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Dunblane Massacre was a Hoax

The phrase “Dunblane School Massacre” is an oxymoron. There was no such massacre. Nothing of any kind happened  on that pre-selected day, March 13, 1996. Just as in Sandy Hook there was no school shooting. It was absolutely a fake, which is readily proven and which is, furthermore, indisputable.
The school-teacher and children were all used as fabricated (or real) identities to stage the fabrication. The purpose was to purge any reasonable rights for bearing fire-arms throughout the entirety of the UK. One ultimate goal was simply to force UK residents to give up all their guns for a fee by imposing upon them new, draconian legislation.
The same style of fraudulent orchestration was used in Dunblane as was used in Sandy Hook. For instance, images of real and possibly contrived children were used, supported by possibly real and also loaned or borrowed parents, along with the use of PhotoShop corruption, as needed.
Just as in Sandy Hook there was no shooting and no bloodshed. The supposed shooter, though a real person (apparently) was a part of the hoax and was under control of the espionage/governmental agencies when the fake event was orchestrated.
This is the general, basic commentary for the fake Dunblane school shooting:

The Dunblane school massacre occurred at Dunblane Primary School on 13 March 1996. The gunman, 43-year-old Thomas Hamilton, entered the school armed with four handguns, shooting and killing sixteen children and one adult before committing suicide. Along with the 1987 Hungerford massacre, 1989 Monkseaton shootings and the 2010 Cumbria shootings it remains one of the deadliest criminal acts involving firearms in the history of the United Kingdom. Public debate subsequent to these events centred on gun control laws, including public petitions calling for a ban on private ownership of handguns (therefore, the inane and fabricated claim of the man sporting 4 handguns, a virtual physical impossibility considering the nature of the individual) and an official enquiry, the Cullen Report. In response to this debate, the Firearms Act 1997 and the Firearms Act 1997 were enacted, which effectively made private ownership of handguns illegal in the United Kingdom.

This paragraph alone demonstrates that Dunblane was nothing other than a fabrication and a hoax.
Clearly, the event was a complete phony and was a set-up, Sandy Hook-style, to further erode guns rights for the people of the UK for which it proved to be successful.

There are no pictures anywhere of actual gunshot victims or people truly suffering from bleeding wounds. There is no arterial spurting and bleed-outs, that is images thereof. Instead, this is the type of imagery that is provided. It’s the standard psyops-control imagery: the fake grieving woman with her hand to her mouth, the baby stroller, in this cased transporting or holding presumably drill water, and the other standard: policeman biding their time, casually, for the drill. In this case there is a plus or two. The man absolutely unconcerned with his hands in his pocket and also the police tape:

There are also the standard fraudster actors, such as PE instructor Eileen Harold and some faking the role as school administrators, others as parents such as Mick North.

Harold talks about “so much carnage” but without even the slightest degree of depth of emotion.

North claims, “He was carrying 743 rounds of ammunition; there were 700 pupils there. He was carrying enough to kill every single person in that school.”
How in the world did that feeble, frumpy-appearing, middle-aged man pull that off: four hand guns and some 750 rounds. It is simply not believable.
These hucksters were essential for giving substance to the most grandiose aspects of the fraud, which were the fake dead children:
This is clearly a loaned face on an equally obvious loaned body. The head was cut from a different image and pasted on this body. There is no way they are compatible, the torso being enormous, virtually teenager or adult size, compared to the head. Also, the emblem and the wording on the massive sweatshirt are blurred out, obviously purposely, which makes no sense. It should surely be visible.
There is no neck. The face and hair are exceedingly soft. This is a fabricated identity to coincide with the fraudulent identity of the parent.
In fact, it would be a shock to lose 16 of such precious souls. Yet, it simply didn’t happen. If even a single picture is manipulated through PhotoShop, if even a single person faking grief is determined, then, this proves the entire event as a phony.
Here are a group of people in fake shock, supposedly mothers, an essential part of the story-line. Note the woman in the blue coat who would appear to be the producer or coordinator. Why are all these shocked, despairing mothers looking into the camera?
There are plenty of people in shock running towards the cameras, while others are walking casually, crossing the street. Note the woman in the back, right screen, doing the hand-to-mouth fake shock sign.
As has been seen in other hoaxes a mother is driving her stroller with baby in tow directly to the arena of the action, where all the guns were/are supposedly blazing.
The Dunblane school shooting hoax had a special feature of fake grief and shock agents jogging towards the cameras. It helped keep them warm in the snowy weather.
A child is seen giving the acting hug takes time to look towards the camera.

According to the Zionist-controlled media this image represents an entire family of individuals who are in shock at the news of the day, an image represented as being from the date of the supposed massacre. Yet, what is seen by zooming in on the background? It is none other than a family acting entirely normally, not realizing that they are on camera:


The mother is patting her daughter’s head and there is plenty of smiling in the two women in-screen. This is not the type of imagery that would be expected in a real bloodbath in that quant town where there no child has ever before been slaughtered by a mad gunman, let alone 16 of them.

Lorraine Kelly is not crying in remembrance of the hoax, so she, too, must give the fabricated hand or in this case finger-to-face/eye sign:
Let us now look at some of the standard tag-lines circulated throughout the hostile Zionist-orchestrated media to give substance to this lie:
1996: Massacre in Dunblane school gym

A lone gunman has gone on a shooting spree at a school in Dunblane, Scotland, killing 16 children and their teacher.

The killer sprayed shots at random around the school gym in an attack that lasted just three minutes, but caused carnage in a class of five and six-year olds (sound familiar?). He then turned the gun on himself.

Twelve other children were taken to hospital in Stirling, where one is reported to have later died of his injuries.

The killer has been named as Thomas Hamilton, 43, a local man, who had once – briefly – been a scout master before being sacked by the Scout Association

Mass killer Thomas Hamilton, who shot dead 16 schoolchildren and their teacher at Dunblane, central Scotland

Mass killer Thomas Hamilton, who shot dead 16 schoolchildren and their teacher at Dunblane, central Scotland

‘Sick and evil act’

The Queen has sent a message of sympathy to the people of Dunblane.

The Prime Minister, John Major, on a visit to Cairo, has spoken of his disbelief at what he called “this sick and evil act”.

The attack happened just after 0930 GMT, as the Year One pupils (sound familiar?) were beginning an exercise class in the gym with their teacher, Gwen Mayor.

One pupil said: “We heard these gunshots from the gym and looked round and thought he must be firing at a target or something then he came out through a fire exit and started firing at our huts and we were all petrified.”

William Wilson, chief constable of central Scotland, told a news conference his officers had been called to the school at 0938 GMT: “They found a scene of carnage, with 15 children dead, one teacher dead and one other dead.”

Yet, in the alternative media sources this is what is found:

Thomas Hamilton was a suspected paedophile who was allowed to roam free around Dunblane�s Queen Victoria School before the 1996 atrocity. Former housemaster of Dunblane’s Queen Victoria School, Glenn Harrison, has stated that he found Hamilton creeping around the dormitories at night and that he had close links to a top cop. He was aghast that he was never called to give evidence at the Cullen Inquiry. He said: “I was one of the people who was making a fuss about Hamilton long before he killed those children, but no one wanted to listen.”

Robertson and the Dunblane psyop

by Euphoria on January 31st, 2012, 4:54 pm

10th Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), 11/10/1999 – 5/1/2004
Robertson has received numerous honours (including a total of 12 Honorary doctorates from various universities).Robertson’s three children are former pupils of the school in Dunblane where gunman Thomas Hamilton supposedly went on the rampage. After the massacre, Robertson, a long-time resident of the town, acted as a spokesman for the victims’ families. He was also a key figure in the subsequent campaign that led to the ban on handguns in England, Wales and Scotland.The nature of the fake is emphasized not only by the involvement of the Scotsman Robertson, who was a key henchman for the hoax, but also through the action taken in the aftermath:


Note the emphasis, as in Sandy Hook, on a “public forum.” The horror, though contrived, was given additive effect because of the claims of sexual deviancy. The emphasis on handguns is also a clear scheme in this plot. The lack of ‘inquiry’ or scrutiny of his supposed access to guns was merely a ruse but an essential one, as it created the basis for the danger of supposedly anyone owing a gun (you never know who might be a closet deviant).


The categorical proof that this was a hoax is found in the above DailyMail paragraph. It demonstrates the tactic in use, here in the US through Sandy Hook, in Australia through the fake massacre in Tasmania, and now, as proven in this post, the fabricated/phony massacre of Dunblane, Scotland (UK). That tactic is to create not only false victims (children) but also to, then, have live fraudsters in the aftermath, the parents and relatives, who will as a consequence surge forward to confiscate the guns.

Therefore, by 1997 the fate of the people of this region was sealed. The handgun shooting hoax of Dunblane permanently purged the rights of gun owners or anyone else who sought their own inalienable rights for self-protection. The autocracy of England had now achieved absolute control over the people. Through a hoax the right to own a handgun was eliminated.

Let this post, then, begin the investigation into the fake Sandy Hook-style ‘school massacre’ in Dunblane, Scotland, the one that destroyed the right to bear a handgun or even own one throughout the UK.

Addendum: new research/links from one of our posters –

A total of 32 people sustained gunshot wounds inflicted by Hamilton over a 3–4 minute period, 16 of whom were fatally wounded in the gymnasium, which included Gwen Mayor and 15 of her pupils. One other child died later en route to hospital….By approximately 11:10 am, all of the injured victims had been taken to Stirling Royal Infirmary for medical treatment; one victim died en route to the hospital. Upon examination, several of the patients were transferred to Falkirk and District Royal Infirmary in Falkirk and some to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow. [reference Wiki]

Some 15 people were reportedly injured; the fake shooter was a good shot, killing more than he wounded. A list can be found at the following link: http://dunblanemurders.blogspot.co.uk/

What became of them?

There is also the story about “Coll” who was shot in the foot, in the back twice, suffered two collapsed lungs, a broken rib, and was supposedly also in a coma for three days. Yet, then, he was at home a mere week afterwards, which is completely untenable.

There is also Ryan Liddell, alllegedly shot in Arm and chest and survived

Consider, too, the following fabricated press conference, March 16, 1996:


Amy Hutchison was supposedly shot in knee; Robert Purvis shot in arm and leg.

It’s all fake, though. They are all crisis actors. Absolutely, no one died, and no one was injured.












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  1. Would the author of this article please get in touch with me. Thank you.

    • I think I know who you are Ali and I’m so sorry if this ‘person’ has caused you the anger and pain I can imagine. x

  2. As someone directly effected by what happened back in 1996. I’m upset and hacked off that someone can call this a hoax. I have to live without my sibling for the rest of my life. I do not have a word for the person who wrote this as it hasn’t been invented. Why would anybody want to see photage of the children that were killed or injured with there wounds f*****g sicko.
    We are not hiding the children and no actor/s were used that day get your facts right before you post anything

    • On this one. Thanks for the links.

  3. I have just stumbled across this page and would like to inform you, as someone who was in the school at the time, heard the noises, and knew the victims – one in particular very closely – that it was most definitely not a hoax.

    • you are a liar

  4. You are also a vested interest. Your motivation is the proliferation of weapons. I suggest you are on the payroll of the NRA. You have no concept of the pain the victims suffered and no consideration for their feelings. Just as long as your agenda is aired. Even the most ardent conspiracy theorist can see you are just a puppet of the arms industry. Well done.

  5. Writing and publishing the words I see on this page does a massive disservice to the memory of those who died, and is an affront to all involved, especially those who lost people who were very dear to them. If you had a gram of human decency you would take down the page entirely. I’m not going to legitimise your stupid and pathetic theory by trying to disprove it. It’s like trying to argue against creationism as if it were a proper theory instead of balderdash. Do the decent thing, delete it, then resolve never to express yourself in writing again; you’re an insult to the English language.

  6. may god forgive you for these lies Dunblane was very really I can vouch for it shame on you

  7. Watch the recent documentary on the BBC and tell me that it’s a hoax.

  8. I have lived in Dunblane for some time, and have a child currently at Primary school here. There is absolutely no doubt that what happened here twenty years ago is – and was – a reality, no doubt at all. This town is still grieving, and will never, ever forget it. The suggestion that it is some kind of ‘hoax’ and didn’t happen at all makes me incensed, but I am not prepared to waste the time and energy on some sort of ‘slanging match’.
    Just take it from me that you are very, very wrong about Dunblane. I also feel you may need professional help, as YOU appear to have a very tenuous grasp on reality.

  9. So none of you seem to explain the why? Here in America we simply don’t have people running around shooting up schools. Sandy Hook, Columbine have some VERY FISHY BS going on with them. YES, drug dealers and armed robbery gone wrong do hit innocent people on occasion. Think about all the low income gun toting white, black and Latino trash we have here, yet NO ONE shoots up those schools? THINK PEOPLE! So if this Dunblane shooting is real, was it a lone nutjob or did your “royal scum” families and government have anything to do with it?

    This Hamilton guy sounds like a weirdo, was he pimping kids out for sex? It don’t matter if it is boys or girls, those sick bastards like em’ all. Were they afraid some of those kids or better yet PARENTS were gonna talk? Was this Hamilton gonna expose some big names and they “killed two birds with one stone” so to speak?

    The Hampstead scandal I was told by several BRAVE BRITS, was a big ruse to take the heat off of the Jimmy Savile mess?


    • Look the only thing that matters right now concerning all this is that Rudolf is the proven Zionist Jew behind these attacks & the ziotroll behind all his zioTroll names and trolling posts. You need to realise he is not your friend & is only your enemy. I talk to no one online & watch no TV so no one can manipulate me via those. I selectively search news & use the net to investigate Crisis Actors & Hoaxes and zioWars & agendas etc. Sadly for weeks I have not even posted most of hoaxes I have found. Like fake dead actors & hoax shootings. I’d like to always be able to post every hoax I find. Despite that I hate to just abandon this site to this Zionist Jew Rudolf to destroy.

    • This was 15 years before Jimmy Saville allegations came out. At least do a bit of research.

  10. Even though I agree with just a FEW of your points, WTF is your comment doing here? Go preach your BS elsewhere! HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR CHILDREN YOU PECKER NOSE!

  11. People like you that write this absolute bullshit must be brain dead. How can you say it’s a hoax when you clearly haven’t got a fucking clue?! People lost their children that day, you have any idea how that feels. Why don’t you go get a real job and keep your opinions to yourselves you useless sack of ****. People like you are what is wrong with the world. Uneducated scumbag

  12. Dunblane was real. These types of articles are pretty disgusting, but free speech and all of that. I suspect and hope that anyone effected by the Dunblane shootings doesn’t give a **** what crazy American conspiracy theorists think.

    But, even if someone truly believes this drivel of a theory, the results of Dunblane stand firm. There hasn’t been a single mass shooting inside the UK in 20 years. The same cannot be said for America.

    The majority of NRA members support more comprehensive gun controls. However, the small sliver of that population that throw around these conspiracies are the ones wetting their knickers about getting their guns taken away. One assumes that they would be the first to have their guns confiscated, or their licenses rejected, due to criminal or mental health restrictions. Those who, in my mind, are the very ones who shouldn’t have them in the first place.

  13. Not true that Andy Murray was there. His mum wanted the attention for him and then backtracked on her story. He always said ‘in a sports match between England and another country I’d always support the other country’. But look how much support England have given that ugly nerd!

  14. It suffices to witness the profanity and vitriol in the replies to the article to determine the people don’t want to question what they’re told by the media. This is why free speech is an illusion; far from open debate being the norm, one with alternative opinions or uncomfortable questions about events deemed solved or too tragic to question are at once shouted down by the bloodthirsty hoards or the pitchfork (read smartphone) wielding cyphers of a corrupt government in any virtual or public platform. A serious discussion about the truth behind questionable incidents resulting in sweeping government overreach into personal rights or freedoms hitherto taken for granted is therefore virtually impossible. Just read the replies…the general public are the state’s willing executioners. The Soviet Union showed us how an entire people can become a network of spies and informants…that is what the nations of the Western Hemisphere have modeled themselves upon.

  15. I’ve been researching these so called ‘terrorist attacks’ for some time now & there is Definately Somthing off with the whole ‘Dunblane’ thing. The gym teacher & Sophies dad are both devoid of the genuine emotional signs of such traumas – there’s something about both of them just doesn’t ‘feel’ right! Also when I’ve visited the town recently I was very shocked to see an out of place large ‘Marks & Spencer’ supermarket serving the town – weird even North berwick has an Aldi & a Tesco..there’s definately ‘money’ in this town but the town itself certainly doesn’t have that kind of feel to it! There is a real lack of photographic evidence of the injurys (in fact there’s NONE…where is the evidence? why do whenever hear from any of the rest of the family’s/relates/friends of the victims/survivors? Given how many people where affected by this we should be hearing a lot more on this – People love to talk & share experiences (especially gory stuff – ask any mum on their pregnancy /birth experiences & you’ll know the truth of this! ) it’s just all too QUIET…paid cover up/whitewash..too many people to scared to speak out against the Satanic establishment. I think we need to be asking MORE questions & getting to the truth of what’s really going on here, no matter how weird or scarey things get…Truth is stranger than fiction!

    • Meet with me I will tell you the truth
      I take it you didn’t go to the cemetery when you supposedly came to town? The feeling in the town is called grief we are still living with it you ****. Not everything is conspiracies. Grow up you and this person with the site.

  16. Oh & keep up the courageous work your doing & don’t be put off by all these vile trolls..any genuine person doing research can spot those ‘government/establishment paid deviators a mile off!’ Thanks for putting another opinion on what happened in Dunblane out there…there must be People out there who on ow what Really happened in Dunblane…I hope they will have the courage to come forward & tell the truth!

  17. Pingback: aangirfan child abuse timeline | HOLLIE GREIG HOAX?

  18. Errrrmmm… I’ve just come across this page (whilst searching for material on the prehistoric sites of Dunblane). My daughter was at the school on the day of the Dunblane shootings, and was fortunately not killed. I’m not sure whether the dood writing this article is genetically retarded, a Bush-Cheney supporter, or didn’t go to school himself (if so, he aint learnt a great deal). Might I suggest you look at more reasonable cover-ups like 911 or the American military regime’s constant mass murders against innocent people worldwide, instead of talking shite about a very real event in Dunblane. You fucking retard. Maybe come along to Dunblane matey, I’ll meet up with you – as would my daughter and other people from the area. You can be your own detective whilst you’re over here – as you blatantly need the practice. Idiot.

  19. What the hell is this s**t.
    This happened, it was not a hoax.
    You sick and twisted f**k.
    Next you’ll be saying Hitler’ didn’t exist.

  20. Why would anyone write this? I’m from dunblane, my neighbour lost their child, we all knew the perpetrator, we all watched the aftermath, the funerals and horrible distress and pain, you are utterly deluded. Tiny children were murdered by someone who shoul never have had a gun.

  21. what are the odds of so many people in comments knowing people at the shooting…
    the stench of gov trolls is strong.

  22. …If theyre gonna tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, why do the need a 100 year secrecy order?

  23. “It suffices to witness the profanity and vitriol in the replies to the article to determine the people don’t want to question what they’re told by the media.”

    I question it all the time – but unlike the author – I don’t presume my ignorance about a subject to suggest there is a conspiracy.

    The author has never even been to Scotland – how can they make a rational judgement based on internet articles and never actually speaking to a living witness.

  24. “why do the need a 100 year secrecy order?”

    There is NO secrecy order. Documents were kept under seal to protect children’s identities. Even today Dunblane children suffer mental stress 30 years after the incident.

    Also – many of the documents were released in 2005 – so you don’t even have your facts right.

  25. “what are the odds of so many people in comments knowing people at the shooting…”

    What are the odds of people who have never been to Scotland and have only done ‘internet research’ knowing the truth, but investigators, police, the courts and the judiciary are all ‘wrong’?

    The stench of trolls IS strong – coming from you, you fantasist.

  26. “Despite his concerns, North insists the documents laid to rest many of the conspiracy theories around the shooting.”

    Read more at: https://www.scotsman.com/news/dunblane-files-show-police-flaws-1-1404336

    So mistakes, flaws yes, conspiracy – NO.

  27. “Doubts have also been expressed about the manner of Hamilton’s death, but North said the forensic pathologist’s report leaves no room for doubt that Hamilton took his own life with a single shot.”

    Read more at: https://www.scotsman.com/news/dunblane-files-show-police-flaws-1-140433

  28. So it seems people who HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN THE DOCUMENTS have no concerns about conspiracy theories – only the half witted morons who read Breitbart and love fake news think differently.

  29. Before believing a claim like this article puts forth could remotely be true, one might also believe that MKULTRA is real, NWO Statists (globally) desire to disarm public is real. Satanism/Cannabalism/Pedophila at the highest level of EU, US and Hollywood entertainment industry/government/law enforcement – that might be real too (off topic but it doesn’t take too much digging outside of google to figure out that it exists and MSM stories are quickly debunked or reporters such as Ben Swann dismissed).

    Pizzagate is real if researched just a bit (duck-duck-go “Alefantis Instagram” – “Pegasus Museum” – also as evidenced by those MSM outlets who protest just a bit too much. Try Alisa and Gabriel Dearman – it’ll take some digging (avoid google) given the aforementioned protecting parties – it only takes a little persistence. Try Brussels violent pedo art….A struggling child with a blade to his neck awaiting slaughter. A gutted body hanging upside down as blood seeps out. Decide for yourself if Fiona Barnett is telling the truth about her experience at a military complex in Australia or playing ‘hide and seek’ with elite Pedo’s at the Bohemian Grove in California as a child. The boys town Franklin pedo story.

    Anyhow, if the concerns above are NOT beyond the realm of disbelief, why would a reasonable person not put it past a STATE with NWO ambitions to assemble such an event (loss of young or any life is simply collateral), to accomplish their goals.

    Conspiracy theorists who claim that no-body died might assume that if it was a perpatrated hoax, the hoaxers “surely wouldn’t kill innocents” to achieve the greater ends (judging others by themselves). That belief in itself can be a deception if they just look beyond at what those in power/influencial media positions are (believed to be) capable of.

    This story may be pure speculation and granted insulting to the dead and their survivors, but putting it together with other ‘evidence’ does put it within the realm of possibility.

    If there is anything to be learned from the movie Darkest Hour – it’s DO NOT MISJUDGE THE INTENT OF THOSE WHO WOULD DESTROY YOU.

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