Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 24 January 2014
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Dunblane Massacre was a Hoax

The phrase “Dunblane School Massacre” is an oxymoron. There was no such massacre. Nothing of any kind happened  on that pre-selected day, March 13, 1996. Just as in Sandy Hook there was no school shooting. It was absolutely a fake, which is readily proven and which is, furthermore, indisputable.
The school-teacher and children were all used as fabricated (or real) identities to stage the fabrication. The purpose was to purge any reasonable rights for bearing fire-arms throughout the entirety of the UK. One ultimate goal was simply to force UK residents to give up all their guns for a fee by imposing upon them new, draconian legislation.
The same style of fraudulent orchestration was used in Dunblane as was used in Sandy Hook. For instance, images of real and possibly contrived children were used, supported by possibly real and also loaned or borrowed parents, along with the use of PhotoShop corruption, as needed.
Just as in Sandy Hook there was no shooting and no bloodshed. The supposed shooter, though a real person (apparently) was a part of the hoax and was under control of the espionage/governmental agencies when the fake event was orchestrated.
This is the general, basic commentary for the fake Dunblane school shooting:

The Dunblane school massacre occurred at Dunblane Primary School on 13 March 1996. The gunman, 43-year-old Thomas Hamilton, entered the school armed with four handguns, shooting and killing sixteen children and one adult before committing suicide. Along with the 1987 Hungerford massacre, 1989 Monkseaton shootings and the 2010 Cumbria shootings it remains one of the deadliest criminal acts involving firearms in the history of the United Kingdom. Public debate subsequent to these events centred on gun control laws, including public petitions calling for a ban on private ownership of handguns (therefore, the inane and fabricated claim of the man sporting 4 handguns, a virtual physical impossibility considering the nature of the individual) and an official enquiry, the Cullen Report. In response to this debate, the Firearms Act 1997 and the Firearms Act 1997 were enacted, which effectively made private ownership of handguns illegal in the United Kingdom.

This paragraph alone demonstrates that Dunblane was nothing other than a fabrication and a hoax.
Clearly, the event was a complete phony and was a set-up, Sandy Hook-style, to further erode guns rights for the people of the UK for which it proved to be successful.

There are no pictures anywhere of actual gunshot victims or people truly suffering from bleeding wounds. There is no arterial spurting and bleed-outs, that is images thereof. Instead, this is the type of imagery that is provided. It’s the standard psyops-control imagery: the fake grieving woman with her hand to her mouth, the baby stroller, in this cased transporting or holding presumably drill water, and the other standard: policeman biding their time, casually, for the drill. In this case there is a plus or two. The man absolutely unconcerned with his hands in his pocket and also the police tape:

There are also the standard fraudster actors, such as PE instructor Eileen Harold and some faking the role as school administrators, others as parents such as Mick North.

Harold talks about “so much carnage” but without even the slightest degree of depth of emotion.

North claims, “He was carrying 743 rounds of ammunition; there were 700 pupils there. He was carrying enough to kill every single person in that school.”
How in the world did that feeble, frumpy-appearing, middle-aged man pull that off: four hand guns and some 750 rounds. It is simply not believable.
These hucksters were essential for giving substance to the most grandiose aspects of the fraud, which were the fake dead children:
This is clearly a loaned face on an equally obvious loaned body. The head was cut from a different image and pasted on this body. There is no way they are compatible, the torso being enormous, virtually teenager or adult size, compared to the head. Also, the emblem and the wording on the massive sweatshirt are blurred out, obviously purposely, which makes no sense. It should surely be visible.
There is no neck. The face and hair are exceedingly soft. This is a fabricated identity to coincide with the fraudulent identity of the parent.
In fact, it would be a shock to lose 16 of such precious souls. Yet, it simply didn’t happen. If even a single picture is manipulated through PhotoShop, if even a single person faking grief is determined, then, this proves the entire event as a phony.
Here are a group of people in fake shock, supposedly mothers, an essential part of the story-line. Note the woman in the blue coat who would appear to be the producer or coordinator. Why are all these shocked, despairing mothers looking into the camera?
There are plenty of people in shock running towards the cameras, while others are walking casually, crossing the street. Note the woman in the back, right screen, doing the hand-to-mouth fake shock sign.
As has been seen in other hoaxes a mother is driving her stroller with baby in tow directly to the arena of the action, where all the guns were/are supposedly blazing.
The Dunblane school shooting hoax had a special feature of fake grief and shock agents jogging towards the cameras. It helped keep them warm in the snowy weather.
A child is seen giving the acting hug takes time to look towards the camera.

According to the Zionist-controlled media this image represents an entire family of individuals who are in shock at the news of the day, an image represented as being from the date of the supposed massacre. Yet, what is seen by zooming in on the background? It is none other than a family acting entirely normally, not realizing that they are on camera:


The mother is patting her daughter’s head and there is plenty of smiling in the two women in-screen. This is not the type of imagery that would be expected in a real bloodbath in that quant town where there no child has ever before been slaughtered by a mad gunman, let alone 16 of them.

Lorraine Kelly is not crying in remembrance of the hoax, so she, too, must give the fabricated hand or in this case finger-to-face/eye sign:
Let us now look at some of the standard tag-lines circulated throughout the hostile Zionist-orchestrated media to give substance to this lie:
1996: Massacre in Dunblane school gym

A lone gunman has gone on a shooting spree at a school in Dunblane, Scotland, killing 16 children and their teacher.

The killer sprayed shots at random around the school gym in an attack that lasted just three minutes, but caused carnage in a class of five and six-year olds (sound familiar?). He then turned the gun on himself.

Twelve other children were taken to hospital in Stirling, where one is reported to have later died of his injuries.

The killer has been named as Thomas Hamilton, 43, a local man, who had once – briefly – been a scout master before being sacked by the Scout Association

Mass killer Thomas Hamilton, who shot dead 16 schoolchildren and their teacher at Dunblane, central Scotland

Mass killer Thomas Hamilton, who shot dead 16 schoolchildren and their teacher at Dunblane, central Scotland

‘Sick and evil act’

The Queen has sent a message of sympathy to the people of Dunblane.

The Prime Minister, John Major, on a visit to Cairo, has spoken of his disbelief at what he called “this sick and evil act”.

The attack happened just after 0930 GMT, as the Year One pupils (sound familiar?) were beginning an exercise class in the gym with their teacher, Gwen Mayor.

One pupil said: “We heard these gunshots from the gym and looked round and thought he must be firing at a target or something then he came out through a fire exit and started firing at our huts and we were all petrified.”

William Wilson, chief constable of central Scotland, told a news conference his officers had been called to the school at 0938 GMT: “They found a scene of carnage, with 15 children dead, one teacher dead and one other dead.”

Yet, in the alternative media sources this is what is found:

Thomas Hamilton was a suspected paedophile who was allowed to roam free around Dunblane�s Queen Victoria School before the 1996 atrocity. Former housemaster of Dunblane’s Queen Victoria School, Glenn Harrison, has stated that he found Hamilton creeping around the dormitories at night and that he had close links to a top cop. He was aghast that he was never called to give evidence at the Cullen Inquiry. He said: “I was one of the people who was making a fuss about Hamilton long before he killed those children, but no one wanted to listen.”

Robertson and the Dunblane psyop

by Euphoria on January 31st, 2012, 4:54 pm

10th Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), 11/10/1999 – 5/1/2004
Robertson has received numerous honours (including a total of 12 Honorary doctorates from various universities).Robertson’s three children are former pupils of the school in Dunblane where gunman Thomas Hamilton supposedly went on the rampage. After the massacre, Robertson, a long-time resident of the town, acted as a spokesman for the victims’ families. He was also a key figure in the subsequent campaign that led to the ban on handguns in England, Wales and Scotland.The nature of the fake is emphasized not only by the involvement of the Scotsman Robertson, who was a key henchman for the hoax, but also through the action taken in the aftermath:


Note the emphasis, as in Sandy Hook, on a “public forum.” The horror, though contrived, was given additive effect because of the claims of sexual deviancy. The emphasis on handguns is also a clear scheme in this plot. The lack of ‘inquiry’ or scrutiny of his supposed access to guns was merely a ruse but an essential one, as it created the basis for the danger of supposedly anyone owing a gun (you never know who might be a closet deviant).


The categorical proof that this was a hoax is found in the above DailyMail paragraph. It demonstrates the tactic in use, here in the US through Sandy Hook, in Australia through the fake massacre in Tasmania, and now, as proven in this post, the fabricated/phony massacre of Dunblane, Scotland (UK). That tactic is to create not only false victims (children) but also to, then, have live fraudsters in the aftermath, the parents and relatives, who will as a consequence surge forward to confiscate the guns.

Therefore, by 1997 the fate of the people of this region was sealed. The handgun shooting hoax of Dunblane permanently purged the rights of gun owners or anyone else who sought their own inalienable rights for self-protection. The autocracy of England had now achieved absolute control over the people. Through a hoax the right to own a handgun was eliminated.

Let this post, then, begin the investigation into the fake Sandy Hook-style ‘school massacre’ in Dunblane, Scotland, the one that destroyed the right to bear a handgun or even own one throughout the UK.

Addendum: new research/links from one of our posters –

A total of 32 people sustained gunshot wounds inflicted by Hamilton over a 3–4 minute period, 16 of whom were fatally wounded in the gymnasium, which included Gwen Mayor and 15 of her pupils. One other child died later en route to hospital….By approximately 11:10 am, all of the injured victims had been taken to Stirling Royal Infirmary for medical treatment; one victim died en route to the hospital. Upon examination, several of the patients were transferred to Falkirk and District Royal Infirmary in Falkirk and some to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow. [reference Wiki]

Some 15 people were reportedly injured; the fake shooter was a good shot, killing more than he wounded. A list can be found at the following link: http://dunblanemurders.blogspot.co.uk/

What became of them?

There is also the story about “Coll” who was shot in the foot, in the back twice, suffered two collapsed lungs, a broken rib, and was supposedly also in a coma for three days. Yet, then, he was at home a mere week afterwards, which is completely untenable.

There is also Ryan Liddell, alllegedly shot in Arm and chest and survived

Consider, too, the following fabricated press conference, March 16, 1996:


Amy Hutchison was supposedly shot in knee; Robert Purvis shot in arm and leg.

It’s all fake, though. They are all crisis actors. Absolutely, no one died, and no one was injured.












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  1. test

    • Doubtless, the Beslan School (385+), Peshawar School (148), Paris (137), etc, massacres were all done by state inspired fairies too..? What are you on, dude..? Please do not breed. There is no cure for paranoia yet found, and it is passed on genetically. Join Islamic State. It’s where you belong, with like-minded, dehumanised people. You’d be doing the world a big favour.


    • You really are a worthless piece of scum. If you can’t face the harsh facts of life, fucking kill yourself and do the world a favour. Fucking *****.

    • In fact, the one bad thing about gun control, is that imbeciles like you are a little bit safer.

    • You are a total piece of ****…..!!! Ooops……sorry about that. It’s an insult to pieces of ****….!!!

    • Dunblane was real, it happened, and what you wrote is a pile of ****. Do not compare the real suffering and deaths of innocent children to that Sandy Hook hoax. Just because Sandy Hook was a fraud, it doesn’t mean Dunblane was. Dunblane was the blueprint for the Sandy Hook fraud, but unfortunately Dunblane was all too real. And it is very easy for a 43 year old man with four guns to kill helpless little children and unarmed civilians. Very easy. Any psychopath or evil monster out there can kill with that kind of weaponry and opportunity, so don’t insult the Dunblane grieving parents and families with your bullshit hoax ****. Dunblane was all too real and I wish it had not been so but it was.

      Sandy Hook is a cancer on society because hoax’s like that make genuine massacres look unreal too, but don’t be fooled. Use your brain and eyes and ears and watch the documentaries on the subject. Unlike Adam Lanza, Thomas Hamilton the killer did exist. He had weapons, a mental problem and the opportunity. Whereas Adam Lanza was just in invented person and whole Sandy Hook thing is a disgrace to the entire nation of America who until then had higher standing in my eyes. I can’t believe they lied as they did to their own people and to the world. Adam Lanza doesn’t exist, Peter Lanza doesn’t exist. Ryan Lanza exists but he didn’t have a brother called Adam. The parents of the Sandy Hook hoax are either crisis actors or working of the Govt/FBI. There is not one proper documentary on sandy Hook, no in depth interviews, no extended family of the Lanza’s, the fake parents of the so called dead children can’t even keep their stories straight and the BBC were in on the box with their fake footage on it too. Check it out online, there the only thing true about Sandy Hook is that the place is called Sandy Hook but after that it is bullshit central and not even plausible.

  2. testing comments

    • In reading a few of the comments, it appears that there are as many TOOLS , for the Powers-That-Be, in Australia, as there are in America. It is sad to know that so many citizens, of ALL Nations, have been manipulated into a state of FEAR, so as to give up their God-given Rights to be FREE & Protect themselves from Tyrants.

  3. Unlike sandy hook this was not a hoax,maybe it was used as a template for sandy.this website used to be very informative but recently it’s just become ridiculous,making claims about everything without much proof.there still is crimes commited and nutjobs on the loose but not everything is a hoax,I’m not a sheep I know in my spirit sandy and boston were a hoax, but to suggest everything is a hoax makes me think this website is a con,trying to get people to say “look what these conspiracy theorists say”.


      • Ask andy Murray the tennis player wether it was real I’m sure he will tell you!!

        • Every Jane and Joe Doe knows Murray “survived” the Dunblane event. Like he’d be that stupid to tell u or us the truth, u know….

          • Oh dear you really are deluded,take your meds darling lol

        • Exactly Bex, it’s funny how the theorists always leave out the little detail about Andy Murray, as it doesn’t ‘fit’ their little theory. And btw I do think Sandy Hook was a hoax.

          • Has no or very little memory, also memories can be manufactured when you’re young just by parents and or or officials telling you what happened and continue with that for some time. Personally, I don’t believe this was a hoax as in never happened but it may have been staged premeditated attack for whatever agendas, banning of guns, covering up paedophile ring, etc. I don’t believe that either right now. I think people in the UK were and still are too reliant on government and rather than become government themselves and make laws, etc they would rather anyone else represent their interests, in this so called representative democracy they actually have no say in whatsoever. We know sandyhook and boston bombings have signatures of private military/security contract terror attacks. Even Intelligence agents have come out and said this now. We can’t entirely rule out Dunblane either, can we? I’ve done little research myself, I was younger back then and for the high significance of banning guns we had no debate on it, I don’t remember this happening. We have no form of democracy in the UK whatsoever. Some things never chance, it all gets worse.


          • @Reader
            Thanks for linking the article from the Guardian by Miurray’s mother which appeared since Dr K’s piece was published. Here’s the funny bit…
            Murray said she couldn’t remember the moment when she saw her sons , but “on the drive home I knew I had to stop the car to tell Jamie and Andy what had happened – they didn’t know, and it was clearly going to be everywhere.

            I would imagine that would be etched into her memory. She goes to school, into some kind of briefing room there and then what? Some time in the future her kids reappear? It’s not very satisfying, is it?

      • I studied at Stirling when the shooting happened, went to the cathedral the next day & laid flowers beside the schoolhouse on Saturday. People who pretend the massacre never happened are fruitcakes.

        • In other words, you have nothing to add. You witnessed nothing.

          • Of course not, since when it happened I was at Uni. But it definitely was not a hoax and the poepole mourning were not acting.

        • Shallow question! What should I witness if I was at Uni when that happend!!! But what about the killed children? Was that also faked? What about Joanna Ross from Bridge of Allan, for exemple? I wonder: Are you Scottish?

      • Questining the reality of the shooting is extreme insulting to all of us who have been in Bridge of Allan at that time. I still get nightmares! Shame on you.

      • I can swear to god it’s 100% real?, my UNCLE could have died and you have the cheek to say this is a lie people like you’s make me sick. why don’t you go and ask my uncle if he really got shot a few times for a hoax pretty sure that wouldn’t be aloud

      • Christine you are the bloody fake now piss off

      • No it was real I used to go to that school ……and it s real they say prayers every anniversary and have a memorial on the wall there is also a memorial of a bear in a park and the sighn on the sweatshirt is the actual school logo and the parents are not going to want to talk about there 5year old child’s bloody death are they and as always the press uses generic grieving picture no.72 so it is reallll

        And ok the truth may of been bent a bit by the press with the 4 hand guns thing but still


      • How can you question it when people lost their children you stupid fucking ****

        • Tom, I bet you make friends easily. You’re such a charmer. Nobody died at Dunblane as claimed, just like neither of the 26 people who were allegedly murdered at Sandy Hook really died, although some people who didn’t keep their mouths shut about the hoax were murdered/suicided. Now run along Tom and play with your toy soldiers.

    • How do you spell, “Ba-a-a-a-a?”

    • I agree completely Joe.

  4. @Bex – lets say I took mine, but its about time to take urs too, idiot. Truth hurts, sheeple, is it?

    • Lol!! You really are a strange little creature,I take my meds that’s why I’m on the level,you my dear are certainly not!! Run along now

  5. Thanks for the research on Dunblane. It was probably a model for Sandy Hoax.

  6. Timely. Too much disinfo is already out there and not enough footage to call fake on it, it being early internet time. We’re a bit wiser now to the real purpose of MSM coverage of any story like this.

    Interesting 2012 period comment here:
    enochered said…

    Perhaps you could clear up something for me. I have been interested in the Dunblane Massacre for some time. However I was under the impression that the Queen Victoria School was a Military Establishment. I also agreed with the notion that the children were killed to silence the abused boys. I was surprised to find that the dead children were in fact local, they included friends of Andy Murray’s family. and most of the victims were female. Where does the paedophile ring fit into this scenario? These children would surely not have been loaned out to local Masons, or abused in dormitories at night. Was the school in two sections? If so why were children from the village killed?
    12:19 pm

    John Friend was already starting to join the dots last year:

    List of pupils here

    Archived 1996 report recycled in 2013


    “Last night three of the 12 children at hospital in Stirling, Falkirk and Glasgow were on the critical list.

    The headteacher, Ronald Taylor, was described by police as a hero for the work he put in to calm the distraught pupils of the 700-strong school. He is believed to have been the first on the scene and to have called the emergency services at around 9.30am. Jack Beattie, a senior consultant paeditrician, who arrived with the medical team, said it was the worst carnage he had witnessed in his 19 years as a doctor.

    “We saw a large number of dead and injured children when we arrived in the gymnasium,” he said. “They were distributed within the room in various positions, the dead with the injured. There were a number of teachers comforting the children who were still alive and ambulance staff who had arrived at the scene before us.

    “The children were very quiet. They were in shock both because of the injuries and because of the psychological shock.”

    Steven Hopper, aged 11, was in his classroom yards from the gym, which only a little earlier had been full during morning assembly.”It was right next to my classroom,” he said. “I looked over and saw the gunman. He seemed to come out of the gymnasium and he was just firing at something.

    “He was coming towards me, so I just dived under my desk when he turned and fired at us. The firing was very fast, like someone hitting a hammer quickly. Then there was a few seconds of a pause and he started again.

    “It was pretty scary when he started firing at our classroom window because all the glass smashed in and I got hit by a piece.”

    Eloquent 11 year old…
    The witness 10 years later: [2006]

    Steven, a former pupil of Dunblane Primary who was in the classroom next door when it happened, escaped with cuts to the face,

    Dr Mick North: [Feb 2006]
    When his wife, Barbara, was just 31 she died of breast cancer. Sophie, their only child, was two and Mick was suddenly both mother and father to a little girl.

    • “and most of the victims were female. Where does the paedophile ring fit into this scenario?” A: Nowhere, of course. Hamilton was just a fruitcake going on the rampage. He was known in the area the be an outlier. No conspiracy theory here, sorry.

  7. This is a crock of horse piss. This piece has deliberately tried to confuse Dunblane Primary School with the Queen Victoria School (they are entirely different establishments). It also says that
    ” ‘He was carrying 743 rounds of ammunition; there were 700 pupils there. He was carrying enough to kill every single person in that school.’
    How in the world did that feeble, frumpy-appearing, middle-aged man pull that off: four hand guns and some 750 rounds. It is simply not believable.”
    It is true but Hamilton didn’t kill 700 pupils. He murdered 14 children and two adults.

    I know Mick and I knew his family. Lost Barbara and then Sophie.

    Dunblane might well be “used” as a template/ reference point for others bent on ill-intent of one sort or another but believe me… those children and their teacher were all murdered that day.

    Good grief.

    Maybe Canary Wharf wasn’t bombed?

    Or Hiroshima?

    Or Culloden?

    This story states that “The purpose was to purge any reasonable rights for bearing fire-arms throughout the entirety of the UK. One ultimate goal was simply to force UK residents to give up all their guns for a fee by imposing upon them new, draconian legislation.”
    We in Scotland never had the right to bear fire arms. It always required a special license. It was always the case and still is. No-one in Scotland has ever had any reasonable reason to carry a fire arm. Because we don’t go round shooting people. We have a fairly civil society.

    This is NOT Amerika!

    • Thank you Fud for your comments, I agree 100%

    • first you say “it happened…no hoax’ then you say “We don’t kill people…this is not Amerika…” So which way are you going to go?If you are going to say that this “massacre” happened then you do kill people. Quickly now, which one will you choose? And by the way, the spelling is “America”.

    • Are you quite quite mad? Do you even know the definition of an oxymoron? Clearly not.
      Your conspiracy claiming that Dunblane was a hoax and the purpose of which was to make handguns illegal in the UK, whether or not you believe this crock of horse **** written above, there is one plain and simple fact. Privately owned handguns are now illegal in the UK – and we have minimal gun crime!
      America should take a leaf out of our book, as Obama said recently regarding the Charleston shooting, “We don’t have all the facts, but we do know that, once again, innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun.

      But let’s be clear: At some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries”…. you know why? BECAUSE THEY HAVE GUN LAWS.

      This was a horrible article to read and I hope you feel ashamed of your self.

      • we had minimal gun crime before dunblane ( oh, apart from our government killing millions around the world with our brave armies)


      • What do you mean “privately owned hand guns are now illegal in the UK?” They were illegal BEFORE Dunblane. The UK Government didn’t need a phony shooting to crack down on gun ownership in the UK. Virtually no-one had a handgun in their home. Thomas Hamilton, and other gun club members, needed a special license from the police to possess a handgun. 99% of the British population don’t and never have owned a firearm.

    • Have absolutely no idea why this posted as a reply to you FUD, I 100% agree with you!!
      My Reply was directed at the scumbag who wrote this piece… Apologies for my techno-fail 🙂

  8. Many of the parents have never spoken and will not do now…..

    But Mick North does not want the world to forget. His five-year-old daughter, Sophie, was one of those killed. He wants the public to remember the horror and go on supporting tougher controls on who can and cannot have a gun

  9. This is still a crock of horse piss.
    It is hurtful too. Imagine posting a photo of a murdered child and ridiculing it. Poor wee lassie couldn’t do anything against a maniac in March 1996. Powerless to do anything against the one who wrote this.
    It is shameless and horrible.

    I think you should stop blogging if this worthless bollocks is what you come up with.

    In fact… why don’t you actually come to Scotland, come to Dunblane and shout your “theory” in the main street?

    You are too scared to do that aren’t you?

    Too fearful of a townspeople who had to deal with the unthinkable and unimaginable.

    Too fearful of those parents who were delivered grief without end on that day.

    Is the creator of this crock of **** an American by any chance?

  10. I’m always up for a good conspiracy but this is neither a conspiracy or good whatsoever. Dissecting a very real event that actually did happen and putting a poorly presented ‘story’ around why you believe it never happened and presenting it as a fact. None of your beliefs here are fact yet you somehow believe them to be and therefore present them as so for the real sheep who go along with it.

    LMAO at Linda…RESEARCH??? What research? Taking a real story, making up a ludicrous theory about it with zero actual fact is research now is it?!

    Theres a lot of crazy state sanctioned **** in his world tats covered up or has a different purpose than is first seen but your barking up the wrong tree with this and coming across as a complete nutter frankly

    Anyone who believes this to be fake shows themselves to be completely out of whack with reality. This DID happen, Dunblane is just up the road from me, my gf is from there, I know people there and it’s very much something that’s left its mark on the town and always will.

    On a side note Murray is a bellend and it annoys me people always associate the town with him primarily…but then I’m English and I find him an annoying arrogant little *****

    • Well said, I bet most of the people on here have never set foot in the UK, let alone Dunblane, yet they seem to think they’re experts on what happened.

      • Well said. Totally agree on that.

  11. Wow…John Friend link. Your going on the rambling a of a Jew hating Nazi sympathiser? Says it all about this site frankly

    • I don’t think you even read the John Friend post.

  12. Agree with fud, spout that crackpot alex jones shite in Dunblane and you will get your fucking jaw split quicker than the drop of a hat.
    Disrespectful ****!

    • I mean it is of course important to ask questions of the dubious investigation and failure to act, perhaps even cover up of Hamilton’s past but to imply the grieving families/children are Actors? Wow, wisen up dafty

  13. I was there. I saw it. It was real. I am not joking this is a disgusting website and cannot believe this theory exists.

  14. Easily the biggest load of bollocks I have read in my life

    • Sandy Hoax was a total setup. How many false flags do you have to see to know they are all staged?

  15. This is quite simply the most disgusting and offensive article I have ever seen in my life. I grew up in Dunblane and my gran stayed next door to Mick and Sophie North at the time of the shooting and trust me, it was as real as it gets. Fucking dickhead. Fake dead children. Give me a fucking break. I also attended Thomas Hamiltons sports clubs when I was younger and trust me, he wasn’t feeble in the slightest. But I guess that’s besides the point. It makes me laugh to think that you might actually believe this bullshit theory of yours. That, and you have my deepest sympathy because you’re quite clearly not well. Shame.

  16. You lost me at “Zionist-controlled media”. I was with you until then. I don’t think the problem with the media is “Zionism”, I think it is statism.

  17. looooooooooooool.

  18. now ive got that out of my system, just gotta say you people are twisted. cant belive this bullshit theory has any followers.

  19. guess some people belive any old ****

    • 7/7, the Woolwich beheading, the Leeds teacher stabbing hoax… yes, you’re right… some people will believe anything.

  20. Hi, if your article is correct, Dunblane must have the most orchestrated cast of actors in the world. I have no evidence to prove your article is correct but if you read yours thoroughly either do you. Respect the victims and maybe keep your theory private and personal as I think it is pretty hurtful, tbh.

    • Just like with all these hoaxes, we would respect the victims if we actually believed there were any.

  21. ‘My survivor’s guilt after Dunblane’: Andy Murray’s mother reveals her relief at learning her boys were alive – as another parent was told the worst


    • Interesting video of Andy M crying there – have a look, Dr K.

      • Looks like he went to the Robbie Parker ‘get into character’ acting school. He’s keeping up the charade because he has no choice. Still looks like he’s trying not to laugh.

        • Baffling, sick and quite disturbing.

  22. To the person who wrote this “theory”.
    I’m worried that you have or be developing some sort of mental illness. Do you find that you spend a lot of time feeling very angry towards things in your life and have trouble forming and maintaining relationships? You need to seek help. I realise that it is hard to accept that such awful things in life happen and that perhaps it makes things easier to delude yourself that these things do not happen and that the world is a much nicer place than that. If that is why you needed to write this page then I understand but please can you delude yourself in private.

    I can assure you that the Dunblane massacre did happen. I am a local of that town and I attended that primary school. The teachers who were shot and survived are friends with my mother, my friend’s little sister was in the next classroom at the time and saw it happen and had to take cover under a desk to avoid getting shot herself. I walked past Thomas Hamilton in the street a few months before it happened when he was posting leaflets round every house in town. I could sense the anger in him as he past by. He was real.

    Please have some respect for the people who were murdered that day and have some respect for yourself and take this blog off the internet. By saying these things you are making a fool of yourself.

    • I remember my brother bringing home a leaflet about his boys club a few years beforehand. My mum absolutely refused point blank to let him go and got in touch with the school about it

      • I still have one of his leaflets in my house somewhere. I remember him coming to my front door aswell, trying to convince my parents to let me go away on one of his “trips”. I could always tell there wasn’t something quite right about him, and I was 11 at the time. Says it all really.

        • find it and post it…would love to see it.

  23. The approximate weight of 4 handguns and 747 rounds would be about 13kg not a comfortable weight to carry over a long distance but easily doable if distributed between pockets and a holdall or backpack.

  24. Are you for real? Yes it is real. I lived 4 miles away, in a village that was also on the list written by the man who everyone’s name refuses to speak.

    This man was a vicious paedophile, who also cleverly managed to make sure there was never enough evidence to charge him. He ran boys clubs that were regulary shut down by suspicious parents. There was one in dunblane and also in nearby much smaller villages.

    I was a teenager when this happened, and this definitely happened – none of the people involved are actors, anyone in the local area can tell you.

    Are you that narrow minded and love your guns that much that you make a mockery about these peoples suffering (yes nearly 20 years on these families will still be suffering – try losing a child in a horrific incident and live your life exactly as it was before)

    Grow up!

  25. Even by the lax standards of self professed “truthers” this is lame.

    I would love to see someone travel to Dunblane and publicly deride the massacre as a hoax. They’d get their ***** ripped off and fed back to them.

  26. good one DR K never new about this 1oo% hoax!thanx for yet another hoax bites the dust……peace

  27. the blueprint for the sandy hook hoax(a testcase to see if people(sheep)buy this ****!)

  28. poor kids!!they used kids for they filthy lies,frauds,hoaxes in this case and sandy hook hoax case etc…it’s childabuse!!!!

    • You are disgusting! The only child abuser here was the man who carried out his sick revenge plan because the parents in Dunblane weren’t happy about a paedophile running a boys club! People lost their kids, if you stepped out from your darkened room once in a while and spoke to your parents who probably fund your sick sad world ask them what the most horrific thing that can happen to a parent is. Bet their answer is burying a child.

      Step away from your computer screen, you disgusting piece of acne scarred ****! I know exactly what kind of person you are – pathetic with no friends and probably a well off parent who funds your lifestyle (my guess is that you are aged 18-26) because they can’t deal with your pathetic tantrum.

      Those kids exist, their parents pain still exists, the survivors exist. Get mummy or daddy to give you the airfare over to scotland and go to dunblane. It’s easy enough. Fly to either Edinburgh or Glasgow and get the train direct. Then stop the first person you meet and ask them.

      • Well said. I and people I know witnessed the massacre first hand. I was 11 when it happened and received psychological help afterwards. Remember it like it was yesterday.

        • Prove it.

          • no answer, no added detail, no research, no insight, as with most comments here.

          • i know im coming at this a little late in time but im sitting here in tears trying to comprehend what this post is saying, my uncle was one on the children shot that day, 3 times to be exact. im from dunblane myself so i can say that not everyone is an grammy award winning actor there. I just want to make it clear that Dunblane could not be a hoax, im 15 and i have enough intelligence to understand how stupid you are, people that think this is a hoax should go through where we as the people of dunblane and families of the beautiful children that lost their life has been.
            My uncle has significant scarring that will never go away, as a constant reminder of what happened. Also can you really blame the parents and survivors for not wanting to talk about it, they have lived through it once i dont think they need to relive it to make u believe that people actually died that day. my gran suffered from great depression, my uncle wanted to kill himself because he couldnt live with the guilt of knowing his friends died and he didnt, process that for a minute, he was 5 when he thought this, fucking 5. and if that isnt desturbing your sick.

  29. You revolting excuse for a human being. How dare you sully the memory of the teacher and those innocent children. Guns are never good and I for one don’t think guns should be owned willy-nilly. You clearly should not be allowed to have any as you are as nutty as a fruitcake and obviously not a very pleasant person to be around. I pity any children you have or will have. Disgraceful attitude. You should hang your head in shame.

  30. I was sitting in a classroom watching it with my own eyes. I can tell you for a fact that it did happen. Cannot believe this article even exists it should be removed from the internet.

    • Really, put forward all the conspiracy theories you want; it’s your right. But taking issue with the picture of the dead little girl…I don’t even know how you have the conscience to do that.

  31. Anyone believing this is a hoax deserve pity. Pity their allowed to open their mouth. Pity their allowed to.reproduce their stupidity and pity their allowed to walk about spouting **** about something they know nothing about and pity their not thrown into the deepest darkest dungeon to wallow in their pity ie christinne

  32. It all sounds very plausible, and I am not disagreeing with you at all, I am saying, it has my attention, and deserves further investigation. If I were a rich journalist, I would go to the area, find out what locals have to say, find out about the families of the so called victims, and those who supposed to know them, who are they what if any connections to police or government do they have; then the picture would become considerably clearer, then the whole perspective my become far more tenable!

  33. Comment osez vous dire que c’est un canular , j’ai ete dans cette classe et j’ai survécue . et c’est la pure vérité , l’événement du 13 mars 1996 est vrai et venez pas me dire que c’est faux !!!! J’ai vu celui qui a fait ce carnage , j’ai tout vu et entendu , donc efface ce stupide article qui dit que c’est un canular et ils y avaient des personnes qui sont été blessés et tuer cette journée là !!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Unlike the (alleged) local Scottish residents who have posted above, I wasn’t there that day but neither were most of them. At least I have the integrity to say that I just don’t know. That’s a LOT more credible than the “assurances” from most of them that it was a real massacre and I could care less whose feelings are hurt by that. I remain skeptical of ALL of these events.

  35. This ‘article’ is utterly appalling. I have worked in Dunblane for a number of years and I would like you to try and claim the massacre was a hoax to the number of parents I know who have spoken to me in great detail about their loss, not to mention one young man I know who was shot in the eye by Hamilton. I have spoken to a number of 1st hand witnesses. A NUMBER. Yes I was not there on that day in March 1996, but that line of argument is akin to claiming my parents are not actually my parents because I wasn’t there when I was born and that everyone around me is deceiving me. Possible, but in terms of probabilities HIGHLY unlikely. The same level of minute uncertainty applies to every human being. This situation is the same. I am 99.9% certain the massacre in Dunblane happened as a matter of pure LOGIC (not faith). Anyone who claims otherwise sadly suffers from some form of paranoia, whether it be neurological or through substance misuse, and is quite frankly an ignorant individual! Yes the irony is, it is the conspiracists who are ignorant here, you are blinded by your own desire for scandal and controversy. Conspiracies do happen, but not on this occasion. Please find the wisdom to remove this post, it is an insult to the many colleagues and friends I know from the community, who, nearly 20 years later, still suffer on a daily basis from that awful day. Thank you for those of you who have taken the time to read this. And for anyone who claims I am also part of this conspiracy…Please F**K OFF!

    • Geoff.
      You mentionone young man I know who was shot in the eye by Hamilton

      Is this Coll Austin now aged about 24, 6 at the time?

      The same Coll Austin who was cited here, a year later, March 10 1997
      Six-year-old Coll Austin, shot four times including while he lay bleeding on the ground staring at Hamilton’s approaching boots, was hurt worst.
      Now fully recovered physically, Coll plays soccer and is back at the Dunblane Primary School. He has asked his parents for a pair of “time shoes” that would enable him to travel back in time to fetch his dead friends.
      Coll, initially not expected to survive, opened his eyes four days after surgery to tell his parents what had happened.

      Coll has lost his sight and hearing on one side. Celtic boss Tommy Burns made a secret visit to his bedside. But Coll recovered enough to lead the Scotland team at Wembley during Euro 96 [Daily Record March 13 1997]
      If I am not mistaken, that would be June 16 1996, just three months after being shot four times, and blinded.

      “wounds to the chest, foot and eye was critical but stable” [March 14 1996]

      or March 28 1996 source – Herald March 28 1996]
      A BOY who survived Thomas Hamilton’s murderous rampage at Dunblane Primary has been re-admitted to hospital for surgery after developing chest problems. Coll Austin, 6, was recovering last night.

      These are the weapons Hamilton had – [Wikipedia]
      two 9mm Browning HP pistols and two Smith & Wesson M19 .357 Magnum revolvers.

      Are we to believe that Austin was shot through the eye and ear with a bullet from one of the above, suffered no brain injury and was leading the Scotland football team onto the pitch three months later?
      There seem to be no images anywhere of his injuries.

      • So it seems you did better research than most and that several Coll Austin’s exist, seems like a hallmark signature of another orchestrated massacre when read this way, they always slip or or just get sloppy and expect most of the general public to be dumb and do zero research or read only based on emotional responses, people in the UK are so anti gun and anti freedom and anti democracy, they have to have everything control for them, by someone else of course, because they are still children.

  36. You sir are a scumbag

    • Andy, don’t you have a game of tennis to play?

  37. You are a complete fool if you honestly believe the rubbish you wrote about Dunblane. As they say in Scotland, ‘Away and bile yer heid!’

  38. The implication that the staff are actors is completely false. Ron Taylor was my head teacher at burnfoot prior to leaving for dunblane. He was an imposing figure. For him to switch from the tough guy I remember him to completey breaking down and crying on t.v. should be evidence enough of what happened. These are bullshit theories by a nutjob who wants to protect his gun rights.

    • Michael – help me here. I can only find one fuzzy photo of Ron Taylor, the hero of Dunblane, anywhere on the web.
      It’s at True Crime XL – you probably know it.

      That’s strange,isn’t it, for the hero?

      There is not even a photo here [Nov 20 1998]

      Mr Taylor had taken a year out to work in the Scottish Office as an adviser in the Government’s drive to raise standards in primary schools. At that time, the head teacher, who cradled children in his arms after the gym shootings in March 1996, had pledged to return to Dunblane to lead the school into the 21st century. But in a statement issued yesterday, Mr Taylor said he was changing career to take up a new post with Stirling Council. He added: ”Obviously it is with considerable sadness that I decided to step down from headship at Dunblane primary. ”A part of me will always be in Dunblane and I am proud to have served the Dunblane community.” Buckie-born Mr Taylor has been head teacher at Dunblane since 1993.
      After Thomas Hamilton shot dead 16 children and their teacher Gwen Mayor, he said: ”Evil visited us today.” He later told the Cullen Inquiry that the massacre was his ”worst nightmare” and he wanted to recharge his batteries. Mr Taylor said that after spending the last few months at the Scottish Office, ** he now felt he had ”more to offer in a consultative role, rather than returning to school teaching and management. The council’s director of education, Gordon Jeyes, said: ”He became a focal point for the school during its darkest days. His presence was very important.” Chair of the Dunblane school board, John O’Donnell, whose son Andrew was badly injured in the shooting, said: ”We wish Ron well in his new career. ”He served this school well and provided leadership when it was most needed.”

      **Back in February 1998 we read:
      HE head teacher at Dunblane Primary, Mr Ron Taylor, is to leave the school to take up a temporary post at the Scottish Office, it was announced yesterday. Mr Taylor will be working as an adviser, in the Government’s drive to raise standards in primary schools
      In the meantime, his deputy at Dunblane Primary, Ms Senga Awlson, will take over day-to-day command

      • well he is to appear in a documentary about the 20th anniversary so you’ll see him soon

    • The idiot who put up this website is trying to give certain people a bad name. No self-respecting conspiracy theorist believes that Dunblane was a hoax. We all know it was real. What is not real is the guy who put up this website

    • APRIL FOOLS. “Burnfoot.”

  39. oh please come and visit us poor wee ignorant plebs who have been played by our massas in wee Scotland, please, i will even pick you up from the airport and run you to Dunblane then we can all sit and have a nice wee blether over your theories, please excuse us in advance however if we become a wee tad emotional and possibly even fiesty, its just our scottish way you understand. Or alternatively, just keep courting attention by typing bullshit from behind your keyboards like the sad keyboard warriors that you are. Deluded fuckwits, youre ramblings speak way more volume about yourselves than you realise, seek help, it will make you feel bettter. Tin foil hats too tight methinks

  40. The Dunblane massacre was real. But the massacre would never have happened if that man was in jail, and he should have been in jail because there were tons of complaints made against him and the police never took any action. He was very clearly protected, and they covered it all up because he had friends in the police department and with politicians in high places (up to the Queen of England). The case investigation will be suppressed for 100 years, longer than the JFK assassination investigation. The people involved, instead of demanding answers about the perpetrator, foolishly blamed it on an inanimate object and certainly with great encouragement went out to campaign for gun control. Sandy Hook, however, is an absolute fake and they very obviously tried to copy Dunblane because Dunblane was so effective in effectuating gun control quickly.. The actors at Sandy Hook probably studied Dunblane to get pointers, but the Dunblane parents were interviewed long after the massacre and therefore their reminiscing and smiles were appropriate. The Sandy Hook parents were interviewed only a day or two after the massacre and therefore their smiles and reminisces were wholly inappropriate. None of them were angry. They had no recriminations against the school or otherwise. None of them sued for failure of security. They had no questions or recriminations for anyone and their only concern was to go out and campaign for gun control. Obama came to Sandy Hook the next day and the parents were ALL smiles, smiling in family photo ops with him.

    Clearly, the Sandy Hook actors studied the Dunblane parents’ interviews to figure out how to act themselves, but they missed their “timing.” Robby Parker yucking it up before getting to the microphone on the day after his alleged daughter was allegedly killed told the whole story.

    • Whether it happened or not isnt really the question,why it happened and who let it happen maybe but we have all been manipulated our whole lifes,the powers that rule do so with utter contempt for all of us and if were waking up to this then we need to start waking up to each other.dont just look at the ripples in ponds but be the bloody stones and make some ripples yourself.hopefully without using handguns..

  41. I had a relative that was killed at Dumblane.
    Pages like this are set up by simple people with too much time on their hands.

    We need to prove that it happened because they didn’t see photos of dead 5-year-olds, but they can ramble **** like mad people with no proof at all & then when people call them out on it they come up with the yawn-worthy “sheeple” & the like.

    I know who the sheeple are.

  42. Whoever wrote this article is mentally ill. The photo of the man hugging his child is me and my daughter. You are a sick sick person. We lost 16 children. Don’t you dare spout your evil nonsense. Get a life or see a doctor. If you wish to be brave send me your name and address and we will meet up. Somehow I don’t think you have the ***** for that. And take that photo of me and my daughter down or I shall sue your **** you pathetic piece of ****. Andy Kelly Dunblane

  43. You stupid stupid conspiracy theorist, mentalist fucktards, Dunblane was real. I know that for FACT.

  44. I agree totally,here you have a muslim Doctor Dr K who lives in the USA trying to pedal his bullshit to the rest of the world from fake zionest orchestrated shark attacks around the world ,he probabley has never set foot in Dunblane.One thing i will agree on Sandy Hook is a hoax.There are people in American law enforcement that debunk Sandy Hook.But to say that everything is a hoax then you are crossing the line or going over the top..

  45. Let’s say it was a hoax (I don’t think so, but for argument’s sake) then you are saying that the government tricked up in order to get rid of handguns. Wow! That’s the kind of government we need, prepared to go to any lengths to make the country safer to live in.

  46. I was near the school on that day. My friends girlfriend lost her son. Another person I knew son had his shoulder blown off. I seen three tiny white coffins leave the chapel outside my window on the day of the funerals. The people pictured are traumatised mothers awaiting news. So please stop this. Any small amount of research will prove this to you people so look for the truth instead of accepting the word of a mentally deranged theorist who is probably a paedophile, junkie, murderer,rapist and will be wanking while reading these posts. Thats my theory of who did this truly disturbing theory script.

    • Can you name the boy whose shoulder was blown off?

    • a small amount of research?
      like, for instance, death certificates, grave sites, autopsy reports, police forensic reports, a Coroner’s finding?
      you get any of that?
      until you have: SHUT yr fucking mouth, you gun-grabbing maggot and EFF off!
      the gov(dot)uk shills really came outta the wood-work on this one….
      TPTB mus be really getting worried now that us ‘truthers’ are on to them….
      and….to the rest of the pricks on here who made all sorts of threats and imprecations against the author of this challenging piece….EAT shite and fucking well DIE, you scum!

      • This coming from an arsehole who scammed a childrens hospital.
        Back in your box, scumbag.


      • Lower than a snake’s belly.


      • Once more for clarity, you grub.
        You’re in good company with these conspiracy theory wankers who are devoid of common human decency.
        Speaks volumes that you have no respect for children, alive or dead.



  47. Whoever created this website is a sick shitcunt who badly needs psychiatric attention or a smack in the fucking mouth. I don’t particularly care which.

  48. You sick worthless ******* go find a hole and crawl in it with your stinking right to carry guns

  49. I hid with my classmate in a cupboard while my freinds were being killed in the gym. I was there. I still get the nightmares.

    You need to get help.

  50. surely a simple bit of research online will show birth certificates, marraige certificates of parents etc. unless you have evidence these are fabricated please remember these are tiny five-year-old babies you are talking about. I have been to Dunblane cemetery where there are two semi-circles of graves. They all have the same age 5 and date of death 13th March 1996. If there really are tiny bodies there they deserve respect and peace.

    • Post some links, rosalind.
      “If…”? You don’t seem so certain.

      • Hi Felix, I was just suggesting that before posting such an article it might be good to check details such as birth certificates to see if they seem genuine. I say ‘if’ because I obviously can’t prove one way or the other. I do not have links as I have not done this research. my point was that this would cause enormous hurt if wrong and therefore it would be insulting the memories of little children if it was not a hoax. All I can say is that I have been to Dunblane several times, have seen the graves and a couple of the parents seen on the TV around the town. Thanks

        • One thought though, in December 1996 a documentary showed the photographer who took and stored this class photo. How has the entire hospitals of stirling Royal infirmary, Glasgow Yorkhill,the Murray family, the entire town of Dunblane and all towns in that area, the entire worlds news reporters, Royal family and the Midlands town that Charlotte Dunn went to persuaded to lie and keep the lie for nearly twenty years

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