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Did An Evening Pork Chop Cause the Death of Zionist Apologist Antonin Scalia?

There is much purported controversy about the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The general presumption from alternative media sources is that this death, that is the cause of death, is highly suspect.

The man was some 80 years old, was obviously obese, and had cardiovascular issues, including hypertension. Moreover, he was likely on medication. Was his untimely death all that unreasonable?

Here is a major issue. Is this man’s death being spun to cover-up influence peddling? One of the biggest spin-meisters is none other than arch-Zionist agent Alex Jones. He has become the prophet of the claim that the death was surely suspicious, even going so far as to claim an Obama Administration hit.

Perhaps, it is much more simple than that. Perhaps this is nothing other than spin and disinfo to disguise the nature of Scalia’s presence on the site, which is that he was being given a free trip as part of influence peddling. He was there, after all, with admittedly heavy hitters. What business did he have being so closely associated with such major self-seeking high-rollers?

If he did die there, then, this would be a major source of embarrassment. This may explain the appearance of staging and cover-up, along with a multiplicity of story-lines:


Why in the world would anyone be in such perfect position to take the image of the hearse and associated vehicle? There was, then, staging which was operative, here.

Once again, the key question should be, “What in the world was a Supreme Court Justice doing in a function attended by many of the world’s heaviest financial power-brokers in the land?” By all accounts he was invited there to enjoy his favorite pastime: hunting. He was an invitee of a well-known, wealthy special interest seeker, Mr. John Poindexter:


Claims that Poindexter killed Scalia are to the point of being ridiculous. Much more likely is the fact that this is being purposely spun for purposes of obfuscation.

Said one local legislator:

“My guess is, he has plenty of Republicans and Democrats hanging out together,” said a Texas senator, José Rodriguez, a Democrat from El Paso who has been to the ranch. He said that Mr. Poindexter has hosted a community event at the property each Labor Day that allowed residents to experience the rugged West Texas terrain and Mr. Poindexter’s careful efforts to restore structures now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Well, he did know some, but didn’t know others and only got to know them then. What kind of double talk is that? With all such so-called high-profile guests, and with there being only 35 total, surely he got to know almost all of them in short order: or they got to know him and sought to do so.

Mr. Scalia had gotten quite tired, according to reports, after eating dinner. What did he eat? Moreover, what did he drink? As it turns out according to the he ate food that can prove deadly, particularly to those with weak cardiovascular systems – pork in the form of a pork chop:


This clinician has had to deal with a number of people who had sudden heart attacks, even a few who had died, after eating hefty pork chops. It could not be a coincidence. Pork can be lethal to an individual with a high vulnerability for cardiovascular disease:


Here is a photo-micrograph of a person’s blood before consuming pig flesh, in this case in the form of a pork chop. Now, see what happens after the consumption. The alteration is most incredible, surely potentially disastrous:


FIGURE 2. Microphotograph of blood of male, 52, five hours after consuming the unmarinated cooked pork chop. RBCs are entirely stuck together in rouleaux (stacks of coins) formations. This blood condition disrupts the microcirculation.

Here is yet another image, in this case showing vast inflammatory reaction within the bloodstream, in this case as represented by fibrin formation, noted by the spicule-like congregation. This is a sign of coagulation of the blood, which can prove fatal:


Note the difference in comparison. The aggregation is exceedingly dangerous. Known as rouleaux formation, this can lead to a clot in the coronary arteries, causing sudden fatality. Anyone can see that this degree of inflammation is exceedingly dangerous. No wonder a special effort was made from the divine source to ban this from human consumption.

Now, look at Mr. Scalia. See how vulnerable he is. The double chin is a risk factor for heart attack, as is peritoneal fat:

The pork alone, along with possible over-exertion, could have led to this man’s demise.

Then, what did he drink in association with it? Apparently, he was quite a consumer of alcohol:

As for Scalia: At the oyster and wine judging competition, we were each provided a bucket, in case we wanted to spit out our 30 wines after tasting. Scalia didn’t spit a drop; he drank it all in .

Scalia was a friend of the Zionist criminal clique, not of the American people:


He made it clear where his loyalty lied, and so, too, did arch-Zionist agents let know how much of a friend of the Zionist strip he truly was (source –


The wild claims about his death by the hands of the White House are unsubstantiated. If he really did have a pork chop with much wine, this was most likely the killer. Moreover, if the pork was under-cooked, this could have killed him alone.


How Does Pork Prepared in Various Ways Affect the Blood





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  1. Much to my shame, I didnt know about Scalia being a Zio apologist and somehow didnt bother to find out. Even so, IMO (and not only) he was murdered. Enuff red flags for that. Most likely they used him as much as they could and when he wasnt useful anymore – or mabe he became a threat of sorts – they decided he should be offed. Same old story.

    • Back away from my online girlfriend Gabriel you fraudulant mossodomite zionist troll!

      • This was obviously a stupid fraudulant troll post made by zionist freak Gabriel the coward & fraud:

        Cowboy on February 17, 2016 at 8:03 am
        Back away from my online girlfriend Gabriel you fraudulant mossodomite zionist troll!

  2. Oregano oil could have saved his life.

    • Imposters pretending to be the Eagles of Death Metal?

  3. I think the Dr needs to see a Dr. maybe he can explain the fact that a pillow was on his face and hands folded on top of the sheets. I knew people that died of heart attacks. Absolutely NO WAY you could end up like that without HELP.

  4. These are all disinfo posts under troll shill names & fraudulant posts made on this thread by gutless coward ziotroll Gabriel under my poster name here as “Cowboy”:
    n0nam3 on February 17, 2016 at 7:30 am
    hey Gabe – this looks like proof that she is K
    Cowboy on February 17, 2016 at 8:03 am
    Back away from my online girlfriend Gabriel you fraudulant mossodomite zionist troll!
    Anonymous on February 17, 2016 at 7:35 am
    Oregano oil could have saved his life
    Blake on February 17, 2016 at 3:11 pm
    I don’t think the proprietor was Jewish. I thought he was an Israeli Christian Arab… Maybe I have the stories confused.
    Blake on February 17, 2016 at 3:16 pm
    I am right. It wasn’t an “Ohio Jewish Store”; it was a restaurant run by an Israeli Christian Arab.
    Unbelievable , Christinne. Get your **** facts straight!
    Cowboy on February 17, 2016 at 8:07 am
    Imposters pretending to be the Eagles of Death Metal?

  5. Scalia’s death was only to benefit the Zionists to put another so-called liberal on the Do called Supreme Court by Obama, to help with the zionist transgenger & homo promo agenda, Gun Confiscation & Police State Agendas & all the zionists’ agendas like war & genocide.
    So we can immediately know that Scalia was either murdered (most likely by some Ft Detrick fast acting bioweapon bacteria, etc.) or he willing faked his death at the order of the zionists. Zero chance that he accidentally suddenly died food poisoning or of any natural causes. You cannot make a decision based on doing the opposite of whatever Alex Jones says. To be successful & effective Alex Jones has to be right 70 percent of the time or more. The ziomedia almost never has to tell the truth at all.

    • Wrong. He was their stooge.

      • I did not say Alex Jones is not a zioStooge. I am saying 70 percent or more of what he days must be the truth for him to maintain & mislead his audience.
        But I am saying you can’t assume just because Alex says something the opposite must be the truth. The motive for Scalia to die on cue is a big one right now so another “liberal” zioPuppet can be put on the Supreme Court by Obama. They certainly did not want to order Scalia himself to suddenly start making liberal votes. That would wake up way too many conservatives to the false Conservative-Liberal Paradim & find out they are all just zioPuppets!

  6. Franicis Lobis Wheeler & David Wheeler are proven lifelong actors & crooked politicos & Sayanim.

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    Published: October 7, 2001

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    The couple met in September 1999 at the Squeeze Lounge in New York. The bridegroom, a member of a comedy duo, Ward & Wheeler, was host to a variety show, and the bride was performing with the guest act, SwingSet, a vocal trio.

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