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The Fake Death of Dallas DART Officer Brent Thompson

The entire claim that actual Department of Rail Transport or DART officers in the Dallas area were shot and killed and/or wounded is a monstrous lie. By no means were any of them engaged by an actual shooter and shot to any degree. This is all fabricated, fully proven, here.

The arch-Masonic DART police chief knows full well the nature of the scam and fully reveals it when he is interviewed in public, including at the staged funeral itself:


He’s making a mockery of it. Why should anyone else care? No one could be that happy over a corpse that has just barely cooled down. Who would behave that way before the public, knowing the sensibilities of the relatives and far more?

The purported family has proven it through their fake press release where they are demanding the untenable: that they be left alone and that no one can bother or contact them. This type of family-source press release is a standard in arch-hoaxes:

The press release claims that not only was Thompson killed but that also three others were wounded. Officers Cannon, McBride, and Retana were not wounded in the least. Thus, they are lying before the entire world. No wonder they don’t want anyone to contact them.

Yet, wait a minute. Is there no interest at all for interaction with the public? None whatsoever? In fact, there is interest: in the public largess. ‘Give us your money, but leave us alone, so we can gloat in our fraud.’


People should request a refund. The site should be shut down. This is a fake, and there can be no other conclusion.

Some poor bamboozled, gullible goy even donated $500. That’s just the beginning. See what else has happened. Someone even provided a check for$50,000:

More than a half a million dollars have been collected to help the families of the five Dallas officers killed and the 12 officers injured in last Thursday’s ambush.

Between the ‘Assist the Officer Foundation,’ GoFundMe accounts and others, volunteers and police groups have seen substantial donations going to the injured officers and the families of those killed. Frederick Frazier with the ATO Foundation said, so far, it’s collected well more than $500,000 in donations and counting. Maxwell Drever from California flew to Dallas to hand-deliver his check of $50,000, hoping it will most benefit the children of the officers killed last Thursday.


“It’s a start,” he said. “Hopefully, we can do more.”

A local preacher belittled the process, stating that the final ceremony would occur at a private family site, purportedly the family’s own graveyard. How convenient it is, since there is no way anyone could investigate the claim of there being a real death. They even want privacy for grave visits.


He cracks jokes about how Thompson didn’t want to be buried near the septic tank but as long as another relative suffered that fate he was fine with the private burial.


No one could be this wildly thrilled, so fully consumed with duping delight, unless this was a fake and a scam.


This is the supposed wife of two weeks. She breaks out into duping delight initially, then, at the end seems to reveal it all as she participates in this arch-con.

The red-headed woman then comes up and no matter how hard she tries it is clear that she is acting on a stage and is not truly grieving any loss.

At one point in the tape if it the sound is turned way up it seems that it is heard, “Action, next one,” at which time, exactly, the blonde-haired woman takes the place of the red-head.


In the video the man on the right seems to be holding back laughter, about to burst at the seams on many occasions. The sister seems to jab him, apparently telling him to settle down.


…if looks could kill….


She’s awfully happy for just losing her dad to a senseless shooting. Regardless, that’s interesting, her point about him being home for good. Where is that, on the private farm where “privacy” must be “respected?”




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  1. Sum dum goy?
    I think I had that for dinner at the Chinese restaurant a few nights ago.

  2. Still shots of someone reckoned to be not crying enough / crying too hard? Obviously guilty!
    Our entire research hinges on these ‘facts’ after all…

  3. You’re the one who always sounds stoned John

  4. You’re a cunning linguist Cowboy. Just love that alliteration. Would you like to come and work as an actor on my Youtube channel? Shalom.

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    Doesn’t that make you want to giggle?

  6. Yet another fraudulent disinfo post by genocidally racist zionist jew troll & *** Gabriel, posted by this dishonest vowardly piece of sewage under my name Cowboy here..

    (Broke back tranny-loving *** Gabriel fake version of:)
    Cowboy JULY 31, 2016 AT 5:55 AM
    The three Islamic assassins who killed French citizens at Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish delicatessen arrive at the destination they had given their lives for, the Jihadist heaven promised them. An angel greets them as they arrive.
    “Welcome gentlemen. I hope your journey was peaceful.”
    “Hardly!” stated Said Kouachi sarcastically. “We got our **** shot to pieces.”
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    “Indeed you are!” said the angel, opening the huge door to their destination. “Enter right this way!”
    The three men enthusiastically go in. What they see on the other side stops them in their paces. Before them lay a scene of utter chaos. A fierce war was being waged with bombs being thrown and bullets whizzing by. Men and women are killing and tearing each other apart in so many various ways. Shouts of anger at foes and the screams of the recipients of shattering metal howl throughout the landscape. Splatters of blood lay everywhere, as well as human flesh separated from the skeletons that they once clothed. Internal organs now externalized lay roped on the ground. The maimed and dying beg them for help or for the blessing of death.
    “What is this?” exclaimed Amedy Coulibaly, the third terrorist. “This can surely not be heaven!”
    “Oh, it very much is! We custom make each bit of heaven to exactly what each deceased person coming to us likes the most. In your case you enjoyed mayhem and the shedding of blood. That was the thing you wanted most in life. So that is now what you get for all eternity! We try to make everyone happy!”
    “But…..but…….but….” stammered the three men, “we thought heaven was supposed to be blissful!”
    “Oh, it is! We give to you now the bliss you sought on earth! Here are your Kalashnikovs.” He hands them the weapons. “Now you are free to live out your deepest worldly fantasies forever. And here…..” he reaches back, grabs three first aid kits and hands it to them, “is the last thing you will need. Have fun! I must lock you in now!” The angel quickly swings the doors shut in their bewildered faces.
    “I really don’t understand what they see in all this carnage.” The angel says to himself as he leaves. “I would think they could find nicer ways to spend all eternity!”
    He could hear new howls as he walked away.

  7. Ex101-c) Dallas Cop Killer RaceWar PsyOp- Crisis Actor Freemason FRAUD Brent Jason Thompson

    Satanic Traitor to humanity, Traitor to God, Traitor to America!

    • Cowboy-

      You, sir, are a traitor to America.

      You only get a “pass” since you have obvious mental issues.

      • You remind me of the Westboro Baptist Church sickos.

  8. You mean ADL run, ACLU funded Westboro Baptist Fake church/zioChurch???!! Lol It’s a bunch of zionist jews parading as Hollywood cartoon characters /caricatures! It was designed to push the homosexual agenda & cause sympathy for homosexuals as victims & allow homosexual marriage to be forced on the American people with little resistance it has worked! They are a bunch of sick twisted Talmudic & zionist jews laugh their evil, satanic a$$es off at the dumb goyim they have defeated with their staged events!
    They are as despicable a bunch of ziotrash jew fraudstaers as you & all your troll schitZio names Gabriel Hubert Homofag!

    • Having said that though, if you happen to know PeekayTruth, I’d really like an introduction. Plleeeeaassee?

    • No. It’s a bunch of flat-earth misguided fundies like you.

  9. The author of this article is an exposed fraud and shameless shill!

    • Another shill! You don’t fool me you black ****.

  10. Stumbling through the wreckage of this site’s comments section it is painfully apparent that it has been brought down from within! Shills! You ruined everything!

    • Shill! You prove my point. Shill!

  11. A Syrian Medical Doctor Demolishes the Propaganda put out by Politicians and the Media

  12. America’s “Humanitarian Massacre” of Syrian Civilians. The “Counter-Terrorism” Campaign Is Directed against the Syrian People

    US Warplanes Massacre Syrian Civilians Unaccountably

  13. Remember this hoaxer? FULL: Florent Groberg was awarded the Medal of Honor – Democratic National Convention

    • And where is my award for wasting my life chasing figments of my imagination?
      So unfair. I deserve recognition!


  15. You sure do seem to quickly become enamored with the biggest freaks on the internet. Not surprising I guess.

  16. Again with Rudolph’s buddies…
    We’ve learned from previous instances- There are no such people.

  17. How about those phony hoax floods in Maryland?

  18. Ex1) ADL-ZioMedia-White Genocide Fake Couple PsyOp Busted

    Where this fake Christian White Couple Impregnates wife with black man’s Semen to have black triplets. Both are zionist jew actors & change agents.
    Aaron Halbert is homosexual zionist jew editor, writer & publisher in Arizona & Mississipi & DC recently set-up with his own company for doing this white genocide PsyOp. Rachel Halbert is alias Rachel Pradera actress, dancer & change agent-zio scammer too. Part time engaged in a fake sham marriage with this homosexual jew Aaron Halbert to push insane white genocide zio sick twisted agendas of: perversion of impregnating your wife with someone else’s black seed to push inferiority, cuckhold & self hatred among whites.
    This is homosexual zionist jew Aaron Halbert in his real identity as a publisher, editor, writer, etc..

    This is proof of his fake wife’s real identity from radaris search. And yes I can back it up with photographic proof also since I found actress-dancer Rachel Pradera aka Halbert’s pictures, etc..!
    Rachel L Halbert, ~34
    Tampa, FL
    Known as: Rachel Pradera
    Has lived in: Tampa, FL · Plant City, FL · Valrico, FL
    Related to: M Storck · Helen Storck · Milford Storck · Rebecca Storck ~61 · Becky Storck ~58

    I researched this based on a post by Rudolf. I immediately knew they were zioJew ADL-Media hired, well funded actors for this PsyOp. He got set-up with his own publishing company just as this PsyOp begin & she will get much better theater acting & dancing roles & tv roles for her part! The babies are probably all stolen CPS babies that probably spend their time mostly in other foster group-homes, & just get delivered to the fake couple for PsyOp photoOps & interviews!

    • And you have the audacity to call others racist?

    • My Jewish mom was cuckolded by black ninjas and I am the result.

  19. Ex2) ADL-ZioMedia White Genocide, Self Hate of Whites, Black Babies IV Impregnation Fake Couple PsyOp

    Rae Pradera theater actress dancer aka
    Rachel Pradera aka Rachel Halbert
    stars as ridiculous white Christian wife who hates own Eeevile white race along with fake husband cuck played by a homosexual zioZew Aaron Halbert. Both are merely zioMedia-ADL zio-perverted agenda hired actors-change agents. They have millions of children stolen by zionists DHS to use in such ridiculous PsyOps that most people will believe are real since they see it on TV & MSM!
    Like this PsyOp almost every story you see in the ziotrash ziomedia is zioagenda, scripted fake PsyOp brainwashing stories!

  20. Ex3) ADL-ZioMedia White Genocide -Fake Self Hating White Couple Wife Impregnated by black man’s semen in ZioJew Twisted PsyOp!

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    This is really to decrease the numbers of white Americans who are harder for the zionist jews to control & rob & enslave than minorities who the zios can manipulate more easily through thousands of foundations & fake minority rights organizations which the zionist completely control.
    Nothing about being white or Christian is racist. But God did create many races & languages & cultures for a reason. And in contrast the Babylonian Talmud & Kabbala are extremely racist & even genocidally & murderously racist in unbelieveably insane & extreme evil ways. So the Tamudic & Zionist jews are always falsely projecting their own genocidal racism onto others, portraying anyone but jews as every type of racists, buffoons, barbaric caricatures & sick twisted individuals in all their movies, news stories, social stories, fake reality series & in their PsyOps & Hoaxes.

  21. Ex4) ADL-ZioTrash Media White Genocide PsyOp- Goyim Hating ZioJew Homo PsyOp Actor Aaron Halbert out of disguise as Cuckhold white self hating Chritian Cartoon Character!

  22. Ex5) ADL-ZioMedia White Genocide-White Self Hate, Zio Brainwashing PsyOp- Fake White Couple Gives Birth to Black Babies

    Notice how this despicable zioJew host lady repeatedly says the lie that most people in Mississipi are very Prejudiced & tells you how great it is for whites to have black babies. Although this zionist jew racist herself probably from NYC or New England would never dare suggest jews should have black babies! She be spit on or beaten with sticks in Brooklyn or Crown Heights or Reisterstown, MD or Chicago or Israel Orthodox Jews or zionists or Lubavitchers of any strip for suggesting such. But they ofcourse applaud her for telling the goyim to do it!

    Also remember the ziomedia never mentions that NYC is the most racist & segregated city in the USA in many ways where cops constantly, illegally stop & frisk blacks especially anywhere near Manhattan or in any Jewish neighborhood. And crazed AshkeNAZI orthodox nutcases often beat black children with sticks & bars & belts who stray into their neighborhoods. Whereas Mississipi is 37 percent black. And whites & blacks live less segregated than most anywhere in the USA yet rarely choose to intermarry or interracially date & have kids- only in very small percentages in most of the state.

    • That’s BIG TIME, Cowboy!

      Rudolf’s blog!


  23. ExA) Mossad Agent Richard Gutjahr Gets Peekay Truth Youtube Channel Banned!

    Gutjahr is the Israeli Traitor who videod both the Nice Truck Massacre & Munich Hoax! So now he falsely claimed 3 copyright violations on public domain current news stories against Peekay with zioJewtube /Youtube which ofcourse arbitrarily & selective enforce it with no due deligence at all. And ziofag troll scumbag Gabriel was posting bizzaro fraud comments under my about Peekay yesterday. So the ziotrash buttboy minions like sayan
    Gabriel had orders to go after Peekay. Remember this mossad traitor buffoon Gutjahr was busted reallly good being impossibly involved in videoing two major Mass Murder by Mossadlims PsyOps in a few days! So he removed many of his videos where he posted them himself & tried to get them pulled to hide his fraud, treason & criminality. And certainly the ziotrash & Israeli trolls went of a rampage of disinfo lying on blogs that he did not film both events. But the screen shots proving he did still exists!
    So let the disinfo liars lie! Truth is truth!
    Let the liars defend Gutjahr & attack those who expose this filthy genocidal zionist fraudster, warmonger, hatemonger & traitor to Germany, France & all of humanity-Gutjahr!

    • Ex B) The truth is Cowboy that I am Jewish.

      • Fraudulent post by ziotrash *** troll Gabriel..

        (Brokeback *** Gabriel version of) Peekay AUGUST 2, 2016 AT 2:36 AM
        Ex B) The truth is Cowboy that I am Jewish.

        The truth is you are a cowardly, dishonest fraud zionist jew Gabriel, pure ziotrash faggotry! All you post is lies, disinfo, fraud, gibberish, hatemongering, warmongering & perverted faggotry! You are a sewer rat Gabriel!

        • Gabriel the Zionist Jew Weirdo Tranny-loving Troll posting Schitzo under his one of his own stupid ziotroll names pretending he doesn’t know who he, himself, is!

          You are a zio genocidal racist psychopath, a psychotic & a schitzo & a tranny-loving freak all wrapped up in one idiotic arrogant zio jew!

          Gabriel moronoc schitzo post:

          Gaybee# 7 AUGUST 2, 2016 AT 3:36 AM
          How amusing that these wankers are obsessed with Gabriel (whoever that is)

  24. ExB) Mossad Agent Traitor Against German People Has Peekay Truth Channel Banned For Exposing This Despicable Warmonger, Genocidal Racist Fraudster’s Treason involvement against both French & German people!

    Traitor Ziotrash Gutjahr actuay used a public domain picture of his duaghter with Crypto Jew Zionist Psychopath & Public figure Hillary Clinton to unjustly claim a copywright infringement against Peekay & others on Zionist Jew run Youtube, a criminal entwrprise which illegally violates millions if music copywrights each day & pays no royalies to most musical artists!

    Peekay from earlier video on this:
    Aug 1, 2016 My Main channel “Peekay Truth” has been terminated because Zionist Filth Richard Gutjahr was exposed for being complicit in the Nice and Munich hoaxes. We have got these bastards scared and running and we must put the pressure on them now, like no other time.
    I ask everyone to do what they can to spread the word about this guy and his family. This is our opportunity to wake the world.

    • We are proud to identify with Peter Kusznir aka Peekay a fellow chosen one and descendant of the martyrs.
      Thank you for your support Cowboy!

      10966. Kusznir, Israel
      Source: Database of Jewish refugees arriving in Australia via Melbourne between 1946-1954

  25. Ex C) Mossad Agent Richard Gutjahr Zionist Jew who committed treason in Munich, Germany & Nice France filming both PsyOp Hoaxes gets Peekay Truth Channel banned for exposing his Treason.

    Let the ziotrash & shills rave & rage! But we must keep exposing them & help them expose themselves! Have no fear of ziotrash scum like Gutjahr & Lenny Posner!

    From this channel:

    Jul 31, 2016Peekay’s Channel Gets Struck off due to Richard Gutjahr the Zionist. That’s right Peekaytruth had more than one strike to get rid of his channel. I guess he came too close to the truth. This video shows an article which delves into Gutjahr’s coincidental filming of two attacks the one in Nice and the one in Munich. He was the one who filmed both times…wow who would have thought. Not only that, but his wife is a well know Mossad agent and Zionist.

  26. ExD) Mossad Scum Richard Gutjahr is having channel banned & deleted for exposing & proving he filmed both Munich & Nice PsyOps!

    He proveably posted the Munich Hoax videos & pictures before anyone else, because he filmed it just like Nice Hoax! Caches prove it! The arrogant zionist jew wanted credit for both acts of treason. But once astronomically impossible coincidence started getting massive exposure traction the zios ordered him & sides to pull all evidence of his obvious fraud & treason!

    If you want to defend this piece of human garbage Gutjahr & attacks the patriots & truthers exposing him, go ahead, expose yourself! Do it!

    • The truth is I am a cowardly, dishonest fraud zionist jew pure ziotrash faggotry! All I post is lies, disinfo, fraud, gibberish, hatemongering, warmongering & perverted faggotry! I am a sewer rat!

      • Brainless, unoriginal Twit Gabriel *** & Troll copies & pastes my own comment about him in his latest fraudulent comment posted under my name like a true coward, pitiful loser ziotrash lying zio Jew!

        (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of)
        Cowboy AUGUST 2, 2016 AT 3:40 AM
        The truth is I am a cowardly, dishonest fraud zionist jew pure ziotrash faggotry! All I post is lies, disinfo, fraud, gibberish, hatemongering, warmongering & perverted faggotry! I am a sewer rat!

  27. ExE) Munich & Nice Mossad Scum Gutjahr vs Peekay & other Truthers -ZioScammer Puts up unauthorized Peekay GoFundme-

    Could have been done by his enemies Gutjahr or NWO Agenda Frizzell Fraudster gang???

  28. ExF) Zionist Scum Richard Gutjahr Vs Truthers Exposing His Treasonous Fraudster Punk @$$!

    HowISeeIt’s take on this Zionist
    Aug 1, 2016 FIGHT Back people! This is a call for more Youtube channels exposing the truth. The TRUTH cannot be shut down.

    • Copyright infringement. Simple. Read the terms of use if you can’t understand that.

      Watch out Nodisinfo channel!

  29. ExG) MossadSlime Gutjahr & Liars vs Peekay & Truthers- Special Message To Richard Gutjahr, Senior Thamina Stolle & Einat Wilf

    F U!!! F#%k you all!

    Aug 1, 2016Richard Gutjahr just happened to film the fake Nice Truck attack and then film/witness the Munich attack, where his daughter, Senior Thamina Stolle, was dragged into his evil psyop Zionist world by claiming to have housed people at her grandmother’s house who fled the Munich shooting–pretty funny stuff, huh? Einat Wilf is a Mossad agents, his former wife. One happy revolting Zionist Jew traitorous family screwing the world over and making copyright strikes on channels exposing them.

  30. ExH) Mossad Agent Traitor Richard Gutjahr Vs Truthers-

    Munich & Nice Hoaxes Fraudster Gutjahr Zio Slime Claimed a public Domain picture of His Daughter with Zionist Psychopath Hillary Clinton is Copywrited & uses it to erroneously ban truthers & block his treason being Exposed!

  31. ExI) Mossad Agent Traitor Thamina Stoll daughter of Traitor Richard Gutjahr- Also assisted in PsyOp & Coverup of treason & Banning of Truthers!

    • Categorically prove each and every of the above accusations.

      I’ve got all day. Knock yourself out.

  32. Ex J) Mossad Agent Gutjahr’s daughter Thamina Stoll committing treason in Munich McDonald Mall Massacre Hoax PsyOp!

    • The link proves none of your lies.

  33. ExK) Mossad Scum Gutjahr Liars Vs Truthers- Lying Mossad Agent Traitor Thamina Stoll reading her L
    Scripted Lines-Lies via Telepromter!

  34. France church attack FALSE FLAG ??CCTV images of church deleted?complot

  35. Messaging App Was Meeting Place For Priest Killers

  36. ExL) Munich & Nice Job PsyOp Gutjahr Mossad Cell Vs Truthers

    Ziotrash Mossad Agent & Crisis Actor Liar Thamina Stoll posts Video of Munich Olympic Hoax 44th Anniversary Mall Shooting 1hr & 34 minutes before the Officialthe first shooting happened! lol Busted evil zioWitch Liar! She posted her video at 9:18 Est on Twitter & the official time of shooting starting was 5:52pm Bavarian Time. Munich, Bavaria time is 6 hrs ahead of Duke University, Rawleigh NC time aka NYC Time. But she posted her zioPsyOp Hoax Video 7hrs ahead of 5:52pm Munich time.

    Thamina Stoll
    Shooting in #Munich shopping mall #OEZ!! People running away to seek shelter!
    9:18 AM – 22 Jul 2016

    AP official Munich Mall Massacre (Hoax PsyOp) Timeline from FoxNews Website:
    5:52 p.m. Friday: Police receive first report of shooting at the Olympia Shopping Center in the northern Munich neighborhood of Moosach. The first shots were reported at a McDonald’s restaurant opposite the mall. Police sirens could be heard throughout the city.

    No lie any ziotroll like Gabriel *** douchebag can tell can change this fact! LMAO! Busted Traitor Ziortrash Witch!

    • Time stamp says 11:18 not 9:18 when I go to that link.
      Anyone else?
      I’m in central time zone if that matters.
      The times make sense then.

      • Crazy horse AUGUST 3, 2016 AT 12:30 AM
        Time stamp says 11:18 not 9:18 when I go to that link.
        Anyone else?
        I’m in central time zone if that matters.
        The times make sense then.

        Me: You’re a liar “Crazy Horse” Central Time zone is only 1hr difference from Eastern Stadard time not 2hrs. You simply madeup a time that was 2 hrs difference so you could say it made it possible for her posting her video to be after the official time the Munich Olympics Mall fake shooting began!!! LMAO!!!
        Try another Lie, Crazy Horse or Schitzo Gabriel!
        You’d have to be in Mountain time zone for it to be 2 hrs earlier time than EST!

  37. ExL-2) Mossad Gutjahr Cell Vs Truthers -Lying Supposed Daughter & fellow Mossadomite Thamina Stoll Busted!

    Posting Mall Massacre Video Event 1hr & 34 min’s Prior To it happening proves the hoax & her fraud & her treason! BAVARIAN Time is only 6 hrs ahead of Eastern Standard USA time! And ziotroll Gabriel’s idiotic **** about it being West Coast time cannot explain it either! lol

  38. Waaaaahhhhhh!

  39. ExM) Mossad Slime **** Gutjahr Vs Truthers Exposing His Treason-Fraudulently Hits HowISeeIt With a Copyright Strike!

    For Exanple Gutless Gutjahr claims a public domain picture from his grown daughters public facebook account of her with public figure Witch Hillary Clinton is his copyrighted picture! Lol And Zionist Youtube like facebook does no due deligence and selectively misapplies copyright laws in violation of free speech & fair use laws protecting it! And this while youtube flagrantly violates music, film & photographic copyright laws for it’s own profits–while punishing protected political & educational & discussion videos using clearly allowed fair use protected rights in videos not even done for any profit, simply because they expose varipus zionist jew NWO agendas & crimes! Youtube like it’s owner Google is a Zionist Jewish monopolistic criminal enterprise!

  40. ExN) Mossad Liar Richard Gutjahr Vs Truthers- TruthMediaRevolution predicts his channel- one of the largest nonKosher truther channels (aka AntiZionist truther) predicts Gutjahr & youtube will ban/ delete his channel in next few days for contuning to expose Traitor Scum Gutjahr & Youtube in videos.

    *Not to confused with zioShell New World Agenda – Jeff C aka JEFF Frizzell aka FreeRadioRevolution

  41. Fagboy Fraud Troll Gabriel post this **** as Cabbie:
    Cabbie AUGUST 2, 2016 AT 10:13 AM
    Put a lid on it cowboy.
    You’re overplaying your role.
    Btw- Gutjahr did not film the Munich attack. For you to claim otherwise makes you a total liar.
    Christ won’t like that.

    ——Funny a Talmudic freak like you tries to make fun of Christians & Christ! lol…Freaks that worship a Tranny god that believes in human sacrifice like holocaust a burnt offering human sacrifice to Baphamet or Moloche. lol

    Go pray to your fake Judeac Babylonian Tranny Homo Goat god Gabriel! You belong together Baphamet your your Tranny *** god! He’ll take your evil lying zioJew self-chosen [email protected]$$ straight to hell with him! Lmao!

    Let’s compare your Babylonian Talmud insane genocidal hate & lust for war with the wisdom of Jesus who you freaks hate with psychopathic evil obsession.

    (a) Jesus said God’s 2nd Greatest commandment is love your brother as your self.
    (b) Babylonian Talmud most Holy book of the Jews says: Even the best of the goyim should be killed.

    c) Holy Bible says though shall not steal.
    (d) Satanic Babylonian Talmud says all the property of the goyim belongs to us the jews…If a jew finds something that belongs to a goy (gentile) he can keep it…since goyim are animals they have no rights to own property.

    You are a twisted evil, lying freak ziotrash Gabriel! Thankyou for your feeble attempt to mock Jesus so I can expose your own Satanic, insane false religion which deserves it greatly! Your Insane Judeac genocidally racist books are he source of most wars, occupations, monopolizations & starvation & suffering in tge world ziofreak Gabriel.

    You are like a filthy cockroach Gabriel that needs crushed daily!

    • Spare us the Christ talk and racist rants.
      That’s the refuge of the mentally afflicted.
      You sick, sick ****.

      • Spare Us the antiChrist talk zio jew Talmudist freak Yucca Succa *** Gabriel! lol I don’ try to stop you from worshipping your tranny Goat god Baphamet, jew! lol

        • Cowboy- I hear you’ve been a very bad boy.

    • So now Cowboy is a biblical scholar… A professor of comparative religion.

      Ha. Priceless.

  42. Outrageous liar Gabriel, you are as dumb as your are lying & arrogant!

    Richard Gutjahr’s supposed daughter Thamina admitted she is at the Olympic mall with her father & family & has filmed a shooting! You stupid liar! She uploads it (albeit before thetime of the shooting lol) & right here instantly all these reportersfrom BBC, ABC Atlanta, NBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington post & BBC are asking for permission to replay-broadcast the video & audio & post still images from it! Mossad scum Gutjahr & his treasonous family & this whole hoax is busted! No matter what lies, protests, fraud postings you do & temper tantrums you post you cannot change anything ziotrash *** boy Gabriel! You are a joke Gabriel!

  43. Gutjahr daughter Thamina Stoll’s twitter tweet video post request to repost & broadcast it by networks & ziomedia. (Obviosly pre-scripted since how would all these big time reporters instantly know of this video minutes after it was posted & before broadcast networks reported it ??? lol

    • Wtf?

  44. Nice Mossad Job Truck Massacre Hoax-Pictures prove the Fakest PsyOp Ever!

    (a)Fake dead bodies run over by a 20 ton truck & covered with rags blankets & No Blood, no splatter guts anywhere!
    (b) Magic mystery mossad truck less than 8 foot wide leaves a 20 ft plus path if fake dead silicone dummies, dogs, hogs & mannequins & piles of rags!
    (c) No Zig zagging as the media & trolls spin it! Video shows no zig zagging! And you can zig zag a truck and hit 3 bodies within 6 ft of distance forward that total over 20 ft apart swath! The truck can’t turn that tight! LOL

  45. ExO) Mossad Scum Liar Gutjahr vs Truthers- Liar Gut-Jar uses erroneous Copyright claims to ban truthers & pull videos!

    …Truthers Strike back with truth barrage against ziojew youtube & Gutjahr Mossad cell by reposting banned truth videos exposing Gutjahr & making new videos attacking & exposing Gutjahr & Youtube antiFreeSpeech antitruth shennanegins & underhanded zio Jewish tactics!

    Youtube & google’s underhanded ziomob tactics more fully awakens many truthers to the zionists dishonesty & misapplication of rules & copyright & violations of fair use 1st Amendment protections & lack of any due deligence & lack of response to their own appeals processes- (& exposes them more) the more they do it!

  46. Mossad Treason Fake Couple

    **** GUTJAHR: Gay Underhanded Treasonous Jerk Against Human Race &

    Wife named WILF: Witch Israeli Lesbo Freak

    Wilf ain’t no Milf but she wears the pants!

  47. Ex1) Baltimore Cops Kill Shotgun Loading MOM with Happy Hoax Kid & 4 Simulcast Cameras Going!

    Race War, Cops Vs Blacks & Gun Confiscation 3 DHS PsyOps in 1!

    ZioTrash Hoaxes Running Wild!

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