Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 04 September 2014
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The Fake Beheadings of the Arch-Zionist Crime Syndicate

Some revelations thanks to our posters.

What a arch-antagonistic crime syndicate it is, this Jewish mob, which is responsible for such grotesque-appearing fake gore. Through these phony beheadings who is this clique attempting to intimidate? Is it not the whole world? Is the creation of endless Islamophobia the entire purpose of these enemies of the human race? Regardless, the Zionists have been caught in the act, faking beheadings and far more, all in their attempt to solicit the basis of grandiose hoaxes, including phony though murderous wars.

When the arch-Zionist plot of Abu Ghraib was first exposed – when the photos of cruel torture and intimidation were shown before the entire world – the Zionists acted in desperation. They faked a beheading, in this case that of Nick Berg’s.

The Berg beheading is equally as fake as all the others, fully staged, just like those of James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

Nick Berg is Mossad agent, as is his father. He was in Iraq acting under such agency. His beheading was faked as a grand distraction from arch-Zionist crimes. According to the editors of Though Factor (http://www.sauer-thompson.com/archives/opinion/2004/05/the_beheading_tit_for_tat.php):

It is not a war any more in Iraq. It is an occupation, complete with uprisings, torture and savage reprisals. Paul McGeough talks in terms of cycles of violence:

This week’s grotesque beheading of a Jewish-American in Iraq came after the appalling scandal of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by their US captors, which followed the debacle of the American attack on Fallujah, which was retribution for the butchery of four American security contractors in the same city, which Arab observers claim bore the hallmarks of a revenge attack for an unspecified American act at some point in the past 13 months.”


Berg is a fake, just like his phony beheading. These are Israeli agents operating in this fabricated scene. Who knows how it is all done. It matters little. What really matters is that it was all merely staged. Even so, look at the hands of the men, far right and left screen plus the fake ‘beheader.’ The hands are light-colored, not as would be expected from Iraqis, Saudis, or others. Once again, these are agents of the Mossad. Though blamed, Muslims and/or their faith had nothing to do with it.


The hand isn’t really holding anything, which is obvious. It is all done by computerized image manipulation. Too, there is evidence of the use of the blur tool, below the head and neck and also along the temple area. That head isn’t a real head. It’s merely an image, an absolute fake. There is no definition in that head or face: pure make-believe. Once again, to emphasize, that is just a fist faked into the image. It is grabbing nothing. Plus, where is all the bllooooddd? Why isn’t it dripping right down to the ground, per gravity? And none on the hand: 1 billion percent fake.


He’s not grabbing on to anything, because there’s nothing to grab. It’s  fake image of Berg, mere computerized dramatization, including the fake haze that represents blood. Nevertheless, that’s obviously not a real human head. It doesn’t even have a real mouth, real ears, a real nose, or real eyes. The Zionists faked it to curtail the indignation against their murderous crime syndicate as a result of the Abu Ghraib horrors. It was largely successful. The Muslims were blamed, and the pressure was off the Zionists, at least for a period of time. Even so, it must be emphasized before the entire world; THERE WAS NO HEAD THERE IN THAT VIDEO. IT WAS PUT IN THROGH DECEIT AND DECEPTION, AND NO ONE CAN PROVE OTHERWISE.

Regardless, where is the blood? There should at least be a few spots of blood splatter as a result of the sawing off of his head. There is not even one spot of arterial splatter on his face or head, a physical impossibility. Nor is there any such ‘blood’ on the phony executioner’s hand, which is hard proof of the fake.

Does anyone need even more dramatic proof? It is found in the image of the headless element. Where’s the bllooooooddddd? Why is it absolutely absent? The Zionists learned a few tricks after this early phony beheading, which is to pour fake blood in a few strategic places. They thought the horror images would carry the day. They didn’t. Experts quickly determined this as a fraud.


No experts, though, are needed. A mere cursory evaluation proves the hoax. It simply cannot be missed, unless a person chooses to remain blind.


Note the nature of the ‘hand.’ Can it get more incredible than that? It’s a two-fingered claw hand, just as those seen in Sandy Hoax.


Even the shadows are fake. What in the world is this supposed to represent? What is that thing hanging from the neck area? Is that supposed to be tissue? What about the face? That little bit of color coming from the mouth; that’s supposed to be evidence of a beheading? Now, look at the left eyebrow. Who needs more evidence than this. That’s paint, using the Photoshop blur tool:


Too, from where did that tuft of hair arise? Or, is that the fake hand buried through Photoshop into the image?

The arch-phony Mossad mole Berg has the largest fake (painted) eyebrow ever seen in history. Note also the extensive degree of pixillation at the intersecting of the arm and head; clearly, this is corrupt. The two noses is merely a compression issue.

Oh, now there is blood, now that the fake Photoshopped head is placed on the phony corpse. Yet, clearly that is not real blood but is, rather, mere computer enhancement. It’s brush-like nature is clearly evident. Moreover, the blood was not to be found before. That means it was added to the image – a fact which is indisputable.


Here is the hard proof. Those lines of red have been added to the video artificially, as if brush strokes from the blur tool. There is no blood on he head or forehead. The hands are grotesque, fake. There is no evidence anywhere of arterial spurting. Though the (fake) cut head sits right next to the hands, they are blood-free.

It defies all the laws of criminology such as Locard’s Principle:

Locard’s Principle that the perpetrator will take away traces of the victim and the scene, the victim will retain traces of the perpetrator and may leave traces of himself on the perpetrator and the perpetrator will leave behind traces of himself at the scene many times is borne out in the evaluation and retrieval of bloodstain pattern evidence.

The Daniel Pearl beheading l is equally as fraudulent as the Berg one. It’s a bit more grotesque-appearing. There is the appearance of real cutting of the neck. Plus, there are stills which show reddish (actually, purplish) material near the ‘body.’ No matter; it is quickly determined for what it is, an absolute phony.

In the still pictures actor and categorical fake Pearl appears subdued. He’s acting; actually, he is posing through PHotoshop. Pearl is a hedonistic Zionist extremist who hails from a long line of rabid pro-Israeli agents. His predecessors were directly involved in establishing the Zionist regime. For arch-Zionist plots it’s no minor issue for him to fake his death.

Yet, say the Zionists there is a “Recently released report confirms that Khalid Sheikh Mohammad beheaded Daniel Pearl.”

“I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew, Daniel Pearl, in the city of Karachi, Pakistan,” Khalid said, according to a Pentagon transcript released nearly four years ago. “For those who would like to confirm, there are pictures of me on the Internet holding his head.

Does anyone really believe such commentary? Note the purplish material about the ‘neck’ and next to the ‘head.’ It’s the same kind of fake as is always seen: mere tempura paint, which is purple through and through, lacking any red arterial blood.

The blood is not real. Nor is the wound. Just look at it. That open area is Photoshopped; the purple paint was added graphically. It’s obviously not coming from a real wound. There’s no splatter; it’s the wrong color: 10000000% fake.


Arterial spurting is an expected phenomenon from the slitting of arteries. Yet, it is never present in the Zionist hoaxes.

The spurting and spraying pattern is also seen, blow; note the spatter seen on the ceramic and tile surfaces. All these Zionist-orchestrated beheadings are fakes, as clearly proven by this comparison with forensic evidence.

Versus a real murder with “Multiple spatter pattersn in different forms. There is low-velocity drip, medium velocity drip near toilet bowl, and high velocity on the floor and pooling near the tub.”

Plus, in one image in the video it shows him without the shirt, then with. The Zionists can’t keep anything straight when they spew such lies.


The smirking fraud Pearl speaks from the corner of his mouth, as he tells the world, essentially, ‘I hail from one of the most dedicated Zionist families in the world’ and ‘Hey, everyone, I’m Jewish. They’re killing me, because I’m a Jew.’ What a filthy fraudster he is. Pearl is still alive, just like Berg, Sotloff, and Foley. Regardless, all that is needed to prove a fake is a smirking Zionist, whether the fake deceased or any other, like a phony relative.



Or, calm Zionists, speaking from the corners of their mouths, such as the arch-fraudsters above, those who are not whining or crying when about to be killed.

The Fake Beheading of American Contractor Paul Johnson

What about the Saudi-based American contractor, Paul Johnson. Was he really beheaded? Nevertheless, how could it be real? It happened in Zionist-controlled Saudi Arabia. How could ‘al-Qaeda’ get away with it in the midst of the militarized Kingdom?

Undated family photo of Paul Johnson with his wife


There’s not a drop of blood on the area next to the neck? It’s more of the same, purplish coloration versus real bright red arterial blood. Then, too, why is the phony blood only seen on the top edge of the knife? It’s that arch-fake purple color; there’s no such coloration on the edge. What a ridiculous fraud it is. Business must not have been too good for the arch-phony Johnson. He took a big pay-off to perpetrate the fabrication.

Moreover, let is not forget the fake ISIS beheading of the purported Kurdish military man; the Kurds are hardened allies with the Zionists. Obviously, the Kurdish autocracy lent such mean for the perpetration of this phony.


What about James Wright Foley? Was he really butchered to death by this same ISIS entity? It’s the same situation. Computer graphics-generated head plus the in-studio application of fake blood, that is through the PhotoShop paintbrush. This is why it was necessary to break for still images and, of course, not show the actual slitting of the throat, which would be impossible to fake.

jamesfoleyhoaxfakebehead3 jamesfoleybeheadinghoax1

The arch-Zionist mobsters merely dumped the fake  blood next to the fake image, would could even have been a dapper cadaver. The pouring plus splattering effect is clearly evident.

Then, there is the Sotloff fake. Obviously, that head is computer generated. The red matter is clearly painted on, to a degree in swirls. Look at the background and foreground as well as the gown. There is no pattern of arterial spurting found anywhere.


The Zionists truly are a criminal cabal – a crime syndicate of arch-fabricators and criminal elements beyond comprehension. These treacherous ones will stop at no length to perpetrate their murderous crimes, all for the sake of that cancerous entity, the vile, filthy Israeli regime.
Too, the evidence for the source of these fakes is hard. Arch-Zionist mole Rita Katz is the coordinator and producer of SITE, which means that it was the Zionist Jews themselves who produced these hoaxes. Furthermore, of the fake beheaded individuals represented here three are known Zionist Jews; perhaps Foley is also a Zionist, since his mother is apparently Jewish.
Down with the Zionists. Down with the Zionist regime. Down with their filthy fraud, may they be condemned forever.

Let them rot in their lies, and if they attempt another fake, it will, God willing, be proven so, here.

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  1. good one drk!!,to bring up the old beheadings hoaxes!!(by the way joan rivers “death”/hoax or real death,she is/was 81..8+1=9…betty white death hoax she is still alive,it’s a fake news story she is 92…9+2=11……9-11(it’s mockery,mindcontrol,illuminati,!!!)look on you tube:betty white hoax and joan rivers hoax-death….IT’S ALL ABOUT 9-11)the numbers,joan rivers=a zionist,betty white also,she gives the devil’s hornsigns sign……….both one the same day in the news…….

    • joan rivers did die at 1:17 P.M=another 9(if she really did die is the question?)look on you tube:jenn openyoureyes channel/russianvids about video’s about joan rivers……..it’s a real illuminati satanic bloodsacrifice or a hoax?(not a natural death,that’s for sure!)I THINK AND SAY A HOAX!(remember the robin williams death hoax at the age of 63=6+3=9 and he was also a zionist!,just like joan rivers,the dude,man guy……..)please look also at the brandnew video’s from PEEKAY22 on you tube: about joe biden saying he is a zionist,joe biden speech about isis,9-11,boston marathon,beheading(s),and mcCAIN talking about………..(JUST LOOK;)

      • september= a 9,there are video’s about joan rivers on you tube…3.33min=a 9-YOU TUBE:rivers death 81-jungle surfer channel(jungle surfer,is one of the top dogs on you tube if it comes to hoaxes,truth,masonic numbers,exposing men like joan rivers,michelle obama,kate middleton as a MAN,DUDE etc…)JUNGLE SURFER SAYS ABOUT JOAN RIVERS “DEATH”,IT LOOKS LIKE A HOAX…….(just wait if there are interviews,with family,friends,stars etc..from joan rivers,look how they respons,act……………..)I SAY,THINK JOAN RIVERS “DEATH”IS ANOTHER HOAX!

    • THE smirking of ALL the frauds,hoaxers,liars,IN EVERY HOAX is the arrogant way of ZIONIST LIFE!!(it’s in their blood,REAL BLOOD;)

    • I agree, they all were beheaded. I have seen some of the aftermath up close and personal. this article and journalist are idiots, plain and simple. they hide behind a computer and throw out outlandish statements that they themselves do not have the ***** to go out in the real world and see up close. this guy is a coward just trying to cause chaos…

  2. STEVEN aka Joel aka Yael aka Yoel aka Richard Allen mossad agent is very much alive just a lot richer now for his evil deception treasonous warmongering acting.

    I guarantee Daniel Pearl is alive and well as well and probably in USA half the time under his own **** name! The zionist scumbags are working harder than ever with their lies and hoaxes to destroy America. They want US destroyed as bad as they do the Muslims & Middle East but they know they need to use America to destroy the middle East first.

    • not only destroy america,also the whole world(it’s true the usa fabricated with help from the zionist the most hoaxes,but mh17 hoax=netherlands,australia,u.k,germany,usa,new zeeland,malaysia,etc involved…FREEMASONS,ZIONIST)don’t forget..the bigger plan=NEW WORLD ORDER,WW 3(CONTROLLED)MARTIAL LAW OVER THE YEARS IN EVERY COUNTRY WORLD WIDE(and the ebola psy op hoax)

    • They hate the Christian Americans with a passion!!
      They’ve taken away your freedom….

  3. I believe I finally found an alias for murderous, treasonous, lying genocidal maniac zionist terrorist Rita Katz of ZIO-LIE-O-MANIAC terror propaganda “SITE”. Adriene Katz appears to be her daughter who has lots of govt positions museums she may share those positions too. She makes sure to not share addresses with her, but I linked them. But her daughter is only 27. So all these other identities/aliaes as Adriene are around 56 to sixty three years old just like her. So Adriene Katz is her alias name and it has aliases lol — which are her! duh!
    I suspected this scundrel PsOp Israeli terrorist would have addreses in Arizona and she does. That way she can fly out there when they are making these hoax videos. I knew Arizona was the most likely place to make them in the USA and next best Nevada & Southern Cal desert next (because of greater potential for exposure in CA) and lastly New Mexico but no Hollywood wannabe’s would wanna be making even these cheesy B grade hoax movies in NM. But in Arizona the desert with middle Eastern looking barren land can be found right in Phoenix, Mesa and Tempe. And she and her daughter could do shell teaching jobs and museum and take graduate right in Tempe (& pull all the zionist scams on trusting goyim they wanted) and all the Babylon night life these zionists crave lol. Plus Arizona State would have massive theatre, TV, video, camera departments to supply sayanim actors for hoax event filming. Anyway these Adriene aliases have Tempe & Mesa Addresses maybe Phoenix too. This woman with her connections probably bought dozens of homes in the Phoenix area for dirt nothing from zio banksters after the 2008 planned crash and large scale home foreclosure/home theft through bank fraud aka promising to refinance when their AMR went up and then when it went up 30 to 50% the lying banksters refused to keep their promise and stole their home. In Phoenix some formerly 250,000 were getting auction to for 20- 25 cash. But again just to people in the know with the cash, not to people foreclosed on–no financing for them. This was a nationwide heist and harvest of the goyim’s wealth for the zionist Banksters. And the banks got massive tax rightoffs and government bailout money for themselves–NOT FOR THE HOMEOWNERS. Next time they crash the stockmarket and real estate market it will be even worse. But they will wait a couple more years so they can HARVEST MORE of the wealth of the goyim when they burst the bubble and reap their evil harvest in obedience with the evil book of Babylon.
    I think most of these video they do in Arizona on a ranch or a ase or even open desert park. And they can do other stuff in Studio in Atlanta, GA. Rita has atleast three homes in Norcross, GA and Atlanta.

    • I meant to say formerly $250,000 homes were auctioned off for 20,000 to $25,000.

  4. Zionist Jews have staged these fake beheadings to escalate the fraudulent war on terror in order to kill more people while also making money.

    Where will this greed end?

    Cashing In On The ‘War On Terror’



    • JFK Secret Societies Speech


    • I have 100% Daniel Pearl the fake slime ball mossad actor is alive and joking about his own faked death. His father is Judea Pearl. On Judea’s FB clearly his friend using the handle or alias Beau Shutz admittling working for the Israeli Terroristic Genocidal Nation in computer IT is the not dead Daniel Pearl criminal fraudster and treasonous warmonger who committed treason against America through his deception and fraud to.bring America unjustifiably into genocidal wars. He is admittedly in Israel, to work at destroying Palestine & America. It is him flexing his muscle showing his arrogance and his imagined zionist racial supremacy over and conquest of the enemy goyim in his death hoax operation.
      He obviously has been boldly, arrogantly spending time in America as the searches reflect him living in USA under his own name–Daniel Pearl!


      • Daniel Pearl’s father a traitor like the Rosenbergs, living in America proudly aiding and abetting his son’s hoax deception to bring WIII into full scale so America & The Arab, Muslim and African and Asian nations can mutually ddestroy each other to profit only the zionists and acheive their twisted genocidal dreams.


      • Judea Pearl, such an occult sounding name….

        • Go to Pearl’s facebook account this is him! He lives mostly in Israel. See his zio lies right here:


          This is Daniel Pear, 12 years older, flexing his muscle, showing his arrogance, lying like the demon mossad agent & zionist psychopath he is, Laughing at the goyim he has tricked and robbed and help mass murder with his filthy decepetion & faked beheaded. Identity searches show he’s still alive spending time in America both as Daniel & B Shutz/Bea Stutz.

          • Yes Those r actors who is hiding somewhere.

            Ur no better then ISIS if u think that “the zionist” r liars.

            9.11 is a hoax ahh. Ur stupid and childish. Get a life.

        • you know jews like,love also diamonds…..”diamonds AND pearls”-(also a prince song…)

  5. Cowboy,

    I couldn’t get JFK’s speech. Are you sure about this link?

  6. Can we call these beheadings Pro-Jewish blood libels?

  7. “… speaking from the corners of their mouths …”

    I do not understand, if this is #1 about body language, or #2 describing a criminal, comic like figure who should play in a Hollywood production?

  8. Has anyone noticed that the already dead Berg lifts his shoulders while sitting before the terrorist actors? I wonder if they used the good old Hollywood illusion of taking a stand in and pasting Berg’s copied head before the stand in’s face, but I have no idea if this trick could be used when pushing Berg to the ground.

    Berg’s beheading at Liveleak:


  9. BREAKING NEWS:YOU TUBE:dutch professor apologizes to putin over mh17 hoax-peekay22-channel(fresh video!)

  10. The operation to hide Steven Sotloff’s Jewish and Israeli background online


    • the comments from people on this article from ynetnews.com(and the other articles from mainstream media)about steven sotloff,james foley etc..are such a joke,it’s sooo fucking funny,these people who making comment(s)about steven sotloff”beheading”think they make smart comment(s)HAHAHAHAHA LMAO!!(what a dumbo’s..)i think 90% of the comment(s)they are from people who are get paid to make such comment(s)..read them,and laugh your *** of it’s sooooo funny HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHIHIHOEHOEHOEHIHIHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHIHOEHA(KUCH,KUCH,)HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHIHAAAAA

      • I saw those fucking comments and Im 100% sure that, inevitably, some of them are paid and/or computer generated. They are all over the place in the Zio-owned media.

  11. Revealed: Swaggering British ISIS fighters lived in ‘5 star jihad’ villa ONE MILE from Syrian refugee camp where UK aid worker David Haines was snatched


  12. Steven Sotloff, killed by Islamic State, had deep roots in Israel


  13. More on the treasonous Rita Katz trying to sell her bad production as truth.


    Portion of article: The Mossad front SITE Intelligence Group, directed by Rita Katz, was quick to get the so-called beheading video of Steven Sotloff. Naturally they put their logo on it.

    and – The other MAJOR problem with this video is the fact that it was made by the SITE GROUP, which by now everyone should be aware is a Jewish propaganda machine run by that ultra snake in the grass Jewess, Rita Katz. This group has been putting out so much bull **** over the last decade and by now everyone should be aware of their fraud, especially their work with the “Al Qaeda” laughable fraud videos…..This makes this video definitely a fake!

    More info on site.

    • Time to do an OP-ED on that criminal mind and her decade-long, murderous stint as an arch-Zionist fraud.

  14. I read that Joan Rivers would have a fake death about a week ago. I can’t believe he called it on the button just a few days ago.

    • the next fake death/hoax or real illuminati bloodsacrifice wil be SAM NEIL the actor he is 63……

      • He wont

        • 13 is also a good number?;)67=13;)even better……;)

        • my mistake about the age of sam neil,(ooops)but he is a satanic freemason that’s for sure!!(look on jungle surfer’s channel about sam neil…..)

        • christinne you wanna BET?about SAM freemason NEIL?;)just for the fun,for nothing or for something…;)for a c.d from the “talking heads’?;)or a bottle of fake blood?lol;)

          • Yes, Im ready to bet. Personally I dont care if Neill or any other celeb is illumi, Satanist or both. I also happen to like Sam Neill. On the other hand, being illuminati doesnt equal being Satanist. Now it depends what u understand by Satanism. One must be have an open mind top understand what Satanism is about.

          • do you like sam neil?i hope for he doesn’t fake his death or be just another illuminati bloodsacrifice….if you like him…please watch,jungle surfer video’s about sam THE FREEMASON MAN neil…..A MUST SEE,christinne……..(witch movie is your favourite movie of him?let me guess……mmmmmmm…THE PIANO?

        • arnold SCHNAZInegger is also 67=13(still a good satanic illuminati number;)he is also a satanic,illuminati freemason and his carreer is also in a freefall to the bottom in hollywoodland……..(i’l be BACK…)

          • Too many to name here, but, yes The Piano and Dead Calm among my faves

        • sam neil=66 years old, his birthday is 9-14-14 than he is 67….66 is a very,satanic illuminati number….(so we have 5 days,to see what is going to happen and 1 year….;)

          • correction:9 days and 1 year(sam FREEMASON neil)

      • btw he’s not 63, he’ll turn 67 next week

      • next year LIAM NEESON?(he is now 62…)first he must be 63………(all the famous people who are 27=9,36=9,63=9,81=9 one ,or a few of them could be illuminai,satanic bloodsacrifices real deaths,or fake deaths/hoaxes)IT’S ALL IN THE NUMBERS…………

        • 66 and 67 are also good numbers for a fake death or real satanic bloodsacrifice..;)

          • If u are so cool with numerology, what can u say about the number 28? Its my birth day.

          • 28 years old?mmmmmmm buy a lotto ticket……or a scratch lotto ticket………;)(by the way the illuminati way of life and the satanic/satanist way of life whoreship the anti christ,freemasons,satanic numbers,skull and bones,als ice bucket satanic ritual,witchcraft,mindcontrol,…………………… (by the way jungle surfer has new video’s about joan rivers…..and the other video’s about sam neil,etc..etc..are very mindblowing)

          • the numbers turn ALWAYS up in every hoax,fake deaths,real deaths(famous people),dissasters,etc….etc…i’m just learning everyday a little bit about the numbers from dave johnson and jungle surfer..THEY ARE THE MASTERS OF THE SATANIC,ILLUMINATI NUMBERS…

          • 67 days before today was the 6th of the 7th (6+7=13).

            I guess that means you are going to die today.

            See how easy working with numbers is? I did that in 30 seconds.

            I guess I’m part of the illuminati then, I know the number code.

      • correction sam FREEMASON neil=67 (13 is still a evil,satanic,illuminati number,soo it could still going to happen?;);)

  15. The 81 yr old vocal dischord is kinda dead or more likely a born again robin williams.
    Donation page ? to keep those plastic stretches.

    Comment on web :
    People say you should only say good things about the dead.
    Joan Rivers is dead. Good.

      • Yes, it does appear to be a fake. Convenient after her ill-conceived rant about slaughtering unarmed Palestinians. TMZ’s role is telling.

        • Picture of Nick Berg taken in 2010, identified as Nick Berg, alive and well. Clearly looking like Nick Berg closeup in good, clear quality. Now he doesn’t look like the fake head in the hoax video, but he never did. lol


          He feels he can be bold and use own name overseas galavanting around the country doing mossad communication jobs/setting up spy devices when he sets up towers, etc.
          Go and see Beau Shutz FB. He is Daniel Pearl near top of Judea’s friends list.

  16. Would be nice if “They live” could be filtered out…appears to be someone paid to make this site seem nothing but confusing. With reference to the fake “beheadings” I appreciate the description of marks from photoshop tools…other proofs of fakery…however what is most obvious (in my opinion) in the pictures of the “severed heads” is that the mouths are all closed or just partly open. Even a person who dies peacefully in a bed will be seen with mouth wide open, because the jaws in death just go slack. In life we use muscles to keep our mouths closed…Morticians fix the face of a deceased person to appear “closed mouthed”. I don’t want to give the fakers more ideas for doing better next time…just want people to know …if someone had actually cut off a head, from a living person, and held it up with one hand…the lower jaw would be hanging down and the mouth would be wide open.

    • cecelia?you dumb ****!!what in the hell are you talking about?I was the first one who brought up the ferguson hoax,michael brown fake death,the als satanic ice bucket challenge,THIS NODISINFO PAGE ABOUT THE OLDER FAKE BEHEADINGS!!!,the uzi shooting hoax,AND LAST WEEK I SAID THAT THERE WIL BE A JOAN RIVERS FAKE DEATH,….LAST WEEK,I TOLD IT!!!!stupid,****!!!me a paid troll,who brings confusion???you stupid,dumb,****!!!!!**** you!!!


    • cecelia?what’s your problem?i brought enough info,links,opinions on this page,where drk,nodisinfo BROUGHT NEW POST ON THE NODISINFO CHANNEL:1:the ferguson hoax.2:michael brown fake death.3: the uzi shooting hoax.4:JOAN RIVERS FAKE DEATH/HOAX(LAST WEEL I TOLD IT ON THE NODISINFO-CHANNEL….AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENS….(what do you do?0,0,zip,nada,nothing,only have bad comment(s)on ME!why?you dumb ****!)go watch disney channel or watch the teletubbies….nodisinfo isn’t for you…because you are toooo STUPID toooo understand my opinions,links,info!!DRK UNDERSTAND MY LINKS,HE MAKES NODISINFO PAGES OF THEM!!(you are the TROLL!!,BECAUSE WHY WOULD YOU,ASK DRK TO REMOVE ME FROM THE NODISINFO CHANNEL?WHEN I BRING VERY GOOD INFORMATION,THOUGHTS,LINKS!!!!

      • One day you will be placed into an insane asylum. I hope it’s soon

        • maybe i see ALSO joan rivers and robin williams and wacko jacko?when i visit YOU in the insane asylum….

    • i bring confusion???????????YOU BRING CONFUSION,DIRTY TROLL!!!!

  17. Seems the screenplay includes all the media to make it look real:

    LiveLeak bans future ISIS beheading videos – Aug. 21, 2014


  18. Next hoax coming in: Isis shooting blank cartridges at stuntmen driving down the embankment.

    ▶ ISIS militants target random cars and run them off the road – JewTube


    (The censoring of Jim Stone works, I was not able to pick the download from his site, needed to open a new window.)

  19. Excellent article. Never heard of the Paul Johnson one before.

  20. We need your analyses and opinions of these highly suspect “parents” of an alleged “veteran” who committed suicide at the Phoenix VA Hospital.

    Meet the “Somers” crew, at


    Zionist / Mormon lapdog and ARIZONA U.S. REPRESENTATIVE KYRSTEN SINEMA (www.KyrstenSinema.com) – a close contact of Obama (Barry Soetoro) – is hyping the “Somers” family plight intensely. Hence, our suspicions that this is some type of Zio-inspired scam.

    SINEMA ‘s flunkie in TEMPE, ARIZONA is obvious fake Khazarian “Jew” KENDRA LEVY ([email protected]) .

  21. Chechnyan leader: Isis has no relation to Islam


  22. Could this possibly be a picture of Steven Sotloff, who was beheaded by ISIS earlier this week?


  23. Photo Tweet Claims To Show Steven Sotloff Fighting With Syrian Mercenaries


  24. The Atlantic Alliance’s “Holy War” against the Islamic State (ISIS): NATO’s Role in the Recruitment of Islamic Terrorists


  25. ‘Junior jihadis’ paraded by their parents: Innocent children who show how ISIS terrorists are even indoctrinating babies


  26. Some new hoax coming?

    Plane with unresponsive pilot crashes off Jamaica


  27. Information disseminated about Sotloff by a reporter named Daniel Greenfield who is described as a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, states that:

    Beheaded journalist Steve Sotloff had a somewhat interesting bio. Before heading to Libya and Syria, he was a visiting fellow at FDD, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

    While much of his reporting from Syria trended toward advocacy, his coverage of Benghazi for Time was mainstream, he did have a worthwhile piece on the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Writing in 2011, Sotloff said that “One group that policymakers should be worried about is the Muslim Brotherhood. The movement has long taken an anti-Western line, supported attacks against Israel and even reached out to Iranian-backed groups.”

    From http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/dgreenfield/beheaded-journalist-steven-sotloffs-warning-about-the-muslim-brotherhood/

    The Shillman Journalism Fellow is funded by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, found here.


    What they do, right from their website, seems to be targetting students and disabling media people who disagree with their agenda: The David Horowitz Freedom Center combats the efforts of the radical left and its Islamist allies to destroy American values and disarm this country as it attempts to defend itself in a time of terror. The leftist offensive is most obvious on our nation’s campuses, where the Freedom Center protects students from indoctrination and intimidation and works to give conservative students a place in the marketplace of ideas from which they are otherwise excluded.

    and TruthRevolt is our newest program, run by Shillman Senior Fellow Ben Shapiro. Its goal is to unmask leftists in the media for who they are, destroy their credibility with the American Public, and devastate their funding bases.

    As for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies that Sotloff was a visiting fellow, they were founded after 911 for very biased purposes.


    Founded in the wake of the 9/11 attacks with the goal of pushing an aggressive “war on terror” in the Middle East and a hawkish “pro-Israel” line in Washington, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) is a neoconservative think tank that claims to defend democratic countries from “radical Islamism.” It is the successor organization of a group called EMET, an education initiative founded earlier in 2001 as part of an effort to gain support for Israel’s response to the Palestinian Intifada and to diminish public outcry against Israeli actions .

    Board of directors include such notables:

    ” Paula Dobriansky, an undersecretary of state during the George W. Bush administration; publisher Steve Forbes, a former GOP presidential candidate; former FBI director Louis Freeh; the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol; Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT); and former National Security Adviser Robert McFarlane. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is a past member, along with the late Jeane Kirkpatrick, Jack Kemp, and Max Kampelman. Its board of directors had a similar makeup. In 2013, members included the Republican House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), religious right figure Gary Bauer, neoconservative Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, Reagan-era Pentagon official Richard Perle, and the Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens.

    Join that with Rita Katz and her destructive, faked videos, and you get a good idea of who we are dealing with.

  28. Get ready for more show, folks, which is Sotloff’s “funeral”. Amazing how they scheduled, River’s “death” and Sotloff’s “death” and then their funerals, so as to match the whole picture, keeping sheeple distracted:


  29. Executed journalist Steven Sotloff’s smuggled letters read at his funeral


    “Everyone has two lives; the second one begins when you realize you only have one,” he wrote.” Clue to faking his death, thanks, Steven, ure not that smart….

  30. Friends, supporters worked to keep Steven Sotloff’s Israel ties secret


  31. His father doesnt seem to care, his cousins look like they are having a good time. Now thats a fuckin funeral….

    Memorial service held for IS victim Steven Sotloff


  32. The choice of Sotloff famiy spokesperson is suspect and leads us back to who is responsible.


    Portion of article, more on site – Another facet of the story calling into question its authenticity is the Sotloff family’s choice for a spokesperson. “The family knows of this horrific tragedy and is grieving privately,” one Barak Barfi told the Miami Herald. “There will be no public comment from the family during this difficult time.”

    Barak Barfi is in fact a “research fellow” at the New America Foundation, “where he specializes in Arab and Islamic affairs,” according to New America’s website.[5] Barfi was formerly a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution. In 2011 Mr. Barfi strongly advocated the overthrow of the Muammar Qaddafi government in Libya, and has advanced similar arguments against Syria’s Bashar al-Assad regime.

    “Barak Barfi is indeed the spokesperson for the Sotloff family,” New America Foundation media relations representative Jenny Lu Mallamo confirmed to this author in an email response to a September 3 query.

    While touting itself as “non-profit” and “non-partisan,” the New America Foundation is in fact a well-heeled think tank and advocacy organization backed by powerful globalist figures and entities including Bill Gates, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the Ford Foundation, the US Department of State, and the US Agency for International Development.

    Barfi works within NAF’s Counterterrorism Strategy Initiative headed up by CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen. The author of Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for Bin Laden—From 9/11 to Abbottabad, Bergen promotes the official myth and state propaganda line concerning bin Laden’s apparent decade-long existence following his reported death in 2001.

    • Now posted. The plot thickens. Thks.

  33. I dont think its fake, why.would they even need to fake that if they can easily do that for real? Why would i be making a realistic fake frog instead of catching one ?

  34. All you craziies and amoeba brains in one place. Did you all get dropped on your heads as children?

  35. What a lot of shite, there’s no way those decapitations are fake. The reason there is a lack of arterial spray is because of reflex cardiac arrest which instantly stops the heart and all pump volume. Lack of pump volume means lack of high pressure exsanguination. This happens when someone is in extreme fight or flight and simultaneously has their vagus nerve compressed (vagal inhibition). The vagal compression takes place when the knife is pushing up hard against the carotid sheath.

  36. Yes Those r actors who is hiding somewhere.

    Ur no better then ISIS if u think that “the zionist” r liars.

    9.11 is a hoax ahh. Ur stupid and childish. Get a life.

  37. The people on this site who think these beheadings are fake are a special kind of stupid. Retarded.

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