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England’s Sandy Hook – The Dunblane Fake School Shooting Proven in Pictures

With thanks to one of our posters for the DM link.

UPDATED, Mar. 05, 2016, 10:00 EST

As demonstrated previously, here, no doubt, Dunblane is nothing other than a hoax: a mere staged gun-control fake. For instance, there can be no possibility that anyone can regard the following Dunblane-related image as legitimate:

No grieving parents who behave the way these government operatives do. The smug looks and the staged signing tells all. So does the staging with the steam-roller. No doubt, the “Tough Arms” people are nothing other than arch-psyops moles.

Apparently, the school wasn’t even in use at the time, completely derelict:


The fence post is knocked down, the framework of the exterior is breaking down; it does not appear that the school was even being used.

Notice the psyops mole that is seen moving back-and-forth in the video.


Regardless, it’s merely the Sandy Hook precursor, only this time the number of fake dead children were 16 instead of 20.

They created a similar fake in Sandy Hook. Make no mistake about it the PhotoShop and photographic moles were capable of doing it previously in 1996. No one died, and no one was injured, just as in Sandy Hoax. It’s all fake.

No one is securing the perimeter. There is no presence of actual investigative police. They are only there as part of the staging process, as demonstrated by the following screen-grab:


No one in position of authority cares about anyone’s safety. Yet, there was supposedly a gunman on the loose or at least on-site, packing four different weapons? These people are wondering about before the cameras in a massacre zone with their children, which would not be allowed in a real schoolyard massacre. No one is securing anything. The armed forces are along the side of the road versus securing the perimeter of the school.

It was fully staged to destroy the rights of individual English-people, as well as the people of Scotland, to own their own guns: and have the free right to self-defense. This was a psyops fake, and it was the Zionists and their collaborators who orchestrated it.

See what happens in the imagery. As is well established, here, it is all staged: 100% fake. First is seen people, two women, jogging towards the cameras, while the others in the background seem to be doing nothing and while the blond-haired woman looks the other way. Why aren’t the public officials assisting these purportedly grieving and shocked parents?

dunblanehoax3 dunblanehoax4

In the following screen-captures the staging becomes glaringly obvious: dramatically so. Two adult psyops moles are faking grief with what appears to be a teenager. No one is crying, even though the youth is acting as if she is. The pat on the head is also for public consumption.


Instead of emergency vehicles there are just seen in the midst of this normal ones. The crisis actors most likely simply drove directly to the site of the psyops camera-shoot. This is fake beyond belief. There is no measurement for it. It’s off the scale, as some of our UK posters well know.


Watch her back off from the fake hugging and head-patting routine, along with the man in the black suit. No one can regard this as anything other than an art, a mere arch-fake.

Not a single element of real emotion is found anywhere. There is no real shock, no grief: no horror. Moreover, where are the emergency crews to take out the mass slaughter victims, some 16 children plus one or more adults? The fact is in this fake grief imagery they are nowhere to be seen.


She acts like she is dying in grief, but nary a tear is seen. Rather, all that is seen is a furtive glance. Plus, once again, there is a child being placed in the supposed danger zone. Now that this hoax has been double proven, with the psyops moles descend upon it in legion?


She says it’s “bizarre” and that she and her friend came to check on it all. It is surely bizarre that people all about this scam are acting as if they are crying, even as if they truly are sniffling, and they are just acting it out: yes, acting. By such acting and fake grieving the entire world has been bamboozled. The massacre was a vast fraud. It is impossible to prove otherwise.

In Scotland at the time it was apparently too cold and dreary to shed fake tears. These are not professional crisis actors but, rather, mere amateurs.

That even includes the now famous elements, such as sports star Andy Murray. It was said that he was brought to tears at the thought of Dunblane in what was obviously a staged interview. Why is he faking the it, that is why is he absolutely faking a crying routine, if this was real?


The drop down to the dog technique was also a fake, a novel one rarely seen in the Boston smoke bombing hoax or in Sandy Hook. Murray should come clean and admit to the world that it is all an elaborate fraud.


It looks as if this was a gig for him to buy time to get into the act in order to feign the crying/sadness routine.

Like Sandy Hoax, the funerals were fake, too. People say this was an MI6 operation, which set up the purported pedophile killer to commit a massacre: for gun control. The gun control element is correct, but the alternative media is in error here. This was a hoax, and yes, the MI6 was involved, but so was the Mossad and other arch-Zionist elements.

There must be at least a dozen people seen who are acting as if they are crying but are producing not even the slightest degree of real tears.

It appears that the persona of Thomas Hamilton has been fully constructed for the purposes of the psyops. Look at what is obviously a photographically manipulated photo:

What in the world is that next to the man’s index finger. Why is the face of the child so purplish in color? Why do the fingers of the left hand appear to be disappearing into the image, also so dark in their tips? Why are there no shadows cast anywhere from the bodies, while the equipment is casting such shadows?


What in the world is this? The legs, combined, are virtually bigger than the torso. The legs don’t match that torso. It looks like the image was created by a boy’s torso combined with someone else’s legs. See the fact gap of the waist/shorts to the torso. 


It’s an anatomic impossibility, the leg being lateral to any possible attachment to a real torso or pelvis. This is a fabrication create by the spy services in service of the monopolistic and arch-antagonistic UK authoritative government. The purpose was clearly gun confiscation, which proved to be effective. It was a well-planned, carefully crafted psyops, with the pedophile element being included for additional psyops/hoaxing power.

The autopsy of the purported killer, Mr. Hamilton, or the corpse image or whatever, appears to be constructed by photographic psyops moles. Notice how thin is the autopsy/morgue agent and how small she is compared to the fake corpse.

Is this an actual human entity? How absolutely bizarre it is? Look at the fake mouth? It’s merely a cut-out of an original image or, perhaps, the whole face is a fake construct, seeing also the flesh-colored bar on the forehead. Some of it could be pixilation. Even so, no one can doubt that it is anomalous.


Nothing about Dunblane is real, despite the world’s vigorous protests. Moreover, no one would fake grief before the camera unless the event itself was a phony. This was a gun-control psyops, just like that arch-fake of Port Arthur, just like the attempted arch-Zionist-orchestrated Sandy Hoax fake.

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Dunblane Massacre was a Hoax



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  1. As I have said this now allows China or sone other ZioPuppet Country to Invade Australia at some future date & Conquer it within days with damned near no resistance by invading by land at 4 or 5 or more Main points. Whereas before this Hoax /PsyOp perpetrated by the Zionist Jews & Australians Traitors (who should be hanged)–If only Two million men & their families were armed with guns & rifles (as more than that were!!)— 2 million Chinese troops could never have conquered them over such a massive rugged country even with massive tanks tanks & troop carriers, etc.
    Now with Rothschild gives China & the go ahead, green light, and tells Queenie ZioPuppet to stand down & USA oblidges Autralian is ripe for Pickin’s! It will be like the Jap Rape if Nanking! 20 million Chines will be move to Australia! Australia will be renamed & mostly Chinese in Population and run by Chinese Elites & Zionist Jews! The Australians will become as low on the totem pole as the Aboriginals.

    • The lowest on the totem pole are conspiracy theorist bottom feeders.

      • Conspiracy theorist bottom feeders…you mean flat earthers?

        • You are a failed zio troll, Boobus; a deranged sunbnormal individual and a semi-deluded Idiot, GaBberg.

          That said, you envy Normal People’s life. This is a fact.

          Now go get some Information:

          In 1920, America is tired of Woodrow Wilson’s war, Globalism, high taxes, and creeping socialism. Pledging a “return to normalcy”, Warren Harding (R-OH) is elected President. An opponent of entry into the League of Nations, Harding’s victory over liberal Democrat James Cox (D-OH) and his running mate Franklin D Roosevelt, is the largest Presidential Election landslide in America’s history (60% – 34%)!
          In his inaugural address, Harding lays the smackdown upon the Wilsonian Zio-Globalists:

          “The recorded progress of our Republic, materially and spiritually, proves the wisdom of the inherited policy of noninvolvement in Old World affairs. Confident of our ability to work out our own destiny, and jealously guarding our right to do so, we seek no part in directing the destinies of the Old World. We do not mean to be entangled. We will accept no responsibility except as our own conscience and judgment in each instance may determine.
          We sense the call of the human heart for fellowship, fraternity, and cooperation. We crave friendship and harbor no hate. But America, our America, the America built on the foundation laid by the inspired fathers, can be a party to no permanent military alliance. It can enter into no political commitments, nor assume any economic obligations which will subject our decisions to any other than our own authority.”

    • So are the lowest on the US totem pole the native Americans? Hang your head in shame “Cowboy”. The blood of my people are on your sordid hands.

      • Gabriel deviant posting this time as Geronimo:

        The Native American Indians are not your people ziotrass @$$ Gabriel! And they certainly have been treated horribly & still are now kept at te bottom! The government Reservations & zionist jewish mafia robs their people horribly & keeps most them in extreme poverty while stealing all their Casino money & selling drugs like Meth, Cocaine, Crack, Licquer, Ectasy, oxycotten & other dugs!

        Geronimo on March 5, 2016 at 10:11 pm
        So are the lowest on the US totem pole the native Americans? Hang your head in shame “Cowboy”. The blood of my people are on your sordid hands.

  2. Good one, doc!

  3. I live in Glasgow not far from Dunblane and l can tell you withoout a doubt this did happen. Dunblane is a village everyone knows everyone these children died. Stick to exposing the holohoax and other jew lies and stay away from things like this.

    • Brian’s reasoning is far more sound than Rudolf’s paranoia.

  4. More Fraudulent posts & disinfo posts by zionist Jew Gabriel the troll posted under my name combined with his troll comments as Brian & shell conversations:

    Cowboy on March 5, 2016 at 9:44 pm
    The lowest on the totem pole are conspiracy theorist bottom feeders.

    Geronimo on March 5, 2016 at 10:11 pm
    So are the lowest on the US totem pole the native Americans? Hang your head in shame “Cowboy”. The blood of my people are on your sordid hands.

    Brian Lane on March 5, 2016 at 5:50 pm
    I live in Glasgow not far from Dunblane and l can tell you withoout a doubt this did happen. Dunblane is a village everyone knows everyone these children died. Stick to exposing the holohoax and other jew lies and stay away from things like this.

    Rudolf Friedrich 01 on March 5, 2016 at 6:01 pm
    You live in Glasgow———>Not in Dunblane.
    The ‘Everybody knows each other’ one, is a verse many zio ‘street-wise’ poets use to type here. (This was actually Rudulf’ real comment expose Gabriel’s false witnessing about Dunblane.)

    Do you have any Evidence you can friendly share with us?

    Cowboy on March 5, 2016 at 9:47 pm
    Brian’s reasoning is far more sound than Rudolf’s paranoia.

  5. ZioPuppet Fraudster Charlie Clydesdale Faked the Death of his supposed Daughter Victoria Elizabeth Clydesdale in the Dunlane Hoax Massacre! And this demon fraudster very apparently faked the death of another daughter “Michelle Weir” in 2009! What a filthy scumbag fraudster!

  6. Exhibit 2) Dunblane Hoax VicSim Victoria Clydesdale Found Married with Child & Living-Hiding In Australia!

    She looks very much like she did as a child 20 yrs ago before her evil father helped fake her death for some Shekels from zio Jackels! She certainly looks 26 too!

    Victoria Now, Married in Australia:

  7. Exhibit 2) Dunblane Hoax VicSim Victoria Clydesdale Found Married with Child & Living-Hiding In Australia!

    She looks very much like she did as a child 20 yrs ago before her evil father helped fake her death for some Shekels from zio Jackels! She certainly looks 26 now!

    Compare this picture of her picture at age 6 before her death was faked to Exhibit 2(a):

    Same VicSim Victoria Clydesdale alive & well 20 years later! Gone DownUnder with her loot! And yes is admitedly from UK! The demon if named her child Damien!

  8. Cowball Investigations Inc

    Do you know someone who never existed?
    Know a person who was involved in a major event and mysteriously disappeared?
    Weren’t satisfied with a funeral where there was no open casket?
    Weren’t satisfied with a funeral where there was an open casket?
    Do you know a famous person who recently ‘died’?
    Suspect your partner or loved one of being a crisis actor?


    We have more than 30 years experience with hoax/gun control reporting and for a small fee, will use state of the art desktop technology to track down your person of interest. You will be provided with a detailed report of Exhibits including comparative photographs, fully timestamped Twitter and Facebook feeds and a list of everyone with the same or similar name who currently lives in the United States.

    Cowball Investigations Inc. has a bona fide 100% success rate!*

    Call today for a special introductory offer of $199 on Maryland 410 666 777 or email [email protected]


    *Terms & Conditions: The user accepts that Cowball Inc has no recognized qualifications or experience. Cowball Investigation Inc takes no responsibility for incorrect or misleading results. No guarantee of success. User accepts that no further investigation required if your POI appears to have moved offshore. No money back. LOL!

    • Again this post is a fraudulent comment made by ziotroll, ziotrash Gabriel ge lying disinfo coward who has been reposted this zio disinfo gibberish of his over & over & has already beem allowed to repost it twice on this thread alone!

      Cowboy on March 6, 2016 at 12:44 am
      Cowball Investigations Inc

      Do you know someone who never existed?
      It goes for a couple paragraphs…..etc..etc..

      (Gabriel’s gibberish goes on for a couple paragraphs. Gabriel posts here all kinds of atracks against Dr K & the posters & disinfo posts & lies here under numerous names like Zerg, Nodisinfo Gift Stop, Nodisifo is disinfo, Ha Ha, Uninitelligent fake Aussie, WII Frequent Liar, Fake Flyer, etc, etc. This mossadomite Gabriel also makes contant posts about penises & micropenises which the deviant Gabriel is homosexually obsessed with)

    • Dunblane isn’t in England, it’s in Scotland. Perthshire.
      Only a dumb American would refer to Scotland as England. Only a dumb Yank would call hoax on Dunblane. According to you, one can pay absolutely anyone to take part in a hoax, no matter how repugnant – and they keep to the deal for the rest of their lives. No drunken confession, no deathbed confessions.
      Hundreds of witnesses in Dunblane. School staff, fellow pupils, neighbours, parents,Ambulance crews and Police are all lying? Hospital staff at Stirling Royal infirmary and fellow patients are all in one it?
      Not one person in Dunblane has once said it was a hoax in 21 years.

      In Britain we have decorum and decency. We do not publish pictures of bloody scenes or dead bodies. Even the Monarchs and Prime Ministers do not have open caskets. It’s not the done thing with adults and it certainly isn’t the done thing with murdered children.

      Yanks cannot see any world beyond their own grisly culture.

      Sadly, Dunblane was real.. Keep your nose out of matters that don’t concern you. These family members have suffered enough without your added insults. Those campaign photos were taken a considerable time after the event.

  9. Once again this website smugly mocks the murder of innocent children. Of course, none who post here actually have children – baron of body, baron of mind.

    • It doesn’t matter that Christinne is as barren as a brick. No decent man would touch that beast anyway.

    • Although that’s true Lisa, it isn’t nice to bring attention to Rudolf’s erectile dysfunction, a disgraced naturapath’s bitterness knowing no bounds, and Cowboys ineptitude with the opposite sex.

      • Gabriel aka Boba Fett, you pile of Ziotrash $h#t, No one wants to hear your ***** obsessed posts deviant, you filthy mossadomite sodomite! Not aymore than they want to see your idiotic buffoon fraudulent posts that you cowardly post under other posters’ names you cowardly little worm!

        • I want to see them. Only amusing thing about this site

        • How about focusing your energies investigating real frauds like Dr K?
          There can be no other possibility, and nobody can prove otherwise.

        • I only come here to watch sane people thrash your loony *** Cowboy. Everyone here at the club laughs at you.

    • Ex 2(c)
      None of these children were killed or Dead! Their parents & the Corrupt slime in UK government faked this treason fake Shooting PsyOp for the Zionists Psychopaths To trick the UK people into letting the Government disarm them!

      Exhibit 2 (c) Dunblane Hoax (NOT DEAD!) VicSim Victoria Clydesdale Alive & well & married at 26 yrs old now, with child now living in Australia!

      Her crooked parents got paid big money sent her off to live in Australia with family or in private school. Now she is all grpwn & commit more criminal zioScams against the Dumb, hated goyim!

      In fact it looks like she & her crooked father already faked her dead again in 2009!…As a fake half sister named Michelle Weir!

      • Can you explain Cowlick, in simple terms, the harm that gun control has done to the UK? (and please don’t bother telling me that some idiot called rudolf will come in here with his boots and take us all on).

        • Cowboy explaining in simple terms:

        • Keep an eye on Rudolf, Lloyd. He has an unhealthy sexual appetite for men in general and boys in particular. Your profile pic is printed and stuck organically to the wall of his rape dungeon already.

  10. Exhibit 3) Dunblane Hoax Shooting Massacre VicSim Joanne Ross is Found Alive & Well in far SW of England in Cornwall!

    Yes Joanne is alive & well at 27yrs admittedly on her Facebook as I quote her below! And she has a Plum Phd Research position with the European Community at a University! She looks remarkablely like she did in her little girl Crisis Actor VicSim official picture 20 years ago!

    “Marc Trevarthen: You look really young in this photo but I can’t work out why”. smile emoticon”

    February 22 at 11:50am
    Jo Ross
    Jo Ross: “Well this was taken today so…this is 27 year old me!”

    Treason &
    Selling out your countrymen & your freedoms to the zionists pays well evidently!

  11. Exhibit 3 (b) Dunblane Hoax Massacre PsyOp To Steal UK’s Gun Rights VicSim Joanne Ross Alive & Well 1000 miles Away!

    Plum position to to reward her for the treason her parents used her to commit against Scots & All UK’s people!
    She looks even more like her little girl fake victim -VicSim Picture here with blonde hair! Her father should be convicted and Hanged along with all these traitors who committed this treason! Queenie & Jacob Rothschild too! Let em’ swing at the Galleys! LMAO!

  12. Exhibit 3(c) Dunblane Hoax Massacre PsyOp VicSim Joanne Ross Found Alive & Well In Cornwall, England at Age 27!

    • Are you prepared to get a second opinion on your “forensics”?

  13. How much money was spent on Nodisinfo’s research of this article?

  14. Rudy can’t get laid.

  15. Great news for u and ur little brother!

    • Father of no one, son of his sicko mama

  16. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen/read. I think the author thinks this was in some nowhereland in the wild of Scotland with no witnesses. Of course this happened you absolute goon! You think a whole town are acting and staged a massacre in a first world country?! Get a life you freak

  17. England?? What has Dunblane to do with England? It is in Scotland, which is adjacent to England, not a part of England. Fill your head with facts, not delirious fantasies.

    • Rudolf is lacking at geography so don’t expect him to be familiar with an atlas. He believes that the Earth is flat.

        • Testimonial

          I found Rudy’s course very effective. It freed my gypsy soul and bought out my inner Nazi.

          Unfortunately, his man-part is smaller than a baked bean but his nose is longer than a lebanese cucumber and hooked at the end, so that helped a bit. Don’t be afraid to ask him to wear his mama’s boots because you can’t get enough kick from his tiny little feet. The best part of the therapy was ‘creative time’ where we explored each other’s massive cavities with his vibrating ceramic red dragon. Rudy said I did this really well.

          I highly recommend Rudolf’s workshop to Cowboy, Sheep, John and even Dr K.

  18. I had only just subscribed to this site and then fell upon this article. I have to say, the comments I’ve just read through made me feel sick. I’m all for conspiracies, but this is some sick ****, people….. children died and you mock them. Shame on all of you. This subscription lasted all of 25 minutes. I feel dirty even having visited here…

    • All wad no ****

  19. I published a report about Dunblane. When I wrote it I had no doubt about the validity of what I wrote, as I had looked through many articles which included a letter of complaint from a teacher at the school, to Court reports and along the way suggestions that it had been Lord George Robertson, whom had provided the killer with the necessary armaments. There was also many references to a Mason Lodge, The Speculative Society, of which Robertson was a member.

    At that time the tale revolved around connections between the Speculative Society and P2 Masonic Lodge in Italy of which Roberto Calvi, The Pope’s Banker, who was mysteriously hanged beneath Black Friars Bridge in London, was a member.

    The school itself, we were assured, was a Military School, The Queen Victoria School, and that young boys, the children of Serving Soldiers, were being used as sex slaves by members of the Speculative Society, the boys were obliged to wear Hunting Kilts, with no underwear during visits to the Lodge. The murders were allegedly to shut these lads up to prevent exposure of the toffs

    This was a High Society Paedophile ring which implicated even many Members of Tony Blairs Government. The Judge who carried out the inquiry into the event complained about being gagged. There was an unprecedented 100 year secrecy order placed on the verdict, allegedly to retain the outed members of Blair’s team as the Iraq war was about to kick off.

    Has all of this now been exposed as nonsense, based on a few photographs? See: P2 and the Speculative Society, http//

    • Rudolf is the result of an abusive childhood.

      • Quite obvious that there are no real females in your life, sad little man.

      • A very short story even if there was one to tell.

      • me me MEEEE!

        Will there be an opportunity to sniff your bootzz?

  20. Did the author of thi article ever been in Dunblane?
    I’ve been there many times and I worked with a parent of one of killed pupils. I’ve spoken with people involved in this tragedy and with guys who were at school that terrible day. This massacre unfortunately is a true story.

  21. You are an idiot!! As someone who lives close to Dunblane and knew some of the lost may I say you are a disgrace to humanity. We, in Scotland could manage gun control without being sick enough to think up something like this. You must have a very sick mind to think that parents would act this terrible tragedy out, it is a parents worst nightmare!

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