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Ennis Cosby was Murdered by the Israeli Mob

It can now be confirmed. The murder of Ennis Cosby was a hit-job by the arch-hedonistic, terminally corrupt Zionist mob. A direct connection to the Israeli Mossad is clear and categorical. No one can deny it. The players include both Chinese and Israeli mobsters, along with elements of the Khazarian Jewish mob of Russia. These elements are as follows:

  • Eli Zakaria (hit/execution coordinator)
  • Mikail Markhazev (actual hit-man)
  • Sara Ann Peters (execution cohort)
  • Carlos Rodriguez (assassination cover-man)
  • Christopher So (the felon who claimed the Enquirer reward, or so it is said)
  • Michael Chang (the felon who claimed the Enquirer reward, or so it is said)
  • Stephanie Crane (the fake witness in the fur coat)

Zakaria, Markhazev, Rodriguez, Crane, and Peters are all Jews. Virtually all such individuals are hardened criminals with significant criminal records. The agents were likely hired by the power ones of Hollywood itself, including the Jewish leadership of NBC or, more correctly, General Electric. Clearly, these criminal elements would tie to the highest powers in the land. This is why this could never come out in the public domain.

The Zionists were given favored status at the trial. Two of the key criminal elements, Eli Zakaria and Sara Ann Peters, were never even called to testify.

The poor man, God rest his soul, was shot dead. It was a set-up. None of the standard story lines have any basis of fact.


As a means of obfuscation wild stories were told. It was to confuse and divert, for instance:


The important issue is not what they say or claim but, rather, the nature of the perpetrators. In other words, it wasn’t just a lone gunman who happened upon Mr. Cosby. Rather, it was a concerted effort, a highly malicious one, by a number of Zionist agents working as a team, including Zakaria, Peters, and Markhasev, along with a number of other collaborators.

The Israeli connection is clear and undeniable. Zakaria, as in Zachary, fully demonstrated as a culprit, is the son of known hit-man and Israeli mobster, convicted murderer and drug dealer Joseph Zakaria:


There can be no doubt that this is the same Zakaria of arch-Israeli mobster fame. Per Internet researcher John Carter the following confirmatory archive was found:

Read the capitalized commentary, how the Israeli mafia has infiltrated police departments and, therefore, is immune from full prosecution. Regarding the ring-leader of the California-based Israeli mob, Joseph Zakaria, the following was found:


The bloodthirsty Zakaria was involved in one of the most gruesome murders conceivable yet he is only issued a conviction of second-degree murder and this, regardless, was reversed? This is the world of the Synagogue of Satan, make no mistake about it.

No one is speaking about this. Instead, the world is entrapped with the Zionist plot of false rape accusations.

Does it not sound familiar, which is to lure the victim to his/her death?

This is precisely what happened to Ennis Cosby. The criminal Zionist mobsters lured him into that dark, isolated region. The flat tire claim is a ruse. Moreover, in fact, it would appear than the Israeli mobsters were issued special favors by the Zionist-infested judiciary:


In the court of law, right before the bench, right among the police and District Attorneys, the Zionist mob can do as it wills, with its assassins, incredibly, ‘refusing’ to testify, perhaps even refusing to show up. This is true even though they are known, hardened criminals.

Arch-Zionist murder collaborator Stephanie Crane was also given special treatment:


Can anyone imagine it? She is an obvious Mossad agent. This six-times married woman to four men is treated with kit gloves. She is absolutely calm and collect, even ‘cool’, speaking without the slightest emotion after seeing a man getting shot in the head?

Regarding the gunman he, too, is directly tied to the Zionists:

For certain Russian Jew and arch-street thug Markhasev is a mobster. For him the hit was a matter of mere money. He was likely paid in the thousands for his role. Is he even really in prison? For the Zionists he would be a hero:


Does this filthy, murderous Zionist look like he is resigned to go to prison the rest of his life? No one can believe after seeing this that this was a random murder, and the story lines of it being merely a senseless crime, even a hate crime, are wretched lies. The man was murdered to send Cosby a message. It may also have been done to destroy his legacy, so that he would have no male heir. Ennis was highly educated and was pursuing his doctorate. With the inheritance he would have done much good in this world. There can be no other conclusion other than the fact that this was an assassination by the Jewish mafia.

The Chinese mob appears to be a collaborator. A part of the investigation took the police to a Chinese restaurant in Torrance. Moreover, consider what is seen, here, the purported snitch who called LAPD to collect the reward. It was a reward offered by none other than the National Enquirer:


What is So doing with an Enquirer shirt on? Moreover, where is this 100K reward that he collected?

It is a proven fact that Zakaria, Peters, and Markhasev were all there at the time of the murder or shortly thereafter. Yet, so was Crane, infamously known as the lady in the high heels and short fur coat.

No doubt, Israeli assassin Zakaria was a king-pin in this hit, with Crane being a key cover agent. This Mossad mole’s uncle, Carlos Rodriquez, ran cover for them, saying the three were “high on drugs and looking for a drug dealer to find more.” Who finds this believable? They were doing this in that highly dark, relatively off-beat area? Noted Rodriquez, “He told me he was out of it (that is out of cocaine) and they pulled over to use the phone.” According to statements Zakaria and Peters gave police, the three friends picked a phone in a park-and-ride lot just 450 feet down the road from the isolated spot where Cosby was killed. He had pulled off Interstate 405 to repair a flat tire on his father’s $137,500 Mercedes-Benz.

This is all lies. The innocent, vulnerable man was lured by the Zionists to this region in order that he could be killed without witnesses. This is the son of an Israeli hit man, after all, one who has been proven to commit the most heinous crimes conceivable. Who, then, could possibly believe it was a coincidence that he was there when Ennis Cosby was gunned down?

It is said it was a random shooting, which is an obvious fabrication. Then, it is claimed, it was an attempted robbery, even an attempted car-jacking. An attempted car-jacking it is? Then, why was the car not stolen? The value to car robbers would be vast. Regarding the claim that it was a theft, reportedly, Mr. Cosby had $1000 dollars in his possession, along with a Rolex watch. None of it was taken. All such claims are fabrications.

This was an assassination called by the Jewish powerbrokers of Hollywood. There can be no other conclusion.



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  1. If you read my earlier posts on Ennis Cosby’s murder that is exactly what I concluded & theorized. And ofcourse I also believe that Stephanie Ennis & her daughter both probably befriended Ennis & Lured Ennis to a fake breakdown of her car. ..Since when does a a Hollywood wanna’ be actress & golddigger go to help a young healthy man fix his tire or car??? Never! She’d tell him to call call a tow truck.
    And in setting him up she could never know when his car would break down. So her car was hoax broke down (perhaps her grown attractive grown daughter was with her who she’d been slowing setting Ennis up with) & Ennis was lured to come help to “helpless women” (mossad agents) fix their tire. And then he’d be kidnapped or wacked aka murdered. My guess is the zionists did not tell these demon Crane they were going to murder him but just kidnapped & ransom him. Not that she would care if he was murdered, but she likely would not want to be present for that where she (or her & her daughter) could caught & fingered for involvement in a murder or shot by accident if things went wrong.

    • You make some good points on how they could have gotten Mr. Cosby to the area through meeting him at a ‘party,’ befriending him, then, luring him. It is very plausible.

  2. Cowboy on December 11, 2014 at 8:11 pm
    Harry Crane Hollywood Writer & father of Stepahie Crane the zioScammer/zionist enemy agent.

  3. Cowboy on December 11, 2014 at 7:07 pm (On Lady in the Fur Thread nodisinfo)
    Evil Stephanie Crane wrote a zioScamming book & screenplay called “Every Trick in The Book” about conning old men to marrying you how to cheat them out of homes, money and property & jewelry by pretending to love them & getting pre-nups which actually makes them think you care but also actually it makes a quick divorce & easy money guaranteed for such a demon without having to stay married for years! lol
    I think this evil, conniving demon of a Con Artist criminal/sayanim/failed screenwriter/mossad agent zionist Jew Stephanie Crane (& likely daughter of same name) may have come up with & helped orchestrate the entire conspiracy to murder Ennis Cosby for the zionists/ psychopath mafia. It may have been a plan to kidnap him and extort millions from Cosby approved by the zionists and Ennis resisted getting in the car so they shot him, maybe because he realized that Stephanie (and likely) her daughter were in on it as her gang/cell tried to force him into a car. Maybe it was her who after befriending him or her daughter befriending him after stalking him and accidently on purpose meeting him and befriending him…who Had her or her daughter’s car hoax break down on route to see him. And she called him to come help fix the tire. Planning on murdering him or having him kidnapped for blackmail/extortion… & Either way she’d be getting credit & fame as an innocent (false) witness who was trying to help him fix the tire. It could even be the zionists above her told her it would just be kidnapping but told told the mossad slime assassins Markhasev & others just to kill him. Not that Crane would care if he was murdered being a psychopath but would not want to risk being present or her daughter. The whole thing about her having a daughter of he same name is in no news story but something I have discovered on FB & id searches. Which I will show.

    • Good addition.

  4. Mikail Markhasev is one happy little zionist Jew Mossad agent assasin at his trial as he is convicted. Willing to take the fall alone. Knowing he will not really serve hard time & knowing full will be heavily rewarded & be given more mossad hit jobs to commit. & Get out of Jail free cards. See the picture at the link.
    Jurors find Defendant Guilty in Ennis Cosby Murder Case 7/8/98
    (July 8, 1998 Amarillo Globe )
    SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) – A young man with a history of gang affiliations was found guilty Tuesday in the slaying of Bill Cosby’s only son, Ennis, as he changed a flat tire on a dark and lonely road last year.
    Several members of the Cosby family, including two of the victim’s sisters, Erika and Erinn, wept and hugged as the verdicts were read. The entertainer and his wife were not in the courtroom.
    Mikail Markhasev, a 19-year-old Ukrainian immigrant, also was convicted of attempting to rob Cosby and using a firearm in the commission of attempted robbery.
    The jury’s finding on all counts automatically mandates a life prison term with no possibility of parole. Formal sentencing was scheduled for Aug. 11.
    “The Cosby family is satisfied with the judicial process that has led to this conviction,” Cosby spokesman David Brokaw said. “They have no comment on the sentencing.”
    Prosecutors had opted not to seek the death penalty, but they did not give a reason. The defendant’s age was believed to be a major consideration.
    Included in the family group in court was Phil Caputo, the man who played basketball with Ennis Cosby hours before he was killed. Caputo had tears in his eyes as he heard the word “guilty.”
    The family of Markhasev never made it to the courtroom in time to hear the verdicts. Markhasev stood stonefaced, staring at the jury as the verdicts were read.
    Defense attorney Henry Hall said of his client’s reaction to the life sentence: “He’s 19 years old, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how he feels about that,” Hall said.
    He blamed the media rather than the celebrity of the Cosby family for the conviction.
    Cosby, 27, a vacationing graduate student from Columbia University, was fatally shot Jan. 16, 1997, while changing a flat tire on a dark road near Bel-Air. Markhasev was arrested nearly two months later.
    The victim was a child of privilege who overcame the adversity of learning problems and was on the brink of receiving his master’s degree in special education.
    His father, eloquent in his grief, summed up his loss simply after the shooting: “He was my hero.”
    Ennis Cosby was shot on his way to meet a new acquaintance, Stephanie Crane, who would testify that Cosby called and said he had a flat. She offered to help, drove to his location and used her car’s headlights to illuminate his mother’s Mercedes-Benz while he changed the tire.
    Nearby, three people had stopped their car near a public telephone, the prosecutor said; one of them was Markhasev, who had served time in a juvenile correctional facility.
    Crane remembered only that she was sitting in her Jaguar when a young man approached.
    “All of a sudden a man’s face appeared in my window,” she testified. “He said, ‘Open your door or I’ll shoot.’ ”
    The witness said she pulled forward, thinking that if she shined her car’s lights on the man he would be scared away.
    “When I turned around I couldn’t see Ennis. I started screaming, ‘Ennis! Ennis!’ . . . Then I saw this person in the distance running. I looked down and I saw Ennis on the ground.”
    Who was the man who ran away? Crane couldn’t tell. She failed to pick Markhasev out of a police lineup.
    Crane was the prosecution’s only eyewitness.
    The jury, which heard testimony during the two-week trial, spent less than six hours talking over the case before accepting the prosecution’s argument that Markhasev had been convicted by his own words.
    “The whole thing was open and shut, or at least close to that. The evidence was there loud and clear,” said juror Joseph Burnett Vagner, 78.
    Does this clown young clown & killer look like he just was convicted for murder and like he really thinks he is going for life without parole?? Hell no! He is smirking in his suit like he just got off easy on a shoplifting charge or a speeding ticket! This shows he knows he is not really going to prison at all!

    • This is the link I forgot to post to the story & the picture of this zionist mossad agent smirking upon conviction. Forget the lying spin that he was stone faced as this story tells lyingly! Bull$hit! He is a smirking little demon! He knows he won,’t actually go to prison for this zionist/mossad operation! Otherwise he’d have nothing to smile about at that moment of conviction. No young man wants to do life in prison.

  5. This is the supposed death of
    of Mossad agent & zioScammer Stephanie Hirsh aka Stephanie Crane’s elderly Russian zionist Jew Husband Alex Hirsh who she married atleast twice. Amd this is how she got here lavish, expensive home in super wealthy Sherman Oaks, which she never apparently had to sell at all! Just another media lie!!! Anyway Indentity searches seem to show the old gezzer is still alive. However that could mean she is just still zioscamming & collecting his pensions & holoco$t/holohoax checks under some of his alias identities & SS numbers. As most of these zionists & sayanims have. Maybe she remarried him in 2000 & then poisoned after she got all his wealth signed over to her??? She has been married to atleast 5 other men. But I’d guess likely many more under different aliases & probably most have died of strokes & heart attacks & “accidents”. A real zio Witch black widow from hell!
    March 23, 2000
    Alex B. Hirsh; Founder of Jewelry Chain
    Alex B. Hirsh, 85, founder of a chain of Northern California jewelry stores. Hirsh emigrated from Russia to the United States with his family when he was 2. His father, Abraham Hirsh, started a small watch repair shop. When Alex took over the shop, he expanded it into A. Hirsh & Son Jewelers, with stores in San Jose and Santa Clara. Hirsh, who maintained homes in San Jose and Los Angeles, sold the chain and retired in the late 1980s. A world traveler, he was a collector of Rolls-Royces and Asian art. After his retirement, Hirsh married screenwriter Stephanie Crane, who was a key witness at the murder trial of Mikail Markhasev, the killer of Bill Cosby’s son, Ennis. Crane is also the aunt of actresses Melissa and Sara Gilbert. On Tuesday in Los Angeles of cancer.

    • Good find

  6. I dont believe that he is dead, because I have seen too many psyops and picause of the smiling photos of both (of the alleged victim and of the alleged murderer). Would the media show a smiling murderer, if the case would be real? It would be not their style/pattern.
    If you want to see some psyop-examples of the last 3 months, than visit my google+-site. Then you recognize that there are indications that such incidents could be staged psyops maybe. In this case to programme the so-called “white guilt”.
    Btw, I deny the white guilt because we are all mixed/ brown (there is no white and black) and even if there was one, then I would oppose it, because I am against collective punishment.

    • Cosby is the target of destruction for the zionists. Everyone “involved” is not in on everything they do. They do, in fact, do real murders & assasinate real people. The zionists jews (as communist, anarchist, bolsheviks, marxists, etc) did mass murder & assasinate many, many real people & did do many terror attacks, bombings, firebombings, mass arson attacks, false flags, provacateured revolts, etc., in Russia before 1917 to achieve gun confiscation & overthrow of a civilized Christian government. They have no aversion to murdering innocent people at all. They love it in fact, but also they are cowards since they are taught from birth that they are chosen & superior racially, genetically & spiritually to others (others are merely animals on two legs to better serve them says their Babylon evil book) so they don’t like risking their own lives unless the enemy is defenseless, disarmed & powerless. Anyway once the Russian government was broke financially from zionist orchestrated & wars with Japan (Financed by Rothschild & the zionist Banksters) & provacateured & communist terror at home (financed Kohn & Loeb & Schiff & Morgan & Rothschild, etc.,) Then the real full scale terror & mass began. And yes, many fake shootings & “revolts” & exaggerated ones were staged as well by the zionist Jewish media in Russia. But once the government ceded power & disarmed & the zionists/communists brought the most advanced rifles & weapons from USA & Germany & Europe took over then, people were barbarically murdered by the tens of millions. This is what they will do & do intend to do in America if they get the chance, if all these mass shootings & PsyOps succeed. And right now they are gradually succeeding.
      You greatly underestimate the wickedness of the enemy, mankind’s only real enemy.

      • Usually all key-persons in a psyop are actors and not “nonbelievers” / innocent independent (= not 100%-trustworthy) persons, because it is too risky too conduct psyops with the latter ones who could sing / talk, sabotage the psyops.

        • Correct. They never know what exactly an independent, non sayanim, non actor, non change agent/ facilitator/spook or ziopuppet might say. Even an uninvolved relative who really believes it is real & would show real emotions thinking his relative is dead can’t be used because he may not give proper PsyOp Line/ lies like supporting the Gun Confiscation agenda & script. Also he could find out & that could be a far greater threat than an unrelated truther with no personal stake & emotions.

  7. The Zionists arranged for Markhav’s defense to throw the case & so did the Zionist Jewish prosecutor Ingalls also throw the case, so the other zioMafia/Mossad hit team members would not be implicated, questioned, investigated or charged for murdering Cosby, obviously!
    Refusal by Witness Hinders Cosby Case
    Trial: Eli Zakaria was not called to testify because he would have invoked the 5th Amendment, prosecutor says.
    June 30, 1998
    The 5th Amendment, which says people cannot be forced to provide information that will get them in trouble with the law, has taken its toll on the prosecution’s case against Mikail Markhasev, the man accused of killing Bill Cosby’s son last year.
    Deputy Dist. Atty. Anne Ingalls revealed in court Monday that Eli Zakaria, who was with Markhasev when 27-year-old Ennis Cosby was killed, was going to refuse to testify for fear he might incriminate himself.
    The defense has said it will argue that Zakaria, not Markhasev, killed Cosby.
    Ingalls shocked the defense Friday when she abruptly rested her case without calling Zakaria or his girlfriend, Sara Ann Peters, both of whom were with Markhasev on the night of the killing.
    The prosecutor did not explain Friday why she did not call Zakaria and Peters to testify, but there was widespread speculation that she feared their past criminal records and pending criminal charges in an unrelated case made them too vulnerable to cross-examination by Markhasev’s lawyers.
    (See rest of LA Times story)
    Any moron knows a good prosecutor would want to have other conspirators implicate themselves & each other under cross examination.

  8. i always that Ennis was some sort of “blood sacriice” ritual., thanks for giving me a different view of the murder,.

  9. HS Hoax Terrorist Kills 4 Marines In Chattanooga TN
    Eeevile Mossadlims Attack!!! In Double Fake, Double Attack on Marine Recruiting Storefront & Naval Reserve Center. Total Zionist Hate The Muslim Boogeyman Hoax PsyOp by Enemy of USA zionist Homoland Security aka DHS!
    Some of the ridiculous zioHollywood Screenplay of this Hoax PsyOp:
    “Witnesses saw Abdulazeez spray a hail of bullets at the glass doors of a military recruiting center in a strip mall. Then the gunman, who according to a law enforcement official was driving in a rented silver Ford Mustang convertible, moved on to his next target more than seven miles away: a Naval reserve center. There, he rammed into a gate at some point during his shooting rampage and was eventually killed by police,” a U.S. official said.

    “Now, with the FBI in the lead, a terrorism task force is investigating, a law enforcement source said.”

    Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez was carrying 30-round magazines when he opened fire, according to a source briefed by law enforcement. Abdulazeez kept police at bay for some time with the amount of ammunition he had, according to the source.
    ***And ofcourse the crisis actor automatically self destructed after his hoax murder mission was completed! :
    “Suspected shooter Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, 24, is dead, the FBI said. But — publicly, at least — investigators haven’t said much more about him.”

  10. Any pictures of Zakaria, Peters, and Chang? Would really like to know what these scum look like.

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