Boston Bombing — 14 June 2013
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It A Boston hoax fake gore image not often seen

Here is another Boston smoke bombing hoax fake gore ‘injury’, one that is rarely commonly pictured. Note that here, once again, there are fraudsters galore, all aiding in the perpetration of a lie. The lanyard of the DHS operative in blue is notable. The person harboring the fake gore and silicone puff was set up somewhere on the set.

Note also the make-shift fake tourinquet, which, of course, serves no real function.

The tourniquet is useless, as will be demonstrated by a close-up view:


Synthetic or fake gore, no doubt about it. “Don’t put that fake tourniquet on too tight, don’t create a real stoppage of blood; we don’t want to cause any real injuries.”


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  1. Wonder if that’s supposed to be John Odom?

    • If it is JO, his go fund me page has raised $101k!

  2. Please notice this guy’s knee is completely shredded. Even dumb people can figure out that bombs blow upward and outward and cause damage to all things within its blast zone. Not so for this bomb because it was probably a “knee bomb” and left the lower leg uninjured and all the area about 5 inches above the knee uninjured as well.

    • nice call RonK” a knee bomb” i can not wait to use that term on all the non thinkers.

  3. And meanwhile an innocent kid is in jail. I just hope the truth comes out but so far it hasn’t done any good. They are still getting away with it. What kind of bomb blows up just your knee and the rest of the leg is fine? Oh yeah a knee bomb

  4. Just because all of you say it’s fake, doesn’t mean it is. I am a skeptic and believe our government attacked us on 9/11. I am a 9/11 survivor, but I am not convinced by any of your “Hard Evidence” I am seeing on this site. There are definitely something up, but please show us something substantial. Talk is cheap, show me REAL “Hard Evidence”. please, you all can do better than this. I am still not 100% convinced they way I was with 9/11.

    • Rivi, most of what is on here is substantial. I am not completely convinced that no one got hurt, but I am completely convinced the Tsarnaev brothers did not do it. There is nothing but wsome photoshopped photos and this has been proven time and again by experts. It did look like when the bombs went off the area was clear and then when the smoke cleared everyone was hurt and bleeding. That pretty much convinced me along with these impossible injuries that look so fake. What more do people need?

  5. This is a really hard site to bullshit on Rivi.

  6. I suspect the belt around his leg is the wide, light colored belt that we see either Matt Reis or a Matt Reis impostor removing from his shorts, possibly along with some other stuff. They seem to be covering up Odom’s (?) lower body with something, maybe a large torn off piece of poster, for some reason as they worked on him. What were they hiding?

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