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Fake YouTube Headquarters Shooter Nasim Sabz is a Zionist Agent and Mossad Operative

UPDATE, April 4, 9:00 CST, Title Change (error on title from content)

Like the arch-antagonistic so-called students of the fake Parkland, Florida, shooting the phony YouTube shooter, Nasim Sabz, is a Zionist agent. It’s all a terminally corrupt fabrication. The shooter is a hoaxer. Moreover, all the witnesses of the purported YouTube shooting are fake. There was no shooting of any kind at the YouTube headquarters. This was staged, though in the most sophomoric, inane way conceivable.

The eyewitnesses doubled as good Samaritans, dodging bullets, ferrying wounded, applying bandages, stuffing wounds with dressings, and applying pressure. Yet, there are no images to substantiate this. Nor are there any significant, revealing, supportive video. It’s the YouTube headquarters, after all. If the claims are true, someone surely would have shot some confirmatory film.

No one can believe that the accused woman did anything, let alone shoot up the facility, while killing two workers. Anyone witnessing otherwise was merely doing their assigned job as crisis actors working on behalf of both YouTube and the so-called federal agencies.

For her it is all a gimmick to gain attention and notoriety. So, it is no surprise that she played this role on behalf of her masters.

In this video she can be seen doing a gig before the Zionist flag. She is a Jew posing on the Mossad plot to destroy guns rights.

The Persian-origin Zionist is a rabid pro-Israeli extremist who gladly is facilitating the plot to undermine the peoples’ native rights. Where is she, now? Was she shipped over to the Zionist entity? Or, is she in hiding, here, in the United States?

No one other than a terminally extremist Zionist agent would jump up-and-down in a dance-like gig before the Israeli flag.  As well, it is unknown the amount she was paid to perform this role. However, it was surely considerable.

The so-called relatives don’t make it any more believable. Nor does the smirking lady seen just as the video rolls give it any degree of credibility:

This is what the Zionists do. They did it in Parkland and also in the Pulse Nightclub hoax. Moreover, they did it in San Bernardino. They have done this repeatedly in France and to a lesser degree in Britain. By their hand hoaxes were committed in Scotland and Tasmania that led to draconian gun control.

There are those who claim she is a transvestite. She is surely a fake woman of some type, in other words, a male with altered features and possibly fake hair. With the costuming seen, as well as the categorical lack of womanly features, this is surely plausible:

Image result for nasim; aghdam; image

Image result for nasim; aghdam; image

In fact, the individual is muscled like a man and bears no resemblance to a properly formed woman. Not also the brow, the cheek bones, and, the obvious nature of the shoulders and biceps.

Image result for nasim; aghdam; image

This individual appears to be a male, not a female. Regardless, none of the imagery represents a real, murderous shooting. There are no videos that substantiate the claims as made by law enforcement. No one is in shock. There is no adrenalin flowing. All people are calm and casual.

This is an arch-fake. It is nothing other than yet another foul, hideous arch-Zionist plot. Let anyone prove otherwise.



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  1. Ex3b) The Rockford Fake Massacre Party Bus was likely set up like this inside. With luxury leather seats around the walls longways, and the middle area open & a bar in the front. And the driver area opening into this large back area, with possible a curtain or according divider to open & close between the front & back areas.

  2. Ex01) Jewish Crown Hgts NYC Police Shooting of Bipolar Handicap man Is Zionist RaceWar.. PsyOp!
    A Zionist RaceWar Divide&Conquer the Goyim PsyOp!

  3. Ex02) NYC Police Fake Killed Man Scaring with his car air conditioner part before COPS gave him a fake firing squad execution!

  4. Crown Heights… tragic… an emotionally disturbed, psychiatrically troubled victim… much like cowboy.

  5. Ex180) Parkland ZIONIST Jew Mossad Liar David Hogg the 28 yr old Fake Student Changes his story from Being at School when shooting Started to not being at School & Racing 3 miles to school with Camera on Bicycle to film the Shooting which he knew would be an important massacre (for the ziotrash Gun Confiscation Agenda)!

  6. Wait! What?? Where did all of cowfundy’s research go??

  7. Ex1) Sandy Hook Revisted ’18 Professional Theater & TV Actors Used Francine Lobos Wheeler

  8. Ex2) Sandy Hook Crook PsyOp Revisted in 2018- Proven Professional Actors Used- Nick Phelps of Sandy Hook Is a SAG Actor, under that same name he used as a fake Parent at Sandy Hook. His real name is Rick Sexton & Nick Phelps is his SAG/AFTRA acting name & alias. He has used Nick Phelps in a Spin City TV Show episode in 1996 & in several movies & in Theater jobs! His Wife is Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and her theater & TV & movie & voice acting name & alias is Laura Phelps, which she used in Sandy Hook & has used in off broadway plays, etc.. But she also has used Jennifer Greenberg also in roles & has it listed on actor sites!

  9. Ex3) Sandy Hook Revosted Proven Professional SAG Actors Used Laura Phelps is an Off Broadway Actress Used In Sandy Hook as Laura Like her Husband! It is indisputable that this woman is a professional SAG/AFTRA Actor! Again Her real name is Jennifer Greenberg Sexton & Laura Phelps is her SAG/ AFTRA Acting name. But also she does have Jennifer Sexton Greenberg listed on acting websites as well.

    No amount of zionist media lies can change these being proven professional actors hired prior to Sandy Hook for the PsyOp & still paid & used today to push the treasonous zionist jew Gun Confiscation agenda against Americans!

  10. Ex4) Sandy Hook Professional Actor David Wheeler the fake parent acted in a Movie called Faithful in 2001! Busted Scumbag Mossad Agent Zionist Jew!

  11. Ex4b) Sandy Hook Professional Actehore David Wheeler played dual roles at Sandy Hook! Busted you treasonous piece of ziotrash $h#t!

  12. Ex5) Sandy Hook SAG/AFTRA Actwhores David & Francine Lobos Wheeler the evil zionist jews committing treason giving the Presidential Address to Push the evil zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda Against the hated goyim American people!

    Now…When liars claim no actors were used at Sandy Hook…Now you have proof!!! Not just amateur crisis Actors!!! Proven SAG/AFTRA Actors among others!

  13. Ex6) Sandy Hook fake Student Alexis Wasik Was Played By SAG/AFTRA Disney ACTRESS Aubrey Miller of Hollywood. She plays in both movies & TV shows & records songs for Disney companies! Also she played ROTC Student at Louisville’s Fake Fern Creek High School Shooting as well. I exposed her in both the Sandy Hook Elementary & Fern Creek High. She us very petite & short & thus was able to play a much younger girl in Sandy Hook PsyOp in 2012!

    Now…When liars claim no actors were used at Sandy Hook…Now you have proof!!! Not just amateur crisis Actors!!! Five Proven SAG/AFTRA Actors used in Sandy Hook I have listed here ao far among others! You can lie or deny, demand deletion of proof, but you can’t disprove it! These are all proven professional Actors used in Sandy Hook! But there are more like Gene Rosen who has hosted Cable TV Shows & public tv shows in New England for over 30 years!

  14. Gabriel troll posting as Cabbie APRIL 9, 2018 AT 9:17 PM asks:
    Wait! What?? Where did all of cowfundy’s research go??

    Atleast I post proven evidence ziotrash jewboy Gabriel the Talmudist Fundi-mental case jewish supremacist pitiful weirdo! LMAO! And I post it all under 1 name not as dozens of troll names & fraudulently undervreal posters’ names! And I post NOdisinfo, whereas all you post, ziotrash Gabriel, is disinfo, gibberish, trolling, fraud posts & other perverted Garbage!

  15. Nazim Sabz wasn’t a woman. She/he/it is a male to female transgender. Look at her/him/it closely.that is a man with a wig on.

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