Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 03 February 2015
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Taya Kyle Proves Herself a Zionist Agent, Indicates Husband Chris Kyle is Still Alive

Make no mistake about it crypto-Jew Taya Kyle is working directly on behalf of the arch-Zionist cabal, spewing lies for her own self-aggrandisement, for her own wretched and corrupt gains. Regardless, there is something highly suspect about terminally corrupt arch-liar and death hoax orchestration collaborator, Taya Kyle. Her family name is Taya Studebaker. Regardless, what could be more of a proof of the involvement in Zionist plots than her actions, which are to promote and, in fact, advance great acts of Islamophobia?

Who knows what will happen because of her arch-treacherous actions, how many innocent people will be tormented, beaten, tortured, raped, and/or killed? How many mosques and other institutions that resemble Islamic facilities will be attacked and firebombed? How may Muslim-appearing or Arab-appearing people will be tormented, attacked, even beaten or killed? She will be responsible for any such actions, because all that she represents is the false and corrupt demonization of a people.

Here, she is seen giving what is likely the flat-palmed Masonic symbol sign. Who would be surprised. See who she panders to?..it is none other than terminally corrupt, extremist arch-Zionist Jews.

Taya Kyle aka Studebaker with her people in-kind, arch-Zionist agents Bradley Cooper, along with Mr. and Mrs. Biden.

She works directly for the powerful ones of Zionism. Yet, is she herself a Jew, hidden or otherwise?


Lying all together, they spread nothing but venom about the people of the Middle East, although their ultimate target is the faith of Islaam and all it represents, all on behalf of the schemes and arch-criminal activities of world Zionism.

Yet, her act is being covered with all manner of lies. They were, after all, at the time of his death, “living in separate worlds,” whatever that means. Furthermore, her father is a player in the arch-Zionist system, not merely because he is a mayor of a township but, rather, because he is ex-military himself.


Studebaker is running cover for her. He clearly knows it’s all a lie and the Kyle is still alive and well.

City of Lake Oswego Mayor Kent Studebaker

Kent Studebaker
PO Box 369
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Email Kent Studebaker

Term Expires 12-31-2016
Term 1 Began 01-01-2013

Mayor Studebaker attended school in Lake Oswego from grade school through high school.  After earning his undergraduate and doctor of jurisprudence degrees from the University of Oregon, he served on active duty with the Marine Corps for 3 years.  He then practiced law in both governmental and private corporate offices.

The world should call the Mayor and ask him what in the world he is doing, and where in the world has his son-in-law run off to.

Here is a picture of the family of Taya Kyle prior to the faking of her husband’s death:


by: SUBMITTED – This photo of, from left, Lake Oswego Mayor Kent Studebaker, his wife, Kim, their daughter Taya and their son-in-law Chris Kyle ran in the Review’s LO section in January.

Sure, that is regarding the above, how coincidental. Sure it happened, right; he’s right there with the family and a few days later one of his own people shoots him to death at all places at a firing range. What a do-gooder he is. Yet, it is all a set-up by the Zionists to make him appear bigger than life, perhaps directly at the expense of a man they sought to diminsh, Mr. Ventura.



So, it is William Morrow which claims he is such an infamous sniper. Is there anything true about this at all? Perhaps even the claims of his super-sniping is largely fabricated.

Kyle-Studebaker is on the lecture circuit which includes synagogues. Despite the fact that the book is filled with lies, as is the movie, she is the entity’s featured speaker:


There, she will on behalf of the Zionists reinforce her arch-lies, the same lies she represented at all the other appearances, including the terminally corrupt and categorically phony funeral.

Surely, there is big money behind all this corruption. Surely, that money arises exclusively from the arch-Zionist cabal. It was crucial that Kyle’s death be faked. There would be too many revelation in the lawsuit, too many secrets to come forth. Kyle, they knew, was not a dependable customer under oath. Therefore, his death had to be faked. This was to not only protect himself from the litigation but also to protect those arch-Zionist collaborators who were in league with him and his fabricating wife. It was also a ruse necessary at this point to move forward with the movie agenda, also to garner positive publicity for the books, which were surely potentially to be rendered under siege because of the inaccuracies and lies. The fake death changed all that, giving those books of corruption the necessary positioning needed for massive sales.

What is Weatherby? Surely, that entity is involved in the staging of this lie.


There were two books. Harper-Collins/William Morrow or whoever moved quickly to squelch any potential damage by supporting the fake death, by then moving forward with the book and movie hoax. For her it is all about self-enrichment at any cost, even the telling of grandiose lies, even the orchestration of a fake death:

Not realizing the cameras were rolling, perhaps, or as a result of some other distraction she started out this interview with a facial expression on the left, which she quickly toned down to the one on the right.


Does anyone really trust her after watching ANY of her interviews?

chriskylefakedeathkaylainterview chriskylehoaxerkaylafaker22

Is she saying anything other than the fact that he is still alive? She, after all, “still” has “that relationship,” and is living a life where she is with “him” “all the time.” Therefore, Kyle is alive and well. Just where he is hiding is unknown, yet there is evidence that he might be undercover in Texas.

Let one of them defy these words. Let a single one of them dispute them. Let anyone prove this information anything but true. They are liars and fabricators and as a result of their filthy, slanderous lies they are enriching themselves.



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  1. Like the FIRST actor playing Kyle’s Hoax murderer Edward Routh of Tradeco Media,
    Zionist Jew Apparent Mossadster named Ashley Purvis Smith alleged sister of
    Taya Kyle Babylonian Talmudist Mossad Asset, Ashley is also connected to Australia and has been apparently stationed their for many years although she still apears to have American shell jobs provided by the zionists and DHS.
    Her husband is also an apparent Mossad Asset from Australian, yet Kyle picked this devil Stewart SMITH to run his Frog Man mossad front or whatever the hell it is.
    Did I mention that Fraudster Daddy-in-law Kent Studebacker Zionist Jew Political Whore only won his election by a supposed 50 some votes to become mayor Of Lake Oswego, Oregon??? Lol How many hundred votes did his dual citizens friends and triCitizen Australians cast in his election???
    This is Ashley Purvis Smith’s linkedin.

    • How can she be Class President for 6 yrs.? is not high school 4 yrs.(unless you Flunked for 2yrs)

      • Yes I noticed that. These zionist change agents have anomolies like that alot. Another is being proven on paper by their age records as hscibg been high school students at ages of 21 to 25! It’s so they can have records at more than high school and recruit more mossad, DHS, & sayanim while in High school posing as a younger student, yet with advanced PsyOps & dialectic & change agents skills to manipulate & corrupt other young minds, as false peers. I found this one zionist lady who is winning college National NCAA Hockey chanpionships at past the age of 30 (atleast 29) at UNIVERSITY OF Minnesota. And her husband very apparently retired from the NFL in 2012 & entered the University of Minnesota, under an alias, as a Linebacker and has wrecked havok. I forget the names right now since I research so many of these mossad and sayanim and zionist change agents and scam artists and Crisis Actors!

    • Newsman say Routh “seems to change his appearance every time he appears in court”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2vVmUQQV6Q

      • Yes, and the mug shot photo looks like a totally different person. Very suspicious as well.

    • “There would be too many revelation in the lawsuit, too many secrets to come forth. Kyle, they knew, was not a dependable customer under oath. Therefore, his death had to be faked. This was to not only protect himself from the litigation but also to protect those arch-Zionist collaborators who were in league with him and his fabricating wife. It was also a ruse necessary at this point to move forward with the movie agenda, also to garner positive publicity for the books, which were surely potentially to be rendered under siege because of the inaccuracies and lies. The fake death changed all that, giving those books of corruption the necessary positioning needed for massive sales.”

      Excellent analysis, and it provides a valid case as to why it’s better to create a phony fake show regarding Kyle’s death.

  2. Hoax Dead Fraudster Chris Kyle’s business partner and operator of his Frogman operation and his wife’s brother-in-law Stewart Smith zionist asset of stationed mostly in Australia.

  3. Hoax Dead Chris Kyle’s Wife’s Brother in law and business partner zionist asset Stewart Smith. He pulled his linkedin picture but I found it! https://media.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/shrink_100_100/p/3/005/00d/1c5/153c516.jpg

    • This could well be a series of aliases Chris Kyle is using for scams and to use especially now that he is hoax dead. Last name Keil apears to be another I have linked through a couple family members.
      “Chris Purvis”
      Obviously this Purvis name is being used by Ashley but with no apparent reason why other than to differentiate & distance this identity from other identities she has. Her maiden name is supposedly Studebacker, her married name is Smith. So where does Purvis come from? Mossad or DHS gave it her before she married Stewart Smith, likely.

  4. Hahahahaha, “Flat-palmed Masonic hand sign” – would that be what’s normally referred to as a wave???? My hometown must be heavily infiltrated by the Masonic Zionist Hoaxers because everyone’s doing this exact same thing, even my god-**** wife and daughters. This is just the 100% hard proof I needed to confirm my suspicions. Thanks Doc.

    • Do you ever say anything worth anyone’s time reading you stupid lying zionist??? What does FAF stand for Gaybriel, Mcap, fake Aussie?? Is it fags and Fairies? The Fags & Fairies contingent from the ADL are coming run and hide! LOL

      • Cowboy, you could say that the comment regarding an apparent “flat-palmed hand-sign” is a comment that’s not worth reading. As “evidence” it’s absolute nonsense, anyone could be caught on camera making this hand sign (which as I stated is commonly referred to as a wave). Attempting to use such a photo as “evidence” just proves how desperate some people are. Can you argue otherwise? Is this not a commonly used hand signal throughout the world that is used as a greeting???

        • TheFAF,

          Once again, trolling and picking on one of the weakest arguments (the hand signal) in your failed attempt to discredit the BROAD aspect of the lies.

          But that’s understandable, since you cannot debunk the lawsuit and VERDICT by the jury that proves, with substantial evidence, that Jesse Ventura showed the jury that Chris Kyle’s book was full of lies and fabrications.

          And if the book has proven fabrications, then why should anyone accept other facets of Kyle as being correct?

          Answer: they shouldn’t, except for Zionist trolls and pundits who disregard facts and only want to promote the Zionist agenda of glorifying a soldier.

    • How many family photos do you have showing your loved ones making that hand sign?

  5. There have been atleast three DHS HOAX school Shooting in Two Days Dr K.
    Reading PA using a Hollywood SET MAN & Actor’s Son
    Randy Severino SON 22-23 of Temple, PA
    connected to Disney, Warner Bros, Marvel Film and Civil Air Patrol completely busted Hoax proven Hollywood connected!
    Randy Severino (father) of Hollywood 46
    Zionist changes agents- mossad Karen Severino alia Perez and Ana Severino related in PHILLY AREA. See your last thread.
    I forget now where the 3rd Hoax School shooting one was.

  6. Burning alive of Jordanian pilot looks like a Tarrantino movie, too many video game effects, too many zoom ins and outs, too much acting. The scene starts at 16:45.

    Jordanian Pilot Kaseasbeh Burned Alive by Islamic State; Jordan Executes IS Requested Prisoner Rishawi in Response | LeakSource


    Is it normal to bleed heavily from your mouth while burning to death? What is seen at 22:00? Movie credits?

    • Randy Severino Hollywood set man & actor daddy of Hoax dead Victim of Reading, PA Jan 3rd 2015 Hoax School Shooting Actor & Crisis ACTOR Randy Severino! https://www.linkedin.com/pub/randy-severino/35/8a2/6869

    • ZioHollywood Jewish Actors love their credits like Dustin Hoffman director character in Wag the Dog! “I want my credit!!! So De Nero had to wack his dumb greedy, evil punk @$$!

    • Museum of fake expressions. I see no trace of fuckin agony, do u?

      Agony of parents whose son was burned alive: Murdered pilot’s mother collapses and father demands ‘annihilation of ISIS’ – as Jordan hangs two jihadists in revenge for horror execution video


    • I am going by memory here but I recall 5 different camera angles with none of the shots showing another photographer. A very quick shot from direct front, shot from direct rear, shots from left front ( “victims” right), shot from direct left (victims right), elevated shot (monkey cam??) direct left. Very edited video with slowed effects. When fire reaches cage it forms a line inside the front of the cage and stops. Then video switches to rear view. They stopped fire so cameraman could stop filming and run around to the back? LOL Why dump whatever it was on the “corpse” and not zoom in to show it close and personal? A joke with videographers arrogance getting the best of him. That, or ISIS will get Oscar for best special effets.

    • “Burning alive of Jordanian pilot looks like a Tarrantino movie, too many video game effects, too many zoom ins and outs, too much acting. The scene starts at 16:45”

      Agreed. Why do all the professional edits/cuts? If you’re a barbaric ISIS executioner, then there is no reason to make the video as polished as possible. In fact, the exact opposite is true. You want the viewer to see the prisoner fighting for his life without any background music or effects, in order to get the optimum shock value. Instead, what is shown in the video is nothing more than a Hollywood production.

      Here’s Jeff C’s take on the video…


  7. TransAsia Plane Crashes Into River in Taiwan – WSJ


  8. WOW! World’s Worst Crisis Actors At The Reading Pennsylvania Hoax PsyOp
    School Shooting & Hoax MURDER
    These Happy Laughing, Smiling Giggling idiots false witness are amazing! They must have been really happy with their DHS $heckel$ for Treason Pay!
    The Zionist Enemy of America is cranking up the Hoax Psychological Terror To Get American’s disarmed and really for slaughter!

    • Someone is pulling the stories on this hoax already! Post it Dr K! The zionist jerks really screwed this one up good! We can wake a lot of people up with this one! I can’t wait to see how insane the Hoax Shooting press conference will be!
      It is no longer showing up on the search I used earlier! They know they screwed up bad on the Hoax dead victim actor they picked! Lol!

      • Cowboy, you’re right! “Page not found”. Hopefully someone at YT has it. If I find it I’ll post.

        • This is the older degenerate zionist
          Robert Decarr alias Robert Van Decar,etc
          change agent acount (with him and his son’s pics & his pics mixed together) who does live in Reading and in Upstate NY trying to make it apear his son lives in Reading PA. But identity searches show the son does not live in Reading. Lives in NY Upstate and is not 19 but atleast 25 as the son’s real FB REVEALS. Post pictures of that fact before FB pulls the younger Robert Decarr’s real FB account.
          The 40 year old Robett Decarr’s account.
          This clown under his aliases has police, Hospital-EMS postions and at a Newpaper In Upstate NY!
          The other hoax dead robber has names as William Adina and William Medina as I remember..See the stories. They are actually reporting him under both aliases accidently! Duh! I have not even researched him yet, that was just a ziomedia screwup truthtelling accident!

    • Did Bradley Cooper realize that Seth Rogen would have been the right choice?

    • Most “hostages” were Jews anyway

  9. Taya’s eyes are a bug giveaway….

    • sorry, I meant big

  10. She is pretty hot though. ..

    • Pretty hot? In what universe?

  11. off topic
    This train crash is worth a look because it appears to be legitimate. Might be worth a look as a contrast to all the fakes. No water bottles, no smiles,. To me this looks real. What do the experts here think?


    • I saw that and IMO its real

      • Car is trapped under front of the train.

    • Seven are dead, one in the car.

    • Yes, this was a horrible tragedy, like so many potentially avoidable:

      The deadly chain of events began as the crossing-barricade arm came down on the back of the Cherokee on Commerce Street, a witness said.
      Instead of backing up, the driver — who was stopped in traffic caused by an earlier car accident — continued to cross the tracks, after first getting out to check the damage to her SUV.
      “I’m signaling and yelling for her to back up and reverse, and I’m thinking the clock is ticking here,” said Richard Hope, who was driving behind her. “But she gets back in her car and starts driving forward over the tracks.”

  12. Here is another event that seems real in spite of the paper its published in. I have educated myself and others by comparing legitimate events with fakes. Perhaps an article with side by side similar real/fake events displayed might serve to wake some people up.


    • Yet another catastrophe, yes, the contrast is significant. Notice the stabilization of victims, including the use of neck braces. It appears that some of the people have drowned, suffering a horrific death.

      • U could be rite, but just I told to Stephan some ppl’s expressions there just didnt match the situation, u know what I mean…..

        • The more I look at this plane crash the more I begin to doubt it. Are the hoax’s getting better?

  13. Another weird video, see the part in the middle:

    ▶ Taiwan TransAsia plane crash-lands in Taipei river – RAW VIDEO – YouTube


    Where is the rest of the plane?

  14. Is this the same scene? I say no.

    ▶ Taiwan TransAsia plane crash-lands in Taipei river – YouTube


  15. Have a very close look at the Transasia plane’s fuselage and the horizontal stabilizer at 0:06, repeated at 0:12, and 0:18. The fuselage is in front of the streetlight, and the horizontal stabilizer is behind the streetlight. This should be impossible.

    ▶ TransAsia GE235: BEST Raw Footage of Crash In Taiwan – YouTube


  16. Why would this be a hoax or anything other than what we are seeing Stephan? You are aware that planes do legitimately crash now and again. You are looking at an extremely poor quality video, they do occasionally throw up anomalies. Go and watch a magician, they can make you see this sort of effect with your own eyes (and without the need to use CGI or whatever) Its more than likely a simple optical illusion. The eyes are not fool-proof (in fact they are easily fooled).

  17. I would assume the “WeatherbyInc” on the dead antelope photo is well known rifle manufacturer Weatherby.
    Who is the “Chernitra R. Lewis” with DOB 1974 in TX that is listed on some sites as married to a “Christopher S.Kyle” of TX?
    Do any photos exist of Chris and Taya with the two children? What are the names of the children?
    Would the US armed forces allow their members, in their spare time, to go and shoot people in New Orleans?
    Who was behind, financially and otherwise, the big shindig service in Cowboy stadium?
    Did Taya ever shed a tear? She did however appear to have an allergy.
    Did Taya ever live on a military base?
    Would Taya, with her background, have been happy to an enlisted man (I don’t know his pay grade at the time of the alleged marriage, E-5 maybe?)?

    • Tell me more BigTim!

  18. Ive lived to see this…..

    Jordan king cites Clint Eastwood film as model for Islamic State fight


    • Zionists galore, Jordan’s feature movie for follow thorough of Eastwood Islampophobia: fake to the moon. Working on it.

  19. Is the guy at 0:44 simulating CPR?

    ▶ Dozens feared dead as TransAsia plane crashes in Taiwan – YouTube


  20. I see empty stretchers and Ukraine style debris:

    ▶ Taiwan: Rescue workers fight to save survivors trapped in submerged TransAsia plane – YouTube


  21. Retired or rather retarded?


    • Karamo Brown (guy on lower right) is the only one with the credible statements, the other two guests are pure war mongers and propagandists:

      Around 1:44 minutes into the video:

      “We went into IRAQ under FALSE PRETENSES, and that is why these people died.”

      “Also, 100,000 Iraqis died…”

      “I’m not going to sit here and watch a movie that glorifies all these people dying by this man’s hand and say this is an amazing thing.”

      As I posted earlier, the movie “American Sniper” is HOLLYWOOD ENTERTAINMENT, and that’s it.

      • Chris Kyle without Honor says Ventura who won his jury lawsuit proving Chris Kyle was a Liar, without honor.


        • Cowboy, video about Kyle/Ventura is actually about folding military cammo pants. 🙂

  22. PICTURED: Man who killed Chris Kyle also ‘almost beat comrade to death’. Exclusive photos emerge of suspect weilding AK47as American Sniper murder trial starts


  23. ‘American Sniper’ ending was CUT after Chris Kyle’s widow begged executives to leave out scene showing sniper husband’s death for the sake of their young children


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