Boston Bombing — 05 May 2013
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Was Fake Gore Put in By Photoshop?

Important question: why was gore once in the photos and then removed? Could it just be because of a high regard for public consciousness? Is the original gore fake or real? You decide.

Was fake gore put into certain frames of the Boston ‘bombing’ by Photoshop to create a shock effect upon the people? If so, what could be more criminal–more terminally vile–than this? If this is proven definitively, then it can be clearly stated that the Marathon bombings were a set-up and a hoax to intimidate and gain control over the general public.

It is claimed that the only alteration was that the gore was originally and really there but was taken out for public sensibilities. This post proves that this was not the case but instead it was to disguise the corruption.


Here is the same picture lightened up:

In this lightened-up version, clearly, no gore is visible. That  gore was at the edge of the man’s right shoe. Where did it go? Obviously, it wasn’t there in the first place and was put in near or on both legs. The legs themselves look different than the photo above, although, admittedly, tis is at a different angle.

lady with tourniquet #1

The blood is fake and so is the gore. What might be real is the image of the man applying a what appears to be a tourniquet via his belt. Even so, notice how well in focus are the slats and the pavement brick. Also, again, it is possible that the formation of the legs was necessarily altered to put in the gore.

Regardless, the following is seen:

  • there is a woman lying on the pavement wearing black pants and a grey sweatshirt jacket
  • there is a man presiding over her in a red jacket and black belt, black cap, wearing tennis shoes
  • the man is straddling the woman, one foot flat on the ground on her right other, toe down, curled, posterior to her left foot/leg.

What is not seen:

  • there are no medical professionals who would strategically take care of an individual injured to this degree. If it is a fake injury, then, they wouldn’t be needed and would stand down. If it was real, consider this: why is it in the midst of a crucial event like the Marathon, where hundreds of medical professionals abound: why is it that in events, like Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon event that the medical professionals are replaced by others, who don’t have the training?

In this frame there is a bright red viscous fluid on the ground, purportedly blood but no evidence of any wounds on the woman.

Let’s see this, maximally enlarged for the blog post: no open wounds are noted and, thus, there is no understanding regarding the need for the tourniquet.  Therefore, is this photo even real? See how dark this man is compared to the woman lying on the ground–and compared to the woman lying on the ground behind him.

The image has the appearance of being contrived. Something is wrong.


New York Daily News Criticized for Doctoring Graphic Image of Boston Bombing Victim Wound
(Photo: John Tlumacki/Boston Globe via Boston Big Picture Blog)

Quote from The Blaze: “Charles Apple, an editor with the Orange County Register, called out the apparent altering of the photo, which shows the second leg photoshopped in, on the American Copy Editor’s Society’s blog. He credited Andy Neumann, a sports designer with the Louisville Design Studio, for first noticing it.”

This, though, is misleading. What is more likely is that the original photographs taken by on-site or freelance photographers didn’t show the gore, which was shopped in. Let us take a closer look to see if that is the case:


Notice the gore in this frame, what appears to be a part of a severed limb and also an area of flesh protruding on the left leg, it appears. There is an appearance that the legs have been severely damaged, the way they are lying on the ground. Yet, are they really there in this position, or were they put in through computer enhancement?

The lump of pictured gore was removed for the Daily News photo. Why? It couldn’t have been just to avoid the graphic nature before the public. Was there a different reason? Is it possible that someone realized that there was no gore in the original pictures?


Like this:


Now, side-by-side:

                Legs  & Gore                                                                                                         No Legs, No Gore

Thus, the gore has been clearly shopped in. That’s where, this gross blunder in the attempted fabrications, the ‘retraction’ and ’embarrassment’ comes form , not any concern over public sensibilities. Too, remember, the fake gore was put in at his heel. It simply is not found in the frame on right screen.

What is the purpose of this gore? It is to legitimize this fake massacre. Merely bloodied or lacerated legs is not sufficient for the desired effect. These individuals are sick, devious. They will go to any length to achieve their diabolical aims.

Here, no evidence is seen in the close-up photo near the picket fence of the slightest degree of gore. We find no reason for the application of a belt-like tourniquet; there is no evidence of a bleed-out. Moreover, there is even less reason for emergency intervention on this person from an untrained non-professional.

Hard evidence of photoshopping: alterations in legs and pavement?

Note: this section removed, under review.

Therefore, the Boston Marathon bombings are a joke, and the likelihood for any truly serious or life-threatening injuries, despite protests otherwise, is nil. It is all an act, albeit a highly devious and sinister one.

New York Daily News Criticized for Doctoring Graphic Image of Boston Bombing Victim Wound

See the attempted cover-up by The Blaze,here:


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  1. There seems to be no end to what lengths the government will go to ‘milk’ this fraud for every ounce of political propaganda they can. I guess the first figure of ‘140’ injured at Boston was not exciting enough, so they upped it to 263 injured. Laughable in a very sick manner.

    The complicit MSM is currently rushing from hospital to hospital and interviewing these fake amputee actors. The amputee actors are smiling, laughing and having a great time being in the spotlight. This will probably go on for months. [Notice that the fake victims of Sandy Hook are still used by the White House for celebrity appearances.]

    The fakers in Boston are having miraculous healings in record time. Two weeks after supposedly having had both legs removed by a ‘blast’, they’re already in advanced rehab. Laughable if it weren’t so depraved and preying on the gullible public’s natural sympathies and emotions. I guess DHS wants to shorten the time they have to pay these treasonous phonies.

    • hey doug
      How does the old saying go….”I’m against corruption…unless I can profit from being in on it…”

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