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The Fake Grievers of the Metrojet Sinai Crash Hoax

Make no mistake about it despite protestations otherwise the crash of an Airbus A321, a Metrojet facility, on a plain in the Sinai desert is a hoax. There can be no other conclusion.

The initial give-away was the prolific use by the Russian hierarchy of crisis actors. Yet, according to arch-Zionist rags, like the DailyMail and the Mirror, these represent “heart-breaking scenes” of grieving relatives.

Does anyone seen any such ‘heart-break,’ here? In an ABC video production the following is seen:


How could it be more blatant, more brazen, more clearly evident, than this?


It has to be said some of these Russian crisis actors have done a fairly good job, yet what is lacking is the flow of tears. It is not plausible that such a vast number of people could be acting as if they are crying when they are really not, that is unless this is nothing other than an arch-fake. Even so, clearly, a major effort was made by the orchestration agents to cause this (non) event to appear as real.


This poor man can’t handle the fabrication to such a degree that he never looks at the camera.


Of course, it didn’t appear on the information screen. That’s because that particular in-air flight never occurred.


Can anyone believe it? The woman is eating a biscuit and drinking coffee while she is grieving. Isn’t she a bit nauseous over the though of having her loved one blown up in the middle of the sky? Regardless, (fake) tears and coffee seem to be synchronous when it relates to the false front attacks by terminally rabid arch-Zionist agents:

There are a number of subliminal props being used by the highly powerful, ultra-wealthy arch-Zionist cabal, those who provoke emotional reactions. A key one is the teddy bear. A number of them can be seen in the background of the following image:


The use of such movie-style props is extensive. Note that they were also used by that fully revealed fabricator Gene Rosen for the Sandy Hook gun control confiscation hoax.


The brown teddy and other childhood related props, also the use by the Zionists of the living ‘child’ prop: all is calculated and malicious.

Even the colors purple and pink have been well placed to manipulate the consciousness. Then, why couldn’t this occur, all via plan? Clearly, there was plenty of coordinating going on throughout the entire arch-scam, with the crisis actors constantly being instructed by their fearless leaders.


It is, after all, nothing other than smoke and mirrors, purely fabricated. Who can deem otherwise?


No wonder they have to guard the luggage and surround it with barbed wire. It doesn’t belong to the people, as listed.

mideast-egypt-russian-plane-crash (1)1




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  1. ExV) DHS Colorado Happy Halloween Hoax Mass Murder Made In Hollywood & Aurora Crisis Actors Studios & with Army & Air Force Personal at Colorado Springs Air Force Academy & Aurora Air Force Base & atleast one Army Corps of Engineers/Army Combat Engineer

    Exhibit V) V is Victory of Vile Mossad Zionist Jews & DHS Their Hoax PsyOps Operations By Exposing Their Agents & Crisis Actors & Their Treason Against US Americans–>The Hated Goyim to Get Our Guns & Destroy Our Bill of Rights!

    Hoax Dead Murder Character Christy Galella is played by Zionist Jew Hollywood Horror Movie Actress Katelynn Derengowski in part & some fat pics are Photoshopped and/or of her sisters. But in this media admitted picture of Character Christy Galella it is clearly a Barely altered, if at all, picture of Katelynn Derengowski.
    And her Uncle or cousin Mark Derengowski is in on the act as well as Uncle Chris Bowman, a name in which he is also uses as a minor Hollywood Director & Actor name. He also separately plays a “real” fake Preacher & Photographer as Chris Bowman & is admittedly a Photographer under Mark Derengowski & Porsche Salesman among other things which I shall show.
    Anyway this picture is an official picture of fake dead Christy Galella where she is clearly Katelynn Derengowski. Just Compare!

    Also What led me to this Zionist Jew Family of Actors- Derengowski was indentity search connections…not magically randomly finding pictures. And I discovered Mark Derengowski was playing the fake Uncle before I even knew the name of his Character! Because in many of these PsyOp news reports they don’t tell the false witnesses/crisis actors/family members names in subtitle or voice announced.

  2. Exhibit V-1) Colorado Halloween Mass Murder Shooting Rampage & Shootout With Cops
    This is the story with the media admitted picture of hoax murdered character Christy Galella which she clearly looks just like zionist Jew Hollywood Horror acteress Katelynn Derengowski who I first linked her to via indentity searches.

  3. Exhibit W) Colorado DHS Halloween Hoax Mass Murder
    Colorado Mass Shooting Hoax Sleazebag ZioClown Actor Zionist Jew Mark Derengowski Playing a Hoax Halloween Priest– he plays Uncle Chris Bowman of Murder VicSim/Fake Victim Christy Galella played in pictures, mostly, by niece or cousin/relative Katelynn Derengowski. Chris Bowman is also his longtime Hollywood acting & director name. Separately he also has uses a Chris Bowman identity this Synagogue of Satab demon has were he plays a Christian Minister in Virginia & elsewhere! Many of these zionist Jews pretend to be Christian ministers where they mislead, zioScam & ripoff & zionize/hatemonger /warmonger churches which they either set up or manage to usurp & takeover using Freemasons & Crypto(secret) Jews within the church already trying to detroy the church, etc.

  4. Exhibit 14) Russian Egypt Hoax Plane Crash To Warmonger The Goyim Against One Another…While the self chosen watch with great evil joy & excitment & great $$$ Profit$$$!!!
    I guess they decided not to go with this picture for their Sinai PsyOp! LMAO!

  5. Tea and biscuits – sweet tea with milk I hope to deal with the shock of it all. Makes a change from bottled water for these crisis actors, Doc.

    • Picture six shows guy with water bottle. Guess he didn’t rate a kosher biscuit.

  6. Exhibit 15) Russian Hoax Sinai Plane Crash PsyOp
    Did 2 Veldman Sisters/InLaw- Dutch Zionist Jews Play Purple Beret Griever In Sinai PsyOp & Stabbing VicSim in Israhell the Ever VicSim??
    Christina Veldman As Purple Beret Griever Crisis Actor & Marieke Molenaar (using her Daughter or niece’s name: Marieke Veldman) as Israeli Stabbing VicSim Marieke Veldman.
    This is Marieke Molwnaar aka Marie Molenaar aka Molenaar-Brickle who looks like Hoax Israeli Stab VicSim Marieka Velman & is linked to both this Christina Veldman & a younger Marieke Veldman as relative:

  7. Exhibit 15-b) Russian Hoax Sinai Plane Crash PsyOp
    Did 2 Veldman Sisters/InLaw- Dutch Zionist Jews Play Purple Beret Griever In Sinai PsyOp & Stabbing VicSim in Israhell the Ever VicSim??
    Christina Veldman-Pol As Purple Beret Griever Crisis Actor & Marieke Molenaar (using her Daughter or niece’s name: Marieke Veldman) as Israeli (Fake Chrisrian) Stabbing VicSim Marieke Veldman.
    This is Christina Veldman-Pol who looks like Purple Beret Griever & who is related to both a younger Marieke Veldman & a Marieke Molenaar aka Marieke Molenaar-Brickle aka Marie Molenaar.

  8. And the Oscar goes to….. MOSSAD!

  9. And you’re not a pilot’s arsehole, Rudolf.
    Why, I wouldn’t even use you as a wheel chock.

    • There’s nothing to envy here, only pity for obnoxious and transparent pretenders like you.
      Maybe one day you’ll develop enough maturity to make something substantial of yourself, but until your obvious mental issues are addressed successfully there is little chance of that occurring.
      In the meantime, continue stagnating here in your own filth, gobshite.

    • That “proof” is not even worth 2 cents, Rudy. They are so stupid, it hurts….

  10. Yes of course. Can we see the body, pls? Could toddler killed in Egypt air disaster hold the clue to why the plane crashed? Tiny girl’s body is discovered 20 miles from crash site, suggesting Russian jet may have exploded earlier than thought

    • Good analysis as always

    • You sick and twisted *****. It’s a shame you and your fellow cronies weren’t on that plane.

      Want to know how the body ended up so far away? Try this: bomb explodes in cargo hold which is in the tail section. Baby and parents are in rear of plane and get ejected with the tail section. Plane with no tail ends up in flat spin and carries on its original trajectory, spinning. This explains the shape of the debris at the main crash site and why the fuselage debris is at an odd angle to the wings.

      Irina Kravchenko (Ирина Кравченко)

    • A piece of the live recording “Press conference of the Egyptian Commission of Inquiry.”

      The journalist said: “Now there are five seats, but I can only see you alone. Where are the others? I think it is a conspiracy, and what the reasons are not given the opportunity to others to come. And I want to hear in front of everyone, the whole world, why they did not come to this conference. ”

      According to journalists in Russian (simultaneous translation):
      “Сейчас есть 5 кресел, но я вижу только вас одного. А где остальные? Я считаю что это есть заговор и какие то причины, которые не дали возможность остальным прийти. И я хочу услышать перед всеми, перед всем миром, почему они не пришли на эту конференцию”.

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