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Dummies and Fake Dead Dog in Stockholm Terror Hoax

NOTE: the previous post claiming this ‘event’ is real is erroneous. Apologies to the readers and posters. Nodisinfo’s avowed aim is to avoid the spreading of disinformation.

The Zionists have put on a tremendous fake, phony show in Stockholm, Sweden, doing all that is possible to fool the world. As a result of largely censured photos showing what appear to be truck strike victims, this Website, too, was fooled. Now, that bamboozling has abated and reality has set in, thanks to a number of our posters and various investigators on the Internet.

Our investigation now proves that it is a hoax, just as been claimed by numerous others, including a number of posters on this site. The element that is seemingly realistic is the video showing people running for their lives into shops, with a fast-moving truck in pursuit. It can be seen that there really is a truck moving past, as it creates a wind that affects the clothing hanging outside. Yet, perhaps, this was a movie set where the truck was put in by CGI at a point, then, the other scene was done at a different time, all of it being melded together for public consumption.

s the Stockholm, Sweden, purported truck attack an elaborate hoax supported by CGI fabrications, along with fake dead and wounded? After all, there are no images available of the truck actually striking anyone. No one seems to be in a panic.

There are CCTV cameras abounding in such areas. Why are there no images of the truck actually striking anyone? All that is seen is the aftermath. This means that this is an elaborate hoax supported with the use of imagery of the fake dead and wounded.

Could dummies have been used? This surely appears to be the case.

One of our posters sent the following image to us, as follows;

The poster says it is a dummy. This appears to be correct:

What in the world is a mere good Samaritan doing dressing the wounds? What happened to the shoes? Regardless, if the person is wounded, why not take such a one away and let the medical services handle it?

It does look like fake blood applied about.Too, that appears to be a dummy lying there, not a real person. Whatever the good Samaritans were doing, it is of no consequence. The dressings were allowed to fall off. It looks like got trolled by someone supporting the official narrative. The initial assessment was, after all, correct.

It was a massive drill. For instance, there are large amounts of people that are seen held back, apparently to play a role in the scam.

Yet, there is a sense of realism, here, by the trailing of red matter by the tires. Also, what is that other matter on the street? How could a truck lay such a trail? It’s a kind of grease or oil, which has been laid down or which was used on the tires to map out the trail of (purported) destruction.

Where is the dog’s owner? He surely wouldn’t abandon it. Why are its feet not rushed? Why not remove it from the area of the occurrence? One Internet researcher had this to say: “I was not able to find information about Iggy’s owners, but they have asked for privacy.

The dead dog is also a prop. No one needs to feel sorry for it. The gore is meant for shock value, so no one would even consider scrutinizing it. Notice how the tail of the ‘dog’ is split off, also the existence of a leash to create realism.

Yet, upon close scrutiny this is obviously not a real lesion but is, rather, a part of a staged fake:

Regardless, who can a dog tail be ripped off without there also being significant blood? As well, it seems that the tail was an attachment to a dapper cadaver dummy dog. In fact, it looks like a velcro attachment, fixed to the fake sacral area. How cruel to fake the deaths of not only humans but also an animal.

This is supposed to be the dog that died. The dummy dog is similar in color and also has white feet.

It was clever to post a dog look-alike. Yet, no one can find an owner, grieving for the poor creature, because it’s not real and is just a dummy.

Here is a woman who was supposed to have suffered a foot run-over. How did she get her shoe off? Why would she take it off? It looks like that is fake blood applied to her foot.

Fake terror is good for Sweden, as it is a major weapons exporter, one of the biggest in the world.

It is against medical protocol to carry a wounded person in this way. If that is a fracture, it must be first stabilized. No one is allowed to do this; it could risk a potentially fatal clot or embolism.

To transport a person in such a way greatly puts the injured at risk. Medical-legally, this could be a nightmare for the EMT workers, because of there was an extension of the injury, they would be held culpable:

How dare anyone transport a person with such a kind of injury in this way.

This, then, also appears to be a dummy, not a real person. After all, there is very little blood associated with such an injury pattern. Clearly, then, this was carefully staged, with the images then released for public consumption.

What is this mass of people doing, all walled off? Were they hired for a nominal fee to participate in the hoax?

Here is a woman under a blanket. Only crisis actors are taking care of her. No one else seems to care.

It’s a hoax, fully staged. The original assessment was correct.



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  1. Exhibit 3c: The dead dog was placed there after being taken from a kosher butcher shop. Zionist freaks have a long history of slaughtering dogs and using the guts in matzoh ***** soup and on bagels.


    The average response time for a “priority 1” alarm in central Stockholm is 10.9 minutes — in this event it was 3 minutes. The first ambulance to arrive to this scene in Stockholm comprised no other than Kenneth Lavrell who also was the Medical guy who tried to keep prime minister Olof Palme alive in the ambulance on it´s way to hospital the night of the 28:th of February 1986. He was also first to arrive att the Stureplan-shootings and the Gottröra plane crash. Totally a hoax insider.

  3. Evidence posted here is not convincing. Much more likely that the truck driver was a patsy and mind controlled MK Ultra etc.

  4. So all the family’s that lost their dear ones is included in this hoax? You don’t think the school would react to this for example? So they have to cover this up?Have a fake memorial for that girl and then what? New identities? New look? Another country to hide them in?
    This is just ridiculous!
    In general I’m open for conspiracy theories but not this. I even know people that was there and saw it first hand.
    But, the purpose behind this attack is another question and the way media handles it.
    That can and should be discussed!

  5. i hope the leftfashist subhuman who thinks this is a hoax gets raped by Jihadi

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