9/11 — 30 May 2014
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No Planes on 911 Isn’t a Theory – It’s a Fact

Updated, May 31, 2014, again, June 1, 2:00 a.m., CST

Must See: 9/11 and flight 175

There were no plane crashes on 911. Just like the Malaysian 777 crash hoax, on 911 the acclaimed planes never even took off.

What is seen, here, is not new to many investigators. Even so, it is worth reviewing.

Seen in the clip are two proof demonstrating that what was seen was merely artificial. In other words, the plane crashes into the buildings were merely a media spoof, a videographic fabrication.

What is seen here is the first ‘plane’ penetrating the building without resistance, a physical impossibility. It must be recalled that these were steel-framed, concrete-reinforced buildings bearing powerful, sturdy beams of the finest Japanese-produced tempered steel, these steel supports being over 12-inches thick.

The video depicts a plane, after slicing through the building with ease, as exploding: inside the building, not against it, as would be expected.

According to the video page:

Next..is something no one could possibly argue with. Shown in slow motion the plane’s (actually, the image of a plane) wing, before contacting the building, seems to pass behind a building that is quite far in the background of the two towers. It’s clear that the mishap was the result of a computer graphics glitch that happened during the creation process.



The crashes of planes into the towers are, therefore, hoaxes. Wretched Zionist operatives created this imagery through CGI and other methods in their computer labs, then uploaded the videos to the Internet and played the fakes on the national networks.

The buildings were taken down by bombs, not planes. The henchmen who set and then detonated those bombs were rabid, extremist Israeli Jews

There were no other devices used. This was a controlled demolition perpetrated by the arch-Zionist cabal led by the lying, cheating American-based Zionist trillionaire, David Rockefeller.

The image analysis is, ultimately, irrelevant. It’s just hoax video production. The real images, the photographs on the ground, the ones not corrupted by Photoshop, tell all. In this respect the David Handschuh photo is the ultimate proof:

Handschuh was at the base of the building when it was detonated. He caught that detonation at the split second after it occurred. Even so, does anyone see a plane in that image or any components of such a plane?
That detonation shows the lateral movement of matter from inside out. This proves that the explosion was the result of set charges placed in the building. The lateral movement of material from inside the building out is hard proof against any claim of a real plane strike, which, as a result of the laws of physics, could never creation such massive motion in the opposite direction.
Look carefully at the explosion. the fire and smoke are exploding in almost a 90-degree angle to the building, straight out, never in.
Yet, there is another hard proof of the plane crash hoax. Look at the Handschuh image closely. There is a detonation on the opposite side, including one that appears to be at a lower level than the purported plane crash site.
Here is the image lightened up with tint added:
Clearly, there is a simultaneous detonation occurring on the opposite side, possibly at the same level and also at a lower level.
Through his minions Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy, among others, the filthy Zionist mole David Rockefeller blew up his own buildings. To achieve the actual setting of charges (and their detonation) in secrecy he used foreign agents, that is IDF demolition moles, from the Israeli entity as his proxies.

reposted from : http://tellmenow.com/2014/05/video-proof-showing-no-planes-hit-the-wtc-on-911/


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  1. I call bullshit! Again!

    That building is clearly in the foreground of the shot. If the narrator of this video makes such an obvious error why should I trust his statements about the, more complex, matter of the impact of the plane.

    Shame on you DrK for being so gullible!

    • You gotta be deaf and blind to see the video and come up with such a dumb remark.
      But that’s not unusual for you..

      • Corrector is right and I can prove it. I have identified the buildings that you say are in the foreground. Go to bing.com / Maps and look at Lower Manhattan in Birds Eye View. Zoom in to about 50 feet. You will see the buildings at the corner of West Side Hwy and Morris Street. There is only 1 building between the buildings and Battery Park. You can clearly see the ornate looking handrail style top of the building in the lower left corner of the picture and behind that is the brick building with the block style top and the 3 slit windows. The person who took this picture was in Battery Park.

        For all the morons who believe “it was all CGI”, grow up. End your conspiracy fantasy, you only make yourself look stupid or crazy. Take your pick.

        • The footage we’ve seen on air and online is all fake. It is not a question of it being some kind of CGI simulation. Its a photo composite job. The tool used would be an animation program like After Effects. The material would be ‘photoshopped’ together. Whatever happened that day, it was not televised. There are issues with things like parallax and obvious examples of buildings being composited together to create the individual shots. Things like camera shake are added after the compositions are animated. The whole thing is rendered out and that is that.

          These techniques go back to the very beginning of film itself. Both moving and still photography has always made use of darkroom ‘tricks’.

          If you doubt this, do your own research and decide for yourself.

        • Its CGI… And yea that building in in front of the tower.. Who cares… Its a fake building… What part of flying beer can do you not understand?… And fireproof passports… Really?… Does NASA cover their re-entry vehicles with passports?… ISIS?…choppin off heads, huh?…. How do you fall for this stuff?

        • Shhhh…
          Don’t look now, but you people who DISMISS the 911 conspiracy are rapidly becoming the minority..

          Research the polls.. MILLIONS WORLD WIDE are now of the belief 911 was a pre-planned, inside job!

          You can join the millions who have opened their eyes, or choose to remain desperate, blind and left hanging on OVERUSED cards like: “whack jobs”, “crazy” and “lunatics”- terms that proved quite affective back in the 60’s,70’s and 80’s as rebuttals to conspiracy theorists..

          Fast forward post-Millennium, and so the pendulum swings..

          Now, you doubters and non believers are coming off as “whack jobs”

          • “truth does not become more true by virtue of the fact that the whole world agrees with it or less true because the whole world doesn’t agree with it. ” I don’t care if the whole world becomes convinced that the planes were some hologram. I worked with 911 families that lost love ones and or made it out of the Pentagon and or twin towers by the grace of God and i’m here to tell you, planes hit all three buildings. One man in the Pentagon that we one my board of my non-profit org, his wife died just across the hall and some how he lived. He described how the **** plane landed on the roof of the Pentagon. I know people that were in New York City when the towers got hit, they saw and heard planes. You are a moron to think any different. You and others remind me of the fools that are also now saying that the earth is flat and that outer space doesn’t exist. Yall need help!

        • Aluminum aircraft do not penetrate steel pillars, and concrete which were on the outside perimeter of the world trade centre building….especially when they are on a bank angle and would contact at least 8 of the horizontal floor which are at least 6 inches thick of steel reinforced concrete, in steel floorpans…..the wings for immediately be detached from the aircraft and would explode because of fuel load…the fuselage would also crumple and splatter on the outside of the building and rain parts, luggage, bodies etc down on the sidewalks and streets….nothing like that was found. This was controlled demolition all the way…

      • do not even try!!1! it was don by the olde ded prezident. ok so look up facs before triing to arque ok? if you don beleve me then i wil hak you ok so befour u tri to ax tough be afrad of mie. ask donlad trump oque?

    • Corrector, could you please explain the miracles that have been occurring with people who died on 9/11 showing up at Sandy Hook, etc… is this proof there really is a god?

    • Good Morning Corrector,

      Looks like you are back at it again – spreading unfortunate lies and mis/dis information.

      If you have eyes you can see a plethora of clear evidence on this topic online and esp. on youtube, better yet go to http://www.911truth.org/

      Please GO AWAY! You don’t agree and don’t like this site and keep saying your not paid and not a Jew and not…then why are you here? Only to discredit a hardworking individual.


      Everyone on Nodisinfo (with exception of Sanjay and another)

      • NM,

        I have already explained to you why I am here and not going away. You don’t have to like it but you should probably accept it. Squealing like a child won’t change my mind!

        Happily for you, Anonyobdns has made some very good points so I have nothing further to add at this time.

        • Obviously I don’t see any dead bodies plane debris and luggages to prove this planes hit. All I see are the typical jewish movie some maya and shake animation use to trump up the effects. Why is it the explosions were outwards?

          • Really You lying schnazis?
            Your paranoia is showing through your translucent skin.
            Obviously, from the angle that the video was taken and this person being on the ground filming upwards to the height the plane hit you wouldn’t see any bodies, body parts, luggage or plane debris.
            Is this schnazi for real? You have to be yanking our chains.
            let me put it to you this way: you would only be able to discern what looks like smudges and dust particles on the video and stills from the angle taken, height in which the plane hit and the person taking this from the ground.
            Have you ever been on the top floor of a skyscraper looking down to the street? You know how the people and cars look like ants? Just reverse that effect upward.
            The plane was going how fast? With a direct yet titled hit. Why would the explosion not be outward?
            Do you have any concept of physics or are you joking?
            Jewish and Maya? Wow! The paranoia runs deep with this one :/

        • Go. Away.

          • I’ve got news for all of you who belive everything about 911 was completely authentic.

            In times past it may have been appropriate to *play the crazy card* by categorizing conspiracy theorists as “coo coo” . Back then, it was simple to dismiss such theorists successfuly because they represented such a tiny fraction of the worlds population.

            Fast forward to post 911, and you will find that the number of so-called “conspiracy theorists ” is growing by the thousands. Don’t look now, but you non-believers are slowly becoming the minority.

            Vehemently, albeit passionately defending such lies as 911 makes you all come off as desperate, afraid, elementary little children.

            Tell me non-believers, how are things going in your little make believe worlds? Millions now are of the belief that 911 was indeed fixed..

            Feeling lonely at the top?

    • Totally agree Corrector!
      Do you think that this is POE? I am getting that feeling.
      These articles are increasingly getting sillier and more paranoid each time around.

      And now to plagiarize another site? Come on. Really?

      • Sock puppet

        • Nope schnazi…..and you?
          Turnabouts fair play. Are you NM’s sock puppet or another boy toy?

          • filthy half breeded mongrel spic!

          • Mogrel kike lover,
            Terrifying, isn’t it?
            You know what else is terrifying? The fact that you have to resort to homophobic and racial slurs instead of anything intelligent to add to any conversation.
            On top of that, really? And YOU actually believe that YOU are a pure bred?
            Now that is terrifying.
            Still counting my schill Skittles while laughing my *** off at all of these Chicken Littlers!

          • I really don’t care about your melting pot propaganda. Just a mongrel for the kikes. Interracial marriage in general is a disaster with NO honor system thanks to the TelAvivision. You truly make me laugh. Why don’t you go to europe and see what the cause of a multicult society does to a country. Europe should be preserved like iceland denmark norway sweden. don’t you learn from someone like Muhammed Ali? If you are so into your half breed propaganda LEARN THE FUCKING LANGUAGE and PRESERVE IT. You are so much into it preserve the language, the art, what you EAT instead of the garbage on JEW TV. You start crying about your racism and homophobia. Nice try on your ADL and ACLU tactic what else you like to say half breed mongrel spic?

          • Nice way of getting back on topic schnazi/mongrel kike lover.
            Still have nothing to add that justfies your paranoia?
            Getting bored with this trash talk. So if you have nothing to add that is on topic with this post, I will skip over you for now.
            By the way, I am not half spanish/ half Cherokee. I just threw that in there for kicks……and you fell for it hook, line and sinker.
            Now THAT’S funny 😉
            G’day mate

          • Like i said you will perish for your evil acts.

        • brown nosing suck up , yo C , is ano.y…. your bfriend ?

    • Always the 1st to call b.s. Amazing how they claimed to have found Atta’s passport but no plane parts.

    • You are correct and I can prove it. I have identified the buildings that you say are in the foreground. Go to bing.com / Maps and look at Lower Manhattan in Birds Eye View. Zoom in to about 50 feet. You will see the buildings at the corner of West Side Hwy and Morris Street. There is only 1 building between the buildings and Battery Park. You can clearly see the ornate looking handrail style top of the building in the lower left corner of the picture and behind that is the brick building with the block style top and the 3 slit windows. The person who took this picture was in Battery Park.

      For all the morons who believe “it was all CGI”, grow up. End your conspiracy fantasy, you only make yourself look stupid or crazy. Take your pick.

    • You’re the most stupid person who I’ve ever seen on the internet.

    • the Corrector = Israeli Mossad operative troll,or Israeli or U.S -.Israeli troll ..
      the truth about 9-11 and world Jewry [the new Jew world order]is about Zionist Jew world domination and control, one world government and one world digital monetary system control by the 666 mark of the beast,and through endless war,total destruction of Palestine and the Palestinian people,and unstoppable expansion of “Greater Israel”,expanding it’s size from the Nile to the Euphrates, which would mean destruction and annihilation of much of the Muslim world which we are currently witnessing..

      “9-11 and the phony war on terror must be silenced by any and all means”..”Netin” the Zionist “Yahoo,who without a shred of doubt,IS the most evil,vile,twisted,satanic creature that ever walked the face of the earth..

      “through deception and propaganda,we the Jewish people,shall wage war on the world”

      nothing more really needs to be said..as long as the Zionist Jews control world central fractional reserve banking through the issuance,control,and manufacture of counterfeit fiat paper and digital money from nothing,and using it to buy up the world’s real,hard assets [physical gold and silver,platinum,palladium,copper,real estate,mining,rain forests,containing rare medicinal plants that will CURE the world’s worst diseases including Cancer for which there IS already a cure that they’re keeping from us,and therefore extending a nearly 700 billion dollar a year Cancer industry and a death sentence that wipes out most families remaining wealth[what little if any they may still have]
      and through their control of main stream media/Hollywood,magazines,newspaper[6 Zionist corporations control 96% of world media] they have near absolute control as well,and therefore also control nearly all the politicians of the U.S. and the world.. for all intensive purposes,the Zionists can not be stopped BECAUSE OF THEIR TOTAL CONTROL OF THE WORLD’S FIAT CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM..ie THE PRIVATE FOR PROFIT NON-FEDERAL NO-RESERVE CURRENCY COUNTERFEITING CORPORATION [incorporated in 1913] CREATING INFINITE AMOUNTS OF COUNTERFEIT FIAT CURRENCY[dollars] MADE FROM NOTHING] until Jesus Christ’s return/2nd coming that is, when the Zionists God Lucifer Bapomet Satan, will be chained up for a thousand years and Jesus Christ will rule the world with an iron fist….

      “For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal and some even believe the Rockefeller family and I orchestrated the events of 9-11,therefore proving we are actively working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world,new world order, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it” – David Rockefeller “Memoirs” page 405

    • .
      In all truth, the CGI plane is supposed to “fly” between the top of the red-brick building and the South Tower. What’s important and relevant is that whether the CGI “plane,” as it is, flies behind or in front of the red-brick building has nothing to do with the fact that the “plane” is CGI. The blatantly-obvious plane’s pixelation, artifacting, wrong lighting/shadowing, size, shape, translucency and blending problems throughout its “path” to Tower 2, as observed in ALL of the videos that depict it, from different angles, reveal the video trickery.

      I know several dis-info agents claiming that because WTC2’s “plane’s” trajectory is “identical” in all available videos, it “can’t be CGI.” WHAT A LOAD OF ****. You can have 100 different angles for a set of single-subject simulated-imagery sequences using the exact same coordinates for all the moving and stationary items in the set’s CGIs.

      Give us a bloody break, you 9/11 trolls and shills. The jig is up. Move on to your next mass-propaganda gig and quit trying to make us believe your 9/11 bullcrap.

      There were no planes on 9/11. Period. Only explosives and three (3) brilliantly-executed building demolitions. Period.

    • Actually that building, the wing passes behind, is in front of the WTC by a few hundred feet. But, the building to the left of it is even further forward, because it’s in front of the one the wing passes behind. Now, if you’ll look closely, you’ll notice that smoke from the WTC is coursing up the side and obscuring it, how does that happen for a building that’s so far in front of the WTC?

      In any event here’s just how fragile passenger aircraft really are:

      Plane vs wooden shed.

      Easy to see why these planes should not have even penetrated the buildings at all. The crash physics displayed are impossible.

    • Yes, you are correct, the building is really in the foreground according to it’s location on the map. However, there is good reason for the “mistake”. You see, the perspective is wrong! As it turns out, many of the pictures, both stills and videos taken that day have been proving to be either fake or edited/manipulated.

      The location from which this video was taken, it turns out, cannot be located. Thus, like the videos played on tv, which have buildings and bridges moving from location to location, this picture is fake because the perspective should not be what it is, if the picture were real. Worse yet, if you’ll note that the building in front of it, which appears closer to the North tower, and which should therefore be even further forward, has smoke from the north tower coursing up it’s side and obscuring it’s outline. Obviously all north tower smoke should be behind both buildings, but that is not the case.

      As for “taking the writers word for it”, you are not asked to take anyone’s word for anything. All that is being done is, anomalies are being pointed out. Some will be true and some will be errors, I doubt any “truther” would try to intentionally mislead anyone, because we all are on a quest, seeking to verify any claims that are being made. We are well aware of the human capacity for error. Thus it derives that, a simple mistake does not disqualify all that any poster has asserted. There’s a very good chance that their other findings are not going to be mistakes. So, we rely on, only what we can verify, or post what we cannot, to see if it can withstand challenge.

      To evaluate 911 correctly would take expertise across many fields. Obviously lay people do not have all of these skill sets and rely upon experts to do the heavy lifting. But, that said, we can and do learn from what the experts explain and thus we are able to do some critical thinking on our own.

    • Whoever made this is a big gay faggot jew XD.

  2. Truth always triumphs, no matter how godless people may hate it.

  3. This guy only hurts his own credibility by making these kind of crazy statements.

    The photo has been around for years and was proven to be taken from a position where the building is in the foreground, with the wing of the plane passing behind it from that angle.

    Again, by posting previously debunked stories, and blaming everything on Zionists, this guy is acting like a Hal Turner type paid operative.


    His attacks on Wolgang Halbig is what clued me into him being an operative. Halbig, who only recently started to “wake up” was labeled as a zionist mole for making one statement. As someone who has personally spoken with him and investigated all the claims against him, I can confirm Halbig is 100% genuine and a real threat to the establishment.

    So what does this web site do? They attack him, just like a Glenn Beck or Bill O”Reilly would do.

    I call this site out as an establishment backed operative site.

    • whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

      please take your head out of your **** and stop spreading nonsense. 911 was a movie.
      If anyone did get hurt its people like you who make up these ridiculous statements and give people migraines.

      • NM,
        Are you really trying to say that no one, not one single person got hurt or killed on 911 and it was just a movie? It would seem that it is YOU that needs to get YOUR head out of your ***!
        I would pay just to see you confront any of the family members who lost a loved one that day and tell them the same thing you just said here.
        Before I saw this comment, I never thought people could be this ridiculously ignorant. ….but yes they can.
        And no, the people with a dissenting voice aren’t going anywhere. We have a right to call bullshit on bullshit just as you have a right to insult the people that actually have common sense and are not paranoid that “The Jews are coming. The Jews are coming”
        This whole article has to be a POE! No one can be this ignorant.

        People with common sense who are not Chicken Littling their life away.

        • Why don’t you explain to me about how the adl is paying Hal turner lots of money? I have found an old clip on Geraldo on racism. Covered white supremacy and one of the man named Adam Hecht. Now isn’t it interesting that Hecht is a jewish name?

          • Schnazi,
            Please run along before you get your paranoid feelings hurt.

          • I heard the multi cult society and the kike ADL will love disgusting half breed like you. The miscegenation of society. This country should have been better off without the kikes running it. You are still too deluded with your politically correct celebrate DIEversity garbage.

          • Please schnazi, make me laugh harder.
            Hiding behind another sock puppet handle are we?
            And here I thought you might be a little brave.
            And you really believe that you are a pure bred?
            Sad. Really sad.
            Guess what? I find humor in all of your ridiculous rantings.
            Tell you what…..trace YOUR history and come back to me when you have proof that you are pure bred.
            Besides, I have nothing to be ashamed for about my heritage.
            You do realize that America is and has always been a melting pot of races and cultures? So…….really, what is your point?

          • Hecht is a German name. Your ignorance is astounding.

    • Another Jew…

      • Nope schnazi. Worse!
        Half Spanish and Half Cherokee. Now try figuring that out.

        • Another shabbat goy mongrel who is a product of the kike media…you can take your multi cultural, politically correct and get the **** out of my face. Right now the kid gloves is off and it will be ugly.

          • Hipsters,
            I’m not going anywhere and that includes out of your face.
            Kid gloves?
            Child’s play.

        • too bad you haven’t drowned in the rio grande river! Fucking half breeded miscegenated mongrel.

          • Again,
            You actually believe that YOU are pure bred?
            Lmfao! Never had the opportunity to go to the Rio Grande.

            This really is funny that you are more interested in attempting to insult me and failing miserably than to get whatever point you have regarding the planes and 911.
            Why is that? Oh. You don’t have any point to make. That’s right, I remember now.
            smh lol

          • The only thing you fail is being fed by the jew media and acting like the lying filthy half breed mongrel.

            You need to learn about history and the wise truth from Muhammed Ali

          • I tell you what is even funnier than you actually believing that what I said about being half breed is true, it’s the fact that I was able to hijack this page and divert all of your paranoia away from the subject at hand.
            lmao! Classic!

  4. I call POE!
    Corrector is correct! The building is in the foreground. I cannot believe you would actually post this video drk….and word for word what realfarmacy.com just got shot down for. Don’t believe me? Go to http://realfarmacy. com and see for yourself!
    Shame on you drk! Plagiarizing?
    Besides, are you going to try and convince us that the thousands of people running from the towers as they fell are all paid shills?
    What about the live tv broadcasts? Are all the thousands of people that witnessed the planes flying into the towers all lying or being paid?
    You lost all credibility with this one…..as if you had any before!
    Oh. Yes. I am a paid shill but only accept Skittles so please pay up promptly.
    Smfh over and over.

      • Reply to You Lying Schnazis

        That’s a mighty hot link you posted there ie http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2LmuFOnWDDI
        Plus more revealing stuff on the channel.
        re How talmudic zio jews operate.

    • Don’t worry I already found you…and I did play with your little kikery as well. Fucking jew liar. You proved to me what you are all about. a fucking kike or a shabbat goy kike lover.

      • Lol. Still clueless. And still funny. And still hijacking this page but *yawn* getting boring.

        • Like I said you will perish for the evil talmudic ways you progress!

  5. No planes, hardly anyone in the buildings. Where are all the photos of crowds of fleeing people? Just a handful of {not very good} actors. So many “lucky escapes” of people who failed to show for work. So many absolutely unbelievable survivors’ tales. Total hoax.

    • Oh. So hundreds to thousands of people did not witness planes hitting the towers. The lucky escapes of people not showing for work includes how many? And who were these bad actors as you say? Firefighters, Law Enforcement, office workers? How many do you consider a handful of bad actors? That’s a mighty huge handful :/
      Apparently, you have only looked at this 1 video. There are many out there that will cater to your needs to see people running, bodies falling out of the towers and yes, you can see and hear the bodies as they hit the concrete.
      You people need to do your homework BEFORE trying to convince others that you don’t believe that planes hit, people survived, people died etc.
      It really isn’t that difficult to pull up videos, photos and stills.
      But I do appreciate your raging paranoia

      • Tell me about the kikes you mongrel! Why they were warned not to come to work? The evidence piles up on Silverstein Wolfowitz Perle Hauer Hellerstein Lowy Fleischer Chertoff and companies like Zim Israel Odigo Ptech spying on americans. We cannot forget the 5 dancing kikes. Your screaming racist and trashy contents won’t work on me. Go to the ACLU SPLC and the ADL there is your racism.

  6. The Zio criminal elite will keep funding these trolls to try and sell the official fairy story on the faked 911 fraud, with hopelessly bad TV presented to the public as real.
    Of course to start and maintain their ZWO criminal project against the many.
    Even now they need public support in US, to use as cannon fodder for more of the same wars.
    Some of the best analysis on offer is on the simon shack channel on YT and Clues Forum And the trolls can lie all they like but you will have a good idea how it was all faked.
    And you can watch September Clues Full here :


    • I said it before and I will remind you too Knowledge (I hope the misspelling of defense is on purpose. If not, you need a little more knowledge)
      I get paid in Skittles and look! There’s my next truck load!
      Have to count my schill Skittles. Ta. Ta. For now.
      (Rolls eyes) :/

      • The only thing you will be shilling is your multi cult half breed kikery…you are the fall of society and the product of culture less mongrel of the kike media.

        • And yet, you still insist on attempting to insult rather than state anything of importance.

          • Like your modus operandi of being the multi cult half breed mongrel.

          • Which you still fell for! Bahahaha!
            Still love how easy it was to hijack this page!

          • How many shills does it take to hijack a thread ?
            None, because all they know is how to pretend there’s something going on and smart folk dont fall for imbeciles trying to stir primitive emotions such as hate and fear.
            Here’s a grow up pill for both of you,were all the same ,white,brown,black and yellow,different environmental influences and amounts of pigment.

          • Bravo Spy!
            Finally someone realizes we are all the same. I totally agree with you.
            Yes, stirring the pot was childish but to threaten lives with curses is bonkers.
            It was fun for a while to have schnazi/mongrel going but I am bored with it and would like to get back to the subject at hand minus the non existent witchcraft.
            I really just wanted links to the videos that you had said earlier so I can check them out and see for myself what you are seeing. Please.
            Thank you

      • Hey Anony DUMMY you should have put that spelling in your search engine dictionary before you got carried away your trashy comment. You gotta be a rehash of the crackster corrector full of nothing but B/S. Same modus operandi, reply to each post but nothing of relevance.

        • In your defense defence,
          That must be one of the words that multitudes of people weren’t able to spell so it was added as another spelling to the word. Sort of like the words that used to end in ize but now end in ise.
          Good catch!
          But you must be thinking of schnazi/mongrel kike lover regarding trashy comments. I do not make fun of any person’s race or religion.
          Thank you for the correction though! 🙂

          • Don’t act like you are a fucking saint mongrel! As much you are a trash you will die like everyone else just deaf dumb and blind. Go along pay your bills your house that the kike banker owns and be a good fucking mongrel and watch the talmudicvision. You can scream all your tactics of racist and trashy comments. You are still a mongrel.

          • You better watch the **** out! You think it’s funny I can come and find you and see if it is that funny…

          • That’s right!
            I am a mongrel and a sheeple.
            Tell me mongrel kike lover, how DOES it feel when YOU are the sheep?
            Had you going. Yep. Still hijacking this page. Yep. Still diverting all your attention to your hate and paranoia. Yep.
            And you believe that WE are the sheeple? Pot. Kettle. Black.
            And I actually own MY house and the loan was through a banker that is Catholic. Lol.

          • Please don’t bother yourself. You might give yourself a stroke.
            Anyway, I do have enough fire power to take you out the second you step foot on my yard.
            Yes. I do think it’s funny….

          • A catholic who is a CRYPTO JEW! Don’t worry the gun will misfire and by the time you are done YOU will have a stroke!

      • Why can’t you attempt to create a defense argument in support of the official story, instead of posting mindless dribble?

        The SeptemberClues.info video is posted above, so watch and debunk it, if you can, troll!

  7. anonyobdns
    like I said you will die…

  8. anonyobdns

    You like to play games I will make sure I summon a dark curse against you. I am not kidding I will do an affirmation on to you so you will be cursed in your lifetime with cancer. Your children will suffer with a curse and their offspring. I will make sure this affirmation will be set. Be forewarned!

    • Still hijacking the page. Lol
      Getting tedious now 🙁
      1. So you are cursing me with cancer?. You have to believe in witchcraft for anything to work AND you apparently don’t know anything about witchcraft since you obviously believe that you can kill someone by using witchcraft.
      2. No children. Sorry. You are out of luck (and your mind) in that category. Lol
      3. Since I have no children then I believe that the non existent offspring of my non existent children are safe from any curse you will put on me.
      4. If you are doing any type of curse, you do realize that you need something personal of mine: Something I physically touched, blood, semen, hair, nails, skin. Which you don’t have.
      5. This is even better than me fooling you and hijacking this page!

      • Does not matter now you will be cursed…even though I won’t have any of your elements I will find you and your name. You will be cursed children or not, it will be a generational curse for you and your offspring. For that matter you will be cursed and my affirmations will do it.

  9. Let the scavengers eat you alive and you will be screaming a long slow death!

    • *YAWN*
      I have the Sigil of Michael the Arch Angel.
      Hit me with your best shot lol

      • Your jewish archetype those were all stolen!

        • Anyone explain how Christians , Jews and Muslims all worship the same ‘God’ yet can’t get along ?

          • Why don’t you figure out why all three derives from the Talmud? Taking everyone’s hard earned cash to a church?

          • They are all 3 Pharonic in origin , the Ka Ba stone in Mecca (Ka and Ba both being Egyptian).The KabBalah,Jesus as Osiris…..

          • Personally Spy,
            I believe that all 3 religions have a certain idea of who their GOD is and represents. Problems arise when 1 person’s belief of their GOD is in direct contradiction with what the other 2 believe when all 3 religions GOD is actually the same GOD.
            Just my opinion on why we all cannot get along.
            what is your opinion?

          • Christians do not honor the same God as Jews. The Jewish god is Satan (Jn 8:44).

        • Atheism is no difference either. Same derived from the protocols of zion. WE CAN DESTROY GOD…it means the personal godhood NOT the jew controlled religion. That goes the same with communism.

      • You are an operative and you will be cursed! All of it is JEWISH archetype. You are a crypto jew and I can tell.

      • btw BOOM in your face you are already dead!

        • Um. Sorry. Nope. Still alivevand still laughing that you are captive on Fantasy Island.

          • You will perish in any way!

        • Racism is a ploy of the wealthy to further divide the poor and uneducated . So stop your ploying around.

          • 😉 Spy
            Agreed regarding the racism ploy and division

          • Yes you are the adl spy playing the race card. You are the incendiaries and the destroyer of using the race card.

        • Question. I hate racism as well and it sounds like lots on this sight. I am a blind person listening with iphone voiceover. I am curious about what a kike is sinceI keep hearing it. I also want to know about a word that I know is bad for Jews but I don’t know how to spell it. I also want to be sure that tape my question is as racism. I am just looking for 911 truth information and found this psych by chance. So now it got me thinking about Pike and another word that I know. If you are willing to explain what a kayak is and understand that I am not trying to be racist, I will ask you about the one other word. As far as 911 goes, I am not sure what to believe being blind. I want to believe that it was playing this, but I have also heard about thermite from the inside. The CI a whistle blower said it was both. Sorry, that was supposed to be planes. This phone doesn’t always hear me right. Sorry about the other mistakes as well, I just listen to it, and it’s way far back to correct each one. i think it messed up when I said I am not trying to be racist. Next time, I will use my Bluetooth keyboard.

  10. ” Anything ,anything….talk about ANYTHING except the fact there were no planes , that CANT Can’t cant get out , flood that fng thread with ANYTHING , hate , fear , open ended questions on god (hehe goodone) racist diatribe , all the usuals , get the best hi jackasses on that thread pronto and I mean now , don’t let it get out damnit , oh no ****, its getting out….oh noooo were sinking….**** **** ABANDON **** I mean ship

      • “they” found Atta’s passport but NO pieces to either plane ,how’s that happen ?

        • for spyvspy

          My guess is the passport must have been made of super strength high tech ingredients.

          Capable of withstanding the crash, cause the disney plane went right through the building facade according to the images next withstood the fireball followed by the cataclysmic collapse of the entire skyscraper.

          Although for people not in the know would have been fooled by the booklet being made from paper plastic and cloth.

  11. Wow!

    Anonyobdns managed to trip the “batshit crazy switch.”

    I especially liked the idea of curses being unleashed.

    1st prize for most entertaining thread!

    • Tee hee!
      See how easy that was 😉
      I just love when these CT’s trip on the bat **** crazy pill and go paranoid on your ***!
      Notice how schnazi mongrel just still couldn’t let it go?
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      By the way, still alive and cancer free so your curse either didn’t work or my Sigil of Michael did work.
      I am still amused by the thought that someone a. Allowed me to get under his skin so horribly that he put a curse on me.
      b. Allowed me to hijack this ridiculous conspiracy theory.
      c. Believed my ploy to the point that he had to stalk me. I guess that I am stalker worthy lol

      • Your time will come…

        • Schnazi mongrel kike loving wart pathogen,
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          Yes, still funny to me
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          Yes, I still believe you are held captive on Fantasy Island.
          No, I will not go away as long as you continue to answer me as if you are plugging.
          You and only you are responsible for your own paranoia. You and only you seem to be the only one who was / is beyond the scope of all rationality when I admitted to pulling your leg.
          Get over it sweet pea. Take your meds. It will be alright, I promise.

  12. This is the dumbest post I’ve ever read. Have you ever considered verifying the info you post?
    The building is in the foreground. There’s nothing wrong with the clip. Try watching the original raw footage, and try not to be such a dupe:

  13. Solving 9-11 constitutes the ultimate fearless treatment of the subject of the 9/11 attacks. Christopher Bollyn has performed the highest act of journalistic heroism—by calling out perhaps the most powerful and sadistic Mob masquerading as the most sacred of sacred cows in human history. Further, he has done so succinctly… with clear, passionate writing. [The Mob has struck back, too, attacking and tasering Bollyn on the lawn of his home near Chicago, shattering his elbow, and forcing him and his family into exile.]

    Mr. Bollyn happened to be traveling with his family through New York City very early on the morning of on their way back from a vacation in Vermont. After landing at a motel in Maryland at 3:00 a.m. on 9/11/2001, then proceeding on his journey thru Pennsylvania back to Illinois, Bollyn was attentive to the early reports; he became immediately suspicious of Israeli government involvement as a false flag operation:

    Read more:


  14. No planes huh?That is without a doubt the funniest zio-dribble yet.The questions we should focus on are what happened to building 7,never mind the towers and whether there were planes or not (there were planes btw).Building 7,the 100+ hook noses that were arrested that morning,and the BBC`s epic failure of prematurely announcing the fall of WTC 7. Follow the trail of ZOG-pedos back to Israhell and follow up with a nuke.Case closed.

  15. Retired Expert Pilot John Lear – No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11



    • “93 went nise first into the ground at high speed and similar crashes to that have shown that there are few peices bigger than a foot square.”

      > WRONG! That is not a valid defense argument. It is simply regurgitating the lies spewed by the media. NO PLANES CRASHED on 9/11.

  16. Jeffrey Grupp: Why the PLANES vs. NO PLANES on 911 distinction is SO IMPORTANT



  17. Secret 9/11 Documents: “Implausible” that the 9/11 Hijackers Acted Without Government Backing


  18. The Walls Are Crumbling Down Around the “Official 9/11 Story” – Why?


  19. LOL. Complete idiocy, like everything else on this website.

    • The joke is on u, mate. Bring up some solid arguments then u can call us what u want. Meantime, keep being an obedient sheeple and swallow all the **** ur govnt. is pushing down ur throat.

  20. Whatever one chooses to believe about 911, people have the right in a free and democratic society to voice their opinions in peace. There are three main groups:

    1)Those who believe the govt and their official story which is most folk and God bless them. My mother is a Zionist and supports Israel to my total disgust but i love her and respect her and her opinion.

    2)Those in the minority like me who do not accept the official story or trust the govt and believe it was an inside job carried out by US, Israeli and British intelligence to advance the police state and the New World Order as outline in PNAC and prophesied in the Bible.

    3)Those who just don’t give a **** either way which is the majority of folk and the great indifferent public. These people and i know many who are both work colleagues and friends, are too caught up with their daily lives of raising families, work, passions and leisure to be concerned. They know something is wrong and there is corruption but their cognitive dissonance sets in and overrules any debate on the subject.

    I do not fear the devil, nor do i fear those that conspire with him but i do fear God and his unassailable and inescapable judgement that each of us will face. I also respect all three groups and pray for them all because they have the right to their opinions providing they don’t attack ad homonym or make threats of violence against those who differ. Its when people use their God given freedom of speech to deny it to others or worse still resort to deception, violence, murder and genocide they will have my utter contempt and condemnation. Sadly this is the way our govt behaves, and in doing so also encourage others in all groups to do likewise in their divide and rule policy of fear and control.

    Lets not give them any more power by resorting to violence because thats what they want. All their staged acts of terror and bloodshed advances their agenda further. Why divide against each other and give them total power over us when we could all unite and tear down their strongholds! However humans are always shooting the messenger. Its what we’ve always done and will continue to do until we come back to know our father and creator who art God.

  21. Anyone even close to defending the original lie,I’ll tell you now is an agent of evil in some manner.this is very true & is already a set date for an international common law court trial involving your govt.stooges.

  22. This is for well-informed researchers of 9/11.

    If you’ve seen September Clues and 9/11 PsyOpera, then you will enjoy this film.


  23. If you believe the laws of physics were suspended on 9/11, then you cannot be helped.

    NO PLANES crashed anywhere on 9/11. Not at the towers, not at the Pentagon, and not at Shanksville.

    The above clip was NOT “9/11 PsyOpera” although I’ve seen Ace Baker’s entire 8 part series.

    Perhaps you can make an attempt to debunk Steve James and James Easton’s point of view.

    The media will NOT allow any discussion of no planes. Only Morgan Reynolds got a 4 minute stint on FOX back in 2006, where he suggested viewers do a frame by frame analysis of the “cartoon” plane hitting the South Tower.

    The WTC complex was demolished with either explosives and/or a DEW. Nobody will ever prove how exactly they ran the scam, so there will be endless speculation.

    However, the facts and evidence suggest that the MAINSTREAM MEDIA is complicit in 9/11.

    • Here is Part 2. It is up to the viewer to decide exactly how the towers fell:

      controlled demolition (Simon Shack of September Clues), some type of mini nuke (Dimitri Khalezov), or as Judy Wood explains in her videos, a DEW (direct energy weapon).

      What is NOT up to debate is how the MEDIA was involved in TV fakery.


    • Here is the brief Rick Leventhal clip.


  24. “…you have to set up an unbeleivable scenario where perhaps 100,000 people lied (and probably a whole lot more) and yet no one has ever admitted it.”

    WRONG AGAIN! “100,000 people lied”…no, just the ones they have on the media running the phony fake show. The sheep then keep the other sheep in check. The word is out, NO PLANES CRASHED on 9/11. Yes, that’s right, NO PLANES. Deal with it, and go troll somewhere else.

    Here is the analysis why they did NOT use planes on 9/11:

    The scenario is actually quite simple: if you want to run a scam where your goal is to blow up the WTC, then you DO NOT need planes.

    Think of it as a Hollywood magic show. The magician uses “slight of hand” to distract his audience while performing his trick. Hijacked commercial planes crashing into the towers were simply a distraction from the obvious pre-planned destruction of the towers. If you were in charge of a false flag operation, which would you choose: 1. get 19 Arabs to skyjack airplanes, slash the pilots’ throats with boxcutters, takeover the plane in mid-flight, redirect the flight path into the towers AND hope that everything goes according to plan. OR 2. take control of the media airwaves, and use video fakery to fake just ONE airplane hitting the south tower.

    The pysop began with “breaking news” stories of a supposed plane crashing into the north tower. The masses were then preconditioned to believe the “hijack theory.” Then the masses were hypnotized by the video imagery of the “plane” crashing at the south tower.

    Once the video imagery was seared into the subconscious mind, it was easy to fool the masses by SIMPLY CLAIMING that other planes had crashed. They could have told us about five other fake plane crashes, it didn’t matter.

    Despite how obvious it is to deduce that no planes crashed at the Pentagon and Shanksville, some “truthers” to this day still insist that planes hit the towers (i.e. AE911 truth, Loose Change crew, Alex Jones, etc). Even if they agree that no pilot could perform such a feat, they turn to the “remote control” theory, whereby they insist that commercial planes did exist, but were taken over by some type of override system.

    Sorry, you can’t have “half a scam”. Either they used FOUR commercial planes, or they used NONE. Therefore, given the obvious pre-planned destruction of the entire WTC site, and the incontestable fact of media involvement, the only logical conclusion is there were NO COMMERCIAL PLANES that crashed ANYWHERE on 9/11, only video fakery to fool the masses into believing in planes.

  25. Here is the clip of Morgan Reynolds.

    Anyone who wants to learn about 9/11 and how the ZIONIST CONTROLLED MEDIA ran the scam, just follow his simple advice by Reynolds: do a FRAME BY FRAME analysis of the “plane” that hit the South Tower. You can find the original clip aired by CNN on YouTube or at SeptemberClues.info. NO PLANES CRASHED on 9/11. Let it sink, it’s the truth, and it will come out eventually, sooner or later.


    • Some YouTube comments regarding the Morgan Reynolds video. There will ALWAYS be sheep who will disregard the obvious, however there will ALSO be those who are awakened:

      OFFICIAL UNDERGROUND 360 YouTube Channel
      1 month ago

      Finally proof that 911 was an inside job
      its so sad that Americans are like mushrooms held in dark rooms by their government
      they are so blind to see what is right in front of them
      I argued with many on this theory and I have followed 911 since it happened
      too many undeniable facts that 911 was an inside job
      Americans need to open their eyes!!!
      end of story
      facts are facts and if you cant see it your as dumb as a doorknob!!!

      3 months ago

      If one day, a replica of a WTC tower is built and a Boeing 767 flown into it, I think we would discover at least one undeniable fact – that is, that much of the plane would crush against the wall of the building and its wings, fuselage, and thousands of other pieces would fall straight down to earth, outside the building along with the bodies of those on board, if any. People that believe the “official government story” are some of the most profound idiots ever to walk the earth. This would include the news media; cowards that just want to protect their jobs. My one regret is that I live in a time and place where such obvious bullshit manipulation goes unpunished. God I pray, help me to understand how people can be so naive and gullible as to believe that a bunch of misfit, rag-head Muslim terrorists pulled this off. What you have really witnessed on 9/11 is the use of a weapon that turns matter – like steel and concrete, into dust. I’m waiting for ‘them’ to use it again somewhere. That is the secret that when revealed, will put an end to all the confusion about terrorists, fires, bombs and other decoys used by the
      ‘war-monger organization’ that controls your life. Peace.

      • Here is the link to Morgan Reynolds’ site for more video proof that NO HIJACKED COMMERCIAL PLANES crashed on 9/11:


      • Video link for SeptemberClues.info, with MEDIA CLIPS analyzed and PROOF of media fakery on 9/11.


      • Here is a video on YouTube with over 50,000,000 views showing how easy it is to FAKE an airplane going into a building.

        If this was on CNN, would YOU believe it? That’s the question.


        • A few YouTube comments regarding the “Would you believe this?” video:

          Vincent Wansink
          3 months ago

          Wow. I can’t believe all the stupid comments on this video talking about the F18 and the fact that it’s too big and the fact that it would be impossible to hijack an F18. WHO CARES?!?! IT’S NOT ABOUT THE F18!!!. It’s about the ability to easily fake such videos. Sheesh. Pay attention people.

    • I’m NOT interested in what you idiots think.

  26. It is a well established fact that that the government dropped hallucinogens into New York City’s drinking water in the days before 9/11. The mentally impaired populace were then brainwashed by the Zio media to believe what they were hearing on the news about planes hitting the towers. No planes ever hit the towers. This was simply government sponsored mind control. Wake up people for Obama and the Zionists are contaminating your food and water with mind altering drugs in their scheme to confiscate your guns!

  27. Believe Your Own Eyes: NO PLANES HIT THE TOWERS ON 9/11


    • Just shut up retard. My uncle died when AA 11 crashed into his office at 8.46am. I’m not interested in pure bullshit. Sicko.

  28. Sometimes, although it’s rare, even CNN can get things correct!

    Indeed Mr. McIntyre, there was “NO EVIDENCE OF A PLANE” having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon…and that is because there were NO HIJACKED COMMERCIAL PLANES on 9/11.


    • Note: the above clip was on 9/11/2011.

      Apparently, CNN had to do a “damage control” clip, where Jamie McIntyre had to claim his comment was taken out of reference.

      In this propaganda cover up clip, posted on YouTube by a plane hugging troll, McIntyre says the following:

      “The fact is, it did happen.”

      Okey-dokey Jamie, if you say so, then it must have happened, lol!

      Here is how the media does its damage control…


      • Typo: The original clip was obviously on 9/11/2001, and not “2011”, sorry.

        • You need to keep watching the Evan Fairbanks video, near the end of the video they show the tower just exploding with nothing going into it where before they were showing a plane going into it!!!!!

  29. Yikes… I just happened upon whatever this idiotic website is. Good to see some sanity here.

  30. its a fun place. spot the mental patients and those who really should not be permitted out of hospital.

  31. “Let us not support outrageous conspiracy theories about the events of 9/11”

    Oh you mean like a theory where saudi hijackers penetrated the most protected air space in the world and slammed two planes into two gigantic steel structures, causing both buildings to fall at freefall speeds due to excess heat caused by jet fuel?

    For once I agree with you Dubya!!

    Absolutely no planes. None. Simple controlled demolition. Media outlets used to perpetuate the official story and create mass hysteria and support vs an unknown enemy.

    it’s a plan so tragic in its simplicity, and so incredibly condescending. It shows that they truly believe that they can get away with anything.

    • Truthfully though, I dont find the wing flying in front or behind the building to be such a compelling piece of evidence. In fact I think it hurts the case more than it helps it.

      After much research on the topic, my epiphany occurred when I watched the buildings explode with the plane removed from the video. Everything just looked natural and everything made sense.

      It definitely is a crazy theory the first time you hear it. But the more you look at the evidence the less crazy it becomes.

      The problem is that we are arguing about whether there was no plane, or whether the govt used a drone, but in both scenarios, the govt is to blame. Thats the bigger issue and the one that should unite us in intent.

  32. I think I spotted a mistake.

    The “set charges” in the Handschuh photo aren’t specifically set charges; I think it’s a process known to science as “momentum”.

  33. Isthisreallifeoristhisjustfantasycaughtinalandslidenoescapefromreality

  34. When the 2nd plane supposedly hit, the first building was already on fire. That 2nd plane was supposedly coming in at 500+ mph, and thus would have been pulling a huge air wave behind it. That air wave should then have disturbed the smoke, but does not.

    • A large charcoal fire takes longer to burn out than the time it took the Two Towers to tumble toward the ground.

      The towers are gone and you are still waiting for the grilled steak.

  35. sorry but this website cannot be trusted. its clear purpose is anti-Israeli propaganda. no matter what event they are investigating, it is always about jews. way too obvious.

    • True. Anti-Israel memes are misguided and designed to mislead.
      People are people. We are manipulated into thinking things by those who control the mass media. They also promote various prejudices that do nothing but divide and conquer the minds of the mass public.

      Its not the average person nor their religious beliefs that cause any of the problems of our world. They are easy scapegoats and nothing more.

  36. Common sense please, only ****-tube idiots and Hollywood addicted retards would believe a hollow core aircraft could penetrate solid Fort Knox thick concrete and red-iron steel. I was an erector of all-steel buildings, I took physics, chemistry, inorganic chemistry etc. Good grief, I saw the massiveness of the trade center buildings in ’96 and was amazed at the construction of them. Every construction engineer out there KNOWS, but would be too afraid to talk about the impossibility of this event. Just look up some photos of previous aircraft crashes and see for yourself how well these planes do taking a nose-dive into the ground lol, solid concrete and solid red-iron steel, people are so dumb to believe everything they see on the ****-tube TV.

    • The mass public has been thoroughly indoctrinated to believe and trust every word uttered or otherwise published in the mainstream media,

      We are told who is the most trusted news brand in the world and things like that. We are supposed to be part of the ‘cult’ that is our ‘culture’.

      We see highly edited moving imagery with sound design. A voice over tells us what to make of what we are seeing. That narrator defines our reality for us. It is literally scripted.

    • the plane that did a nose dive went upside down according to the evidences and these planes are moving over 500 miles per hour you dumb broad. Its only COMMON SINCE!!! I DID MY RESEARCH.

  37. Two dimensional animations are easily executed by individuals using software. Back in the day such effects were done in the dark room by hand. Each frame of a film could be blown up in size and manipulated by means of a myriad of techniques. Obviously time and money is what limits the quality or quantity or quality of the resulting artifice.

  38. Wow. You know, if your supposed goal is to bring truth about 9-11 to the public, you should know that this kind of vulgar anti-semite ignorance in these comments COMPLETELY discredits any info this page might have exposed. There are serious questions about 9-11 (and about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians , for that matter). But what you are doing here is throwing a giant tin foil hat on all those issues, which tells the average person who comes across this seeking a different perspective, that you are all racist kooks. So **** you very much for clouding up the waters on an already murky subject, idiots.

    • Vernon McVety Jr.MARCH 5, 2016 AT 4:20 PM
      The facts here presented by Dr. Morgan Reynolds and his friends are substantiated and irrefutable. However, some people don’t care about the facts. And they are usually the people with strong nationalistic propensities to hate other nations, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. They whisper to themselves and each other: “our end justifies our means,” but it cannot and does not in any way. They blindly go along with the fictional and fallible O.B.L. story of the government to help vindicate their personal hatred, which to them is more important than truth.


  39. The education system is failing us

  40. The facts here presented by Dr. Morgan Reynolds and his friends are substantiated and irrefutable. However, some people don’t care about the facts. And they are usually the people with strong nationalistic propensities to hate other nations, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. They whisper to themselves and each other: “our end justifies our means,” but it cannot and does not in any way. They blindly go along with the fictional and fallible O.B.L. story of the government to help vindicate their personal hatred, which to them is more important than truth.

  41. On the morning of September 11th, my girlfriend rushed into our bedroom where I was sleeping, and told me she just saw a plane fly into the world trade center. She saw it through the windows in our loft, some quarter mile away. We had no idea what was happening. When the second plane hit, I saw it; indeed I saw it coming for awhile.

    This happened before we turned on the television.

    I have no idea why some people feel everything happens via videotape. The event was directly witnessed by thousands of people.

  42. and

    are apparently myths was the lady was inside one of the trade centers at the time and the Pentagon has never been attacked.
    I hate you kind of people and go get Ali Akbared in Afghanistan you Hillary-boot-licking freak of nature.

  43. Morgan Reynolds has been the ONLY person to my knowledge that managed to get the on-air message to encourage the masses into DISCOVERING THE CARTOON PLANE that hit the south tower.

    Morgan Reynolds has been the ONLY person


      For other reasons to

  44. Before you can say **** like this THINK FOR BETTER HOAXES THAT YOU MAKE UP because all and I mean all of the reasons are JUST SAYING IT DID NOT HAPPEN, only because you have no reason.

  45. Before you can say my **** is wrong and something bad about me, i have lots of friends the think the same and go hide in your parents basement you fat son of a b****

  46. Everyone of you *** holes that believe this **** are obliviously blind or stupid.

  47. Would someone care to tell me what happened to all the passengers on those planes then?
    Their families know they were on those flights. Some even got calls from those on Flight 93.
    No planers is plain bullshit!

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