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Fake Wounds and Fraud in the Portland Commuter Train Stabbing Hoax

For whatever reason the entire world has been captivated by a fraud and a scam, which is the fake white supremacist-based stabbing of purported heroic good Samaritans. Incredibly, based on a lie some $210,000 dollars has been purged from the public largess.

Who is this Carlos Espinoza who posted this? Surely, he knows this is a treacherous lie. Thus, he is defrauding the people, like all the others involved. People should take action and warn others, posting on the site that this is a total scam and that, thus, no one should donate, in fact, that those who’ve already donated should request refunds.

The individual in question, Micah (David-Cole) Fletcher, is a hoaxer at-large, who has no hesitation to participate in a fraud on a grand scale.

Elie Hoover, left, and Micah David-Cole Fletcher.

Here he is with amateur actress/photographer and cohort Elie Hoover. Are they wickens? They surely don’t believe in justice an decency and responsibility to do the right thing.

Now, this individual was supposed to have suffered an extreme degree of trauma. Such a young person, only 21, having a blade jammed into his neck, slicing tissue, slicing through skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, and more: not a pretty scene:

It says what it says, which is that the knife “sliced into Fletcher’s neck…” and that there was great force in the stabbing, sufficient to shatter bone. From the imagery available that is patently impossible. Yet, what was the source? Was it the police, fire, or EMTs: or doctors at-large? Not at all, it was merely the “local news.”

From the following autopsy photo this is what a slice wound into flesh looks like:

Image result for knife wound; neck; cut; images;

Where is the slice in the Fletcher photo? In fact, there isn’t one. No wonder he looks towards the camera with a furtive glance.

This is a staged photo. Notice how his gown was taken off. Notice the lack of any actual cut wound. The flesh is not penetrated to any degree. Any medical expert can realize this; anyone can do so. There is no laceration. It’s an amateurish special effects hack job. The drainage tube is also a fake. Regardless, what happened to the wound of sufficient force that it caused bone fragments to be impregnated into the throat, requiring a special surgery to remove them?

How diabolical, it really is moulage painted on to mimic a healing laceration and/or a laceration treated with ‘stitches.’ The moulage was dotted on by special effects mole to mimic an actual one, 100% fake.

As well, the tube itself is fraudulent. In the Boston smoke bombing hoax such fake tubes were used, some filled with phony blood, others as non-invasive nasogastric tubes which ended right at the nose. Regardless, it doesn’t seem to enter anywhere. Too, why is it considerable distance from the ‘laceration?’

Even minor cut wounds from a knife, as this one from an altercation, are obviously such: actual cut wounds that penetrate and which are associated with the expected: irritation, redness, induration (swelling), and, of course, cutting.

Image result for knife wound; neck; cut; images;

Here is a healing neck gash in a police officer. Without penetration, there cannot be an actual knife wound. This means that the entire claim of a stabbing and/or slashing of heroic good Samaritans on that commuter train is a terminally corrupt lie.

knife injury 6

Suddenly, though, and miraculously that slashed neck with crushed bones: suddenly, it is all healed. Moreover, he didn’t even need sutures or metal clips.

No wonder he’s smirking. Apparently, he believes, he will garner all the money for his act and has good reason to believe so:

Donate – GoFundMe

Micah Fletcher. The beneficiary will receive the donation directly. Donation is protected by GoFundMeGuarantee. 

No wonder she’s smiling:
The point is these images were posted on the gomefund page in order to solicit funds, in fact, to increase the donations to the most extreme degree possible. A mere special effects image of a fake laceration, then, leads to the purging of the public mind? How much more terminally wretched than this could it be?
This does not include the other hundreds of thousands collected by so-called Muslim groups. Do not Islamic people know that they are never to participate in a lie or a scam, regardless of the presumed political benefits?

Image result for Namkai-Meche; images; victim

Stabbings on the Portland Max train are routinely faked, as in this example:


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  1. Ex6) Portland Pied Piper Train Hoax Crisis ActWhore ZioJew Micah Fletcher aka Aaron Meche Leading the PsyOp & Goyim Over A Cliff!

    A RaceWar Religion War between white Christians & Arab & other Muslims where the Zionist Jew Supremists Win! & All others (goyim) Lose!

  2. Holy Moly Dr K I just reckonized 2 more Crisis ActWhores from your Pictures up top!!! Elie Hoover is alias Cara Meche if I remember correctly! All these zionist jews are related or connected in this hoax!

    • Ex7) Portland Train Stabbing Hoax Hero Marcus Knipe Is Another Treasonous DHS Army Emeded Crisis Actwhore & Crypto Jew Zionist & 007 Wanna’Be!

      Yes this ZioPuppet Clown really does have 007 After his name on Facebook! & The fake Parents of fake VicSim Micah Fletcher (aka Aaron Fletcher look) like they could be Knipe’s parents! Especially the fake father retarded-esque Mike Fletcher! & The woman “Margie Fletcher” looks way too old to be the mother of Micah’s younger brother especially she must be atleast 65 years old or maybe she was a Crack Whore before she became a Crisis Actwhore!

  3. Also you can fake those wounds with special glues & makeup! The glue shrinks the skin where you place it & makes apparent indentions /Cuts& holes & then you put moulage & powers,etc to make it look like a real massive cut, laceration or whatever even the stalles can be applied without really being in the skin, just in the fake skin & scar area that looks like real tissue!

  4. Ex8) Portland Train Stabbing Faker “Micah Fletcher” ‘s Friend Elie Hoover is His real life sister Cara Meche as Aaron Meche! Busted ZioJew Mossadomites!

    This is his real sister Cara Meche’s character Elie (A Lie) Hoover:

    This is her as Cara Meche! Same chubby jewess sayanim! Only without Lady Gaga Fake Chinese eyes/Charlie Chan eyes make!

    I knew this was his real sister Cara Meche as soon as I saw her on your NoDisInfo post DrK!

  5. Ex4) Portland White Supremist Train Stabber” Jeremy Christian” Crisis Actwhore Is a ADL Jew Supremist Aaron Merrit TrannyFag Rights Activist of Washington State!

    I linked him to other Meche & Best & Meyer familes in this hoax in multiple ways & I discovered him thru stabbing VicSim fake hero Aaron Meche/ Micah Fletcher. His nose is broken and crooked the same direction in both characters & is probably photoshopped in some pictures & it looks like he may have had a slight nose job around 2016 but not to really straighten it but just take out a bump…

    As TrannyFag Rights Activist Aaron Merritt:

    As fake White Supremist Jeremy Christian:

    Facebook of Zionist Jewish Supremist TrannyFag Crisis Aaron Merritt. (He apparently acts & voice acts on the side.)

    The ZioTrash Love their Tranny Fag Agenda & Babylonian Talmud Tranny Fag fake goat head god Baphomet so they use they tranny fag connected ActWhores & scripts whenever they can!

  6. EX9) Portland Hoax Zionist ADL Puppet Jew Mayor Wheeler calls On FED’s to Stop Local Rightwight (PsyOp) “Free Speech Rallies”!

    The evil ziotrash enemy is playing all sides in these ongoing series of PsyOps!

    You know any anti-Sharia law protests is phoney ADL/DHS PsyOp garbage! Wanna’ protest for free speech for real?? Then protest zionist & Talmudic Lubuvitcher Noahide laws actually passed by Congress! Protest the zionist (Anti) Patriot act against freedom & the Bill of Rights! Protest Zionist jews owning the entire Hollywood movie making mafia! Protest the entire news & entertainment media in USA being owned by Anti American Warmongering racist supremist zionist jews! Protest against zionist jews’ Hate laws aka thought crime laws! Protest little girls being forced to have perverted old men & boys & trannyfags & Crossdressers entering their restroom, school showers & changing rooms by zionist run groups! Sharia?? Sharia?? You dumb zio Media Brainwashed fools! Dumb goyim being readied for slaughter & destruction by psychopath bloodthirsty zionist jews!

    Also is this Jewish Mayor Wheeler ziotrash Buffoon related to Sandy Hook Crook Crisis Actewhore Liar Fraudster Buffoon David Wheeler??

  7. Christian is simply mentally ill, like our own cowboy here.
    Don’t make this into a bigger story than it is.

    • He’s twisting it completely, not making it into a bigger deal…. first of all the dead man’s name was not Aaron Meche at all. His name was to Talesein Meche and he had just graduated from Reed College in Portland. And I don’t know what all those stupid words he’s using are supposed to mean but none of those three were any kind of Zionists/jews….. or whatever the rest of the crap he was calling them – HE DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ANY OF THEM. So he needs to get the name right in the first place before he goes spewing a bunch of BS he knows nothing about. In fact, I will be surprised if this post is allowed on this page at all, smh….

    • Sorry meant to add that you are right, the stabber is obviously mentally unstable: He also spent 8 years in prison as well as various run ins w/the law. We don’t treat mentally ill people here so we have more and more of them every day- is America great yet….hmmm…. personally, I’m waiting for people to grow up and be adults, don’t know about you, but from what (little) you said, you seem to be one of those adults.

  8. Dr K please report on the hoax of Greg Allmans death.

  9. I belive Cowboy. Why is the media alowed to pump out fake news it should be illegal to make false stories. I’m tired of this shit. Thank you nodisinfo for enformed programming.

  10. If this was all, just a hoax, then why was the mother of the victim having a funeral and morning the loss of her son yesterday (June 8th 2017)?

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