Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 21 October 2014
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The Fake Injuries of Norway Shooting Hoaxer Ina Rangones Libak

It is absolutely the case that regarding the Norway massacre hoax associate, Ina Rangones Libak, her injuries are fake. Proving her injuries as fabricated has vast implications. It means that all the injuries, as well as deaths, acclaimed in relation to an actual Breivik shooting and bombing rampage are phonies.

It all purportedly occurred on Utoya Island in full isolation from the public eye, with not the slightest element of law enforcement anywhere to be found. According to the story line Rangones Libak was nearly killed on the Island:

Bank, pictured above

Karoline Bank’s arm cramped as she pressed a shredded T-shirt onto Ina Libak’s wounds. Banks, the 20-year-old student, was covered in her friend’s blood and camouflaged with sticks and dirt trying to hide her bright purple hoodie.

Libak whimpered softly as blood seeped from wounds above her clavicle, and from her palms and the creases of her elbows. When the shooter had pointed his gun at her head, Libak instinctively raised her hands to shield her eyes.

And that is supposedly how she got blood on her palms. Yet, let everyone in the world be assured. The story lines are false.


This is what Ms. Libak said at the staged Andres Behring Breivik trial:

The New York Times reports that Libak’s testimony, “had spectators laughing and crying by turns.”
Now, let us look, rationally, at her statements. She was shot first in the arms, then in the jaw, and finally in the chest. Despite this, she “ran out of the building.” This was in order to “begin her escape.” Is she super-woman? How could she even get up off the ground after being shot three times by a high-powered weapon?
She did her best to stop herself from bleeding to death but found out that she couldn’t exert pressure, because “the hands weren’t working all that well anyway.” Who believes such drivel?

Here are some images of INA LIBAK in the hospital, snapped 11 days or slightly longer after the acclaimed shooting:

Does anyone see even the slightest evidence of gunshot trauma to this individual? How about just a tiny bit of disfiguring of the face?

She was actually shot just a few days prior to the taking of this picture in the jaw? Really?
Warning: Graphic image. How about a bit of post-traumatic swelling? That’s what gunshot wounds usually do. What about an actual entrance wound and/or exit wound? What about at least a bit of dire distress?
Where is the evidence of a shot from a long rifle to her jaw? What about the wound to the chest? Where is the evidence for this? Why is there no staining of the bandage with serous fluid and/or blood? How could she be sitting up so casually after being shot in the upper or mid-chest, a major, life-threatening trauma:
When this happens, no one is laughing or smiling.

Here she is, all smiles, in a hospital bed, and how is she dressed? She is in street clothes.
First she’s on the bed to the left of the middle table, then she is switched over to the other bed. She was never in the hospital. It was all staged. Too, where is the sucking wound in her chest? Where is the residual blood and secretions? Where is the drainage tube for her chest injury? Moreover, what is she doing unattended, standing up on her own: and in full street clothes, yet?
Didn’t they have their cell phones with them? How come they couldn’t capture a picture of the carnage, of themselves, and/or of Breivik in action?
Ina, 22: 'I'm going to die now'
Ina Rangønes Libak meets Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Crown Prince Haakon in March this year (File photo: Anette Karlsen/Scanpix)

The Royal Family is not stupid. They fully know this is a fake. Yet, to support Zionist machinations they gave their endorsement in full.


Prince Haakon, Princess Mette-Marit, and their associates have fully supported this fake. They are Zionist agents, all together.








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  1. This gives her the best job chances to become either a politician or a newspaper editor or a high ranking masonesse.

  2. I didn’t realise there had been “amputations” – a trial for the Boston Marathon:
    nearly two years later…Andrea Gjestvang won major photography prize with these images of survivors of the massacre

  3. I know that the Israeli-Norway relations are frozen today, and that Norway could declare war against Israel every minute, but there were better days:

    Middle East Record Volume 2, 1961 – Yitzhak Oron, Ed. – Google Books

    Norwegian Premier visits Israel. PM Einar Gerhardsen officially visited Israel on Nov 15-22 (Ha’aretz, Oct 2, Nov 16).

    He had talks with President Ben-Zvi, PM Ben-Gurion and the FM, and toured the country, being welcomed by the mayors of the principal cities, and leaders of the Histadrut and Mapai (the Israel Labour party). He attended a session of the Knesset and planted a tree in the King Haakon Forest, established in memory of Norway’s late king. (Ha’aretz, Nov 17, 20, 22; Jer. Post, Nov 19, 21)

    At a dinner on Nov 16, PM Ben-Gurion called him a “worthy representative and leader of a people that loves peace and the liberties of men and nations . . ., a people that has always shown sincere friendship not only in word, but also in deed, to our people and our country.” PM Gerhardsen said: “The prominent place which the idea of cooperation has gained [in Israel] indicates a more comprehensive democracy than the one which has materialized in most of the democratic countries.” Norway and Israel were both interested in “a state of international justice and security, which will enable us to unite our resources in constructive work for peace. This would also serve the interests of the developing countries, which both Israel and Norway consider it important to help.” (IGPO/WNB, No. 34, Nov)

    According to Israeli statistics, the volume of Israel-Norway trade in 1961 was: Israeli exports $1,985,000; imports $3,400,000. In 1960 the figures were $1,573,000 and $2,235,000 respectively. (IFT, 1961)


    • Thousands of years ago, other countries also had good relations with Israel:

      The Danish PM replied that Denmark was ready to help Israel in any way. (IGPO/WNB, No. 10, May)

      On June 3 Mrs Meir lectured at Copenhagen, under the auspices of the Danish-Israel Friendship League, on “Problems of Developing Countries.” (Ha’aretz, June 4)

      Various Contacts; Gestures of Friendship. In June an Israel-Danish Friendship Association was established in Jerusalem. ( Ha’aretz, June 28)

      On Oct 5 a ceremony was held in Israel to mark the rescue of Danish Jewry by the Danish people, with Swedish cooperation, in October 1943. There was also a religious service on Mount Zion, at which a prayer was offered in memory of King Christian X. (Jer. Post, Oct 5, 6, Nov 1)

      On Nov 9 Paul Daniel Steenberger, the first resident Danish Ambassador to Israel, presented his credentials. (Ha’aretz, Nov 10)

      On Nov 29 it was announced that PM Viggo Kampmann would visit Israel from Jan 10-16, 1962. (Ha’aretz, Nov 30)

      On Dec 28 the Danish Ambassador opened an exhibition dedicated to the Danish philosopher Soeren Kierkegaard in Tel Aviv. (Jer. Post, Dec 29)

      Trade. The volume of Israel-Denmark trade in 1961 was: Israeli exports $2,628,000: imports $2.562,000, compared with $2,368,000 and $3,208,000 respectively in 1960. (IFT, 1961)

      According to Israeli statistics the volume of Israel-Finland trade in 1961 was: Israeli exports $3,344,000; imports $10,455,000, compared with $3,120,000 and $8,752,000 respectively in 1960.

      According to Israeli statistics, the volume of Israel-Iceland trade in 1961 was: Israeli exports $141,000; imports $253,000. In 1960 exports were $1,235,000 and imports nil. (IFT 1961)

  4. “It all purportedly occurred on Utoya Island in full isolation from the public eye, with not the slightest element of law enforcement anywhere to be found.”

    Every time you say that, you can add that the police finished the drill on Utoya at 3pm the same day, about two hours before Breivik showed up.


    Isn’t it strange that none of the youth said, “Oh, how I wish that the police had stayed two hours longer on our island.”

    • Yes, and this deserves its own post, but will add it, nonetheless.

  5. Barely a month after the hoax, interview with 2 of them


  6. Meanwhile, in Quebec, a Canadian “Muslim terrorist” is on the loose, hoaxing it up


    • This is near comedy. I wonder if I have not seen it before, or if it is only since the Isis stories that these news reports could have been taken from Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.

      • I guess Canada, keen to impress its fellow NATO members like NL, NO US, UK [and the silent NATO quasi members,Israel, Australia] and watched a few Woolwich videos – off they went. Absolutely ridiculous.

  7. You guys are evil. There are no other words to describe the lengths which you go to try and prove your ridiculous theories.

    This poor girl survived a horrific experience and yet you sit, judging photos of her to claim they were fake? People survive insane injuries quite regularly. A girl in South Africa survived being stabbed 33 times and had her throat slashed 16 times. She was able to walk and crawl for help.

    Please just explain why on earth they would orchestrate such a massive hoax? What is there to possibly gain to make it worthwhile? Are you that dumb that you can’t work out how costs vs benefit analysis works? There will be millions of euros spend on breivik’s release to hide his identity relocate him – all because hundreds of friends and family members of those innocent kids will be trying to kill him upon his release.

    The man is a monster and you are all not far behind him. These guys went through something so terrible yet have to now be subjected to hoax claims and laughed at online by you idiots. Evil.

    • “Please just explain why on earth they would orchestrate such a massive hoax?”

      For the same reason why money lenders finance wars. Sustainability in ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching.

      • And who made money from this? Use your brain for Fucks sake!

    • “… hundreds of friends and family members of those innocent kids will be trying to kill him upon his release.”

      I had no idea that social democrats can be so dangerous.

    • Certified, categorical, absolute arch-Zionist troll.

    • Dude that isn’t research. Kindly address a specific issue – like photos of the unicorn woman,

      • “xellifelix” – i didn’t claim it was research? And you call this drivel here research?

        Please address my question – why? Why would they do to such great lengths to stage this? What benefits outweigh the insane costs which would go into this?

        As for the unicorn woman. Yes that was a ridiculous injury, and amazing she survived. Do you honestly believe that if this whole thing was masterminded as a hoax, the organisers would fake such an outrageous injury? No! They would be trying to make it as realistic as possible, nobody would try to fake an injury like that. Can you use your brain please??

        If you lied to someone would you make up something beyond ridiculous, or something which seemed plausible? Sometimes outrageous things happen – I’m a vet, I see ridiculous injuries every day!

        • Where are you, Mr. Vet, currently deployed?

        • I think you’re confused Dr k. I’m a veterinarian

          • Man you just have got to laugh at these people.A vet and the stupid ******* thought you were a soldier.Priceless

    • When the actor who plays the fictional character Anders Breivik – Anderson Cooper -. takes off his make-up, nobody recognizes him. Every time a hoax is pulled, up comes the Paypal buttons and Gofundme’s and they pull in millions and billions. Like the recent Nepal quake hoax where they scammed out millions and billions on the 3000 vicsims at the 911 controlled demolition. Why would they do it? Why did they do the JFK “assassination” hoax, the “moon landings” hoax, Columbine, Sandyhook, Woolwich, Port Arthur and a thousand others? It’s called spellcraft. Everything you believe is a lie and that has serious consequences.

  8. Can someone go and find me the King Haakon Forest mentioned by the JTA? This place seems to be gone.

  9. What I hear from persons arounf me is “they have buired the dead – how could it be a hoax?”. Thus, if there is a funeral then it´s for real, seems to be the standpoint.
    But how do we know that the acclaimed persons said to be killed really did exist?
    If they did exist, where are they living now?

    I would like to see school photographs of the whole class pin-pointing the dead youngsters to a specific school and a city/villiage and hence some “real” friends.

    Can anybody living i Norway please find out school photos for some of the dead?!

    • People will wake up when it’s too late. We all are conditioned to believe that journalists and politicians are Jesus like.

    • I was at university with norwegians exchange students when this all went down. One of them had a friend whose sister was killed by breivik. They were absolutely devastated.

      This isn’t a fucking hoax and you people are sickening. Yes, please, go asked the families of the victims to prove that their children were killed. If you were in their shoes would you even entertain that thought?

      • I was in the plane when it hit me in the WTC 🙂

        • Go ahead dude make light of this. I wasn’t lying. How do you sleep at night? These children were murdered. you judge photos of people and use it as proof of a hoax.

          Can you imagine losing your child like this and then have lunatics like you accuse them of being a hoax? Put yourself in their shoes.

          • That’s the problem “dude”. You are lying and no one here is falling for it. There were 500 youth with 500 video cameras. Send me Youtube links to 10 or 15 videos of all that carnage. I can handle it. By the way, I was sunbathing on Utøya, that day, and I didn’t hear anything but the birds singing.

      • Dude, you need a dose of reality. Ask your friend whether this friend of a friend saw his sister’s body and did a formal identification of it. You see, in these events, rules have to be bent involving pathologsts, coroners, doctors…. and in the Breivik event, the bulk inquest didn’t use photos but a doll and a pointer. Very very unusual.
        They’re had nearly a year to get the story straight, all funded by the Norwegian taxpayer.
        Do you go to the cinema a lot? Realistic isn’t it?
        By the way, there is no reason to believe the story about the 100 radiologists, dentists etc etc.

        • I find it laughable you think I need a dose of reality when you believe anything said on this site!

          No – i didn’t ask that. When somebody’s sister dies you don’t ask them if they saw the body or accuse them of a hoax. Are you retarded?

          Are you honestly saying that the families of all these kids went along with their fake deaths and injuries?

          Why? Please, please give me a plausible explanation why anyone would do that? Why does nobody in Norway agree with your hoax claims? These claims are baseless and use bad photos as the only proof.

          Again, answer please – why would these brilliant hoaxists make a ridiculous injury like the unicorn woman? If you were organising this would you purposefully make outrageous injuries? Don’t be absurd.

          • At least then we are agreeing the injuries are faked and it was a drill; nobody was injured, nobody died.
            We do not know the overall picture. The “Why” doesn’t interest me. You ought to be worried that your media presents these absurd injuries as real if you are a critical thinker.

            If my unicorn ever gets sick, I’ll bring her to your veterinary practice. You seem a good vet.

      • Oh, come on, Zionist troll. You really expect anyone, here, to believe you?

        • First of all, I am not a zionist. I couldn’t give a **** about anything Jewish.but keep on claiming that if it makes you happy.

          Secondly, nobody is going to believe me on what? I haven’t made any claims. I’ve been asking questions, which you are unable to answer.

          As someone who questions everything, I find it ironic how poorly you react when I question you.

    • Elisbeth – the weapon which is used to terrorise us is the fake death. There will have been plenty of empty coffins buried or cremated throughout history. One can have fake identites, or one can have real people re-assigned to new lives with new identities. Budgets are immense. just think, it is standard procedure for criminals who can’t got back into society for one reason or another. Where would you like to go? Thailand? Spain? Not everyone would even want to keep up contact with or even tell their family. Think about it.

      • Which budgets are immense? Who funded this hoax?

        People undoubtedly have faked their deaths in the past. But on this website, every death reported in the news is a hoax. Literally every single one. In your insane world does anybody ever die? Or is every single newsworthy thing Faked?

  10. You are all a bunch of morons if you believe this is a hoax.

  11. A friend my ex was killed.

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