**Breaking News** — 10 October 2016
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Fake Baby Corpse Detected in South Carolina Shooting Hoax

What in the world is this entity seen in the Townville, South Carolina, school shooting hoax? It isn’t real, whatever it is. In other words, it’s not a real human of any kind.

Image result for jacob hall; funeral; images

Notice the wide cheeks. Those are the cheeks of a baby, not a six year-old:

Image result for image; baby; child; dummy; dapper cadaver; photo

Whatever the entity is, it does not appear to have a neck, unlike the actual imagery provided for the purported (fake) victim:


They are not the same. Anyone can see that. Whether the head was put in by PhotoShop or is merely a fake head of a dummy is irrelevant. This is a Mossad/CIA operation. See the demonic cartoon imagery on the pillow: more ‘shuck’ and awe for the gullible, vulnerable masses.


One again, how are they the same? Notice the nose. It’s an artifact. It is likely that this is not even a dummy but is, rather, merely a PhotoShop addition to the picture.

townvilledummyImage result for funeral; townville; south carolina; images


The image on the left is clearly that of a mere dummy. The dummy appears to have false teeth. It was a cheap attempt at yet another Sandy Hook-style hoax:

Image result for funeral; townville; south carolina; images

They are all filled with smirks and smiles, while the caption reads: “Mourners dressed as superheroes wait outside at Oakdale Baptist church for the funeral of six year-old Jacob Hall.”

See the requests of an anonymous fabricator on behalf of Rodger Hall. Notice how he asks people to donate, so that the parents can “be with their son.” Where in the world is that son, now? He certainly isn’t dead:

As most of yall have heard, Townville Elementary School had a shooting and one of the casualties was this sweet lil boy, Jacob.  I am a friend of his parents and know the sweet lil fella.  I’m starting this GoFund me to help with them due to the fact that Rodger and renae will need to be with him as much as possible which means they will have to miss work.  Any donation is helpful so that they can be with their baby and not have to worry about bills piling up on them.  Thank you for your donation and and PLEASE pray for this sweet little boy and his parents and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate whatever you have to spare (5,10,20…ANYTHING, SO THEY CAN BE WITH THEIR SON!!!)

If you would like to mail gifts of any kind the address is as follows:

Rodger Hall
323 Hickory Ridge Rd.
Townville, sc 29689

NOTE: those who have donated or sent gifts to these arch-fraudsters should demand return of any gifts and refunds of all money donated.

Can’t anyone read between the lines to see that this is nothing other than a scam, a mere fake: a fraud and deception to the extreme? It’s no matter. The psyops runs deep on this hoax, very deep:

Image result for funeral; townville; south carolina; images

Moreover, it is all paid for by those same masses through the extortion-based entity, the Zionist-installed IRS:

Image result for funeral; townville; south carolina; images

The whole operation was coordinated by federal goons, like these men with wires surrounding the actress-in-chief. Make no mistake about it this was an attempt to re-invigorate gun confiscation in preparation for the faltering Clinton presidency. These people are cheats and thieves. God does not live in Townville: only the devil. No one should have anything to do with them.



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  1. no neck visible on this dummy either. lol!


    • Another Fraudulent attack on Dr K, disinfo, idiot comment by coward ziontrash jew Gabriel the Talmudist troll made under my name here “Cowboy”…

      (Brokeback Fag Cowboy ziotrash Gabriel fake version) Cowboy OCTOBER 10, 2016 AT 5:49 PM
      no neck visible on this dummy either. lol!


      • He does look like one of those terrorizing clowns though. Lol

        What the hell is Grammarly? Dr K it’s blocking my posts!

        • Another Fraudulent post by ziotrash jew troll Gabriel…

          (Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy OCTOBER 11, 2016 AT 4:09 AM
          He does look like one of those terrorizing clowns though. Lol

          What the hell is Grammarly? Dr K it’s blocking my posts!

          • It should have been obvious, long ago, that The Pyramids, themselves are shaped as they are to
            resist, and dissipate, downward pressure from above from…wait for it…a Flood. It doesn’t take a
            ‘genius’, or ‘scrolls’ to figure that out. Simple Observation.

  2. its chuckys brother

  3. ODD TV & PayDay Monsanto Duet
    Truther Song:

    They Live, We Sleep…

    The Alarm’s Going Off Beep Beep.. Wake Up!


  4. S.Carolina School Shooting Hoax -14 yr (77 code) Old Kills Dad 47 & 2- 6yr olds (66) Code.

    VicSim Jacob Hall 64 Simple Gematria 8 x8 for 88 code! In Honor of Manley T Hall was Famous Freemason Psycho Occultist Leader.

    This info (ziomedia scripted fake stories) i Northeast s from this AP Story via Yahoo & a People magazine story.


    More occultic coding story says Townsville is 110 miles of Atlanta, Atlantic is on 33° parallel. 33° highest degree of Scottist Rite (American) Freemasonry.

    Kill boy calls Grandparents at 1:44 (44 code) to cry & tell them he murdered Dad, Jeffrey Osborne & is now starring in a DHS Kid killing shooting spree!

    • Don’t mind me I just writing a book in on chapter37

      • I’ve called it books for dummies

    • Can you provide the dates and times of the other 15 postings dear. I just want to read it again and again. Thanks love.

  5. Ex29) Hoax Townville Clownville School Shooting- Happy Hoax Brothers of Fake Dead VicSim Jacob- 1 Wearing a 666 Coded Cap,
    33 Coded Carwash, 33 Coded AntiGun Zio Organizarion & 1984 Creepy Orwellian T-shirt on Jacob!!

    1984 = Tyranny, Police State, Slavery, People Vanish/Bannished Instantly with Trial, Double Speak, Never Ending Wars, Completely Programmed Masses who can be fed new contradictory false realities by TV & Govt’ & just accept them submissively, etc…etc…etc..


  6. Good analysis. The “mother” should apply for Comedy Central.

    • Because it’s easier than applying for social security!

      • See how funny I am! Who says that I’m a miserable gypsy witch?

  7. Exhibit 30) Townville Clownville 1 BILLION Percent! Photoshopped Fake Picture of Rodger Hall Jr & His fake Dead Brother Jacob Hall! Clownville Indeed!

    Super Shoddy Photoshopping of Jacob Hall’s Head into a picture this lying devil Rodger Dale Hall Jr onto some other kids body! Looks like he has a beard & some sideburns! Lol

    Ziotrash Creepy Freaks of Townville-Clownville are in your face like Satanic Clowns in a Hollywood Horror Comedy creapy cross movie!

  8. Exhibit 31) Clownville Townville Hoax Clown Lying Crisis Actor Rodger Hall Jr & Doing A Ziotrash Freemason Illuminati One-Eyed All-Seeing Eye Picture

  9. Exhibit 32) Clownville Townville Rodger Hall Jr Creepy Satanic Freemason Clown-Jester-Joker Picture This little creepy Crisis Actor says he loves!
    True Ziotrash Fraudster Demon!

  10. I hate the IRS because they exposed my fraud.

  11. Update to the Palm Springs hoax


    • Cowboy’s lovers are Mrs Palmer & her 5 daughters.

  12. Exhibit 33) Clownville Townville Hoax Shooting- Brother Of Fraudster Rodger Hall Sr-Kenny Hall A Homosexual Physicians Assistant (Almost Doctor) is busted here Crisis Acting-playing a Canine Cop in the Clownville School Shooting & Drill Exercises!!!

    I found this picture of him right off Hideous Ziotrash Puppet Fraudster Renae Hall! And the pictute links to him! I checked all other name links on the picture as well! It is him! He probably played both medical a personel & a cop the day(s) of the DHS drill & PsyOp fake shooting filming & photo-Ops like just buffoon Wayne “Meat” Carver did at Sandy Hook Crook Hoax School Shooting!
    And I keep finding more aliases & first & last names linked to this creature Renae Hall.

    • On the subject of ‘almost doctors’: has ‘Dr K’ paid his outstanding tax lien yet?

      • Another Fraudulent disinfo post by slimely coward Ziotrash Zionist Jew Gabriel under my name here as Cowboy!

        (Gabriel the Brokeback real fag, & fake) Cowboy OCTOBER 11, 2016 AT 8:26 AM
        On the subject of ‘almost doctors’: has ‘Dr K’ paid his outstanding tax lien yet?

  13. Ex33-b) Hoax Clownville Creepy Faggy Fraudster Crisis Actor Kenny Hall (brother fraud Rodger Hall Sr) Who I busted playing Canine Cop At the Hoax Shooting & Related Drill Exercises! See pic @ Ex33!

    His facebook linked from the fake Canine Cop pic of him!:
    Proof he is a Physician’s Assistant (almost Doctor)

  14. Ex33-c) Hoax Clownville Creepy Faggy Fraudster Crisis Actor Kenny Hall (brother of fraudster Rodger Hall Sr) Who I busted playing Canine Cop At the Hoax Shooting & Related Drill Exercises! See pic @ Ex33!

    His facebook I found linked from the fake Canine Cop pic of him! And the picture was on Fraudster Creepy sister-in-law Tina Renae Bridges Hall & many other series of aliases!!!

    Proof he is a Physician’s Assistant (almost Doctor)
    Radaris Search
    Kenneth L Hall, Greenville SC

    Specialties: Physician Assistant (PA)
    Address: Team Health Southeast
    1 Saint Francis Dr, Greenville, SC 29601
    (864) 255-xxxx (Phone) ( I withheld his phone number)

    Languages: English

    Hospitals: Team Health Southeast
    1 Saint Francis Dr, Greenville,

    Bon Secours St. Francis Health System


    You have to scroll way down & read thru a lot to find this info but it’s there showing his PA-Doctor position.

  15. Another fraudulent & disinfo, idiotic post by Ziotrash jew fag Gabriel this time as Christinne..

    Ziotrash Gabriel tranny Faggot posting as fake version of) Christinne OCTOBER 11, 2016 AT 8:24 AM
    Cowboy’s lovers are Mrs Palmer & her 5 daughters

  16. Ex35)Townville Creepy Clownville Hoax- More Satanic/Jewish Babylonian Talmud -Kabbala & Masonic Symbology & Numerology in The Script of Townville Hoax PsyOp Operation!


  17. Ex37) Clownville Hoax-Help Us Celebrate Jacobs Life Aka Help US Celebrate Jacobs Hoax Death with $$$!
    & More NeverEnding Aliases Of Ziotrash Renae Hall! Obituary Calls her Tina Renae Bridges Hall…

    & This Ziotrash ZioFilth Hollywood Ridiculous Obituary asks everyone to wear a Super Hero Costume to his Hoax Funeral Costume Party!!! Kid murdered at 6 yrs old and let’s throw a ridiculous costume party!!!
    Are the Dumb goyim really dumb enough to believe this ziotwisted mockery of a fake murder death of a little boy???

    Fake Dead Jacob Hall Obituatuary:

    Jacob Hall (2010 – 2016)

    Townville, SC

    Jacob Lee Hall, 6, a super hero to everyone, entered into Heaven on Saturday, October 1, 2016.

    Born May 9, 2010, in Greenville, Jacob is a first grade student at Townville Elementary School, where he is active in the Good News Club. He attends Oakdale Baptist Church.

    His family includes his parents, Rodger Dale and Tina Renae Bridges Hall; his brothers and sisters, Rodger Dale Hall, Jr., Gerald Clayton Gambrell, T.J. Mullins, Emily Hall, Nicole Sims, Zoey Renae Hall, and Spencer Reid Hall; grandparents, Jerry Clyde Bridges of Townville, Steve and Sandra McAdams of Townville, and Thomas Rodger and Denise Lee Hall of Greenville; uncle and aunt, Johnny Lee and Casey Bridges of Anderson; uncle, Kenny Hall of Greenville; great aunts, Rebecca Annette Hunnicutt and Annette Lee, of Anderson, Janice Capps, Darlene Johnson, Joyce Wright and Joanne Frasier of Pickens and Ann Jones of Greenville; great uncles, Terry Lee, Dwayne Lee, and Harold Lee of Greenville and Ed Hall of Pickens; and a number of cousins including a special cousin, Michael Wayne Hunnicutt.

    Preceding Jacob to Heaven are his great grandparents, Phillip J. Hunnicutt, Nancy B. Hunnicutt, Otis and Katherine Martin Bridges; great-great parents, Melvin R. Hunnicutt, Louise B. Hunnicutt; great aunts, Felica Gayle Lee Hunnicutt and Barbara Jean Bridges Harris; and great uncle, Phillip Wayne Hunnicutt.

    A service to celebrate Jacob’s life will be held at 11 a.m. Wednesday October 5, at Oakdale Baptist Church conducted by Dr. David Blizzard and Rev. Tim Marcengill. The family also invites everyone to his visitation from 5 until 9 p.m. Tuesday at Oakdale Baptist Church and welcomes everyone to wear their favorite super hero costume or shirt.

    In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Greenville Health System, Office of Philanthropy & Partnership, (Designate Children’s Hospital), 300 E. McBee Avenue, Suite 503, Greenville, SC 29601.

  18. Ex37-b) Clownville Creepy Let’s Party Hoax Obituary for Fake Dead Murdered Jacob Hall..Yea’ little kid is murdered but let’s have a massive Super Hero Themed Costume Party To Celebrate his Death!

    Ziotrash & freemason Jesters & Jokers Extreme mockery in your face dumb goyim!


  19. Exhibit 38) Clownville Hoax Treasonous Ziotrash Puppet Rodger William Hall Sr Florida Arrest In 2002- I suspect much newer, much more serious charges were dropped for him to take part in this Hoax PsyOp.

  20. Exhibit 39) Clownville Crisis Actor Hideous Happy Hoaxer Mom The Drug Addict (& earlier a Car Thief) PreChristmas 2015 Orlando Arrest- This is where ZioDHS scum propositioned her with $$$, houses & future “Get out of Jail Free Cards” To Commit Treason & Massive Fraud for the Zionists’ Gun Confiscation Agenda! This alias is as Kelly Renae Hall but she has many many more.. Like Tina Hall &Tina Renae Bridges Hall, etc..

    She was obviously so heavily addicted to Methamphetimine & Cocaine etc, in these pictures she was probably well under 90 pound so her face is much more hideous. They must have sent her to some Miami or Orlando rehab for a couple months as part of her deal with the Devil aka DHS! Then they probably put her in a home in Townville area SC & had the local cops keep an eye on her to keep her off meth & other trouble so she would be half way human looking for this hoax operation & NOT DEAD from a drug overdose! Anyway she must have got off meth & gained 35 or 40 pounds. And no chance is Not Dead Jacob Hall her son. He may be the son of Her Rodger Hall Jr or even Senior. In this alias as Kelly Renae she is supposedly 40 years old but I believe earlier evidence I found that she is actually 48 to 51.

  21. EX 36) Clownville Hoax SpokesLiar Big Fat Clown Billy McAdams Fire Chief Lying His Big Fat Buffoon Buttocks Off! Truthers Have Taken Over & Truth Bombed ZioNews7’s Comments On Youtube!! LOL


    This fat buffoon lies & spins his tales about his fellow Fraudy Fatty Jamie Brock the Fat Phoney Hoax Hero who Hoax Tackle Fake Shooter 14 yr old Jesse Osborne! I’m glad these filthy treasonous Creepy Clowns & the Clownville Town are getting pounded with truth bombs!

  22. Christinne-

    Did I miss reports from you about this hoax in your own backyard two weeks ago? I don’t recall any mention of it here.


  23. Ex 36-b) Creepy Clownville School Hoax Bozo Blithering Idiot Billy-Bob McFatso Is Stuffed Full of Bullsh#t like a Thanksgiving Turkey & lies like a blown up blimp version of Gene Rosen!

    This Bozo needs some Chuck Norris style high kicks to the head & kicks to the fat belly lessons until he learns to tell the truth! 5 minutes he’d be squealing like a fat hog admitting it was a hoax! Chuck taught Bruce Lee high kicks & he could teach this buffoon about them to too…Well not how to do them lol..but how effective they are at making a fat lying hog of a bozo tell the truth!


  24. Ex41) Creepy Clownville Creepy Beady-Eyed ZioPuppet Crisis Actor Allison Swords
    Buchanan Lying Townville Teacher False witness & her little Lying Son Child Crisis Actor! Teach your little boy to lie for $$ for the zionistrash enemy you evil ActWhore witch!


  25. Ex42) Clownville Super Creepy PressConference Panel of Happy Hoax Clowns, Smiling, Smart-Alexs, Slimey Liars, Sometimes Grinning Eat-to-Ear!

    Watch the Evil Psycho white woman to your right admit this school has been practicing
    with many active shooter drills for a long time for this fake school shooting PsyOp!


  26. Exhibit 1) Palm Springs CA Hoax Cop Shooting – Possible Dummy used in Staged Stretcher to Ambulance Scene & Footage dusty -blurred technique Only in area of stretcher so you cannot makeout the supposed victim body!


  27. Exhibit 2) Palm Springs Blue Lives Matter BS Cops Shot PsyOp is Full of Numerology Coded in the script. A sleazy Palm Beach Zio Politcian from Brooklyn(Crooklyn) NYC just happens to be a (false) witness aka Crisis Actwhore! Ginny Foat very zioJewy sounding fakish name!

  28. Ex3) Palm Springs Hoax Crisis Actwhore Psycho Politician Ginny Foat was accused of Luring, & Murdering a man with a tire iron to rob him of $1400 in 1983. The murder had happened in 1965. She got off by saying her husband beat her! lol Ziotrash Witch from Hell! You can trust her!!!

  29. Ex 3) Palm Springs Double Cop Hoax Killing By John Felix is Zionist Blue Lives Matter-Police State Agenda PsyOp! Hoax Murdered Cops:
    Jose Giber Vergas & Lesley Zerebny 27yrs aka 999 aka 666.

    Both Crisis Actors John Felix & Lesley Zerebny have a Gematria number of 1038! Ziofreak & FreeMason freaks love coded the scripts of all the hoaxes!


  30. Ex5) Palm Spring Hoax Scripted Massive Ritual & Processesion just to take the Two Hoax dead Cops’s Bodies to the Coroner’s Officer! Fake Blue Lives Matter but Goyim peasants lives don’t mean Jack squat! Anything to get the hated goyim’s rights & guns & ready them for slavery & easy genocide!


  31. Ex A) Florida Marlins Hoax Boat Wreck & Death Into Rocks along coast.

    Wreck looks fake & I would expect a baseball player to have either some sized yatch & others on board like a pilot or captain & friends or something like a racing boat with a friend or more on board. It looks like a bathtub toy.


  32. Cowgoy is definitely one of those dumb goyim he always talks about. Lol. Perhaps the dumbest of them all.

    • A skunk’s farts have more intelligence than Cowboy and Rudolf put together. The other day, Cowboy tried to claim that slavery in America is a hoax. The evidence he proffered was conversations with a couple of African Americans. LOL. The real reason is that he couldn’t find an address or phone number for a single slave on Radaris and none of them have Facebook pages, so they never existed.

      • And you fail to make any sense at all dumbfuck

  33. Ex 43) Palm Springs Hoax Dead Cop Lesley Zerebny the Fraudster has already stolen $98,000 by deception in three days off her fake death!

  34. Ex 7) Palm Spring Blue Lives Matter Fraudsters-Fake Dead & Shot Cops Are ZioScamming hard for money & gifts!


  35. Just so you all know who the Author of this bullshit ,
    It’s Dr Cass Ingram,
    Otherwise know by idiot conspiracy Frauds as Dr k.
    what Cass doesn’t want you to know is that the idiot used to be an osteopath that was disbarred due to misconduct in more that one state Illinois and Iowa , do your research people. Believe all you want, dibble about you’re conspiracy theories,
    ( remember they are Theories not fact)
    This idiot is in the likes of those that believe NWO or the worlds rich has a cure for cancer- this is the dumbest suggestion conspiracy theorists suggest.
    Do rich people die from cancer? YES conspiracy debunked idiots.

    • The United States & the FDA Outlaws & persecutes all cures & curers of Cancers like B-17, Laetrile, Royal Rife & his cures, Dr Kelly & Pectrin, etc, etc. All for the medical mafia & big Pharma! You are a simple minded, igorant & arrogant Bozo Brett. Your simple mind debunked nothing clown.

      • The only evidence Cowboy has is drawn from his paranoid imagination.

        The article here proves that Cass Ingram should never have been admitted as a doctor in the first place – unable as he is to tell the difference between a dummy and a mortally injured child.

        • Gibberish

  36. Ex 8) Long Hoax Script of PALM Springs Hoax Double Cop Killing PsyOp, From Desert Sun Newspaper.


    • Why do you claim that the MSM is complicit in all of these hoaxes, yet rely on it for your only sources?

      • Don’t be too hard on cowgoy. He’s “provenly” a paranoid schizophrenic.

        • The only thing you’re able to prove is your acute paranoia.

        • you can have my mouth rudolf

      • why do you talk shit all the time and had any little boys lately getting frustrated gaybee

  37. hassan- is that you? It’s hard to tell when you use random names… You’re such a sly one!

    • you can fall on me daddy

  38. Heavy Clown Activity Proven to be Due To Trump Candidacy

    Bridgeport, Connecticut
    Circus scientists commented today on the recent increase of clowns in the nation.
    “We began to study this long before it was an epidemic, and now that it’s reaching pandemic proportions, we are doubling our efforts. We need to find a cure and eventually a clown vaccine” spoke a circus scientist.
    “The whole process began to break down when Trump gave his speech about Mexican rapists and building a wall that the Mexicans would have to pay for. Everyone thought it was funny, clownish even! But it struck a level of people that really like clowns and they began to multiply.”
    “As Trump’s platform was revealed to be not a joke and truly evil, it was too late, many of the clowns were sucked in and became evil.”
    “These confused evil clowns can be seen staggering around at night, in full clown regalia. Most of them are harmless, but not all of them. Please do not approach the clowns, take extreme caution, and above all, do not ask them to make you any balloon animals!”

    • Another idiotic fraudulent Disinformation gibberish post by ziotrash zionist jew freak Gabriel the fag under my name here Cowboy…

      Ziotrash Brokeback fag fag Gabriel & his fake version of) (Blocked)Cowboy OCTOBER 12, 2016 AT 5:37 PM
      Heavy Clown Activity Proven to be Due To Trump Candidacy

      Bridgeport, Connecticut
      Circus scientists commented today on the recent increase of clowns in the nation.
      “We began to study this long before it was an epidemic, and now that it’s reaching pandemic proportions, we are doubling our efforts. We need to find a cure and eventually a clown vaccine” spoke a circus scientist.
      “The whole process began to break down when Trump gave his speech about Mexican rapists and building a wall that the Mexicans would have to pay for. Everyone thought it was funny, clownish even! But it struck a level of people that really like clowns and they began to multiply.”….blah..blah…blah…& more gibberish from Laughing Crack Gabriel fagboy zioJew Nodisinfo’s chosen idiotic ziotrash troll!

  39. Here’s a blog page exposing the real hoax:


    • What a wretched fraud I am. Nobody can prove otherwise.

  40. Exhibit 9) Palm Beach Desert Sun Cop Killing Hoax Long Propaganda PsyOp BlueLivesMatter Agenda Scripted Piece –

    & Newspapers & NewsSites Nationwide via AP are carrying these PsyOp Stories to pass Zionist Police State Laws & Incrimental Gun Confiscation Laws against the American people.

    And maybe even that was a hoax too!


  41. Ex 10) Palm Springs (Hoax) Police Officers Association Hustling T-Shirts & Endless Fundraisers – Hoax Killed Cops aka Crisis Actors Jose Gilbert Vega & Lesley Zerebny.

    Check out The Palm Beach ZioScamming Facebook Website. This crooks are going to take in hundreds of thousands thru all these zioScams/ConArtist Scams!

    How did they get all the art work done so fast huh?? ‘Cause it all a preplanned DHS orchestrated PsyOp Hoax done in conjunction & uncover of drills paid by Zionist Enemy run DHS! All for the zionist Police State & Gun Confiscation agendas!
    Thse bloody Freemasons & Zionist & Babylonian Tamud occultic Jews have no shame! Pure Ziotrash!

  42. Ex11) DHS Palm Springs Double Cop Killer Hoax & the ZioAgenda #BlueLivesMatter Vs #BlackLivesMatter Continued Scripted PsyOp – BlueLivesMatter Boycotts Ben & Jerry’s For Support of BlackLivesMatter aka-ZioRaceWar!

    #BlueLivesMatter: we’re boycotting Ben & Jerry’s ice cream due to their support of #BlackLivesMatter

    6:59-… from Bronx, NY


  43. Ex12) Palm Springs Hoax- Last PSPD Cop Killed On Duty 54yrs Ago Looks Like Hoax Too! Killed 1 yr Exactly From 1st day on Job!

    Very Strange & Hoaxy Alleged Facts:
    (1) Died 1Yr Exactly From 1st Day on Job! Really?Yep!
    Killed pursuing a car when he hit another car which pulled in front of him. He swerves to miss the car &..
    (2) He shot out of car window after hitting a pole & his car landed on top of him.
    (3)The cop Lyle Wayne Larrabee’s birth day is unknown???!!! How does a cop have an unknown birth??? LA Times, Palm Springs Desert Sun & AP & NYTIMES, & police groups can’t find his birth Date???!!!
    (4) Yet they know he was 26!! How! & Claim he was a Marine! Marine have no birth day of Lyle Wayne Larrabee??? Sure!
    (5) His burial place is unknown!!! Even more bizzar than no a birth date!!! He & his burial site would be an honor & celebrated place in Palm Springs!
    (6) Just One year before him the firat cop ever was killed in Palm Springs!
    (7) Just by chance something is posted by a police group 48 or 49 days before this new Palm Springs Double Cop Killing PsyOp!
    (8)All very ZioHoaxy & Freemason smelling!!
    1962 – Lyle Wayne Larrabee – Officer – Palm Springs Police Department
    Posted on August 18, 2016 by Admin
    Officer Lyle Wayne Larrabee

    Biographical Info

    Born: Unknown
    Age: 26
    Tour of Duty: 1 year
    Badge Number: Not available

    Incident Details
    Cause of Death: Traffic Collision (Vehicle Pursuit)
    Date of Incident: January 1, 1962
    Weapon Used: N/A
    Suspect Info: N/A

    Officer Larrabee was killed in a traffic collision which occurred during a pursuit of a vehicle. A third vehicle pulled out in front of him during the pursuit. He swerved to avoid a collision and struck a utility pole. He was ejected from the police cruiser which then landed on top of him. Officer Larrabee was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and had been with the Palm Springs Police Department for exactly one year. He is survived by his wife and mother.

    Officer Larrabee’s burial location is not known.

    • Sounds a bit like…a car accident. These things happen in real life, but I guess you wouldn’t know about that.

      • Idiot Red Herring comment by ziotrash jew troll & Crackpot Gabriel under his stupid Crackpot troll name:
        Laughing at CrackpotsOCTOBER 12, 2016 AT 11:36 PM
        Sounds a bit like…a car accident. These things happen in real life, but I guess you wouldn’t know about that.

        You love to give stupid red herring arguments & kindergarten arguments ziotrash Gabriel! Lol No critical thinking ever goes into your stupid, arrogant replies. How does a car goes just as far as an ejected occupant from the car hitting a pole & land onto top the person? Highly unlikely. And light poles & telephone-electric are usually much thicker & stronger at intersections. Generally the car breaks or damages the pole but does not go thru it. Guy wires & Electrical wires usually keep the pole standing even if nearly broken in two or even completely broken! & in 1962 virtually no aluminum large poles for lights or electric were use. They will pop in two much easier than wood or steel light poles or wooden telephone poles but again they did not yet exists. Only in if it were a hilly or mountainous or a cliff area would a car land on to on you after getting ejected after hitting a large pole. But that ain’t Palm Springs ziotrash! Maybe San Francisco or the Hollywood Hills..Palm Springs is desert.

        But much more important are the other points I made like: the 1962 Palm Springs cop having no known birth date! Hear me ziotrash jew crackpot Gabriel??? Got any explaination for that ziotroll boy?

        Or the 1962 Palm Springs Cop having no known burial place!!! LA Times & the local Desert Sun with all the research they have supposedly done with endless stories on the current hoax Cop Killing can’t find the last cop supposedly killed on duty in Palm Springs 54 years ago!

        You truly are a piece if human garbage Gabriel as dishonest as they come! You tell any lie or fraud post under any name to try to help the ziotrash enemy with their evil lies hoaxes & agendas!

        And this supposed dead cop Lyle Wayne Larrabee was in the Marines Crackpot Pigriel Gabriel! He would be very celebrated as only one of two cops ever supposedly killed on duty in Low Crime Super Rich Palm Springs!

        And also, you lying baffoon Gabriel, you pretend nothing is unusual about a cop just happening to get killed exactly 1 year from his 1st day on the job! Lol

        You are a complete lying baffoon ziotrash troll Gabriel Crackpot! You prove it every single time you post every day!

        • Cowgoy and his free search sites… classic…

          Larrabee’s birthdate was June 27, 1935
          Social security # 380-32-2763

          What a stupid goy!!

          • Ancestry.com , by the way

            Are all goys as dumb as you are cowgoy?

      • Dunno. Why don’t you ask your psychic mama during your next pillow chat

  44. Busted! Busted! Busted!

    Exhibit 13) Palm Springs PsyOp Fake Cop Killer Cris Actor John Felix Is Really From Lakeland & Lake Worth Florida & Is 41 & Not 26! His Picture was Photoshopped In PsyOp!

    They added hair to his head where he is nearly bald on top front and removed wrinkles some of his beard but the Idiots left the same moles on his face!!! On both sides above his mustache on his cheeks he has the same moles as on his first released picture & supposed mugshot as Cop Killer John Felix of Palm Springs. 100 percent He is the same guy! I will post the official PsyOp picture next. He even seems to have the same shirt on in that picture so they made the PsyOp image from the same set of Mugshot pictures in maybe 2015 or 2013.

    He is not A Violent Criminal Like in The Hoax atleast not in any Fla arrests! He has many arrests in Florida like Palm Bay & Polk County, Oescala County, Lakeland & Palm Beach, but all are for small Pot Possession & Traffic & Failure to appear.
    He may be a stage & movie art director & stage builder from his facebook & maybe he was an art & stage teacher in Puerto Rico or even a janitor. Probably a Marrano Jew.
    I believe his wealthy father is called Santos Felix in Palm Springs is also called John Felix in Florida in Lakeland & Elsewhere. Maybe they arrested him hauling some marijuana from Miami or Palm Beach to Palm Springs or something & offered him a “get out of jail free card” to play this hoax cop killer & bunch of money & work in stage & movies & TV. But all the California crimes & the murders are fake! He will never do a day in Prison. Another actor may do stand in at his court appearances as I have scene them do often.
    This picture is poor & low resolution but I have a high resolution version of this picture on another device & I will post it.
    Some of is Aliases are:
    FELIK, JON 1975-02-27
    FELIX, JOHN MCDOUGLAS 1975-02-07
    FELIX, JOHN MCDOUGLAS 1975-02-07

    John McDouglas Felix is his main name. THE DHS HOAX Operation just added a new middle bogus hoax name as: John “Hernandez” Felix in the last couple days.
    Also I believe he also uses alias John McDougall in Florida since I found it in the same town & same age, etc.

  45. Exhibit 14) Palm Springs Photoshopped Pic of Hoax Cop Killer John Felix (See Ex14) Same face, photoshopped hair, Same Moles on Face! Busted!

    This is all my research with help from Bailbondsmen sites & Mugshot websites & Identity searches & photographs & I found this scumbag’s Facebook as well.

    Lake Worth FL Crisis Actor
    John McDouglas Felix plays
    Palm Springs Fake Cop Killer
    John “Hernandez” Felix

    & This “Hernandez” fake middle name is newly invented. And No 26 year ever existed. Real actor John Felix is 41!
    …Of Palm Bay, Lake Worth & Lakeland, Florida…& his wealthy father Santos alias John Felix owns property & houses all over. See Exhibit 13 for some if his aliases. And he is apparently a Marrano-Converso jew from Puerto Rico.


  46. Britain to take legal action over brexit they cant take That they lost fare and square so they make the rules up as they go along the end of world government it proves that EU is setting the stage for the satanic world government

    • Correct & they want to show that Queenie Hag is Supreme over the dumb goyim subjects of Nothern Ireland & Scotland, Wales & England & their vote is nothing….while showing the EU is supreme over both…while in reality Lord Psychopath Ziotrash Inbreed Jacob Rothschild rules old inbreed Queenie Elizabeth “Bathory twin”!
      “Those goyim peasants can vote but we don’t need to count their votes! If they’ve no food, Let them eat cake!” & Inbred Charles will be dead before Queenie!

  47. Ex15) Palm SpringsHoax Dead Cop Crisis Actor Jose Gil Vega Appeared 1 or More COPS TV Shows! What a fraudster, no more Dead than me! Treason for Ca$h & Ziotrash DHS $$$! Hang Em’High!

    From Desert Sun News:
    Vega appeared in at least one episode of “COPS.” The Palm Springs police have been featured on the show multiple times, including the premiere of the 27th season in July 2014. Vega gets to retire & zioScam the dumb, hated goyim masses for $$$ & gets his DHS $$$ & he’ll get more zioscams & DHS Crisis Acting jobs & Hollywood bit parts under some other name & a nice house or two from DHS.


  48. Ex16) Palm Beach Hoax Father of Hoax Dead Cop Lesley Zerebny Crisis Actor Says Give Hoax Cop Killer Crisis Actor John Felix The Death Penalty! He killed no kne & won’t go to prison nor be executed! HOAX! HOAX! Hoax!

    This PsyOp is all Police State, Gun Confiscation & BlueLivesMatter Agenda & even Race War Agenda too indirectly…

    Ok so also this Crisis Actor Fraud going as Lesley Zerebny was a Hoax Cop for over a year but she spent most of the year on maternity Leave! What a Hoax! She’s 27, fake killer is fake 26, & her husband Zack Zerebny (Z&Z =26&26 Gematria) is also 26 yrs old & he is apparently an twin from my research! 26 again! Yet this twin Beau is never mentioned & I know why…!!!!

  49. Ex17) Palm Beach Hoax Cop Killer -Hi Res Pic & Same Moles on Face & Looks Prove Fake Cop Killer/Real DHS Crisis Actor Marrano Jew
    John Felix fake age 26 of Palm Springs CA is
    John Felix real age 26 of Palm Bay, Lakeland & Lake Worth Florida!

    Look & don’t deny! It’s the same guy! Why Lie??? Exact same moles! They gave him hair but forgot to photoshop or airbrush the moles away! Busted you filthy gun grabbing traitor ziopuppet!

    Also the real John Felix here & fellow Crisis Actor Zack Zerebny’s Twin Brother Beau Zerwbny have what appears to be close to the same rifle on each’s facebook! Zios & their ZioPuppets love guns & firearms…Juat not you the hated goyim masses having them!

  50. Correction of (Ex 17) I meant to say Real John Felix of Palm Bay & Lakeland & Lake Worth is 41yrs NOT 26!!! His Hoax character John Felix of Palm Springs, CA, the fake cop killer, is 26!!!

  51. Busted! Busted! Busted!

    Ex 18) Palm Springs Hoax Cop Lesley Kling Zerebny (Zack Zerebny Fake Dead Wife) Is Played by (Kendal Marshall “Choker”) same Crisis Actor as playing His Twin Brother’s Girlfriend!!!

    Read this all & see my damned research & don’t pull it! Crisis Actors & Spooks can’t sue you!

    Zachary Matthew Zerebny supposed husband of hoax Dead Lesley Kling Zerebny & a Riverside deputy has an identical twin brother named Beau Daniel Zerebny who has a supposed girlfriend named Kendal Marshall. BEAU is never mentioned in this PsyOp..Well that’s because his girlfriend Kendal Marshall is an exact twin of his Twin brother Zack’ fake murdered cop wife Lesley Kling Zerebny!!! Yes because she is playing her. She joined the Palm Beach Police last year for this DHS PsyOp under this Fake identity as Lesley & right away took fake maternity leave so she got paid the starting $40,000 a year salary & never hardly had to play a cop! She ended her maternity leave right before this hoax shooting! Now she & Zerebny have zioScammed $100,000 plus off GoFundme plus likely hundreds of thousands from local police & school & business findraisers & sales of t-shirts & other merchandize! She is not really married to Zack as Lesley nor is dating his twin as Kendal. She doesn’t share an address with either twin! And both twins have the same address & phone number as their parents in Hemet CA! And neither identity of her has one near there. But as Kendal Marshall she supposedly lives 57 miles away in San Marcos to work at a yogart shop-FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!
    Anyway she is Kendal Marshall Choker aka Kendal Marshall is really from Texas & Oklahoma & is now living in New York City as An Advertising Agent ofcourse completely run by Zionist jews. Marshall is her mothers maiden name & Choker is her fathers name. She uses Marshall to hid her less common Choker name. So Marshall she uses with more SPOOK & DHS identities.
    This Crisis Actor a jew David Kling who plays her dad is not her real father but the idiot claimed he had another daughter in North Dakota…Well it was a Talmudic occultic purposeful mention revealing partial truth. Lesley Kling, his real daughter apparently lives in South Dakota. So Kendal “Marshall” is using Lesley Kling’s name & family & California history…While the real Lesley is married with a married name where no one there even knows her family in California except maybe a few close jewish & freemason friends & immediate family & DHS, etc.


  52. Ex 20) Palm Springs Hoax Killed Cop ZioAgenda BlueLivesMatter Character Lesley Zerebny is busted As ZioRun Big Time Advertising ART director-Ad agent Kendal Marshall Choker of NYC,NY & OKC,OK!

    She plays girlfriend of Beau Zerebny as Kendal Coker & wife of his twin brother Zack Zerebny in the hoax as Lesley Kling Zerebny! Yes I have complete proof! Of the twins & her in pictures as Kendal Marshall & her as his girlfriend!

    Her fake father Crisis Actor David Kling a zioJew has a real daughter named Lesley Kling but it’s not her!

    She is actually 29 & not 26 from Identity searches in both her NYC-OKC identity & her separate CA identity show that. She apparently & admittedly went to High School in Hemet, CA as Kendal Marshall or Kendal Coker & the real Lesley Kling also probably went to school in the area. So they use these name histories–standard modes operandi! Another PsyOp was probably planned for her as Kendall Marshall of CA since she is playing girlfriend of Beau Zerebny & keeping a shell history in California in that identity-alias.

    Again as fake cop Lesley Zerebny she never had to leave her job in NYC & OKC very long since she did maternity leave for most of her fake year or so as a cop!
    She probably only did a few day of police academy training & did the graduation & they probably claimed she was in a previous earlier class at the academy but had to miss the graduation for a family emergency or something so the other police academy cadets would not be suspicious. She would just claimed she got a waiver & already passed the entire course but just missed the final & graduation. So she never did more than a few days playing cop & those days were probably when she was doing an episode of “COPS”. See my posts where they admit Palm Beach Police have done many episodes of “COPS” TV SHOW! And her also fake dead partner Jose Gilbert Vega admittedly did atleast 1 episode & likely more!

  53. Ex21) Palm Beach Hoax Cop Killed Fraudsters “Jay Jay” & Zack Zerebny & Fake Dead, Fake Wife Lesley Kling Alias & Played By Kendal Marshall Coker Steal $110,000 via Theft By Deception & Fraud! On GoFundme alone!!

    However they are stealing far more via local fundraisers & internet t-shirt & mechandize sales & other internet fundraisers! I posted a link earlier last night to Palm Beach Police Officers Association website where the number of fundraisers & sales listed there alone are enormous! And they are certainly hitting local wealthy Palm Springs & Palm Desert celebrities, actors businessman & other wealthy individuals for large donations! Palm Beach is one of the richest towns in America & Palm Desert is even wealthier. They are right next to each other. They have likely raised a million already between theses two fake dead cop fraudsters!


  54. New “The Birth Of A Nation” Movie RaceWar Zio Agenda PsyOp- Stolen Name of Famous Epic “The Birth of a Nation” Movie of 1915 to Stir the Flames of a Desired Race War to Divide & Conquer Americans! Accused Rapist Nate Turner Made & Starred in The Zionist belove RaceWar Movie! & # RapePennState

    Yes this was at lovely Penn State…
    So accused Rapist Nate Parker Stars as Psychopath Nat Turner! After the rape which he & his friend said was concensual he & the other accused Rapist were not just allowed to remain on campus but were allowed unrestricted access on campus even allowed inside & outside the victim’s building & both were allowed to harrass & threaten her along with other black activists daily harrassing her & calling her a racist & liar & whore etc!


  55. And the woman eventually commited suicide after it caused her to develop psychosis. No ziotrash run supposed woman’s rights group even supported her nor are any supporting a boycott of the film now! I found Not even a single local “NOW” chapter calling for a boycott! Image you as a young female having your alleged rapists & their friends & supporters calling you a liar & racist & a white whore & threatening you daily on your college campus!!! Way to go Penn State! Way to go ziotrash mob!

  56. Ex 22) Palm Beach Cop Killer Hoax- Zack Zerebny secret Twin Brother Beau I discovered & his girlfriend Kendal Marshall (Coker) who looks like twin of fake DEAD Lesley Zerenby because She is the Same Actress!

    She is now an advertising agency Art Director-ad agent in NYC & OKC as Kendal Marshall Coker. Coker is her father. Marshall is her mother”s maiden name that she still uses! See my previous posts.
    Anyway check out the long black rifle & handguns of Beau Zerenby & I bet him & his twin take turn playing the “Sheriff Deputy Zack Zerebny”. They share the same actress as their lover & wife so why not! Anyway maybe Beau did date her in 2012 for a short before she made it big time in OKC & then bigger NYC in Advertising! So now they use some of those pictures of them together as fake Husband & wife -Riverside Sheriff Zack Zerebny & fake dead Palm Springs Cop Lesley Kling Zerebny. That is most likely but 100 percent she is playing both girlfriend of Beau & Wife of Zack! And that is why twin brother Beau is never mentioned in this PsyOp!
    Also I believe her police academy graduation pics as LESLEY have her thinner & darker hair & less attractive to make her look more like the real Lesley Kling -real daughter of David King her fellow Crisis Actor who plays her (fake) father..just in case anyone from her CA high school or CA hears her name they will think it is the old Lesley Kling just older and different from 9 or ten years & pregnancy…

    ..Back to the long black rifle. It looks like Hoax Killer Beau Zerebny & Hoax Deputy’s brother Zack’s twin (who shares the role atleast in pics & in his woman lol) share the same or similiar rifle!! Did DHS or FBI give them expensive firearms as Bonuses for their fraud, treason & Crisis Acting work??? I bet they did!
    Again Notice no picture together nor mention of Zack having an identical twin brother! (Well maybe one see if you can find it. It’s quit disguised but 1 has the together, though not admittedly…) But individual Pictures prove it & so does ancestry & identity searches & whites pages more so prove it! All showing them both 26 & same home phone # & same birth date in 1990 & same addess, with same parents in Hemet California!


  57. Ex 24) Palm Springs Hoax Killed Cop Fake Character Lesley Zerebny’s Fake Husband Zack Zerebny who is tein brother of Beau Zerebny both born 1990, 26 yrs old…… but….

    ….But both twins still have same Hemet CA address as Parents even though Zack is supposedly Married & his fake dead wife fictious Lesley Kling Zerebny 26, aka Kedal Marshall Coker aka Kendal Marshall does not even share his address under LESLEY nor Kendal!!! Again under her Kendal Marshall alias age 29 she is supposedly girlfriend of twin Beau Zerenby

    So we have 3 characters related to this occultic coded PsyOp supposedly 26 yrs old:
    & a multiplied 666 code via 26, 26 & 26 – 2,2,2 for a 6 & 3- 6’s for 666 Beast Code manified by 6.. But also from 26- 2 & 6 is 8, so 3- ‘s 8 for 888. The number representing the devil in all the Babylonian Talmud & Kabbala based Satanic occults including Freemasonry… The bible names 666 & 888 as the beast & Satan’s numbers too. ..but that is too identified itv& warn you who the evil satanist are when you see them using these numbers in their scams & trickery & occultic ritual murders, etc. but the occultist use these numbers with great pride & hate–these psychopaths think it gives them magical powers over the hated goyim masdes aka normal not evil people)! Anyway…
    1)Cop Killer Crisis actor character John Felix is scripted age 26yrs…But in real life Crisis Actor of FL John McDouglas Felix is 41.
    2) Killed Cop Hoax Character Lesley is 26yrs, (Crisis Actor Kendal Marshall playing heris 29yrs.
    3) Last Cop Killed in Palm Springs 54 years ago while on duty LYLE Wayne Larrabee was scripted as 26yrs & IT WAS A HOAX! I have found him still alive linked with same parents Samuel & Winifred Larrabee & wife Mary aka Marlene Larrabee & daughter Michelle Mary Larrabee…! …Alias As Allen Wayne Larrabee a spook still of Mountain Home, Idaho, Spring Hill, Michigan & Spring Texas mostly but also he has many other addresses & is the same age his fake dead character 80 or 79 would now be! So basically he changed his first name to Allen from Lyle & kept Wayne Larrabee!

    This is one of Beau Zerebny’s twin Zack Zerebny’s official PsyOp pics for this hoax:

    • Dear Cowboy,

      I fear you are currently in the midst of a dangerous episode. Rational thought appears to have abandoned you. I urge you to resume prescribed medication and continue to place 20 drops of oregano oil in each ear every four hours to help arrest this frightful congenital affliction.

      Call me on my after hours number at any time.

      • go away you moron/shill! your day of reckoning is coming soon.

        • Hassan: diagnosis – fetal alcohol syndrome

    • Except that YOUR Larrabee’s middle name is Winfield whereas the officer’s middle name was Wayne… and the officer’s wife’s name was Ruth…

      Give it up, cowgoy. You’re not good at this “investigating”. And you only make yourself look utterly stupid.

      • Another lying shill who will soon get his day of reckoning.

        • My threats are as empty as my bed.

      • (Speaking of stupid, Rudolf enters right on cue). The unintentional comedian, we call him here.

        A 1962 auto accident that was a “Zionist hoax”? Serving what purpose?

        Too fucking stupid to even spend time on, losers.

      • Actually it IS proof. I’m looking at birth and death records. Two distinct people who happen to share the same last name… identical last names seem to confuse Cowgoy every time… lol

        Cowgoy needs to pony up some money and not do “research” on free sites unless he doesn’t care that he’s making a fool of himself.

        • He doesn’t care. The numbers are all he needs.

  58. The Evil Doctor K outed. Rudolph and Cowboy are next. Watch your backs, boys.


  59. Gaybee we are quaking in our boots cant you tell

  60. dr k thanks for letting me what a dick head I am cheers ps gaybee

  61. no problem dont mention it!

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