Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 02 November 2015
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More Hard Proof Russian Metrojet Crash in Sinai is a Hoax

Regarding the acclaimed catastrophic crash on no less than Halloween day of a Russian Metrojet civilian airliner in the Sinai desert it becomes glaringly obvious with continued analysis that this is nothing other than a staged event.

Consider the following overhead view. How could this possibly represent a real plane crash versus a staged event?

CNN, that is PsyopsNews, says that, without doubt, the plane, the fuselage, in particular, broke up mid-air. If was the case, then, that wreckage would represent such a mid-air catastrophe. Moreover, corpses would be seen strewn widely, as would luggage, seats, and far more. It would be a mangled and diverse nightmarish mess, clearly identifiable as a real catastrophic crash.


How could it break to pieces, mid-air, yet the wings remain fully intact in one piece, that is with not even the slightest component of fuselage attached? Regardless, not  the track lines all about the ‘wreckage.’ Those are the lines of heavy equipment, the type of equipment needed to stage the wreckage.

Such staged wreckage is known as “strewn wreckage,” and this is precisely what is seen. The Egyptians, per their Zionist masters, staged this, then burnt up the wings in a controlled fire.

A truly catastrophic destruction of an Airbus from that height would have resulted in wreckage strewn over a vast region; by no means would it fall in place in that modest region.

As pointed out by our posters see how the wreckage is set up. It is clearly set up in a staged way. The logos and plane IDs are set in perfect position for photo-ops. There are international arch-Zionist-placed camera-people in place even before the corpses had cooled, even before any investigation could be committed.

An important area in this investigation is marked in green. This is the area of expected impact from the diving down of this heavily weighted element. There is no evidence of impact to any degree. Instead, what is seen are track marks from various types of heavy equipment, which were used to place this strewn wreckage at this site.


Notice the tracks from the heavy equipment, including quite deep tracks, needed to place the hoax wreckage. Too, notice how there is no crash imprint to be found anywhere, no trenches of impact to any degree. Furthermore, there is no charring, no blackening, no evidence of a kerosene-based fire impacting this tail section component. Even so, there is heavier gauging of the desert earth in an area far removed from that tail section rather than the areas immediately next to or beneath it. That could only be the case of the plane is merely a prop.

Notice also the marker. This was a component of the staging, marking the site for placement of the strewn, salvage yard-based component.


In contrast, here is the imprint resulting from a real catastrophic plane crash, in this case the downing of a Pan Am 747 over Lockerbie:

The impact of the downed 747

The devastation in Lockerbie was extensive; there can be no comparison between these two. Some 300,000 pounds in weight from an Airbus-321 would cause a similar degree of devastation. There would be a crash imprint of a significant degree. There is no such imprint in the Sinai hoax.
Yet, the desert is hard, someone might say. There won’t be much impact from the falling down from the sky of some 300,000 pounds of jet liner. However, in Lockerbie what was seen? The engine was impaled into the asphalt road almost completely.
Crash of a Boeing 747-100 in Lockerbie: 270 killed
There is no impaling of any of the A321 wreckage, not even to the least degree.


It can be clearly seen that the wreckage was planted. See how there is absolutely no impact zone associated with the plane carcass.


The only impact that can be seen is from the mere placement of the plane component. By no means could this represent a real crash of a many thousand-pound airplane component.

How could anyone believe this to be a real crash? Look at those Egyptian guards standing in front of the luggage, set-off with barbed wire. No one can find this to be evidence of a real crash to any degree.

The nose cone is also a staged component. There can be no doubt that it was placed there artificially. This is an artifice of the Zionists. They need the cover-up to disguise their high crimes in the Zionist strip. Thus, these hideous ones have created this grand distraction, causing the world to place its view on this fake plane crash instead of the murderous acts of Jewry against unarmed Palestinians.

What in the world is this supposed to represent? Why in the world did the Zionists and their agents tip the plane element nearly upside-down? It’s the same element, make no mistake about it. Where they attempting to find a corpse or two underneath it? If there were corpses there, how did they get there?

Did somebody think it didn’t look good enough to have that component so upright and symmetrical? Thus, they turned it over for the photo-shoot as part of the staged hoax. There can be no other conclusion.


What in the world is this supposed to represent? There is hardly a dent or scratch on it. Thus, it is obviously planted evidence. There can be no other conclusion.

What is this supposed to represent? That cannot be real blood. Thus, this, too, is staged, as this is mere tempura paint applied to the exterior of these components. Already, that fake blood is fading in the son.


Yet, then, the crisis actors proved it initially. With one exception of the horseradish taker no tears can be seen. Nor is there any swollen eyes. Nor is there any real pain or anguish. Here is an excellent example of this fraud. In repeated images the woman can be seen acting as if she is crying. Yet, in not one instance does she shed even the slightest.


(above image courtesy of Internet videographer)

This woman is clearly staging this grief and is doing so for pay.


Hoax index: beyond the pale, not countable.



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  1. Good catch with the roll-over fuselage Dr K.. Perhaps a gust of “desert wind” caught it!
    What is all this freshly disturbed reddish clay around this placed segment of a plane containing the Flight Recorder [high resolution image]? Brick dust?

  2. Gabby Gifford Hoax Husband Scott Kelly Fraudster & His Gang of ZioPuppet Hoax Clowns called AstroNots Celebrating 15 years of Deception & Lies & Fakery Theater On the Hoax International Space Station!


    • Indeed the zio/Bablylonian occult freaks throw their occult numerology & Babylonian & Kabbala false gods & demons into all their Hoaxes & PsyOps & propaganda!
      As to you other posts Those look like old steel & Brass plumbing pipes!!! What in the hell would material that heavy be doing in any plane???
      NEVER Ever! Total zionist orchestrated Hoax!
      And What a disgrace these evil corrupt Eyptian ZioPuppet Leaders! They show the allegiance to the zionist psychopath by this and keeping the border blockaded against Gaza ro help the zionist Psychopaths starve-out Palestinians & stop them from preparing for defending against the next upcoming mass murder genocidal missile & bombing & invasion attacks on innocent Palestinian families & their homes!

      • Cowboy, would not airliner experts spot these pipes easily and ring the bell ? I think they look some heating or oil pipes. No idea if they are used in a plane, so I sent an e-mail to Airbus and ask them about these pics. They shall confirm this is A321 wreckage and tell me for what and where the strange pipes are located in plane. Sadly no answer at all 🙁

  3. The International Phoney Space Disgrace Station!
    Can you imagine this flimsy flim-flam artist, Con Artist created hoax junk pile traveling through space? Mel Brooks could have scripted more believeable comedy space ship to haul a bunch of zio jewish Actors around in Space! It’s seems all the AstroNot Spacemen clowns are Jewish except the asian clown! And those ridiculous perms they give all the women a floating in Hoax space look! Saturday Night Live could create better AstroNot Spacemen!


    • Well speak of the old zionist Jew Devil..Mel Brooks did created more believeable space ships to haul Jewish Actor AstroNot Clowns Around in Hoax Space! He even put atleast one token goyim AstroNot into Space also! lol Well assuming John Candy was a goyim??


    • Wow, I hadn’t really researched in detail regarding the International “no so” Space Station. That video shows enough evidence that it’s a scam.

      The Masonic hand signals to celebrate the “changing of the captain” are undeniable.

      What a fraud! However, it’s not too surprising, given NASA faked the moon landing.

  4. Excellent. Now in the post.

  5. It looks like muffler/tail pipe matter. Will have a closer look. Noticed this, also.

  6. I will put the focused image in the post.

    • “How could it break to pieces, mid-air, yet the wings remain fully intact in one piece…”

      Dr. K,

      Of course the wings remain fully intact!

      Magic wings can rip through rugged steel without breaking apart as they did at the South Tower on 9/11.

      Magic wings can even disappear into the ground while fully intact like they did in Shanksville.

      Magic wings can also penetrate heavy concrete at 500mph like they did at the Pentagon.

      Didn’t you know that Airbus and Boeing planes have magic wings? 🙂

  7. There is a Russian forum devoted to hoaxes and false flags. It has a thread about this wreckage http://911tm.9bb.ru/viewtopic.php?id=889

  8. Good afternoon!
    Many doubt in this “disaster.”
    Here guys dismantled (for the entity is Google translation)


    • Do not worry because of the language barrier.
      At the forum there are people speaking English.
      There’s a lot of information on the MH17, ATR72, Germanwings, Ukraine, France, 911, Boston, means a lot of information, history…

  9. If this is staged; is Russia and Putin in on it?

    • They’re all in on it, but the staging power is powerful pro-Zionist Russian moguls working with the pro-Israeli Egyptian ‘government.’

  10. Dr.K Have I read this right? Are you really saying that the alleged bombing of Pan Am 103 actually took place? Surely the pictures from Lockerbie in 1988 present similar problems as those from Egypt last Saturday: When several tons of metal falls six miles to the ground, an impact crater is inevitable. The picture you show of the large scar in the ground at Lockerbie was taken about 12 hours after the alleged crash, but where is the object that made that crater? The most well known picture, which is supposed to be the cockpit of Pan Am 103 in a field, is ridiculous. There is no impact crater and quite miraculously none of the windows are broken! This was a hoax. There was no Pan Am 103 and no Metrojet flight 9268 either. There were no planes on 9/11 and MH17, MH370 and Trans Asia GE235 were also fake. And let’s not forget the utterly inane Shoreham air show hoax crash; the official lie totally obliterated at Chris Spivey.org.But I have an interesting question about Lockerbie:who told John Lydon to pretend that him and his wife were booked on Pan Am 103? They allegedly just missed the flight.Infinite truth is the only love everything else is illusion

  11. This claim of planted aircraft debris to stage a fake is “too far over the other side” if you know what I mean.

    All modern aircraft are designed and constructed with updated materials, elements and components to enhance and advance the flight model and performance rating of the previous design.

    The fuselage, hull, wings and components are constructed to minimize overall weight of the aircraft while keeping the aerodynamic model strong and safe for high speed, weather, air pressure, etc.

    The reason why it looks as though all the debris has been placed on the ground carefully is due to the way it fell to the ground. This is because the integrity of the aerodynamic model had deteriorated mid-air, exposing large open surfaces to catch wind creating drag, therefore slowing down the debris as it tumbled to the ground.

    Here is an analogy to help those who are unsure of what that means.
    An unopened umbrella can be held up into the wind, because of the sleekness and aerodynamics of the model, by not having the canopy opened as a large surface that will catch the wind and create drag…
    If you were to throw the umbrella up into the air with the canopy closed, it will fall to the ground with the normal gravitational force, but, if you were to open the umbrella canopy, and throw it up into the air in the exact same way, it will catch wind, create drag and its velocity will slow, and will spend more time in the air, and hit the ground less hard, than if it were closed.

    This is what happened with the A321 debris as the aerodynamic flight model disintegrated in mid air creating drag on the surfaces, the pieces fell to the ground with reduced velocity, floating and tumbling, which caused softer impact on the terrain surface. So for example, why one side of the tail section seen in the pictures looks normal and undamaged, but the other side of that same tail section is seen crushed and damaged, is because this is the side that hit the ground first.

    • Disclosure: Who are you working for?

      • Don’t flatter yourself, fruitcake; you’re just not that special.

    • DAN SHEPPARD……you are a bold man to stand in here alone, posting the only intelligent observations about this tragic crash so, I wanted to stand with you.

      Neither of us can provoke the handful of regular participants to this forum to consider anything which does not fit the narrow, delusional narrative they share. This forum is only an echo chamber…..to hear their own hate-spew and the reverberation of others expressing the same…..a sort of gross communal consumption of mental vomit, passed one to another through the sphincter on their faces. Facts, science, evidence, conclusions of experts, nothing that intelligent people rely on and trust will influence what is really going on here.

      This forum isn’t about explaining the tragic events that have occurred on the world stage, or respecting the enormous human toll in the innocent lives extinguished. No, this forum USES these events, in an ugly orgy of anti-Semitic hate rhetoric and the hate of anyone else they wish to corral. HATE…..that is what this forum is about.

      The ideas of a twisted hateful mind will not be influenced or changed by reasonable debate, Informed, factual arguments fall flat delivered in the face of such impenetrable ignorance.

      Not sure how Google led me to this site or, how you wandered in. We clearly don’t belong here. But, I’m with you. As long as we’re visiting, why not let some light and fresh air into this foul crypt. It is rank with mental decay……a smell worse than death. I shutter at the lack of humanity as I turn my back and leave with you. Let’s manage to leave in forgiveness and with love for our neighbors in our hearts and minds.

    • Great work. Using some of your video sources.

  12. Whydn’t you get a fucking life?

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