Paul Walker Hoax — 08 February 2014
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How the fans reacted to the Paul Walker hoax

The issue of the Paul Walker death hoax is deserving of great coverage, because of its consequences. The consequences were to cause distress and sensations of despair, as well as grief, among hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people. This is no minor issue. In fact, it represents the epitome of self-centeredness to elicit such a widespread and international response, not just by those who faked their deaths but also be all parties involved. It resulted in people being manipulated through a pre-determined plot by the millions, rather, hundreds of millions, all over the world.

People who knew of Paul Walker were largely in despair. Some of them were overcome with shock. Others cried over him. People who didn’t know him prior to the hoax also did so, that is reacted with emotional distress, some of these also shedding tears. Still others spent more than merely their emotional reserves, actually taking the time to attend the tributes and vigils. Some did more. They brought tokens of love and respect, like candles, cards, and flowers. Those tributes/tokens of respect and admiration didn’t come free. Nor was the time taken to purchase the candles, flowers, cards, and more to be disregarded as being of no consequence.

See this outpouring of love, admiration, and respect for Paul Walker, along with Roger Rodas, even though he didn’t die. Universal Studios and its F & F moles should be ashamed of themselves. All those who lied on PW’s behalf should also be ashamed. They should – and must – be held accountable for heaping this fraud and deception upon the people and doing so without remorse.


Consider carefully this image. There are hundreds of people there, so many that their end is beyond the eye’s reach. What selfishness, what self-centeredness, to perpetrate this before the people.

That includes the self-focused acts of all the hoax associates, including the cast of ‘stars’ for the Fast and Furious franchise:


Tyrese Gibson helped cement the fraud in people’s minds, even faking tears, California-style. The fans and far more , such as those who were previously unfamiliar with this clique, trusted that his grief was real, but it wasn’t in the least. It was all an act.


Gibson, though, was the most believable of all, as he “got into character” for the faking. Michelle Rodriguez and Papa Paul Walker did comparatively miserably, both smirking and smiling, fully revealing themselves. Gibson at least made the effort, and there is actually an image showing what appears to be the shedding of tears.

In contrast, Vin Diesel’s tribute and ‘grief’ clearly fake. In fact, his bizarre behavior fully reveals the hoax.


For ‘Loudspeaker Diesel’ it was all an obvious scam from the outset. He made no effort to show any real emotion. Who could believe this was real after seeing such an image?


These fraudsters can be clearly contrasted to the fans, who failed to put on a show merely for the cameras. Instead, they made every effort to give real, sincere tribute to what they thought were deceased men:

Paul Walker Memorial

There were hundreds, perhaps thousands, of PW fans and other sympathizing individuals who showed up for this fabrication. At that moment of their participation they all were sure that both Walker and Rodas had perished in senseless deaths, made all the more tragic because of the event of the day, that is with the backdrop of the charitable event. They had no idea that it was all a set-up and that the deaths were faked, that it was all a prefabricated Hollywood show. They were all taken by the smoke and mirrors of this fabrication: bamboozled, all.


For the fans and for all those others who were touched by this apparent tragedy, the supposed deaths of two relatively young men in the prime of their lives: for all those affected emotionally this was serious business. They all went out of their way to show their respects in a massive outpouring of consideration and, yes, love. Some may have even regarded Mr. Walker as a kind of icon, their “hero,” for his seemingly unusual (for Hollywood) degree of humility and consideration for others – for his devotion to charity for those not so fortunate (or so it seemed).

They took pictures upon pictures, also videos, of what they believed to be a memorable event, one that sent shock waves through the dedicated fan club of the movie series.

Too, they gave tribute upon tribute, paying their respects in ever way conceivable. That included the effort to lay the most precious wreath of all: leaving Mr. Walker’s memory with their signatures.

Consider the degree of this terminal lie, with people responding to such an extensive degree, making such a monumental effort. They left not only their signatures but also left precious notes.

Regardless, once again, this false representation is no minor issue. All of these people have been deceived. In a sense they are all victims of a grand hoax, and many of them paid not only in their sincere but misguided respects but also in actual money spent. Considering charity: imagine how many truly needed people could have benefiting from the cash/effort laid out for this falsification? The flowers, cards, candles, gas, diesel, tokens: all this alone must have amounted to thousands of dollars.


People did react emotionally and in mass, whether by day or by night. Virtually no one would by any means question the legitimacy of the claims surrounding the event, that is the claim that both men died in a fiery car crash. The PW clique, the F & F actors/staff, and Universal studios got what they wanted, which was people adhering to the lie wholesale.

From past experience with the faking of the deaths, including actors, only one consequence was considered, which was that the people would buy the claims and respond emotionally from their hearts. It really was heart-felt. How else can such an outpouring of respect and support be explained? People leaving their other responsibilities, work and duties at home, to come out in droves – to show that the really cared.

The issue should, therefore, not be put to rest. These people should know the truth, which is that their response was the result of fraud and deceit through the absolute fact that the deaths of Roger Rodas and Paul Walker are a hoax.

Fans all over the world would be filled with shock and grief. People who had never before heard of Paul Walker would also respond. Sales of Fast and Furious DVDs would sky-rocket. Any forthcoming movies would see an increase in sales/popularity. That’s precisely what the Zionist manipulative expected to achieve.


Overnight, Fast and Furious, along with Paul Walker, became household entities: in households which had never before given consideration to either of them. This would help the franchise, not hurt it, because the old saying still holds, which is that any publicity is good publicity.


These images are merely a handful of the countless images showing a mass outpouring of grief, respect, admiration, shock, and more. Yet, it was all for nought, all a waste of time, energy, funds, and, most importantly, emotional energy. That’s because the deaths of Roger Rodas and Paul Walker were faked. Pyrotechnic moles set the fabricated fire. The car was merely placed on the median area, likely by a towing vehicle.

There was no car crash. This area is a secure zone, where all people must enter through identification. There was no race track or speedway there. The fire trucks were there in advance. Smoke bombs were used to disguise the fact that the fire was being set by Hollywood stunt men, and one of those men was apparently Roger Rodas. Pictures clearly show that there were men all about the area, including some featured with white pyrotechic-style protective suits.

Neither of these men died on Nov. 30, 2013. Thus, they are both alive and well, their whereabouts currently unknown. Moreover, despite the seeming loss of one of the key stars of the movie series, the great ones at Universal Studios didn’t see this as a negative. Rather, they fully expected that this fabrication would draw attention to the movie franchise, increasing sales, not decreasing them.

Post to be updated with further photography as soon as possible. Feel free to post pertinent links.




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  1. Vin is one that definitely made me go wtf because I don’t remember him posting about Paul on Facebook before this happened. After this, he starts calling him his brother and posted all that other stuff about him. Tyrese is a bit of a different story because he actually hung out with Paul all the time and he made Facebook posts about him long before this happened.

    • Vin and tyrese are nothing but Ipocritas vin he don’t like Paul walker and Paul he is a live but why he play with ppl filings

  2. The thing that I think is funny is the vin diesel speech that he gives on the day of the (accident) because he sounds normal and happy when he’s cheering people on when he talks. When Tyrese cries its funny because all he does is walk around acting like he is crying then he walks away thats real good acting tyrese. I know someone that is in on the paul walker hoax or even paul walker himself is reading this. we know Pual walker faked his death and I think he knows alot of people know.

  3. Vin doesn’t look sad at all in the photos taken at the scene. In fact, he looks pretty gleeful.

  4. What got me with this is pw was a big star yet it was f and f cast that come to the site and he had starred with Freddie prince jr. Yet he hasn’t come out to the site or spoke to press just the f and f crew

  5. I agree with Bored!! It was just family and friends from F and F. But could it be coz they were ike another family to him?? Maybe they wanted it specifically for family and ff crew. Other celebs did tweet about him after he passed. I also noticed, traffic and comments are slow now. I know many in Cali and they said not many people discuss this. People have moved on. It was a sad and tragic accident. We discuss what doesn’t add up but also I noticed how points of opinions are discussed as proof of hoax. No one can really say why someone did what they did or didn’t (talking about his will). Just saying.

    • Whatever,

      I understand why they are not talking about it.. It’s been two and a half months now. Some people don’t question this or do any research about an accident. therefore all they do is follow the media and say “what a tragic”… instead of saying ” What the hell? This doesn’t make sense” I admit, I have to let this go sometime soon.. but after meeting the guy a few times and idolizing this guy for almost 12 years. I need closure. I need to have answers to my questions. I pray he’s alive but if something totally convinces me that he is in fact gone.. Well, At least I know. I do hate wasting all this time on this, and I feel absolutely crazy for thinking he could have faked his death since I am NOT a theorist kind of girl. I just feel as though something strange happened that day, and I need to know.

      BTW I haven’t mentioned Roger much because Well… He’s a complete stranger. I know nothing about his life, never met him nor did I know he existed. Nothing against him, Just figured I’d clear that up before someone says “WTF Roger was there too!” I’m sure he’s a good guy, hoping he’s safe no matter what too.

  6. Vin’s motivation is the money. He and his sister are both producers of the films. The more money the film makes…the more money they make. He’s fucking with emotions to make his wallet fatter.

  7. To be honest I never really gave Vin a thought before this accident.
    With everything I have seen and heard from him since the accident, I now realise why ….
    If it wasn’t for the other guys in the movie I would not watch FF.

    Vin has got to realise he is NOT and never has been the star of the show and will never be. Paul has always been the star. The Rock is second and then Tyrese third but that can change. So with these great guys in the movie now Vin seems to be way down the list.

    • I totally agree with you..He doesn’t even deserve talking about him..

  8. Thanks Kelis! I am in the same boat as you and I know why we all keep coming to sites like these.we all are good hearted people who loved this good hearted man and do not want this to be true but then I wonder at times if we are in denial. I was reading a long comment posted by someone in another article and it made me think. In the end, when people crash due to high speeds , why were they speeding? Why did they crash?? What happened?? Accidents are accidents – tragic, sad and needless. People are lucky if they walk out of them. Could it be that all these things that don’t add up could just be emergency crew taking things lightly coz the victims were dead and regardless of who they were, the crew’s behavior (efficient or not) won’t come back. Yes the investigation is going on but more on car as the cause.. No one denies the accident!! Hope I made sense and again just sharing a view.

    • I have questioned to whether or not I’m in denial.. and even though I’ve accepted this either way. I still shed a tear for Paul once in a while when I watch his movies..

      I guess the accident does make me second guess this whole thing but another BIG questioner for me, his how his own family reacted to his death. I know the media won’t catch every tear they cried but seeing his father smile and laugh at the accident scene days after paul supposedly Burned to death… Just wow.. I couldn’t imagine smiling at the scene. Just thinking about what Paul might have felt or thought about during the whole thing hurts me. Not to mention his father gave an interview less than 24 hours after his death. To me, that’s way too soon for attention. I think the only person who have shown emotion for his passing is Tyrese.

      • Kelis

        Yes everything you have said I have question myself. From my experience with loosing a love one, for the first week nothing could make me smile, I just didn’t what to speak to anyone about it as I was in denial.

        The thing I don’t understand and have tried to many times too is the people that were there trying to put the fire out weren’t they Paul’s best friends/family/friends. If so me as a friend or a family member watch my love one/friend getting burnt I would have collapsed to the ground in horror or scream for people to help and so many another things but if you look at the photo they are walking away with no horror.

        • That’s actually a good point!! I have thought about it too. Kelis and you seem to understand what I was trying to say. Thank you for that. Somewhere in my heart I feel, relatives of the celebrities know what they in for. When the celebrity passes, they know they will require to answer basic questions/ face the camera. Just something that comes with the package. I know a family who lost their soldier son in Iraq and when his body was flown back, his mom had to say a little thank you speech and she did face the camera. Though she didn’t cry, she wasn’t all smiley like Mr. Sr. Walker. That does amaze me but people try to share stories of the dead when together to make things light. I am hoping that was the case otherwise his smiling and Paul’s friends who walked away with out an obvious emotion- just screams fake- just those.

  9. Why would Vin put this post up on his Facebook when you can clearly see Paul is not happy.

    Watch Paul’s face it’s like –

    Man shut the **** up – what the **** am I doing here with him – I can not stand to be with this stupid person – my water bottle has more brains then him – get me the **** out of here and away from him now.

    • Yeah. I get that look when I hear him talk in a movie. I wanna put it on mute. You can see PW there taking pictures…I’ve seen him other places with cameras. I wonder how many of the pics or videos we’ve seen were actually taken by him.

      If you’re ever sad, just look at Diesel’s beauty in each of these pics.

      • I’m not sad anymore. LOL. Look at this charm…..

      • A, what great idea mute him.. To what I understand Paul was into photographing. I would love to see those photos…

    • “Why would Vin put this post up on his Facebook when you can clearly see Paul is not happy.

      Watch Paul’s face it’s like –

      Man shut the **** up – what the **** am I doing here with him – I can not stand to be with this stupid person – my water bottle has more brains then him – get me the **** out of here and away from him now.”

      R, I agree with you and what’s also funny to me when watching that video is that clearly whoever is holding the camera just wants to focus on Paul, but that would be a little obvious, LOL. Paul was just a magnet for the camera. Vin is a self-centered douche – I can’t stand him and I don’t believe the quote that Paul’s mother comforted him and said “You lost a brother.” IMO he’s either lying (if he said it) or someone just made that up because it sounds good. Paul was close to Tyrese and others on the set, but I don’t think he and Vin really liked each other much away from the cameras.

      • Deethereader

        I ask myself the same question why would he put this up.. I cam to the conclusion Vin really didn’t look at Paul when watching the video as he was just watching himself.

        Vin thoughts when watching – god I’m so good looking, list to my great singing voice, check out how great I am with all those muscle, everyone just loves me as I’m the star.

        The more I watch of him the more i think he is a dip ****. Like A said mute him but even that is not enough now.

        • This spelling correction is really pissing me off. Sorry guys but you get what I’m saying anyway.

          • I think Vin was incredibly jealous of Paul. If Paul is dead or otherwise out of the spotlight, Vin’s not sad about it. I don’t mean that he actively wished him harm, just that he’s a very ego-centric person who wants the spotlight all to himself. IMO he would run over his mother with a truck to draw attention to himself.

            Regarding Paul, all this stuff has me really twisted up searching on different websites for answers. I’ve been lurking on this website for awhile and although it’s way out there with a lot of this stuff, he has pointed out a lot of the inconsistencies because the reports say it happened doesn’t make sense. I’m not convinced yet, but I really hope Paul is alive and the deaths were a hoax. If he did this, he had really good (not BS or for profit, etc) reasons. It appears to me that Paul was marked by TPTB, for many years; maybe he found out?

          • ” I’ve been lurking on this website for awhile and although it’s way out there with a lot of this stuff, he has pointed out a lot of the inconsistencies because the reports say it happened doesn’t make sense. ”

            That should have read: “because the way the reports say it happened doesn’t make sense.”

  10. Here is a photo we have all seen many times. As I was looking at the people something caught my eye. In the corner garden bed sitting back into the garden (Front of Cody to garden) there looks like a object like a monkey hold which looks like to me a camera.

  11. I’m on the fence about this site. I like the idea that there are ppl out there who think this whole thing hasn’t made sense from the minute it happened. I like seeing my thoughts out there without me saying them…..I don’t feel as crazy hahaha! So many comments make so much sense to me and give me hope that maybe one day he will come forward and say it was faked for whatever reason. His death hasn’t felt real this whole time. Even without any real hard proof, it doesn’t feel real in anyway! I love me some Paul Walker have had so much love for him since I was like 15. Biggest crush, kinda in a way, my first love! The older we both have got, the more I see or read about him the more love I have for him! He can do no wrong in my eyes I guess u can say. I want nothing more but for him to be alive and to see him again in movies, cus let’s face it I’ll never meet him and if he reads this he probably wouldn’t want to cus hell probably think I’m some kind of creepier hahaha. Anyways on another note this site kinda makes me feel like there is no way Paul is alive and we are all crazy and in denial. When I read stuff like Michael Jackson’s death being a hoax!!??? That just sounds more crazy then I am!!! The school shoots being a hoax is just sick! There is a huge difference from a grown man faking his death then children faking theirs. I wish it was a hoax but there has to be some pretty sick in the head ppl out there to pull that kind of hoax off. Paul maybe, school shooting….no! Idk but I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed and pray for his return and at the same time that him and rodger are resting in peace.

  12. Paul is alive

  13. I feel so bad for paul walker and i do not belive that he faked his death why would he such a good man all of you guys that say he faked death he did not i mostly cry for paul walker when i hear see you again from wiz Kalafia fast and the furious mode you guys that say that he faked death are just bad rumous about him you guys just hate him that say that but i ♡ paul walker he is my hero and also that I want him to know i love him a lot R.I.P PATRICIA MENDEZ #PAULWALKERFAN

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