Boston Bombing — 07 June 2013
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Did Craft International’s Chris Kyle Fake his Death?


The people of Iraq know Chris Kyle as the greatest of all Satans, ash-Shayateen, for his role in murdering people in cold blood. Perhaps they are right that he is a devil to the highest degree. Is it true bravery, truly heroic, to stand behind a barrier somewhere and snipe someone hundreds and in some cases thousands of feet away on the basis that they could be the “bad guys?” Or, is that anything other than the behavior of a coward, a scoundrel? It would appear from the antics of Mr. Kyle that this was precisely what it was: cowardice.

Regardless, how is it a “good” or “heroic” deed to slaughter defenseless people, especially people who are minding their own business, attempting to survive? The people of Iraq had nothing to do with the precise basis of the invasion. Surely, quickly, US fighting forces came to realize this. Even so, any fighting back against American troops was merely self defense. After all, it was they – the innocent people of Iraq – who were invaded, not visa versa. Here, it will be demonstrated that Kyle is in no way a hero but, rather a coward who has not even a brave bone in his body.

Kyle is in major trouble. He had just published a book, American Sniper, in which he had proven to have lied. Moreover, the lie was against a prominent individual, Jesse Ventura, who called him on the lies and ending up suing him for defamation. It was a clear case for Ventura: he was in the right, and he could prove it. That meant the damages could be big, far more than the Kyle could possibly afford. Trial was set for August 1, 2013. Then, suddenly, people are to believe, the veteran sniper turns up dead, shot to death by an associate on a firing range.

Here, at even without definitive evidence this is being called as a fraud and a sham. Surely, Kyle is still alive. Was on on-site with the other smoke bomb fraudsters, perpetrating additional crimes? That is surely likely.

Kyle was in trouble and he knew there was no escape. Moreover, apparently, frightened of the consequences he perpetrated a ruse, enlisting his wife, friends, colleagues, and more. Here is a good review by Greg Fernandez, Jr.:

Chris Kyle Lies Then Dies: Jesse Ventura Connection

FEBRUARY 3, 2013 BY 
Jesse Ventura has a libel suit that is set to go to court sometime around June 2013, according to what Ventura told radio talk show host Alex Jones of in late 2012. In all the media reports I have read about Chris Kyle, not one has mentioned that retired Navy Seal Chris Kyle alleges he sucker-punched Jesse Ventura at a bar owned by a former Navy-Seal.A January 7, 2012 article by Paul Joseph Watson points out that “Kyle claims that he met Ventura in a bar in Coronado in 2006 while Ventura was in town to speak to a new class of SEAL graduates at nearby Naval Amphibious Base Coronado.
Also present were family members holding a wake for Michael Mansoor, one of the first SEALs killed in Iraq. Kyle claims Ventura began loudly objecting to the war in Iraq before calling the troops “murderers” and saying “we deserved to lose a few guys”. Kyle then claims he punched Ventura, knocked him to the floor, and quickly ran away.” Editor’s addition: what was the purpose of claiming to run away, in case the proprietor of the bar said he never saw him?

The article also includes Jesse Ventura’s response to the alleged incident on his Facebook page (because “The Body don’t tweet”):
“The event this man spoke of never happened. I have been to Mc P’s many times since leaving the Navy. I was never there alone. I was always accompanied by other people. If this happened 6 years ago, someone would have known of it before now. Certainly in the UDT/SEAL community it would have been known. This has to be news to all of us. I have always opposed the war in Iraq but I have never spoken or wished any ill will towards the soldiers. My heart aches that soldiers have died or been wounded because this war should never have taken place. I am perplexed over the agenda this man has and why a fellow Navy Seal would tell a lie about an event that never happened.
Clearly, between this story and the previous week’s story about supposedly getting pulled over for tail-gaiting in CA that was also a lie, someone is out to destroy my credibility. I find it very interesting that both these stories are being spread by Fox news and it’s affiliates. As a Navy veteran you realize you can’t believe every sea story you hear. Let me finish by stating both of the recent two national stories about me are completely untrue lies, neither event ever happened.”So now what happens to the lawsuit filed by Ventura? Jesse even offered to settle out of court if Kyle agreed to admit he lied about the incident and pay for Ventura’s lawyer bills. Kyle refused. It’s very clear that Kyle was going to be embarrassed by the lies he put in his 2012 book, American Sniper.Some believe Kyle was persuaded to tell lies about Ventura. Kyle claimed to have eyewitnesses who would verify his allegation of punching Jesse Vetura for badmouthing United States soldiers.Jesse Ventura made it clear he has multiple witnesses who know the incident never occurred. Among the witnesses is the owner of the bar involved with Kyle’s claims. Jesse Ventura’s libel suit against the retired Navy Seal is supposed to take place sometime around June 2013. I’m not sure what this means for the lawsuit but many believe Kyle’s death is suspicious. The timing of the double murder by ex-Marine Eddie Routh and Jesse Ventura’s lawsuit could be pure coincidence or there could be more to this story.

When any human being dies, it’s a sad day. The murder of former Navy Seal Chris Kyle has raised a lot of questions. Chris Kyle and 35-year-old Chad Littlefield were shot in the head at close range. 25-year-old former Marine Eddie Routh allegedly shot Kyle and Littlefiled at close range at Rough Creek Lodge in Texas, Saturday, Februart 2, 2013 around 3:30 p.m. Routh was arrested in Lancaster, Texas shortly after. It’s said that Kyle was helping Routh deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. PTSD is a serious issue that Jesse Ventura has talked about many times. Ventura is not sure why Kyle lied about the sucker punch but since that time the former Governor has admitted he does not feel comfortable around some of the younger Seals, especially if they are capable of out-right lying about Ventura talking negatively about American soldiers.

Craft International and the Boston smoke bombing hoax

No doubt, Kyle’s corps were main players on the ground throughout the entire frauds of all frauds, the Boston smoke bombing hoax. These corrupt ones may even have been involved in the framing of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, as the diabolical Craft logo, seen below, was photoshopped into his hat in the fabricated CCTV film.


Craft agents were prominently seen with the khaki pants, black jackets, and large black backpacks.

Regardless, in addition to the fact that his company was one of the main perpetrators behind the Boston and also Sandy Hook hoax, there is this inane speech/eulogy by his wife which raises great suspicions, in fact, confirms a diabolical hoax with far-reaching implications, which is that, in fact, Kyle, as well as his wife, faked his death:

Heart wrenching? Also, look at the hoaxer in uniform on the left screen. A few too many smirks and smiles, a bit too much glee, for just losing the bread-winner of the family? Note: this is long and may be difficult to watch, since this wretched one is simply lying through her teeth. Yet, it is evidential of her attempt to defraud, not the least of which is the fake eulogy, the constant emphasis on fighting evil, and the excessive protestations.


chriskyle-99 chriskyle-98

After a careful review of the video and her facial expressions, as well as mannerisms–note the pitch for a new book at the end–we don’t find ANYTHING she says believable.

Therefore, he faked his death, and his wife is in on it. Let him prove otherwise.

Is this, thus, Chris Kyle hiding in the smoke, yet another filthy mole like the rest of them? He surely has the motive, a great distraction as well as a potential source of vast profits for his war-soliciting entity, Craft International. Post to be updated shortly. Meanwhile, it may be said to Mr. Ventura, “You are clearly being viciously slandered by the Zionist-controlled media, who have relied upon Kyle as a cohort. You are in the right to pursue this to the greatest degree of justice allowed to you, and you have the support of this site and its members.”

From one of our posters:

Taya Kyle in the No Spin Zone
Published June 05, 2013 | O’Reilly Factor | Bill O’Reilly

O’REILLY: So, this is a pro-gun book that you guys put out; but, what is the headline of the book? What is the most important thing in it?

TAYA KYLE, WIFE OF SLAIN NAVY SEAL CHRIS KYLE: I don’t actually think of it too much as pro-gun book as much as it is a history book. Honestly, it was just history. Chris loves American history. And, yes, his interest are in guns, so it makes sense that he would show how history has been changed by people using guns and how the gun manufacturers changed to adapt to the times. But, it is really fun and entertaining look at the people who changed history.

[Chris Kyle is supposed to be dead. He doesn’t love history anymore and no longer has any interest in guns. Or, does he?]

O’REILLY: All right. Now, Jesse Ventura had a dust up with your husband allegedly and your husband was on this program and told me this.


O’REILLY: You say you knocked Jesse Ventura to the floor with a punch. Now, you don’t mention his name but everybody knows who that is. Number one, that happened? You knocked him out?

CHRIS KYLE, FORMER NAVY SEAL SNIPER: Well, I knocked him down.

O’REILLY: Knocked him down. Why? Why would you punch Ventura?

CHRIS KYLE: He said you — you all deserve to lose a few guys.


CHRIS KYLE: I am assuming he was saying that to me.

O’REILLY: Did he fight back?

CHRIS KYLE: He went down. The cops were there. I took off running.


“I took off running.”

Yep, that’s what real heroes do; take off running after sucker punching an old man. On second thought, maybe it sounds more like the behavior of a mass murderer who only has experience killing from great distances.






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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he never existed. Why do they put a guy like that out in the public? He defames Ventura, he confuses pro gun people (pretty easy to do) when he says he’s with them, he increases racial tension. This guy is a cartoon character designed to make people hate each other.

    • He existed, we grew up together!

      • uhun..and my name is batman.. nice to meet you.

        • I was saying exact same thing, this guy is just a total character. It was funny they showed what was supposed be professionally taken picture of him and his wife in the park..the kind of pic you pay someone to take, and hes holding his wife and wearing a hat with a skull on it…that’s just over the top ridiculous. In fact he looks a lot like ex pro wrestler Chris Benoit.

          • Go kill yourself. Because after his death they are totally going to say Chris Kyle is the number one American sniper known in American history. He is real. And the comment you posted just made you became retarded

          • My goodness just please keep your dumb ass mouth closed. I was fortunate enough to meet him and know him well and he is more than a man than you could even imagine. So shut your mouth and stop talking about people who fought for the country you fucking live in.

          • I agree Chris kyle was trained to do what he had to do,is he dead?yes he had heart, may God forever bless all the soldiers who are still fighting,I think its a down right shame to put down a man that would have gave his life for his fellow seals and his country

      • Really?
        That’s awesome.

        • here is the latest on chris kyle’s company- they stage terror attacks for money and murder innocent people. they were also the perpetrators of the boston bombing hoax.


          NSA and CIA Contractor Says U.S. Mercenary Group Carried Out San Bernardino Attack
          December 9, 2015
          (Article by M. David and Jackson Marciana)

      • Was he also s liar then

      • Y’all are scumbags. It’s really fucked up that you type of people just try to cause shit and twist any words that a good man like Chris Kyle says. You should be embarrassed of this kind of behavior. You guys are just jealous fuck ups. Your guys funeral won’t have half the guys Chris Kyle had. That shows just how many friends he had over enemies.

        • He lied about punching an old man that’s really heroic and killing people in a land we invaded really heroic. He definitely didn’t do it for his country because most of us see how many innocent people were murdered by people like him even if he was just following orders.

          • Man shut the fuck up you douchebag. He fought for the fucking country we live in and it’s too bad you weren’t the one that was killed instead of him. He fought for the right for your dumbass to be protected and this is how you treat him and all the other soldiers?

          • Truth not military propaganda “He lied about punching an old man that’s really heroic ”
            At least we know you don’t know what you’re talking about. It happened in 2006 go look at some pic’s of ventura in 2006 and then say ventura was an old man that couldn’t handle himself LOL

          • How about the thousands the cowards killed hiding behind a religion. He was a Hero, and does more taking a dump than you’ll do in your pathetic lives.

          • CRAFT INTERNATIONAL: we specialize in terror attacks on american soil made to order. we murder unamrmed american non-combatants and frame muslim kids for it. AND we get rich doing it!

        • Thank you sir, I am truly inspired by Chris kyles bravery and I am sickened by these slanders on this web page, I would also love to have seen the writer of this article gone to Iraq and fought. Than he can say something. I thank you for defending chris kyles name.

          • I agree ; this article and these comments are loads of crap

        • Whatever you say, Mr. Obvious Shill.

    • This ENTIRE article and supporting comments are the sorts of things that ruin the internet for everyone. Every last one of you should be ashamed.

      • I couldn’t agree more…it really irritates me to read some of these comments put out here by a bunch of keyboard warriors. But, since were on the subject, after reading all these comments (for the most part) I must say that I personally don’t care about any Government Agenda to get rich and create multinational corporations. I have served my country for 17 years. I have been to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and all over Africa. Let me tell you that I have come to realize that life in America is GREAT!!!! Call me a Government bitch or a pawn if you will. But, I have seen the way a large majority of the worlds population lives, so although I may not always be able to say that I am proud to be an American I sure am relieved that I am one. I am not sure what fantasy world some of you live in but, if things are so bad…then do something about it. Get out of your mothers basement and take care of business. Only then can you really be taken seriously. Our Government may be corrupt (as are almost all governments) but they provide us with a sense of comfort that most of us have really done nothing to earn save being born an American. If you don’t believe me I invite you to take a trip to the places I have listed above. So when you are ready to give up the comfort our Government provides you, even if the comfort is intended to control the masses, only then can anything you put on the internet be taken seriously.

        Please note that I try to be as respectful as I can when I make a comment…I would appreciate the same courtesy.

        V /R,

        A Grateful American

        • Or government employee. If we get any more comfy from our government. We will be a fascist state. I Believe Chris was a true patriot that saved lots of American soldiers who where sumwhere they should not have been stationed in the first place. He obviously was paid to slander the name of Jesse Ventura dispite the backlash it was bound to inspire.

        • Although I am an avid truther (from the uk) and am leaning more towards Chris Kyle faking his death, I love the eloquent way you have written this comment and you’ve actually made me think in a different way so thankyou!

          • That comment was meant for anonymous airman!

        • I’m speechless, but in a positive way! I would hate to have a conversation with some of these people being that they seem to take every little world literally like grammer nazis! As you know, most of the people talking badly about issues have never moved away from the cities they where born in. Elementary school through college (if the person went that far) to working. What experience do these individuals truly have? Thank you for your service from another vet, and thanks for your intelligent response!

        • Are you “Grateful” for False Flag operations too?

    • All of you jagoffs who are lining up to defame Chris Kyle need to be removed from this planet. You are all a waste of skin.
      It is a sad thing to see people trying so hard to defame and tear down someone who is made of the kind of stuff they can only look at and hate.
      Chris was a good man. Flawed? Probably. A fake. Not a friggin’ chance.
      You fear his kind so you lash out with hatred.
      Go back to the scum pit you came from.

      • SO THERE, you buncha’ poppy heads…bless your heart keyboard warrior, hey, you ride just pulled up…WOW! THAT is the darned cutest short bus I ever saw…don’t forget your helmet lol’ man 😉

    • He did exist. He was not a coward or a hero. He was doing his job protecting big business. His job he volunteered for. Anyone that was in Iraq knows. It felt like we were there to steal and make money.

    • chris kyle went to another country and murdered a whole bunch of civilians- is that a hero? no. not by any reasonable criteria. a hero is someone who kills invaders to his own country, NOT someone who illegally invades another country that did not attack us, or even declare war on us. that is the difference between hero and murderer- whether or not you are on the wrong side. the aggressor, the invader, can never be the right side . stop pretending the USA was attacked, it was not. stop pretending murderers are heroes- they are not. these are facts- your opinion- hower precious to you, cannot refute facts. chris kyle, murderer, loed his ass off to intentionally defame jesse ventura. the courts ruled that chris kyle was a LIAR.
      that means anything he ever said can also be probably a lie, too. that is the way of liars.

      so murderer and liar- that is your role model?

      try looking up to a real hero sniper, Simo Hayha, 505 kills against russian invaders in 6 months:

      this puts baby-killer chris kyle in perspective.

      • Mr. SKI!!!! Wow!You my brother of another mother, ARE a hero! Such wise, sage and true words….You clearly understand truth, morals and ethics…it was an honor to read your comment. Thank you! !!!

      • He was protecting the men who were there with him. No more or no less. Blame it on the people pulling the strings not the ones dying and killing. JUDGEMENT, speak that word out loud to yourself. Now judge yourself. : )

    • where is your proof? i dare you to walk up to any SEAL and say that they increase racial tension. also, whoever wrote this article needs to move out of his ex-girlfriends basement, grow a pair of balls and become a man. is what we do in the combat sector ugly? YES. im speaking from experience. what is your background? when the populace of a race is not attempting to quell the zealots of their race, they are in it as well. racial tension my ass. now, if you wanted to call it “religious tension” then that would be more understandable. i have read the muslim book. several passages in there preach violence. some friends of mine that i grew up with stopped being my friend due to their beliefs their Imam was teaching them. they told me that i was in danger if i ever came around again. don’t talk about that which you do not know.

  2. Yet again, you get it wrong. Ventura is a blatant phony, a former pro wrestler who does lame entertainment programs that mock real conspiracy theories. If you believe Ventura is legit, watch his show that he does with Oliver Stone’s son. Take a look at the crest on the back of Stone’s leather jacket in some of the episodes. Shriner/Masonic symbolism there is intentional and Ventura has been pictured in similar garb.

    I for one do not even believe that Chris Kyle was in Iraq. The sniper stories are total bullshit. His alleged kill count is completely insane and it boggles belief, it is something like 250 people that he allegedly killed. No friggin way, I’ve known several American combat veterans and I’ve never met someone who could confirm they killed more than 15 people. It doesn’t matter that he was a sniper, Iraq just didn’t have that kind of target density. I could maybe believe a hundred kills, but 255? That is really a large number when you think about it. The story that Kyle died at the hands of some PTSD addled veteran he went shooting with is laughable.

    Again, I must restate: Jesse Ventura is not to be trusted. He is a real Navy veteran, a former SEAL. My father worked with SEALs in Vietnam and hated them. He said they took pot shots at innocent people for fun, like it was nothing. Ventura served during that horrible war and he later went on to be a Minnesota governor after being a big name Hollywood actor. Only a FOOL would trust this man, given what we ALL know.

    Chris Kyle is almost certainly not even military. They would not put the world’s deadliest sniper on the nightly news, I guarantee you that. This would allow them to get an even bigger kick out of having his “Wife” appear before the NRA to give them a pep talk.

    • fug off.

      • Refute what I said or don’t even bother little Stevie. I can’t even be sure what you didn’t like about my post. Bottom line is that Jesse Ventura is a tool and you all know it. I liked him in “The Predator”, that’s where my respect for him ends. His governorship, his roles in Hollywood and Cable TV… he is with the enemy and there is really no doubt about it. Watch his show “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura” and then tell me you take him seriously. I’ll try not to laugh at you. Anything circulated by Alex Jones needs to be analyzed for potential disinfo, given the fact that we KNOW Alex has a Jewish wife and connections to the private intel firm STRATFOR.

        Maybe this site should be called YESDisinfo? Because it wants to tell people that the Tsarnaev’s weren’t in on the bombing, that Jesse Ventura is an honorable man on our side and now it is attracting Jim Stone’s brainwashed followers who think Juba the sniper was a Jewish maniac with a space gun sent to Iraq in order to kill American soldiers.

        • 89 % true. But hold back 11%. Of the Info.

        • i did successfully refute what you said. and i can also refute anything else that farts out of your mouth, you fascist punk.
          chris kyle was proven a liar in court. LIAR of the lowest order. man of NO honor. bragged about a SNEAK attack? that equals back-shooter. bushwacker. everything about chris kyle adds up to COWARD. let me make that clearer: coward cunt.
          let’s address the ‘he fought for our freedom’ and he fought for his country’ BIG LIES.
          1. there is not one active duty soldier, or veteran living who fought for MY freedom. america was never invaded, so MY freedom was never in jeopardy. so the idea that any living US soldiers fought for my freedom is a crock of shit. stop lying to yourself- i never needed anyone to fight my fights. and i certainly never asked- so quit pretending. guys join the military because they cannot get a job, they like the idea of killing foreigners, or because they want to get instant respect, vs being a nobody. those are the FACTS.
          2. our military exists to defend our country- read the bill of rights- DEFEND. not invade other sovereign nations WITHOUT A DECLARATION OF WAR, none of whom declared war on US. unfortunately, DC misuses our military for CORPORATE PURPOSES. that’s correct: all these illegal foreign invasions are about oil, money, and DRUGS, and i can provide proof of this on all counts. afghanistan and vietnam were about opium. that is what your country ordered you to do- secure the oil and the heroin that belongs to someone else for uncle sam. that makes every soldier an accesory to murder and grand larceny. SUCK IT UP! OWN IT, toy soldier!
          let’s not get into the known on-going war crimes of murdering women and children, or collective punishment, or destroying infrastructure- all stuff the NAZIs were proud of, and later were ‘hung by the neck until dead’ for.
          anything else i can help you with, baby-killer? i thought not.

          • Ed are you jelous because the military and law enforcement kicked your aorry ass to the curb?? Your soo sad!! I almost feel sorry for you… Poor guy.. I guess WW2 was faked on a Hollywood set too.. Watch out the internet is also run by the NSA.. I wouldn’t want to hear that Seals raided your Cave in TORA BORA and confiscated your IPAD.. LMFAO!! IS this Bin Laden?? Sadam?? Uday?? Ohh man did you know they are all alive to!! They’re drinking with Chris and Tupac on an island in Hawaii… Lmfao your such a Douche!! ADIOS PUTO!!

    • Hi Fug
      I agree with you re Kile. He was probably a teacher at sandy hoax. However I kinda like ventura. My sister worked for him and he drove the bureaucrats crazy.

      • I grew up with Chris and he is no haox, but I don’t believe the details of how he was murdered! I truly believe our government is fully responsible and killed him in order to keep him quiet! Believe he was going to expose our government! The reason Chris said that about Ventura was to make his credibility go down cause he is telling of many false flags our government is behind so Chris publicly said he hit Ventura but after time his conscious got to him and he was going to tell the truth! So they killed him!!

        • Of course he was murdered by the government…they didn’t want him teaching civilians his skills…will make it easier to enslave the rest of us, when the time comes….

        • He faked his death. You know him. Any idea where he is now?

        • One thing is a fact Jason, Kyle is 100% a bull shitter. I know of three lies other than the “sucker punch” in his book and I only spent ten minutes looking. Kyle is a coward for a fact. If he really was in Iraq, did his rifle have a video camera on his sights? I could believe the kill numbers if that was Kyle behind that snipers camera.

          • You say Chris Kyle is a coward? Have you ever been in the military big mouth? Have you been shot at slacker jacker cracker? Keep your mouth shut until you know what the hell you are talking about. I would kick your sorry ass myself if I knew where you lived. Seems to me you are the coward and so are your parents you effing low life slug!

          • Typical of your kind Darren, to jump to the “I’ll kick your ass” Chris Kyle like fake bravado. You are a fan boy of a simple bull shitter coward war criminal. Which part of him makes you not like the guy.


        • I concur

        • Wouldn’t be the first time our government killed somebody to keep them quiet, just like sandy hook they find a guy in military fatigue and have the nerve to blame a mentally challenged kid for it. Yes a mentally Ill kid killed other kids with 92% accuracy sounds real believable.

          • Then why are you here you peace of shit if you don’t like where you live then fuck off go to Iraq you are probably a fuck in towel head you fucking

          • You fucking tool

      • You probably are the sister you sissy.

        • Bottom line is not many people could carry Chris lyles water bucket. He was the best at what he done and for you bunch of sissies to sit there and talk bad about someone that fought for your freedom to even talk like that you should lined up and shot yourselves. I’m not even going to talk about Jessie Ventura because he was a loser from the beginning. Kyle was an American hero and let me tell ya another thing. He wasn’t shooting at innocent people he was shooting at ass clowns that was trying to kill his fellow marines. If you like the Iraq killers so much why are you sitting here why not go live there. Chris Kyle provided your freedom to choose and you try to destroy his name. NOW WHOES THE COWARD?

          • You’re stupid he doesn’t fight for our freedom, he’s just the governments bitch and I highly doubt the people he killed you know the ones that were hundreds or thousands of yards away were really hurting American soldiers at the time of their death. More than half of the people killed in Iraq by our terrorist regimes were most likely killed for being citizens of Iraq not because they were doing anything wrong. If they came to our country and did this shit they would be terrorist but when we do it we are fighting for American freedom. You are sadly brainwashed by the idiot government

          • I agree. If the movie was correct

          • Lol, as you write this whilst fondling your kitten and adjusting your tutu….keep it up lil man….oh, mommy just called down to you, your favorite episode of South Park is on AND, sweetie pie, you made an EXTRA big bowl of Count Chocula for you ‘ cause you a Really good and very big boy who put on his Big girl panties All by himself by defending Chris Lie-el…now go up there, your snuggle bunny is waiting on the couch princess lol

    • Yes, Jesse Ventura’s bread is buttered by the Jews, for whom he does coverup work. He gloats says he is so happy living in Mexico (like a wealthy gringo), so let him stay there.

    • Do you have no respect for your country and the ones who protect it, claiming that he’s a fake and never fought for us

      • Such naive guy… as every soldier who believes they are fighting for their country as patriots.
        Brainwashed soldiers and Elite`s puppets bringing war every where.
        And don`t dare to talk about Terrorism.. They always give that excuse to get Oil, Gold and spread out their Multinationals Companies to maximize their profits.

        • When you get murdered by terrorists, or your family does, I will laugh at your pathetic, insignificant state of mind.

          • Thank you me too

          • You more likely to get killed by an American cop than a terrorist so I believe you need to wake up their bud…

          • Cmon bud. If terrorists are a real threat, why don’t we have our troops protecting us in our own country? Don’t let “terrorists” in. We have the ability to block any threat. Instead we send them thousands of miles away to protect us. yeah, that makes sense.

          • Oh, but they are showing “American Sniper (Whoops, Terrorist)” now, and they don’t want anything to get in the way of the Emmy.

      • They don’t prote our country they go to other countries and murder and destroy the country and they’re people innocent or not

    • Let me ask you a question. Where you ever in Iraq? Have you served in the military? Probably not. Look, I was in Iraq and Afghanistan. I served in the Army for 8 years. I can assure you that the 160 confirmed kills, not 255, is very real. Did I serve with Chris? No. Different branches. Do I personally know him? No. I do, however know his brother. Yes he is a real person, really was a Navy SEAL sniper, and really did fight in Iraq, and has 160 confirmed kills. You’re probably gonna ask how I know his brother. Well, I was born and raised in Odessa, Tx. I went to Permian High School. My dad works at Medical Center Hospital, as does my step mother. We met at Commanche Trail, shit, must have been 12 years ago. Anyways. Stop believing the hype from these bs websites you read. I understand it’s hard to swallow that type of pill. But, dude was real. Bottom line. And, the people you know that say it’s hard to get over 15, LOL they were probably truck drivers or water boys. They probably don’t have any confirmed. I for one have 32. And, proof is available upon request. Thanks
      De Oppresso Liber!!!!! It means something.

      • I sincerely want to give you my thank you for being the man of only a few can do what you did protecting our country. My son was on the first tour after 911 just 2 weeks out of basics and did a total of 4 tours before coming home. God bless you, God bless Chris Kyle, God bless my son, God bless every soldier and their mothers and fathers… Thank you for your patriotism and most of all GOD BLESS AMERICA .
        To the rest of you… Who gives a rats ass about gossip that just makes more people angry over absolutely nothing that sometimes vents into something bad.
        Ventura … Are you kidding me. Here’s my take on this.. Kyle told the truth and the x-wrestler has to stage his rage to win… That is the only way he knows how to live and make money… My god , he’s not the military fighting for pride and patriotism. He’s the joke. Let the door close and move on. There are many more books of irreconcilable differences coming soon I’m sure. Give respect where it is due. Thank you again Seth Oda for your part savings America. I do appreciate your service whole heartedly.

    • You must be full retard. Did you know Canadian Sniper Francis Pegahmagabow had double the amount of kills that Kyle did in world war 1 without computer ballistics? Ya I think you just went full retard.

    • Now thats a conspiracy I can totally believe.
      Uncle Sam: Mr Kyle, your services are still needed.
      Kyle: yesir.
      Uncle Sam: Are you ready to disappear into the shadows to serve your country one last time?
      Kyle: Yesir.
      Uncle Sam: Come with me….

    • thats bougus cuz he served for us

    • Wish I read your post

    • chris kyle is not fit to polish jesse ventura’s boots. jesse ventura not only served his country, he perfomed as governor of a state(no scandals there either). not to mention beloved celebrity and role mpdel to countless wrestling fans. but let’s look at the facts: the facts say chris kyle lied his ass off about jesse ventura (he must have had reasons, but they cannot be good reasons- can they?) . he was proven in court to be a libelous liar (did he fake his own death to avoid perjury charges as well?). so we have jesse ventura, proven in court to be truthful, versus chris kyle proven in court to be a liar of the lowest order. that calls into question every statement that chris kyl e ever made.

      because if he was proven to lie about jesse ventura, then it is highly likely that his other statements are also BIG FUCKING LIES. that is the way it goes with liars, and chris kyle is a proven liar of the lowest order.

  3. Maybe Kyle was Juba the Sniper in Iraq. The infamous videos of an Israeli sniper pretending to be a muslim shooting and killing American soldiers with an israeli made weapon with an attached video camera.

    His wife looks jewish. Maybe he is too.

    • Are you from Jim Stone’s website? I called him out for that video he posted saying “Juba” used an Israeli sniper rifle and he deleted my posts and banned me from his forum… that was I dunno… six months ago or more.

      Jim Stone posted a video featuring Juba’s famous clips from Iraq where he shoots American soldiers (which clearly show the reticule of a standard Soviet POSP rifle scope). Only problem was Jim claimed Juba was using a high tech Isaeli sniper rifle – he posted a picture of it. It was actually a photo of an Israeli system called the “corner-shot” which can mount a pistol, grenade launcher, etc and allow the operator to shoot from behind cover. You can look this thing up. Jim Stone claimed that the Corner-Shot, with a 9mm Glock pistol mounted in it… was a “sniper rifle.” When I told him what it was, proved it even, he told me I was “ignorant” and that the gun was a “rare bird” that “nobody would ever see again.” When I argued with this, that’s when he deleted my posts and banned me.

      So you can take that disinfo and stick it up your arse. I don’t think Chris looks Jewish either, nor do I think that really matters. He is just an actor. Not everyone involved in this is Jewish.

    • I think you may have just typed that as a joke but that’s a very interesting theory.

    • Yup, maybe he was a Jew and maybe his wife is too. And maybe you are. Or maybe you are one of Heydrich’s spawn or Himmler’s. What has that got to do with the fact that Kyle was sent by his country to kill bad guys and protect other American soldiers sent by their government into combat. He did his job and did it real well. If you’ve got racist ideologies blinding you to that simple fact and you think that the U.S. government is or was off into illegal activity then your gripe should be with the government and not with Kyle or his wife or any of the soldiers that did what they were called upon to do. Kyle servedwhat he beleived was a cause through four tours of danger and turmoil and stood up to all that was required of him. And here you come out of your bushes with this dirt to throw at a man that has been buried. Real hero you are, pathetic….

  4. I do not know if the sniper rifle video is disinfo and apologize if it is. I saw it at Jim Stone’s but it’s not the only place I’ve seen it. I do not know enough about rifles to know if what you’re saying is true or not. Why don’t you post your information (or a link to the information) about the rifle here instead of going on the attack.

    Like the poster above said, we do not even know if Kyle was a real person, if he was killed or anything else the disinfo media tells us. Here’s a few dots to connect. IF–big if– Kyle was/is a real person and was a sniper killing American soldiers in Iraq that could explain why he was allegedly killed by a disgruntled former soldier.

  5. Taya Kyle in the No Spin Zone
    Published June 05, 2013 | O’Reilly Factor | Bill O’Reilly

    O’REILLY: So, this is a pro-gun book that you guys put out; but, what is the headline of the book? What is the most important thing in it?

    TAYA KYLE, WIFE OF SLAIN NAVY SEAL CHRIS KYLE: I don’t actually think of it too much as pro-gun book as much as it is a history book. Honestly, it was just history. Chris loves American history. And, yes, his interest are in guns, so it makes sense that he would show how history has been changed by people using guns and how the gun manufacturers changed to adapt to the times. But, it is really fun and entertaining look at the people who changed history.

    [Chris Kyle is supposed to be dead. He doesn’t love history anymore and no longer has any interest in guns. Or, does he?]

    O’REILLY: All right. Now, Jesse Ventura had a dust up with your husband allegedly and your husband was on this program and told me this.


    O’REILLY: You say you knocked Jesse Ventura to the floor with a punch. Now, you don’t mention his name but everybody knows who that is. Number one, that happened? You knocked him out?

    CHRIS KYLE, FORMER NAVY SEAL SNIPER: Well, I knocked him down.

    O’REILLY: Knocked him down. Why? Why would you punch Ventura?

    CHRIS KYLE: He said you — you all deserve to lose a few guys.

    O’REILLY: Navy SEALs?

    CHRIS KYLE: I am assuming he was saying that to me.

    O’REILLY: Did he fight back?

    CHRIS KYLE: He went down. The cops were there. I took off running.


    “I took off running.”

    Yep, that’s what real heroes do; take off running after sucker punching an old man. On second thought, maybe it sounds more like the behavior of a mass murderer who only has experience killing from great distances.

  6. I was just thinking about the alleged murder of Chris Kyle several months ago. It happened not all that far from me. Wasn’t the official story that Chris and a friend took another soldier to a shooting range where the soldier shot and killed both Chris and his friend? Does anyone know anything about the friend that was also killed and/or the killer? If Chris faked his own death, did his friend also fake his…..or was there any truth to the official story at all? I didn’t know anything about the Jesse Ventura lawsuit until I read about it in this post. But I do remember being puzzled about a news story that came out shortly after Chris’ death, saying that Jesse wanted to continue to pursue the lawsuit with Chris’ widow. That sounded rather strange and even sort of cruel until I read this post and found out the rest of the story. Now it makes sense.

    • I for one believe what Chris said and did is true! Being a veteran, knowing the mind set/brotherhood, reading his book took me back to those days with my family of warriors. Also, having been trained in disinfo/counter intel, this isn’t a type of story that meets that criteria! Too many Seals would have come forth denouncing him as being their brother. One doesn’t pretend to be something they were not so publicly. Big no no! It’s a slap in the face to say you’re an or was an SPECOP Operative not having earned the right or respect of your peers! Not only could this be deadly, but you would have never achieved as much as Chris has, he would have been shut up long before. Now, was he getting close to release critical info that has not been release? No, only if the info was politically damaging to those government officials in the higher ups! Just think about it.

      • Just makes me glad that I don’t live in a fucked up country like the US of A we honour our heroes not ridicule them,,,,,Legends live forever. Chris Kyle……..Steve.UK

    • Mary, I’m from the same town as Chris and Chad , I grew up with Chris and his brother Jeff, Chad, married a close friend of my sister , The length that people have gone to discredit him is amazing , the Chris I knew would have given you the last dollar he had ,the shirt off his back and yes he did come back a changed man ,but he was not the monster that “loved to kill theses savages”, he once said that every shot he made he was saving lives of fellow soldiers,
      and he carried that over to his work with vets , call him what you want , I knew him and I still to this day call him my friend .

  7. How IGNORANT can some of you be? You see reality in front of your noses and cannot see it. Why do you have to make up stories to cope, is it impotency or is it because you are failures to society?

    I, personally, do not believe any of you exist. You are made up cartoon characters or maybe you are just figments of an Obama conspiracy (take that for reality!)


    • You are using the standard language of a troll? Are you a troll?

      • At least I can recognize that Taya (Kyle) has more balls than all of you combined.

        Long Live CK, The Devil of Ramadi !

        HUMINT … aka … “the Troll”

        • Change that to “certified troll.” Not that anyone, here, needed any proof that Kyle faked his death. You’ve just confirmed it.

          • If in your life, all you need is a belief that someone of the likes of me can confirm or deny anything, you are truly a lost sole.

            You need to recognize and understand when someone is messing with your head (that is just what I am doing, and you are going along with it … think about it!)

            BTW, do you have any idea what the term “long live'” means? … get educated and then come back with your delusional smart ass’d answer … again.

      • You are all a bunch of sick fucks, these people are my friends, fuck each one of you for attempting to desicrate this mans honor trampling on his grave

        • Sir, well said,
          His career was not a fake..
          His honor and commitment to his country was well done.
          Far as KIAs..when your the first one at the fishing hole, your gonna have a productive day!
          Chris deplyoments put him right up that fishin home with a skill-set bar none! 150 plus ……very reasonable.

          • Zionists did 9-11, not those innocents of the Middle East. He was shooting and killing innocents, ‘orders’ or not. Something to be proud of? If he was such a brave soldier, why didn’t he go up against the Israelis, like the Dancing Ones, who actually slaughtered innocent Americans instead of torturing and killing people who had nothing to do with it? Gloating in blood, the blood of absolutely innocent people: not very impressive.

            Honor? Commitment? How about fighting on the side of the enemy, the Mossad? Committed to the devil, is he?

        • Did someone tell you already that you are not really serving your country anymore?
          You are a killing brainwashed machine from the Global Elite who use you all as puppets.

          Have you heard about Smedley Butler?
          He was the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. He wrote a book titled “War Is a Racket”, where he described and criticized the workings of the United States in its foreign actions and wars, such as those he was a part of, including the American corporations and other imperialist motivations behind them.

          But of course the Military school don`t teach that, right COL. ? You guys are not made to think, just to obey orders. Orders which just bring misery to others.

        • Dude I love you R.I.P Chris Kyle.

          A.K.A “legend”

        • Fuck you. The man was a liar straight and simple. Do you believe he was killing looters during Katrina? Killed carjackers and the police cut him loose? Was spit upon by protestors and called baby killer, something he stole from the movie First Blood? If you do you’re a moron. If the Ventura thing was the only lie I might let it go. Obviously the guy was a compulsive liar. And you’re about as much a colonel as I’m a general. No officer and gentleman would say fuck you on a public board.

          • well said truth teller well said

        • ‘honor’? when chris kyle lied, and was proven in court to have lied, he lost any pretense at honor he might have claimed. and further- there are honorable ways to fight, and there are dishonorable methods. i guarantee you that not one military instructor in the USA teaches honorable fighting (and i am friends with several of the nation’s top hand-to-hand combat instructors). that ‘honor’ soldiers lie about does not exist in war. i can clarify, but if you have a brain, you know that this is a FACT. honor also dictates that you honor your enemy. when an soldier is captured he is treated with respect- not thrown in a dungeon naked and raped with cattle prods. you, colonel, cannot EVER support behavior like this and claim honor. you have been schooled, fool. for a definition of an honorable fight you need only look to the code of duello. duels are the only examples honorable fights in our history. stop using the word honor- it cannot ever apply to you. you have never been in an honorable fight.

    • OMG.. Finally someone else… You hit that on the spot. Makes me sick reading such nonsense and wondering if they are for real or just sick puppets trying to get the world all riled up. I soooooo hope this is a joke and these people are not actually this weak minded. Do they vote for god sake.?

  8. I see a lot of you claim to know the facts about Chris. The fact stands that you were not there with him, you can not claim to know what his kill count was because you were not there. It makes me sick to read the crap you put out about the SEAL. Go back to your PS3 and x-box games because that is as close as you will ever come to combat.

  9. you’re traitor. the only reason you have the right to post something like this is because men like Chris Kyle fight for freedom and liberty. You think a terrorist muslim regime would allow you to publish something like this if it was about one of their savages? Do you also agree people who smoke cigs should have their hands cut off? or that the mentally disabled should be tortured then murdered?

  10. You make me sick! The way you make it sound like he was taking out anyone he wanted to as a sniper. Chris Kyle’s actions saved entire companies of men on several occasions. He didn’t like killing people but the people he did have to kill were horrible, and serious threats. Anyone that risks their life fighting for our country is a hero, and if it weren’t for people like Chris Kyle our country wouldn’t be much different than the middle east. If you don’t like it here I would be happy to show you the way out. Senseless cowards like you make me lose my hope in our people. I hope you realize how disgustingly disrespectful this article is to someone that sacrificed his life while he had a family at home for a piece of scum like you.

    • AMEN!!!!

    • true that

    • Dane… Please tell me these so called people are just being extra pissy trying to get others riled up with this nonsense. There can’t truly be that many weak minded individuals out there who are seriously incompetent or just plain fucking STUPID. If they are not joking about their comments… I’VE got to stop reading this stupidity and try to find a way to make a great movie about the Dumbest Weak minded Know-it all Comments from the STUPID …. Then I can write a book about their furious comments from their stupid comments to double the movie income and see how long they keep feeding the LET’S Make Fun of the (oh yeah they’re educated) Comments before they come to their senses and STOP for God’s sake. I’ll bet that won’t even trigger into their brains at all. Probably just make them mad and more stupidity will flow into my 2nd book. This movie and book Dumbest Weak minded Know it all Comments from the STUPID and LET’S Make Fun of the (oh yeah they’re educated) Comments ….. Idea is patented by Deeder Shotwell June 15 2015 3:03am and thank you…..

  11. you people are evil. your sense of logic and reason is based on opinions that really do not matter to the brotherhood of Seals. frankly they don’t give a shit what you guys say. they’re too busy fighting,sweating, and bleeding for a cause that you evidently do not appreciate. i care though. it doesn’t matter how many kills he had. he didn’t count them to give praise to himself. he counted them because after every engagement, each individual soldier must write a report. each report has to justify each engagement. he lived in this world. the world you idiots don’t live in. the cause in which he fought for was to help and cover his teammates. he didn’t care if they were Muslim or shyyte or sunni. if you had a gun and shooting at his team, you would get lead in your body. if you read(if you can read)his book his tone as he tells his story is not of a righteous person but one that is humble. but i guess you dumb shits don’t understand being humble or have integrity. lets see one of you fuckers go to Afghanistan and try to act one our american freedoms on the Muslim extremists, and then tell me about it. if you get out alive that is. and with your head intact. shut the fuck up about shit you don’t understand. and have some sense of pride for your country. if not, GET THE F$#%K OUT.


    • You are a sick sick puppy. A sad example of a human being. Chris was a man a real live man. Your angry because you have never lived.


  13. Whoever wrote this article literally knows nothing about the military and how they operate with ROE’s and the paperwork after missions. It’s not Call Of Duty. You don’t run around killing whoever you want. If you do that the military charges you with murder. Come out of your mothers basement and go enlist.

    • baby killing ,bush loving scum, I spit on you baby killers, I mean u.s. military.

      • Spit on us mmmmmm…. Spit or swallow …it’s your choice, lmao!!!

  14. Who the hell wrote this article? you are the lowest of low pieces of trash trolling the internet. Do the rest of the world a favor and hang yourself.

    The people aren’t just trying to survive, there are Rules of Engagement the allied forces have to follow before they can engage, which puts the so called “Innocent’s” you describe without a doubt with a weapon before they can be attacked.

    • The people of the Middle East didn’t do 911 and, in fact, looked on with horror and shock at this Isser Harel-Meyer Dagan-Shimon Perez-B. Netanyahu-David the arch Zionist Rockefeller-Eduoard Rothschild-orchestrated and committed crime, complete with the celebrating Dancing Israelis. Every death of an Iraqi is a form of murder. The entire US military engaged friends on behalf of the enemy, the same enemy which blew up the USS Liberty.

      Imprisoning these people, bombing them, injuring them: this isn’t an ‘engagement’ but, rather, an act of cowardice. Following orders to kill innocents? How is that justified, let alone his bragging about it.

      Craft International is a mercenary entity and once again the victims are innocent people of Islamic background. Go ahead, justify it.

  15. It’s pretty obvious that “drkresearch” is an Iraqi or muslim or both!


      • Amen. Maybe he counts his kills, too, on a special board. A few chopped off fingers as trophies?

  16. I don’t think that link is the eulogy, It looks like an NRA event.

  17. Who ever wrote this article epitomizes the cry baby bitches of America who have never been to the Middle East or seen battle yet believes they know everything cause they’ve watched a few videos on YouTube. You are pathetic and ought to be thrown into Guantanamo bay with the terrorists you sympathize with and more than likely believe are innocent, like so many other cry baby, low level, scum bag journalists like yourself. What kind of a sad sack of shit writes a novel styled article to defend a paranoid ex wrestler politician who lies about being a seal and is laughed at by the majority of Americans with his comical conspiracies. Hahaha.

  18. So ridiculous. I do believe there was some sort of conspiracy surrounding his murder. To claim he never existed or wasn’t in the military is pretty insane. I served with Chris in the Navy before he was a SEAL. We were both waiting for special assignments in Millington TN. We spent about five months together and I have very fond memories of him. He was a good guy. “Fug”, so you know combat veterans ay? Did you ever serve in the military? I’m guessing not. Typical angry conspiracy theorist who has no true perspective. “I know this person who says this or did this and that. That makes me knowledgeable. “

  19. You are a lot of sick sick small men. Let Chris prove he is not dead. Sick sick little puppies. Thank God every day for men like Chris.

  20. Ventura is a douche, and was making Chris out to be something he was far from, he’s lucky a punch was all he got. And Chris Kyle a coward?, that a pretty funny way to describe a hero that you didn’t have the nuts to run your mouth about until after he’s gone. Do us all a favor and get your facts straight before you make a fool of yourself again.

  21. Any one who talks like this about anyone who fights for your rights to post this bullshit is a fucking asshole and a piece of shit. Enjoy your freedom while people like chris kyle went out there and sacrificed a lot. Just because you have never seen war or death doesnt give you any right to judge or try and think you have any idea whats going on i hate you conspiracy theorists. You all have some stick up your ass and apparently think your better then america. Enjoy your freedom i say again you pieces of shit

    • You need to correct that and say “fights for Zionist’s rights”, that is their ‘right’ to oppress, while, cowardly, fighting on behalf of this enemy of the Constitution, you know, the one which slaughtered people in the USS Liberty and blew up the WTC complex, that one, the one Kyle so vigorously and viciously fights for.

      Explain do, between those fits of rage, what these hoaxers were doing at the Boston smoke bombing fraud, which led to the murder of two Muslim innocents, particularly the absolutely proven murdered individual, Ibrahim Todashev.

      • Your a moron!!! How many wars have we fought for Israel. They can handle themselves. Trust me on that.

  22. Chris Kyle SAVED American lives in Iraq. You obviously don’t know what snipers actually do. They provide overwatch protection to our troops and ALL of his targets were engaged according to the ROE. How dare you compare legitimate targets to innocent bystanders. Shame, shame, shame.

  23. You people believe this shit? Wow the ruse is really on you all who would believe a story with absolutely not a shred of it’s own proof, rather taking facts and publishing only parts of said facts in such a way as to try and push this publishers lie in a new direction. WOW

    • Are you following the court testimony? Witness after witness has CONFIRMED Kyles version. As I said before, anyone who would sue a man’s widow and children like this in my opinion has highly questionable charactor and zero credibility. We’ll see if your still croaking your BS after the verdict.

      • Certainly Chris Kyle proved even in his imagination and lies that he was a coward. He claimed to have sucker punched a much older man than get up and run out of the bar and hide. Just as he cowardly snipered men, women and children from hundreds of feet away in safety with no weapons pointed at him in illegal, unConsitutional war. And no witnesses were available to prove Ventura was in the bar or tgat he ever got sucker punched by cowardly Chris Kyle. Yet Ventura had plenty of evidence and witnesses that he was not in the bar or that city at the time. So pathological liar, murderer & coward Chris Kyle lost the case in a jury trial.

  24. Brainwashed jarheads the lot of you!

  25. There’s too much smoke for there not to be a fire. SOMETHING happened between Chris Kyle and Jesse Ventura. Way too many witnesses saw part or all of the confrontation. Credible witnesses testifying in court. That alone debunks the theory of Plaintiff Ventura that NOTHING happened. Yet some in the media have tried to take this to a completely different place, ie that Chris Kyle was a biggoted killer who called his battlefield opposition savages, etc. But the truth is that the terrorist Kyle fought in Iraq WERE savages. We are talking about people who blow up innocent children in market places. People who plant IED’s to kill US troops and anyone else who happens by. But these people have a problem with snipers providing overwatch for our troops? Our targets are identified IAW the Rules of Engagement. In other words these terrorist are caught in the act before they are engaged.
    Rest in peace, bad ass. And thank you for your service.

    • Did he take out any Mossad agents, since they were the ones who struck the USA and also set up the fake war, or did he just kill Iraqi people? Answer it, if you have any guts.

      • Seriously. I don’t understand why we would even go to Iraq. The people were doing great under Sadaam and his sons. Or wait, were we good for doing that or evil? And wait, was Chris Kyle killing people or did he never even go to war? Which are we going with here? It has to be one or the other. This is some crazy stuff I’m reading here. If conspiracy theorists really believe what they’re saying, stop acting all crazy and erratic with your comments and maybe a few extra people will listen. And his wife saying he “loves” instead of “loved” is really something we’re pointing to? You know, because people that lose a loved one never make that mistake unless the person faked their own death. It obviously could only be evidence of a cover up right there. I’m open minded and will listen to whatever objectively but what are we talking about here. I’ve never seen this many perfect people in one comment section. Chris Kyle fabricated some stories after serving multiple tours in Iraq, ok. He wasn’t on vacation in Hawaii clearing his head. He was at war with possibly a little stress and crazy shit going on around him. He’s not the first person to embellish a war story or lie about something in life. Everyone commenting really has never done anything wrong? No criminal records? Never forgave anyone? Never gave a person a pass on something in life when it actually affected you? Because let be honest, whatever Chris Kyle did or didn’t do, has never had a negative impact on our lives. If the dude says he punched Ventura but really didn’t, now what? How does that change your life even minimally or affect your family? A lot of the people commenting are lost inside their own heads. Don’t buy the book. Don’t see the movie. Good for you. Keep it moving, nothing to see I guess right? Naaaaah, I think I’m gonna spew my opinion on the Internet and treat it as a fact and go crazy on people when they disagree. This is crazy. Everyone needs a fucking time-out for this insanity.

  26. Stop. Chris Kyle is an American hero and my hero. He most certainly did not fake his own death, bye.

  27. This guy loved his country. To sit back and never join the military only to serve yourself. People call this man a coward for killing other men in combat? You have to prove yourself in combat to become a sniper. Most Snipers watch over their team while on missions to eliminate the threat. Know what your talking about before making ignorant comments. This guy was a good person. He loved his country. Some people show it by running it into the ground. Others show it by willing to die for it!!!!

    • How about killing people who did nothing to you or to your country on behalf of the Israeli entity, the one which hit America on 9-11? How is that heroism?

      How about setting up a mercenary entity, Craft International, to kill more innocent people, torture them, displace them? A Patriot, you say?

      • I would love nothing more than to know who drkresearch really is so I could personally come kick you in the nuts. Which you probably have none to start with. You are what’s wrong with the world today. Everything is a conspiracy right? Try telling that to the family, friends and brothers in arms who are affected by this. Please move to the Middle East so the next Chris Kyle can come through and remove your miserable stain of a life from the earth. Chris Kyle you will never be forgotten brother, a true hero of war and of life!

        • Amen!

      • Dude believe it or not, not everybody believes that. I’m pretty sure if a person believed what you’re saying, they don’t voluntarily enlist in the military. They go on the Internet and talk about it anonymously. Does that make sense what I’m saying? Or not really. I don’t know. I’m learning as I go through life here.

  28. Chris kyle is a hero any of u who say otherwise are a bunch of muslim loving bitches who deserve to be shot and hung u pieces of shit

    • You are the cowardly little bitch punk! Texas made? Ziomedia made fool! Who gives you or Chris Kyle the right to sniper innocent Christians and Muslims overseas for sport and brag it & about murdering women?..just because they are Arabs and because the genocidal maniac zionist Jews want them mass murdered??? You can can bend over & take it up the @$$ for these despicable zionist scum who are working endlessly to disarm Americans punk I will not! Zionist jews & Israel did 911! Zionist & Israel attack the USS Liberty in 1967 & tried to murder the whole crew of a barely armed NAVY & NSA inteligence ship! Look it up instead of being a punk butt boy for these evil warmongering zionist psychopaths! Their are 2 documentaries on it on Youtube. Get your nuts back and be an American instead of a zioPuppet buttboy! Watch the movie 911 MISSING LINKS that proves Israel & the zionist did 911! Not a some muslim extremists with Box cutters you idiot! The zionist psychopath jews have blown up & bulldozed & burned down over 950 churches since 1948 in Israel and Palestine. Do you aprove of that??? Muslims have bulldozed no churches at all in Palestine or Israel. You are a brainwashed fool, by the zionist Jewish 100 percent owned media! You been taught to think like crazed zionists, wanting to murder muslims because the zionists say the are boogeymen coming to get you! The jews most holy book is called the Bablylonian Talmud and that despicable book says Jesus Christ is boiling in excriment in hell forever! Who except the most crazed evil people would have such things in their holiest book? It also says non Jews may be murdered by Jews whenever they can get away with it, and it says they can steal, rob and kill any non Jews and not be punished for it. And they are called goyim & animals to be slaughtered like animals at anytime the chosen master race(Jews) desire! These are people bound for hell with all their evil and lies and lust for never ending wars and genocide for the goyim. If you keep supporting their wars and evil and lust for mass murder you will be hell bound just like them whether you sit in the front row of church on Sunday and sing the loudest or not! Jesus said love your brother as yourself, he did not say murder your brother if he is an Arab or Muslim, and an evil zionist monster says “kill ! kill! Kill Muslims!” “Kill the muslims you dumb goyim!” Murder is murder. Shooting men, woman and children from hundreds of feet aeay is not, courage, not honor, not virtue it is cowardly evil, murder. Foesn’t matter if all the Zionist Jews running hollywood day it is a wonderful thing to sniper people or if the President says so or if a poll of Texans say so. Evil is evil,and murder is murder no matter who does it against who, and no matter how powerful those ordering it done are, or how powerless the victims of it are.

      • I’m reading your post here in Israel. Beyond your blind ignorance about texts, Jewish culture and history, and 9/11 fabrications, and way beyond your fathomless hatred, I’m just going to invite you over here for a visit. I’d hate to call you a liar, so I’ll help realize your stupid rant. Just tell me when you expect to arrive. By the way, I’m a sniper . And what Kyle was doing was lessening your type of evil in the world. Doessn’t matter how it’s done- but it needs doing. The savagery that is undertaken by those you call “innocents” that I have seen over here would make you wet your pants little man. You have apparently been enlisted into Adolph’s leftovers, and anyone who faced off with the Allies over that one should puke reading your stuff.

  29. You know I enjoy a conspiracy theory as much as anyone but reading this post made me shake my head.

    Chris was very real, I had some drinks with him in Vegas a couple weeks before he was killed. I would like to hear how Chris or Craft was involved in Sandy Hook ?

    Reason being I was attending a sniper class at Craft doing my stalk when Sandy Hook happened. Craft is not a huge corporation and only employes a few instructors and contractors.

    The Chris I knew was a hilarious and humble guy that always had a big smile everytime I saw him.

    I am curious on where you get any of your information to make these obsurd statements about a situation you first or second hand know nothing about.

    • Craft International played a major role in the Boston Marathon smoke bombing hoax. Their hats and vehicles can be seen in multiple places. A few of their agents were also involved in Sandy Hook, acting as crisis actors.

      • I heard that mentioned before, where is this proof or are you just regurgitating what you read ?

        I know a few of them and good friend with the Co-Founder of Craft.

        So yea I’m curious and will bite, where is the proof ?

  30. You people need to learn the difference between facts and opinions, facts are the truth backed up by evidence. But you see a lack of evidence and think its proving something. Show me one piece of irrefutable evidence that this man is still alive and I will change my views. Until then stop bashing anyone who is brave enough to take a bullet for you people who would spit on them. You people need to learn to have opinions without belittling others.

  31. All of you are idiots. This website is for losers who could never survive even the training these people went through let alone what they did in war time. This is a site and story for pathetic losers without real lives and have to hate on real Heroes.

  32. I know Chris kyle personally and worked with him at the training center I n Glen rose. To the editor, you are a phony. How dare u disrespect true patriots. He put his life on the line countless times to ensure you the right to publish the incredulous bulls hit you call on opinion!

    • If he was such a hero, why didn’t he go and attack the criminals who actually blew up the WTC, the Zionists and their agents instead of your claiming heroics against absolutely innocent, virtually defenseless people, that is people who sympathized with Americans for enduring the bombings. By the way the Zionist enemy he aided, “laughed in glee” at the bombings. Do explain that.

      • For you to think that the snipers in the military just shoot innocent civilians then screw off you have no idea what you are talking about they only shoot people that pose an immediate threat to their troops on the ground

      • I am really turned on by this anti-Zionist binge stuff. Have you ever been out of your village to see any of what goes on in the Mid East, or are you just lapping up the drivel that some hate-filled nut case has been brainwashing you with? How many of you nuts are there in your neighborhood anyway? Take a good look in your mirror, open yor mind to some self doubt and take a break before your diharrea drowns you and all that is good in your area.

  33. Standard soldiers response. “Why don’t you go live in the middle east” “You’ve not fought in this current conflict so you don’t know” Rather than realising it was a phony war & every Afghan or Iraqi civilian killed was an innocent human being murdered by an invading force.

  34. First of all I would like to apologise for my bad and weak english writing.
    I am a Spanish person living in Europe and therefor do not control the language or possess all of the necesarry vocabulary to write it all nice and decently.

    Every War needs/creates his heroes, the acts of heroism will be agreed to by many and denied by others. Along with the creation of any “Hero” arise the legendary stories and myths of what happened and what did not…
    And there is always 2 sides to the reality of a war hero; You were a hero on one side of the line a murderer on the other side of the line… This is true in the whole of our human history, Hero creation is of all ages.
    It is up to us as individuals to get carried away by the stories in believe or disbelieve.

    But? What is the use of crediting or discrediting a Hero/soldier/murderer/enemy/… who is not amongst us anymore? That which has died diserves to rest and be in peace.

    Whatever legacy or influence has been left by such persons, are merely that…
    We decide how it shapes our lifes, our existence… and I may hope that
    either way, any story of any Hero, being true or false may inspire us to be better persons,
    helping to make life better for all humans who believe in life and honour life.

    There is NO human being in the world who “never” lies
    “never” cheats. No human who doesn’t make no mistakes…
    At some point we all fail to see truth… At some point we are all mis-directed…
    The most important is to recognise, and adapt for the better >> But this again is a personal
    matter, a personal proces… The duality of right and wrong, true and false will always
    exist in ANYTHING we do, see, hear, believe, …

    But if we fail in our personal proces to create a better life for ourselves and all living
    entities around us, then we are waisting our time…

    Personaly I believe that, the legend / the myth / the soldier/ the enemy / the murderer / the devil / the charakter / the friend / the husband / the father / … “The person” known as Chris Kyle diserves to rest in peace…

  35. I’m an old fart, who comes from a long line of military men. We served and are all military brats.
    My son was in the corp. he served three tours in Iraq.
    He’s home and safe because of
    “The devil of Ramadi”
    I don’t know if Chris Kyle is alive or dead. If by some chance he’s alive, it’s not because of any act of cowardice.
    The only scenario my marine son & I could see, is the price on his head was still active by
    Islamic terrorist, wishing to find him or our intelligence community, needed his talents
    If he’s alive he’s mostly likely working as black OP spook for the NSA or the CIA.
    All I can say for sure is what my son has told me.

    “Dad he was our angel on the roof top, he was our watcher, our sheepdog, death out of nowhere to the insurgents. He saved our ass’s to many times.
    On patrol sweeping house after house, We knew if Kyle was on watch our chances of getting back to base, where pretty damn good.”
    He protected my son and helped bring him home to us.
    So where ever he is, be it, heaven or sitting on roof top or on top of hill in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan, I would say to him;
    “Petty Ofc. Kyle on behalf of a grateful nation, we love you & thank you son”

  36. For every single one of you that doubt Chris Kyle and call snipers cowards you should just leave the country, we don’t need any people like y’all degrading the service of our troops the only reason you lazy ass people can sit here and comment on stupid stuff like this website is because of our troops. I don’t care if your friend in the war could barely confirm 15 kills he was called the Legend for a reason and it’s not because he was average or below average like your friend. Plus confirming a sniper kill is much easier than confirming kills with a regular assault rifle or any close combat situation because they have the time to watch and make sure that the target is indeed dead because they don’t have to hide because of the fact that their location is unknown to the enemy. Just because he was an amazing soldier and it was “unbelievable” doesn’t mean it was fake, he was just really good at what he did and I seriously doubt that a single one of you criticizing him are veterans so you have not the slightest idea what you are talking about. Just because he was good doesn’t mean it was fake, you all know who Michael Jordan was and if you just heard about him it would seem pretty unbelievable but since you could watch him at work it was easy to believe it but they aren’t going to broadcast down the scope of a sniper on tv. And he deserved to be publicized, he was an American hero and saved countless troops and civilians. Y’all are ignorant to think that a sniper just sits perched and shoots anyone that’s not how it works they only shoot people that pose an immediate threat to their troops on the ground. To all of y’all that think its a hoax find something better to do than to try and start a hoax about a military veteran that lived and died serving his country so ungrateful people like you can judge and talk shit about our troops. To those who are against him you should never call yourself a patriot again and to the other vets reading this thank you for serving our country.

    P.S. To the owner of this website, You disgust me and I pray your first born child wants to serve their country and make you eat everything you said negative about our troops.

    • Oh, by the way, do you have any proof that he didn’t fake his death?

      • Do you have proof he did? I have more proof proving he didn’t than you do saying he did. And that had nothing to do with what I was talking to you about.

    • Amen brother, well said! Chief petty officer Chris Kyle is an American hero, who helped keep my son and his fellow brothers alive in “The Sand Box. I would love to believe he’s alive but not for reasons posted by this site. If he is he’s mostly doing what he does best only covertly for this great nation.

      • Only God can judge

    • It is a disgrace that anyone thinks the “war”s in Iraq ans Afghanistan are ongoing for our freedoms. Our freedoms were never in peril from these locations. Only the very stupid think they were. You have been had by the usual suspects,,, that DID take away many freedoms through their pre-written laws.

      • Another ignorant comment from a non military punk with no heart or conscience. Keep talking trash and see how many veterans and soldiers will be ready to kick your punk ass!

        • Tell us what was legal about those wars when the Liars were the ones pushing for congress to approve the war. You are one of those mind numbed puppets.

  37. Can’t believe you would talk about an American Hero who puts his life on the line so dipshits like you can walk these streets everyday. This man did his job he killed people who were a threat to hundreds of marines he was ASSINGED to protect. You’re a coward just like Mr Ventura the fraud that guy is.

  38. I always find myself creeping to these conspiracy theories its like crack just one time and you cant stop yourself & find every dumb excuse for them to make some logic to why you keep coming back when you only going to have the same outcome F*****G with your mind, I don’t believe a damn thing the government tells us and don’t doubt any shady doings of theirs either after all this same government is the one stripping us of our freedoms and rights. Could this be another fake gov. plot trying to sell this country and its people out to our few allies & enemies to make them hate us more hell yeah seems they have their fingers in the pot with social media, movies and everything else in between but making this country better, Do I believe even more Chris was a sacrificial lamb more than anything used by our government Hell Yea! I would rather it be a hoax than to know an american soldier died like this and even more so our government or fellow service men is the ones who did it to him. There is too much technology out there for a wanted well known sniper to not be caught unless he was on the malaysian mh 370 or Air Asia flight. “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.”

  39. Let Chris rest in piece. He is a great hero. Be thankful for your freedom and to those who sacrificed their lives for it Or Get Out Of Our Country !!!!!!

    • If he is dead, may he rot in hell, if he’s alive he will definitely pay for what he did. Clearly ure just another brainwashed idiot who doesnt know the meaning of the words “hero” and “patriotism”.

      • With a name like that it sounds like you are just pissed because he killed some of your family members. He is a hero and for a coward like you who sits behind a computer and tries to talk big talk means nothing. Your biased opinion means nothing and if you are in america people like you are unwelcome I think I can speak for everyone on that matter but for you to criticize someone who put their life on the line so you can coward and comment stupid things on the computer is pathetic and really shows what type of person you really are.

        • Whay in hell does support our troops even mean ziopuppet fool?? How about supporting the Constitution and the America people! Where does the the Constitution says American can go to undeclared genicidal wars & never ending occupations of countries which never attacked us just because zionist psychopaths want certain countries exterminated? It does not!
          Support the Constitution not whatever useless genocidal wars the government illegally gets involved in. What kind of insane idea is it that supporting illegal zionist orchestrated wars is somehow necessary because it is supporting the troops? When any American dies in an illegal, unConstitution war you were not supporting him, you were having him killed needlessly illegally and wasting his life. Young American men are not to be human fodder for these zionist wars. They are only to be used to fight in wars declared by Congress in defense of America and the American people and nothing else. And we you cheerlead illegal wars you are only doing evil, pure evil. Chris Kyle admittly shot woman and children and men from hundred of feet away in a completely illegal operation. It took no courage and no honor to do so. And then he endlessly bragged about it. He is the very definition of a coward and a serial mass murderer, nothing more, no matter how many he murdered or how much praise hat degenerate, evil zionist Jewish run Hollywood heaps upon him.

    • And btw, Nancy troll, what freedom are u talking about? Jewmerica is at her worst, what fucking freedom are u talking about?

      • Wow! Aren’t you just a piece of trash. Go live in another country. This one clearly isn’t for you.

      • God Damn you fucking ragfaced fuck move back to Iraq you fucking disgrace

        • I was born here in America and I will die here punk kyle! What gives some cowardly punk like Chris Kyle the right to sniper women in a foreign country and children and brag about ? The same filthy scum zionist Jews who are behind having Americans murder all these Arabs and Muslims and Afghans who never attacked us, are also pushing for GUN CONFISCATION in America! And these zionists are the only real Enemies of Americans and they run Homeland Security a completely antiAmerican Israel run agency! Maybe you tough guy will turn your guns over when Zionist DHS comes for them I will not. You want my guns filthy zionist pieces of $hit you better bring losts of body bags! Bring your Lon Horiuchis and Chris Kyles and bring body bags for them, you zionist worshipping scum! Bring your $10,000 sniper rifle. Bring body army. And watch an old 30.o6 put a bullet through a traitorous gungrabbing ziopuppet’s eye socket. In self defense ofcourse. The zionists are Americans’ enemies, not Muslims or anyone else. Muslims are not pushing for Gun Control, dual citizen zionists traitors are! Stop hating the truth and learn what the real truth is.

          • Just love your intelligence and style! Real cultural stuff! Ever had to face the music yourself? Use toilet paper the next time you want to mouth off about something so far from your experience that you could well be on Mars. Your posts ought to embarrass your folks if they haven’t already disowned you. Moron.

      • The one that lets your bitch ass post shit like you are

    • Agreed. This author is full of shit who isn’t a true American. Talks of cowardness whenever he is behind a desk

    • How does illegally & cowardly murdering people in a foreign country from hundreds of feet away like a coward, like Chris Kyle, give me freedom? You can keep that kind of insane zionist twisted idea of freedom! Freedom is staying the hell out of evil, murderous wars just because the zionist want them! Peace, not war. Let the murderous zionist fight their own evil wars, if they love wars so damned much! No American soldier should be human fodder for the maniac racist zionists and their evil wars!

    • burn in hell u stupid rotten person may u rot in hell
      u desirve to die

    • that burn in hell was to Nancy marrtinez

  40. Hahaha what a loser this idiot is. Cowards are the ones sitting behind the computer talking shit, when you would get your face smacked into the ground. He faked his death because of a lawsuit? You have so many contradictions in this garbage. So he didn’t punch Ventura? But at the end you say why would he run after punching an old man? Cause he’s a coward? Cause he only kills behind walls? Well what is it? Did he punch him or did he not? Who cares. Ventura is the coward and whoever wrote this is just a dumbass. Chris was also part of the 9/11 attacks lol idiot. Glad all our soldiers are fighting for all of these idiots. Sandy hook? Boston bombings? Lol . Oh Ya it’s all fake. I actually just saw Chris and 2pac hanging together lol

  41. Why are any of you commenting? Can’t you see the argument will never end and you’re all just arguing with brick walls? This cliché is incorrect: “You can’t argue with insanity”. You all just proved it wrong. Maybe one side is right. Maybe both sides are right or both sides are wrong. In the end, we will never know the EXACT details of what happened and why. Let it go and spend you time doing something more meaningful like spending time building or repairing bridges in your lives. THAT is priceless and no one can take it away. Life is short.

  42. All of you people need to step back and think about what he did putting his life on the line for you people. all of our soldiers serving need respect not some bullshit blog to down their sacrifice

    • Now, just how did he do that? It was the Israelis that blew up the WTC. Who did he claim to kill? Innocent Iraqis who had nothing to do with the so-called motivation for war. If he was such a tough guy, why was he out shooting people who had nothing to do with it and who sympathized with the plight of innocent Americans?

      • I served two tours in Iraq proudly and met Chris on my first tour he is very real and was extremely good at his job. He was a sniper and yes snipers kill people but you have to accept that the people he killed were trying to kill us and innocent Iraqi civilians and most of the terrorist savages were actually Syrians. So if you want to bad mouth me, Chris or any one else that fought for this nation then come find me in fairmont even we will fight but let me tell you something that you really need to hear in the end you’ll be the one on the ground and I’ll be the one walks away

        • Iraqis had nothing to do with 9-11 and are innocent victims of a brutal invasion. It’s the blood of innocents that was spilled in Iraq and now Syria, for mere vicious, illicit gains. US Military spilled it on behalf of its Israeli masters, something that no one can possibly deny.

          What were you or anyone else doing there killing those innocents? If you’re such a tough guy, why don’t you go after the real criminals of 9-11? Killing people after invading their country on a lie is what, then? Who terrorized who?

          You troops terrorized the people. Those people who you killed and attacked had nothing to do with 911. Why don’t you put that pride on the line and go fight the 911 criminals, the Israelis? Instead, you call Islamic people ‘terrorists,’ never saying even a word about the Israeli moles who attacked the country you are sworn to defend.

          How do you apologize for that? And what could be more cowardly than attacking people who actually supported America’s position, while letting the criminals get away with not only bombing an American city but also killing its citizens? US Military defended no one other than the enemy itself.

          • Dr.K, they won’t get it, they were enlisted personnel. Yes, the real terrorists are the fraud jew-israelis.

          • You are right. The coward faked it like he floored Mr. Ventura. What a fake.

  43. Wow a lot of people want to hate on a real American hero. Yep he killed people because that is what he had to do. You are the same kind of fags who would say a woman should be able to be in ground combat. Why? Because you people are literally fuck-tards. You honestly do not need to exist. So suck on a tail pipe or borrow a gun from a Yank friend I don’t care how. You people are low IQ idiots and 3rd world worshipers. I think your mommy is calling you to take your meds. Same kind of losers who would support Sandra Fluke. She is so strong and independent she needs people to buy her birth control. Nothing is free you 3rd world shit hole worshipers. Find your savages and make them white minded like you. 8) Bring them the light lol. Who are the real racists?

  44. You conspiracy theorists and government haters are lowlife slime! Wake up, grow up, and get a brain, because you make those if us who can think for ourselves SICK!

  45. You area disgusting pig. This country is so bad go live in Iraq. You should be ashamed of yourself disrespecting his widow. Karma is a bitch. You just showed the world what crack pot u are. To Chris Kyle’s family sorry for your tragady and Chris thank you for your service.

  46. Cold-blooded murder gets top ratings, just like cold-blooded sex – screwing the victims and leaving them by the side of the road. Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie. Mrs. Kyle should get the Oscar, but don’t worry she and Kyle can have their own solid gold version plunked on their new mantelpiece, wherever they go to rebuild their lives…. in Costa Rica? In fact, the widow in the news may be a manufactured clone herself. She’s sure one hell of an actress, considering Kyle is alive and well. I come to this website for the truth. You deliver.

  47. This site is for idiots he was a veteran a hero u deserve to die a thousand deaths

  48. Live by the sword. Did by the….

  49. you people are stupid Chris Kyle was an amazing man he was real and a real sniper he is a very great man you would not have a free America if it were not for people like him Ventura is a stupid liberal guy he is taking money from a dead man’s wife

  50. You people are freaking nuts. This man fought for our country and died by some nut job who shot him in the back. Eddie Ray is proven guilty, may he rot in hell.

  51. You people are nuts. Chris Kyle is a true patriot fighting for your country. Nothing anyone of you would have the balls to do who are attacking a dead man. Shame on you! Perhaps you could defend yourself against ISIS instead of a sniper killing our enemy’s .

  52. What a fucking idiot this guy is… This is what someone does when either:

    A. The person they talk shit about (in this case Chris Kyle) had the opportunity that the author of the article didn’t. (Maybe you couldnt enlist like you wanted too.)

    B. It gives you a little bit of social popularity. (It makes you look like a fucking idiot.)

    C. Or you are just mad because you know people and Iraq so you came up with bullshit and threw it together into this article.

    🙂 Enjoy your day, and everyone. After the first paragraph it’s just sad to see someone such as Chris Kyle, who is being called a ‘coward’, be disrespeted by this person who probably doesn’t even have the balls to go to boot camp for a week. I dont see you serving? Maybe you should go through what he does then see what it’s like to be accused of such BS. Have a nice day. 🙂

  53. The only coward here is the person that wrote this article. You have no idea what happened. And to call one of the most heroic soldiers a coward is just pathetic.

  54. You are one stupid POS! He killed “innocent” people??? Kind of like the “innocent”, sweet, gentle soul holding an RPG on his shoulder waiting for an Army convoy to approach? Or how about the sweet, “innocent” man that would mutilate and butcher women and children for telling the Army where he and his Iranian / terrorist buddies were hiding and planning their next attack on IRAQIS as well as US troops?!?!? Like I said at the beginning – You are one stupid POS!!!

  55. You are a complete and utter ass hat. You may entitled to free speech and an opinion not your own facts.

    Do the world a favor and spend the rest of your worthless miserable convoluted life tracking down aliens, crop circles, bigfoot, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, and The Great Pumpkin.

    That would be more productive instead of living your lard ass life in your mother’s basement and writing this incoherent excuse for an abuse of the English language.

  56. Any of yall degrading this hero are fucking scums. For this man to save thousands of American lives is truly heroic. It’s people like Chris Kyle who gave all of you damn idiots the right to say whatever you please. There’s a special place in hell for any of you that talk shit about a fallen war hero. RIP Chris Kyle

  57. what a bunch of ignorant assholes you are!

  58. This whole post is total bull shit and really pisses me off that someone actually took the time to make up this shit. Your fucking pathetic.

    • i am glad to see you shooting your mealy-mouth off, because it is painfully obvious you cannot refute even one statement in the article, much less any of the comments. big on brag and devoid of fact, you are. we call that a blow-hard.

  59. Seriously, I wish the absolute worst on whoever wrote this. I don’t necessarily believe in a hell, but if there is one I hope you get burned and fucked in the ass on the daily after your worthless existence is gone on earth. Actually, I hope that happens to you while you’re living, you fucking piece of shit scum. You and your conspiracy theorist ass buddies go fist yourselves and die in the worst way possible. Have a nice day 🙂

    • Honor ,Courage, Commitment, Do Any of you non military people have that. If not why dont you go sign up and test your fucking self and see if you got what it takes to be a soldier. Leave Chris Kyle and his family alone, you should honor him like any other veteran in are Country. I Dont see anyone talking bad about the book Lone Survivor and talking bad about Marcus Luttrell. Oh I see what it is people are growing a pair of balls to talk bad about Chris Kyle because you think you can take advantage of him and his family because he is dead. Well Fuck all you political and non military people. I served my country . USMC

      • Thank you for your service.

      • Poor Brian thinks one must enlist to have courage. Wow.

  60. So many people on here are talking about how awful our soldiers are for going and killing “innocent ” people. The truth is that the ROEs are very strict and if not followed our soldiers would be charged with murder. Also, most of our soldiers do join up out of patriotism. To defend our country, but they have to do what their higher ups say. They gotta go wherever our government sends them. It’s not the soldiers choice. We should thank them that they are willing to put their life on the line for us and complain to the people in the government that are really responsible for sending our military to other countries where they don’t belong instead of keeping them here to protect us.

  61. U should be ashamed!! Do u have nothing better to do with your life? I realize u have freedom of speech and have a right to ur opinions but ARE U KIDDING ME? U call him a coward because he was a sniper behind barriers? Well what does that make u to be all the way over here? I truly hope that his children and family don’t see this ignorance u have displayed for everyone to see. I mean I feel very sorry for u! U are so full of hate and shame for urself the only thing u get joy out of is tearing down someone from behind a computer. BESIDES, UR BIGGEST COMPLAINT ABOUT THE MAN IS HE MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE TOLD A LIE? EVEN IF HE DID AND IM NOT SAYING HE DID. WHO CARES? U HAVE NEVER LIED HUH? Here are facts for u, the man took 4 tours of duty and wanted to protect others and he is someone’s son,brother,friend,husband,and dad. U my friend are nothing but a hypocrite. Get a life. And ask urself what is so wrong with u that u invest so much of ur energy into tearing this man down. And then get help for it.

  62. To Jesse Ventura:
    I hope you appreciate what these people do just to keep their families and country safe..

    I hope the guy that started this war FUCKING ROTS IN HELL!!..

    Even if he really faked his death and he sucker punched you I DONT CARE, I appreciate him sacrificing his life for other people’s security “Real heroes don’t talk, they work”..

    • Love that final sign off. If real heroes don’t talk, why are you defending chris is a hero? He talked so much he wrote a whole book.

      Is ignorance truly bliss? You should know.

  63. This article is as flawed as its accusation.

  64. I mean seriously, who hasn’t ever told a lie in their life? I sure have. I don’t enjoy it, but for whatever reason, sometimes, it happens. And it’s hard to own up to a lie. I don’t make a habit of it, and sincerely try not t lie, but I admit still have.

    I do not know one way or another if the story about Jesse Ventura is true. But let’s assume Chris Kyle made it up. OK, if he did lie about it, that is bad. I don’t like he did it. I won’t say it was right. If he did it, it was wrong. But if we are all defined by committing one bad thing, then this entire world is condemned and we should all hate everyone, including ourselves.

    I never knew Chris Kyle personally, but from what I can gather, he was a man of principal. Though flawed, like anyone else, he was committed to his beliefs. If we are looking for perfect people to look at for example, then some alien might as well shove our planet into the sun. Of all the flawed people out there, I believe Chris was someone to look at with respect.

    This author of this article is so far out there, makes such wild assumptions based on no actual experience knowing the people written about, that no objective person can take most of what was written seriously.

    The only thing I might take out of it is, Chris Kyle got caught in a lie. OK. Thanks. But that still doesn’t take away from the values he tried to live by as best as he could.

    Seriously? Chris Kyle murdered innocent people in Iraq? Did you ever even step foot in Iraq? Do you realize how scrutinized the American Soldier/Sailor was in Iraq? No offensive force was ever scrutinized as much as the American military in ALL of history! None! We were held accountable for just pulling the trigger. I mean seriously, as a veteran of Iraq, and I never even had to actually pull the trigger in a combat situation, I felt the full weight of Uncle Sam breathing down my neck while thrusting me into a crappy situation where I couldn’t tell the enemy from any other civilian. Did we have that benefit of ignoring all the rules of war? Nope. Nada. Just like Vietnam, we were fighting with our hands tied behind our back.

    I challenge this author to fight an enemy under those circumstances.

    Chris Kyle made it clear he only killed those who were actively engaged in acts of war, ie. trying to kill Americans. The people he shot were no innocent bystanders. They were an armed and active enemy engaged in warfare. If Chris Kyle could not justify this, I guarantee he’d be alive today and sitting in a prison. I guarantee it. The #1 enemy of the American Soldier/Marine/Sailor in Iraq during times of non-combat, was its own government, followed closely by the actual enemy.

    This author calls Kyle a coward. I’m guessing this author would be the actual coward in any stressful situation and would likely fall apart completely. I was never a SEAL or SF or SOCOM guy, but I did manage to make it through a tough Army course that was no picnic. My class included many of the best in the military, to include SEALs. I have a lot of friends who went that way. I’m familiar with their mindsets, and likely share some of their mental traits. These people are no cowards. Might there be a few bad apples? Of course, every group has them. But overall, few are as tough mentally and dedicated to their chosen lifestyle.

    You may not like it. You don’t have to. But you ought to appreciate that there are people like Chris who can do the things you cannot. If these people did not exist, the author of this article very well likely could be hauled off to some hush hush place and never seen again. Yeah, that still happens in this world today, and it’s because within those societies, no one can stand up to the bullies carrying around the power to do whatever they want, however they want.

    I do appreciate that this author can voice his/her opinion freely, even if I disagree with it. Even if I think her points are flat out wrong and in fact, faulty for the same reasons she is condemning Kyle.

    Am I going to bow down and worship Chris Kyle as my American Hero? Yeah, right. But I do have a lot of respect for who he was and what he stood for.

  65. You people seriously need to just f#ck¡ng kill yourselves. No wonder our country is going to shit. Do the world a favor and eliminate your retarded, liberal, homosexual selves so that we can restore our country to what it used to be.

  66. This is the most ridiculous article I’ve ever read in my life. This is such an un-substantiated, hare brained, conspiracy theory, nut bag piece of crap that it’s tough to believe someone actually wrote this and it’s not an article by the Onion. I fully support the first amendment and people’s rights to say whatever stupid shit they want, but anybody who spouts crap like this needs to be automatically committed to a facility for the mentally handicapped, because clearly nobody in their right mind could write this bullshit. And reading through the comments, good lord there’s a lot of crazy and idiotic people in the world today. The fact that people actually believe this garbage is a testament to why natural selection is clearly a blessing.

  67. Chris is a American hero and I would have gladly went into combat with him ..most of you people need to grow you a sack and enlist in the military and see what it’s all about..we fought so you wouldn’t have to..go fuck yourselves..bunch of sand night loving son of a bitches

  68. Chris fought for our country. He’s not a fraud . Would you like to put 80 pounds on your back and go fight and kill people? I’m pretty sure you have know idea what all U.S Navy, U.S Marines , U.S Navy SEALs ,U.S air force have seen. So if you say he wasn’t brave and a hero, I think you should just walk your dumbass out of the internet because all your doing is starting something that had no since to be said.

  69. The war was based on false evidence, therefore every kill was a crime. Real or not, he is not a hero. The makes it seem like victims who defend themselves are savages. Thanks for the retated war pr and a trillion in debt, but you dont have the oil.

  70. U guys r just dumb arses, there’s no conspiracy kyle died because of a schizophrenic lunatic he tried to help simply that and also technology today with multi media secrets cant be kept anymore thats why many hush hush stories come out. Only national security sensitive information is kept secret and even that is a hard task to keep it so. So just grow up and get a life.

  71. Forgot to mention about gun control. You see I believe the right to bare arms BUT it has to come with Responsibility and Safety, too many americans killing loved ones by accidental thoughtlessnes, there should be I.d. checks, criminal and domestic violence checks, medical and mental issues checks and an endless safety check with gun owners and sellers updated every two years, say a refresher course at the expense of owners, sellers, manufacturers. Those against guns would agree and I and many gun owners would agree to this. So saying where the hell did I put that 50 calibre gatling cannon? Oh shit my babys sleeping on it!

  72. One last comment. Hero or coward? A popular biblical saying goes like this ‘live by the sword, die by the sword’ a simple message in such an occupational hazard, morality is hard to hold on to unless u have strong beliefs, they can either be religion, family, mateship/comraderie, values, principals that lead our thoughts to actions dictating our path to flee or fight. Last of all, wether you kill hiding behind or at a distance, close combat or pushing a button, there are no heroes or cowards, just human beings doing their job under extreme circumstances, kill or be killed simple logic, and having the best technology to utilise those skills to survive and hopefully win. Nuff said.

  73. Try to remember that, aside from the crap, it’s still only nature….survival of the fittest.
    The man may have had flaws, we all do.
    He did an honorable job.
    You would not have dared say these things to his face.
    So who is the coward?

  74. This is the most outlandish article I have ever read. Where are the facts to substantiate your accusation that Chris Kyles death is a hoax. It sounds like the bitter rankings of a liberal, anti-American, Ventura defender. I’m a woman and not in the military but my son is. I was against the war but in no way we’re the insurgents, terrorist harmless or innocent. Our men and women that fought in that war and every other should be honored. I believe we have a good reason to go to war with ISIS and any other persons supporting them in the germicide of Christians. It’s the same as what happened to the Jewish. I believe you and the poor excuse of a president and your Mr Ventura are Islamic/ terrorist sympathizers. As former Chris Klyne he was and is a true American hero that saved many soldiers as well as Iraqi citizens. You should be sued for defamation of character calling him a mass murderer. I hope you don’t call yourself a journalist. Because your entire article was fabricated by a very bitter, dysfunctional, angry person who needs help. Your the type of people I force myself to pray for your souls.

    • “I believe we have a good reason to go to war with ISIS and any other persons supporting them in the germicide of Christians”

      Finally, someone speaks the truth about the need for the US military to instead of waging war against innocents to actually attack the criminal enemy, the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. By the way, what is “germiciding” of Christians?

  75. not sure how i’m just seeing this article but it may be the most biased, awfully written thing i’ve seen to date. Calling someone who risks his life overseas to protect his men who are ultimately protecting us a coward is without a doubt the most incorrect and awful thing i’ve heard. Anyways, if said citizens are fighting back in “self defense”, should the Americans just lay down and take the shots and die? The answer is no, dumbass. this whole thing is based on assumption and far fetched reasoning. Try getting some actual facts and coming back with something legit.

    • As a completely “neutral” person in this, I’d like you to elaborate.
      American soldiers killing people in Iraq, how is that possibly to protect you?
      What have they done to you to begin with? I mean, besides the fact that YOUR government decided to smash a fucking plane into a massive building and then blow it up with set charges so they could blame these “terrorists”. Or should we get in on the fact that AMERICA funded ISIS? You’re the one who should get some actual facts and not make yourself look completely retarded.

      • You to are pathetic

    • God bless you

  76. This is from a vet a father and a Mormon you guys are fucking idiots

    • Chris Kyle was shot and killed by a veteran that’s the fact he is an American HERO

    • Eh, your mormon and calling others idiots? You do realize that’s the pot calling the kettle black , right?

  77. He hides behind walls and shoots people like a coward? Kind of like what you’re doing behind your computer right? Go fuck your mother shitbag!! That man was the Definition of Patriotism and saved hundreds if not thousands of lives….he already knew he may have been sent over there for some fucked up hidden agenda but that was beside the point. COWARD!!

    • You call him a coward because he shoots from cover, the enemies he has killed are all cowards as they plant ied’s and roadside bombs because they are to afraid to pick up a rifle and go into battle.
      How do I know, because I was there and observed it with my own eyes. The negative views on here towards Chris Kyle are only the opinions of other cowards who have never set foot in an engagement area or that the views that he is not real is only promoted by individuals who are jealous because they have achived nothing with their own pathetic life!

  78. Chris Kyle is a hero and You are a disgrace and that is all I will say

  79. he was a psychotic piece of shit ….and the whole agenda to glorify him as a war hero and the hollywood bullshit is just psyop mind washing bullshit for weak minded citizens

    so many simpletons here …..u no hoo u r 🙂

  80. I was a SEAL. I was quite happy when I heard Chris was dead. He wrote a book bragging about killing (look at the title if you disagree), lied in the book, broke oaths not to give info on SpecOps. The government said they would not press charges since the book published just after he left the service. If he published while active he would have been sentenced to death. As that is the penalty for treason in times of war. Chris made the decision to commit treason. The cosmos seemed to work out what needed to be done on this one. Let this be a lesson to all you other military folk. If you break oaths, you will be held accountable. One way, or another.

    • Seal? Chris kyle would have given his life for you,if you are a seal then you know the pledge to one another

    • U r no seal. Seals loved Chris. He saved so many of our buddies.

  81. Hey ahole y don’t u come down to our seal base at 3632 Tulagi Rd, Coronado, CA and say this to our faces.
    Hope ISIS finds u and lops off ur head.
    We won’t have ur back.
    Long live Chris Kyles memory a true hero


    • BlahBlahBlah everyone…. Movie was not that great honestly but of course ticket sales would soar thanx to media….what about our other dead boys who fought also…lets make movies about all of them too…Some of u die hards need to realize he was not too smart for telling stories,like ones that had no proof, like shooting US citizens/lootersduring Katrina…. Plain stupid and childish.. So yeah credibility is questionable….punch and run? LOL….wow what a manly US hero… Punch and run like any cowardly drunk bar idiot and make public how he and a sniper buddy picked off some bad guys/ looters during Katrina aftermath; grow up guys… Its obvious he did not handle fame and success very well because he resorted to feeble and mindless tactics… He was prolly pissed about Ventura in general shooting his mouth about different things politically… Sadly it probably manifested itself into anger and he thought he would use his gung ho patriotism and popularity to make a dent…If he had any brains he definitely could have legitamately called out Ventura..sadly Ventura is much more intelligent than the war hero ever was and is now paying the price for exercising his constitutional rights…..he won the defamation suit by the way…yeah a federal court with intelligent judges and lawyers and just a lot of competent and responsible American citizens.. Oh let me stop there…. I am guessing yall wahoos will declare the judges are unpatriotic as well… Chew on this….what the hell happened to SEAL Team 6???? Duhhh…do some research and dig for some real roots…. Lets just say the parents of some of these brave deceased men are not in agreement with Washingtons version… Whats new though right…. The truth is..dont rock the boat here in America… We are in a safe place and lets face it…America will always kick ass when it needs to.However do NOT negate patriotism when anyone attempts to research and see the bigger picture using common sense and not just emotions… Military or non- military, it seems everyone is entitled to their opinion so suck it up boys and girls

  83. Lair, coward, cheat, at best worked for a crime CORPORATION doing their bidding murdering people in a country the US had no business.

  84. Chris Kyle: a made up hero. How does killing a bunch of people make you a hero. It’s not heroic. It’s just killing. He did it and enjoyed it by his own testimony. Was he ever really even in the military or did he even really kill that many people? Who knows? Maybe not. The whole thing sounds like a bunch of made up bullshit propaganda.

  85. EDSKI…And all of you Conspiracy Fucks… .. Lay off the crank!! What are you? tweekers who is are paranoid about the Goverment because the fumes in your meth lab!!! Really you dont have anything better to do than slam our Military and Law Enforcement. .. If your such a bad ass Get your ass in the sand with everyone else and show everyone how its done!! Talk is Cheap you FUCK!! I invite you to come to my City and chase a Parolee at large who is armed and running into a dark ally you pussy… You are really delusional if you think Boston and Sandy Hook were all a hoax.. really the San Bernardino shootings was a hoax too?? Better yet grab what little sack you have and goto an active shooter call and take care of it hippie!! Next time you need the police call the fucking fire department to handle your 459 in progress.. Maybe your local PD will get there before you get it on the ass by the parolee that broke into your hut…. Also Fuck yes Kyle was the real deal!! If an elderly person, child, or woman wants to play god and kill our troops well my friend that makes them all fair game!! and if you haters dont live here than i say FUCK YOU!! This is American history and frankly none of you count!! GOD Bless AMERICA BLESS OUR TROOPS IN BATTLE AND TO ALL THE COPS OUT THERE STAY SAFE!!!

  86. You are the BIGGEST cry baby bitch I’ve ever heard in my life. I have never seen you and I would be willing to bet that you got your ears thumped and your panties pulled up your ass daily in school If you like Iraq so much why don’t you take up citizenship? I guess you call a man with a Russian made 7.62mm rifle with 100 rounds of ammunition and RPG a helpless, defenseless human. What has happened to the citizens of this great nation? You sit at home behind your keyboard and run mouth while other people go fight for your protection and freedom, then you have just enough nerve to critique manor that it’s provided.
    If he is still alive I’m sure that he was given a new life for the movie rights, those terrorists that cut Jews and journalists heads off, ya know the helpless, innocent people you spoke of? They would love to know where him and his family are.

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