Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 17 January 2017
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The Fake Wounded and Phony Gunman of the Ft. Lauderdale Shooting Hoax

Make no mistake the Ft. Lauderdale shooting was a non-event. There was no shooting of any kind, categorically proven, here. It can’t be real. It was all a stage. The wounded are surely fake, surrounding by what is obviously fake blood.

The arch-Zionist criminally minded DHS was behind this on behalf of its masters, perpetrating, once again, a gun control hoax. See this mercenary mole act out his role, as soon as the camera pans to him:

He goes through all the motions to satisfy his masters, proving there were no real armed, hostile men anywhere about.

The only danger was the possibility of dehydration from all that running about. Yet, the fully bamboozled, absolutely oppressed American taxpayer took care of that, with plenty of bottle water about.

How could the supposed victims get actually shot? The (fake) shooter did not bear any real lethal weapon. Rather, he merely held in his hand a hand-gun packed not with real bullets but instead only blanks, the fake shots he fired seen, here:

He’s just firing blanks, although placing him in this role created a sense of realism. Even so, it actually is not very real appearing. Hollywood does a better job. TMZ is merely a Zionist scamming entity. Regardless, he just holds out the gun, fires, and there is virtually no kick. He doesn’t even brace himself to take aim. Any gun enthusiast knows this is nonsensical. Notice the lack of reaction of the man on the far left. Also, notice that before him there was an individual, top of the head seen, who did not react to any real gunfire:

See this arch-hoaxer. What about this looks like a real injury? He was shot, right? Then, where are the entrance and/or exit wounds that would account for this degree of blood showing?

Where is the arterial spray? Why doesn’t the blood pattern change despite many minutes of this actor holding up his arm? How many takes did it require to get this scene? He reportedly walked there in order to hide. Why is there no arterial spray pattern as a result of the injury? It is one of the most fake of all scenes ever to be found in all the various hoaxes. It makes no sense the way he was dealt with, just left there for minutes with no one caring anything about him.

Yet, the overhead view shows a dripping pattern. Did he run out of blood for those few yards? The image shows that the fake blood pattern curls back. It does not proceed to his whereabouts:

Image result for Ft. lauderdale; airport; shooting; injured; wounded; bleeding; photos;

This is obviously a secure zone where no one could see what was going on, except, of course, embedded photographers.

Then, what about inside the airport. Are the images of blood there fake, too? Of course, they are fake. Regardless, where are the bullet holes or blast wounds that would account for this degree of bleeding? What are these two people doing with the man kneeling on the ground? Why is there no arterial spray on his shirt? Why is the blood almost exclusively on the carpet? In the man with the light-color3ed shirt there should have been at least a bit of spray?

The two (fake) good Samaritans are very interested in the camera-person in this made for Social Media arch-hoax. Why are they taking the time to look over to the camera-person?

What’s going on with this man? Why doesn’t he seem to care about what is going on?

What is that woman doing on the ground in the center? It makes no sense that she would be groveling about on the carpet.

A slightly more clear view of the fake blood scene can be viewed, here. What is the woman hiding behind her back? Is it a bottle of fake blood?

The man is holding something with his left had. He still has a bit of grip strength. There are no obvious blast wounds to his head which would account for what is seen. It’s fake blood poured on his face and on the carpet. There can be no other conclusion.





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  1. This was real, my father in law was the old fella pushing a young lady onto the ground in the TMZ video, he was in white sneakers and was in the airforce. Dennis knows a thing or two about gunfire and sadly saw people clearly dead.
    I was a believer in many of the hoaxes and still am but having a relative so close to a shooting and a direct report back rather than video I can tell people this was REAL. Perhaps a false flag yes but people died

    • This was certainly real. I was there when it happened. All that ensued, all the confusion. All the things not mentioned in the news. I was there and I can attest to the atrocities of that very painful day.

      • Sure it was. So, just what can you attest to, since you were there?

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