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Death of Orlando Gay Bar Shooting Victim Akyra Murray is Fake – Proof

Make no mistake about it the supposedly horrific Orlando ‘gay’ Pulse Nightclub shooting has no basis whatsoever. Nor was it a false flag. Nor was it a real event. Rather, it was merely a hoax and contrary to disinformation otherwise this is beyond doubt.  The fact that it is a hoax is categorically proven, here. It was also a type of Islamophobic event, with ISIS being leveraged as the ideological source: one driven by the various Islamic boogeymen, in this case the non-existent shooter, Omar Mateen.

There is great disinformation to maintain some element of this scam and to actually claim that, in fact, some people were killed. This is nonsense. It was a drill, and there is no other possibility.

One such arch-hoax death was that of an individual named Akyra Murray. In fact, to Murray is attributed the following text message, which she purportedly sent to her mother. Who believes such nonsense? By no means does this make sense to any degree.

Supposedly, she was a ‘promising’ basketball star.

She can be seen, here, signing some kind of a contract. This is used as ‘proof’ that she was a vital, high-potential person who would in no way fake her death:

Yet, here is a video of her living conditions, 2015, prior to the hoax shooting. Does it not give an indication of just how the criminal arch-Zionist cabal operates when it creates such scams, how it feeds on people of this status, for its arch-hideous plots?

Her own brother said she lived like a “pig.” Yet, per the DailyFail it is said:

Akyra Murray, 18, was recalled as a gifted athlete, an accomplished student and person with a positive spirit, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

In high school, she was a 1,000-point scorer and ranked third in her class

She was also known as “upstanding.” Then, what was she doing attending a sleazy joint such as the Pulse Nightclub? Moreover, it is curious to see the Philadelphia connection, the area being a hotbed for world Jewish mafia. A number of other Philadelphia-based agents were involved, including Fox News intern, Patience Carter, who happens to have her own production firm. It was she that coordinated the Philadelphia connection.

The ‘memorial/funeral’ was held at the Monumental Baptist Church, Philadelphia. Even so, do her team members seem to be the least distressed at her ‘passing?’ They seem to be filled with glee. This would indicate that the entire team is in on the scam.

The entire world is schizoid, one minute smiling and smirking before the cameras, the next acting is if dying in grief.

Even so, even with such faces of agonizing despair not a single tear is shed.

Arch-crisis actor Tiara Parker has provided hard proof of the degree of this scam. She can be seen, here, along with the mother at a TV set staged to appear as a home:

Natalie Murray is a superior crisis actor of the two, although she never acts shocked or in remorse. Yet, Parker gives the ultimate revelation of the degree of this fake. Watch her on the video as she claims the untenable, which is that the (non-existent) gunman’s gun jammed and they were considering charging him, which she called, “bum-rushing him.” Then, incredibly, she stated, that “By the time the guy at the door got the memo that we were going to do that, he swung the door open to try to do that, the gunmen got his other gun. We didn’t know he had (another one).”
“Got the memo?” This is a physical impossibility. There is no way such a club in the midst of a wild, murderous shooting would “issue a memo” to a doorman or anyone else, surely not about any presumed action that people held in a restroom would spontaneously attempt. Regardless, who would issue such a meno in the face of an actual mass shooting? It is mere story-lines, mere fabrications of Parker’s mind, like those of Sandy Hook hoaxer Robbie Parker: same corruption, different player. This is absolute proof that the claim for an actual death of Murray is a fabrication.
Parker claims she was shot and that she received a gunshot wound in the abdomen, going all the way through to her sacral area. No one can find her claim to be plausible, in other words, she is lying:
There is, by the way, no entrance wound of any kind. Nor is there any type of exit wound. What a low-grade, ultra-amateurish hoax this is, placing merely a large Band-Aid on the skin and calling it a gunshot wound.
Such a wound would be a medical emergency. She would not be giving interviews:
The above is an example of an entrance plus exit wound. No one with such a wound would be bouncing about on a couch for purposes of satisfying the global press. That is the pain would be agonizing; she wouldn’t be moving about the way she is seen in the video without screaming in pain; or she would be drugged up, which would be obviously noticeable.
The drama gets even more bizarre with her next claim, which is the fact that this dying woman was lying on top of her, when she realized that she had simply died.
Parker alone thus proves that this is nothing other than a terminally vile scam.


What a horrific fraud it is, with some $16,000 alone being purged from the gullible, vulnerable goy for what is nothing other than a terminally hideous fake.



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  1. Sandy Hook Hoax Zionist Jew Treason Actor David Wheeler The Hoax Buffoon Goon Actor & Enemy Mossad Agent!

    • INCREDIBLE VIDEO! David Wheeler obviously played the role of the “sloppy sniper” and there is ZERO debunking that fact, by any DHS shill or otherwise.

      I do recall seeing the same person over and over again on the news on the day of Sandy Hoax, and I always wondered why they kept showing him. I never noticed the anomalies, however the video makes it very clear.

      The question presented by several comments on YouTube is this: “for what purpose would Wheeler pose as a fake FBI sniper?”

      • No debunking? John Santiago debunked it himself when he called Bill Aldenberg. It’s also been debunked tens of times elsewhere, you only need to look but of course, you don’t bother with anything that refutes your nutty claims, no matter how solid the evidence. Please try harder.

        • Please try harder. The VIDEO speaks for itself. Wheeler is a crisis actor, period.

          NOBODY DIED at Sandy Hoax.

          My guess is you have NOT viewed the document filed by William Shanley regarding the DHS/FEMA HSEEP “ex-Plan” Mass Casualty Exercise Drill, filed as an exhibit in the following case:

          William Brandon Shanley


          Keven O’Prey,

          Case 3:14-cv-01929-JAM

          Filed 12/24/2014, United States District Court, District Of Connecticut

          Read my post above regarding the Sandy Hoax court filing. Although the judge dismissed Shanley’s claim, NOT on the merits, but on the grounds that he did not have legal standing to sue for “domestic terrorism.”

          You can see the DHS document that pertains to a mass casualty exercise on December 14, 2012, labeled “for official use only” and cites a Mass Casualty Exercise involving CHILDREN, an HSEEP drill which was labeled as a CLASSIFIED EXERCISE.

          Sorry, you are not going to prove a LIE. Sandy Hook was a DRILL, planned and funded by DHS.

          That is a FACT, and facts CAN be proven in court. Unfortunately, the system is corrupt. If Shanley was allowed to proceed ON THE MERITS of the filing and seek discovery, then he could subpoena the perpetrators and get them to testify IN COURT that DHS ran a DRILL at the Sandy Hook school on December 14, 2012.

          • Shamley should have just donated to one of the gofundme scam artists. Than he would have had merit because he would have been directly affected by the scam.

  2. “NORMAN CASIANO” is a phony and a fraud.

    Another media clip where the so called “victim” CONTRADICTS himself in the Orlando shooting hoax.

  3. Important Sandy Hook Update!!!

    Criminal Thug Cops From Corrupt Newtown/Sandy Hook Police Force Crime Gang went illegally to another town in Connecticut town & jurisdiction to threaten & intimidate a Truther never call a crooked Sandy Hook Zionist Jew & Freemason Lawyer again! It is his legal right to call this evil criminal & public official Monte Frank involved im treason against The American people! Did you see the demonic murderous bloodthirsty smirks on this crooked cops with their Mob thug tactics!

    These are the kind of cowardly thugs that will show up in Armored vehicles to murder Gun Confiscation Resisters! Remember when they come for guns, give them bullets!!

    • Monte Frank is a DHS minion who has a role to SUPPRESS any evidence that comes to light regarding Sandy Hook being a DHS funded mass casualty drill.

      The truth has its way of rising to the surface, despite those who are trying to keep it buried.

      NO CHILD WAS PHYSICALLY HARMED IN SANDY HOOK, because it was simply a DHS/FEMA drill as part of HSEEP (Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program).

    • You can read William Shanley’s lawsuit against Sandy Hook in the link below.

      The judge DISMISSED the case, but NOT on the merits of Shanley’s claims. Of course, Shanley’s claims DID have merit, but the case never got that far. Instead, the judge dismissed the case, citing in a ruling that Shanley didn’t have “legal standing” to sue for “domestic terrorism” since he wasn’t harmed by the events.

      The case is William Brandon Shanley vs. Kevin P. O’Prey et al, Filed on December 22, 2014 in the United States District Court, District Of Connecticut. Case Number: 2:14:-cv-01929-JAM.

      What IS interesting in the case is Shanley somehow found a document from the Department Of Homeland Security labled as “FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY”, and filed it as an exhibit.

      This document is labeled “Federal Emergency Management Agency” (FEMA) “Site Activation Call-down Drill Exercise Plan” (Mass Casualty Drill).

      The Exercise date is 12/14/2012. The publishing date of the document was 10/08/2012.

      WHAT? Yes! Sandy Hook HOAX occurred on…DECEMBER 14, 2012, magically, the SAME day as the drill.

      The document clearly explains that “The Preparation for Mass Casualty is a classified exercise.”

      The exercise was part of DHS division under FEMA called HSEEP (Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program).

      And what do you think the “drill” was about?

      Well, according to the document…

      “The title of this document is “Mass Casualty Drill INVOLVING CHILDREN EXERCISE PLAN (Ex Plan).”

      When the court received this document, the judge IMMEDIATELY filed an order stating that Shanley was no longer permitted to file any document that was “classified” or for “official use only.”

      So perhaps Shanley had other documents, but he wasn’t allowed to file them.

      You can dig for the link and view the case and the document.

      Follow the link below, and you’ll eventually get to the link that has the filing.

      • The felon Shanley might be nuttier than you, Rudolf and Cowboy put together – as impossible as that seems. The ‘trillion dollar’ claim speaks volumes about credibility. BTW the case is still active with Shanley filing a motion on 1 June to continue his appeal in forma pauperis (why don’t you know this?). The document you refer to is rambling, incoherent and completely laughable. It was initially dismissed as a ‘frivolous’ lawsuit, because it is and it will be rightly dismissed again. Even the mainstream twoofer movement have distanced themselves in embarrassment (see Professor Doom1).

        NB You don’t seem to have bothered to follow the link you posted as it doesn’t connect to the full FEMA document which can be found at the Memoryholeblog among other places. In posting that link are you again being deliberately deceitful?

        Please also provide a link to the document that substantiates your claim that ‘the judge IMMEDIATELY filed an order stating that Shanley was no longer permitted to file any document that was “classified” or for “official use only.” This statement appears to have all the veracity of your earlier false claim that the FBI Orlando summary document ‘states that NOBODY DIED OR WAS INJURED UNTIL 5.13am!’

        As for said ‘FEMA manual’ this is a forgery that originated with hoaxtard and known scammer Tony Mead. He barely even bothers to deny fabricating it when confronted. The template was downloaded in Word format from the Massachusetts Health and Human Services website and relates to drills for events such as mass anaphylaxis and has nothing to do with active shooter incidents – the response to which would be drastically different. It definitely has nothing to do with FEMA. (Mead actually forgot to remove a reference to mass anaphylaxis on page 10 – one of many errors and inaccuracies in the document). Spingola solidly exposed it in the blog ‘FEMA Manual Really?’ and Crisis Actors Guild did a masterful job in proving it’s a fake. He even put together a handy guide which I’m sure you’ll find useful:

        So there you go. Proof that the hoaxtards think nothing of forging documents to try and back up their bogus claims. See also Flexfit hat email (Mead), falsified Facebook strikes (Mead), fake Craigslist ads for crisis actors and numerous fake IMDB postings just to name a few.

        Please do try harder in future…

      • “Please also provide a link to the document that substantiates your claim that ‘the judge IMMEDIATELY filed an order stating that Shanley was no longer permitted to file any document that was “classified” or for “official use only.”

        Why don’t you look it up?

        It’s on

        I’ve already provided the court case.

        You can read the dockets in .pdf which are publicly available, including the judge’s order of dismissal and the one where the judge orders Shanley NOT to file any further documents that are deemed classified.

        You are free to be brainwashed by mainstream media who told you that 20 kids died in Sandy Hook.

        But you will NEVER be able to prove a lie, and since NO KIDS DIED IN SANDY HOOK, you are stuck citing DHS propaganda.

        Whether Shanley is a felon, or a conspiracy nut is subject to debate. What is NOT subject to debate is the police dash cam footage at Sandy Hook, which FAILS to show any child being evacuated from the school. Remember, you cannot prove a lie. The media relies on ONE stock footage of a line of children being supposedly escorted out of Sandy Hook with an FBI female agent in the front. This ONE photo fails to prove that hundreds of kids were evacuated from a mass shooting.

        Sandy Hook was a DRILL.

        • None of the documents available to view free on that subscription site you linked say anything about Shanley being gagged, so your either mistaken, misinformed or lying (again). I do however note your silence on the forged FEMA manual.

          The difference between you and I is that I’m familiar with both sides of the Sandy Hook argument, but you have obviously only ever looked at one. I’ve watched the same videos and read the same articles that you have and discovered they are riddled with deliberate lies and forged documents. Your myopic POV doesn’t make you an expert, it makes you ignorant. Your community is also full of deranged and dangerous individuals, many of whom have criminal records and /or are mentally ill.

          You can’t debate Shanley’s guilty conviction on 5/18/15. It’s a fact.

          It’s clear that you also haven’t researched the evacuation of the school because you’re just reciting a very old lie. Shannon Hicks took NOT ONE but TWO photographs showing the evacuations of about 30 kids. By the time any other press arrived, including the helicopter, the children that could be evacuated, already had been.

          There are numerous photos of dozens of children being evacuated along Dickenson Drive. I’ve seen one of a group of children being evacuated at the NE corner of the school and there are many, many photos of literally hundreds of children at the firehouse. Images of children in the dashcam footage were redacted but you should be intelligent/mature enough to realize that protecting the privacy of minors does not equal a hoax. One blogger has done a very good job in enhancing the dashcam footage to show several scenes of small groups of children being evacuated.

          If you’re going to act like a specialist in these matters, it would behoove you to do more research and THINK BEFORE YOU POST. I’m getting a bit tired of filling in your many knowledge gaps. Please do try harder in future.

        • Shanley was ordered to not file any further documents that were deemed “classified” or for “official use only.”

          So I was not “mistaken or lying” but you can always call the clerk’s office and order the docket. I’ve already provided the case #. These things are public, so debating it as a “conspiracy theory” is moot.

          Regarding the supposed “dash cam footage” at Sandy Hook, you’re kidding right? I saw the video in that link. The handle “Sandy Hook Facts” is desperate and relies on grainy images that prove nothing.

          Regarding photographs, there was only ONE main photo showing the still frame of a line of kids being guided by two officers. The other photos do not prove that Adam Lanza killed 20 kids.

          You mention Shanley’s record. Did you ALSO know that many of the so called “witnesses” in Orlando had records? Oh, you either didn’t research or simply failed to mention that, go figure.

          It’s possible DHS recruits those with troubled pasts to participate in crisis acting. You don’t believe a convicted felon will take money in order to lie, even if it’s just for TV? OF COURSE SOME WOULD, and they do!

          Just continue believing whatever the TV says, they need sheep like yourself to continue running their scams.

          NOBODY DIED IN ORLANDO, period.

    • It doesn’t surprise me that you’re attracted to John Santiago Jr. He must be a lot like you in your younger days.

      32 year old unemployed drug addict with a history of mental illness who still lives at home with his mom and wishes that one day he’ll find ‘love’. He’s admitted to making 100 harassing calls to people in Newtown and has made public death threats so why are you surprised that the cops came calling?

      I had to laugh hard though when he called Bill Aldenberg of the FBI in an attempt to prove he was David Wheeler and only ended up proving that Bill was Bill. Oh and his father, John Santiago Snr was a corrupt cop and operated a drug ring in CT during the 1980’s. As usual, your judgement is exceptional! Lol.

      • I have no idea who John Santiago is nor do I care. If he’s the guy in the video alleged to have mental issues, then that’s HIS problem, not mine.

        If someone made “100’s of phone calls” and used threats, then there are remedies for those who feel harassed such as getting a restraining order.

        EVENTUALLY, more and more people will see through the media’s lies and b.s., despite the trolls posting messages to protect the media and their co-conspirators.

        • You obviously believe that crackpots harassing people for no good reason is justified. You’ve got no soul and are completely insane

  4. Orlando admits the hospital RUNS DRILLS.

    Watch these doctors LYING to Scott Pelley, who claims the doctors saw “40 patients at once.”

    Watch Dr. Cheatham emphasize gun control.


    Watch how the DHS and its minions RUN THE SCAM!

  5. Exhibit A) Jeff C aka Jeff Drizzle CIA SPOOK & mossad agent of (CIA Town) McLean Virginia.
    The ******* does not even live in Canada!

  6. Exhibit A-2) Correction Jeff C aka Jeff Frizzell not Drizzle!!!!?

  7. Exhibit B) Jeff C is not the Biggest Character of Jeff Frizzell Stefan Molyneux is! Look at the **** picture!!–don’t Dallas Goldbug me! Stefan Molyneux is Jeff Frizzell with the glases! CIA agents & Mossad agents don’t play just one character! Even if the play a very big character they keep other longterm identities after and operation is comeplete or they are forced to fake the death of their main character.

    • Stefan Molyneux lost all credibility when he DENIED the fact that no planes crashed on 9/11, despite ample evidence to show how the media staged the cartoon plane “crashing” into the second tower.

      Anyone who has been the “truther” business and has done their research knows **** well that 9/11 was a ZIONIST MEDIA driven scam, and that NO PLANES crashed anywhere on 9/11.

      People such as Molyneux (and Alex Jones, aka Bill Hicks) protect the media, and their scams.

  8. NASA’s Evil Chinese Twin JAXA Space Magic Fakery Admitted!

    China Magic AstroNoT Admits being An Astro In Space Is More About Being a Magician doing Magic tricks for people than it is about being a researcher or teacher!

  9. Exhibit 1) Bucks Co, Pennsylvania Girls Rescued From House Horrors PsyOp!

    Supposed this old troll had 12 young Girls living in his Home in Feasterville, PA. Only two were his which he supposedly fathered with a 14 year old girl he took in trade as payment for a debt! LMAO!

    • Rudolf’s been busted? Get the FOUT!!!

  10. RussianVids Latest Alex Jones Bill Hicks Video. If Today’s Alex Jones is Bill Hicks than it seems there must have been a real pre-existing Alex Jones in Austin or Texas atleast before Hicks assumed the identity.

  11. This Lee Kaplan Freak Character in Feasterville, PA is 100 percent a zionist Jew. A very spooky & creepy guy. I have already found out alot of secrets about him and supposed Ex-Wife but there is a more to discover & expose. This may have been a long term operation now being used as a more simple PsyOp.

  12. NASA’s Robert Simmons admissions of No Actual photos of Earth from space are presented by NASA or others.

    This is not nonsense but complete truth & proof.

  13. Ha ha. A self-admitted Nazi porn actor quoting a lisping shut-in who lives alone with his cat. No wonder the cat looks terrified.

  14. Meet the Istanbul hoaxie boys and get some anti-Russia propaganda in the package – The smiling suicide bombers: Three ISIS jihadists are pictured grinning as they walk into Istanbul airport before massacre that left 42 dead as it is claimed they are Russian separatists

  15. And that would be one more friend than you’ve got.

  16. [edit]Where to expect this phrase

    Any comments section with conflicting views concerning stories that deal with conspiracy theories or woo will have at least one example of this. YouTube and Yahoo! News are gold mines for this; in fact, it’s basically a mathematical certainty you’ll see this.
    Typically, the sentences themselves in which “WAKE UP” will be featured will be guilt-tripping, painful, rambling, paragraph-long run-on sentences with zero commas, LOTS OF CAPS LOCK FOR EMPHASIS, and will contain logic that can best be described as not even wrong. The law of exclamation seems to coincide nicely with the phrase, as there is almost always a gratuitous amount of exclamation marks at the end of the sentence!!!!! These rants often stem from the horror that the majority of people don’t subscribe to paranoid, divorced-from-reality theories about society and need to be told to awaken from their slumbers.
    “WAKE UP” (almost always in all-caps) is a common emotional appeal and ad hominem phrase used by hardcore anti-vaxxers, anti-GMO proponents, white supremacists, and other whack-jobs, although the phrase is almost universally associated with conspiracy theorists. Its usage is usually an indicator that you’ve wandered into the nuttier tin-foil hat section of the Internet. An idea should be able to stand on its own merits instead of being packed with condescension and emotional appeals.
    Typically, the phrase will be at the beginning or end of a rant, and will be followed by whoever the rant is being directed at. Here are three examples:
    “WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!!!”
    “WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!!!!!!!!!”[1]
    “CHEMTRAILS, GMOS, and a MILLION other ways the JEWminatti are trying to KILL us, but nevermind stay ignorant you’ve already chosen your fate WAKE UP!!!!!”

    Where to expect this phrase?

    In tinfoil hat personal ads (yes, there are such things) and the like, the writers will sometimes say how long they’ve been “awake.” Although it is amusing to do so, it probably isn’t terribly productive to suggest that they have been literally awake that long, no matter how stained their coffee mug is in their YouTube ramblings. Besides all that, it’s actually a pretty apt term. Consider, notwithstanding the effects on mortality, what the reasoning capacity for an individual remaining conscious for that long would actually resemble, and compare that to their arguments.
    Not only can this phrase or variants be found in the sewers of the Internet but also among political pundits (both left and right) whose style of argumentation relies more on demonizing the opposition as “sheeple”/blind/ignorant masses/insert-your-variation-here than making a coherent argument.

    • It is quite typical when a DHS agent/shill/troll willfully FAILS to argue the case at hand and uses deflection strategies as a post-production side show after a terror hoax event, such as the recent one in Orlando.

      These agents/trolls/shills will never provide logical and sound arguments as to why the media’s case is flawed. Instead, they will hijack other handles, use personal attacks, and make long winded diatribes filled with jibber-jabber that have NO RELATION to the video, article, or thread at hand.

      It’s actually very easy to spot such imbeciles, as they cannot handle the FACTS of Orlando being a phony fake show.

      Let’s take a very obvious part of the Orlando phony fake show. This video below is titled “Orlando for dummies” and unless the person is either mentally retarded or has the mind of a 5 year old child, can process the information that shows the witness statements by Luis Balano are BALONEY!

      Yet, as with other comments, the DHS agent/shill/troll WILL NOT provide any logical debate on the video.

      Instead, he or she will use the deflection techniques mentioned above.

      • Here is an example of an obvious CRISIS ACTOR providing grandiose fabrications of the Orlando shooting. Notice that the witness at one point mentions up to FOUR shooters, some of whom may have vests with bombs.

        There are obviously so many contradictions in his statements, it’s actually quite hilarious.

        NO JURY IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS would believe this **** if he was asked to make sworn testimony. He wouldn’t last FIVE minutes under cross examination. However, the media solved this case in one day. There is no jury trial, because they killed Omar Mateen’s character in the phony fake show.

        • In the above video, notice the following lie:

          At 1:45 am, he says his friend (who was female) wanted to go to the bathroom. The bar was having “last call.” This puts a time stamp on his testimony. He then says he went to the bathroom WITH HER. Really, which bathroom? Did the Pulse have a transgender bathroom available for BOTH males and females? He never mentions the gender of the bathroom, because that is part of the subliminal programming to forward the LGBT agenda. Then, notice he says he heard “popping sounds” WHILE HE WAS IN THE BATHROOM! But wait a minute! Omar Mateen didn’t enter the club and start his supposed shooting rampage until shortly after 2am!

          But the witness went to the bathroom at 1:45am, WITH his female friend. So why were they in the same bathroom for 18 MINUTES before the shooting? He then claims he continued to hide in the stall for three hours.

          If anyone believes this guy’s story, then they truly cannot be helped.

        • But wait, it gets even worse!

          The so called witness LIES again, claiming this was the first interview he did on TV, which is FALSE!

          Debunk this, trolls!

        • Time stamp on the testimony. He’s talking about the early hours of the morning in a nightclub for **** sake. What do you want him to say: “Well at precisely 1.48am me and my friend headed for the toileting area. There were exactly 4 people queued up for the male restroom and six for the female. We bumped into another friend and chatted for 3 minutes 40 seconds and then went to stand in the queue. At exactly 1.58am I made it into the stall etc etc’

          Go to the bar where you’ll find some more straws to clutch at whackjob.

    • show me some proof asshole.

  17. It’s FAKE, it’s FAKE, it’s FAAAAAKE, lol!

    Here is the clip CNN had to edit out because it was so pathetic.

    You can find the 2.44 minutes clip of the interview by CNN of this “witness” named Andrew Moss to the Orlando Hoax on YouTube.

    Here is the extended version, which they CANNED. I wonder why, lol lol lol!


    • It seems that your delusional psychosis is incurable.

      There are plenty of photos of the children evacuating sandy hook (including TWO – 2 from Shannon Hicks), but you’re just too dishonest to accept it.

      If you had any guts you’d read this blog from start to finish, but you won’t because it will severely interfere with your infantile fantasies.

      Oh and you and your band of nutjobs are the sheep

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