Asiana Hoax Other Hoaxes — 07 August 2013
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UPDATED & CORRECTED: The Helmet Cam-Yellow Tarp Scam of the Asiana Hoax

Error corrected based on other media sources: it’s not a bag, it’s a tarp.

Do People Still Believe that Asiana Flight 214 Crashed? An article was published long after the event indicating that there was evidence for a real fatality in the Asiana Flight 214 crash hoax. The link to the article is as follows:

This is the title of the article:

Video from firefighter’s helmet cam sheds new light on death of teen at Asiana Airlines crash site

The author is:

The article is part of a cover-up. It is a lie. No one died, and no one was injured. There was no crash. The only live footage of the crash is a fabrication created through CGI. Let anyone prove otherwise.

If the fire department has real live footage of her body, why not provide it?

The images of the helmet cam would appear to be certified by the SF Fire Department itself:

Discovery: After a lieutenant spots the girl's body, Johnson asks for it to be covered with a tarp

There is supposed to be a corpse of a dead teenager in front of the fireman. Conveniently, the teenager,  Ye Meng Yuan, a student from China (as reported), is supposedly lying dead: but she can’t be seen, because she is covered with foam.

This is the kind of ludicrous commentary that the world is expected to believe regarding the purported death:

After the plane apparently landed too slow and hit the sea wall – ripping off the craft’s tail and sending the plane smashing into the runway – Ye was ejected and landed by the left wing.

Two San Francisco Fire Department firefighters who responded to the scene in a truck say they spotted her lying in the fetal position on the runway, and two other firefighters concluded that she was dead – although a coroner has since said that she was still alive at this point.

Read more:

So, no one reported this, that is this ejection, except the media? No witnesses? Surely, this would have been memorable and noteworthy.

Regardless, if she really did die, and she really is in the bag, then, the claim that this is a complete hoax must be adjusted. Even if she was in the yellow bag, still, Even if she was lying there, killed by a vehicle, it doesn’t mean there was a plane crash. Yet, it would give at least some credibility to the claims of the Zionists.

That’s a relatively thin tarp, not a body bag. Here is a close-up of the man holding the yellowtarp. See any body there?


Yet, according to the Zionists:

The San Francisco Chronicle obtained the footage from the Fire Department’s investigation into the death of Ye Meng Yuan, the Chinese schoolgirl who survived the crash of the Boeing 777 at San Francisco International Airport but died after being crushed by a foam-spraying rig.

The footage, taken from Battalion Chief Mark Johnson’s helmet, appears to show that Ye was obscured by flame-retardant foam.


See anything? They are talking about a real human being. Shouldn’t something be visible, especially considering she was supposedly run over by a vehicle? A displaced limb, the shape of a head and torso: something, anything?

Does anyone really believe that this woman’s body is laying before that tarp?
One more view as proof of the degree of this scam:


At this point the edge of the tarp is lying on the foam, as can be seen from the above. There is no body or outline of a body, there; there is no head; there are no legs; there are no feet; there isn’t even a tinge of blood, which would clearly stand out against the foam and yellow color. It’s a total fake and an absolute lie. Let anyone prove otherwise.

More cover-up from the Yahoo article. continued:

The battalion chief started walking toward the wreckage. Johnson looked toward the area in front of the left wing where Ye was found, but only foam was visible.

As Johnson walked toward the back of the jet, the footage shows, a foam-spraying rig called Rescue 10 was in the distance, driving away from the area where Ye was discovered.

The two firefighters aboard Rescue 10, Roger Phillips and Jimmy Yee, have told investigators they spotted Ye in the fetal position on the ground just before they drove off, according to Fire Department sources and others involved in the probe.

Fire Lt. Christine Emmons and at least one other firefighter looked at the girl and concluded she was dead, said the sources, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the probe publicly.

According to the San Mateo County coroner, however, Ye was alive for several more minutes, until a second rig ran over her.

Another image published by the paper shows a firefighter covering the body after Ye was struck.



The bag is flat on the edge. There is nothing protruding of any significance through its length. It’s just laying there. No one cares. There is no corpse under that tarp.

There is also this:

The San Francisco Fire Department supervisors who took charge of the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash scene were not alerted by firefighters that a 16-year-old passenger had been found near the plane, leaving them powerless to prevent the girl from being run over by a rig after she was covered by fire-retardant foam, footage of the incident shows.

The footage was recorded by a camera mounted on the helmet of a battalion chief who took charge of the firefighting and rescue response within an hour after the Boeing 777 crashed at San Francisco International Airport on July 6.

The footage reveals what Battalion Chief Mark Johnson did and was told at the scene. It also shows in graphic detail the events that ended with crash survivor Ye Meng Yuan being crushed by a foam-spraying rig.

Editor’s addition: we are to believe she was crushed to death just based upon their inane claims? No evidence; no body: just a yellow bag with nothing in it. “Oh, but you can’t see the body, because it is covered with foam.” Now, the reason for the foam lie becomes evident.


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