Boston Bombing — 25 April 2013
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Fake Boston Bombing Victim Confirmed

An actress has been confirmed posing as a Boston bombing victim. In all likelihood this actress was on-site in advance for a fee to perform her role. There can be no doubt that his is precisely what the woman was doing. This observation was first made by the YouTube producer, known as Pikaero,  as follows:

At first she can be seen on the pavement after the blast. Notice the proximity from the cast-iron fencing. That fencing has a lower iron railing that runs horizontal. You can see it.


Keep in mind that she ends up right next to that railing, lying on the grey strip of brick which is seen even with the top of her head. Notice that her face seems free of any blood stains. He has a turquoise top with ruffles, a kind of green blouse, and charcoal pants


It will be shown, here, that his posture makes no sense relative to her being a victim but was instead for purposes of public consumption. It is the belief, here, at that this woman is a professional actor and is acting out a kind of grief and shock in this image.


Here is the series of pictures from the beginning of the video camera capture shortly after the blast:



She is digging in her pocket. What is so important in there, unless it is a cell phone? Notice the front of her blouse near the waist line: what is the white  component seemingly stuffed into the front of her blouse? She seems armed and ready.


The guy on the ground to her right: isn’t that the same man with the bloody-appearing face, nose, and lower legs?


Still digging.


This individual is acting out a role which was pre-coordinated. She is not a trauma victim of the bomb.  He has removed whatever she needed from her pocket. In the normal world, she would, once up, run away.

Yet, not in the world of make-believe, where she instead lays down, remaining in the line of danger:


Was it a blood packet that she pulled out of her pocket. It wasn’t a cell phone.

This is the area right next to the cast-iron fence. How can anyone make sense of this? Why is she staying there instead of walking or crawling away? She’s not moving; her  hip is flush to the ground.

Additional documentation

She can be seen right on the ground on the far left of the screen. If she was as real victim of the event–and since it has been shown that she was mobile–she would have moved away from the danger. She doesn’t. Instead, she stays near the area of the explosion:



Another view:



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  1. From first seeing this scenario on talmudvision, it did look fake, but one shakes that thought off, to be polite or such, but never again will I. I must also say that when I first saw on tv Tamerlan nude being escorted handcuffed and nude into a police car, and hearing the commentator say that that was him, my first impression was that that was surreal, because surely Tamerlan would be at least, shouting in outrage, writhing and such, making the coppers force him into the back seat, instead of sliding in.

    Then, fairly immediately, thoughts came to mind that since he was so violated and yet not fighting back, he was part of the plot, the operation, thus willing to accept such insult and fearlessly go along with them. Hell, ‘they’ had earlier said that he was a Moslem madman!

  2. Remember that the German Jews were told they needed a shower before they could go to the barracks to be re-settled in the camp. After they entered the ‘shower’, they were never seen again.

    Tamerlan was probably lulled into a sense of relaxation by the police. We next see him sitting in the back seat of the police car. He has never been seen alive since. In fact, we see hosptial photos of Tamerlan apparently dead.

    The lady in the blue coat was seen taking something from her pocket and then daubing her face. Later photos show something ‘red’ on her face. Was she applying fake blood to her face?

    I have a simple Rule: If you see ONE incident of fakery at an event like Boston, that probably means…..

    • Yoesef Goebells was a German Askanazi Jew, the chief Nazi propagandist.

  3. there were no gas chambers Douglas!!!

  4. You are absolutely the most ignorant people I have ever seen. Not even Glen “000000” Beck is stupid enough to insinuate that the Boston bombings were fake. That is as stupid as claiming 9/11 was set up by the GOP so Bush could invade Iraq and ” finish” what daddy couldn’t. I’m from Boston. I can state in all truth the gravity of that situation and its validity. You need to wake up and quit being bamboozled by websites and conspiracy theorists which have absolutely no facts to back up accusations.

  5. Where is the evidence that confirms she is an actress? Because she moved a bit and it isn’t what you think someone would do? You have no idea how others will react in a situation like this. Assuming this was a legit bomb (and I think it was) you have a woman here who would be disorientated so it is perfectly understandable she’d move a bit at first and then just stay down. She also doesn’t seem to be reaching into a pocket. It clearly looks like her hand is behind her top and in the pic you show right below that you can see what sure looks like her hand as the clothes has moved a bit.

    You say she would have just run away yet I am sure if she did you’d say someone being able to just run away from a bomb blast means it was fake.

    You’ve got a strawman going on here and are reaching big time.

  6. Well while we’re throwing conjecture around, could it be at all possible that she simply didn’t know how to respond to a bomb going off near her? Human beings often act rashly during traumatic situations and there isn’t enough information present to jump to the conclusion that she’s an actor. As for what I’ve heard about discrepancies in blood in the images, those are some very low quality images, and really prove nothing. This article confirms nothing.

    • yes its quite likely that someone out there would involuntarily act like a lizard … do to the trauma ……. of the shock ……….. and horror ………… you see………….

      • Hahahaha act like a lizard. genius.

  7. I suppose that little 8 year old boy faked his own death too. SMH

  8. Krystle was me cousin. She died. I was there at her funeral, talked to her parents, one of her friends son.

    • “me cousin” – is that some kind of faux Irish, and her not even a proper Catolic.

      You can pull the ither one.

      If you aren’t jist lyin’, then mebbe you were knowing already – the young woman died last year, God rest her soul.

      April 21, 2012, and make a liar of me now, in Wilmington, Massachusetts, far from the auld sod, into the hands of God. This vale of tears is a sorrier place for her leavin’ of it. Ah, well.

      • I’m surprised he hasn’t said, “me mole.”

  9. Working hard compiling a list of players at
    Also noticed the PINK……also…..”VICTIMS” wear RED
    there re also PINK bandanas WITH “victims” on stretchers.
    Many CHANGE their clothes mid-drill.
    Have VIDEO of “DEAD BOY” leaving. Yup.

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