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UPDATED: Fake Family and Girlfriend Detected in Malaysian Airlines Hoax

Note: The initial postings on this site of the jet being taken down by a bomb appear to be incorrect. Rather, it appears that there was no jetliner crash or explosion of any kind and that they entire claim of a real crash is an elaborate fraud.

Could the Malaysian Airlines crash/disappearance be a complete fake, a plot committed by espionage agencies, including the Mossad and CIA? Are, for instance, all the victims and passengers, including the well-publicized American, Phillip Wood, fakes? Through an elaborate ruse could such entities have faked the disappearance or even the actual flight itself? In other words, could it be the case that there never was a Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 that day?

Then, this would mean that the passengers were fakes as well as the relatives. It would imply that the passenger list was artificially crafted by the espionage services with the full cooperation of those named.

Relatives/loved ones can either be fake or real. If real, then, they will act to fabricate their roles, including any grief, on behalf of the hoax. This is precisely what occurred in the Paul Walker death hoax, where various relatives, as well as a previous girlfriend, helped stage the fraud.

Regarding Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 the evidence is accumulating to indicate that this, too, is a fabrication. In other words, it was a complete hoax with fake passengers, passenger lists, and fake relatives (as well as real relatives) and loved ones. The relatives and loved ones, through false testimony, acted out their grief as a means of supporting the scam.

Proving this is not difficult and is always revealed by the behavior and actions of the involved individuals as well as any photography. Regardless, if there is even one passenger deemed as real is determined to be a fake, then, this is actually hard proof, that is proof that it is a hoax.

What about the family members? If they, too, are determined to be frauds, faking their grief and their roles, in other words, playing the role of mere crisis actors, the hoax is confirmed, absolutely.

To determine this let us begin by analyzing the Americans listed as passengers, purportedly dying in the crash. These are Phillip Wood and two children of Oriental descent, Nicole Meng and Yan Zhang. Incredibly, regarding the named Oriental children these are not associated with any parent of American origin. This is hardly believable. Who were they traveling with? What parent would ship off their 2- and 4-year-old children to a far, distant land without a close relative as a guardian? Yet, according to the DailyMail, “It isn’t known with whom the other two Americans, Nicole Meng, 4, and Yan Zhang, 2, were traveling.”

Most suspect of all, though,is the purported American and foreign-stationed IBM executive Phillip Wood. By this name is he even a real person? Or, is this merely an alias to disguise his real identity?

This handout photo provided by the Wood family shows Philip Wood, an IBM executive who had been working in Beijing over the past two years at Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during July 2013. The family of Wood, who was aboard the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing over the South China Sea is leaning on their faith as they wait for news about the man they last saw about a week ago, said Woods brother, James Wood. Photo: Courtesy Of The Wood Family, AP / Wood Family

DailyMail Caption: This handout photo provided by the Wood family shows Philip Wood, an IBM executive who had been working in Beijing over the past two years at Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during July 2013. The family of Wood, who was aboard the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing over the South China Sea is leaning on their faith as they wait for news about the man they last saw about a week ago, said Woods brother, James Wood.

It’s the same story. Put up a few pictures, create romantic imagery – make it seem real and personal – in order to eat into the people’s consciousness. Yet, it is all a grand hoax.

How can he be working in Beijing AT the Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers? This is obvious a blunder by the espionage moles who created this false story line.

This handout photo provided by the Wood family shows Philip Wood, an IBM executive who had been working in Beijing over the past two years at Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during July 2013. The family of Wood, who was aboard the Malaysia Airlines flight that went missing over the South China Sea is leaning on their faith as they wait for news about the man they last saw about a week ago, said Woods brother, James Wood. Photo: Courtesy Of The Wood Family, AP / Wood Family

The above picture is provided as a kind of proof for such claims. It represents the standard Zionist style of making a person – a purported victim – appear bigger than life.  It appears to be a fairly well-crafted Photoshop corruption.


DM Caption: Family: Wood is pictured with his two sons, Chris and Nick, who said ‘odds are’ they won’t see him again
They likely never saw him in the first place. The picture showing them together is possibly a fabrication. The image of  Wood has been simply installed into the frame, the hands placed in the position through cut-and-paste. Notice in particular the length of the fingers of Wood’s left hand. The light source is different for the two ‘brothers,’ the one, right screen, having his forehead fully illuminated while there is no such light on the image, left screen.
Wood's sonWood's son
Our caption: Good Christians relying on the Holy Spirit or Zionist moles?
These men, and the purported father, are faking it. They know fully well that no one by the name of Phillip Wood died went missing or died in a plane crash.
There is no reason to fake family members, a wife, and/or a girlfriend for a person who supposedly died in a plane crash (or disappearance), that is unless the entire claim for such a crash is false. Clearly, the fabrication of any such relationship(s) is proof of a plot.

Waiting for news: Sarah Bajc, left, was at home in Beijing when she learned that the plane flying her boyfriend Philip Wood, right, back to her was missing. She can now do nothing but wait for information

Notice the clearer nature of the image of Wood’s face versus the woman.

Here is one of the typical quotes given by Bajc to media sources:

I want some answers, but I also don’t want an answer, because an answer is the end, right?” said Sarah Bajc, Philip Wood’s girlfriend.

Bajc said Wood has been working in Beijing. She said he was running late and almost missed flight 370.

No distress signals were sent from the plane, but radar indicates the plane may have turned back before losing contact with air traffic control.

“My son had to tell me to turn my computer off,” said Bajc. “He put me on a schedule, you know? You can only look at the news so often – it makes you crazy!”

“Look at the news? and “turn off” the computer? Who talks like this in the midst of the shock and grief associated with a real loss, especially a violent plane crash? The woman talks in riddles. None of what she says makes any sense.

Their relationship is fake. They are not boyfriend and girlfriend. Nothing about this is real.

This is clearly a fabricated identity/relationship. Notice the softness of the features of Bajc’s face, especially the teeth and eyes. Too, there appears to be a V-shaped cut line on her neck, where the head was artificially installed. One breast is noticeably larger than the other.
Regarding Wood, the glasses are hanging at an impossible angle; gravity would cause them to rest centrally. There is a mark, possibly a residue of the Photoshop blur tool, on his right mid-forehead. A cut line appears to be evident as a white line, 40-degree angle, across the chin.
That is clearly  a cut-line on the neck. It follows the top edge of the jacket downward. The cut lines extend down the front edge of this jacket on the front. The most incriminating evidence, though, is in the resolution or screening. These are see-through images. That’s right, it is possible to see right through the faces into the background. In other words, the image of the lines in the waves are visible through their faces, especially evident in the foreheads.

Note the hard lines over the bridge of Bajc’s nose and also following the lips as falsely applied to the face and also around the edge of the chin and neck. The light source is also different in both images, where light falls on the forehead for Wood, it doesn’t on the left side of the forehead for Bajc. Who in the world could believe this to be a normal photograph?


These are clearly two separate images matched together. The woman’s skin and facial features are clear and distinct, while the man’s features and skin are less distinct, blurrier. Regardless, no one would find, upon close inspection, such a photo believable. According to Bajc:

‘Then I looked at the online news, and there was the news that the plane was missing. The lack of consistency of information has been incredibly frustrating and confusing.’

She persevered and found a press release saying the airport had lost contact with the plane and that loved ones should call a number, which she tried ‘on and off for several hours’.

‘Finally they contacted me since I was listed as next of kin, and they were able to tell me nothing other than the fact that they lost contact,’ she continued.

‘I queried them about the various news reports that I’d seen online, first there was a reported landing, then there was a reported wreckage, then the oil spill and the passports, and they literally cannot confirm any of it.’

None of this commentary makes any sense, and surely this is not the way a loved one would behave in the event of a real loss or suspected loss, especially in relation to an airline crash.

Regardless, according to research by investigators on this site Bajc is not dating the non-existent Phillip Wood, as is clear from the phony images. If they were a real couple, what would be the purpose of photoshopping the images? He exists only as a pseudonym and/or alias, a complete fake on-hire for financial gain.

Rather than the girlfriend of the man pictured in the images Sarah is married to Stephen Bajc. Both have numerous aliases, along with multiple residences in both the US and China. They both have what appear to be high-level leadership roles with Israeli- and Zionist-controlled companies. These companies are involved with the transfer advanced technology to China and the Israeli entity.

The two moles are listed as operating through multiple jobs and tiles not only in China but also in the Atlanta area. Their children are named Noah, Ryan, and Madison.

The Bajc’s are hard-core Mossad agents, associated with the most rabid, extremist Zionists known, the Chabad Lubavitchers. They operate as Zionist spies for purposes of undermining the sovereignty of the United States, while maintaining the power-base of that wretched, Satanic entity, the Israeli regime. Their role as Mossad moles is clearly demonstrated by the fact that, simultaneously, they hold a diversity of jobs, titles, and residencies. Sarah also goes by Sarah Jane Hamil, Jane Hamil, along with less identifiable aliases, Bajczoller, Zoller, Bajac, and Bajec.

Stephen is chief financial officer at certain of the shell companies, along with administrative technology chief of various Israel/Chinese firms. A Financial officer at Western Beijing University, his wife is listed as a teacher there. His wife teaches there. It is believed, too, that she is an Israeli operative for selling stolen/Israeli technology to China. Yet, one issue is certain: she is not the girlfriend of Phillip Wood, as demonstrated by the need to fabricate her image into frames.

Both Stephen (Steve) Bajc and Sarah Bajc are Zionist operatives working within China:

From LinkedIn:

Steve Bajc

Beijing City, China 
Computer Software
malaysianairlinesfakebajc malaysianairlinesarahbajc

Clearly, all three of these individuals, the man pictured as Phillip Wood, Sarah Bajc, and Stephen Bajc, are agents of the Mossad.

Therefore, the Malaysian Airlines MH370 disappearance is, in fact, a fake, with no real crash or sabotage occurring. Unlike the ill-fated Pan Am Flight 103, where over 250 people were senselessly slaughtered, the Mossad didn’t blow this one up. Instead, they faked it.

Updated information:

In hoaxes, such as Sandy Hook and the Boston smoke bombing fraud, there is a pattern, a kind of scheme, used by the hoax generators to distribute information. One aspect of that scheme is to create a barrier for certain of the participants, like supposed grieving family members. In Sandy Hoax actual real-life guards, state troopers and others, were relied upon as protective agents. Such agents were assigned to each of the hoaxing familes.

Another method is to use spokes-people, so called friends and associates, who communicate to the media on behalf of the (phony) aggrieved. This is precisely what is being applied in the case of Phillip Wood:


Can’t the father speak on his own? Why would the media be contacting a mere associate, Les Williams? Would they not speak to and quote the actual father himself? Moreover, what happened to the mother?

Other sources:




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  1. Hats off to u, dr. K….

  2. malaysia put out warants for bush and cheney and israel and america did this for payback.

  3. Ive know Phillip Wood for 15 years. Funny you don’t list his Linked-in information here. I bet the other 183 contacts would find your words as baffling as I do.

    • Is it baffling to you, GHB, that Wood was dating a married woman Sarah Bajc who lives and works admittingly according to their own website posting in China with her husband Stephen Bajc? Can’t you Mossad criminals with all your sayanims and agents inside CIA & NSA & Google do a better job at scrubbing the internet and at writing better scripts when you pull these false flags, hoaxes, and mass murder operations to start your evil wars against innocent people who you criminally frame as the perpetrators so you can use your human fodder called American soldiers & depleted uranium to genocidally annialate?

      • Wow great research. You determined that I am Jewish and have been a friend of this “fantom victim” for 15 years by looking at google. Was he dating a married woman??? No clue?? What does that matter in this circumstance ?
        Of he was Muslim and had 8 wives it would be ok?

  4. Philip Wood is a real person who worked for IBM. My wife and I represented him in a real estate transaction in Keller, TX a few years ago. Normal, kind guy – I know this plane disappearing is very weird, but I can tell you he was a very real person with a normal life.

    • Thanks for posting. Are the sons and the wife real?

    • So Tom Smith since you know this Mossad agent called James Wood.. Do you claim that he was or is dating Sarah Bajc who my research clearly shows she is married to Stephen Bajc who she aquired the name from. Have you met her Sarah Bajc aka Sarah Jane Hamil,etc and/or her husband? Do you Claim that this Chabadist woman is openingly cheating on her husband with this supposed devoted Christian Tom Wood? Is Tom Wood married or did his wife die in the Aurora shooting while biking accross American Mossad Agent Bloomberg employee Stephen Barton was doing when he stopped in Colorado for a midnite movie? Do you deny that Stephen Bajc and Sarah Bajc have jobs in China where they live together as husband and wife? Do you deny that they have admittedly 3 children together named Noah, Ryan and Madison? And I bet they are real unlike NOAH POSNER fake son of another Chabadist Mossad Agent Veronique Posner alias Holler, alias B ates, Yoak, Holler, Dabner, etc of Sandy Hoax fame! Is Wood are tri-citizen like The Bajc’s and Posner? Do you work for Mossad too? And, since you are a realtor “Todd” tell us why with all the homes that Wood and the Bajc own seperately like most sayanims and Mossad agents and spooks seem to own & reside in simultaneosly, why don’t they have a place or several together?Would hubby Stephen not approve? Are you gonna’ tell your sayanims @ CNN to write some stories about her breakup with Stephen? They don’t exist yet you know. Lol! Or maybe you can just say because of heartbreak of losing non boyfriend she went back the arms of Stephen for comfort. I mean since they already are married and live and work together at Western Beijing University and as Mossad agents and in transfering technology to China for the zionist owned slave labor plants it would be easy to inview them together. How touching it would that this horrible tragedy brought them back together after the death of this goyim who came between them.

  5. Freescale Semiconductor is one of the biggest semiconductor companies in the world. It was spun off from Motorola in 2004.

    When I was an automotive engineer, I must have written codes that have sold for over 100M microcontrollers from Motorola. My tie with the company did not end there. Just a few years ago, I replaced an engineer who had decided that Freescale had greener pasture and moved on. The design center for Freescale is in Shanghai not Beijing.

    Well, Freescale according to Wikipedia just claimed that 20 of its employees were on that flight. So, I searched through the passenger list and did not find that engineer who I replaced. Then, it struck me that why would Freescale send 20 of its employees to Beijing from bases in Malaysia and Shanghai? It just does not make any sense. There are no conferences going on, and you don’t send such a large team to visit customers just like that. Besides, the connecting flights for Freescale should be hubbed in Shanghai not Beijing.

    • You are right. That is a part of the hoax. Freescale in IsraHell is written up as being in a state of catastrophic financial losses. More on this later.

      The twenty geeks are fraudsters, too. Well done on pinning this as a hoax.

  6. Given that a lot of the passengers were working for an American company(although not American, but “Malay and Chinese”), and another group was a bunch of Chinese calligraphers, is it possible this is a US-China venture with the ultimate goal to do spying in the Indian Ocean? Is there something missing that they are searching for, other than a plane?

    There’s been a news snippet about Uygurs in Pakistan, planning to rebel in China (they have good cause to). Is it possible that the target of the surveillance is Pakistan, and that is where all this has been leading, with a rogue pilot getting ever closer to that destination? It seems likely the pilot and co-pilot are assets of some kind to some country or countries.

  7. This is so ridiculous I cannot believe such stupidity exists in the world. Sarah was divorced, and had been divorced for years. Philip was also divorce. Shame on you for tying their children and private lives into this. Get your facts straight. Sarah does not teach at the same school as her ex-husband, she teaches at a different international school.

    • You have wizzed in your pants  sayanim satanIc little wizard zioNAZI! Sarah Bajc does indeed work at Western Beijing University as does her husband and your lies don’t change that·

      • Get your facts straight 🙂 You succumb to your own stupidity its sad. There is no Western Beijing University; that is the place that doesn’t exist! I doubt you’ve ever left your home, let alone the country. Here I will help you in your research to find that this university does not exist, in Mandarin this so called university would be 北京西大学 or 西北京大学. But you will find this place does not exist 🙂

  8. I have not read as much **** in a story for a long time. Sick. 239 people missing, people in China threatening to go on hunger strike and you say it never happened and is all staged?? Words fail me.

    • Name another proposed hunger strike by a family or a friend of a airliner disaster victim. Is it just me or what? I have noticed the family members to be behave extraordinarily dramatic? Something is fishy!

  9. This alleged executive at IBM does not have a Linkedit account. That is unheard of. Wood is certainly a fabrication.

  10. I don’t know happened to the plane, but I believe the photo that Wood sitting with “his girlfriend” is photoshopped because Wood wore 2 watches. Thanks you for sharing those important information.

  11. Oh yeah, and you will say that the holocaust didn’t happen either rigth? Another big lie! Please find something more important to do with your time and stop hurting people.

  12. The hooded man from Boston hoax looks very much like Philip Wood according to the following. Oh, and that girlfriend was in Boston too. Also, if you are an amputee, the government is still looking for crisis actors to play out the next hoax. Check it out.

  13. “This handout photo provided by the Wood family shows Philip Wood, an IBM executive who had been working in Beijing over the past two years at Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during July 2013.”

    – How can he be working in Beijing AT the Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers? This is obvious a blunder by the espionage moles who created this false story line.

    … dear oh dear… you’re either extraordinarily obtuse (a very real possibility) or just trying to be disingenuous with your clearly ridiculous assertions.

    I will take you through this as you seem to have a fairly limited grasp of the intricacies of English grammar…

    1. There is a photo.
    2. It was provided by the Wood family.
    3. The photo shows Philip Wood at Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.
    4. Philip Wood is an IBM executive who had been working in Beijing over the past two years.

    Since you use this the sentence above as ‘proof’ that this is an ‘obvious blunder by the espionage moles who created this false story line’, now that I have shown you that your ‘proof’ is in fact based on an erroneous assumption, you will see that no one can read anything you write with anything other than amusement. Surely, no one with any sense at all will take you seriously. You’re an internet comedian.

    Nothing more.. but probably a whole lot less.

    • You picked up on an error made on the site: credit given for that. Not to get into semantics but had that part of the sentence been set off in commas perhaps that error would have been avoided. The writer made the mistake, not us, by not setting it off.

      The comedy in this is that you would stipulate on this basis that “no one can read anything” written on this site with “anything other than amusement.”

      Your main stipulation: “No one can read anything” as having sound basis and “no one with any sense at all will take you seriously?” No one? Really?

      You then heap other abuses. Have you taken such time and energy to do this – heaping such abuses and stating such broad generalities – for the vile liars, purposeful ones, on CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and the prominent agencies of the French press, or have you just focused on attempting to denigrate “all” the information on this site? Too bad. You do have skills. Yet, you have revealed yourself with your ‘all or none’ approach.

      Addendum: in the philosophical course Foundations of Thought it is taught, specifically, that when a writer uses such words as “every, everyone, all, everything,” precisely the words you emphasize, while touting yourself as an expert, such a writer is “automatically wrong.”

      • Dear ‘Doctor’ Khaleel

        Thank you. I appreciate the effort that it must have taken you to craft such a reply but I’m not sure that so much blustery posturing was really necessary in an attempt to justify the half formed theories, wild suppositions and out and out balderdash that make up the pages of this website.

        Your agenda is clear to anyone with even a modicum of sense. Personally, I have no particular fondness for the State of Israel and the way they go about their business but to spend my life as you do, seeing Zionist conspiracies everywhere and desperately trying to bend, reshape and warp information so that it (given a wide degree of credulous indulgence) ‘fits’ the ‘facts’ as you see them, is just, well.. sad, really.

        Of course, the lunatic fringe wouldn’t live up to its name without a few lunatics out there doing their thing, so good for you, Doc, for keeping their spirit alive.

        If it makes you happy to spend your life spouting farcical nonsense, jumping up and down about phantom menaces and seeing conspiracies and hoaxes around every corner, well, it’s your life to waste as you wish. However, to try to dress up your wolfish fantasies in the sheep’s clothing of factual information is irredeemably irresponsible. Shame on you…

        ..or at least, it would be shame on you.. if there was anyone out there taking your drivel seriously. Apart from a few disgruntled National Enquirer readers and a gaggle of gullible Fox News viewers, I really don’t imagine that there are more than a handful of people who would see the fictions and phant’sies masquerading on the pages of this website as anything more than the utter codswallop they are.

  14. He is probably alive and well.

    The old and new pings are most probably bogus, ie a massive conspiracy to hide an inconvenient truth, that is too far out to handle.Techies have commenetd on UK Telegraph that such engine pings cannot give direction. This is the link to the moving radar map when 370 vanished. Very different to Malaysia’s story. Note unidentified target moving at approx 2000mph then stopping.

    IF the plane went southwards, where are the military radar readouts of Malaysia and Indonesia to show that? Why did they choose the deepest, most inaccessible part of the Indian O to bury ths incident? The charade continues with dying pings.

    Ufos? Nasa, seti, astronomers, Discovery Channel tell us there are NO ufos. B U T..

    google Larry King CNN, Ufos shut down missile silos.

    google Wikipedia. Valentich, Cessna ufo abduction, Melbourne, Australia. (Full radio transcript was recorded). What happens if a pilot tries to intercept/shoot down a UFO? Some reports claim Mantell was not found, only the wreckage of his Mustang plane.


    Am I a nutter off the meds? No, just a Rtd Airline Training Captain with multiple UFO sightings. In 1972 we carried Govt(?) UFO report forms in our Nav Boxes. My interest here is that I was the Pilot Union’s rep at all aircraft accident investigations in the 4 countries that owned the airline.l.

  15. Hope you don’t censor my comment, only CNN has done so.

    • No, it often just takes me time to get comments approved due to slow Internet services. Good information. Keep it coming.

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