Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 07 May 2015
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Deaths of Muslim Gunmen in Garland Texas Hoax Were Faked

Whoever these men are they are not dead. Their deaths were faked, which will be categorically proven here. When a person doesn’t even recognize his own sex, turning himself into a woman – Pam Geller – can such a one be trusted to the least degree?

This is a man, not a woman. Who can doubt it? Look at the lines on the cheek and chin. See the masculine nature of the bony structure.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 2.47.21 PM

Right when Geller is saying how “scary” it is around her and how brave are Americans who support ‘free speech,’ right at that moment she is approached about ‘gunshots were fired’ and that there is ‘danger’ so ‘let’s get you under protection; they are after you.’

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 2.48.27 PM

Right when she says there there are ‘bad’ characters out there. Sure it was, right. The Muslims knew just when she was giving that interview and timed the hit perfectly.

Who believes it is a coincidence, considering how terminally corrupt he/she is?

Wait a minute, though. She calls out the canard of Islamic terror, real Muslim terrorists, who descended on the spoof session. Yet, they turned out to be real amateurs. No matter. They weren’t actually there. Wherever they were is irrelevant. A deal was made with them for whatever reason. They were useful faces, perfect patsies for the FBI-facilitated arch-Zionist plot.

They were supposed to have been shot dead by this man, Bruce Joiner, who was himself shot in the melee in the leg, alternatively, foot:

Named Bruce Joiner (as in Bruce Jenner?), who in the world concocts such nonsense? He is apparently a prankster and fully participated in this hoax for deliberate pay:

Now that it is clear that these men were not involved, not injured or killed to any degree, then, let us see how the imagery substantiates it.


There’s not a single person in the center of the image despite the fact that three men were supposedly shot, two fatally? How can it be that no one is to be seen, considering that the event was infested with security? Dozens of security people and for several minutes no one is securing the scene to be sure that there are no more ‘terrorist’ elements? It’s absolute nonsense. It cannot possibly be anything other than a fake.

Oh, wait, the security moles were too busy show-boating and playing the role to be on the scene of the fake shooting:

Police, really? Every see a policeman who looked like that? The man is a hired mercenary mole. Look how fit he is. Moreover, what about the man following him around with the microphone. What an arch-phony it is. Who could consider otherwise?



In this screen capture no bodies or, rather, fake bodies are seen.


Here are the fake bodies without the blur. It’s all a set-up. Look at the distant, blurry imagery. Where is there proof even to the slightest degree that these men were really there and that they armed and ultimately killed?

Too, look at all the lights that were beamed on this. Spencer has the Hollywood connections. It was a mere arch-Zionist stage show, with every attempt, though feeble, to create a sense of realism, while keeping the imagery distant, so there could be no incisive analysis:

Instead of investigating the site and also securing it, all that they are doing is beaming lights at it, proving that it is all for effect, a mere arch-scam. Lights, lights, and more lights illuminating the scene yet there are no storm troopers anywhere to be found. What happened to the wounded hero? Where is the ambulance? Where is the Fired Department response?


The detonation of the vehicle by the pre-placed FBI detonator charge creates a sense of realism. ‘There were explosives in that car. It was booby-trapped.’ The fake blood is also there for effect, associated with the phony corpses. It was all staged to create the sensationalism of a real attack by vengeful Muslims, even more so an actual attack on US soil by of all things ISIS.

It has to be true. Terminally corrupt arch-Zionist moles Robert Spencer and Pam ‘the man’ Geller say it to be so:

What a motley pair. A terminally hedonistic arch-Zionist rabbi with an arch-corrupt Islamophobic transvestite. Regardless, their role is hard proof of the fake, especially considering the attack coincided precisely with their Hollywood-style showboating, claiming there to be real risks all about them.

It has already been shown that there were no corpses but, rather, there were mere bags filled with weighty matter, the nature of which is unknown.


There simply cannot be a body in this bag. There is no conformation for any human, and, regardless, if there was a real person in there they would not be carrying it like that. Even so, consider the timing. What in the world is the purpose of keeping a corpse around for endless hours, if these were real dead people? They would be removed from the scene relatively quickly, surely not kept about overnight and well into the middle of the day.

They left it to the women? Who believes it? See how they are struggling under the weight, without a single male, there, to assist them:


They wrapped it up real good, gave it a seriously dense disguise. Notice anything? It’s a corpse, right? They didn’t even bother to secure it with straps. Also, there is no conformation for the chest or abdomen nor is there a head conformation. In contrast, see this known, proven corpse which rolled out of the end of a coroner’s van. See the head and also the chest and abdomen. In the fake one instead of a prominent abdomen or chest there are cavities.


Soofi said it was through news accounts that he first became aware of his son’s involvement. He was shocked.

In another report he said he will “miss him a lot.”

Here is additional evidence of the lie, which is the nature of the damage to the car. The FBI placed that bomb in the vehicle and then detonated it, which is made exceedingly clear by the imagery.

An FBI investigator collected evidence markers near the Chevy Cobalt that Nadir Soofi drove to Garland with roommate Elton Simpson. (Tom Fox/Staff Photographer)







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  1. First picture:
    – under the barrow is the number “33”
    – The woman on the right did not have protected her right leg carefully.
    – The FBI-man was sloppy with his right leg too.
    Meaning; they are laughing right into our faces.

    • In real life, members of the unit for Forensic identification are not such sloppy with their clothings / dresses usually.

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  3. N.A.T.A.S.

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