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Man Pops on Fake Wounded Body in Nice Hoax

The claim regarding Nice, France, of a real truck attack against unsuspecting tourists by a deranged Muslim is an absolute lie and fraud. This was a well-planned fraud to coincide with the Orlando homosexual bar shooting fraud and also the hoax staged shooting in Dallas.

For instance, in Nice why are crisis actor common people doing all the treatment and care over the purported victims instead of actual trained medical personnel?


The lady in yellow fully demonstrates this. She can be seen in the video moving directly to one of the supposed (but fake) wounded:


On what basis is she doing so? Just off site, just behind her, the following was discovered. It’s a French ambulance. It was there in advance but is not being used for critical care. Yet, none of the EMTs are there, rushing over, to take care of the person next to the woman in yellow. This is hard proof of staging and hoaxing, the ambulance itself being a prop. There can be no other possibility.


With French medical professionals and police abounding about the site it is not possible that these wounds or deaths, as represented in the pictured causeway, are real.

So, then, what about the fake blood packet? Is the evidence definitive? Did someone really place one and then explode it? Or, is that, too, an illusion?

Here are the typical fake blood capsules or packets used to pop in order to cause the appearance of wounds and bleeding:



It is clear that this is precisely what he is doing. A fake blood capsule or packet has been placed on the abdomen. That capsule is seen as a small purplish-red dot. Screenshot captures the hand, palm flat, just over the packet. He then slaps it, essentially striking with a slap of the palm on the abdomen. It is undeniable what is seen despite the blurriness of the video. Regardless, who would strike the abdomen of a hurting, dying person? For medical-legal reasons alone no one would do so. Thus, this was a fake; there can be no other conclusion.

It’s an illusion, pure deception. The Zionists will go to all extremes to demonize Islam. In this case he not only strikes the fake blood packet but also spreads the matter. It can be seen that the fake blood drizzles off the side of the abdomen.


What is he doing rubbing the abdomen, or even the blood, of a real person without gloves, by the way? No one finds this plausible to any degree. Here are zoom-in images as additional proof. These represent before-and-after the hand-slap or pop.


It can be clearly seen that the fake blood packet extends after the pop. It is a deception, an arch-corruption, to the extreme.

Undeniable proof of the popping of a fake blood packet

After he pops it, and, then, spreads it, what is seen? He stands up, and there is fake blood on his hand, the same color as what is seen in the fake blood packets:


This is clearly what it is, that is it isn’t an artifact. This is real fake blood on his hand as a result of popping the packet.



The entity appears to be a dummy; it doesn’t move and did not respond to the palm-slap action.

Here is additional evidence of the use of fake blood, which is this woman standing over the hoaxing agents:


NOTE: No human being could have stick-legs like that so, thus, this appears to be merely a dapper cadaver dummy.

She appears to be holding a container of fake blood in her left hand. Ignore the arrow on the right aiming at the white object:


The blob of red matter identified by the large arrow is a fake blood pool. By the way no one is in shock anywhere in this arena, which is impossible considering the circumstances. People would be screaming in pain. Yet, this is never seen, not in the least degree.

They appear to also be dressing a dummy, a mere stick entity at best. The phony good Samaritan is giving chest pumping movements but on the wrong side, on the right, if at all. Regardless, the woman in lavender is also bearing a fake blood packet and has dumped some of the matter on the ground.

Additional fake, dumped blood is seen, here:


Those pools of fake color do not relate to any injuries of any kind. The Zionists worked over-time and at breakneck speed to perpetrate this hoax. Their entire purpose is to demonize the faith of Islam to the most extreme degree possible: all as a distraction for high crimes by Zionist Jews in the Middle East and throughout the world.

It is strictly Zionist criminal minds who are behind this plot. They planned it, produced it, orchestrated it, and, then, presented it before the whole world as if real. It’s not real, as proven but is nothing other than a terminally corrupt fraud perpetrated upon the world by the world Jewish mob.


[UPDATED] BREAKING FRANCE! TUNISIAN MUSLIM behind Bastile Day Terrorist attack in Nice, at least 84 dead, 100’s wounded



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  1. Ex7-d) Baton Rouge Triple Cop Killing Revenge PsyOp- Mom Crisis Actor in Masonic Black & Red

    nurse Corine Woodley (of Kansas & SanDiego) Fake Mom of Gavin Long, played by his real Grandmother Pamela Antwine of Kansas City & San Diego & New Orleans. Actress -Wellness nurse, voice Actor, Crisis Actor.
    Her “Son character” the cop killer Gavin Long is played by her Grandson Andrew Sealy alias Gavin Sealy Woody & Gavin Sealy & Gavin Long.
    Notice her (here as Corine Woodley) in her black and red top & suit jacket worn at Tavis Smiley Happy Hoax PsyOp Interview. It is very similiar the top & jacket I will show her wearing on her Pam Antwine Facebook Cover photo! **** near identical. Just stitching on this red jacket, rest is the same. & And no wrinkle cream & gaudier makeup & wig in this disguise to make her look different & less sophisticated! my Ex7a,7b,7c & 7e) of Pamela Antwine aka Corine Woodley..

  2. Ex1) Munich Mall Massacre PsyOp Meets Nice Happy France SloMo Truck Massacre Hoax!!! Another Zio Mall Hoax Massacre!
    Same ZioCrisis Actor Films Both PsyOps!

    Can this Buffoonery get more ridiculous??
    ZioClown Richard Gutjahr Films Both Hoax Events for Mossad & the ZioPsychppaths!
    LMAO ROTF!!!
    And he Does Triple Duty playing a Machine Gun Welding Cop Fake Hero apparently too! What a traitorous Buffoon Israeli Slimebag! Committing treason all over Europe! Send him back to France & try & conivict him for treason! Then off with his head! lol! His wife is zionist Israeli ziotrash Psychopath & Mossad Agent Wilf Einat!

    Below From Open Gun Carrying Patriot / Virginia Militia member & Richmond Peace Activist- The Amazing Chris Dorsey!

    Mossad Agent Films Staged Munich Shooting & Bastille Day Hoax
    Richmond Peace 59 views

    Published on Jul 22, 2016To quote Mossad agent Richard Gutjahr this video is like something “out of a bad movie” Gtujahr is married to Einat Wilf. Richard Gutjahr who filmed the Nice France Bastille Day Staged attack is married to Mossad agent and Knesset member Einat Wilf.
    Wilf is a member of Ehud Barak’s breakaway HaAtzma’ut or Independence Faction in the 18th Kenesset. She served as a lieutenant with the IDF’s ‘Shmoneh Ma’atayim’ or Unit 8-200 in signals intelligence and decryption, holds a BA in Government and Fine Arts from Harvard University an MBA from SEAD in France and a PhD in Political Science from Cambridge University. She was a foreign policy adviser to Vice Prime Minister Shimon Peres. She replaced MK Ophir Pines-Paz as the 13th member of the Labor faction of 2009. MK Wilf has found herself at the center of controversy over Ehud Barak’s recent decision to break from the Labor Party.

  3. Ex2) Nice Hoaxer & Munich Mall Massacre Mossadomite In Yulmulke Now playing a Fake Cop?? Sure looks like this Fraudster Richard Gutjahr yet again? Maybe he got his brother a Crisis Acting Treason job but it sure looks like him!×355/ap_860535725744.jpg

  4. Ex 3) Nice Connected New Munich Mall Massacre Hoax Starring Nice Crisis Actor Hoax Buffoon ZioJew Richard Gutjahr!

    Good work Chris Dorsey!

  5. Ex 4) Merry Mossad Munich McDonalds Mall Massacre PsyOp…

    ..Connected To Same Ziotrash Scum Crew as Nice Truck Hoax Massacre On French Riviera!

    Free Trips to the French Guillotine for these Ziotrash traitors upon conviction!
    Start with Hollande & Merkel Jerkel! Let em’ roll!

    • Hey Cowboy… it has been reported that you have divulged the radio frequencies used to control right wing nuts like you. Since you promised to hold this information in strict confidence in exchange for our easing up on your tuning, we shall have to re-tune your frequencies. Sit tight.

      • You only wish you Babylonian Talmudists freaks could control me! Not a chance zio! lol You better get back to you gold from lead alchemy & Wailing wall buffoonery!

        • The irony is, cowboy, that you ARE fully controlled by the Jews. Not everyone, but certainly you. You don’t go an hour without thinking of Jews.

          Too fracking funny!

  6. Ex6) Mossad Munich McDonalds Mall Massacre Milling & Drilling Around Bozo Keystone Cops Buffoonery!

    Watch all the Crisis Actors & Media Standing Around & Milling Around unconcerned as cops in full Military armour come running out in unison hoaxily seven of them around 2 min mark! And they stop behind cars & trucks in hoax fear like boogeyman or redcoats are about shoot at them…As unprotected Crisis Actors & media goofballs feel no danger what-so-ever! Because they know it’s a hoax treason PsyOp!

  7. I did much better-harder research on Baton Rouge Fake Cop Killer & his fake mom.. Haven’t posted on him yet just his Grandmother. See last thread.
    Also on this Munich Hoax you know it will tie in a hundred ways the 1972 Munich OLYMPICS PsyOps Jews & Israel as ever the Victims Hoaxery! Like 44 years & all kinds of Gematria the zio& Talmud indane Freaks love like flies lobe horse $h#t!… Or their spawn maggots!

    • Do you know someone who never existed?
      Know a person who was involved in a major event and mysteriously disappeared?
      Weren’t satisfied with a funeral where there was no open casket?
      Weren’t satisfied with a funeral where there was an open casket?
      Do you know a famous person who recently ‘died’?
      Suspect your partner or loved one of being a crisis actor?


      We have more than 30 years experience with hoax/gun control reporting and for a small fee, will use state of the art desktop technology to track down your person of interest. You will be provided with a detailed report of Exhibits including comparative photographs, fully timestamped Twitter and Facebook feeds and a list of everyone with the same or similar name who currently lives in the United States.

      Cowball Investigations Inc. has a bona fide 100% success rate!*

      Call today for a special introductory offer of $199 on Maryland 410 666 777 or email [email protected]


      *Terms & Conditions: The user accepts that Cowball Inc has no recognized qualifications or experience. Cowball Investigation Inc takes no responsibility for incorrect or misleading results. No guarantee of success. User accepts that no further investigation required if your POI appears to have moved offshore. No money back. LOL!

  8. Comments like this are insulting to the intelligence of anyone serious about the crisis we are in.

  9. Insulting to any braindead zioMedia programmed idiots who believe this zioHollywood fakery & treason is real! It’s fake! 100 percent Fake!

  10. Ex7) Munich Olympics Hoax Memorial 44 YR Anniversary Hoax At Olympic Mall! Celebrating 1 Hoax occultically with another Hoax! Zio Insanity!

    9 Hoax Killed 45 (5 x9) Days Short of the 44th yr Great Mossad Hoax Munich Olympics Terror By Fake Terrorist Group Red September–the MOSSAD Created Fake Terrorists to make Israel & zionist ziotrash Jews look like victims after all the Real terror & genocidal mass murder these zionist Psychopath beasts were committing in Palestinian against innocent people! And same ongoing genocide the zionist are still committing today against Palestine (& Syria & Iraq through their zioPuppet proxies like USA, ISIS, al Queda SFA & Turkey & even Egypt’s ziopuppet government!

    No body died in Munich today, yesterday or in 1972 Munich Olympics Hoax Fakery!

  11. The Jews & Their Lies.

    Part 1 Introduction
    By the Great Martin Luther who figured them out & exposed their lies & evil!

  12. Deutsche Douchebag Massodomite *** **** Gutjahr telling his ridiculous scripted lines/lies about the super SloMo Hoax Terror Massacre Truck.

  13. The Jews & Their Lies
    Part 2
    By Martin Luther the man who figured them out & figured all their tricks & lies out & their genocidal zionist racism & evi Babylonian Talmud many centuries ago!

  14. Question??? How come there was no blood on the white truck?? After all, if the truck driver plowed into over 200 people and 84 of them were killed, don’t you think that there would be blood on the front of the truck, but there isn’t.


    Police secure the area around the truck in Nice on July 15.

    By Mike King

    This white truck struck and splattered 1 animal.

    This white train struck and splattered 1 animal.

    All aboard the murder train

    This white truck struck and splattered 1 animal.


    Nice, France: This squeaky-clean white truck, we are told, struck, splattered, crushed and killed 84 people and injured nearly 202 more — many of them “critically.”×366 Police secure the area around the truck in Nice on July 15.×366

    More blood on a dead roadside rat than on the white mass-murder truck! Heck — I once struck a low flying pigeon and had a few blood drops on my front fender!

    And for those who say: “The truck was only going 25 mph. That’s why there was no splattering.” — Well, then why didn’t those 300 people simply step aside and get out of the way of the slow-moving truck? A crazed “mass killer” would have stomped on the accelerator, not driven the local speed-limit!

    What horrible “shooting!” Not a single sticker, er, bullet on the driver’s side. And no hairline cracks either?

    * French steering wheels are on left, just like American ones.

    By the way, did you know that Nice, France is blanket-covered by video surveillances? Nice actually has the most CCTV cameras per block in all of France! — 915 public surveillance cameras. (here)

    Why are there no city surveillance videos of the “mile long” assault, eh Monsiur Inspector?

    Another “wag the dog” hoax attack designed to frame the big bad Muslims and keep everyone in a state of fear and subservient to the warmongering governments of NATO and Israel.

      • Another Fraudulent disinfo comment by Ziotrash Tranny-loving, woman-hating deviant *** Gabriel!
        Atleast Christinne is a real woman with a real mind & intellect and principles & scrupples & honest opinions, unlike you cowardly zionist fraudster Jew piece of faggy, tranny-esque filth & sewer rat Gabriel! Be gone, back into your sewer ratboy Gabriel!

        Fake post by Tranny-loving *** Gabriel fraud posted as Christinne JULY 23, 2016 AT 4:07 AM
        Still waiting for Cowboy to burst my blood bag.

        You be knocked out everytime you showed your face in public Gabriel they way you attack decent woman if you did it publicly you piece of sh#t! And such a cowardly slimey worm you can’t ever post you **** under your own name!

    • Another Fraudulent disinfo deviant gibberish post by ziotrash troll Gabriel posted under my name like the coward *** mossadomite Gabriel is:

      Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of:) CowboyJULY 23, 2016 AT 12:55 AM
      Hoaxes busted!

  15. Ex9) 33&44 Coded Mossad Munich 44 Yr Hoax Massacre Celebration At Olympic Mall Celebrating Munich Olympics Mossadlim Hoax Hostage Massacre PsyOp in 1972!!

    Ridiculous Special McDonalds Double M- “MM” sign used to represent 33 In Masonry & Babylonian Talmud Judeic Occult!

  16. Ziotrash Jew troll deviant *** Gabriel’s fake female in drag *** persona Cyndi

    (Tranny Gabriel deviant *** as:)cyndi JULY 22, 2016 AT 2:13 PM
    You really are all one sandwich short of a picnic . Absolutely barking mad ! A lot of your content is also racist , and you will be caught for all this. All on your laptops ,tapping out while you take your meds 4 times a day , watch that chief nurse ,you might just have angered her too much . MAD/Looneytunes/racist and psychotic lunatics.
    Rudolf you’re not going meet any actual females on this site please don’t fall for deviant Gabriel ***’s tricks! I exposed freak troll name many months ago posting identical ziotrash Gabriel posts. You gave personal information to Gabriel previously by falling for his fake female (with d#ck) trick. Which he still posts against you to this day.

    • Mel Gibson was right Jewish Zionists are the cause of all the wars. With the help of American/Israel secret murdering intelligence agencies like CIA and Israel’s evil murderers Mossad who have taken part in countless false flag terrorist attacks and hoax terrorist attacks to stir up islamaphobia. All for their sick greedy oil grabbing agenda in the Middle East and to create police states everywhere as well as New World order.

  17. Demonic Witch Hillary has Trance Based Malfunction Fit

    This is from her Satanic Trances she takes part in & Hypnotism sessions Programming. Why? Firstly to try to enable her to memorize facts & seem knowledgeable on current events & not give out her natural zionist Psychopath warmongering answers to questions but instead give more seemingly peaceful, thoughtful answers–which is extremely hard for her since she is a war-loving & bloodthirsty genocidal psychopath. And secondly to enable her to seem more friendly in public which is very hard for her since she hates common people & is a power hungry control freak & butch lesbian predator. At the end of her second term she will come out as a lesbian & probably have a *** wedding with Mossad agent Huma Abedin or maybe a younger trophy lipstick lesbian.

  18. Ex8) Mossad Munich Olympic Mall 44 Yr Anniversary Hoax & Nice Hoax Video’er Mossad Agent **** Gutjahr Pulls His Staged Munich McDonalds Mall Massacre MM-33 Video from multiple Sites!

  19. ISIS is A Mossad created & controlled, CIA assisted Operation, just like Al Queda it is only to serve Israel & Zionist Psychopath goals like creating a Greater Israel Empire.
    All ISIS’s main bases are in Golan Heights, de Facto Israel, zioPuppet Turkey & USA oocupied Iraq!

    Israel’s ISIS & Al Queda & SRA mercenaries are fighting an all out genocidal war against the Syrian people, Hezbollah Lebonese Patriots & Syrian Army. Yet all American, Turkey & Israel air support, missile support & artillery support is on the side of ISIS & these murderous Israeli controlled mercenaries!

  20. Ex10) 33 Munich Olympics 44yr Anniv’ Mall McDonalds Massacre Celebration PsyOp-Casual Friday for CrisisActor Cops!

    Yes Keystone Cops, Blue Jean Shorts, Tennis Shoes, no socks, No Armour, no problem & a submachine gun to point randomly, unsafely towards people, where-ever the director points for staged photo ops!

    Just As Fake as Munich Olympics Terror PsyOp 45 days short of 44 years ago was! Same zionist Jews behind it as, just as then! Same new zio jew lies for old goyim suckers!

  21. Ex11)More Moronic Munich Mall McSilly McDonalds Mossad McMassacre MaLarkey- Fake Dead Bodies, Crisis Actors & Drill Evauator Checking Out VicSims But No Paramedics Allowed Near Em’!

  22. Ex 5) Munich ’72 Olympics Hoax Celebrated by 44yr Memorial Hoax Massacre at Olympics Mall Next Door!

    Brought to you by proud sponsors Volkeswagen Werks, Ziotrash Jerks & Ray ZioJew Kroc if $h#t’s McDonalds!

    Because at Volkeswagon we’ll do damned near anything to get the zioMedia off our backs over the Diesel cars scandal!

  23. Ex13) Munich McMall Hoax Bavarian Khazar Hoax Police Terrorizing Crisis Actors -Machine Gun In Faces Fun Staged Theater PysOp!

    ZioPsycholigical Terror Making Munich’s peope into Eunichs! .. And all Germans!×920.jpg

  24. Ex14)More Munich Olympics Mall Massacre -Another Drill Evaluator ZioClown Detected In Staged Picture…

    Inspecting Costumes of Fully Militarized & Armourized Machine Gun Welding Hoax CAMO wearing SWAT police buffoons!

  25. Ex9) Munich McMall Massacre Happy Meal Hoax Paid Smiley $$$ Crisis Actors With Hands Behind their Heads Staged Photo Fakery…!/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_960/image.jpg

  26. Ex15) Munich Olympics Mall McDonalds McMassacre Super McFakery- Dead Hoax Bloodless Body Left Unattended, Unmarked, Untaped-Off Next To Peaches At Produce Stand & Bicycles! LMAO!

    “Hey mom can we get some of those nice ripe peaches at that stand by the movie stage prop dead body?”×360.jpg

    This is Psychological Terror Warfare Waged treasonously Against The Germans & World’s people by the zionist psychopaths but also: Reinforcement programming of the 44 the Anniv’ of the Munich Terror Hoax & Predictive programming 45 days before the zios stage Munich Olympics Hoax Memorials in Germany in August to remind people/reinforce the super lie that the jews are the never ending innocent victims of Germans & Palestinians & all the Eeevile antisemite Goyim peoples of the world everywhere! And only the self chosen zionist Master racists can be trusted & hired to stop endless terror by murderous goyim masses worldwide!

  27. ALL jews are either criminals or terrorists!

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