**Breaking News** — 15 December 2015
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Fake Muslim Family Produces Fake Tears in San Bernardino Shooting Hoax

Regarding fabrications and lying it is the grand and sophisticated Qur’aan which comes out diametrically opposed to it. Deceit is the polar opposite of the principles of goodness and decency as well as the full opposite of the faith of Islaam. Yet, now it is seen that in some cases actual Muslim families or those who claim to be of such an extraction wildly participate in great schemes and hoaxes, all based on terminal lies.

See the RedSilverJ video here for an overview of the scam leveraging San Bernardino Muslims as hoaxing agents:

During the process of producing these Zionist-orchestrated videos the face of the purported brother-in-law was manipulated. Fake tears were applied or, more likely, induced. There is no actual tearing. There is no obvious movement of fluids, plus the eyes are neither swollen or red. Nor are they irritated. Furthermore, it is clear and obvious that this is staged and that this man is following instructions.


The phony material goes nowhere. There is no consistent, that is active, flow of tears. Yet, it is glossy, giving the appearance of actual tearing, although this has likely been artificially induced. He doesn’t like the man, regardless. Why is he crying when even the sister isn’t shedding tears?


What method was used? Was it mentholated petroleum jelly? Was the jelly itself put on the face?

Method 3 of 5: Use Menthol

  1. Image titled Fake Cry Step 8
    Get some methylated chapstick or chest rub. This petroleum jelly-textured substance is sold at drugstores, and is commonly used by people with colds to help open the sinuses and nostrils.
  2. Image titled Fake Cry Step 9
    Put some rub on a clean tissue. You can put some of the rub on a tissue well before you plan to fake cry. Place it in a plastic baggie and put it in your pocket or purse so that it’s accessible when the moment arrives.

‘Hey, how do you feel about your brother-in-law? Do you hate him or what?’ …’Yea, I’m really angry at him.’

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.31.50 AM Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.31.15 AM

“What about the six month-old?,” when the following facial expression is seen. The man needs to get off of TV, right now, before he makes an even more absolute fool of himself.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.31.07 AM

In this regard see the following image shown by psyops news (that is CNN) of the stuffed rocking duckie, a mere espionage-style prop, in the phony baby crib:


CNN was right there, rummaging around in the supposed gunman’s apartment. It was all an attempt to jar people’s consciousness. Sure it was, right. CNN and its fellow moles had access to the crime scene elements, where there was no police presence of any kind. Who believes such nonsense?

The fake tears and false grief exist for merely one reason, which is create a sense of realism for this hoax: to make the hoax, essentially, stick or hold in the minds of people, an effort which has failed for the Zionists previously.

What does the Islaamic holy book, the Qur’aan, say about fabrication, about lying and spreading falsehoods? “Moreover, never disguise (or confuse) the truth with falsehood. Nor suppress the truth, knowingly.” It also states that in the divine realm, in the heavens, unlike this earth, there will be “no lying” and also “no vanity (78:35).”

It even goes so far as to command that God’s condemnation be invoked on any fabricator who spews lies and foments deceit, even asking the believers in divine justice to “invoke the curse of God on (all) those who lie.”

The fact is this almighty one despises lying, just as within human hearts many people find lying and fabricating offensive. It is certain a destructive characteristic in the work place, also within families.

Lying is equated with mischief, a chief domain of the Zionists. It is also stated that in the realm of worship and godliness there are people who create lies and falsifications in order to foment strife among the people, in order to create disunity.  In this book people who foment such dissention and specifically and repeatedly called “liars.”

The spreading of falsehoods and the malicious lying to the world, plus the use of lies and deceit for mere greedy gains, are equated by the Qur’aan with ingratitude and are a call for the liars and deceivers to be judged by God for their acts, even being deemed “insolent” by Him.

The source of the lies, says this text, are strictly the human being themselves, which they issue on their own commands and through their own will. There is even a passage where the liar or cheat is condemned for issuing his false views from not merely the self but, rather, the actual source: the forehead or fore-brain. The liar is described as lying from precisely his “lying, sinful forehead,” the Arabic word being an-naysiya. The lying forehead, that is the use of the thinking brain in the opposite way for which it was created, is deemed nasiyatin-kathibatin-khati-a, transliterated as a lying, deceitful, sinful forehead.

Therefore, per the divine source lying truly is a sin, that is an act of Satan. This is particularly true when the sin causes great corruption on the earth, causing harm to its inhabitants and creatures. This is precisely the nature of the types of lies spread by the arch-Zionist DHS and its collaborators.

The application of shinny matter, petroleum jelly or other, is one such lie, which can result in human harm. Already, people are being brutally attacked as a result of the San Bernardino hoax, which they have fully blamed not on merely ‘radicalized Muslims’ but, rather, Islaamic people at-large.

Yes, in fact, Islaamic people have been abused and beaten in the aftermath of this scam. Then, why is CAIR participating in it? Why in the world did it put on that phony press conference?


The attorneys are setting the real facts into motion, saying that they know full well that Sandy Hook wasn’t real. This means that, by proxy, so, too, is San Bernardino a fake. The entire narrative is fully unwound.


It makes a person go crazy. CAIR, a supposed Islaamic group, has given fuel to a lie which then led to vicious attacks against Muslims. Even so, if it was a PR stunt it was not a productive one. For all the world knows Muslims really are as ruthless as depicted in this scam. It is hard to believe than any legitimate Islaamic group would be involved to any degree. Unless, of course, there was a force behind this. Was CAIR leveraged by the DHS?


Why would any actual Islaamic group have anything to do with the terminally antagonistic arch-pro Zionist FBI? Clearly, then, it is not possible to hold on the one hand the American flag of imperialism and hidden Zionism in one hand, while the flag of justice and decency, let us say, godliness, is held by the other. Evil and good do not mix. They are completely separate, fully polarized, elements.





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  1. “The fake tears and false grief exist for merely one reason, which is create a sense of realism for this hoax: to make the hoax, essentially, stick or hold in the minds of people, an effort which has failed for the Zionists previously.”

    Yes, the fake tears, like all of the other crisis actors’ fake tears, are used to add another ornament to the foundation lie of two extremists going on a shooting rampage.

    The supposed brother-in-law gave away the scam when he mentions how can someone buy such an amount of ammunition. These supposed family members have seen ZERO evidence of the supposed ammunition, yet agree with the reporter as if he’s making a statement of fact.

    It’s all lies, it’s all part of the phony fake show to demonize Muslims and guns.

    The final minute of RedSilverJ’s clip shows the news anchors spewing their propaganda.

  2. Farook Family Attorneys Question Veracity of San Bernardino Shooting Event


  3. Few fully realize the depth of Ziopath infestation of these Muslim communities. I actually think they have legions of Palestinian, Egyptian and Pakistani fifth columnists in Europe and the US. The Jews have been kidnapping and mind controlling Muslim Arab speaking children for decades. They are the masters at human trafficking.

    How many Iraqis did the evil empire US snatch up and run through “detention camps”. They run these so called “radical Mosques” as well. They have waged all out war on Muslims world wide. It is the greatest crime since the Hellstorm of Germany. Now they are unleashing these agents on Europe.

    They are not even hiding this, see book by Ziopath “think tanker” Kelly M. Greenhill, Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement as an Instrument of Coercion. Video on the topic:

    • I have seen both CIA-type spies and suspect Mossad moles as infilrators of mosques. Wise commentary.

  4. First police officer to arrive at the Bataclan says he phoned his girlfriend to say goodbye after shooting a gunman who detonated a suicide vest as he fell to the ground


  5. Remember the Pakistani school bombing hoax? Mother of Pakistan school massacre ‘victim number 19’ relives moment she identified her boy in morgue


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