Boston Bombing — 27 April 2013
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Fake lady in the wheelchair up-close

Note: error about the woman’s coat sleeve corrected, thanks to your observations.

Here is the actor-lady with fake injuries as discovered and published in the post, “Boston Bombing’s Wheelchair Actors,” link, here:


The proof that she is an actress is confirmed by a video created by Royan Rosche, seen here:

A screenshot taken from this clip fully reveals the grand scope of this fraud:


See any injuries from pyrotechnic fake bomb to her face, nose, hand, or leg. Keep in mind that is the same left hand that appears so grotesquely injured. It’s fast work with silicon, fake blood, glue, talc, and more.

A magic trick, just like on a movie scene:

(Credit: Form & Dynamics)

This is a vast revelation. It proves the presumption of this post entirely correct that this woman is a paid operative and was never injured to any degree in this incident.

Notice also the source of the photo, none other than that notorious source of high corruption, Getty Images. Crusts on the hair in near perfect circles, blood going aganist gravity, the source impossible to see or find, that is no obvious gashes or cuts.


Where is the blood coming from? The nose? How did the blood from a nosebleed crawl up the face in that macabre fork-like pattern? Where is the blood coming from that arises on the cheeks? There is not a single laceration on this woman. Regardless, the various brush strokes of blood can clearly be identified.

Once again, there is no explainable source for this blood pattern. How did those three special lines develop under the lower lip? What is making the chin blood stained? Hmm, couldn’t Mr. Wheelchair Driver have at least offered her a tissue to wipe up some of the mess? No lady likes looking like this. What lady would allow her nose to drip blood in public without holding a tissue to it? The only explanation for doing nothing to cleanse the blood is that this is all for show to impact the public consciousness.

Here is the wrist, enlarged:


A couple of silicon fake contusions, no other conclusion can be made after viewing the Rosche video, which reveals her free of all such injuries, wounds, contusions, and lacerations after the bomb-blast. How did the injury occur well after the bomb-blast, out of thin air?

Fraud alert: if that injury were real, she would be under the care of an EMT or nurse–and there are plenty of them at the Marathon–not a fellow actor and paid DHS mole.

Looks like a paint job. Like in the face, no lacerations can be seen. There are two purplish-colored bumps, which are some kind of prop most likely. Blood on the hand also follows no pattern and is painted on. Notice theat there is no dripping onto her purse strap. There is no clear source for this blood, and if there was a pumping arterial bleed, surely her purse would that stap underneath would be messed up.

Notice, too, the flour/dust-caked hair, added artificially to make this appear as a residue of a bomb-blast. Everyone has seen the video on this by now.

That flour has also been applied her coat arm, likely solidified with water. YouTubers are right about them throwing a kind of dust upon the actors at a specific, well-controlled point.

Note: some are disputing the flour/dust, saying that it is the inside synthetic fluff of the coat. We don’t think so; that pattern is consistent and flows down the coat; it can’t all be systematically ripped in these areas. It is upheld, here, that she is a fake. Regardless, she can be seen on the ground in the Rosche video without any blood-like stains on her legs.

Therefore, the Wheelchair Lady is a paid operative who faked this injury on behalf of the Obama White House, the Justice Department, and the Zionist-controlled Department of Homeland Security. She is merely another paid agent who was forced to sign a waiver for her role. There is no other explanation. Let anyone prove otherwise.




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  1. This gets better by the minute. Same lady just before the wheel chair photo op:

    No injuries at all to her legs or face!

    • Question, how or why would these actors remain silent ?? You would think that someone would come forward.. I am quite sure this is a false flag however I have quite a few folks asking me this vry question. I can only speculate that they and their familes were threatend to remain silent.. Comments??

      • They signed a fierce consent form. See the video.

  2. It is clear the white on her jacket arm is the padding inside and the material is ripped. You can see the outer layer edges.You could make the argument I suppose that her jacket was pre shredded and she threw it on before the blast. You can see in the youtube link from vert that her jacket is shredded. If that was just powder then how did they get it to have the pattern it does in such little time? It’d take a pro hollywood worker probably 30 minutes to get that type of detail.

    You’re reaching big time with that.

    As for the blood, it does seem very odd around the mouth and her hand with none on the purse.

    • If it is the padding ripped, then, it would have to be ripped apart on every tuft. Keep looking, real close. Wrong, those are not all rips: it’s only ripped in one or two small places. The rest is Hollywood fakery.

  3. And I REALLY wish that these paid agents or their representatives WOULD contact drkresearch, and try to prove NoDisinfo wrong, but, OF COURSE, I am not holding my breath.

    • They are more likely to start assasining sceptics unfortunately. Oh, wait, they don’t even have to do that anymore, they can just label anyone terrorist or illegal combatant. And murder you legally.

      Can you hear the sound of marching boots and smell the stench of martial law and tyranny? I can.

  4. Google was blocking search terms such as ‘Boston Marathon Hoax’….for several days but is now rethinking that position.

  5. They look like two different ladies to me. The injured lady has a small pearl earring on; none is visible in the other lady. The injured lady has a red top on; the other lady has on orange. The injured lady’s top has a collar which stands up clearly around her neck; the other lady doesn’t.

  6. So before the bomb went off these actors had no blood on them or face makeup, how did they change to looking so bloody so quickly??

  7. Maybe it’s just my imagination, but the first time I saw the video w/ this fake b$%&h in it, my initial thought was she looked like the nurse from SH.

    Now I”m not as sure 🙁
    Good work in catching before (after the “bomb”) shot and then application of “injuries”

  8. do you see a video where she falls? for the sleeve I would be thinking in a swift move or fall you could rip a shell of a sleeve off and clutch it in your purse with your oh so wounded hand??I mean i wouldnt buy into the flour or paste or whatnot… just an utter pain in the ass to apply and not be seen, messy process.. and it does carry the pattern of the stitching for the coat.

    • You may be right; please post link, if avail.

  9. Why were none of these severely injured people wearing pants that day?

    • Ms. Campbell was purportedly wearing pants that day. The question is, since the EMTs were not there triaging, who stripped them off? Would by-standers not feel sheepish about that degree of involvement in real trauma cases?

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