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The Fake Dead and Wounded of the Las Vegas Mass Shooting Hoax

Updated, Wed., Oct 4, 3:55 p.m.

What better place for a treacherous, arch-corrupt shooting hoax than Sin City itself, Las Vegas, Nevada. It is here, too, where the Zionist criminal elements, such as Sheldon Adelson and Steven Wynn, operate, and it is they and their ilk who back such treachery, all on behalf of world Jewish government.

It is the Jewish-controlled media which led in the delivery of this scam, which contrived it, orchestrated it, and controlled it, which gave it an element of credibility. It was all headed by psyops-news itself, CNN.

How can it be seen that the dead or fakes? It is through their imagery, which demonstrates digital manipulation. What right-minded person, what relative or other, would provide PhotoShop manipulated images as representation of murdered loved ones? Yet, this is precisely what was done, easily proven by careful analysis. Even if the images are real this is irrelevant. It is still contrived, and the sources of the uploaded images are also dubious.

The fake wounded are easily identified. They are not gunshot victims to any degree. Nor are they being treated medically. Nor are they transported via protocol. Here is a perfect example. Look at this woman. Look, and look, again. There is nothing real about this. What in the world are they doing wheeling her about in a desk chair? Apparently, in this case they cannot haul her away like a sack of potatoes for fear of herniating their lumbar disks.


Upon closer inspection, clearly, there are no gunshot wounds:

There is no blood flowing, and there are no open wounds. Nowhere can be seen actual entrance or exit wounds. No one can find it believable that this woman is a gunshot victim.

Here is a further glaring example of the degree of the fake, proving the use of moulage and fake blood for the desired effect:

It is highly evident that this is not an injured woman and that, rather, she is an actor. Clearly, this is paint, specifically tempura paint:

It is applied during movies and other acts in order to create a sense of realism for faking injuries and deaths. This is all that is seen in the Vegas-related images. There is no spillage of real blood. Here is another glaring example. Where are the gunshot wounds? Where is the exit or entrance lesion?

That’s not real blood on the arm; it’s merely smeared on.

Here is another one. How is this a gunshot wound? This man was reportedly shot in the head? Who is it that is placing his bare hand over a ‘gaping head wound?’ No one would do this. Contamination would be rife. The man would die of sepsis.

One eye closed, the other eye open: fake to the extreme.

Regardless, it is not plausible that this happened as acclaimed. The purported gunman had 20 guns plus associated ammo. Just how did he transport this load to the 32nd floor?

Yet, even more implausible, once again, are the fake wounded and how they are being handled. Who believes it? They were being transported in wheelbarrow.

In one case a woman was accidentally virtually dumped out of such a device:

Now, perhaps, at this point the person might have gotten injured, surely not before by any gunman.

It was also seen that these phony wounded were being transported on wire wracks. No one in this universe finds this plausible. The medical-legal implications of this are vast. This is inane beyond belief. It is not possible that any element of this is anything other than a charade.

Here’s another wheelbarrow. They are being transported back and forth to the staging area. Then, presumably, people were loaded from these carriages onto pick-up trucks. Really, this is being done to people suffering blast wounds from long rifles?

Look at this fake. Mr. Muscle-Man is fake pumping her upper chest (wrong place and method) to create a sense of realism. This is arch-Zionist, Jewish-controlled Hollywood that is staging this and about this there can be no doubt.

Here are some examples of contrived images for the so-called deceased. Notice how soft is the image and how corrupt it is compared to the background. the woman has full light on the left side of her face, but this is lacking in the male.

All these people are supposed to have been shot dead. Where is the outcry from their relatives? Why are there no tears of grief and sadness? What where they paid for their images to be used?

Image result for images; victims; las vegas shooting; mass shooting; wounded; dead

The man seen in the video lead photo is one of the coordinators. In this case he removed his black cowboy hat. That hat was an identifier for the crisis actors.

For the acclaimed element of some 600 people either killed or wounded, why is there not even the slightest evidence for a single gunshot wound. Not even one exit or entrance wound from a long rifle or any other kind of gun can be seen anywhere.

Sure, it was, right: absolutely. It was white-man violence, once again. All those gun-loving Americans. They love to draw blood, senselessly. Sure, they do, right. No wonder all the people that were paid for this view it as a joke, unable to control their internal emotions. Too bad the fully bamboozled world public can’t see it, buying the entire story-line, fully believing this absolute phony is real.

NOTE: the above image was taken as a screenshot from a network news video, where this woman, among others, can be seen acting out the hug after being bused in to the site. It just proves the absurdity of it all, confirming the degree of the fraud.




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    • Confirmation bias, also called confirmatory bias or myside bias,is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses. It is a type of cognitive bias and a systematic error of inductive reasoning. People display this bias when they gather or remember information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way. The effect is stronger for emotionally charged issues and for deeply entrenched beliefs.

    • ExV-1) Vegas Hoax Massacre Hoax Hugwhores Galore & DHS drill Supplied Water Bottles Everywhere!

      Intense Hugging of Fake Victim on the Ground for what?? Notice here arm is
      risen so she is ok & conscious!

      No dead, no blood on these hugger hoaxwhores just staged hugging for the photo op!

    • ExV-3a) Vegas Hoax Massacre False Witness Crisis Actwhore Hannah Sheath of London Is Singer Actress of New Zealand alias Hannah Donald also..

      She lives mostly New Zealand but will travel anywhere for gigs as Hannah Sheath & her duo “Page 28”.

    • ExV-3b) Vegas Hoax Massacre False Witness Crisis Actwhore Hannah Sheath of London Is Singer Actress of New Zealand alias Hannah Donald also..

      Busted Hoaxwhore Crisis Actor!

    • ExV-3c) Vegas Hoax Massacre False Witness Crisis Actwhore Hannah Sheath Supposedly of London, UK Is Singer Actress Hannah Sheath of New Zealand alias Hannah Donald on Youtube..

      Her Singing Duo with Steve James called Page 28:

    • ExV-3d) Vegas Hoax Massacre False Witness Crisis Actwhore Hannah Sheath of London Is Singer Actress of New Zealand alias Hannah Donald on Youtube..

      Her Acting & Singing Career went nowhere because she & her husband is only a mediocre cover band so now she comes to USA to be a Crisis Actwhore!

    • ExV-3e) Vegas Hoax Massacre False Witness Crisis Actwhore Hannah Donald Sheath & Proof She Is An Actress & NZ Ambulance Officer!

      Which is how she got a job Crisis Acting With USA Department of Homeland Security to Do Emergency Drills & Treasonous PsyOps aka Psychological Warfare Terror Attacks Against the American people for the zionist enemy to trick & steal the people’s rights & freedoms & liberties! Especially the right to keep & bear Firearms!

    • Ex V-3f) Vegas Happy Massacre Hoazwhore Crisis Actwhore Taxi Driver Fake Hero Corianne Langdon is Ziotrash Lesbo LGTGQ Activist Corianne Lothspeich!

      This creature claimed nobody was doing anything to save anyone so she jumped into action & started rescuing wounded shot people & hauling them to the Hospital / Hoaxpital!

      She/He has businesses selling Gaytshirts & Alternative Fantacies..

      This lying ziojew Freakshow may be the mother of Army embeded EMS Aurora Crisis Actors Studios Theater Shooting lesbian Jennifer Seeger! They look freakishly alike & both hideous and act just alike. & Their voices & speech patterns & head movements are very similar! And both a horrible actors & bragadocious blowhards & self promoting pathalogical liars!

    • Ex V-3f) Vegas Happy Massacre Hoaxwhore Crisis Actwhore Taxi Driver Fake Hero Corianne Langdon is Ziotrash Lesbo LGTGQ Activist Corianne Lothspeich!

      She/He has businesses selling Gaytshirts & Alternative Fantacies..

      This lying ziojew Freakshow may be the mother of Army embeded EMS Aurora Crisis Actors Studios Theater Shooting lesbian Jennifer Seeger! They look freakishly alike & both hideous and act just alike. & Their voices & speech patterns & head movements are very similar! And both a horrible actors & bragidocious blowhards & self promoting pathalogical liars!

      from Radaris search:
      Corianne M Langdon~58
      Las Vegas, NV

      Known as:

      Corianne Lothspeich Corianne Marie Langdon
      Cori M Langdon
      Langdon Langdon
      Marie Corianne

      Related to:

      Corainne M Langdon
      Langdon Corianne, ~59
      Marion S Lothspeich
      Howard A Lothspeich

    • Tell me what is fake about this:

      • Please show me an open wound, brain matter, bone or even gore, and I will accept the shots were real. Until then all I see is actors running around in Hollywood violence.

        • Ever seen real blood on pavement? Ever been on a hollywood film set and seen professional make up fx? To ascertain a conclusion based solely on the poor quality photographs is absurd. HOWEVER to claim the aftermath of the shooting was done via make up fx? Now you’re in my world, and as an expert I can tell you 100% you and anyone who claims such is wrong. Period.

  2. Yeah sure 25000+ actual witnesses, hundreds of real wounded people. Millions of blood donators, hundreds of doctors and nurses witnessed to the wounds.

    You think someone actually orchestrated this as a hoax? For what gain? Who is splashing the billions and billions of dollars that would be needed for this? How are they faking hundreds of injuries without any single person breaking ranks and saying it’s fake?

    Never mind the fact that 90% of those there are CHRISTIAN conservatives…. This article just shows how absolutely mental and just downright evil you all are. You seriously need to seek help.

    • You could very well be right. But the problem with your argument is that your claims listed in paragraph number one are all unsubstantiated. There is no forum where 25,000+ people could be vetted, and deemed reliable witnesses. We can’t possibly know the nature of all those “hundreds of injuries”, allegedly many of the victims were not transported by ambulance, and there has been no actually visual evidence of a triage center which is necessary for a mass conflagration. As for the hundreds of doctors and nurses, there are no, as far as i know visual evidence of almost 600 people showing up at local hospitals. That many people can’t storm a hospital. I don’t think it is a good argument to prove that an event did indeed happen because someone believes it couldn’t have been covered up.

      • Great common sense answer.

      • My wife’s cousin was at the concert. Saw a woman shot in the face. It happened.

    • Gun Grabbin’ zio hoax busted
      We are awaiting conformation buz zio mole & actwhore Paddock is looks like crawling in 50 shades of pink

    • Don’t expect these whack jobs to have any facts to back their claims up. Anything to give them excuses to disparage Jews and the left. Notice the only proof they offer is blurry photos and opinions. If they had real evidence they’d be on faux news discrediting themselves. I was there for the Boston Marathon bombing. My mom worked at the hospital the wounded were brought to. Yet these guys who weren’t there know better. That’s all you need to know right there.

    • It’s so much easier to just shoot the people and kill them if need be, than to go through all that to act it out. That many actors and someone is talking for cash already. If you’re out to produce this event it doesn’t make sense to act it out. Real guns, real bullets, real blood, real death. If you’re operating at this level you don’t give a **** about 58 lives. Collateral Damage. You have a bigger agenda. But then again I don’t know anyone at that level so maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t see anyone with half a brain having that many loose ends and loose lips.

  3. Cowboy- Names and pics of the dead are starting to be released. The world is eagerly awaiting your research tieing all of them to Mossad and DHS.

    Don’t be long- your research is critical to the truther community.

  4. “Jimmy Kimmel tears up during emotional plea for stricter gun laws” The Zionist Jews On Parade, straight from the Hollywood Masonic Temple. Where Zionist Black Magic is done.

    • Jimmy Jewy Kimmel claims he’s Italian so why does he have a jewish name? Kimmel Tires Stores is jewish for example! He’s just another Crypto jew Actwhore like Jimmy Jewy Fallon who claims he is Irish! Lmao! Yes Irish! Yet he (Fallon) looks as jewy as Michael Meyers (of SNL also) though not quite as hideously ugly as Meyers!

      • The same can be said for your Jew buddy Peter Kusznir, Rabbi Cowboy.

  5. Unlikely to fake this:

    And certainly impossible to fake the dead gunman:

    Should wait for more details before rushing into a story.
    Not everything is automatically hoax.

    • Dubioza – You now realize that the Paddock dead photo was done September 2016,right?

    • So what? Tempura moulage and dapper dummies… plus, one of the guys was smirking.


      • If that was a moulage the guy would have been choking and suffocating because as you can see his nose and mouth are completely filled with blood.If he was alive he would have been moving,yet he is still and his eyes are lifeless.

        And this is not dapper dummies:

        Video with bodies.

        • You can see her eyes are closed when the guy with the camera approaches but opens her “lifeless” eyes when he goes to check her pulse. Blood is fake as hell too. the dried blood looks like a dye residue. Camera man couldn’t find a “bullet wound” or blood on the first guy so he just moves on? Plus, his acting is horrible. Can anyone find actual bullet wound pictures on the net? I can’t and there was plenty of cameras out there. I didn’t in the video. Just sayin’.

          • Pure speculation.

          • Can’t find them, because there aren’t any: 100% fake.

        • Also, the camera man must not have been going by the same script as the security dude. And how does he know everyone in this area is deceased? The script is supposed to have everyone in that area dead, I suppose. camera man didn’t get the memo.

          • Do you have any tangible proof at all to support this, or are you going to persist with pulling fantasy out of your ***?

      • Tempura moulage? Please explain what that is? Daper Cadaver dummies? They wouldn’t fool a blind person they are so cheaply made. Try again.

      • Tempura moulage? Please explain what that is? Daper Cadaver dummied woukdnt fool a blind person they are so cheaply made. Please try again.

  6. ExU-) Vegas Mike Cronk ZioJew Happy Hoaxwhore Crisis Actor Busted! From Aurora Crisis Actors Studios Colorado!

    During his interviews he is always having a hard time to not laugh. And his eyes are always darting to the teleprompter & interview-whores like Georgie boy Stefanopoulos have to keep prompting him on his lines!

    Here he is grinning & trying not to with another young zionist jew “Cohenesque” reporter! Maybe this clown is fake Armenian crisis actwhore Dan Bilzerian’s brother or Cousin??×624.jpg

  7. ExU-2) Vegas Shooting Massacre PsyOp Horrible Hoaxwhore Aurora CO Studios & Burbank, CA Crisis Actor Zionist Jew Mike Cronk! Watch his beady eyes as he lies his @$$ off!

    Notice he keeps looking to teleprompter & getting prompted by Steffy ZioBoy-Anopoulus! And it’s all he can do not to break out laughing!

    Proof he is a Hollywood Actor & An Aurora Colorado AF Embeded DHS Crisis Actor:

    (From Radaris identity search)

    Michael M Cronk ~39 Aurora, CO

    Known as:

    C Michelle
    Cronk Micheal
    Michael Meyer Cronk
    Micheal Cronk
     Mike M Cronk
    M J Cronk

    Aurora, CO (Home to Aurora Crisis Actor Studios)
    Denver, CO
    Castlerock, Colorado (Movie Company town in Colorado)
    Woodrow, CO
    Las Vegas, NV
    Burbank, CA (Hollywood movie & TV studio town & home to many actors, especially the very wealthy ones & studio execs, etc..)

  8. This fake Victim/ VicSim is most likely one of the two zionist jew sisters / team of Crisis Actors used in both Boston Beaneater Smoke Bombing & Sandy Hook Crook Hoax PsyOps! Acting jobs are limited for such people so her & her sister can do DHS treason PsyOps & Drills over & over & as a bonus the zionists in Hollywood will reward them for their treason against Americans & the hated goyim with movie & tv show extra jobs, etc.., whenever possible!

  9. ZzzzZZZzzzzzZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzZzZzzzzZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzz

  10. You are boring.

  11. ExV-2) Vegas Happy HoaxWhore Crisis Actor Insane Script: “No Ambulances Had Arrived So Someone Got Into A Car With An “IV”!!!

    Watch especially after 3:50 mark to second Crisis Actwhore Last! She’s even More ridiculous of a liar than even the first one in this Fake zio news interview!

    So no ambulances were present & people were getting into Victim/ “Victim Trucks” & cars with IV’s! And Triages were set up! How in the hell are triages set up with no Ambulances at a Concert??? LMAO! When does a random car have an IV to give shooting victims?? …At a fake shooting treasonous PsyOp done DHS DRILL Style! That is where!!!

    Watch the Lying Reportwhore keep prompting the Actwhores & explaining away the contradictory lies used in this PsyOp Hoax!

    He never ask or reveals these Crisis Actwhores names so I can’t show more proof they are actors without a lot of research..

  12. Dear Americans,

    Wake up!

    Intentionally avoiding any kind of speculation,
    ignoring all knowledge about NWO, zionism, deep state, state controlled terror, previous false flag and hoax events,
    not replying to all these highly emotional statements,
    respecting innocent victims in case that they exist,
    being aware of the fact that the mainstream media have been lying to us since we got born –

    the minimum resulting personal responsibility forces all of us to switch on our brain.

    Doing so we do recognize a huge amount of suspicious facts, abnormalies and inplausabilities in the Las Vegas happening.

    – Audio tracks clearly showing the sound of more than one single automatic rifle
    – A 64 year old flabby guy without any military traing / experience
    – The challenge of bringing > 10 rifles plus armunition into a hotel room for 4 days without getting recognised
    – The ability to shoot an automatic weapon for a long period of time ignoring all smoke, heat and the resulting forces
    – Broken window screens outside the official shoooter position
    – An official shooter position which is the most useless one
    – Brother and neighbour confirming the patsy to be anything else than a potential mass murder
    – Witnesses stating they heard several weapons from different locations
    – Not a single believable picture of any gun wounded person
    – Obvious crisis actors in the official interviews

    Isn’t that enough to allow people to question things?
    Hasn’t this been the basic fundament of the American constitution and democracy?

    Whatever happened – one thing is 100% clear:
    The official story is complete ****.

    Best regards from good old Germany – and please always remember what can happpen when you blindly trust a corrupt and criminal government. We have painfully learned this lesson…

    • Who the **** is ‘we dipfuck?

    • All your claims are unprovable and based on pure confirmation bias. YOU are the one who is being fooled. This tragedy happened. Try harder.

      • Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!
        Why you don’t re-consider it? You are being played.

        A lone guy can wound/kill 600 people, please, YOU have to try harder.
        Guns do overheat. Guns are heavy. You have to carry lots of ammo. A 60-year-old man (who is waaaaaaaaay past prime fighting age) can do all of this without military training/help? Please!
        This is the most stupid hoax I’ve seen in a long time. They are overplaying their hand with this one. BIG TIME.

        • Absolutely plausible that a 60 + year old man with no military experience can plan and execute this. Bring enough modified guns to the party, some nice steady tripods, a perfect elevated vantage point with switching fire points and a killing field filled with a crowd of people not knowing where the bullets are coming from, and there is your massacre. You are familiar with the term ‘shooting fish in a barrel’?

          • I am inclined to agree with Melbourne. After all, I must consider reading here on this forum all the times the rants of this resident “Cowboy”- an old man with no military training who claims he can shoot down zionists by the score.

        • Jeevus here we go again… 1. Lifts or for those over the pond, elevator.. they’re a wonderful invention you know.. some how through voodoo or some such magic they allow you to go between floors.. fecking amazing or what.. 2. And I may be wrong on this but didn’t his actions I.e. the smoke from discharging his weapons actually set off the fire alarms ? Didn’t do a great job of disabling them did he.. 3. Removing 800lb of hurricane proof windows….. suffer many hurricanes in Vegas do they?.. granted safety glass up to code for the height of the building but hurricane proof ? not to mention that they were less removed and more shot through with a few rounds. 4. Aimed ? AIMED… why would you need to aim at a crowd of 22,000 people at approx 400mts away from an elevated position ? I mean don’t get me wrong I used to struggle to hit a cow’s **** at 2ft with a cricket bat but reckon even I could hit something given those parameters… 5. No training… no disrespect to the American soldier or indeed any member of any forces anywhere (including ex members ) but most personal weapons are designed to be used buy the lowest common denominator… I.e. they are simple to use.
          Perhaps I’m wrong, maybe he was mind controlled after reading catcher in the rye by someone using remote viewing techniques in a bunker in area51 whilst being watched over by shape changing lizards with pilot licences and a mission badge with the twin towers on it… or maybe he was just a fuckwit who lost the plot and murdered people. Who knows?

    • Really? Did you go to Las Vegas to investigate? Know anyone who attended the concert?

  13. Unlikely to fake this:

    And certainly impossible to fake the dead gunman:

    Should wait for more details before rushing into baseless claims.
    Not everything is automatically hoax.

    • What is your explanation (2nd link, photo with suicide) for the absolutely clean bullet laying on top of a lake of blood?

      Do you judge the presented suicide picture as realistic for a head shot with a rifle from close distance?

      Have you forgotten that we get shown hundreds of movies every day with scenes looking far more realistic but being labelled “movie”?

      • The bullet was already there before he shot himself, a cartridge from the shots he made at the crowd.And if you move the body you’ll find more shell underneath.He was staying a little in front of that position and when he shot himself,he fell in the position he is.The blood starts dripping on the floor but like a liquid it goes under the cartridge and on the downsides,not at the top.It doesn’t cover the top unless it’s in some angles like a box shape or like in a bowl that will allow the blood to fill up and thus covering the object.This is basic knowledge about liquid substances.

        He didn’t shot himself with a rifle,he did it with a revolver in the mouth.You can see it in the same picture and it is covered in blood.

        If you can’t make difference between scenes in movies and bodies in real life that’s a big problem.Go to and liveleak.There are hundreds of videos and images of dead people posted.

      • Let me also add that a pistol or a revolver has less power that a rifle and makes a hole through the skull instead of blasting off large pieces of the head like a rifle does.

      • He did not shoot himself nor the insanely ridiculous 580- some plus other people! It’s a ziotrash media & DHS Treasonous Gun Confiscation Agenda Hoaxes/ PsyOps! No real blood anywhere! All ZioTheatrics! ZioPsyOpTricks! Fake! Phoney Baloney Bull$h#ttery!

        This PsyOp is so stupid & ridiculous it’s like Lee Harvey Oswald aka CIA agent Larry Oswald (still alive) shooting JFK & 500 Other people from the Book depository building! LMAO! You’d need 4000 rounds or more & a razorwire fence for one expert rifleman sniper to murder & shoot that many people! And atleast 308 or 30.o6 not a crappy AK 47 from 1000 feet away!

        Lee Harvey “Concentrated Strength Super Sniper” Paddock is pure ZioHollywood Fiction! Pure fake news to the most ridiculous extreme! And the goyim are falling for this $h#t fast! Like jumping onto swords & diving off cliffs into dried lake with a rock bottom!

        • Made a claim that it’s fake without giving any reasonable explanation,the proceeded to throw in a bunch of words like a kid that made no seance and gave me headache trying to comprehend the while I was reading.And then you went from Las Vegas to Lee Oswald.Congratulations,you made me clear that you have some form of paranoid schizophrenia and being a total waste of time trying to communicate and have a conversation.Have a good day,sir.

    • Fake as can be! And you by beinging on this site proves that your job is to monitor and deny the truth that it was a hoax/drill. If one believes a narrative being spouted why would they look for something that says opposite? When I was asleep and believed the lying media I never thought of looking for something to question it until it was quite obvious it was a lie like Sandy Hook and the laughing daddy.

      • I was scrolling down the articles on Liveleak where I was watching some videos and images similar to those I posted and there was this one guy in the comment section(who by the way everyone is laughing at him and mocking him for being conspiracy lunatic) and he posted links to this website.So I came here,read the articles and comments and posted the images and aftermath videos who by the way impossible to be staged because people need to see what they are claiming and what actually happened. Not a good way to compare to Sandy hook which didn’t have graphic images and videos.Had a good laugh while I was reading comments here.Blood and gore like that is not fake.But I suppose you think you’re woke and see the truth when no one else sees it.Do as you wish and carry on.

        • Here, we present to you the most boring troll of NDI. Noone can stand his stench of semen and **** (courtesy of his hidden buttocks) nor his blatant denying of obvious facts. Like:

          – the staging of hoaxes left and right by the Zionist filth that controls America (and the rest of the West)

          – the agenda of the above mentioned zio-trash to make the world a shittier place, suitable for them to rule

          – the deliberate dumbing down of the masses via trashy entertainment, poisoned education based in lies and lies spewed by the Lugenpresse.

          – the genocide of the peoples who are considered a menace for them, especially in the Middle East and thereabouts

          – the setting up of fake opp “alternatives”, full of shills and infiltrators

          – and more.

          Yet, he resorts to ridicule all of those who point out the inconsistencies of the system via the typical arguments offered in these cases, labeling them as “conspiracy theorists”, “crazy lizard people”, “conspiranoics”, “nutcases” and more.
          While there’s a trove of information for the person who is willing to challenge the current System narrative, and not be spoon fed with the television programme (an apt name given its nature) of thought.
          The herd instincts, groupthink of yessir lemmings is real. And the zio-trash knows its nature. Thus they label anyone who thinks different as a “conspiracy theorist”, in an attempt to discredit possible dissenters.
          It has been proven that conspiracies do indeed exist, and that there’s a hidden agenda of the ruling “elites” to manipulate/subjugate the population.
          While the masses wonder, at the very best, why their world is crumbling to pieces, there is people willing to point out the inconsistencies and the evil agenda of those who run the world behind the curtains
          Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors, Lawmakers, Judges and other apparent authorities are just pawns of the system. Nothing else.
          The game is run by those who stand in the shadows, not by the above mentioned.
          And those who run the game happen to be, more often than not, of Jewish extraction.
          Just sayin’……. 🙂

        • I guess you do not watch to many hollywood movies or have seen military training videos. Liveleak is full of dumb downed gullible non thinking people like you!

          • I am totally alone in my family, church and community as I am looked at like a crazy person with wild beliefs. So called wise men of God who are asleep and look at me and treat me like I am crazy. I am totally confused on what to do now. Is there anyone else out there who is being treated like this and feel hopeless?

          • LOL you don’t know why everyone thinks you are crazy? EVERYONE? Perhaps it is time to consider that perhaps they are right and your need to believe that EVERYTHING bad that happens is a hoax perpetuated by mysterious Zionist with such super-powers as to be everywhere and undetectable.

            You are a nutter, as are most on here. You need to get some help.

  14. I like Tom Petty, I love his music, But I think he may have faked his death. Police Taking him to the Hospital puts a Big HOAX likelihood fingerprint on it!

    The Corrupt LA Police announcing he was dead puts an even bigger HOAXY stain on it! Then them retracting makes it worse! Plus he is 66 aka Dual 33 code! And also 66 is a short version of 666 in the Babylonian occult. It’s said he would go aling with it. And makes no sense financially when he could bring in so much money touring, especially if he would have done a coheadline Classic Rock tour with Bob Seger or the Eagles. I think if he had done one with Seger they could have sold out Stadiums nationwide. And Seger has probably never done a big tour in Europe so I think they could have done gangbusters in Germany & UK & allover. Anyway I am leaning like 75% it’s a hoax. Otherwise he may have been murdered to achieve the gematria for the ziotrash! Especially with ziotrash sleazebag Hugh Hefner dying in sync with him! They may have just froze Hefner! LOL He’s looked dead for atleast 20 years anyway! They just forgot to bury him!

  15. ExV-3k) Vegas Meets Boston BeanEater Hoax! I Juden! F#%k you Goyim! We gettin’ paid! & We gonna’ get your guns goyim!!

  16. ExV-3L) Vegas Meets Boston Big Beefy BeanEater Hoaxwhore Cow Crisis Actwhore Valverde! They Don’t call me & my sister House-Size Heifer HoaxWhores for nothing, Goyim! We can eat like an army!
    And lie like skinny slithery snakes! Juden!!!

  17. ExV-3m) Vegas PsyOp Meets Boston Smoke Bomb Hoax- Big Momma Valverde Lies Best! Here’s the Happy Hoaxwhore Laughing it up over the Boston Beaneater Bullcrap Buffoonery!

  18. Possibly Fake dead Tom Petty definite Aliases I can link to him directly: Tom Yuma, Yuma T Petty & Tom York

    And with Hair cut short/& dyed & beard or goatie no one would ever recognise him! Add glasses & it’s **** near impossible! & He’s never been seen in short hair in 45 plus years!

    Radaris Search
    Tom Petty ~66
    Malibu, CA

    Known as:
    Thomas Earl Petty Thomas E Petty Tom E Petty Tom Yuma T Petty
    Related to:
    Annakim T Violette, 35 Rodger Epperson, Tom York, Adria Robin Petty, 42 Kim Petty, 35 Jane B Petty, 65 Jane A Benyo, 86 Dylan Epperson, 24 Roger R Epperson, 54

  19. Every time they push the treaty for the ban on small arms of the UN, a few weeks before a massacre occurred during the presidency of Obama. It is not a coincidence that another leftist-financed massacre occurs a month before the referendum to the second amendment of the constitution, which will take place next November.

  20. ExV-3p) Vegas Super Sniper Hoax Higher Res Picture of Big Fat Jewess Crisis Actwhore Fake VicSim! Aka HoaxWhore aka Crisis Hog!

    • Hey! That looks like me!

  21. ExV-3q) Vegas Hoaxwhore Apparent All Jew Crew of Buffoons Pushing a Fake Dead Body Away from an Ambulance in Dual Wheel Wheelbarrel like it’s Horse $h#t!!! Because it is Horse Sh#t! This entire Treasonous Zionist Hoax
    Is Pure Horse $h#t!

    This staged picture is these twisted ziotrash psychopaths talmudically telling US it is all horse manure! Pure ZioPsyOp Theatrics/ ZioTricks!

  22. This is the funniest site since the onion. Please go see a psychiatrist.

  23. Gender disphoria and general delusion don’t even begin to scratch the surface of YOUR mental problems, gaybee.

    Must be hard to be the stepson of a pedo rabbi who has a knack for fondling children. I pity you…………. 🙁

    But it’s time to move on! You can’t get hung on those painful memories all your life! It’s time to seek help.

    The Help that a good Session of Therapy can provide…….

    Bring your sis 🙂

  24. Praise be to Allaah.

    The ruling on women driving should be clear, because women driving includes a number of evils, including the following:

    1 – Removal of hijab, because driving a car involves uncovering the face which is the site of fitnah and attracts the glance of men….This is how things usually develop; they start out in an acceptable fashion then they get worse.

    2 – Another evil consequence of women driving cars is that they lose their modesty, and modesty is part of faith as is narrated in a saheeh report from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). Modesty is the noble characteristic that befits the nature of women and protects them from being exposed to fitnah. Hence it is mentioned in a metaphorical sense (in Arabic), in the phrase “more modest than a virgin in her seclusion.” Once a woman’s modesty is lost, do not ask about her.

    3 – It also leads to women going out of the house a great deal, but their homes are better for them – as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said – because those who love to drive enjoy it very much, hence you see them driving around in their cars here and there for no purpose, except to enjoy driving.

    4 – You may find a divorced woman going where she wants, whenever she wants and however she wants, for whatever purpose she wants, because she is alone in her car, at any time she wants of the day or night. She may stay out until late at night. If people are complaining about this with regard to young men, then what about young women, going all over the place the length and breadth of the country, and maybe even beyond its borders.

    5 – It is a means of women rebelling against their families and husbands; at the least provocation they may go out of the house and drive in the car to wherever they think they can get some peace, as happens in the case of some young men, who are able to put up with more than women.

    6 – It is a cause of fitnah in many places: when stopping at the traffic lights, or at gas stations, or at inspection points, or when stopped by policemen at the scenes of traffic infractions or accidents, or if the car stalls and the woman needs help. What will her situation be in this case? Perhaps she may come across an immoral man who takes advantage of her in return for helping her, especially if her need is great to the point of urgency.

    7 – It causes fitnah to flourish because women – by their nature – like to make themselves look good with clothing etc. Do you not see how attached they are to fashion? Every time a new fashion appears they throw away what they have and rush to buy the new things, even if it is worse than what they have. Do you not see the adornments that they hang on their walls? In the same way – or perhaps more so – with the cars that they drive, whenever a new model appears they will give up the first for the new one.

    With regard to the questioner asking, “And what is your opinion on the idea that women driving cars is less dangerous than their riding with non-mahram drivers?” – what I think is that both of them involve danger, and one is more serious than the other in some ways, but there is no necessity that would require one to do either of them.

  25. ExV3r-2) Busted Vegas Zionist Hoax Massacre Singer Luke Church Does Dual PsyOp Roles- plays Fake Victim Sonny Melton & “Self”!

    Sonny Melton Never Lived & Never Died! No record of him anywhere!!! He’s only a fake dead character played by Country Singer Luke Church
    ! & Wife Katherine Basingame’s Relative Heather Gooch Blasingame aka Heather Blasingame Ayer plays Fake Wife of Sonny Melton “Heather Gulish Melton”!!

    Here is Luke Church Fake Dead who plays fake dead fake hero Sonny Melton:

  26. If anybody thinks the vegas event was a real shooting, then please, for the sake of humanity, kill yourselves. YOu are the brainless, brainwashed, ignorant traitors and terrorism-supporters who ‘go along’ with whatever the proven liars of the media/government says. You have ruined life for millions of us because you just stare at your phone all day and avoid reality, believing the biggest and most obvious lies.

    There was NOt 20,000 PEOPL\ at a concert for an unknown hillbilly band at 12pm in Vagas. 3000 tops. Many in the crowd realized the gunshots were coming out of the speakers. Video in front of the stage records very loud gunshot wounds. Dude was 2 fucking blocks away, 300 feet in the air. YOu would barely hear anything. No bloody concertgoers. Fake LIVELEAK video where unknown idiot with crappy cellphone footage (seen this before at all fake events) declares people dead, and then they just turn the lights out. Sure, right. Only in Jewwywood productions. Fake witnesses not in shock, not in trauma, no tears, nada. ‘Wounded’ people in hospital laughing and looking like they just hit the jackpot. No drug grogginess after hours of surgery. Superficial band-aids, laughing, smirking. A fucking squirrel eats a piece of pizza in a park and we have 20 different videos. ‘HUNDREDS’ of wounded and we have 2 of the same **** videos over and over and over.

    Fucking moron Americans. Please, kill yourselves and do humanity a favor.

    • Please check your delusional self into a mental ward. You are just as sick as the gunman.

    • You use American grammar. Who do you REALLY work for?

    • It was removed because it was so fake. Can’t have “evidence” like that hanging around, now can we?

  27. Dr j. Michael Powers’ (neurologist AZ) president of board of directors (his wife is the daughter of the founder) of Bird technology, brief former military. Company sells radiofrequency products to governments. Xcom systems WASP captures and stores information. They brag Hear All Evil. Google it: “Xcom systems hear all evil” Illuminati symbolism on advertisements. All of this should be recorded word for word. All of it. Do a freedom of information act request.

  28. whoever wrote this is a complete nut-job…must be another Russian thing

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