Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 27 May 2017
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The Fake Dead of the Manchester Suicide Bombing Hoax

Without any possible doubt the people who are acclaimed as dead in the Manchester suicide  bombing hoax are not dead in the least. Instead, they are alive and well, thriving, with plenty of cash in-hand for sustenance. This is an immense criminal act, which involves defrauding the common people of their cash largess, as they unwittingly donate their hard-earned money for a lie. Yet, then, what the the purported ‘Muslim’ authorities doing? Why are they participating in this? From the following it would appear that they know it is a lie. Islam is diametrically opposed to such lying, fraud, and cheating. To do the right thing they must abandon all association with this fraud, one that is used to torment and intimidate the people, demonize the faith, and even set the stage for murderous wars.

Image result for manchester; wounded; hospital; queen; england; images; photos;

This is a vile fraud. No Islamic person can have anything to do with it, that is other than to fight it with all such a one’s might.

Lies and deceit are not to be tolerated, particularly when it involves the cheating and defrauding of the people. Yet, see all the cheating that is going on, millions of pounds of it: while the cheats and frauds gloat in it.

Image result for Eilidh Macleod; video; family; manchester

Look at these fraudsters, who unashamedly solicit money for people who are not dead and who even faked their deaths: more on this, later.

Here, the thieves are stealing money from the public largess for fake victimized children, who, like their parents, are posing as if they are victimized.

Here is a grouping of these fabricators, a total of five of the 22. All these people are alive and well. No one will be able to demonstrate otherwise.

Left to Right: Martyn Hett, Eilidh Macleod, Liam Curry and Chloe Rutherford, Georgina Callander – 

NOTE: some of these names could be alias’.

Hett, the one on the far-left, is a homosexual. Such individuals are commonly leveraged as hoax collaborators.

Image result for Martyn Hett; victim; suicide bombing; images; photos; manchesterImage result for Martyn Hett; victim; suicide bombing; images; photos; manchester

Much cash in-hand, he has disappeared with his homosexual associate. He did it for money, make no mistake; he is not dead.

Image result for Martyn Hett; victim; suicide bombing; images; photos; manchester

Image result for Martyn Hett; victim; suicide bombing; images; photos; manchester

How in the world men could possibly love each other, sexually, is difficult to fathom. The anatomy alone makes this a tenuous issue to say the least. Furthermore, typically, such individuals are commonly addicted to mind-altering drugs. Therefore, the need for goodly sums of money is a serious issue.

What about Eilidh Macleod? Who is she? Where is she, now? Who is her real mother and father?

Image result for Eilidh Macleod; manchester; images;

She is reportedly only 14; however, she appears to be considerably older than that.

Image result for Eilidh Macleod; victim; killed; manchester;

Not all the fake dead are homosexuals by any means. Consider fraudsters Liam Curry and Chloe Rutherford. Once again, there can be no doubt about the fact that they are not dead and are, rather, fully alive. They, too, took a payment to act as fake dead, and what could be more hideous than that?

Image result for Liam Curry; victim; manchester; bombing; images

The couple has a zest for life with a great love of travel. Thus, it is reported:

“They wanted to be together forever and now they are….” As well, as posted on Facebook, it is said that the couple “lived to go to new places together and explore different cities.

See how inane is the tribute. No one would spread such nonsense about their now deceased loved one:

“Chloe always described herself as ditzy, who Liam adored and would do anything for, including dealing with Chloe’s demands for chocolate,” the families said.

Curry is most likely an arch-Masonic mole:

Image result for Liam Curry; relatives;

Here is the reference to the quotes, including the fact that they are now traveling the world together:

Image result for Liam Curry; relatives;

The death of the individual, Georgina Callander, was also faked.  Here are some images of her:

Image result for Leslie Callander; images; manchesterImage result for Georgina Callander; images; manchester

What was she paid to fake her death, and what role did her parents have in facilitating this? She must be well-connected, as she was able to gain poses with various famous actresses:

Georgina Callander and Rebecca Mader

Her poses with various Once Upon a Time stars occurred shortly before (or so it is said) the Manchester bombing hoax, which indicates that this was part of the set-up. However, in those images she does not appear to be wearing braces. Again, how did she get such a status, that is she “spent time with a number of  stars…”

An apparent look-alike was seen giving an interview, saying she was there. This is Jessica Pierpoint. Is this her real name?

The glasses, here, are not exactly the same, but they are very close.

Here is her purported mother faking it as if she is grieving, well hidden behind dark glasses, head tucked way down:

Image result for relatives; mother; georgina callander;

Here is the same woman making a mockery of the fake death, scribbling some nonsense on a side-walk, the purported father standing next to her:

Marcin and Angelika Klis also faked their deaths. Like the previously mentioned couple, they like the good life and love to travel.

Image result for Marcin and Angelika Klis; victims; manchester; images

Their fake deaths have been heavily leveraged, financially, in order to maximize the gain, using the still-existing children as that leverage. Here is the Klis family. Does anyone find it plausible that they are reliable cohorts?

Image result for image; alex klis; manchester;

Despite this, crowfund fraudster Chloe Long has kept the momentum in their favor, pressing people to continue to donate to the lie:

She should be ashamed of herself for even being alive. Regardless, it’s a filthy lie. Moreover, no one can demonstrate otherwise.

Image result for image; alex klis; manchester;

The individual known as Wendy Fawell is also not dead, not in the least. The claim is that she was right in the blast zone, and, of course, there was no actual blast, so this, too, is a lie.

Image result for Wendy fawell; manchester; images

Even so, a vigil was ‘held’ on the basis that she was missing, with the standard lit candles. This is typical of such terminally wretched hoaxes.

Image result for Wendy fawell; manchester; images

A person named Lisa Lees was also supposed to have died in that foyer. Yet, there is no imagery anywhere of any such women in that area.


Image result for Wendy fawell; manchester; images

Yet, it is said according to her (purported) husband Anthony Lees: ‘Lisa you are my beautiful, gorgeous wife. You are my life, my soulmate, my best friend. I love you so much and always will.”

Who would say “…my beautiful, gorgeous wife” instead of mentioning her by name?

None of these people are dead, yet tens of thousands of pounds are being solicited and collected on their behalf. It is all a terminally treacherous, wretched lie. Moreover, all these people participated in the lie, willingly and knowingly:

The pink balloons are a give-way, as is the announcer’s statement that nothing is going on, and no one should panic. It’s all fake, and it is hard to prove a lie.





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  1. Hats off to u, K!

  2. It is highly suspicious that, whereas the vast majority of Arianna Grande fans are TWEENS, all these victims are quite a bit older – old enough to take on a new identity and relocate sans families.

    • …if indeed they ever existed in the first place.

  3. ExAA) Manchester Hoax Crisis Actor Jewess Figen Murray is Crypto Jew Mossad Agent Turk/Kurd Politician Traitor Figen Yusekdag!

    This explains her strange fake British accent!


    As ZioPuppet Kosher Turk Politico Actwhore Figen Yusekdag:


    As Ridiculous Lying Happy “He’s Reached Stardom” Dumb Mother of Fake dead *** TV Actor Martyn Hett (aka Hettrich):


    Again as Figen Murray:


    As ridicilous fake mother Figen Murray & her insane script happy he reach stardom in his (fake bombing) death!


    As Kurd/Turk ZioPuppet Politician Figen Yusekdag
    (Ebonics –“You sick Dog!”)


    Peekay Video of Fraudster Figen & fake Husband Crisis ActWhores


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  5. Why is it so hard to believe, that zionists would really cause a carnage among goim ?

    Why would they make ALL those as fake, risking revealing that, when actually they do not esteem the goim life much and really killing people is easier for them than staging a complex hoax ?

    While it seems, that yesterday’s London bridge attack, they continued with a hyper-large-scale theater after a possibly real attack…
    Consider Boston bombing – a real explosion, not performed by innocent Tsarnayev brothers but by Blackwater (or some similar?) contractors, with some actual wounded people, AND some staged (the wheel-chair veteran not bleeding from severed legs) …

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