumping to the rescue, while calling emergency services. Too, there is plenty of fake blood to be found, always on the pavement.



Where are her relatives, notably her father? After all, it is said:

Kate Steinle, 32, was walking with her dad on Pier 14 on the Embarcadero when she was shot in the chest and fell to the ground at about 6:30 p.m., police said. She later died at a hospital.

Didn’t you hear what he said, ‘Oh, she was walking along and she told her relatives she didn’t feel good, then she fell down.’ A person shot her in the chest and no one realized it? Come on, people.

Yet, there is more. This is a supercilious hoax, clearly staged:

What about the purported killer, that illiterate one, the one they are trying to get to stay to the story line:

He had “no idea” he shot and killed Kate Steinle. Of course he didn’t. That’s because he didn’t shoot her or anyone else.

Where are the restraints and handcuffs? Oh, and ‘Can you coach me? I’m not sure what to say.’

Hoax absolutely confirmed: poor job of staging by hoax agents

The supposed gun or, rather, the gun case was planted. Yet, the story line is that the divers spent hours in the water, only to find a potential gun case. It’s not so. See what happens in the video, all proven, here, with screenshots. It’s a set-up; the case was handed off to the diver:

steinlehoax1  steinlehoax-r

The box is handed off to the diver. He then cracks it open, after which he submerges it to cause it to hold water.


Then, there is a cut in the film, and here we go:

steinlehoaxproven-2 steinlefakemurderproven

It pops up, like a bouy, all buoyant from the trapped water inside.



He hands it off to the cop associate. This is a crucial part of the staging. Then, the water drips out, as if it really was submerged under water. Can anyone fathom it? It’s all caught on camera:


steinlemurderhoaxproven11 steinlehoaxthumbsup steinlehoaxproof-3 steinlehoaxproven-2111

Hoax index: there is no way to quantify it. It is a hoax beyond comprehension, purely inane, fully corrupt – a supercilious hoax, virtually moronic, in fact, moronic beyond belief.


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  1. I was certainly waiting for this one to surface on nodisinfo. Thanks again.

    • spooge Michael Weiner is trying to incite a riot over this phony event …for his psycho pal…Donald Frump!

      • no restraints…too funny…how many phony spanish names can they give him….sanchez, lopez, …..marmalejo….bascuras…francisco….looks like an actor out of hollywood central casting.

    • bullshit is so thick with potus barry obola, the people can barely breathe!

    • francisco is harmless…what a convenient paysy for these zionist bastards like frump and mikey weiner.

    • So Fred, do you also believe the Trade Towers were collapsed by airplanes crashing into them…. and that man landed on the mooooon in 1969? Thanks for your response.

  2. DHS Live Shooter Drills & Hoax PsyOps Shooting Events Time In Dallas/Ft Worth

  3. Coppell (Dallas area) BYU Recruit (Hoax) shot outside middle school. (WFAA)
    COPPELL — Police say a former Coppell High School student was shot in the arm early Sunday evening outside Coppell Middle School East.
    Sgt. Sammy Lujan, a spokesperson for the Coppell Police Department, said Charles West, 18, was playing basketball in the 400 block of Mockingbird Lane when five or six shots were fired. Police say West fled the scene on foot and was found nearby wounded after knocked on someone’s door..”
    “The teen suffered a wound to the upper arm and was transported to Parkland Hospital, where he was treated and released.”
    Treated and released???!!! Right!
    Hoax! Hoax!Hoax!
    “Coppell police said they took a suspect in the shooting into custody by detectives at 1:30 p.m. Monday in the 600 block of S. MacArthur. According to a press release, West identified the suspect in a photo line-up. They said the suspect’s identity will not be released until all witnesses are interviewed and able to view photo line-ups.” (See the tidy & quick little wrap-up by 1:30 pm, DHS HOAX EVENT STYLE!
    Most likely since this young man is facing criminal charges for Marijuana & sexual assualt with a deadly weapon..DHS & local police blackmailed/bribed him with a get-out-jail free card to take part as a victim in this DHS HOAX Event Gun Confiscation PsyOps if he’d. Also he likely would lose his BYU scholarship. Now zionists at some other school or maybe even BYU will give him a scholarship after all, eventually for being a crisis actor & zioPuppet.

  4. Armed Sex Offender Hoax Killed By Dallas Police Also at 1:30 pm!!! lol Yes this event too happened at the time the other Hoax PsyOp DHS event was wrapping up! lol
    And now that Sex Offender Joe Cody is “Officially Dead” aka HOAX DEAD he gets off any payroll & probation & gets some get out jail free cards for future sexual attacks he commits against real victims aka dumb goyim!

  5. ZioScamming $ Fraudster Hoax Murdered Kate Steinle zionist Jew DHS Crisis Actor Gets $26,000 already on just one Go fund me account! But they have 2 more fundraisers shown at this one too.

  6. you people need help. These people are grieving this woman who was murdered. Do something better with your time and do your research. Coming from someone who knows this family.

    • Oh, no, just another “truther”! Get lost, dude, unless u come up with some proofs backing up ur statement.

    • So,’someone,’ just how do you know her?

    • We are not falling for your propaganda! Did anyone just see the mother on Fox live giving an interview? Reporter asked ” how did you find out your daughter had been shot? The mother replies “my husband called me and said kate had just been shot” She pauses and her eye’s widen (because she knows she screwed up the script again) then she says “no, it was my son that called me and told me” lmfao…..no wonder they are calling the mother the worst crisis actor to date!!!!!

  7. 2nd pic – subliminal message, “the elephant in the room”, no need to say more, folks….

    • Speaking of elephants:

      • Better an elephant than a retard. So by posting those links what the **** u think ull achieve? U just keep on proving how imbecile u are, on and on. U reap what u sow, scum….

        • Just showing the face of the dog who is doing all the barking.

        • Garry imbecile, at least pigs are smart and useful, so Im proud to be a pig then. How about u, genetic error? And that site is not for dating, u fucking cretin, as u suggested. Btw, ur female relatives are still doin’ porn?

          • Gary/Gaybriel is just doing his job Cristinne like any slime bag paid zioTroll $$$! He’s a KKK Kreepy Kosher Kook just doing his despicable job, that he love$. He probably has a day job at the bank zioScamming money from the acoounts of poor elderly pensioners .. or maybe he’s a zoning enforcement goon or something??? Or maybe he works for some smelly pig feedlot in Iowa making substandard artificial growth hormon steroids laced pork products for his zioMasters?? lol

  8. Things are getting shittier, lol – AP source: Fed’s gun used in San Francisco pier slaying



  9. Happy Hoaxsters Hoaxing It Up & just Can’t Shed a tear for Daughter & Sister Hoax Dead “Kate Steinle” DHS Vicsim.
    Kate Steinle (alias Kate Fischer alias Kate Carter aka Kate Szatkowski alias Annie Szatkowski zionist Jew Israeli enemy agent. I got pics but too, you filthy scumbags!)
    Crisis Actors Jim Steinle & Brad Steinle just can’t cry for her fake murder since she ain’t dead & they are gettin’ paid & getting to & scam & collect 10’s of Thousands of $$$ from the dumb hated goyim in this treasonous zionist agenda DHS Gun Confiscation Operation!

  10. Super Insane Hoax PsyOp San Francisco Murder Confession of Francisco Sanchez!
    Now imagine this: a supposed real murder investigation has just begun & the DA & Court & Police Supposedly Professional Investigators decide to instantly release the entire Murder Confession! A capital murder case!..well if Cali had a death penalty still… Totally tainting the entire juror pool in San Francisco & California! 1 billion percent hoax! & This hoax killer clown guy evidently has has same character actor coach & speech coach as the fake Boston Cowboy clown nitwit! In real life he can probably speak better English than 2/3 ‘s of the illegals in California! lol
    …And his freakin’ name contains the entire name of
    San ……..Francisco!
    Sanchez, Francisco!
    How silly & laughing in your face can the zionist enemy & DHS be??? What a crazy zioHollywood screenwright who decided on that one for this PsyOp movie! & DHS & the director approved it! The zios feel tge dumb goyim hated Americans & Christians are so zio Media & zioGovt school brainwashed that they will believe anything! Too silly & ridiculous a coincidence to put in a Hollywood movie even! The writer must have worked at SNL!


    • Andres’s “fault” on the German airbus crash with him in front of the Golden Gate Bridge…movie with the rock just came out…”San Andres”…pre and post conditioning….Zionist bastards are trying to ruin the USA before they run for Israel!

  11. Veteran ZioScammer & Crisis Actor
    Jim Steinle keeps on trying to shed a tear for his PsyOp daughter’s fake murder…but he just can’t do it since he’s so excited about all the money their criminal DHS SCAM has raked in for them so far in donations from suckers!
    Maybe if someone sends him a check for $500 the old zionist fraudster will shed a tear of joy …or sheer greedy, money grubbing delight! Please give generously to this wealthy greedy bastards & his family gang of snakes! Or just overnight him a few pounds of real Bull$hit!

  12. why do you keep calling it a “Zionist” hoax? What about the Luciferians who are running pir government? Are you sure this isn’t a “Luciferian hoax? along with all the others?

    • Certified troll.

    • The connected & powerful zionists are occultic Satanists–B’aal worshippers– The books they follow are satanic: The Babylonian Tamud & Kabbala & Zohar when one delves into them a little it can be discoveres. Read Texe Marrs and Michael Coffman’s work of them.
      And Jesus said: Those who call themselves Jews are not Jews(Hebrews), they are the Synagogue of Satan.
      We are not talking about people who follow bible– they do not, not even tge old testament. The main set of books are Babylonian Talmud which they follow–the most satanic, insanely evil, genocidally racist books ever written.
      Freemasonry, the occult, The church of Satan, etc, are all based on the Babylonian Talmud.
      Modern Zionism as most think of it is just a piece of greater Zionism – an extreme racist, racial supremist, genoncidal tyranny philosophy & religion that includes most modern Judeism in it’s modern/current forms.

  13. If this site is for the truth and for facts only then where is your evidence of the bullshit you are putting up here? Where’s your backup to prove this? You basically showed the world how stupid you are and this post is the evidence for that. You clearly are all bored messed up people with no respect. You all have metal issues and need help. You people are what’s wrong with the world. My best friend lost a family member and all they are trying to do is morn and remember the amazing person they lost. How would you feel if people posted bullshit like this about someone you lost. Try and think about others…..

    • You suck at life…Let me guess you are bored with no friends and all you do is sit at home alone hating life. Go do nothing because that’s all you are good at.

  14. I do believe events such as Sandy Hook and boston marathon are false flags. I work for Medtronic as a sales rep for medical devices and I know that this isn’t a hoax. I am not saying this to be disrespectful to you and your work. I just felt the need to say it because I feel that if we do know the truth about something, then it’s our responsibility to get the truth out there. Again, I respect you and your work which is why I am telling you what I know. I can email you my name and some personal info so that you can research and see that I too work with Medtronic. Thank you for your time!

  15. What’s interesting about this whole staged event is, take a look at Kate’s Facebook page, very limited activity of condolences. Go to pier 14, you will see a small plot of flowers. How does a Bay Area woman with over 900 friends with a gofundme page And NO real friend donations? No real condolences? It’s a staged event. Her FB page alone is enough proof.

  16. Another interesting lead; Brad Stienle looks exactly like an older version of Cpl. Skippy Wells (One of the victims in the Chattanooga shooting) Right down to the lazy eye, the slight bend in the bridge of his nose and in some pictures where Brad is thinner, their chins are identical.
    Also, if you look up Lance Cpl. Larry Wells on the Marine’s memorial page you’ll see that he died in 2004 in Iraq. If you read the comments you’ll find that Cpl Wells was raised in foster care (Less family members to worry about for the CIA). http://www.fallenheroesmemorial.com/oif/profiles/wellslarryl.html

    • Wells died in Iraq, as you have posted, here. Great find. Working on it. The Foster Care issue is a big one!

      • If someone has a way to check the MSM Marine picture of “Cpl Skip Wells”, it would be interesting to see if parts of Skip’s (Brad’s) face were “adjusted”. Especially around the mouth. I’m positive they’re using Brad Steinle’s younger photo for ole Skippy. It might be an overlay of Brad and Larry Wells… but I doubt they’d go to that much trouble. Whomever they have doing the photos for these events clearly isn’t the most skilled photoshopper on the planet (ie Adam Lanza)
        From reading one of the Obituaries on Cpl Larry L Wells, besides being in foster care, it sounds like he had a pretty rough upbringing. Rough enough that someone mentioned it in his obit.. That part of his past had to have been something significant for it to follow him around in death. “Larry didn’t have the best life. But he never wanted anyone to feel sorry for him”….
        Sounds pretty heavy.
        Interesting how these two stories connect, and the compelling connections to Trump’s campaign. El Chapo (a story so preposterous, it couldn’t be more ridiculous) and Kate Steinle’s shooting by an illegal alien. Both fell right into the “I told you so” theme for Trump and boosted his numbers immediately. Then with all of the drum beating for Trump on Left MSM daily…after he’s knocked out all of the legitimate republicans, he’ll step down and back Jeb. Just exactly how “they” want it. A run-off between Hillary and Jeb. Two heads on the same snake. People are going to be in a state of shock, but dammit! Will they ever learn?
        Anyway, here’s one of the obits where it mentions Larry’s not so good life.
        And the picture of Kate Steinle and her brother Brad where they are both wearing cowboy hats really emphasizes the similarities in Skippy and Brad’s chin. Both a bit crooked in the same spot. Also, I’ve noticed that some of Brad’s pics have been mirrored or flipped showing his lazy eye on the opposite side. I’ll try to paste a link for the pic. Hopefully this works. I found it on someone named; Doug Woodmansee’s, twitter (about three big pictures down his twitter page)

        Thank you for looking into this! That they’re using the same people in a main character capacity is intriguing to say the least. I’ve seen crisis actor “witnesses” re-used for events, but never higher profile characters. And never events happening within the same time period.
        The rabbit hole just gets nuttier and nuttier.

  17. I found her supposed remark after being supposedly shot stupid. If she WAS shot then why didn’t someone HEAR the shot? Any weapon… even a .22 has a bang and the gun she was allegedly shot with was much bigger than a .22. Why didn’t anyone hear a shot? And just how did the illegal alien retrieve a gun stashed conveniently under a bench? Hmmmm. I thought this was a fake…. Thanks for the article. Now I will just take ANY public shooting as a FAKE that it is.

    They were looking for a twofer apparently with this one. A gun ban and an illegal alien trashing….. no wonder Obama won’t sign anything against his sanctuary cities….. or his illegal aliens either for that matter.

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