**Breaking News** — 16 June 2016
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Disney Alligator Attack is a Cover Up Hoax

It is said by the Orlando Sheriff’s Department that in some 45 years of operation there has never been an alligator attack at the Disney resort. Then, pray tell, how could it be a mere coincidence that it is happening now, merely a bit longer than a day or two after the Orlando gay bar shooting hoax? This makes no sense. It cannot be a coincidence. Thus, it is a hoax, a mere diversion.

There are some 52 million visitors to the Orlando Disney park yearly. Yet, this happened never before? Moreover, it happens now, in perfect timing for an attempted cover-up of the Orlando arch-scam?

The exact quote regarding the improbability is as follows:

The Police Chief has stated on video that “Disney has operated for 45 years, and they’ve never had this type of thing happen before.” Thus, this is a cover-up for the failed gay bar shooting hoax, which not coincidentally was micromanaged by this same police department.

No one can find it plausible. The family is nowhere to be seen. This is a fake. Who can demonstrate otherwise?

Yet, it is said that the body of the two year-old was found intact some 10 to 16 feet from where the incidence took place, that is “Lane’s lifeless body was found 10 to 15 feet from where he was playing.” Even so, see the following wild, dramatized headline:

Alligator attack at Disney World: Body of Lane Graves found after five gators are cut open

Which one is it, was the body found separately or actually taken from within the bowels of the alligator? Where are the images of these dissected animals?

Notice, above, the furtive glance of the Press Conference official. Does anyone, here, act as if this is a real event? Yet, it is said:

The boy’s parents were identified as Matt and Melissa Graves of Elkhorn, Nebraska, a suburban area of Omaha. A family friend released a statement on behalf of the couple thanking well-wishers for their “thoughts and hope-filled prayers.” As well, it is said that the parents are already thanking the world and that they are “relieved” the body was found. Once again, no one can find such commentary realistic.

Yet another most incredible claim is made, again, standard in hoaxes: that is the unbelievable, the too great to even be true. This regards a woman named Jennifer Venditti. It a most unfathomable claim she was there, a mere half-hour before the ‘event.’ No one can find that plausible.

The boy’s parents were identified as Matt and Melissa Graves of Elkhorn, Nebraska, a suburban area of Omaha. A family friend released a statement on behalf of the couple thanking well-wishers for their “thoughts and hope-filled prayers.”

“There’s no reason for us to believe that the body that was recovered was not that of Lane Graves,” Demings said.

“We have not had any recent reports or complaints of nuisance gators in the area,” said Demings, who added that more than 50 Sheriff’s Office employees assisted in the case.

As yet another standard of death hoaxes there is lobbying to protect the family from any scrutiny or inquiry, including interviews. Per , St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Elkhorn, a message was posted on its Website:

“It is with a heavy heart,” the message said, “that we inform you of a tragic loss in one of our parish families. … Please honor their privacy at this time and keep them in your prayers.” 

Such a posting is extremely suspicious. What are they hiding? Why will they not come out in public?

The family photo of the involved family, the Graves family (what a name), is also suspect:

Look at these hands. What is normal about them?


They are claw-like, which is typically of poorly manipulated, digitally-altered images.

Then, there are the images of Jennifer Venditti, as posted on facebook.  She is the person that claims her son was on the resort beach at about the same time, a mere half hour before Lane Graves and his parents. Now, just how could that be? That is about sunset in Orlando. The images of her ‘son’ have a plethora of light. They could not have been taken at that time:


Here is her original claim, one that, as would be expected, went viral. Once again, the people have been thoroughly bamboozled:


Regardless, what does this youth have to do with it? Who would possibly and callously post such images if this was a real-life event?

Here is the full image of the ‘son on the beach,’ which looks fake to the extreme:


There are water waves even before he enters the water itself? Where are the shoe marks on the water? Why is that floppy shoe so big?

The images, as would be expected, and is suspected by many, are contrived. The proof for this is as follows, as analyzed by nodisinfo.com PhotoShop experts:

alligator-hoax-#2 Alligator-Hoax#1

Incredibly, although in the background image there is light, the boy casts no shadow. Then, too, note all the anomalies in the image, right screen, with residues of PhotoShop manipulation being clearly evident. That hat is exceedingly blurry, because it was modified on its edge with the blur too. Moreover, both these people, the child and the adult, were artificially placed into the image, all on a stock background.

Yet, by far, the most striking anomaly of all is hair. How could it change color so dramatically, that is between images on the same day?

hoaxalligator hoaxalligatorfake

Notice, too, the numerous obvious cut lines on the scalp; those are absolutely anomalous.  Someone messed up when they cut in the hair and didn’t change the color.  It was a hack rush-job, make no mistake about it.


Here he is, once again, obviously put into the image: a day-time image taken at 8:00 p.m.? Does anyone see any massive floodlights that could account for such great light? Moreover, why are there no other people to be seen; it cannot be that they were the only people there.

So, which hair style is correct, the blonde or brown…what an absolutely inane arch-hoax.

alligatorhoax3ss alligatorhoaxrr

It is simply not possible on the same day with the same camera that the hair colors could be so dramatically different.

Even so, apparently, his real color is more brownish; the sandy one is the anomalous one.

It looks like this fake is in the Sandy Hook-style, where a child was through deceit ‘loaned’ to another family.
Hoax index: not measurable.







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    Fake @$$ JEW NAZIS Strike Again!

    You can’t get more Jew than these two!
    More Fake NAZIS with jewish names in Long Island…Eeevile NAZI Boogeymen coming for the jews & Homos in Brooklyn & Broadway theaters to holohoax em’ to death in a comedy DHS Broadway hoax show! LMAO! Perkowski Brothers!!! Why not just call em the Coen brothers!
    Check out this Jewish Crisis Actor Sean Perkowski! NAZI?? Not! AshkeNAZI?? Yep!! Looks like his parent were first cousins mike so many AshkeNAZI Khazars! What a hoax!


  2. Fake ADL-DHS Nazi Edward Perkowski!
    As Usual Jewish Fake NAZI Eeevile Goyim Boogeymen coming to holohoax the beloved Saint-like hoax innocent jews!
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    Frame the Polish, frame the Germans, Frame the Russians, Frame the Italians, Frame the Muslims, frame the Syrian, Frame the Palestinians, frame all the goyim & lionize & coverup all the endless crimes if the zionist, jew Banksters and Israel!

  3. I read in the NY POST or NY Daily News (hard copy newspaper) his morning where it claimed the father wrestled the alligators jaws to free the child but failed!!! lol Just One sentence.. never even naming the parents. So the gator refused to let him go to a grown man..yet he simply released him after taking him off and killing him. He’d have eaten or swallowed him whole. Not released his dead body! As I immediately posted this is 100 percent zionist Hoax! Disney is completely controlled by zionist psychopaths & deviants! Will this fraudster father make the claim in interview that he fought the alligator?

    • If you identify the fraudulent posts, they will be deleted. Some 10 were just purged.

    • what a fabulous comment. this whole thing is sickening. THe ROthschilds want animals to be murdered and to desensitize americans to nature and animals. They may by what this is all about.

    • the whole thing is a hoax. undoubtedly. Probably engineered by powers that be who want to distract attention . I mean there have been other child abductions by alligators but it wasn’t broadcast like this one is. Hmmm, imagine that!

  4. Does a shift towards favoring yellow, and then orange, occur among the mentally disturbed? This was the finding of an admittedly questionable 1931 study on the link between aesthetic preference and insanity. (Purple must be beyond all reason.) Via Neatorama:

    The year 1931 stands out in the history of research about insane people’s favorite colors. That summer, Siegfried E. Katz of the New York State Psychiatric Institute and Hospital published a study called “Color Preference in the Insane.” The full citation is:

    “Color Preference in the Insane,” Siegfried E. Katz, Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, vol. 26, no. 2, July 1931, pp. 203–11.

    Assisted by a Dr. Cheney, Dr. Katz tested 134 hospitalized mental patients. For simplicity’s sake, he limited the testing to six colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. No black. No white. No shades of gray.

    “These colors,” he wrote, “rectangular in shape, one and one-half inches square, cut from Bradley colored papers were pasted in two rows on a gray cardboard. They were three inches apart. The colors were numbered haphazardly and the number of each color placed above it. The cardboard was presented to the patient and he was asked to place his finger on the number of the color he liked best. After he had made the choice he was asked in a similar manner for the next best color, and so on.”

    Blue was the most popular color. Men, in the aggregate, then favored green, but the female patients were divided on green, red or violet as a second choice.

    Patients who had resided in the hospital for three or more years were slightly less emphatic about blue. Dr. Katz says that these long-term guests were “those with most marked mental deterioration.” Their preference, as a group, shifted somewhat toward green and yellow. Those of longest tenure, though few in number, had a slightly elevated liking for orange.

  5. The Village People were a covert operation by the US government to cheer everyone up during the recessions and oil crises of the 1970s.
    So what if you lost your job and have to stay at the YMCA? It’s fun to stay at the YMCA! Or what about the Navy? You can sail the seven seas! After that it kind of got out of hand.

  6. It’s all a Zionist conspired psyop fabricated by Hanna Barbera to discredit me.

  7. I am enjoying all these things muchly.? These goings on. There must be a name for these adventures. Think of something unique .What about YTILAER or (((WEJ)))? No? Your turn………….Anyhoo, it’s just so good and this article is good and I’m looking forward to the next big event. I’ll be ready that time. It so much better than the “spot the differences ” in the drawings quizzes some papers print. And to make the next ..(((?)))…even more weird, perhaps, a * *Japanese TV ad maker should do the whole thing. That would be so FREAKING WEIRD that It would be just the best ever; before the next one.
    ** Check out Japanese TV ads and enjoy yourselves.

  8. Exhibit 2) Orlando Crisis Actor Zionist Jew Spook Melissa Graves Busted!! Conected CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA, NGA, State Department, and the White House & Center for Security & Intelligence Studies! Yes Melissa Graves is associate director and instructor at the Center for Security & Intelligence Studies!

    (Story below from 2015)
    Meet Melissa Graves, March’s Staff Member of the Month

    MARCH 25, 2015 BY Inside Ole Miss

    Melissa Graves

    Melissa Graves, associate director and instructor at the Center for Security & Intelligence Studies, has been selected as Staff Council’s Staff Member of the Month for March. To help us get to know her better, Graves answered a few questions for Inside Ole Miss.

    IOM: How long have you worked at Ole Miss?

    Graves: Since October 2008

    IOM: What is your hometown?

    Graves: Fort Worth, Texas

    IOM: What is your favorite Ole Miss memory?

    Graves: This past weekend, when my team carried out the Days of Intrigue. It’s a practical exercise that we run for students and it includes participation from the CIA, DIA, FBI, NSA, NGA, State Department, and the White House. We had 85 students from eight different universities participating. It was the most complex exercise we’d ever run, as it was our seventh time to run one of these. We finally had the process of being “game creators” down. The weekend couldn’t have gone better, and I savored every single second of working with my colleagues. We had such a good time, and I loved working alongside some of my favorite people!

    IOM: What do you enjoy most about your position or the department in which you work?

    Graves: Working with students and seeing their success.

    IOM: What do you like to do when you are not at work?

    Graves: Read! I’m a big reader.

    IOM: What is one thing on your bucket list?

    Graves: Travel to Africa.

    IOM: What is your favorite movie?

    Graves: Too many to list. My husband is a filmmaker and so I’m constantly seeing new movies, which I love, but I’m terrible at picking favorites.

    IOM: What is your favorite Ole Miss tradition?

    Graves: The flowers that bloom each spring. I anxiously await the cycle of flowers that pop up like clockwork each year.


  9. Exhibit 1) Orlando Zionist Jew Graves Disney-Alligator Fraudsters Connected To Aurora Colorado & Theater Acting & Film)

    The Aurora (Colorado) Sentinel slipped up & gave his Matt Graves alias as Will Graves in this Story:

    Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings told The Associated Press after a news conference Wednesday there was no indication Will and Melissa Graves of suburban Omaha, Nebraska, committed any crime that contributed to the reptile grabbing their son, Lane..
    Already I discovered under Melissa Graves had an address in Aurora Colorado. BUT so does “Will” Graves & also in variations the same other CO cities as her all linked to Aurora…Home of DHS Crisis ACTORS main headquarters-studios.

    And in this interesting variation alias of this mossadomite- DHS fraudster & “wife” with a same age it shows an Omaha Address & Denver,CO area addresses and a “Melissa Karm” relative.
    Anyway the one playing her husband in this PsyOp is Will Graves of Orlando. & Matt Graves is probably his brother & an actor in theater so is Tom Graves who may be Matt Graves twin brother or the same man. Either Matt, Thomas or Will Graves is her real husband. I have pictures of them all. Will Graves has businesses in Orlando.
    This search & alternative identity variation shows her maiden name and the name “Lane” for thr fake dead boy, also it shows their connection to Thomas Graves. I have found both Thomas & Matt acting in theaters. Tom acts a lot in Louisville. Melissa acts in Shakespeare a lot in Santa Cruz, CA, Mississipi probably, New Jersey, Missouri, surely places near other acting & shell jobs like New Orleans, etc…
    from intelius:
    Matt Lane Graves , age 42
    Has lived in Has worked at Has studied at Related to DOB Phone Address
    Castle Rock, CO
    Elizabeth, CO
    Elk Horn, NE
    Omaha, NE
    Goodyear, AZ
    Phoenix, AZ
    Joseph Scott Salon
    Melissa Karm
    Lisa Serafini
    Candace Graves
    Thomas Graves

  10. Exhibit 3) Orlando Alligator Hoax Zionist Jew Will Graves of Orlando plays Matt Graves fake father of fake boy Lane- Hoax Dead Boy. Well he has numerous businesses, writes books & writes Op-Ed pieces & stories for WSJ, Washington Post, etc. His picture has been pulled from many websites & old stories & linkedin for this hoax apparently. They pulled them & them reposted them later one after the stories die down & people stop invdstigating. Caches still link his picture in his Orlando linkedin.
    I don’t know which one of these Graves brothers is Melissa Graves aka Melissa Karm’s real husband but each plays her husband in different states and identities setup by DHS, CIA NSA & Mossad & ZioMedia & ZioCompanies she is involved with. And each will have alternative fake wives as well in different fictitious/virtually real identities. Once I look in Maryland & DC & Virginia & I will find many more identities for Melissa Graves/Karm since I just discovered this CS&I story Any CIA&NSA spook will have MD &DC & Va indentities & addreses like her! And I haven’t looked into her in CA & NJ & MO evdn though I found her in theaters in Nj& CA & linkedin in MO!
    I also suspect she thought up his Alligator hoax from all her time seeing them in Mississipi & knowing they exist in Orlando–since Disney world was made from a big swamp where Disney bought it for dirt nothing whereas farmers & others aren’t allowed to drain swamp/wasteland!

  11. Exhibit 4)Orlando Alligator DHS Fraudster Melissa Graves Theater Actor & Spook
    Audition/Demo Tape Shakespeare


  12. Exhibit 4-b) DHS Orlando Alligator PsyOp Fraudster Fake Mom Crisis Actor Melissa Graves New Jersey Shakespeare Theater Audition


  13. Exhibit 5) Orlando Alligator Fraudster Melissa Graves Missouri Linkedin Identity as Pastry Chef & More.
    So why would a Mossad, CIA , NSA spook, DHS Faker be a Pastry Chef for 7 months?…To get lots of Experience at it have it on her resume, and so she came be sent in as a fill-in pastry chef at a fancy hotel in Dubai, Paris, Antwerp, London, Brussels, Berlin, NYC, DC, etc.., assasinate someone, film someone for blackmail, or assist in it & be gone & back working at theater or a bank the next day a thousand miles away. Not fantasy, reality! These agents don’t just pull hoaxes, they lie, steal & cheat & murder for $$$ & their zioMasters!


  14. Exhibit 6) Orlando Hoax SpokesLiar Sheriff Jerry Demings Of Homo Hoax Mass Murder PsyOp & Alligator Hoax & recent Orlando Jail Break Hoax is criminally working for treasonous FEMA & DHS & Federal & State Fake Counterterror Task Forces in violation of his elected job as Sheriff for Orange County & his oath of Office:

  15. Exhibit 6-b) Orlando Hoax SpokesLiar Sheriff Jerry Demings Of Homo Hoax Mass Murder PsyOp & Alligator Hoax & recent Orlando Jail Break Hoax is criminally working for treasonous FEMA & DHS & Federal & State Fake Counterterror Task Forces in violation of his elected job as Sheriff for Orange County & his oath of Office:

  16. Exhibit 7) Orlando Hoax SpokesLiar Sheriff Jerry Demings Of Homo Club Hoax Mass Murder PsyOp & Alligator Hoax & recent Orlando Jail Break Hoax Lying Like The Liar he is.
    A freemason and a member of 3 college fraternities. Remember normally you can usually only join one college fraternity or they ban from them all! Yet for high level change agents/psychopaths they let join several, as I have found in the cases of many of these psychos in these PsyOps & hoaxes!


  17. Exhibit 8) Orlando Disney Gator Hoax Zionist Jew Fraudster Melissa Graves has another Linkedin showing her acting at several theaters in Maryland & VA & DC as I said I’d find since she is proven connected NSA of MD, Center for Security & Intelligence of DC, CIA of McLean-Herndon-Langley of VA..Well & DHS is all over MD & DC! But this also shows her working at theaters in MAINE, NYC-Manhattan, Colorado, AZ. She purposely left off her acting in California, New Jersey, TX & Mississipi & the South & deep South & Missouri & Midwest & others from this one.

  18. Exhibit 9) Orlando Will Graves Orlando who I believed played Matt Graves father of Fake dead boy Lane Graves also is connected to Zionist & Crypto(secret) Jews Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Bohemian grove Satanist & Population Control Genocide-CDC-NIH-WHO-Vaccines-chemtrail poisonings connected psychopaths). I no longer believe this particular one in this picture with businesses in Orlando is the guy Playing Matt Graves father of fake dead boy Lane Graves. After a more research I believe this Will is his father or uncle. I though it was him because he looked so much like him & intelius search showed a Will Graves in Orlando in the same age range as the Matt Graves character & the supposed with wife Melissa Graves aka Karm was linked to Will Graves in her Colorado & Nebraska of the same age as Matt Graves. And an 18 to 20 older Will Graves did not in Orlando… (Also I found another media presented picture of the younger Matt Graves of the hoax.) However I now found this older Will Graves in other Cities near Orlando at age 61. I believe it is likely Matt Graves Infomation companies in Nebraska are shell companies of his fathers & joint companies for tax purposes & to kept their spook identities separate & in Orlando the younger operates as Will Graves & Mostly as Matt Graves in Colorado & Nebraska elsewhere. I suspect he will leave Nebraska & moved to Florida now since Florida & he & his father’s companies will get far more & bigger DHS PsyOp Hoax contracts in Florida than Nebraska or even Colorado.
    Also the fake boy in pictures is played by two different boys. One is a blonde & looks just like a boy in Georgia I found of an apparent relative. But the other one who look just like the father with the darker hair is probably an actor model hired-photos used for exactly that reason because he looks just like the fake father Matt. So for on scene pictures they used the two year relatives’ kid from Georgia & for other pictures to absolutely convince you he was his real son they went to a zio child actor-clothing model agency and picked out a kid of a sayanim who greatly resembled him. And this way the hired model-agency never had to come to the scene for staged pictures..they had the relatives kid probably his brother & sister in laws kid or his cousins kid from the name. And the kid’s first & last name also makes me think he is the blonde boy used. Look at the eyes of the blonde boy used & compare to darker haired one with the beady eyes like his fake dad and you can be absolutely sure they are two different boys!

  19. Exhibit 9-b) Orlando Fake Alligaotor Death of Little Boy

    This is the older Will Graves of Orlando l am speaking of in my Exhibit 9) Orlando Alligator PsyOp:


  20. Exhibit 10) Orlando Alligator PsyOp Death of Child–Listen closely This is a Trauma & fear base mild control PsyOp– Psychological Terror. It combines with Christina Grimmie Hoax of Orlando & the greater– super Hoax–The Fake 49 aka 7×7 aka 77 Orlando Homosexual Horrific Mass Shooting Murder Hoax. All three together keeps the focus on the Homos as Martyrs hoax & Muslims as Eeevile Murderous Monsters if only subconciously in the minds of already brainwashed Americans. The lesser Orlanda hoaxes are reinforcement programming of the Greater Mass Murder Hoax and they subconsciously increase directed anger at Muslims & Gunowners & Guns. And a recent jail break hoax.involving Orlando does as well. So remember that Many hoaxes you see no motive in the zionists & media & DHS perpetrating do have a motive you can’t conscious see without undersstanding they are used.as predictive programming & reinforcement programming for other bigger hoaxes. And they will included gemtria & same numbers & same names & cities and phrases to subliminally predictively program & reinforce program seeming unrelated hoaxes. The are related because they have same writers and-or organizers & occultic & PsyOp managers who tell them numbers to included from other planned PsyOp scripts or previously perpetrated scripts. And the same reinforcement & Predictive programming scripting is done in TV shows like Family guy & nearly all big budget American Hollywood movies & news stories, false reality shows, travel shows, commercials.


    • Take a double dose of your meds, *** wipe.

  21. A group of 9/11 conspiracy theorists were killed in a bad accident and they all ended up together in heaven. Once let in through the Pearly Gates they decided to try and meet with God himself believing only he could answer their big question: Who was responsible for 9/11?

    God decided to meet with them. When assembled he told them they could ask him one question about 9 /11 and he would answer it truthfully having perfect knowledge of everything. So the leader of the group stood up and said, “God, I need and my fellow friends who feel the same way about 9/11 as I do would like to know if in fact 9/11 was an inside job? Can you finally tell us this truth?”

    God looked at the group of conspiracy theorists and said, “I know you may not want to hear this but 9/11 was NOT an inside job…it was a terrible tragedy caused by radical and mostly Saudi Islamic fundamentalists who wanted to send a message to the United States and make you afraid of them.”

    The leader looked dismayed with God’s answer and turned to one of his cohorts and said, “Wow, God must have been in on it too.”

  22. Great work, doc, u finally covered this one!

    • Only the fabric of a circus tent covers my enormous ***!

  23. At one of the fake press conferences the story changes to say a lifeguard also assisted the father in trying to save the boy. Why would there be a lifeguard in an area where swimming is not ever permitted?


    • Oh H… What is the going rate for paid shills-trolls these days? What is your job title? The only fool here is the one who is afraid to look deeper for the truth.

      • You know what they say about making assumptions Tilly. It’s too late for me though. Lol!

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