Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 21 December 2016
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Fake Blood Bladder Detected in Berlin Truck Attack Hoax

It is an arch-Zionist mole’s world, make no mistake about it. What else do such vile ones have to do other than to plot against all that is good and decent? See these Zionist moles in action, Sandy Hook-style, as they commit great corruption in the land. The Nice hoax wasn’t good enough, thoroughly exposed as it was. Now, these criminal minds must commit yet another arch-fake, once again falsely heaping blame upon Islam and its people.

Moreover, it is the dark of the night, now, that is the standard for these Islamophobic hoaxes; less can be readily seen. More, thus, can be disguised. It is not so easy to detect the fake wounded or phony dead in these late-night arch-phonies.

Even so, sure it was, right; it was a ‘radical Islamic’ act, sure. ISIS takes the credit. Now, that actually makes sense, since this is an agency of the Mossad, standing for nothing other than the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service:

Image result for images; truck; berlin; attack; lorry; christmas

The first question should be asked, though, is how could a bunch of sticks and a few Christmas ornaments cause such crush damage to that window? In fact, there is no way it could do so. Furthermore, there is no significant damage to the grill. Now, how is that possible?

People rage with hate about this, spewing venom against this grand faith, while the Zionists commit greater and greater crimes, including bloodthirsty murder, while they rampage against innocents: while they oppress the common people, forcing them from their homes, destroying their future and livelihood.

Yet, meanwhile, as it is doing nothing but is, rather, the victim of such criminality Islam gets the blame? Why not? These venomous ones make it appear as if it is demonic, as if it actually is a sponsor of international terror. Thus it is that the Zionist-controlled media begins the hoaxing with such feigned warnings:

If it is so shocking, then, why are these Germans walking by the so-called wounded, paying no heed to any degree:

She is walking by the ‘good Samaritans’ as if nothing is happening; of course, she is; nothing IS happening.

This still shot is right out of the ‘graphic’ video; no one is paying any attention, no one’s preoccupation is broken, which proves that this is nothing other than a stage.

They are walking right by the ‘blood.’ Why aren’t they reacting to it?

Why should they? It doesn’t clot; it just runs down the cracks with gravity. Also, notice that the crisis actor on the pavement, here, is not injured to any degree. Plus, that splintered wood is a prop, placed under him.

Even so, could there be a more clear and evident arch-Zionist mole than this, that hideous one operating under disguise, sneaking about, cloaked in black. Then, what does this falsifier do? She puts out a rubber hose, an element of a fake blood bladder, and sprays that fake matter onto the pavement:

Here is another image of the mole, an Zionist spy that she is, whose sole purpose is to place a black mark on the Islamic faith:

See how the fake blood has drained away from the nozzle, though the bladder itself is being concealed.

The bladder hose is right there before the eye, and the amount of red matter at this time is modest. Now, watch what happens on the video as additional red spray is spewed out:

Here is another view of the forced expulsion of red matter, lightened up:

Is it not incredible? The Zionist agent appears to be squeezing on something under her clothing, in an attempt to push out more red matter.

At this time, too, what can be heard in the background? It is people talking in Arabic, but it is coarse Arabic; most likely, it is Zionist agents; Israeli Jews. There is a Hebrew accent, and they can be heard to say the Arabic word for prostitute, sharmoota, in the background.

This is the same type of staging seen in Nice but without the obvious dapper cadaver dummies. For some reason with few exceptions less fake red matter is used in this hoax versus Nice:

Here is a fake good Samaritan acting as if he is holding onto a wound. Why does the person have such a wound? No truck strike would cause such a small bleeding back wound. This is merely fake blood applied as part of the drill.

It’s the same fake blood as seen, here, in this case obviously painted on:

Hoax index: not measurable. This is a fake attack, just like Nice. What else could be expected from Zionist-controlled Europe?



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  1. Ex6) German Hoax Truck Massacre- Traitorous Worldwide Mossad Scum US Army Embeded Crisis Actor Detected-Taylyn Hulse Serves Zionist Enemy As False Witness Liar along with ARMY embeded DHS Boyfriend!

    She graduated from an exclusive Jewish run goyim school school in Lancaster PA 2009, then Univ of Richmond VA. & has been traveling the world for the zionist psychopaths & mossad since then!
    How many zioScams has this ziotrash puppet already committed in treason against the American people & against the world???

  2. Ex6-b) Busted ZioPuppet Scum
    Germany “Nice France Style” ISIS Truck Massacre Worldwide Mossad Agent Taylyn Hulse Lying Crisis Actor of USA, Germany, Israel, Japan & Australia!


  3. Ex2-b)German Truck Attack (33 Coded)-9 Hoax Killed, 50 injured! In Recycled Ziotrash, ZioHollywood, fake Nice France in early Script! Yet 12 & 48 later! Lol

    Original Early versions of this Hoax PsyOp of Reuters, AP, CNN, AFP etc all said said 9 dead & 50 injured..ofcourse just a made up number, but scripted achieve their 33 freemason degree code as in 9 is 3×3 for a Talmudic, Kabbalic 33. Then next they changed the numbers to 12 dead and 48 injured which 12 gives you a 66 code they keep putting in nearly every recent hoax PsyOp. A high level freemason will often have 2 triangles with a 33 inside each dangling on a spring with tassles around his neck. It alludes both to 33 & 66 & also even 666 this way.

    Anyway 9 & 50 is 59 dead or wounded, yet 12 & 48 is sixty, so how would you magically get another dead or wounded hours later after the fact?? You woyld not!

    Anyway I not saying later zioHollywood script versions of this PsyOp don’t say even higher number of combined wounded or dead. Rather I am saying emphatically the increasing overall casualty number proves the hoax. This is not a bombing with hidden dead under debri where no victims-VicSims can be found. Lol

  4. Ex1-b) Merkel Ziotrash witch was Warned of (New Fake German Truck) Christmas Attack Weeks Ago! Only proves it totally Fake 1billion percent!

    This report about Merkel ziotrash Jerk-all was done to make it look more real by making her look to her enemies & critics incompetent & to have both side divided & conquered arguing this point while have both sides in doing so accepting this as a real event. And ofcourse she new it would happen months ago! But it was a long planned, staged fake zionist hatemongering & warmongering multi-agendas PsyOp Event!


  5. Ex7) German (NiceFranceStyle) Truck Massacre Hoax Crisis Actor Taylyn Renee Hulse of USA, AUS, ISRAEL, Germany is alias as Melissa Renee Ferguson & Horne of USA & CA & has done Zio PsyOps in Canada!

    Yes she is heavier here because she had a kid but she has thinner & heavier pictures as both Taylyn Hulse & as Melissa Renee Ferguson-Horne. Also she apparently has done porn as Melissa Renee Hulse according to caches although I have not look at the porn. Also her sister or mother or both may also use some of these aliases, as these mossadomites do, but this account is clearly her.


  6. Ex8-b) German Nice France Style Truck Massacre Purple Freemason York Rite Tie Worn By Both ZioPuppet FOX Freemason Bill O’Reilly Scum & his HoaxLiar Interviewee Jerkster


    I’m not saying Bill O’Reilly is necessarily a York Rite freemason but he is a Freemason whether Scottish Rite or York Rite or whatever and he is wearing a purple tie along with the other mason jerk to Cryptically reveal that this hoax was orchestrating primarily by zios ( in & out of Freemasonry) & their ziopuppets in The York Rite.

    • Ex8-c) Berlin Germany “Nice France Style” Truck Massacre Hoax PsyOp- Freemason York Rite Purple Tie- Represented By Bill O’Reillly & Crisis Actor Guest both wearing purple ties & Duality of 2- 33 degree masons on both sides of the PsyOp as guest & host!

      FOX ‘s Bill ‘Reilly is 100 percent Shabas Goy $ellout Actwhore Freemson, ziopuppet! He’d sell his own mother out to serve his masters & keep his power & his self in the spotlight & in the bigtime Egotripping!


  7. Ex8-a) German Nice “France Style” Truck Massacre Purple Freemason York Rite Tie Worn By ZioPuppet Freemason Bill O’Reilly Scum & his ziopuppet guest freemason HoaxLiar Jerk

    My “Exhibit 8-b)” is a freemason ceremonial York Rite purple tie. But they still wear contempory business style ties to represent the same things cryptically & subliminally. And I will show you purple & other business ties with Freemason symbols embeded, embroided.


    • Ex8-b) German Truck Attack PsyOp- CNN Openly *** Reporter Don Lemon Also Wears Purple York Rite Coded Tie & His female guest wears purple Lipstick! Lol!

      Purple is very big in female Eastern Star freemasonry also. They are letting you know she is freemason too,
      . You can bet Don Lemon is a freemason & is a zionist & a half jew as well genetically. To the AskeNAZI’s he & his lineage, if he had kids is not really acepted as jewish (except as a sayanim), until several generatons & until his blackness is hidden & the same to Sephardam except his lineage would be accepted as Jewish quiker since his offspring could blend in as a Sephardic jew quicker generationally…. Not that this Mossadomite sodomite would ever mate with a woman & have kids.. Nevertheless he could donate his sperm to a lesbian couple or hire a jewess or white goyim woman or whoever to bear him & a homo lover a child or several to homosexualize, sodomize or whatever use as child sex slaves. Don Lemon was probably a child sex himself. He has had MK Ultra style malfunctions in the past if I remember correctly.


  8. Excellent analysis, doc, on both articles on the Berlin hoax and u should revise ur Russian ambassador “shooting” piece coz I said, its another hoax, even more blatant and ridiculous than the Berlin one

    • Christinne DECEMBER 21, 2016 AT 4:16 AM
      Excellent analysis, doc, on both articles on the Berlin hoax and u should revise ur Russian ambassador “shooting” piece coz I said, its another hoax, even more blatant and ridiculous than the Berlin one
      Right Christinne, absolutely!

      & You are especially right to say Revise it & not pull it! The videos I posted & points I added & their points show it is a hoax. For the same purposes of a real assasination done by the zionist, only completely staged, nobody died. I meant to only post the 1st 3 words: “Right Christinne, absolutely!” …But anyway..

      Also I bet another big International Hoax-PsyOp is coming that will tie into both of these psychologically especially as the Muslim aka Mossadlim terror hatemongering & warmonger angle!

  9. A-hole Gabriel tries to be clever, but it’s another fraudulent post by Tranny *** & pedophile ring defending ziotrash troll Gabriel aka Gabriela aka Jillgirl etc made under my name here Cowboy:

    Fake)— Cowboy DECEMBER 21, 2016 AT 5:05 AM
    Another fraudulent post made by Mossadomite and brokeback ***, sewer rat Gabriel posting here under the name Mahdi. You really are a dispicable worm zio-trash Gabriel.
    Brokeback *** version of The Mahdi December 21 2016 @ 1:51 AM.
    The Zionist loonies will be stopped take comfort and prey.
    Shouldn’t be allowed.

  10. Ex9) German Nice Redux Truck Massacre Hoax- Assasin Character Melvut Altintas likely
    played by Actor Murat Altintas??? Same Age, Same Looks, Similar name..


    Possibly USA advertising-acting real job or shell job.. And no age listed usually means very young like 18 to 20 or so:

    Intelius Search-
    Murat Hakan Altintas
    White City, OR

    World Advertising Research Center Ltd

  11. Ex5) Turkey Russian Ambassador Hoax Assasin Crisis Actor Melvut Altintas character played by Actor Murat Altintas??- His Screen Test Mocking Muslim-Arab Woman!.. Same Crypto Jew Actor?

    Same Jew?
    Same Age, Certainly looks the same, certainly an actor who loves making fun of Muslim woman & he wants to get a big break in acting..


    Yes I labelled my post wrong as part of the truck massacre hoax. Rest is correct….

  12. Families of Pulse victims sue Facebook, Twitter, and Google


    • Ofcourse Christinne these are Pre-arranged zioScam PsyOp Kangaroo Court Fake Lawsuits to pay the Crisis Actwhores Massive payoffs from ziotrash Facebook, Twitter & Google scumbags, making the hoaxes seem more real, giving GOOGLE, Twitter & Facebook free publicity & sympathy & divide & conquer via people raking sides between Google, FB & Twitter & the suers! Plus MOST IMPORTANTLY These zionist jew run & owned Corporation will take the lawsuit losses OFF THEIR TAXES!! LOL!
      They live, they lie, they steal, they defraud they warmonger, they hoax! You pay, you die, you suffer, you fight for them, you die for them! They Sit back & they live it up and Belly laugh & get rich as you are destroyed by their tricks! And they hate you but they love you..getting their planned poverty, death & destruction! Welcome to the Zionist Jew World Order! We only win & survive by fighting them & exposing them at every trick, turn & act of treason! Name them by name each & everytime you can! These creatures are just like vampires!

      • Fraudulent disinfo gibberish comment by ziotrash jew troll tranny *** lover, Pedo ring defender Gabriel…

        (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy DECEMBER 21, 2016 AT 10:31 AM
        Are you into Twilight Christinne?
        I’m a huge fan

  13. Ex 7) “Charlottenburg” Berlin Germany Picked For Truck “Nice France Style” Massacre For 777 Code, 777 is their favorite Hoax-Hex code after 33 & Their Top Code In Video News Reports

    Talmudist Freaks love their Gematria!

    Charlottenburg in Jewish Gematria Equals: 696 & 6+9+6 is 21 code for 777 since 3– 7’s are 21 Also 696 is like 666 since 9 is like an upside down 6…

    Charlottenburg in English Gematria Equals: 984 & 9+8+4 is again 21 just like 7+7+7 is 21 so 777

    In simple Gematria Charlottenburg is 164 & 16+4 is 20 & divided by 3 is 6.66 repeating indefinately which really gets the Babylonian Freakmasons’ & ziotrash rocks off! BIGTIME! lol!

    • Another fraudulent, perverted Talmudic-Excrement obsessed filth disinfo comment by ziotrash *** Gabriel showing his faggy ****-excrement obsession deviancy! You can’t get more disgustung than the Babylonian Talmud inflected- infested mind of Gabriel!

      (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy DECEMBER 21, 2016 AT 10:29 AM
      Christinne, I could sit and watch you ****.
      And then roll in it for hours. Lol!

  14. Compared to urs/u, Im Claudia Schiffer

  15. Ex8) Nice Style German Hoax Massacre Purple Projection Screen Truck – Hoax EMS lights Projected To Make Truck Official Color of this PsyOp: Purple, Yes Purple

    Not A Drop of Blood on this prestine truck, the only damage beingstaged damaged with a club or bat to the windshield, yet zero glass on the ground! How?? They put extra layers plastic clear film on the windshield before they busted it for extra safety.

    Notice my earlier posts of Ziopuppets Bill O’Reilly & his guest wearing York Rite Purple coded Matches ties & ***, Faggotry-Agenda-Pushing Zio Reporter Don Lemon-head in a black tie & his guest wearing purple lipstick– all to tell you they are behind these two current major Hoax-PsyOpa involving Germany & Turkey & Russia.. And they are behind them… Only behind them & more importantly are the zionists, Talmudists, Kabbalists & Bankster Jews! They servants & the masters!


  16. This is what happens to Tranny *** Whoremonger like Gabriel when he hires a tranny *** prostitute & tries to cheat him out if his money! Hint: The cheap perverted Talmudist jew Gabriel gets his ziotrash @$$ kicked by the tranny! Proving a an animal like Gabriel *** is much lower & much cheaper than a cheap tranny *** prostitute!


    And say what ever lies about Christinne as you will Gabriel, you piece of human gaebage, but atleast she is completely real, and honest & truthtelling & respected. Some things you are not, & never will be Gabriel. Eat $h#t & die Gabriel!

    Even that screwball tranny has infinitely more integrity than you Gabriel! And he likely got that way from being abused as a child & homo raped animals like you Gabriel!

    You exposed yourself in defending the Pedophile ring “Gabriela” with your troll & fraud posts!

    • And you’re the Village Idiot

  17. Ex6) Turkey Russian Ambassador Assasin Hoax – I’m atleast 99% Confident This Actor Comedian Murat Altintas is Fake Assasin Mevlut Mert Altintas Character

    He probably works at a Dubai Casino/Hotel as a waiter, card dealer or dancer & tries to get work at clubs doing comedy & impressions & at theaters dancing & acting. Some zio PsyOp director probably found him at one of these places dressed in a suit doing impressions & characters & hired him for this operation a year or more ago & took him to USA & had him trained more & evalualated & programmed. I bet he even did a minor PsyOp hoax for DHS in USA already. They they use these guys over & over!


  18. Ex12) Berlin Truck Massacre Hoax Ok DR K, Christinne, Rudolf, etc.., wow I just found what is clearly a dummy-mannequin in this PsyOp!! I am going to try to find higher resolution picture before I post it here!!! Regardless it is clearly a dummy!! Maybe someone else found it & made a video but I did not see any if they did.

  19. Ex 13) German (Nice France Redux) Truck Massacre Hoax Truck Driver Fake Hero Zio Jew Lukasz Urban is Really a Motion Graphics Designer At Made Media in Poland!

    A Fraud!
    A Crisis Actor!
    Not a Truck Driver!
    Not Dead!
    Basically he just hoax dies as bogus truck version of himself, gets paid massively, collects some life insurance policies & and will get lots of zio Hollywood & zio Euro media/Euro Film Graphic motion design work thrown his way!


    His Linkedin I with much of the Polish language I particially removed..

    Łukasz Urban

    Motion Designer w firmie Made Media

    Lublin, woj. lubelskie, Polska


    Wyświetl pełny profil. Bezpłatnie!

    Na LinkedIn są Twoi współpracownicy, znajomi z uczelni i 400 milionów innych profesjonalistów.

    Wyświetl pełny profil użytkownika Łukasz Urban.

    Motion Designer / Grafik DTP / Web Designer Made Mediamarzec 2014 – obecnie (2 lata 10 mies.)| Lublin, woj. lubelskie, Polska

    Grafik DTP/Motion Designer/Web DesignerCumulussierpień 2008 – październik 2013 (5 lat 3 mies.) | Lublin, woj. lubelskie, Polska

    Grafik witryn internetowych / Grafik DTPDuographczerwiec 2007 – sierpień 2008 (1 rok 3 mies.) | Lublin, woj. lubelskie, Polska

    Inżynier (Inż.), Informatyka2007 – 2013

    Specjalizacja: Grafika i multimedia

  20. Ex 14) German (Nice,FR Recycled Script) Hoax Truck Massacre- Hideous Fat Tranny Man Creature Crisis/Circus Actor Skypes it’s Scripted Ridiculous Lies..


    Peekay is extremely rough on this lying false witness but this is after a warmonger bloodthirsty Ziopuppet committing treason to start wars for the Zionist Psychopaths & Israel the Psychopath state to exterminate millions of innocent goyim to set u Greater Israhell!

  21. Manhattan is about 50 miles away from Spring Valley… where should I be looking?

  22. Roseanne Roseannadanna Returns As Shandana Durrani !!!

    Ex15) German Truck Hoax Attack Roseanne Roseannadanna Jew Broad character Crisis Actor Liar Shandana Durrani! A Clone! LOL!

    Hoax dead Gilda Radner May have to have her family sue this fellow jew for stealing her character! LMAO! Looks & lies just like her only she isn’t funny! But she has the JewFro Going on BIGTIME!


  23. Ex16) BERLIN Hoax Truck Massacre-Androgynous Emma Rushton False Witness Character modeled after Androgynous Pat the Sat’ Night Live Character! Eerie how alike these two fake characters are!

    And this poor creature is supposedly a talent scout!!

  24. To Rudolf & his wild goose chase…
    Hey Rudolf is Jewbriel.

    Jewbriel is not in Sping Valley nor Manhattan

  25. Cowgoy-

    She looks a hell of a lot like Christinne…

    With your “talent” at finding lookalikes, I’m surprised you don’t think she’s Christinne’s twin! A body double…

    Indeed, a poor creature…


  26. Ex16-b) BERLIN Hoax Truck Massacre-Androgynous Emma Rushton False Witness Character modeled after Androgynous Pat the Sat’ Night Live Character! Eerie how alike these two fake characters are!

    And this poor creature is supposedly a talent scout!!

    This Andogynous Pat the character Androgynous Emma Rushston Crisis Actor Faje witness was modeled after:


  27. Ex17) Berlin Truck Mossadlim Massacre Hoax Fraudster Ziotrash Witch Rossanne Rossannadanna Look-a-like Shandana Durrani Is an an editor-writer @ zioNYTimes, ZioGoogle, zioSilverKris, Inside Hook, Etc!

    Zio Media MOOOOSSSSSSAAAAD Agent Traitor! Bloodthirsty, warmongering, genocidal psychopath zionist jew! No lie is too great or too outrageous for this evil ziotrash witch to tell!


  28. ZioPuppet Alex Jonestein goes full-Out- Ziotrash pushing a Ziotrash Hoax As Real & Evil Muslim Satanic Death Cult Parents Killing innocent little daughters!

    You are a zioJew buttboy Jonestein & disgrace! Truther my @$$! Just a filthy phoney Liar sellout! You deserve a beating Jonestein as much as that Crisis Actor fake Muslim father!


  29. Ex18) German Truck Massacre Fraud Androgynous Crisis Critter Pat SNL Hoax Clown Emma Rushton & her lesbian lover & a kid of hers I suppose???

    A sperm donor product???


  30. SNL/Gildner’s Character Roseanne Roseannadanna Returns As Shandana Durrani !!!

    Ex15b) German Truck Hoax Attack Roseanne Roseannadanna (Fake Italian) Jew Broad character Returns as Crisis Actor Liar Shandana Durrani!

    Hoax dead Gilda Radner May have to have her family sue her fellow jew for stealing her obnoxious NYC/NJ Jew Broad character! LMAO! Looks & lies just like her only she isn’t funny! But she has the JewFro Going on BIGTIME! Ofcourse Rossanne Rossanadana was supposed to be a stupid Italian woman but was modeled after a typical rude, obnoxious, no class jew broad…But so are all the worst characters on TV & movies since jews know how obnoxious many other jews are & often hate them (& often move to Anglo neighborhoods to get rhe hell away from them!) but even a jew dare not criticize the chosen jew so they transfer the obnoxious, rude, immoral, dishonest & criminal behavior onto others with obnoxious & stupid, criminal, perverted untrue versions Italians, Poles, Germans, Dutch, Irish, Amish, Spanish, Anglos, Christians, Muslim, Arabs Slavs, even the worst of gypsies are made into jewish based caricatures of themselves, etc..etc..

    Tranny *** freak Jew Actor Sasha Baron Cohen is a perfect example with all his perverted, murderous stupid versions of Arabs, Kazaks & Muslims & Christians, German, etc all based on Jewish traits of real jews he knows so very well, being one himself! Carol Burnette would do show after show making fun of “stupid” Pollocks all based on bigoted & perverted Jews she knew & she hated in real life since she was a jew, so she knew them perfectly, only she knew Pollocks, Irish & Chinese would have no power to hurt her show yet she knew if she made fun of her own self chosen tribe honestly she’d lose her show in a single weekly episode! Heck she could make fun of Catholics, Jesus, & the Virgin Mary with a hundred times the population of jews in USA ALONE and could get away with it no problem! But Satan says :Thou shalt not criticize the synogogue of Satan ever!


  31. Nevermind the fact that Shandana Durrani is a proud Muslim…


    Lol. If cowgoy wasn’t so utterly stupid he wouldn’t be nearly as lovable.


    • She’s a ziotrash jew just like you pigriel /tranny fagster!

      • Do your “research” , you abject fundie psychopath.
        She’s Muslim. Just scan her Facebook page and read her magazine articles. Is this the first time you’ve ever heard of her? I gather it is.

        Stick with flat earth theories you knucklehead.



        • Another valuable contribution from our resident hard-up rapist wannabe…


  32. Ex19) Berlin Truck Massacre Hoax- Finnish Diplomate Traitor HoaxLiar Witch Merja Sundstrom Busted Laughing In Crazed Duping Delighting! & Says It will always be a very Special Place to because the Massacre & It will cause the Taking of People’s Rights!


    This is truly an evil psychopath old Witch!

    • Good stuff. Another post coming.

      • BAN RUDOLF!

  33. My biggest find is that the truck, by leaving the sidewalk, must have hit a pole. The sidewalk was fenced of, see google earth, with poles ca. 2,5 meters from each other. The truck needed ca. 5 meter, at the angle of ca. 60 degrees, to leave the sidewalk.

    Since two poles can be seen right left and right of the truck, the truck must have hit one pole right in the middle at the bumper. And indeed, after the truck left you can see the pole lying on the ground.

    However, there is no damage at all to the middle of the bumper. And, the bottom of the pole looks like cut off with a saw, not like driven over.

    • Good find. Links, please.

  34. Oh right, in the last 24 months,the literally hundreds of attacks by rabid muslim dogs are all staged by zionist….Righttttt

  35. what does Hulse have to do with this?

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