Boston Bombing — 11 May 2013
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Fake Bombing Victim, Sydney Corcoran, Busted Drizzling Fake Blood
Exclusive to by PC Geek, courtesy of
Note: this is exceptional, highly definitive work by PC Geek and is irrefutible. It is glaring evidence of a highly sophisticated, organized plot against the American people and, in fact, people globally.
The woman has clearly sold her soul. too bad for her.

I will show in a series of labelled photos originating from the the highest definition set that pinpoint Boston Bombing hoaxer Sydney Corcoran’s movements immediately following the 1st blast.The final pic shows conclusively a black tube from Sydney’s purse which likely transported blood to her leg and gave the effect of a femoral artery rupture.Common sense proves her injury to be fake, since she could not have been walking around with that type of injury and surely she would not have remained conscious either due to blood loss.

Update: an enlargement shows that this fake blood is pouring out of her purse. Actress with child is there to create a shock basis for public consumption. Woman next to Corcoran has a unopened Ziploc bag of fake blood ready to distribute, either on herself, on another person, or pour over the pavement. Woman holding child also has visible purple in her right hand and may well be distributing the fake liquid. Man with sunglasses behind is a handler and prop-meister.

Ziploc bag distributor spreader clearly seen in this enlargement.

Another fake fully exposed.

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File Type: jpg sydneybusted.jpg (829.9 KB, 0 views)’s addition:
The ultimate fraudster, let not what appears to be agony and gore create confusion. This is a Halloween scene. She’s a fake, pooring mere paint down through her legs.
How could she do it? Like the other hucksters and moles she’s hidden the blood in that black purse and punched a hole in it or used a tube. Looks like that might be a real person next to her (or an actor) that is in shock. Hard to say, though, it could all be fake.
However, another look at that area of the purse from which gravity or force is taking down the fake blood:
Needs to be lightened up, but the point (no pun intended) is evident. It’s either a puncturing element or a tube; if it is a tube there could likely be a bladder or pump inside.


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  1. DrK. I recognize these blue squeeze travel tubes as being one of the blood delivery devices being squeezed by one of these scum bags in an earlier post. Check it out.

    • Excuse me but Sydney and Celeste are very good friends of mine and I can assure you that none of what happened to them was fake. So nice try.

      • Really: how about proving that it wasn’t fake blood and a totally fake injury.

        • Well, well, well… Seems Bianca Dispersio was quite concerned about raising money $$$ for the Corcorans. She went all over Youtube posting the same message asking for money. We’ve seen this before. Sandy Hook, anyone? Here is her money-seeking post repeated many times:

        • Bianca has a creepy reading list easy to find in a Google search. Mostly about crime and murder.

          • Excuse me? What does my taste in books have anything to do with this? If you looked at all my lists you would see I am an avid reader and read a variety of books. You have no proof and nothing against me or them and you take any information you can to spin it to try to get people to believe you.

          • You say that I have “no proof” (of what?) and nothing against you. You sound like you are hiding something about yourself.

        • And…. drumroll…. Bianca Dipersio is another wannabe actress. Surprise, surprise. Here is her profile on the “Explore Talent” website. Well that was easy research!

          • We have given bianca the floor for her to prove the lies about this entire boston episode are not actually lies. Whatever acting career promise, money, bribe, or whatever the DHS, FEMA, or other agency promised you to derail the facts that boston bombing was a drill and staged for the entire world will never materialize.

            When you make your bed with criminals, they turn on you and aren’t able to keep their promises while they are being exposed. Take your time and provide the facts that these fake injuries, fake deaths, and the carnival-type display of these actors in front of corrupt media cameras did not happen, but was instead real. If it actually did happen and was not the heart of a FEMA betrayal to the American people, you should have no problem providing those facts.

          • I am not hiding anything. you are trying to paint a picture of me that is not valid and I am defending myself.

          • Did you say her name is Bianca Desperado? A bit more fitting.

        • Yeah Bianca. Sydney should prove she suffered real injuries from the bomb blast in a defamation law suit against the moron authors of this page and its supporters and sue them for everything they are worth and then some. Even a child could debunk most of the bullshit they present as fact on this page. They have publicly called her a fraud based on their “expert” analysis. I for one would love to see them present their “irrefutable evidence” in a court of law, they can call each other as expert witnesses and see how far they get. They are nothing but a bunch of self righteous paranoid deluded attention whores feeding of each others **** trying to be the one that breaks the next big part of the case.

          • Dregs,
            Hey, we don’t force you to believe the facts. If you want to be led around by the corrupt media and DHS while they’re pulling the wool over your eyes, you can do that. Nobody has sued anybody reporting the facts on here. Why? Because posting the truth is not a wrongful or illegal act.

      • Well, Bianca, you and all the other “cousins” and “friends” of victims who have found this site have a unique opportunity to try and prove us wrong. Please share with us your pictures of yourself with these people from before and after the event. Especially helpful to your claim would be photos of them with you after leaving the hospital with amputations.

        • blanca,
          I also say, “PROVE IT”. You have every right to post your proof on here but without proof, your unfounded statement is as worthless as the effort it took you to post. With that, I want to take the time to thank you for your effort to promote this fraud.

      • Excuse yourself: are you attempting to cover-up a crime scene? Two men were murdered over this fraud.

      • the boston bombing was a fake and this cia moll absolutely was drizzling blood and causing havoc that piece of garbage.

    • You people make me sick ! Do you even realize how stupid you all sound??? All of you stupid geeks coming up with different scenarios of how this is fake. You all need to get a life. This tragedy is real and the people are real human beings who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Both Celeste and Sydney are close friends of my family and their lives save been turned upside down. Sydney is a real 18 year old girl who attends a real high school, has real friends and was a real victim of these heinous attacks . You people make me sick with all of your editing and conspiracy theory’s!!!!!! I wish this tragedy did not strike on this beautiful family but on you skeptics so you could feel the pain and now what it feels like to disregard these real life injuries and lose of limbs !!!!

      • Disclosure time: how much are you paid to troll this site?

      • boston strong,
        This site is about making a statement and providing facts, evidence, and support of the statements you make. Your statements are void of any facts, evidence, and support. If you want to see how this process works, just look at how Dr. K makes his posts. He makes a statement and supports those statements. Give it a try. You can also add links in here. We won’t hinder you with the process anymore than the actual facts hinder your statements.

      • I saw your comment that you also believe that Sandy Hook happened as you were told. You told people investigating SH that they also made you sick. When you’re in a FEMA camp without your blowdryer and you’re shoveling sh**, then don’t cry that you are “sick” to the people who tried to stop all this.

        • It seems cnn, msnbc, and cbs have turned on the president, but that is not been entirely confirmed. Those people promising boston strong support, money, or whatever will also turn on him/her. We don’t care about them turning on you. Will it happen? You can be certain of that. When they no longer need you, you will be discarded much like the Chechen brothers. Those that support fraud are just as guilty of fraud as those that originated the fraud.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to all, particularly to the mother creators of NoDisinfo. I am still waiting for RBN to post the audio of Fri. evenings RickAdamsUncensored, certainly with the hope that NoDisinfo was discussed. .Dr. K writes with such an interesting and easy to undeerstand style, that it is not surprising that he has published so many books.

  3. Totally random thought – Am I the only one struck by how straight and white everybody’s teeth appear. It may seem silly, but perfect teeth = lots of money. Just another little oddity like: no vomit anywhere, no bloody footprints, “rescuers” kneeling in blood and standing up immaculate; lack of plaintiffs lawyers suing everybody; angry distraught family members doing crazy stuff; ….you know… all the typical things that surround this type of event when it is real. Sometimes what is not present is just as helpful as what is. We need to think of all the details they overlooked.

    • What would you do if you just got a giant pile of cash but had to remain sequestered until the big event. IDK..perhaps …”get some expensive dental work done” could be that the crisis actors union has an excellent dental plan……. this whole thing is surreal.

      • For the right amount of money there are plenty of people that would even allow themselves to be subjected to intentional injuries just to make the medical treatment more. convincing. For a million dollars they could shoot me full of buckshot and I ‘d smile for the camera. Serious.

        • Ok..ok… on second thought…I’d need a couple million and nothing life threatening… and no damage to the face or upper body… and I would want to keep any fundraising that came my way and participate in the ONE FUND….kinda like……? Ok where do I sign up for the next one. If you can’t beat them…?.. No forget it ….lets beat them!!!

      • Gotta get that smile ready after all….your gonna be on camera…

        • Sometimes I get a random insight and don’t really know where to post it. So…regarding “one shoe – Gross” Multiple lower leg fractures severed achilles…. The last time I simply “turned” my ankle my foot swelled up and my toes turned purple for weeks. She sure has some nice pink “piggies” in those hospital photos… These are the kind of details that they overlooked…there are thousands more if we recognize them (document, archive and share anything suspicious). Thank you all.

          • Don’t forget time and date stamps. They will change and destroy evidence.

    • According to you morons none of these type events are “real” so how would you know how people would react in the case of a “real” bomb attack?

      • Dregs, Each additional post you put on here shows your anger and personal attacks This sight is about facts, truth, and information, not anger, personal attacks, and name-calling. If you can’t refrain from exhibiting your anger on here, simply depress the on-button of your computer for 4-5 seconds and you should not have any more problems.

        • Ron so it is okay for people on this site to call victims frauds and all sorts of other derogatory names, personalise attacks on people that don’t agree with what is presented here by looking up their reading preference and trying to make an issue of it etc. Yet you take umbrage when someone else refers to you in derogatory terms. I do consider the notion that this page presents irrefutable proof of a hoax to be moronic and idiotic and perhaps I wanted to give you a taste of their your own medicine by stressing that point in my responses. And yes I am angry about the way victims are defamed and maligned. I happen to be very good friend with the aunt of one of the 7/7 bus bombings and know what kind of pain unsubstantiated claims have done to his family. If you guys seriously believe that you are onto something with the claims made on this site and page then why present it all in such a sensationalist fashion using words and phases like “irrefutable proof” and “absolute proof” like some mainstream media tabloid lest you risk becoming that which you despise. “Note: this is exceptional, highly definitive work by PC Geek and is irrefutible.(sic)” Do you honestly believe that the information on this page alone presents irrefutable proof that Sydney Corcoran is an “actor” in some bizarre poorly conceived and badly executed government plot?

          Why not present it as “Some analysis that could indicate that Sydney Corcoran faked her injury sustained in the Boston Bombing” and invite people to make their own judgement instead of all the sensationalist adjectives and claims of irrefutable proof?

          All that is presented here as irrefutable proof is a series of sequential photos without any timestamp to give an accurate depiction of the the time span they were taken over yet the author claims that the victim was walking around on a leg with a ruptured femoral artery for minutes instead of seconds. The author is so fixated on Sydney Corcoran that he has totally ignored most of the other people in the scene. By his time-frame logic everyone in the scene would have to have been moving in super slow motion. The woman in the foreground would have clasped her hands to her ears for a few minutes before slowing moving to the left instead of seconds. The guy in the red jacket would have taken minutes not seconds to help up the victim on the ground. The guy with his pants blown open by the blast wave would have taken minutes to move only a few feet in distance as is shown in the first 4 photos. The woman in the red top at the barrier fence would have stood there for minutes in the same position not seconds. Straight away the notion that Sydney Corcoran walked around on a severely injured leg for minutes, which is one of the main presumptions on which this “proof” is based, is debunked.

          An accurate time-frame can actually be established because I recall seeing a video clip of the poor little old lady in the blue top. You know the one that has been accused of reaching into her pocket to take out a cloth with fake blood to smear onto her face. That video will provide an accurate time-frame for the amount of time Sydney Corcoran spent standing on her injured leg in the photos simply by matching the start frame of the video to the woman’s position on the ground and seeing how long it takes her to get into her position on one knee as depicted in the last photo that shows her. Yet I repeat the author has simply decided for himself that she spent minutes walking around on her injured leg. Hardly scientific analysis by any stretch of the imagination. Speaking of the poor little old lady that has elsewhere been accused of smearing fake blood over her chin. Is it so implausible that she was talking at the time of the blast and the percussion caused her to bite her tongue hard enough for it to cause bleeding? I don’t know about your mother or grandmother Ron but even in such traumatic circumstances I don’t see my own mother simply spitting the blood out of her mouth she would instead pull a tissue from her bag or pocket and spit it into that the same way most women would deal with a lump of phlegm that they coughed up.

          The author also completely neglects the effects of shock and adrenaline from his analysis and assumes that Sydney should have immediately fallen to the ground as soon as she was injured. I have been in combat and experienced first hand members of my section only realising they have been hit in a fire fight after the enemy threat has been neutralised. People don’t just fall to the ground immediately like they do in the movies just because they have been shot if it is a non lethal wound.

          The women with the ziplock fake blood bag. Her and another man are standing to Sydney’s immediate right and both are clearly seen inspecting their own lower bodies, obviously they are aware that they have been hit. The author presents an enlargement of this woman and makes the ridiculous claim that she is holding a ziplock bag of fake blood and that she is a fake blood bag distributor. Seriously!!! I see a women with her right hand clutching the outer thigh of her right leg and her left hand resting on the front left of her thigh at the same level. Quite plausible to anyone without an agenda that a nail or shrapnel could have passed right through her leg leaving an entrance wound on her inner thigh and exit wound on her outer thigh. Fortunately for her, unlike Sydney, it missed her femoral artery hence the lack of large amounts of blood. If the author can see one thing and I can see another when looking at the same photo then clearly his assumption that it is irrefutable proof of someone holding a bag of fake blood is idiotic.

          The handbag with a tube for dispensing fake blood. This would have had to have been designed by the worlds dumbest “propmaster”. The so called tube, which is actually part of the handbag handle is positioned halfway up the bag. Hardly a sensible place to position a fake blood dispensing tube especially if it is a gravity feed system. The stupid dumbass “propmaster” would have had to incorporate an elaborate internal sling to support the fake blood bag containing “litres” of blood, according to the author, to prevent it from slumping to the bottom of the bag thereby negating the ability to gravity feed out through the tube. The author also postulates that there could have been a fake blood pump in the bag. Why would a “propmaster” over engineer and complicate things when by simply having the blood tube and fake blood bag at the bottom of the bag would do the job just as well. Was the pump electric remote controlled by Sydney or was the director of FEMA handling all the remote controls to orchestrate the “show” from off in the wings somewhere? Surely the simple solution would have been for Sydney to simply operate a squeeze bulb type pump inside the handbag. But in none of the photos are either of her hands shown inside the bag at any point so it must have been the engineering overkill option of a remote control electric pump. Sounds perfectly plausible and rational to me Ron.


          Impossible to deny or disprove.

          irrefragable – incontrovertible – incontestable

          Ron you asked for my counter argument well there it is. Can you honestly now tell me that the authors conclusion of the incident as it pertains to Sydney Corcoran is the only plausible conclusion one can reach? Because that is what the whole premise of the authors argument is, that what he presents is the only credible and irrefutable conclusion that can be reached based on his analysis. If you can honestly answer yes then I am sorry but the only conclusion I can reach is that you are indeed an idiot and a moron. If however you are prepared to acknowledge that the authors assumption that what he has presented is not the only plausible conclusion that can be reached then I will stop calling everyone morons and idiots and I will in fact respect you for having the ***** to break from the rest of the sheeple on the page that blindly accept everything presented to them as fact simply because it fits their “Hoax” theory agenda. I am not expecting you to renounce your belief in other aspects of the Boston Bombing or any other beliefs that you hold about other incidents. I am referring only to this page that publicly slanders and maligns Sydney Corcoran based on what the author considers to be irrefutable proof. Incidentally I have no links what so ever to Sydney Corcoran, I simply chanced upon this page and found the way she is being slandered and vilified on this page based on what I consider to be seriously flawed analysis presented as irrefutable proof highly distasteful.

          Leo how about you? You claim to have legal expertise. Can you honestly state that the claims on this page are, beyond any reasonable doubt, conclusive proof that Sydney Corcoran faked her injury and poured fake blood down her leg. If you can I am not surprised you lost your job and I would then be sceptical of your claim that it was because you were a whistle blower but instead because you are unable to reach an objective conclusion when presented with plausible arguments.

          • You say, “Incidentally I have no links what so ever to Sydney Corcoran, I simply chanced upon this page and found the way she is being slandered and vilified on this page based on what I consider to be seriously flawed analysis presented as irrefutable proof highly distasteful.”

            I find it quite interesting that out of the high number of posts on the Boston event that were written on Nodisinfo, suddenly six or seven highly outraged people came on to this particular post about Sydney Corcoran. All of you are using the same tactics… such as: “shame on you people, you are morons, how dare you, etc. The only difference in your comments is that you have not claimed to know Sydney, although you did just make a point of saying that you do NOT know her. No one accused you of having ties to her. So why do you feel the need to deny any ties to her? Guilty conscience? Hmmm. Of all the posts, why have so many who speak like you somehow “chanced upon this page” in the last week? Interesting.

            And you really should lay off the high octane coffee, or speed, or whatever it is that powering your manic comments. Use that energy to learn the truth. You look ridiculous beating your fists up at a rainstorm.

          • Dregs,
            Sure, people can conclude different things based on the information presented by Dr. K. I don’t always see the same things he sees but I probably don’t look at things as closely as he does.

            So, is it irrefutable? No, people can draw different conclusions based on the same scenario in front of each person. It’s difficult to look at the video unless in slow-motion to pick up the details. While viewing video scene-by-scene, it can look different than in real life.

            I wasn’t there, Dr. K wasn’t there, and neither were you. These are photos and video that we have available to us have been fed to us from a few media sources and by-standers around the boston area. The video and images we have to determine what happened was hand picked by the people that staged this event. I personally believe there are many more videos and images out there that we won’t get our hands on. The only videos and images that were released are those that that been vetted by the DHS and FEMA for our consumption so it can be reinforced upon us that this was real when it really wasn’t. If you control what the public sees, you can control the public’s response.

            Just to illustrate an important thing. Do you remember the guy bauman who had both his legs blown off and was transported in front of the media, in a wheelchair, with loosely applied tourniquets to his legs? At that time we last saw him on that day, he had been bleeding out for about 6 minutes since the explosion. Medically, bauman was alert and coherent in this iconic photo with the cowboy-hat guy at his side. When bauman should have been dead after 2 minutes because of arterial bleeding in both legs, that wasn’t as big of a miracle as bauman being released from the hospital in less than a month. During that time, they were able to do multiple surgeries, he fully recovered from those multiple surgeries, did rehab, numerous counseling and trained for life as a double-amputee – this is way beyond a major miracle.

            Some say, bauman’s arteries may have been cauterized. Well, based on the pool of blood around him and his legs, his arteries could not have been cauterized. So, if he lost 2-3 liters of blood (estimated amount), then he would not be alert and conscious. Either his arteries are cauterized and there isn’t blood around him or there is blood around him and his arteries are not cauterized. It CANNOT be both ways. One or the other – it can’t be both.

            We all have been over these tactics already at the sandy hook hoax. Sandy hook was a heart-wrenching appeal to the emotions of people to legislatively disarm us because of what “allegedly” happened there. Many of the same people at sandy hook were part of the boston hoax. I don’t know if you get the “feel” where you live but the “feel” here is that boston is as fake as sandy hook. It’s the first gut feeling you have when things are being reported and immediately it doesn’t make sense. Then when you look into it, more and more things don’t make sense. Sandy hook is a confirmed hoax. boston is not far behind – and maybe it’s already there.

            Well, today, the state of connecticut passed a law that the sandy hook information is exempt from the freedom of information act and we cannot legally obtain the public information that happened there. Those that don’t want that information out know it will completely unravel their hoax that has already been unraveled.

          • Ceruleanlake

            Wow what a disappointment you turned out to be. You were the one claiming to be a “Calculus” level researcher yet your response to my rebuttal of the claims made by the author of this page in my post to RonK is < 0

            Humour me for a minute Ceruleanlake and cast your mind back to a happy place, perhaps when you were a child, a time when you were able to read something and take it at face value… are you there yet? …… I am sure it is hard for you but have you managed to disengage your minds false flag and conspiracy filter?

            Now read this;

            I DO NOT know Sydney Corcoran.

            I DO NOT know any of Sydney Corcoran's family OR relatives.

            I DO NOT know anyone that knows Sydney Corcoran.

            I DO NOT know anyone that is a friend of Sydney Corcoran or her family.

            I DO NOT know anyone that is a friend of a friend of Sydney Corcoran or her family.

            I DO NOT know anyone that is a friend of a friend to the, nth degree, of Sydney Corcoran or her family.

            I DO NOT know anyone else with the surname Corcoran.

            I DO NOT know anyone that is in any way what so ever related to the Boston Bombing.

            Until I chanced upon this page the name Sydney Corcoran meant absolutely NOTHING to me.

            AND just so you don't jump to any other unsubstantiated conclusions I include the following;

            I am NOT an American.

            I have NEVER been to the USA.

            I have NO intention of ever going to the USA.

            I know ONLY 1 person who is a US citizen, a neighbour that emigrated to the USA over 20 years ago. I have seen them 1 since, about 10 years ago when he returned on holiday.

            I DO NOT care if Americans kill themselves.

            I DO NOT care if Americans kill each other.

            I DO NOT care if Americans have the right to bear arms revoked.

            I DO NOT care if Americans are allowed to buy rocket launchers, mortars, tanks or any other weapon to "protect" them selves and/or kill each other.

            I am NOT a Jew.

            I am friends with one Jew. Half Jewish by birth actually but I don't think he has ever been in a synagogue. Very good bloke, even enjoys bacon sandwiches. Never once heard him mention or talk about religion, Israel or Zionism or Moslem extremists.

            I have NEVER been to Israel.

            I HAVE NO intention of ever going to Israel.

            I DO NOT care if Jews kill themselves.

            I DO NOT care if Jews kill each other.

            I AM NOT an Arab.

            I AM NOT a Moslem.

            I DO NOT care if Arabs or Moslems kill themselves.

            I DO NOT care if Arabs or Moslems kill each other.

            I DO NOT care if Americans, Israelis, Arabs and Moslems kill each other.

            I DO NOT care about Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, any Hindu Deities, God or the little baby Jesus.

            I DO NOT work for any US government agency.

            I am NOT anyone’s shill.

            I am NO ones Sheep.

            I DO care about the TRUTH!!!! Clearly more so than many so called "Truthers" out there.

            Until I chanced upon this page I was unaware that claims of the Boston Bombing being a false flag hoax were even being made.

            Got it?

            Based on your answer to my post the only reason I even mentioned that I had NO connection to Sydney Corcoran should be self-evident. My expectation was that someone on this page would try to claim that I did based on the my correct assumption that most of the people posting on this page are incapable of accepting anything on face value and find it necessary to try find conspiracy in everything.

            "Of all the posts, why have so many who speak like you somehow “chanced upon this page” in the last week? Interesting."


            Unlike the claims made on this site I can prove the “trail” that led me to this particular page.

            I was reading up on the Lee Rigby murder and claims that it to is a false flag event, a recent event. Which explains why I was looking this week. A search led to this page https://nodisinfo.comthe-scissors-moles-and-blood-drizzlers-of-woolwich/ titled "Fake Blood and Clothing Shears Confirmed in Woolwich"

            Wow how sinister a policeman/medic used shears/scissors to cut open the clothing of a suspect in the Woolwich murder!!!

            On this site many of you self appointed "Experts", "Calculus" level researchers according to you, have claimed to have sufficient medical knowledge to "prove" that the injuries in the Boston Bombing are all fake yet the author and publisher of this site deems the fact that shears/scissors were used to cut away clothing worthy of publication as partial proof of a false flag event.

            One would have to be an idiot to NOT know that it is common practice in emergency medical treatment to cut away clothing to access wound sites instead of trying to undress the patient, which would involve having to move them around considerably and risk further injury. The only time an injured person should be moved prior to proper stabilization is if any delay in immediate evacuation will result in death. Improper evacuation of an non stabilized injured person may cause additional injury but it could save their life.

            The "fake blood bag" mentioned is, to any normal unbiased observer without an agenda, a topical antiseptic, most likely Betadine, which contains a high percentage of iodine which gives it its red/brown/purple colour, the exact colour dependant on the composition thereof.

            Go look at the page https://nodisinfo.comthe-scissors-moles-and-blood-drizzlers-of-woolwich/

            Whilst there note my posts, and timestamps, telling the author of that ludicrous article that they are an idiot and making idiotic claims. While you are there perhaps you might try applying your "Calculus" level research skills and provide a counter argument as to why the claims made by the author of that article are not ludicrous idiotic claims.

            It was while on the "Fake Blood and Clothing Shears Confirmed in Woolwich" page that I noticed a link to the "Fake Bombing Victim, Sydney Corcoran, Busted Drizzling Fake Blood" that is exactly how I chanced upon this page.

            Hmmmm Still interesting enough to justify your silly little "I must know Sidney Corcoran" conspiracy?

            Your claim that I am somehow connected to Sydney Corcoran is DEBUNKED. Did not take long either just like most of the claims on this site and others claiming the Boston Bomb is fake are quick and easy to DEBUNK because they are claims of proof hurriedly made without thorough and reasoned analysis and investigation by paranoid people caught up in a frenzy of mass "false flag" hysteria.

            “Ponder and deliberate before you make a move.”
            ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

            Actually I am surprised you did not try to misconstrue and misrepresent the fact that in my counter argument rebuttal post to RonK I make specific reference to this page only, as an indication of my having some association with Sydney Corcoran.

            I can tell by your posts you like to include all sorts of vague unrelated references to Sandy Hook and other so called false flag events when posting rebuttals to posts asking or raising opposing points. Who is the Manic one? But it’s apparent that it’s a common tactic used by most conspiracy theorists and false flag proponents and supporters to avoid having to answer specific questions put to them.

            I on the other hand would prefer to investigate and debate false flag claims systematically, one at a time, on a claim by claim basis hence my current interest is in the claims made about Sydney Corcoran. But do not misconstrue, as an indication that her case is the only one I believe can be easily debunked.

            That is the reason why I am currently specifically interested in the Sydney Corcoran case and claims.

            You have been applying your "Calculus" level research skills to the Boston Bombing since it occurred, have you not been able to filter out the obvious ludicrous claims from the ones that may have some validity if investigated further and more thoroughly?

            “There are roads which must not be followed, armies which must not be attacked, towns which must not be besieged, positions which must not be contested, commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed.”
            ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

            “By reinforcing every part, he weakens every part.”
            ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

            Over the past 3 days since discovering the claims that the Boston Bombing is an alleged false flag event I have looked at some of the other ludicrous claims being made about many other aspects and victims to try ascertain what the hell all the false flag proponents are on about. To be honest I have been ROFLMFAO at some of the amateurish attempts by "armchair false flag crime scene investigators" dramatically presenting their "Findings" which are usually introduced as "irrefutable" and/or "Proof". When it is plain for anyone, but the most gullible people or those that have already decided it is a false flag irrespective of whether it is ultimately proven to be true or not, to spot blatantly obvious holes in the evidence being presented as irrefutable proof.

            And the comments by the adoring hungry gullible masses on youtube, blog and forum sites as they swallow it all blindly, like scat fetishists at “Feeding” time, without question no matter how ludicrous the claim or the lack of any factual evidence contained therein, just like those you guys like to call Sheeple but with far greater fervour and zeal. Most of those comments are equally hilarious in their banality and ridiculousness.

            BTW I am still waiting for your "Calculus" level researchers rebuttal of my earlier counter arguments proving;
            1) That Sydney Corcoran did not walk around on her severely injured leg for a few minutes but rather a few seconds.

            2) The implausibility of the notion, based on the author’s evidence and analysis, that fake blood was dispensed via a tube from her bag.

            3) The implausibility of wild instantiated claims the blurred photo of a woman next to her holding her own injured leg is a "fake blood distributor"

            BTW regarding your reference to my manic comments and "beating your fists up at a rainstorm".

            “Rouse him, and learn the principle of his activity or inactivity. Force him to reveal himself, so as to find out his vulnerable spots.”
            ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

            Or seeing as you like mathematical metaphor’s. "To reach equilibrium an opposing force must be met by an equal force"

            In closing I will ask you the same question I asked of RonK and Leo in my earlier rebuttal. "Can you honestly now tell me that the authors conclusion of the incident as it pertains to Sydney Corcoran is the only plausible conclusion one can reach?"

            Indecently there has been NO response as yet from Leo.

          • Certified troll.

          • I have no obligation whatsoever to respond to you. And being a “disappointment” to you is meaningless to me. I will not be responding to you again. Apparently you are having a manic episode.

          • Ceruleanlake

            Oops I obviously meant “Incidentally there has been NO response as yet from Leo.” (overzealous spell checker error)

            Just felt I better point that out just in case you tried to make something sinister out of it.

          • RonK

            Firstly thank you for acknowledging that the claims presented on this page as irrefutable are not in fact irrefutable. Respect for that.

            Secondly. It is not and never has been my intention to ridicule anyone for their beliefs but rather the quality of some of the evidence and the supposed irrefutable conclusions that have been reached based on said evidence.

            I have not looked into any claims pertaining to Sandy Hook but you talk about a “feel” surrounding the Boston Marathon event. Ok I understand that but the “feeling” or “Gut Feeling” cannot be allowed to cloud ones judgment when it comes to analyzing the event. If it does then the analysis becomes subjective instead of objective and the conclusions reached will not be valid in terms of being proof or the truth. If US government agencies and police were allowed to make arrests and convictions based purely on “Gut Feelings” and subjective analysis of evidence you guys would all be screaming blue murder and rightly so. How would you and the other supporters on this site feel about it if the author of the article on this page was working for the FBI as a crime scene photo/video analyst and American Citizens were being arrested for crimes based on the type and quality of so called evidence he deems acceptable as irrefutable proof? Methinks you would not be very happy at all.

            The fact that only limited photographs, videos and information does not excuse the authors blatant lack of applied objectivity in his analysis of the available photographs, videos and information. With regards additional evidence becoming available in due course the false flag protagonists should be very careful what they wish for because all that is required to debunk the entire fake bomb argument is a single photo of one of the leg amputee victims taken earlier on the day of the marathon wearing a pair of shorts or skirt with their legs visible.

            I have absolutely no vested interest in the outcome of the findings regarding The Boston Bombing turning out to be a false flag event or not so I am not automatically anti the notion that it could be therefore it should be much easier to convince me than a pro government shill but subjective claims of irrefutable and absolute proof like those made on this and many other sites are certainly not going to convince me. If anything the ludicrousness of some of them is likely going to make me dismiss the whole notion of any conspiracy, based on these types of claims, as being outrageous.

            If you were postulating that the government was somehow complicit in the The Boston Bombing your claims could perhaps be given more credence but to claim the bomb itself is a fake and that all the victims are actors and their injuries all faked is, in light of the so called irrefutable evidence provided, preposterous.

            Does no one in the “Truther” movement play “Devils advocate” when analyzing claims. Having someone that believes the event to be a false flag but adopts a antagonistic posture and tries to debunk the claims for themselves instead of simply accepting them because the author or publisher of the claims says they provide irrefutable proof is surely a valuable asset to the Truther movement, if the truth is what is truly being sought. Surely it is preferable to have claims debunked privately by your own people following thorough objective and reasoned analysis prior to them being published only to be debunked or discredited in public after publication, which only hurts the cause.

            It is one thing to postulate theories but quite another to claim irrefutable proof and use said unsubstantiated proof as a justification to publicly slander, ridicule and vilify victims which is exactly what you are all doing on this site and others.

            One fundamental difference between the Truther movements handling of 9/11 and The Boston Marathon is that with 9/11 nobody was vilifying and slandering the victims of 9/11 the way the victims of The Boston Bombing are being slandered and vilified based only on subjective analysis and questionable proof.

            I know the US has Freedom of speech but it also has libel laws. If I was an American lawyer I would be rubbing my hands with glee, would be contacting the victims and would have my investigative and research teams working round the clock to gather evidence to sue the arses off all the people making and publishing slanderous and libelous unsubstantiated claims against the victims. Then again who knows, perhaps lawyers are already working on the case.

            Conversely if the Truther movement is so confident of the veracity of their claims they should sue somebody, anybody, in a highly publicized trial, just to get their claims heard in court and subjected to proper legal process and scrutiny. Then when the Truthers win the case the government will have to answer to the legally proven claims against it.

            I believe that claims that the bomb itself was a hoax and the victims are all “actors” that did not suffer any injuries will be totally debunked in due course. The false flag protagonists and supporters will be forced to accept this part of it but will no doubt then still claim other aspects of the event are being covered up, that is their nature. This however will not undo the damage that has already been done and all those that have slandered and vilified the victims deserve to be harshly punished, publicly exposed and shamed for it. I for one hope they will be. Those that aren’t will still have to live with themselves and only the most shameless of people will still be able to feel okay about themselves.

            Regarding the Bauman case. I have not looked into this apart from a cursory perusal of some photos because you mentioned it in your response.

            So many of the claims on this site and others pertain to analysis of injuries sustained by victims yet no one on this site is a doctor or combat medic, who ultimately would be the most equipped to analyze bomb blast injuries.

            But Wait…. I stand corrected Dr K is a doctor. Or is he? Who is this mysterious Dr K anyway? Do you know him? Does anyone know who he really is? What are his qualifications are? What his real agenda is? Is he really a Doctor? Is he a medical doctor? Does he have a doctorate in anything? If so what? He could even be a mole/shill and the whole purpose of this site could easily be simply to disseminate “Straw Man” arguments. Clearly there is very little editorial control or adherence to any proofing standards against which articles are tested prior to publication…. I digress.

            I am not a medical doctor but I postulate that Bauman would have lost some blood that along with the obvious trauma to his body would have rapidly lowered his blood pressure. By keeping what remained of his legs elevated, which is standard practice when trying to stabilize blood pressure in patients suffering low blood pressure, additional blood did not continue to gush from his wounds because the reduced blood pressure may not have been sufficient to pump the blood up his elevated legs and even if it was it would be under low pressure, a trickle and not a gush at the wound sites. Even with low blood pressure the blood would however still have been able to circulate at to his vital organs and brain because he was in a reclined position. This would account for him still being conscious.

            Blood at the wound site and any additional blood reaching the wound site would have done what blood naturally does, unless one is a hemophiliac, and start to coagulate to prevent additional blood loss or the body to bleed out. The sticky nature of the coagulated blood in conjunction with low blood pressure could have naturally sealed off the exposed veins sufficiently to prevent bleeding out.

            The iconic photo of Bauman in the wheelchair shows a guy holding closed the exposed vein in the vicinity of the wound on his right leg. Once placed upright in the wheelchair the upright position of Bauman’s body could have allowed gravity to assist the blood to break the natural “Coagulation” seal of the blood at the wound site and resume flowing out. Perhaps the pinching shut of the exposed vein by the cowboy hat guy was by that stage simply a precaution against further blood loss. Perhaps he, cowboy hat guy, or someone else had been pinching closed the vein for much of the time that Bauman lay wounded prior to evacuation to prevent further blood loss.

            Granted evacuating Bauman upright in a wheelchair was not the ideal or prescribed method to use but waiting for ambulances and stretchers to arrive on scene may have resulted in his death. Not due to bleeding out but any number of contributing medical factors related to the trauma such as circulatory shock induced cardiac arrest. The people assisting Bauman were not doctors or combat medics, perhaps they simply thought what they were doing by evacuating him in a wheelchair was the right thing to do at the time. IED victims in Iraq and Afghanistan did/do not always have the luxury of waiting for military ambulances or medevac choppers with stretchers to arrive before being evacuated from the scene. I am sure many IED victims have been dragged by their fellow soldiers to evacuate them to safety and protection from further injury in a combat situation.

            Do I claim my counter argument to be irrefutable or proof of anything? Certainly not but it does provide a plausible counter argument as to how Bauman could have lost some blood but not bled out completely thereby resulting in death from blood loss, and remained conscious.

            Regarding Bauman’s (and other victims) quick recovery;

            I do not purport to be an expert on the American Civil War but I do know that one of its notorious distinguishing characteristics was the large number of people that lost limbs either on the actual battlefields or at the hands of military surgeons. Despite the lack of modern medical treatments to counter and treat infection many of them survived. I doubt many of them had the luxury of a long convalescence, rehab or counseling.

            The fact that Bauman or any of the other victims appear to be way to “chipper” and well adjusted to their recent traumatic and life changing injuries is not their fault and it is highly likely that that is not the way they appear or act in private. Bauman and others have been made “Mascots” and “Poster Children” for the event by the American people and news media and are simply carrying out their “patriotic” duty. It’s called “putting on a brave face”. Once all the hype surrounding the event has died down it is the victims that are going to have to live with the life changing injuries for the rest of their lives. I for one would not wish that on anyone nor would I feel very good about myself for mocking, ridiculing and vilifying them.

            The way that false flag protagonists and supporters are treating the victims of the Boston Bombing reminds me of another event that occurred in Massachusetts back in 1692/1693. The Salem Witch Trials.*

            * ” The episode is one of the most notorious cases of mass hysteria and has been used in political rhetoric and popular literature as a vivid cautionary tale about the dangers of isolationism, religious extremism, false accusations and lapses in due process.”
            Adams, G. (2009), The Specter of Salem: Remembering the Witch Trials in Nineteenth-Century America, University of Chicago Press

          • You did not even look into Sandy Hook. That says it ALL.

          • drkresearch

            ****!!! I knew I had left something out… Insert after “I am NO ones Sheep.”

            I AM NOT a troll.

            I was challenged to provide a counter argument based on my analysis of the evidence presented on this page. I did so and posted a legitimate question. Ceruleanlake went off on a tangent and insinuated that I am part of some sinister coordinated group of Sydney Corcoran supporters. I simply posted a response to his insinuations. Does that make me a troll?

            If you consider me a troll for asking questions or posting counter arguments to the posts on this site. Then block me from posting on the site, I assume you are the site admin?

            I will simply have no choice but to find a site that actually adheres to the purpose and goals this site professes to and discredit your sites claims remotely and more publicly from there.

          • Your words: “I was challenged to provide a counter argument based on my analysis of the evidence presented on this page.” That is an odd statement to say the least. Who “challenged ” you? That sounds like an assignment.

          • Ceruleanlake

            So sorry have I said something to upset and hurt you? Shame you must be the sensitive type. Wow, imagine how upset and hurt you would be if you had parts of your body blown off by a bomb and I was to publicly mock, ridicule, vilify and accuse you of being a fraud for faking your injuries.

            You have posted statements/claims and challenged me to back up my counter arguments that I have made. I reserve the right to do so and intend to do so in due course. If you cannot or will not defend your claims or the claims you profess to support that is your choice.

            Manic Episode!!! LOL
            Perhaps my brain just works that much faster than yours. It’s not my problem if you can’t keep up.

          • You are the one who “can’t keep up”. I am simply not wasting my time trying to convince someone who didn’t even have the interest (or the assignment) to study Sandy Hook. Surely you did not study Aurora either, or the many other examples and patterns of false flag events. Even though you write a book each time you post, your questions are elementary level. Again, I will not respond to them.

          • Ceruleanlake

            “You did not even look into Sandy Hook. That says it ALL.”

            There you go again throwing in references to other alleged false flag events when the counter arguments and questions currently being postulated and asked are related to this specific event.

            “Your words: “I was challenged to provide a counter argument based on my analysis of the evidence presented on this page.” That is an odd statement to say the least. Who “challenged ” you? That sounds like an assignment.”

            That would be RonK who challenged me.

            RonK: “This forum allows you to post facts and support – you can do that but if you are not able or willing to do that, we can’t force you.”

            And You!!!

            Your words: “Let’s see him explain why this guy is walking around with obvious scissor sliced pants and not a wound on his legs:”

            Which I will respond to in due course.

            “You are the one who “can’t keep up”. I am simply not wasting my time trying to convince someone who didn’t even have the interest (or the assignment) to study Sandy Hook. Surely you did not study Aurora either, or the many other examples and patterns of false flag events. ”

            Yet again more references to other alleged false flag events instead of sticking to the topic currently under discussion. Typical manic behaviour. Convince me first that The Boston Bomb was fake, a false flag event, I will then apologize profusely and ask your forgiveness for having doubted you all along and then I will look at Sandy Hook and Aurora.

            “Even though you write a book each time you post”

            My Bad. Silly me. Taking the time and effort to provide detail in my counter arguments. I should have just grabbed a couple of blurred photos and added a couple of ambiguous and flippant captions, like the author of the article on this page did in presenting his findings of “irrefutable proof”.

            “your questions are elementary level”

            Yet you cannot answer them.

          • Dregs,
            I am not responding to all of your posted info. – just part of it. That is about the part of the “gut feeling”. Having a gut feeling that I’m talking about is not one that is about bias. Instead, it is the gut feeling a cop has when he has the killer in his interrogation room without all the evidence yet needed. This cop continues to work the case because he knows with his instinct and level of experience that the person is the killer. That is why the cop will spend countless hours working on a case to obtain the appropriate evidence. The “gut feeling” about sandy hook and the boston bombing is entirely there, but perhaps all the evidence is not yet in.

          • Why even converse with this person “Dregs” who came onto this forum calling us “you morons”? Does this person deserve our engagement? He has not even looked into other false flags and has no idea what to even look for. There is no explaining a gut feeling to him. He has no clue even about the Sandy Hook bereaved families and their identical bizarre behavior. He is like a freshman who has not even completed a 101 class, trying to lead a discussion in graduate school. He has no foundation to draw upon and see how the chipper behavior of the “victims” is repeated to exactitude in Boston.

            He came on here calling us “morons” and defending Bianca Dipersio, the commenter who claimed to be friends with the Corcorans. I simply put her name into a Google search and up came her acting profile on the Explore Talent website based in Boston. Her reading list was right there in the search. I didn’t go looking for her reading preferences. Now the Explore Talent link that I posted no longer leads to her profile and they have removed the function to search for their actors on their site! Even more interesting is that none other than Jeff Bauman was also a wannabe actor on this same site!!! Here it is captured on video before the agency removed their search function. See 1:29 in this video. Jeff Bauman in the same Boston acting company as Bianca Dipersio! “Explore Talent”:

          • RonK

            Ok Ron I get the whole cop with “Gut Feeling” with the killer in the interrogation room analogy. But there is just one major problem with that analogy. The victims / “suspects” have already been accused, tried, convicted, sentenced and publicly executed.

            But according to your analogy, shouldn’t they still be in the interrogation room being interrogated by the cop as he, based on his “Gut Feeling”, works the case to obtain solid irrefutable evidence.

            Sounds like an interesting justice system you guys have got planned for your new government.

            Many on this page, especially Ceruleanlake keep harping on about Aurora and Sandy Hook and how these events did not happen the way the government and main stream media claimed.

            What if as a hypothetical exercise one took it a step further and for arguments sake Aurora and Sandy Hook never happened at all, no event or incident of any kind what so ever.

            Would the evidence in the Boston Bombing still be considered proof that the Boston Bomb was fake?

          • What the hell are you talking about? Your words: “Many on this page, especially Ceruleanlake keep harping on about Aurora and Sandy Hook and how these events did not happen the way the government and main stream media claimed.”

            FYI… apparently Dregs here hasn’t noticed, that is what this entire site is about! The author of the site is also doing nothing but “harping on” according to you. What are you even doing here? As for your question about what if no events of any kind even happened at Sandy Hook and Boston… that is the same as asking if these events did not happen the way the government and mainstream media claimed. What is your point? Makes no sense. I don’t really care for your answer, so don’t bother. It’s all “harping on” here, so get lost.

          • Dregs,
            Let me make this clear. We american gun owners who value our freedom and privacy are the “victims” of these actors. Please be careful who you label as the victim and who you label as the actors and we will be further ahead.

            You indicate these perpetrators have “already been accused, tried, convicted, sentenced and publicly executed”. I will tell you that we have identified these actors of fraud based upon their actions. Don’t go to careless extremes to say they have been accused (charged with a crime), convicted of a crime, sentenced to imprisonment, or hung from a rope or shot in the head in public. Please don’t get so drastic on us. If these people have been involved in fraud against the american people, the way to correct and prevent this from happening again is to have as many of the 320 million people in america as possible let these actors know they have been outed.

            As far as your question, “Would the evidence in the Boston Bombing still be considered proof that the Boston Bomb was fake?” – this question doesn’t make any sense and I won’t even attempt to answer it.

          • more sheep shilling – wah wah wah – the people you should be mad at are the ones lying to you on a daily basis – the ones whose stories you buy hook, line and bull twaddle – Were all victims of this deceitful world power – you lionize these ‘victims’ and that’s exactly what they want you to do. I don’t believe she was drizzling fake blood from a tube out of her purse – that is obviously not the case and looking at the purse its clearly the other purse handle – but having witnessed a femoral artery bleed in Afghanistan, I can say with certainty that it would have incapacitated her and surely killed her within minutes – she sure as hell would not be walking around for as long as she did and the makeshift bandage would not have kept her from bleeding out. Calling someone a wacked out conspiracy theorist for questioning the official story is a great way to keep a dialogue from starting though – the 8 paragraph rant was a bit much though. All of you shills have a similar aim – anyone who dares to question the official story is dismissed as a foil hat wearing nut job and pushed to the margins or called ‘insensitive’ for daring to discredit the alleged ‘victims’ – this has been going on for decades in the establishment owned media – you probably think the USS Maddox was actually attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats. Some of this ‘irrefutable proof’ garbage is a bit ridiculous but at least people are questioning and being skeptical – the establishment owned media has been lying to us for decades – I can give you a litany of glaring examples if you’d like. Who benefits from a bombing – during a marathon – in one of the most iconic cities in the US? I can think of a few…follow the money and maybe you’ll wake the **** up.

      • Dregs, you chose a fitting name for your self.

        • middle name “of” last name “the earth”; but there earth is too sweet for such dregs.

      • You’re wrong – tragedies do happen and I am fully aware that people lose their lives everyday due to such tragedies. But you see, I ALSO know that real tragedies never quite get the same degree of media attention that these “hoaxes” do.

    • I also noticed in the photos above, sydney c. casually cleared the hair from her face 2 times while bleeding profusely—seems a more panicked hair clearing would be logical—and the blood is much too bright red—-my blood has spilled everywhere over the years and it’s never marichino-cherry-red

  4. This is good stuff. It would be helpful to identify the individual images from the Thorndike series though. Question: the second picture you show is thorndike_8726. Take a look at the guy she has just walked over. It sort of kind of looks like he has a bag of something at his ankle and a tube taped to his leg up to his thigh but I’m not sure. What do you think? The guy is the one who then goes over to the front of the fence and is seen in the Huffington Post pictures #12. I can’t quite figure out what I am looking at. Suggestions?

    Memo to drkresearch: the fourth picture in the series is thorndike_8728, take a look at the woman in the blue puffy coat.

  5. Not only was Sydney bleeding badly but her muscle was seriously damaged. And the woman with the supposedly severely injured legs laying there with the guy applying the belt tourniquet is Sydney’s mother and the guy is her father and the woman’s husband. Now really what 17 year old girl would leave her injured mother like that???

    “The hole in her thigh was the size of a small melon,” Farber says. “It was very large. Even when we controlled the main artery and vein, there was a lot of bleeding from the muscle because the shrapnel really did a job on her muscle.”

    • Haha, in this article Celeste says she is anxious to get on with her life and doesn’t want to think about the bomber anymore. Yeah, those are normal emotions, right??? I’ll bet she IS anxious to get on with her life, this fake healing in the hospital has got to be insanely boring. Well, she can just keep getting blue manicures and having her hair and makeup done, and giving interviews.

      • Just like Sandy hook, they talk about “moving on”, not wanting to think about the shooter/bomber, and how they will dance and run the race next year! All smiling with their perfect straight white actor teeth.

  6. Boston bomb ‘victims’ are making worldwide medical history. They’re all smiling and being released from hospitals weeks and even months before ordinary amputee victims are EVER released from hospitals or rehab. I guess they’re as bored with this charade as we are.

    • Really Doug, most amputees stay in hospital between 5-14 days after their surgery.

      • From an orthopedic surgeon:
        “Until, until recently, and you can get this on the internet, you can see these pictures for yourself, until basically, Jeff Bauman, 19 days after losing both legs, why, he was let out of the rehab hospital. How could that happen?
        It takes a long time after you’ve lost both legs, you know, to get prostheses fitted, to get strong enough, and get the strength in your arms., but 19 days after the attack there in Boston, why this young man, Jeff Bauman, went to the Boston Bruins hockey game, and you can see pictures of him — go up on the internet.”

        • Try citing a source that is not already related to a conspiracy site…

          • I’m not a doctor but had an ACL repair done to my knee. I could not image the rehab and time it would take to overcome a double amputation unless, of course, I was already a double amputee in the first place. Then my recovery time would be miraculous – as in this case.

          • So ronk, you’re neither a doctor or an amputee but you have suffered a completely different injury.

            So i guess do some independent research on recovery time for amputees, you may be surprised.

          • Correct, I’m not a Dr. Another thing is for certain is that Bauman is not an actor, but played one in Boston a several weeks ago. The proper procedure is to stabilize a traumatic injury where they lay, including stopping the blood flow, and elevating the injured limbs to prevent shock and loss of consciousness. When the injured person is stabilized on-site as much as possible, then that person should be transported in a prone position. The only thing worse than putting Bauman in a wheelchair and wheeling him 100 yards, or more, to an ambulance would have been to drag him by his arms.

            I don’t even know why we are talking about Bauman because before he was paraded in front of the cameras, he had already laid in a pool of “blood” for 5-6 minutes and he would have been dead within 2 minutes due to blood loss. Nobody even assisted him before 2 minutes. Not only is it a miracle that he’s alive, but the second miracle is that he is a fully functioning double-amputee that recovered in record time.

          • Maybe this was missed by some in pj’s post: “From an orthopedic surgeon” For those that missed this, pj did cite a source and his source is his education, training, and professional experience as an orthopedic surgeon.

          • If you can stomach this please view this vid of a vietnamese cop sliced in half and on the floor for apparently half an hour – he survived. Be warned though it is gory!


            then tell me Bauman wold have been dead

          • Nj
            Your recycling. We already covered the awful policeman video. Completetely different medical situation.

          • You seem to be missing the point. We are talking about the double amputee purported to be Jeff Bauman in Boston, not some cop in Vietnam. We are not here to answer all mysteries in the world, just the Boston bombing hoax.

            Jeff Bauman was strapped with fake prosthesis to his lower body, and fake blood was splattered around him. The fake blood is what is referred to as a liquid prop. Bauman didn’t loose a drop of blood that day.

            The remark that he would be dead illustrates that we don’t buy into this fake attempt to fool the world. It is o.k. that you don’t believe this hoax. Everybody can make up their own mind about what is going on. You can keep believing CNN, MSNBC, and all the media that continues to sell fake stories to the sheeple of this world. When a media company lies and mislead, then we have to question everything they report:
















            These are only a few examples, and the thing to remember is that lies are not caught very often, so we have to realize there are many, many more lies that are not caught.

      • yeh you’re right its worse than Baumans!

  7. This article on the Corcoran mother and daughter was from April 26, 11 days after the event: I dunno… they both look and act a bit too chipper. And if Celeste lost both legs, I would think she would still be much too ill to be in this photo op, hair and makeup done, and looking this happy. I would expect her to be in her hospital bed, hooked up to a drip and some machines, and looking rather sour as she waits for the next series of surgeries or procedures.

    Also, Sydney’s foot is all bandaged up… but she was walking around on it in the video… so what happened to her foot?

    Watch the video in this article. Watch the interview with the father and sister. Fake crying, no tears. More fake crying from the brother at 5:35. Notice the manicure on Celeste, a blue color. Who gets their nails done while they are in the hospital with two lost legs??? In fact, mother and daughter have fresh manicures. And of course a nice Jeff Bauman cameo, and that stupid gift-giving photo op. Thank God he identified those perps, right???

    • Hi chimpzilla
      If you must resort to a tourniquet or direct arterial compression to save someones life you run a high likelihood of creating lifelong damage to that entire extremity. Just a few minuites with out oxygen cause cellular death.. Lots of medical miracles here.

  8. Leo, Stevo you guys are doing a great job with your posts here! Keep on posting guys your efforts are much appreciated. Also pj, aaa bbb, Doug glad you are all on the band wagon seeking the truth and found this great website.

    It is a hoax perpetrated on Americans who have become the innocent victims just as Muslims have been since 9/11.

    Researchers here need to go on more radio programs in order to carry the truth to Americans as well as other world citizens if we are to save mankind. John Kaminski, a friend of John Friend may have the information about some excellent people who want nothing but the truth on their radio.

    • Hi Harriet
      Thanks for the encouragement. I kind of feel like maybe I’m just a cheerleader for the ones doing the real work, but I want to encourage and support the effort. I am a pretty good resource for legal info tho.

      • I have to admit I have really enjoyed sparring with the shills. Hey shills….come out and play…

      • NJ is doing his best. He’s obviously one of the less passionate ones because he’s about 30 or 40 illogical excuses behind. He needs to make something up fast for Jeff Bauman not bleeding. Maybe something like “he was bleeding, it was just the sun light of global warming that blocked it out. You guys are crazy to think blown off limbs are visible in broad daylight with all the confusion, human responses with real humans in human crisis mode, and climate change. You guys are conspiracy theorists. Now where’s my diet coke.”

        • Clap… Clap

    • No Harriet “Researchers” on this site need to be a little less amateurish and hap hazard with their “research” instead of trying so hard to make things fit their agenda irrespective of how idiot they make themselves look.

  9. I’m concerned that the people involved in this hoax and who have funds set up to collect money from people who donate to them will be subject to people who will feel betrayed by these people and cause harm to them in the future. There is no amount of money that I could be paid that would allow me to be subject to people who are angry that I perpetuated a lie. Not, only will the masses of people seeking to punish these perpetrators, but these perpetrators have to be cautious of the government agencies out there that will want to keep these people from talking and revealing the truth. These people are going to be subject to harm from everybody. There is no amount of money that makes this worthwhile. They should come clean now so they can avoid the inevitable consequences when the world learns of their willingness to participate in this hoax.

    • Hi RonK
      You feel that way because you are an ethical person. Moral of the story…don’t make a deal with the devil..once you do …they own your soul. I was faced with that option and said no! Lost my job, savings, pension, career, reputation….still one of the thing in my life I am most proud of. Now you know why I’m here.

      • Leo,
        I’m glad that you are here. This site really lives up to its name, including its purpose and goals. Yeah, it is probably because I am an ethical person. There are going to be those that learn and understand how we have been duped, and these people will not be so forgiving to all the actors. I would be scared for my life from not only angry citizens, but from the government agencies that will do anything to keep people silent. The only hope these actors have now it to become whistle-blowers and reveal their part in this sham. The amount they collected from DHS and suckers that donated is already in their possession.

        • Hi RonK
          Hard lonely road being a federal whistleblower. Even harder when you lose and you were the only one telling the truth. Lived it. That is why I have a little better idea of what they will likely do next. My family and I would have had an easier life if I went along, but that guy in the mirror would been hard to look at.

  10. I keep thinking that if I were Krystle Campbell’s mother, I’d be suing somebody because the video and photographic evidence clearly shows Krystle NOT receiving the type of emergency care her injury required despite the presence of a massive number of medically-trained personnel and equipment. She not only didn’t receive any treatment, she was blatantly ignored until she “died.”

    • Same with all the other so-called victims, including the woman with the silicon build-up where the man, without a glove, is digging in her silicon thigh for those terrorizing, non-existent BBs.

    • You got it. Take a look at my post on why use actors.

  11. Interesting that they had Sydney (alleged) and her mother (alleged) dressed exactly the same. Black pants, black top, gray jacket, black purse with shoulder strap across body over left shoulder. Interesting that “Sydney” walked so far after her alleged injury to get to her appointed spot around the railing. Interesting that they were using towels that turned red to place on her fake thigh wound. Interesting that “Celeste” is so happy and proud of her new stumps, she loves displaying and showing them off.

    • H*ll yea….those stumps made her rich & famous (perhaps infamous)

  12. If I, or a close family member, had just lost limbs, I would be horrified and inconsolably depressed. I would be unable to speak for quite some time. Also, I’m sure I would have PTSD and would be very, very jumpy. Yet, they are carefree, made up, manicured, and “anxious to forget the person who did this, and get on with their lives.” They are just too darned chipper. And way too soon.

    • As long-term amputees, they already got through it. I’m guessing they are being fitted with newer and better prostheses. Maybe even that might require some additional surgery. The main cause of lower extremity amputations is diabetes. Another sad fact is that if you lose one limb, your chances of losing the other are high. We have heard there are 20-25 amputees at this point. Perhaps we can assume that someone needed a second has been set aside to validate the idea of recent amputation, but I don’t think it’s someone we have heard from yet, due to the fact that they would look unattractive in interviews and feel really bummed out. But wait for it, if push comes to shove.

      Many identities are in question. One guy found a Celeste Corcoran in New England, with a husband named Kevin, just like in the news stories. Problem is, there was no Sydney living with them. This Sydney is supposed to have just turned 18. Not sure I buy that either. The Celeste Corcoran found is said to be an MD. I’ve noticed several people supposedly injured in the Marathon are in the medical professions, including a nurse from as far away as Mercy Hospital in Redding, CA (a place I happen to know from a family member who died there). Could it be that a lot of the identities are of medical staff at hospitals that participate in these drills? I wonder if they realized how their identities would be abused, and if they are free to protest or if they rationalize it in some way?

    • I guess you would not be on this site either supporting ridiculous claims that can easily be debunked by any one with a modicum of common sense.

  13. That little girl with the red boots being held by a woman; I wonder what she’s thinking. Was she told it was a drill–even knowing it was a drill would still be horrifying to her and they might not want to risk her saying so. She seems to be watching Sydney Corcoron doing whatever she’s doing. So if she thinks it’s real, how cruel is that? And if it WAS real, why isn’t the mother hauling *** out of there as I would be with my daughter??

    • Great point. It would seem to support the belief that everyone in that corridor was an actor, even the children, sadly.

      • What about hearing damage. Horrible.

        • Yes, it is horrible that this child was subjected to this scene. You raise something I hadn’t thought about yet… none of the amputees in the hospital have showed any evidence of hearing damage! they were closest to the bomb and as far as I know, there has been no mention of their ears being harmed. The hearing injuries are only for the 250 other inflated victim numbers who ran away from the blast? LIES.

      • Wait til you see my next series on moulage latex application applied on several victims. Yes you can even see the latex outlines only where injury is observed. It is crystal clear and plain as day obvious is the resolution pics i have.

        • Correct, especially in the leg of Karen Rand, which will be posting a thread on that shortly as backup to your work. Some sort of strap was used which compressed the latex.

  14. On Friday, May 10 the video showing a possible amputee actor match for Heather Abbott was released. It was called “Spaghetti and Meatballs” as to not be detected and removed from YT right away. The woman was found on a promo page with headshots of amputee actors. Several of the Boston victims seemed to be a facial match to several of these people. My YT friend havf8 made two videos exposing these possible actors that same day. Also a German Facebook page was revealing the same. By day’s end, havf8 was receiving lawsuit and then death threats. Youtube was contacted by the actor’s guild and he was forced to remove the videos the very day they were made. Spaghetti and Meatballs is now removed as well.

    Here I am posting:
    1. The actor’s promo page.

    (Curious matches include Heather Abbott/Jamie, man in wheelchair with hollowed out left leg, man shown running toward camera in tatters, black woman near Bauman – heavily made up in her headshot – Asian girl pushing Bauman’s wheelchair, blonde woman sitting in pool of blood missing her shoe in front and to right of Bauman). You will see three of these in my next link.

    At first, it would not seem to make sense, as some of these people were not shown to be amputees in Boston (ex. the Asian woman pushing the wheelchair, woman in puddle of blood who does have a visible prosthesis on her left lower leg). The possibility is that many of these actors used in Boston are from this acting guild but were not, in the end, used to appear amputated. Maybe they trained them and originally planned to use them all to appear like Bauman (made up with gore). However, they realized this was too ambitious to pull off so many faked injuries, so kept these people on for the hoax anyway, since they had already been trained and sworn to secrecy.

    2. German Facebook page showing three possible matches. Be sure to click on arrows to see all three sets:

    3. Threats from the actors to the makers of the videos:

    First post says “You all need to see this.” It was havf8’s video before they flagged it. See all 13 comments. They seem like people actually upset and defending themselves. Could be, but I also see several people who strongly resemble those in Boston on their promo page.

    This could be completely a wrong avenue, but every stone must be turned in investigating these heinous crimes.

  15. This is Photoshopping. Notice how the group of three (Bauman, black woman, and hoodie man) stay frozen, while everyone else around them is changing in the following pics. Can someone put all these pictures together in a sequence so readers can see them at once?

  16. I am as skeptical of the next person about this whole thing… but I think we need to call things as we really see them.

    Here is the most detailed photo you’ll ever see of her and the purse…

    You’ll notice that the “tube” is actually the other black strap to her bag. The bags shoulder strap is over her shoulder…. and the two hand-straps are to either side of the bag.

    • The post can be amended with the new info and photo.

    • That image is also showing the intact top of the bench, which later somehow got hacked all up as if with an axe! I guess someone went hogwild destroying furniture while victims needed attention.

    • Her purse has the tube that dispensed the blood all over the ground in a linear fashion just like you would expect to see from a tube and not from a bleeding bodily injury.

      Also, if she had an alleged bleeding injury to the upper part of her thigh, why are these bombs so careful to only damage a relatively targeted part of the body while it spares all other parts of the body – including all parts of the clothing she’s wearing? With all those BB’s and nails, you would think it would damage other parts of the body and clothes instead of just a tiny isolated area on the upper thigh.

    • also notice from that close-up the “shininess” of all her clothing and purse. We’re supposed to think, judging by the “blast fragment marks” on her face and subsequent bleeding that she was hit by schrapnel, but look at her nice,clean gray hoodie sweatshirt collar, her shiny zipper, her no-mark-green jacket sleeve-even her shiny hair—-none of those show any evidence that schrapnel hit them or anywhere else but her face—-questions abound

  17. Funny…look at that guy with the ripped pants in the first picture…a bomb exploded, either shrapnel or debris supposedly shredded his pants but but he is not bleeding at all, not a single scratch on him

    • No Moron. Shrapnel nor debris ripped his pants open like that. The blast pressure wave did that. The only funny thing about this is you bunch of idiots pretending to be experts at analysing the photos and videos. Publicly displaying your ignorance and making complete idiots of yourselves in the process.

      • Dregs, you say shrapnel and debris didn’t rip open his pants, but you attribute the enormous power needed to rip clothing to the blast wave. That sure is cool. However for the blast wave to be that strong to rip and tear clothing, why would the blast be prejudicial and not rip open any skin? The blast must have been a blast that targeted clothing by shredding the clothes, but spared all the skin areas. You really don’t understand blast waves if you make the statements you’ve made.

        Also, the fbi reported there were nail and BB’s in the pressure cooker bomb – do you think the “blast” would be devoid of BB’s and nails? You can’t have it both ways. Something ripped his shirt and pants but left his skin literally unscathed.

        • Apparently ole Dregs here who is up on a grandstand is either a shill or has simply not done the research. Sad there are so many self-righteous fools just like him. Let’s see him explain why this guy is walking around with obvious scissor sliced pants and not a wound on his legs:[email protected]/8700253574/in/photostream/

          Or how about why the giant monitor was up on the building in the race footage and gone in the victim scenes. Or why there were two benches completely intact for most of the victim pictures, then they somehow became smashed to smithereens for the pics when all the victims were gone. And while he’s at it, he can explain why the flimsy wooden fence and blue cloth fencing were completely unscathed the bomb blast…. the bomb blast that shreds clothing in straight lines and leaves no wounds.

        • It did not rip skin for the same reason it did not rip open the skin tight pants that Sydney was wearing. You are the one that does not understand pressure waves, loose baggy clothing presents greater surface area resistance to the blast and therefore sustains more damage. As to the nails and shrapnel, this will not disperse in a uniform pattern. Sydney however was unfortunate enough to get hit in the leg by it.

          • You are now making things fit your mold that you have of how bombs blow up. Bombs blow up in a 360 degree radius. You post “pressure waves” as a reason that will shred clothing but not skin. Your “…therefore sustains more damage” is unfounded and makes no sense. Back up your assertions with facts or save the space on this forum for those that do. Sydney did not get hit in the leg with anything. You have to accept the reality before you can talk about it. You say “skin did not rip on the guy walking around with shredded clothes, but the “pressure waves” left sydney’s cloths unaffected but ripped open her skin and severed an artery? But she had on tight cloths so, based on your assessment, she should have been spared completely and her less-surface-area clothing should have protected her. Come on, you can do better than that. (I’m not being serious because I don’t think you can do better than that.)

  18. Ive always been someone who questioned things around me I simply do not buy the garbage that they try to cram down our throats . Iam amazed at the level of trust that people have in our leaders to protect us I have felt things for years I tell some people but I finally came to the conclusion that I don’t need to try to convince others of what I know or believe or continue to question truth will come to light sooner or later but reality is some walk around with their eyes wide shut. The deception is more then most can handle so why accept the truth. I have read where people have said it can’t be done so fast schools do it all the time to show what happens when someone drives drunk. Also in regards to how could witnesses be there and not know what’s real or fake things can be right in front of you and with some magic you watch one hand while the other does something you never see until your supposed to. Numbers of people were fooled just by listening to the radio show in 1938 war of the worlds caused panic but it wasn’t real either some people believe seeing is believing that also can be deceiving thanks for the work you are doing and no we don’t have all the answers but at least we are looking for some.

  19. This woman’s injuries are clearly fake. Look at the thin stretch pants she is wearing. No damage on the pants at all, yet she is leaking blood all over the place. The blood is coming out of the black tube from her purse, not her artery. She was observed how many yards away from the impact area? I don’t believe it for a second.

    • I think the reason we don’t see any bloody footprints, and none of the shoes seem to have any blood on them… is because a lot of the blood was simply Photoshopped for the pictures. This also explains why none of the white Adidas jackets have a speck of blood on them. That day, they only needed to put some fake blood on the injuries. The big puddles were Photoshopped in afterward for the news photos.

      • This would also explain why the blood puddles in the victim photos are in different places when we see the overhead pictures after the people are gone. They did spread fake blood around, but the pics in the news are mostly Photoshopped blood puddles. No bloody footprints as it was added around the feet by Photoshop.

  20. Ohhh Sydney freind is here and she has assured us all that all of this really happened that she walked around for few minutes with no blood then blood just fell out of her purse on her leg, But! Her leg is really and truly injured awwww I feel so horrible for you and your freind do you guys need some money to get through these tough times what’s her address I’ll mail her a cheque ( :

    • Sydney’s friend “Bianca/Bostonstrong” never returned after she was outed as an actress. I posted her Talent Agency listing and she hid under her rock.

    • Who said she walked around for a few minutes before bleeding from her wound moron? Oh wait it was the idiotic author of this page. Look at the series of pictures dumbass they were taken over the course of a few seconds not minutes. The same idiotic author that also devotes a whole page on this site to the claim that a policeman/medic cutting the clothing from one of Lee Rigby’s killers with shears and applying Betadine or similar topical antiseptic (fake blood if you are a moron) to the wound area proves that Lee Rigby’s murder was a hoax. You morons make yourselves look stupid with every posting of your amateur analysis of usually blurry re and over compressed video clips.

      • Oops I stand corrected it was not the same author, my mistake. Can easily be explained you are all equally idiotic. Idiot conspiracy theorist = Idiot conspiracy theorist. See morons its not so hard to admit when you make a mistake but you idiots will just keep hammering away with the same flawed arguments and conclusions no matter what evidence of plausible counter argument is presented.

        • Dregs, your conclusions are that people posting things on here that disagree with you are “idiots” and “morons”. You say we don’t take any facts or evidence into account by you, and that is true to some extent because you have only produced conclusions based on your biases. The conclusions you made are that those on here are idiots and morons because their views differ from yours. This forum allows you to post facts and support – you can do that but if you are not able or willing to do that, we can’t force you.

          • just stop responding to dregs and he’ll go and torment some other observant people and maybe become observant himself—bypass the idiocy

  21. These actors are the real terrorists same goes with the sandy-hook elementary actors, they have instilled fear and anxiety to the masses, they have took our freedoms away and our rights. The government has some huge plan it’s under going and they keep doing events like this to slowly gain towards their agenda…… I wonder what’s next get your popcorn out lol hopefully they get better actors for their own good

    • No Moron. You Americans have been **** scared of and anxious about just about everything since long before Sandy Hook.

      • Yep, We Americans know that we have let our government get too big. It is getting more and more tyrannical every day. When our government is behind hoaxes like sandy hook, the boston smoke bombing, the faked moon landing, the Oklahoma federal bombing, and the entire 9-11 sham, we know we have to replace our government. Just like the transition into tyranny doesn’t happen overnight, the replacement of our government is also a slow and deliberate process.

        • Ron you forgot to mention the fact that the USA has continuously meddled in international and in particular middle eastern affairs since 1945. Can you not accept that this meddling and manipulation has resulted in certain people becoming highly resentful of the USA and viewing them as the enemy? That is what astounds me when people like some on the page claim that there is no outside threat to the USA and everything that happens is some government plot instead of it being an outside attack by terrorists. I know there are some on the page that will label me a shill and/or a Jew lover but I personally don’t give a **** about the USA, Israel or the Middle East and think they should all just get on with it and bomb each other into oblivion so the rest of the world can get on with things without all the shite that has emanated from the middle east conflicts for decades.

          • I didn’t forget to post that. It just wasn’t the topic at the time. I agree with you that the US meddles way too much in the entire world. They have no business having a known military presence in 74 different countries. The US needs to focus on the US and let the other countries focus on their own affairs. I can understand the hate and resentment the rest of the world has toward the US. I can’t blame them one bit.

          • Well thank you so much for your wise commentary, Dregs. Some people in other countries have developed a hatred for the US. that explains why they framed James Holmes and then Adam Lanza! Why didn’t we all come to you for answers instead of doing countless hours of RESEARCH on Aurora and Sandy Hook?! We could have saved all that time if we just asked you for your profound insight!

            You have obviously done no research and you come on this site where ADULTS are discussing provable findings in these events. No, we are not “teenagers” as you postulated. In fact, many of us have sons the same age age as the young men who are being framed and destroyed in these frauds. The only one who sounds like a teenager on this forum is you. I don’t even know why we are conversing with a disrespectful person who came on here calling people “morons” and “idiots”. You don’t deserve one bit more of our energy. you are trying to talk 1 + 1 to RESEARCHERS who are already doing Calculus. So kindly, take a hike to the mall and check out the goods. you would be much more comfortable and in your mental league over at the GAP.

  22. Yes because why wouldn’t you carry around a few pints of fake blood with you when you go to watch people finish a marathon? I know I always have an extra pint of fake blood in my purse.

  23. dude, your a buffoon…..jsut for teh record, there are numerous pictures of your so-calledthe fake victim in the hospital, treating her fake injuries So now the hospital was also in on this massive scam.
    I think your website is about as big as hoax as you can get. Get a life bro

  24. you people really do make me sick. why is everything a conspiracy. if this happened to you and people were trying to say you werent really injured id like to see how youd feel. what do you need to touch celestes legs? do you need to be there when shes upset, do you need proof? your photos arent correct. they arent in order. it wasnt several minutes, it was 2 minutes if that. you people are a disgusting breed that shouldnt be considered human beings.

  25. Fake, eh? Explain this, you idiot.

    Sydney is a teenager and her mother lost both of her legs in this tragedy. Shame on you. You obviously have a lot to learn about the world, but I’d like to suggest that you first start with yourself and your horrible lack of decency and respect towards others.

    • When the government agency, FEMA, decides to pull a false flag, they don’t stop the support of that lie after the event – they have to continue supporting the lie to the end so the masses don’t learn that it was a lie all along. There is a whole array of people that are in on this scam to make it appear that FEMA is a relevant agency, when it clearly is a waste of resources and the country would be better off if it ceased to exist.


    • I am curious why Sydney is wearing the prom queen crown on the way in to the prom. It is clearly daylight and she is heading in. Normally the queen is crowned during the event. She does not wear her crown going in to the prom.

  26. You people are far too paranoid and clearly lack a life, this makes me sick and you people are absolutely pathetic and you’re without a doubt demented and have polluted minds. You people need help and I truly pity you.

  27. Sydney is one of my very good friends. She was in shock and the pain and blood loss didn’t hot her until a minute later. She was seriously injured and an inspiration. She is an amazing person. Everyone who says she faked it should be ashamed of themselves!

  28. Everyone that believes these ridiculous conspiracy’s are seriously sick. If the victims were really pretending that they were hurt and putting blood on themselves then they would not have gotten treatment at hospitals and rehabs. If nothing was wrong with them then no doctor would have operated on them. If Sydney had just poured blood on herself then when she got to the hospital they would have told her that shes fine, instead she stayed at the hospital and had surgeries and then went to rehab. Who walks around with a bag full of blood and tubes to a huge event, NO ONE. Sydney and her mom have many amazing people that are there for them which is why they seem happy in interviews. They obviously have bad days but they cant go on with the rest of their lives being upset with what happened to them. All of this is complete none sense. Imagine if this was being said about your loved one that was seriously injured. You all should be ashamed of yourself. Grow up and find something better to do with your time instead of making things up and being extremely hurtful.

    • The Director of FEMA planned this fake event since 2008. The Director of FEMA was there directing the whole fake event. Here’s the Proof.

      • Tbh shut up! Seriously Sydney is my friend and is not an actress. None of them are! Stop digging and just open your eyes

        • Kris,
          During this Boston smoke bomb hoax, she was an actress. We don’t care if she is your friend. She is a fraud and lying to the American people, and if you support her, you are a liar too.

          • ever notice the pattern when people who are lying with no evidence to back their words begin using “sticks and stones” as their method to “make you believe”? “Lashing out” is akin to admittance of denial

        • Oh, you can be absolutely assured that our eyes are open. Telling us to “Stop digging”… well, you don’t need to say anything else. We get your message and your purpose for commenting here. Sorry, but we will not stop.

          • I am not sorry. I will continue to unearth the truth to these criminals. They can beg and plead that we stop publishing the truth, but their hollow and meaningless pleas will be ignored by all of us that know of their hoax.

          • You are correct – the photo of this guy could have taken place anywhere. The things we know are that he is a prior amputee that will sell his soul to the highest bidder. We American citizens don’t promote selling out, we promote honesty.

          • Yes, the photo of “shredded clothes hulk guy” looks entirely staged. What, we are to believe that a photographer got down on his knee in front of the guy as he was fleeing, blocking his path? And he paused for the picture? It’s ridiculous. He looks Photoshopped into the Boston background.

  29. Emily,
    The conspiracy is the boston smoke bomb hoax you believe happened the way you are supposed to believe it happened. We don’t buy it. There is too much indicating this was a faked event with people who were already amputees. These people merely had appendages attached to them that had some gross looking props and make-up on them. All those actors that fooled the American people are the ones that are sick. If one part of this event is a sham, it can be assumed it is all a sham. FEMA is at the center of the staged event. That is confirmed.

    I really like how you say Sydney stayed in the hospital and had surgeries. You repeat that because it was reported by the lying media in which you have put way too much faith. You don’t know she had a single surgery, yet you believe it because you don’t think these criminals will lie to you. Well, guess what – you are being lied to.

    • One could use the same argument about the drivel on this page. If one part of it is proven to be false then it can all be assumed to be false. But wait I note elsewhere on the page that one of the resident morons claims otherwise about that fact that certain things have already been debunked, that this does not negate the validity of the rest of it. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, you idiots cannot have it both ways.

      • Dregs, you have not proven one thing incorrect on this page. You can’t just say it’s incorrect and it all of a sudden becomes incorrect. Support your statements with facts and proof. You just seem to like arguing because you are a frustrated guy or something.

        • When someone else pointed out that the so called tube was nothing but the handle of the bag or the zipper you still insist that it is the tube that was used to dispense the so called fake blood so what is the point. Whatever anyone presents to counter your arguments you still insist that you are right no matter how stupid it makes you look. So what is the point of debunking this bullshit. The author and many of the commentors know nothing about the effect of bomb blasts, there are no time stamps on the pictures so the author tries to make out that what happened in a matter of seconds happened over the course of minutes instead. Has the author ever been hit in the leg with shrapnel? No!!! although I can’t rule out them having had a head injury. That would account for them not being able to think straight or logically. This page has nothing to do with seeking truth its all about personal attacks on the victims, just read the comments. If the government wanted to pull off a false flag event why did they not plant a real bomb and kill dozens of people for “real” instead of going to all the trouble of supposedly “staging” an event? That way they would not have to put up with the scrutiny, “expert” analysis and exposure provided by all you conspiracy theorists with nothing better to do with your time.

          • I don’t know why the government doesn’t do the real thing instead of the fake things. Perhaps they have the confidence of owning cnn, abc, msnbc, and other media groups that will assist them with photoshopping and video manipulations to promote their agenda. I don’t say this as speculation, I say it as proven facts. If you want to get an idea of cnn airing fake stuff, just google it and see what they do. Obama is an arrogant president and might feel like he wants to get in on the hoaxes to so he doesn’t feel left out (my personal opinion).

            The government was able to do trickery, had a production area at its disposal to fake the moon landing, and passed it off as something that happened. You are probably one of the people that believe the US made it to the moon, when it’s clear the US, nor any country could do this even in the most perfect of conditions. The van allen radiation belt would have killed all living beings if it was traveled through. Do you think those astronauts passed through that belt twice and lived to tell about it when just one pass would have killed them? If you don’t believe in 1969, they had the ambitions, motivation, and resources to fool the entire world, then nothing we post on here will change your mind. I personally don’t care because there are people on this world to lead and there are people on this world to follow – we call those people sheeple.

          • Ronk

            Actually Ron. I concur. The US didn’t make it to the moon. The US didn’t even have a rocket program. The Germans did, only it wasn’t based in Peenemünde. In fact they had two. One based in the US and one based in the USSR. 😉

          • Dregs,
            That is great that you’ve researched the fake moon landing and figured out it was all fake. If the US could pull off a stunt like that in 1969 in which people all over the world still believe it 45 years later, do you doubt they were in on the bombing of the federal building in OK that had an FBI office located in it and ironically there was not a single FBI injured or killed in that building when the bomb in the truck and the bombs planted in the building went off, because no FBI agents were in the building at a little after 8 a.m.?

            Do you still believe that the twin towers in new york fell at nearly free-fall speed from a plane hitting into it and tower 7 collapsed at free-fall speed and no planes hit into it? While we’re on this date in history, do you have any reason the most secure building in america, the pentagon with video all over the place was hit by a plane when it is impossible because of the terrain to bring a plane in at the reported speed to hit the bottom of the wall and not touch the grass – and that the government only released 4 frames of a video of the explosion that shows nothing? Also the plane that crashed in the field, that had absolutely no wreckage – do you think that was more likely a bomb that they dropped there or a plane that crashed with no sign of plane wreckage, bodies, seats, etc?

            While being aware that the US moon landing was fake, do you still believe the US government would not stage a 20 children massacre and sandy hook to get the guns of law-abiding citizens when the public was not influenced by the effort of the shooting in aurora of mostly adults to sway the legislatures and the public to support gun laws?

            While being aware that the US press/media is being harassed, arrested, intimidated, and having secretly issued subpoenas to spy on them, and the IRS harassing, intimidating, delaying, scrutinizing the conservatives, religious, constitutionalists, and patriots groups – by our government, does our corrupt and dishonest government deserve the benefit of the doubt when it comes to faking the boston bombing to get our guns?

            Does it makes sense that our government is spying, collecting, and saving all our data from google searches, e-mail, our web activity, our phone calls, our health information, our financial information, our banking information that they get from hundreds and hundreds of companies and these companies don’t even know the government is getting it – do you wanna trust this government that they aren’t going to do a hoax in santa monica that involves a man with an AR-15 when the democratic members of congress in California are attempting to ban all AR-15’s in that state in a current bill that needs a little more support to pass?

            If you want the corrupt and low-life government we have, it’s all yours, man.

  30. Haha that “black tube” is clearly the handle on the other side of her purse. She’d have to be clairvoyant and a genius to fake something like that. Even if this article is a joke, whoever wrote it should be ashamed of his or herself. You’re spewing negativity about a teenage girl who’s just been through one of the most frightening and challenging experiences that someone can possibly go through. And now some stranger is belittling that by saying she fabricated the whole thing. Teenagers already have a hard enough time battling the day-to-day drama of high school and you feel the need to add a huge rumor on top of that? You must feel REALLY inadequate in order to feel the need to bully a teenage girl whom you’ve never met.

    • The Director of FEMA planned this fake event since 2008. The Director of FEMA was there directing the whole fake event. Here’s the Proof.

    • Allison. It would not surprise me if most of the morons posting here were teenagers. The mentality and stupidity exhibited is clearly not what one would expect from a mature adult.

  31. Ohh would cnn ever lie to us of coarse they would type in cnn fake broadcasts in YouTube and see for your self

  32. Dumbass! You debunked your own pic by saying she is standing on right leg, you forgot to mention that it is her LEFT FOOT SHE IS LOOKING AT! Not to mention the tube in her purse looks like the strap going across it or possibly glasses, or a case to glasses! DEBUNKED Go find another “conspiracy” also check out the today show

  33. “Tube” looks just like the other HANDLE on her purse does. DUH. I canNOT believe you dedicated untold hours to putting this BS together. Clearly you have no life.

    • Funny, how at least five people have suddenly come on this site, on this particular post in the last few days to try and debunk. You are all using the same language and similar writing style. It is possible that there are a few mistakes in this post. Revealing these frauds is a process that evolves with new information each day. At times , a miscalculation is made in a photo. If there is a mistake, this IN NO WAY negates the overwhelming proof that there was massive fraud committed. We are looking at the whole picture, the entirety of the evidence. What I think is going here with the sudden comments from all of these people is either:

      1) It is the same person with several different accounts hired to attack based on one possible weak point.


      2) A little team was hired to try and debunk this post based one possible weak point.

      It seems to me that the posts have been combed for any possible point to ridicule, and they are trying to use this to debunk the site. They all came on here a few days ago and are attacking the same things. the posts have the well-known hallmarks of shills…. personal attacks, name calling, trying to put shame on researchers, claiming to be friends with them, etc. I just don’t believe all these people found their way here to this older article at the same time unless it’s the same person or they were given a mission.

      • Wow Moron. Sounds like a conspiracy to me. Perhaps you should “research” it more and produce a youtube video and whole blog page to present your “evidence”.

      • as an outside,unbiased, source just coming to this site for the first time, I did notice these same patterns…clearly, just the act of posting a comment, intentionally in contrast to a site come across is a sign that that person has a vested interest in the topic at hand…..Seems the common behavior when we come across a site we dislike is to “x” it out and move on, not “stick around” and start an argument—-I believe this clearly shows the “intruder’s” mental state and or motivations

    • No Kel. They have a life. It just happens to be a life of underachievement and emptiness. Putting together a page of unsubstantiated drivel and conjecture makes them feel important when all the other moronic idiots slap them on the back and tell them how important and clever they are.

    • “The tube looks like the other handle of her purse.” Well, although the tube looks like the handle of her purse, it still remains the tube that was used to dispense the fake blood. Even if the tube looked like a zipper, it still remains the tube that dispersed the blood from within her purse.

  34. On the cover of the Boston Globe today Friday, May 31, there is a ridiculous photo of Victoria McGrath with her lower left leg still (still!) swathed in a bandage. She is the buxom coed (supposedly Northeastern) carried by a fireman (and several other men who took their bows for their heroic efforts in her hospital room shortly after the event). The occasion is the big Boston Strong benefit concert at the Boston Garden last night, with all the local talent (Donnie Wahlberg, Dropkick Murphys) as well as recent White House concert honoree, Carole King, with James Taylor.

    According to the local news person Mary Saladna, its about how Boston Strong shows the “healing” in Boston, from “la malade imaginaire” presumably.

    I’d like to heal from the lies, but that will take some time – it may prove a chronic disease for which there is no cure. But get a load of Victoria – she sure needed to prove her point with those bandages (probably hiding a far too perfect leg). What did she have – some scrapes? And six weeks later, smothering them in cloth – that can’t be good medicine, but it is great costuming. I hope she can take them off in the 90+ degree temperatures around Boston. An ace bandage is definitely not what you want this weekend. (May 31)

    Holy Cannolis! I just realized that at the Boston Globe online site Victoria has NO BANDAGES, but on the cover of the paper version which appeared on my doorstep – she does! This is almost hilarious. The cropping on the online site has eliminated the lower shin area.
    She has crutches in both.

    Okay – if your library stocks copies of local newspapers from around the country, you can compare, if you think it worth the trouble.

    The salute of Boston Strong looks familiar. Fist over head. Yeah! Might makes right! Yeah!

  35. The people that perpetuate this LIE are criminal, I would not be suprised that they are the very same people known 8 years ago as ACORN that disapeared under the radar. If you LQQK who would benefit from the Millions of Dollars of untracable funds it would be the same Democratic Party, and maybe the Obama, Hilary, Holder Defense fund that they will need when they go to trial for Treason. God Help Us and the US.

    • Super-Criminals. You video will be posted with commentary shortly. Keep us informed of all your work. God bless. Admin.

  36. I am telling you all we are being censored…this is the real video that was to be posted with Fake Smiley….Youtube has censored the amount of views and LIKES, it use to have twice as many views and 10 times the likes….No Comments are coming through anylonger on this. I have the raw video and I just found that the Video on the WWW has been Photoshoped and has been edited out. Sorry for the goof it wasn’t my fault.

  37. These disinfo shills are too much …. Ooooh poor Sydney lol the ***** is outted as the fraud ***** she is. And it just happens the Corcorans are longtime friends with the Brassards. I guess frauds hang out with other frauds.

    And can the disinfo shills explain Mary Jo & Bill White breaking open his leg to spills fake blood ? And Mary Jo applying fake blood to her face and legs ? And their son who disappears and is spotted on camera backstage hiding his face with NO blood and then being wheeled in chair with fake blood on his face.

    The gig is up between stumpy Bauman to the Whites to the Brassard/Corcoran frauds and then in the same scene we have Christian Williams/Jon Patsavos who both have gone underground when they were proven to be one in the same.

    I am compiling a DVD with specific chapters on each of these frauds. Stay tuned I will even mail any of these disinfo shills a commemorative copy when i mail 100 copies to 100 district attornies including the UN and heads of 100 countries.

    They lnow they are done… And the gallows are being readied for their sorry *** future executions.

    • PCGEEK, I look forward to your CD. I want to be sure I don’t miss it. Hopefully Dr. K. will announce it in a post. Thank you for your work.

    • DVD!

  38. You Guy’s are super sharp EYE’S like HAWK’S,GOD BLESS,and thank you!

  39. Man, this page makes my brain hurt. I’ll admit to not having read all the comments (about 3/4 though). I’m going to request you bear with me in simply taking my word for it when I say I’m really no more than a 22 year old guy currently sitting behind a pc in the Rotterdam area of Holland. I could take a picture of me holding my passport to prove it, but that would be a bit weird.

    I am no expert on bombings, hoaxes, coverups, injuries and whatnot, and feel that my agreeing with you guys or disagreeing with you guys really won’t do anybody much good. I do have my own opinion about the matter (I wouldn’t have ended up here if I hadn’t spent some time reading, looking at pictures etc.) but it has very little to do with this post.

    The only thing I feel compelled to say is that I find myself disagreeing with the way certain things are argued here. I have the feeling that many people who pose an argument on this page endure counter arguments that don’t necessarily comment on the contents of their posts, but focus on sentences, words etc. I find it a bit non-productive to draw conclusions of how someone types on a comment on an internet page and find many people on here would do better to just focus on what a certain post is trying to convey/means. I also have to agree that both the people who agree/disagree would do better to cite more independent sources (proving an argument with a link to a site with basically the same argument is a bit off), although I suppose that in this case that could be quite difficult.

    Really what I’m trying to say is that if you disagree with someone it’s better to argue against their message and not the person, because we’re on the internet and this stuff is all pretty anonymous.

    And it speaks for itself that calling eachother morons, idiots and whatnot really isn’t going to do much in verbally supporting your views about the subject.

    ****, this post got long, and really isn’t that useful. I just really kind of wanted to say something. Please don’t waste time in reading too much into anything I’ve said, it’s really just an opinion about a few things that make the discussions here suffer a bit.

  40. Hahaha you sir are a complete freaking idiot!!! Keep up the good fight keyboard warrior. What medical degree do you have that can qualify you to make diagnosis on how the human body works whilst in shock? That’s right none. Google doesn’t make you a medical professional. These people were indeed hurt beyond our worst nightmares.

  41. Careful StopSpeadingYourBS, people like CeruleanLake will just say you are a troll, instead of listening to what others, like Dregs, had to say. I came here from a news story on Yahoo, and searched out Sydney Corcoran, which led me here. I’m not affiliated with anyone, at all, that had anything to do with the bombings.

    How about you people stick to one of your “false flag” operations at a time. “Research” one at a time, instead of saying that others have no idea what they are talking about, because they “…don’t know what to look for…”. Dregs owned you CeruleanLake. I mean, you got worked. You had no response besides calling him a troll. You are a sad excuse.

    This site is a complete joke. Go investigate North Korea or something, where they actually photoshop ****.

  42. how come every supposed “victem has no pictures of there legs before the accident. id show off my old legs as much as possible. and also only fb pages i can find are support n donate pages

  43. You people are so uneducated. All of your conspiracy theories are ridiculous. Grow up and create a real life for yourselves. Perhaps one that involves working. If all you can do is create and post lies, your lives are quite sad. I feel very sorry for all of you.

  44. You could really benefit from an English class.

  45. When I look at the evidence, without bias….it’s plain and simple. False flag.

  46. Such foolishness. A tube protruding from her handbag? It’s the other handle, doctor. Your ‘proof’ is embarrassing.

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