Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 19 July 2016
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Death Photo of Supposed Dallas Cop Shooter Micah Johnson Faked?

Is the photo of a bomb-blast-killed purported cop shooter Micah Johnson a fake, like the phony ISIS beheading ones? This image, below, was lightened up slightly from the one available on the net. His lips are closed together. There are no obvious wounds. There are no lacerations visible. Surely, Hollywood-style moulage agents are capable of doing this. There is no crime scene investigation to confirm any deaths. It’s fully anonymous; there is no independent confirmation, no coroner’s report that has been made public, no autopsy: no means to confirm the standard claims, that is that he was blown up by a bomb.

Here is the original image as found on LiveLeak. It poses a number of issues which make it appear as a mere staged fake.


It looks like a construction zone, not a bombing site.


…vs. an explosive of C4 at a US military training site. Can anyone believe there was an explosion there?


Yet, by all accounts he was supposed to have been blown up with C4 explosive. That’s some highly powerful material. Where is the bomb-blast damage to this individual? Why is there no char damage anywhere to be seen, including on the individual? This is what a C4 explosive detonation looks like, in this case within a blast-resistant receptacle:

Yet, this is, that is the following, the image provided of the interior of the building? By no means could C4 have been detonated in the said building (image thanks to a video by Dana W).


HOAX CONFIRMED: there is no way C4 was detonated in the building.

No one can find it plausible, therefore, that C4 explosive was detonated in this building:

There is no char to be seen anywhere. Even the glass-covered exit sign is still intact. Therefore, no powerful explosive was blasted. This means that the death photo is a fake.


If C4 was released in this building, then, how could there be no significant damage to the walls and/or ceiling tiles?

Once again, C4 is high explosive. If it was detonated, blast damage would be clearly evident. It is not. This means the blast site was staged:


There is no way this could be blast damage from a bomb. Rather, it is a construction site of some kind. Notice the boxes in the back. These would be blasted into oblivion.

P-DALLAS AMBUSH EL CENTRO T3_1468970587759_1670090_ver1.0_640_360

The removal of dry wall is rather symmetrical. There is no evidence of bomb-blast damage to be seen anywhere. Regardless, where are the forensic units? See that inanely place police tape? Supposedly, five cop were killed, another six or so wounded. Why isn’t this area off limits to everyone other than the detectives, bomb-squad, and others?

P-DALLAS AMBUSH EL CENTRO T_1468970441549_1670131_ver1.0_640_360

It looks as if his shirt was soaked in fake blood:


Notice that there is no garbage, plaster, or ceiling tile matter on this body, although the metal bar does cross his face. Admitedly, his lips do look swollen. If he was killed, he would have been merely a patsy, since the entire affair was under the control of the DPD, fully staged. Even so, C4 explosive is so powerful that if it was detonated right next to him it would have likely blown his body apart:


Notice that the rubble is not scattered but is, rather, confined along the edge of the cement barrier, as if it was swept into that arena. This appears to be a construction zone, not a bomb-blast site. Even so, the gun is also free of all the matter that is seen in the background. It is lying there, as if it was planted. Why wasn’t the gun next to him, where he supposedly fell? Also, notice the shoes of the individual standing before it. Additionally, why is this picture up “anonymously?” Where is the legitimate crime scene investigation? Recall that Police Chief Brown said he expected and wanted the investigation to be concluded by “tonight.”

The same appears to be true of the relatives of Mr. Johnson. Like the Sandy Hoaxers and more they don’t want anyone to bother them, even to contact them to any degree, announcing this in advance before the entire world:


Such Internet messages are hard proof of the scam and the hoax. She is a suspect herself, technically, through her racially-charged postings. Who is she to tell the world to back off like that?

It would also mean that the following video is fake, that the tears were artificially induced: through aromatic balm. He squints a great deal, looks like he is acting, even looks like he is ‘on fire,’ reacting to the balm. The balm is placed directly into the corner of the eyes. Even so, they are doing a close-up of his face as well as the face of the mother. How can that be a coincidence? It all seems staged, while he acts as if something has been placed in his eyes or just underneath them:

The mother doesn’t seem to be missing her son too excessively, seemingly not being overly upset about the purported fatality.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 1.15.23 AM

This would imply that the deaths of the officers were faked and that any supposed corpses were also fabricated, mere wax dummies or latex imitations. This was done before in the Charleston shooting hoax and also in the Orlando fake. Why not also here?

Remember these images, courtesy of arch-Zionist mole Rita Katz? These, too, were faked. Why not here?


If beheadings can be faked, then, the faking of the death of Johnson is a minor issue. He does not look like a bomb-blast victim regardless.

The powerful ones who control the flow of information are highly smug about this. No one is grieving for these officers, including the relatives. There are virtually no tears of sadness to be seen anywhere.

Are, then, the corpses and ‘dead’ staged, as in Orlando and the Charleston shooting hoax? Are the police corpses wax dummies, as has been done before? This, then, would explain the imagery seen, the dancing past president and the smirking one, the one who is currently still in office.



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  1. Oh my god… This site makes those who consider legitimate conspiracies look like maniacs. Where do you come up with this asinine nonsense? As a person of Israeli descent I am mortified that a site like this receives more than 3 visitors a year. I hope things get better for you… Mentally.

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