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Eyewitnesses Prove Jacksonville Florida Shooting is a Terminally Corrupt DHS Orchestrated Hoax

Make no mistake this supposed shooting in Jacksonville, Florida, is a hoax, just like all the others. Of course, it was a lone wolf white male. And of course, as is a signature of these frauds, he is dead at the scene.

To determine the extent of the scam all a person has to do is listen to the eyewitnesses. Clearly, there is no adrenaline running here. It’s all so unemotional, so absolutely canned and staged. Anyone can realize this, and there can be no doubt.

What does anyone expect? It’s a devilish setting; gaming and gambling – a fake and contrived setting, as phony and inane as it can get.

Image result for jacksonville; florida; shooting; madden; gaming; images; injured; wounded

Watch her, listen to her: “He said he seen the lights of the gun or something.” Really, this is how you describe a mass shooting where blood is splattered about and where people are slaughtered before your eyes?

Why don’t they talk to the original person? Why use her as witness material to gain what amounts to nothing other than hearsay?

The female false witness even had the audacity to say there were children there and that they or others were “trampled.” Specifically, she said she was told there were “a lot of kids that were tampled on.” What were kids doing at the gaing bar? It gets more ludicrous at every further DHS-sponsored, pro-Israeli gun control hoax.

Now, as is also the standard, “Police say there are multiple fatalities.” The female witness seemed to well coached about one element, which is that typical hoax-style numerology element, that her source said “11 people were injured and four are dead.” This, like all her other statements, is a lie. No one died, and no one was injured.

She added, “…there were two shooters. And they think they committed suicide.” If so, where is the evidence for this? That, too, is a fabrication. Let anyone demonstrate otherwise, which, by the way, will be impossible.

Then comes the other supposed witness, R. Alaman, who says he is “still shocked and can hardly talk.” This ‘witness’ says there were “two gunmen” and that these individuals went to the back and just shooting “everyone and everyone was just running.” But, of course, he hid in the toilet, where he claims he heard “at least 20 gunshots.”

When asked, he, too, said there were “two” gunmen,” who supposedly walked into the gaming bar. “Everyone was just dropping…” With all that shooting there should be a legitimate crime scene. It would take days to document and investigate this. HAZMAT would be called in; the detectives would have their work cut out for them.

Yet, the police say there was only one gunman. What a poorly constructed hoax this was. The witnesses immediately give this away with their contrived, emotion-free story lines.

“Everyone was just running around; it was just scattered.” None of this makes any sense.

That this is a Zionist-inspired gun control hoax is obvious for anyone to realize. See the nature of the fake shooter; a Jewish player was selected, that is David Katz. Per Fox News:

David Katz, 24, of Baltimore, was believed to have fired shots during the event at the Chicago Pizza restaurant and bar in The Jacksonville Landing, Sheriff Mike Williams said at a news conference. Williams did not speak about a possible motive.

(Apparently, then, he blew his brains out; no one finds this plausible, yet, once again, this is the scheme that is perpetrated, as this eliminates any further trail or investigation)

Katz died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after he shot multiple people, police said. In addition to the dead, 11 other people were injured — nine of them with gunshot wounds.


You can see it, too, in the militia, the helmeted and armed men, who walk about doing nothing other than offering camera-shoots for mass consumption. On YouTube has been banned. See how the people react. They react to the videos as if the shooting is real, fully bamboozled, never achieving even the slightest degree of independent thinking.

So, where are the images that support this of actual injured people, even of the dead and dying? All there is for evidence are a litany of GoMeFunds? A world full of cellphones and no one has uploaded any imagery or video proof? That alone is hard proof of the nature of this as merely yet another non-event, like Las Vegas, Orlando, the Boston Smoke Bombing Hoax, Sandy Hoax, and countless others.


New video is added, as follows:



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  5. Dear Dr Kaasem Khaleel,

    Thank you for the opportunity to provide three psychiatric evaluations. From studying the comments section on your website, it is with some urgency that I present the following preliminary finding:

    Assessment – Rudolf Friedrich

    The subject while relatively consistent in his Nazi conspiracy ideation considers himself a victim of conspiracies in his own life.

    Most likely of Northern Italian origin, throughout his life he has borne the shame of the World War II defeat, which has been imposed upon him by the world at large and reflected in his limited education. This has provided him with a primary interest in Nazism. His other interests include motor racing and firearms but I do not see this individual as having the stability in profile of one who has been accepted into the armed services.

    Pathological conspiracy ideation is associated with lower levels of intelligence and a lack of sociability and this subject has never been sociable. During adolescence he developed a monological belief system, in which conspiracy ideation was able to develop seemingly unimpeded.

    In the subject’s early years, he may have tortured small animals and in secondary school was undoubtedly a bully of smaller children. These traits were probably the product of family abuse, most likely sexual – possibly by the father although it is quite likely also, an older brother, seeking domination of his younger sibling in a demonstrably dysfunctional family.

    The mother was a domineering personality and the subject paradoxically, not only adopted this trait but developed a pathological hatred of women as a result. These experiences have contributed to the subject’s obsession with homo eroticism which is mostly born from the continual denial of his own homosexuality.

    The subject also exhibits neurotic and paranoid behaviours. He has a distinct lack of conscience but unlike many psychopaths is not in the least charming. However he does exhibit untruthfulness and insincerity, lack of remorse and shame, antisocial behavior without apparent compunction, poor judgement and failure to learn from experience, pathological egocentricity and incapacity to love, general poverty in major affective reactions, a complete lack of insight and ability to perceive himself in the same way that others do.

    I write this urgent preliminary report as a warning to you Dr Khaleel. This individual is dangerous and should be avoided in any way possible.

    The additional reports you requested on Christine Radu and “Cowboy” are pending but I feel compelled to transmit this analysis of such a treacherous psychopath immediately.


    Are you serious?
    Are you serious?

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  9. Rudulf, listen things about the moon landing never made sense to me like the crappy Footage yet I never really researched it. Like the tiny Capsule leaving the moon & flying back to earth. The extreme heat & cold of the moon. How the large car fit into the tiny capsule with the men. I mean actually I did read all my encyclopedias A THRU Z: Childcraft, Collier, Encyclopaedia Brittanic, Encyclopedia Americana & library book but it never gave me any answer. Yet I never really researched it. Even trips to the Smithsonian as a kid were useless! But later I found out it was a hoax thru the net & thru accidentally leading Jim Collier (a NYC Jew who also told my the zionists were psychopaths) on an a research of NASA FRAUD Amazing Adventure of a lifetime by introducing him to Bill Cooper at a Militia Gun Rally in Lansing Michigan. I tolx both of them to go to that Rally & pestered the Orgaizer to have them as Speakers. Collier about Computerized Vote Fraud. Cooper about the NWO.
    Anyway my point is I should have picked up the ball & really researched NASA & space travel & Space & the ridiculousness of the of the Sun being 93 million miles away. How could you see thru all that black & obsticles that far away???
    Also the biggest thing that showed me that supposed science was BS was that all my Encyclopedias liseted completely different ages of dinosaurs & other Animals supposed existances and extinctions & prehistoric ages. And the crazy school books listed yet more completely contradictory time frames!! lol Like for example one would say the same supposed dinosaur existed 7.5 billion years aho and another might say 80 milion years ago! lmao! And at the Smithsonian in DC the Curator admitted to me the a giant Dinosaur I forget it was a T- Rex or Bronchiasaurus contained on like two bones & some teeth & the rest of the bones were theorized or calulated from this couple bones & a few teeth! It always seemed complete BS & impossible to determine what the hell an animal lokked like from that kind of Crappy non scientific theorizing! But they determine all the dinosaurs just like that except some large lizards & Woolly Mammaths! But we still have Komoto Dragons & Elephants & the have no wool from the hoax Wooly mammoths! ‘Cause they are ELEPHANTS! LOL.
    Finally my point truth is truth regardless of atracks & trolls & being made fun of, hated scorned or ridiculed!
    No excuses Rudulf Research the Flat Earth now!!! It’s amazingly exciting once you start! It just keeps proving it self they more you look at the facts. You can try to disprove it all but you can’t! Not by what you think you know now about it but what you will start discovering!
    It’s like discovering a thousand Sandy Hook Hoaxes at once! And people from every walk of life are finding it impossible to disprove & becoming flat earthers as most people 500 years ago. And as a third to half scientists & the engineers & architects still were in 1848! Architects & engineers never account for any curvature of the earth! Not Even Railroad, highway or Bridge engineers. They simple build & engineer the bridges & Railroads according to they lay of the land and deepth water if footings required and all the obsticles in their way like hills & Mountain. I just ask an old retired Bridge & Highways engineer/builder recently if he ever accounted for curvature & he said no he never heard of doing such a thing! See all these guys are never taught to account for curvature so they never even think about it really. When I showed him tge accepted formula for curvature ofbthe earth he said that was crazy. He said that was impossible the earth must be bigger than that…See they always assume the earth must be so big that the curvature never comes into play but it does. We all assume it is to account for our own experience of never observing curvature. And by rationalizing we are seeing the curvature when traveling over hills, dips, valleys & mountains. But–The curvature rapidly comes into play. The next time I saw him he said he was looking for me for days because it was driving him crazy for a couple weeks wanting to have somebody to talk to about it! He said the earth has to be flat & it only took him two days on the internet & doing research to be completely convinced the curvature was completely impossible with all his experience in light of the formula of earth’s increasing curvature per each mile.
    If Pilots & Engineers can be completely oblivious to this their entire lives there is no wonder everyday people are! And pilots & Engineers are never taught anything about accounting for curvature or they would either screw everything up dangerously or they’d soon figure out there is no curvature at all! If you tried to adjust for curvature building a highway you’d soon being digging dozens miles into the ground over a few hundred miles! And you would not do that insanity so you would figure it there is no curvature of the earth ever! ..except hills, valleys & moutains & such. The road from South Florida to Key West is a bunch of Bridges atleast 150 miles– Across the Ocean! Yet there is no Curvature a flat level plane of Ocean! Except for places for boats to cross under & such! They built it level with no accounting for the non-existant curvature!

  10. Conspiracy theory guide

    1. Initiated on the basis of limited, partial or circumstantial evidence;
    Conceived in reaction to media reports and images, as opposed to, for example, thorough knowledge of the relevant forensic evidence.

    2. Addresses an event or process that has broad historical or emotional impact;
    Seeks to interpret a phenomenon which has near-universal interest and emotional significance, a story that may thus be of some compelling interest to a wide audience.

    3. Reduces morally complex social phenomena to simple, immoral actions;
    Impersonal, institutional processes, especially errors and oversights, interpreted as malign, consciously intended and designed by immoral individuals.

    4. Personifies complex social phenomena as powerful individual conspirators;
    Related to (3) but distinct from it, deduces the existence of powerful individual conspirators from the ‘impossibility’ that a chain of events lacked direction by a person.

    5. Allots superhuman talents or resources to conspirators;
    May require conspirators to possess unique discipline, unrepentant resolve, advanced or unknown technology, uncommon psychological insight, historical foresight, unlimited resources, etc.

    6. Key steps in argument rely on inductive, not deductive reasoning;
    Inductive steps are mistaken to bear as much confidence as deductive ones.

    Appeals to ‘common sense’;
    Common sense steps substitute for the more robust, academically respectable methodologies available for investigating sociological and scientific phenomena.

    7. Exhibits well-established logical and methodological fallacies;
    Formal and informal logical fallacies are readily identifiable among the key steps of the argument.

    8. Is produced and circulated by ‘outsiders’, often anonymous, and generally lacking peer review;
    Story originates with a person who lacks any insider contact or knowledge, and enjoys popularity among persons who lack critical (especially technical) knowledge.

    9. Is upheld by persons with demonstrably false conceptions of relevant science;
    At least some of the story’s believers believe it on the basis of a mistaken grasp of elementary scientific facts.

    10. Enjoys zero credibility in expert communities;
    Academics and professionals tend to ignore the story, treating it as too frivolous to invest their time and risk their personal authority in disproving.

    11. Rebuttals provided by experts are ignored or accommodated through elaborate new twists in the narrative;
    When experts do respond to the story with critical new evidence, the conspiracy is elaborated (sometimes to a spectacular degree) to discount the new evidence, often incorporating the rebuttal as a part of the conspiracy.’

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  13. LMAO! Rudolf’s fractured english reads like a dog mouthing words with peanut butter stuck to the roof of its mouth.

    How is that dog of yours doing Rudolf? It appears traumatized.

  14. Wisconsin Fake Paradigm Shooting Fake Staged Photo Op Of Machine Gun Weiding Cop Hugging Fat
    Hoax Hugger Griever Proves The Hoax!!

    It’s a Virtual twin Shooting of The Aberdeen Maryland Shooting Minus the Fake Black Tranny Eye for An Eye RaceWar Shooter! Sorry All my research posts of that fake Maryland shooting were deleted (to make room apparently for more Fake & perverted Disinfo posts) by ziotrash jew troll & Fraudster Gabriel who again after the real posts were deleted he has filled it with perverted faggotry & racist & disinfo posts even fraudulently under real posters names again!,2745,x377,y0&width=512&height=384

  15. Ex2) Wisconsin Paradigm Software Fake Shooting Ridiculous Stage PhotoOp Proves The PsyOp! Look at two buffoon fakey cops pointing their AR-15 Rifles at Nothing Amongst all these other mostly SWAT-ish cops in every uniform imaginable like it’s a COP fashion show! & Look at the directwhore of this comedy Shooting in the SWAT amoured vehicle in his pink shirt!–2017-03-30-IMG-WDH-shooting-inciden-3-1-8RHT84GK-L1002736179-IMG-WDH-shooting-inciden-3-1-8RHT84GK.jpg?width=3200&height=1680&fit=crop

    Only a lying ziotrashfag disinfo buffoon & fraudster troll like Gabriel would try to claim this was a real shooting after seeing these ridiculous pictures!

  16. I saw the pictures and this was a real shooting. Who can prove otherwise?

  17. Gaybriel is getting truly desperate.
    Son..? What are those evul nazis doing to you?

    You cannot even speak english. Don’t adventure yourself in unknown, dangerous spots, Miss Spencer 🙂

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  18. Gaybee…?


    —————> :))

  19. Good stuff, Cowboy.

    I am reposting it

  20. Cool boy, good naZZi & clear Professor Rud is disedjewcating Gabriel, the universally known TPP ( TRANS PACIFIC PERV)…:)

  21. Howard Stern Lookalike Hideous Jewess Mossad Agent Liar Andrea Constand & Her Lawyer demand 5 to10 years in prison for Bill Cosby!

    Next Step Is For these evil zionists/ Jewish supremacists to be extracting all of Bill Cosby’s wealth! They want him destroyed & broke & disgraced forever!

  22. Hideous Howard Stern Looking Butt-Ugly Lying Mossad Agent Ziotrash jew Andrea Constand!

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  23. Ex4) Constandly Ugly!!! How can two unrelated ziotrash jews be this identically ugly??? Jewish Supremacist Howard Stern & Mossad Agent Andrea Constand!!!

  24. Ex5b) Evidently Andrea Constand & her evil fellow jew twin Howard Stern both like dating blonde Goyim women!

    Ziopig Howard Stern & his young goyim girlfriend:

  25. Jewish Lightening Strikes & Burns Ziotrash Fraudster’s Jeep Wrangler to the ground on Oregon Wilderness! Listen to this creepy Khazer snicker @ 1:14 sec mark! Revealing he staged the whole rediculous event! What a Fraudster, Liar Scumbag & Douchebag! I hope he goes to prison for arson & fraud if he turns this over to insurance!

    This is so ridiculous! He obviously set this fire & kept resetting new fires to burn it so thoroughly! He managed to burn all four tires even! What is keep the bright flames going under the hood long after all fuel is obviously gone & the entire body is burned to a crisp??? Obviously he has keep adding fuel to the fire(s)! Such a rotten fraudster & pathological liar!

  26. Russia maybe moving in more advanced air defence missile systems into Syria after the Shooting down of its plane: The Zionist strategy has backfired.

  27. E=mc2 is a meaningless statement in physics that purports to relate light to matter. In fact, no theory has successfully unified the laws governing mass (i.e., gravity) with the laws governing light (i.e., electromagnetism). Simply put, E=mc2 is liberal claptrap.

    Biblical Scientific Foreknowledge predicts that a unified theory of all the laws of physics are impossible, because light and matter were created at different times, in different ways, as described in the Book of Genesis.

  28. Rudolf is a gross jew and is banned.

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