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Fake Blood Was on Golf Cart Before EMS Staging in Florida School Shooting Hoax

It appears that fake blood was placed on a golf cart before the EMS triage staging was set-up in the Florida school shooting hoax.  Here is the golf cart as seen at the triage facility:

Regardless, it is clear that this is staged. Moreover, there are virtually no close-up images of this artificial triage. As well, no true EMS personnel would take such risks: that is risks of contaminating wounds by placing people on bare pavement. Nor would they allow what appear to be common people in such close proximity. It’s a blood-tainted crime scene. That indifferent coursing of people would not be allowed considering the number of law enforcement, SWAT, and militarized individuals in the area.

Nor would people with gunshot wounds be transported via golf cart. Nothing could be more ridiculous than this.

Here is the same golf cart next to the school. It’s the same fake blood as seen in the first image: a recycled fake.

In the overhead film it is seen next to the building. Then, suddenly, an officer gets in and drives it backwards:

Back at the fake triage site there is another anomaly, which is the lady in the white pants. Near the fake blood she is set down and then just as suddenly, she is caused to rise back up. It makes no sense. This cannot be a real triage.

Here is someone being loaded on to the (fake) blood-stained golf cart. It is difficult to determine what is happening, here. Nevertheless, since there was no real blood pouring out it was necessary to stain the vinyl in-advance, so it could not be recorded on camera.

She is set down and taken right back up. It makes no sense for her to be on the ground for just a few seconds. Why would anyone do this? Where are the gurneys? If she was an actual gunshot victim, she would never be treated this way. This is dangerous. She could develop sepsis. No one finds this plausible.

That is, 4:17 of the YouTube clip. Apparently, she was concerned about being on the ground, that she might have soiled those perfectly white pants. Regardless, this is obviously fake blood. No one cares about it. People walk right over it. This is not a crime scene to any degree.

The golf cart was part of the staging, being used to transport purported victims to the triage site. If they were actual gunshot victims, they could have bled out by that time. No one finds it believable that legitimate EMS civil servants would do this and put the victims’ lives at risk.

Here is another supposed victim. What is he doing, there? Why isn’t he being transported? Where are all the ambulances transporting people, sirens blaring, screaming off?

It’s obviously fake blood. Why would real blood run in a straight line? Where those lines marked before the fake victim was placed down? This appears to be the case, as the foot is placed right on the upper level of the mark.

Here is some of the earliest footage available from on-high. It appears to show that the blood marks were placed there in advance: before the staged man with the red-tapped foot.

This following image is taken directly from the video. Per the video description this being in the early phases of the hoax it shows the fake red matter already applied to the pavement in a linear fashion.

Here is additional fake blood inside the school. The female student calmly takes the time to shoot an image before the group screams and is told to run off.

The green arrow points to an unknown element, the red identifying a pool of phony blood to create a sense of realism, while the screams create artificial shock and terror. The students, then, are cooperating with local law enforcement to, essentially, terrorize the people.

Additionally,  just as all the screaming occurs this is seen, where a student, once again, calmly shoots photos:

As they are instructed to run out, what is seen? It is a law enforcement agent, standing against the wall, guiding them:

This is fake. In contrast to some reports it is not a false flag. Instead, it is a contrived event. No one died, and no one was injured: to any degree.

All the blood is fake. This means that the entire operation is nothing other than a fraud and a sham. It’s a mere act conducted by likely acting and potential journalism students, among others. There were, additionally, no actual gunshots; only blanks were fired.

Despite this, the entire world is seemingly bamboozled by this. The use of a phony Hispanic shooter aids in the fraud, as this supports the current political agenda. Furthermore, there is no way such a massive presence of law enforcement could be in-place that rapidly after a school shooting. All the agencies could not descend on the facility in a matter of minutes. Thus, they were in-place in advance. How people could believe this is real is truly unfathomable, especially the coincidence of it happening on Valentine’s Day.





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  1. Very very good post

  2. Today there were some fake Jewish funerals. Did you see the coffin? It was a plain raw wood box. How can any of this be real? President goes to FL hospital but is not photographed with any patients. huh?? Why?

    ”Gunman” Cruz is casually seen walking in school hall while gun shots [blanks?] are heard on upper floor….what?

    Secret Service was at school a month ago instructing teachers about an upcoming ”drill”. …oh…really…why?

    None of this drama makes any sense. It appears totally a contrived and an amateurishly done hoax event.

    • May I ask a few questions of you, Douglas?

      1) Do you find it impossible to believe that someone could be so mentally ill to wish to kill numerous people?

      2) Do you not believe that guns have the ability to kill people?

      If you believe that there is such a thing as serious mental illness AND that guns do have the ability to kill people, why do you think this event was a hoax?

      For further clarity about you, please name any recent mass shootings that you don’t think were hoaxes.

      Finally, sir, a link please to anything about the secret service thing you mentioned.


      • Expatmarine: Why do you believe there to be no better way of reporting these events other than a version which will not hold together, which leads to you evading the question about the girl who bumped into Cruz in the corridor even as shots were ringing out? After that two versions of how Cruz was arrested on top of which as with Las Vegas a serious shortage of medical health workers at the scene where a doctor who was checking out the injured could find no entry wounds for the bullets and people were taken away in Pick-Up trucks but did not reach the hospitals because they had been warned about a drill. And you wonder why there are questions surrounding these events,have you never heard of excuses for gun grabbing?

      • @Expat Marine…..I’ve seen about 25+ videos of this hoax. Sorry, I didn’t memorize the URLs of them but you are welcome to watch them …..eventually you’ll find it yourself.

        Update: The President was photographed with one ”patient” at a hospital today…. he was grinning from ear to ear. He’s well aware that this is a hoax. It all reminds one of Boston Bomb hoax. Fake amputee patients were up and out of that Hosp. in 3 days….miraculous recoveries…..;))) One was Heather Abbott age 39….she actually lost her foot ten years before the Boston Bomb fraud. We found her photo on Hollywood Amputee Actors website…..

  3. He looks like a wretched goat I once had.

  4. More Fraudulent idiotic Disinfo post by ziotrash jew troll Gabriel…

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of–> Cowboy FEBRUARY 17, 2018 AT 12:08 AM
    I am a dumb goyim. How dumb? Just look at my moronic posts all over this site. LOL!

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    Dr. K, why do you keep deleting my posts stating that you are in Lake Forest, Illinois? Are you scared that people will come after you? You better be scared after spreading so many lies.

    Guys, take note before he deletes this post: the piece of **** behind this website is a known con man, known as Dr. K or Cassim Ingram. He is in Lake Forest, IL, and here is his face:

  5. Say, when we the gun law reforms introduced in Australia?u

    • When we what?

      The stupid is raging on here today.

    • when were (the gun law reforms) introduced in AUstralia [?]

      how-ever: they were based on a HOAX ;

      actually: they were based on two back-to-back hoaxes… the Dunblane incident and the Port Arthur incident;
      Dunblane occurred a few, short weeks b’fr the Prt Arthur mass. and ‘set-the-stage’/primed AUssies for the PAM b’cs of the very close cultural/historical/ethnic/demographic ties between the UK and Australia….
      ( @ that time… 1996/1997 …. over ¾ of the AUstrl. ppltn had family/relations in the UK or Ireland)
      it was a ONE-TWO knock-out blow…..
      the gun laws were inflicted on AUssies b’cs of a one-off, unique set of socio-political circumstances @ the time (the Dunblane incident and the racial demographics being one, important, contributing factor) ….
      those circumstances no longer exist and are non-repeatable…..

      the current Austrl. gun laws are ILLEGAL, ILLEGITIMATE and un-Constitutional (Commonwealth of Australia Constitution, 1901 ) ….
      how-ever…..they remain unchallenged in the High Court of Australia and may have to await a major challenge to Australian sovereignity itself…..

  6. Distraught couple who took in Florida shooterspeak out

    Are these ppl actually grieving? Why are the wearing colorful clothes at a funeral?

    And it gets more interesting

  7. Papadopoulos was included in the FBI FISA warrant application despite the fact that the only evidence they had against him was a drunken conversation he had in a bar with an Australian diplomat who reported the conversation to the FBI.

    Yet, the FBI could not get a FISA warrant for the comment made by Nickolas Cruz that he was going to be “a professional school shooter”? Do you even need a warrant to trace a youtube comment? I make youtube comments and people seem to find out who I am, sometimes narrating back to me the personal information from my “google” account.

    Youtube deleted the message, but had they not deleted the message, the message could be traced. It would seem to me that the FBI could trace that comment without a warrant, but even if they needed one, they say they could not get one on the basis of this comment, but could get one based upon Papadopoulos’ drunken conversation in a bar?

    And one hour after the “professional school shooter” shot 17 people, the FBI was at the door of the person who reported the comment to them 6 weeks before. Even if the old report were on the bottom of the “tip” pile in the FBI’s office, could they have found the old “tip” in less than one hour?

    I find it disturbing that FISA warrants could be obtained for Papdopoulos, but not on someone who announces that he is going to be a “professional school shooter.”

    Incidentally, what is the difference between a “school shooter” and a “professional school shooter?” Isn’t one hired and paid? ?

  8. It’s highly suspicious that anyone would take a second to take a picture of a “dead body in a pool of blood” in an traumatic scene like this.

    • That’s funny. The normal refrain on this page is that It’s highly suspicious that no one took a second to take a cell phone pic.

      Guess it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t with you whackjobs.

  9. No need to boast Cowgoy. We’ve all seen your moronic posts and we know how dumb you are.

  10. If you try to comment on any yahoo news article on the shooting trying to explain it is all a hoax, you get all kinds of negative replies and down votes lol. One guy threatened to beat me up, few others told me to seek mental help, and one person asked if i wore my tinfoil hat while making my comment.

    • Hasbara-based troll sensorship plus Annenberg crime syndicate is working with Google and Twitter, etc., to sterilize any opposition.

  11. *censorship.

    You’re welcome.

  12. If you check out the end of the Snapchat video where the girls were taking pics of a “dead body” you will see case closed evidence of the hoax. There are 2 people laying motionless in the hallway as the kids evacuate. There are at least 2 cops right near the bodies. They are not concerned with them at all. One is waving kids thru. The bodies have almost no blood around them what so ever! There are shell casings and a small spot of blood near them but not enough to say they were DOA or even shot & bleeding(if they weren’t obviously DOA the cop would be helping them). Can’t be explained away why they are laying there getting no medical attention and it’s not possible they died from gunshot wounds. This is 100% proof of a drill with fake victims, fake blood & staging with no real deaths!

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