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The Fake Wounded of the Orlando Homosexual Bar Shooting Hoax

Regarding the Orlando, Florida, so-called gay bar shooting hoax it is easy to realize the degree of the fabrication. This is through carefully reviewing the images of the supposedly wounded individuals, some 53, as the claim goes, in all.

That’s an awful lot of wounded people to be shot up by a single ‘gunman.’ So, let us look at these images to see if there is any substance to these arch-suspect claims. First and foremost, there are plenty of EMTs and Fire agents on the scene. Why wouldn’t they be called upon to transport the wounded and to care for them, to triage them, rather than leaving this act for the mere Good Samaritans?


Who finds it plausible that they would be standing about doing nothing, while these others, these mere common people, along with a few security guards and/or cops, would be doing all the emergency reactions?

This wound is clearly fake. Why isn’t he pale? Why does he not appear to be in any pain?

The fact is there is nothing to see, here; it’s merely paint. The same is true of the following image. Where are the wounds in this case?

There is, no doubt, no bright red arterial blood to be seen anywhere. How can he be bleeding in that area without an entrance wound?

The staging is nowhere more evident than in the RT wounded (fake) victim video:

It’s all a stage, and they are all merely actors, paid by the vulnerable, gullible goyyum’s well-compromised tax dollars:


Sure, it is, right: sure. He is going to take the time to do a gig before the cameras with such commentary, right, just as he is transporting a life-or-death gunshot victim case. Yet, even on the Internet some 70% of all people believe this to be true. Do they not read their own scriptures to confirm the real enemy of the truth, which is the Synagogue of Satan?

In fact, it would seem, none of them can resist looking into the camera, as seen in the following image:


Regardless, does the man being transported appear to be in pain in the least, in the least bit of distress? In a zoom-in it becomes categorically clear what is the real nature of it all, that this, in fact, is mere paint applied, though sloppily, by an arch-moulage mole.


There can be no doubt about the fact that this is mere paint and is not by any means representative of real blood or an actual wound. Moreover, consider it; of what use is that absolutely insignificant ‘tourniquet?’ It has no tension to it; what an arch-fake it is.

The man with the red shoes demonstrates all with his well-soaked fake wound, fully saturated with mere water-soluble red paint:


Moreover, what of this image? Where are the ambulances? Incredibly, a person has been loaded into this truck like a sack of potatoes. Can anyone imagine the risks, here: of exaggeration of the wounds, increased bleed-out, and potential contamination? Can anyone fathom the risks, legally? In fact, in the real world no one wound do so, certainly, at least, not in the well-structured Western world.


Can anyone fathom it, the nature of the well-compromised, absolutely bamboozled, fully vulnerable Sheeple, that they, once again, have been categorically fooled? Oh, right, of course, it has to be; it was another lone wolf, radicalized Islamist: all right out of the Mossad playbook.

So, Jewry has achieved, to the average goy the real enemy is Islam; forget the Bible. Who reads it in earnest. Who brags about killing Christ, while who feels pain in their hearts over his maltreatment? It is the people of Islam who are the defenders of the message and nature of Christ Jesus, as well as the Virgin Mary, while it is the Zionists, the agents of the arch-Jewish cabal, who belittle them, condemn them, and scandalize their very names.

The goy: they are the ideal element. They fall directly in the trap, and how rarely is it that they realize the real nature of what surrounds them: that terminally corrupt, hedonistic, arch-criminal Zionist cabal, which plays the Christian masses like a fiddle.

NOTE: This post will be updated with additional images of fake wounded as soon as possible.



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  1. ANOTHER Orlando Crisis Actor Busted!

    Jeanette McCoy
    Watch this clown! She’s an actress female body Builder, Former Lingerie Football player of Orlando…A.d a horrible Actress!! A really horrible crisis actor! She uses foot analogy-terminology like a running back turning and Ducking, turning & duckin, people diving, people blown away, bullets kept coming & coming! One shucking & jiving horrible DHS CRISIS Actor!

    She can tell more lies & more ridiculously than a crack addict whore in West Baltimore! If only she was a tranny ziofreak Gabriel would be ready to hired “her”.

    Special note: I was hoping after all his time off Dr K would be ready to clip Gabriel’s wings & his disinfo fraud gibberish posts. But he just acts like Gabriel owns the site & like a giant pink queer pedo elephant he can take dumps all day long in the middle of the room & all over the site while he pretends not to see or smell the ziotrash $h#t that is Gabriel the zio ***! LMAO!

  2. Evil Crypto Zionist Jew Psychopath Hillary plans on exterminating the ancient & great nation & culture of Syria to create the Babylonian Talmud Satanic Greater Israel for her evil tribe & fellow psychopaths! The lying eitch claims she never knew she was a Jew until ran Illegally for US Senate in.NY State–a state where she never even lived to be eligible to run for the office! And zioPuppet Bozo Trump is fake running to make her conputer vote fraud election credit when the media takes him down in a preplanned staged scandal! He badmouth Pat Buchanan a real populist we he ran for President with zioScripted attacks…Now 20 years later trump runs as a fake Kosher approved, zio twisted version of Pat Buchanan! Trump is not running for President.The ZioJews own his fake phoney @$$ lock, stock & bent over a barrel! Fake Hair piece & all!
    ——- Ok now below is another good Stephen Lendman article about this beastly bull **** witch! Who has as her Lesbo Lover Crypto jew mossad agent Huma Abedin fake Arab shim sham, flim flam fake married to a sex predator deviant Zionist Jew named Weiner, some say 2 inch Weiner.. lol
    Clinton’s National Security
    Strategy – Endless Wars of Aggression

    By Stephen Lendman
    Her deplorable record speaks for itself, publicly supporting all US wars of choice, naked aggression against nonbelligerent states, raping them, responsible for mass slaughter, destruction and appalling human misery.

    Don’t let her deceptive rhetoric fool you. Urging escalated war on ISIS ignores its US creation along with likeminded terrorist groups – used as imperial foot soldiers.

    America’s phony war on terror is a pretext for state terror, targeting sovereign independent nations worldwide, justifying homeland repression, turning planet earth into a battleground, risking its destruction.

    The possibility of a Clinton presidency should terrify everyone. She deplores peace and stability, wants America leading aggressively in waging global wars – not to “defeat ISIS” or “disrupt and dismantle the growing terrorist infrastructure…around the world.”

    To foster and facilitate it, help it spread, support it with US weapons, air power and ground forces, maintain a permanent state of war.

    Russia and China are her prime targets of choice, wanting regime change by whatever methods it takes, her recklessness risking nuclear war. Her madness threatens humanity.

    She urges stepped US military action against Syria, unilaterally imposed no-fly zones over parts of the country on the phony pretext of creating safe areas, US-controlled puppet rule replacing Assad.
    She’s militantly pro-Israel/anti-Iranian, irresponsibly accusing its government of supporting terrorism, wanting its regional influence “counter(ed),” earlier saying “(w)e cannot view Iran and ISIS as separate challenges.”

    She urges Congress “swiftly pass an updated authorization to use military force…The time for delay is over.”

    She wants the nonexistent threat of homegrown terrorism addressed more aggressively, targeting “radical jihadism” and anyone opposing US imperial aims.
    She supports full-blown tyranny replacing what remains of constitutional protections on the phony pretext of protecting national security at a time America’s only enemies are ones it invents.
    Her disturbing response to Orlando shootings, saying “weapons of war have no place on our streets,” ignores her advocacy for using them aggressively against one sovereign state after another.

    A Clinton presidency assures the horror of four more years of war, waged on humanity at home and abroad – risking a third global conflict with super-weapons able to end life on earth.

    Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at [email protected].

  3. Donald Trump pushing the zio homo & Transgender Agenda with Tranny Crypto Jew zionist, closet homosexual Rudolf Guiliani! Wealthy Guiliani admitted shared an Apartment for years with an admitted homo with only one bed! Claiming he slept on the couch! This deviant ziopuppet Guiliani was & is a crossdressing, repulsive tranny homo!
    A Trump is & always has been willing servant of the Zionist & Talmudic jews & Israel & their evil agendas! How else do you think Trump has repeatedly had massive bankrupt scams & failures & them the zios almost immediately loan him $100’s of millions for new business deals??? Because he is a sellout owned by them!

  4. In the video where the civilians were carrying the supposed “wounded”, I would like someone to explain to me why they were carrying them TOWARDS the Pulse and not away from it?
    I would also like to know why the lousy actor that was whining and crying to the media had GREEN SCREEN LIGHTS reflecting in her glasses?
    I would also like to know why all but one Hospital in Orlando is referring ALL CALLS to the Orlando Police Department when trying to find out how many injured, wounded and killed were processed through their Hospitals?
    This false flag was as obvious as it gets and the cover ups continue to this day and this is going to continue until they get your guns.

    • If the psychos on this website own guns, I’d be very worried. Cowboy with a gun? Hell no!!

      Why were wounded carried toward the Pulse? Use your brain. That’s where the ambulances were. But the wounded ran as far away from the club as they could in every direction. You think they’d hang out by the door with an active shooter inside.

      **** idiots here!

    • Falcon,

      Good questions, and those which will never get answered by mainstream media journalists, who are told to obey the official narrative.

      The camera crew was stationed behind the iron fence adjacent to the Radio Shack, so they filmed the crisis actors going TOWARD the Pulse nightclub, which of course makes no sense IF it was a real event. It DOES make sense if it’s a staged event, whereby the crisis actors were waiting for their turns at the triage area, down the street away from the Pulse. One “witness” called it the “Safety Zone” when interviewed by the media.

      Check out the videos from “How I See The World” on YouTube. He calls BOTH the Orlando Police Dept and the FBI. BOTH refer him to the media! But wait a minute! It’s the MEDIA that ran the scam, along with help from DHS.

      So it’s an endless loop. The hospital refers calls to the police, and the police refers call to the media. But the media will only acknowledge the OFFICIAL story.

      Here is the phone call to the FBI, who refers him back to the media…

  5. The doctors involved were fakes. None of them have any reviews and there are only photos taken together around the time of the event. Really fake sounding names, too.

    • It’s all very suspicious. More investigation needs to be done regarding the so called doctors. They all have public records such as their DEA #’s and license history.

      Orlando also recently CHANGED the chief medical examiner shortly after the hoax took place. I’m not sure if the prior examiner resigned or was simply changed to allow for the new (corrupt) medical examiner to play the role and accept the official story.

      • I’m NOT SURE about the medical examiner’s details but I’ll just INFER without EVIDENCE anyway.

        • Well then why don’t you confirm it, TROLL?

          Or do you just blindly infer what CNN tells you as “evidence?”

  6. Side Thorn is offering a $100,000 reward. How about it, Gabrielle? Think you can do it? It is from April, but it hasn’t been removed yet, so maybe the offer still stands. From his/her Facebook page:

    $100,000 REWARD to anyone who can prove that any of the following events happened the way the U.S. Government and the mainstream media has presented to the American people . Prove one person died at any of the following events and were not moulaged role players (crisis actors) and get $$ PAID $$ !!

    There is still this offer, too. Geez, instead of trolling from your mom’s basement, you could grab $125,000 and get a place of your own. (And don’t feed me that crock that it has already been paid out. These guys would remove the posts if it had and any of the people who spend time pooh-poohing the “truthers” would be crowing about it.)

    • If Wolfgang Halbig renegging on his offer is anything to go by, then these rewards are just pie in the sky.

  7. Oops, I accidentally cut off the end of Side Thorn’s offer:


    • Thanks for the link to the Sandy Hook $25,000 offer, good stuff, and worthy of distribution to any sheep who still believes the event was real.

      The general public is waking up with each new hoax that CRISIS ACTORS are being used in these mass casualty exercise drills.

      Regarding Orlando, this is one of the more glaring examples of CRISIS ACTING…

  8. Watch CLOSELY beginning at 12:20 minutes…

    This crisis actor is IN FRONT OF A GREEN SCREEN in a STUDIO.

  9. In the above video, WATCH also closely around the 4:36 mark. You will see a MK Ultra Monarch Butterfly flying by her. This is how they reveal their scams to the fellow Free Masons.

    Also, at 4:00 in the video, you will notice NO SHADOW of the police officer walking across the street, in broad daylight with the sun shining?

    Christine Leinonen is a PHONY and a FRAUD.

  10. Dumb ****- it’s a network field remote with a network anchor for a live network program!!! they bring lighting to these remotes! God!!! I hate assholes!

  11. So Fake!!! The Crisis Actors need to spend some more time at the Gene Rosen School of Acting. Lets point out some of the bullshit. First, if your shot with a AR at that close of range (50+ ft in the club) your quad muscle is shredded and your femur shattered. The pain would be unbearable and you would not be able to run out of the club down the street like some retards are saying. (that’s why their walking back TOWARD the club) especially the way they are carrying the actor. Homo’s as someone mentioned are the most obnoxious, theatrical people. Where are the gay screams and hysterics that they do at the anti-trump rallies. Third…. where did the shooter park and walk with his 50 clips of ammo and his AR. no one stopped him at the door, they had security that was armed. AND the most important that should be mentioned everywhere. ALL of the emergency scanners(police, fire Medics etc are recorded by a private company called Broadcastify but quess what, truth seekers and some of the press asked for those recordings and were told that the system was down between 12pm and 3am that night. NO POLICE DASH CAMS either. ALL surrounding counties are missing as well. That is just the tip of the iceberg for this HOAX.

    • The gun he used wasn’t an AR, you pathetically stupid jack hole.

      Thanks for playing though.

      • .Hey Prent….All right it was in the .223 family, still a powerful round that close you cocksucker.

  12. There you go again. On about blow jobs. And you pretend that you don’t like queers…

  13. Orlando Pulse Shooting Happy Cop Learns his Lesson

  14. Hey ! I loved the insight . Does anyone know where my business could find a template Moneygram Money Order Claim Card document to fill in ?

  15. If this is a hoax how do you explain people I know grieving over dead friends? This actually happened, to real people. If this was some kind of conspiracy to take your fucking guns it would have been done by now… **** every single one of you

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