Nairobi Hoax Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 29 September 2013
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Are all the deaths and injuries in the Kenya mall hoax fake?

The entire story behind the supposed Nairobi mall massacre is exceedingly suspect. Known lies have been told both by the Zionist-controlled media, the local secret services, the Kenyan special services, and the Kenyan government as well as by various individuals claiming to be witnesses of the event. Even the purportedly wounded have told great lies.

Therefore, the massacre is hereby deemed a hoax unless proven otherwise. There is no doubt about the fact, for instance, that crisis actors were used in this event. Could there be a real massacre plus the presence of paid crisis moles? That seems highly unlikely.

Furthermore, nothing makes sense regarding the claims of dozens killed and countless wounded. There are a total of some 240 dead and wounded, with at least 72, as acclaimed by the government of the Kenyan entity dead.

72 people dead? That is a lot of corpses, and in that heat without prompt attention much foul stench. Some 72 dead is a major crime scene, a degree of massacre in that region which is surely unusual. Surely, there are procedures to deal with this degree of slaughter. Surely, too, there must be some kind of procedure, standard in Kenya, for assessing the potentially mortally wounded as well as attempting to revive them, surely with CPR, chest compressions, IV fluids, blood products, or whatever else can be done in the attempt to save lives.

Then, too, what of the 175 wounded? A greater number of pictures are provided of what are acclaimed to be corpses than wounded people? Where are all these incredibly massive amounts of gunned down and bombed-out people?

The Zionists also claim that the Muslims, wild in rage, sliced throats. Where are the images of the people with such brutally traumatic injuries, and where is the evidence of the bleed-outs?

It is also proclaimed that people were killed if they couldn’t answer certain questions or didn’t know this or that ‘Islamic’ fact. When they didn’t answer properly, they were shot in the head at close range. This is what the Zionists say. Where are the images of people shot at close range to such a degree that there virtual brains are blown out?

To slit the throat and to shoot people in the head with the gun inches away or directly next to the head, as the Mossad attests: these would leave unmistakable lesions on the victims. None of these lesions or consequential injury patterns are seen on any of the images.  This calls into question all of the injury-pictured individuals as if they are all actors, all fakers.

This means that certain people faked their deaths, perhaps for massive financial gain and/or in their terminal, fanatical support for Israeli machinations. Those who are publically known and who do fake their deaths may well be translocated to that entity, where with their new-found cash can live out their lives for years, unknown, only to re-surface later.

To play this role surely the culprit(s) would the recipient(s) of large sums of cash, enough to tempt them to participate.

There can be no doubt that deaths and injuries were faked. That’s because there were no actual Somali or Muslim shooters on-site doing any killing.  That means that if there were deaths, the victims would have to be murdered by the Mossad and its collaborators: for effect, to create real dead people to drive home the dire nature of Islamic terror. That would seem impossible, since a number of the pictured victims are Zionist Jews.

In other words, it seems exceedingly unlikely that these spy agencies, admittedly under control of the situation and well-embedded near the mall in a command center: that they would send armed agents in, whether called al-Shabab or other, and then murder Jews, including well-known and highly regarded ones such as Elif Yavuz and Ross Langdon. Would these same Jews who value life so dearly, who always warn fellow Israelis about any known and present danger, as in 9-11, where the Israelis alone were forewarned not to come anywhere near the buildings while all others were led to the slaughter: would these same Jews put their prominent cohorts, like Amber Larre-Prior and her two children, like the Clinton-ites Huma Abedin and  Yavuz: like the other Jewish people pictured as writhing in pain or suffering gunshot wounds or deaths – would the Zionists really do this to their own?

According to a number of media outlets virtually all the spy agencies, the Mossad, the CIA, the UK secret services (MI6), and possibly the French secret services were all represented in this ‘massacre,’ all acting as on-site consultants to the Kenyan special forces. Repeatedly, the Kenyan government has confirmed the presence of the Israelis. Regardless, do these various nefarious espionage agencies all have crystal balls and know in-advance of the plots and plans of these acclaimed ‘Muslim’ terrorists? Rather, this multi-national presence of the agents of Zionist-supporting Western counties is proof that the Nairobi event is theirs: Muslims and Islaam are uninvolved, rather, are the ultimate victims of their schemes.

Again, Islaam has been viciously blamed, great blame, fantastic lies, all to create a monstrous demonization against it. Yet, it is fully absolved, because, once again, the Nairobi mall hoax is an act of Zionist terror by known and determinable Zionist agents, including that known building destroyer Frank Lowy, whose mall empire is currently crumbling.

This is a grand and sophisticated faith, which is the subject of continuous hate and false blame, all orchestrated by powerful Zionists. “They killed anyone who didn’t know specific Islamic buzzwords or codes. They slit throats and shot people at close range. They killed children, pregnant women, and the elderly.” Yet, it is all lies heaped continuously upon the world by treacherous Zionists, a fact which is being systematically proven on this site.

So, it is true. All the individuals pictured as either dead or injured are fakes, mere crisis actors. No one died, and no one was injured, particularly the key Zionist stage actors such as Elif Yavuz and Ross Landgon, who are comfortably relaxing with their new Yiddish identity in the Israeli entity.

100% real, Israeli/Frank Lowy-style IDF brutality:

dead protester

The man ultimately dying from a Israeli sniper bullet shot to the leg, dissecting the femoral artery.

Versus 100% fake, the arch-Zionist plot and scheme of fake injuries and deaths at the Israeli owned and controlled ‘mall’ of Nairobi:

Picture 441

Fake injured Elaine Dang, a Clinton cohort and American Zionist mole, enjoying herself after her fabricated skit; how much was she paid?

This faker has already been busted on the site, once again, Amber Larre-Prior.


This man is not dead, as this is a movie set, coordinated and controlled largely by the Zionist mole, Amber Larre-Prior, once of the most famous video and documentary production specialists in Nairobi (through her company, Quick Bright Productions).


This man is not dead (not enough blood to account for a hot metal bullet wound); it has all been carefully staged, including the fake blood on the steps, a much better job in some respects than the Boston hoax.

Regardless, here is what a real bleed-out looks like, with arterial spurting:


Versus this, just a bunch of tempura paint smeared around and smeared on the person’s body. Totally fake. There is no way this could be a fatality. It can be seen where she was drug around to be right next to the elephant. The smearing is the give-away and the drag marks; no one is bothering to take care of her or check out her status, because she really didn’t bleed out, and it is all an act.


It is realized that this looks horrid and macabre. Yet, it is not as it looks like. It is entirely fake, hard as it may be to believe, 100% staged.


No arterial spurting; no spray, no dots; just a bunch of red liquid poured about. Carefully staged by Zionist hoaxers. Note how the red fluid never coagulates or congeals in globs but, rather, freely flows down the crevices on the sides of the pavement bricks. This is a grade B (give it a D) Hollywood-style set with Israeli producers, sound experts, and camera-persons abounding. No one died or was injured. Let anyone prove otherwise.


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  1. You total [email protected]#$% **** send your parents and your ******* children to me and I swear I will show you what is hoax when I rip out there hearts and body parts and send them back to you. These people were related to me.

  2. Note the packages of water bottles in Mr. Laughter in the blue cap link. My two “tells” are water bottles, any catered food (Einstein Bagels bags in the Gabby Giffords psy-op) and lanyards around the necks of the “players”. This looks like a cut budget operation with only the water bottles. The oriental boy with his shoes off has two water bottles on the ground, same blue label.

  3. The problem with conspiracy theories, it that their explanations will be so outlandish as to be hard to enact, almost fantastical. People who come up with this stuff cannot come terms with reality so they kid themselves that everything is fake and nothing is real. If that’s the mindset these people have, then they might as well be the walking dead.
    I also suspect that the guy who wrote this article will pee his pants when a fascist, wahabi holds a knife to his throat, and no this guy won’t be acting on a film set. He’ll want to actually kill you.

    And these jew conspiracies, the jews have the iron dome, other tech, what do the palestinians have: bows and arrows and fucking rocks. Why would you possibly take the side of the losing team. You can kiss the *** of these fascist organisations thinking the bros will spare you, no they won’t. What a stupid position to take.

  4. If you think jewish success is problematic, just work harder in school.

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