Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 21 July 2016
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Final Absolute Proof No One Died in Nice Truck Attack – It’s All Fake

Updated, July 21, 2016

Regarding the Nice truck attack where purportedly 84 people were run over and killed the fact is there is no possibility it is real. In other words, it is a fake, just like all the others, just like Sandy Hoax, the Boston Smoke Bombing fraud, San Bernardino, Paris, France (Charlie Hebdo), and Orlando, among numerous. Then, shouldn’t the grieving world know this? Shouldn’t all people realize the nature of the fraud, including those who would donate to any arch-contrived, false cause? Nevertheless, it is obvious. The Islamophobes are in high gear, here. Their entire existence seems, it would appear, to be based on prevailing with this and other similar categorical fakes and hoaxes, where Islaam is force, arbitrarily and capriciously, to take the blame.

Some 200 fake terrorist attacks and/or school shootings have been perpetrated upon the world in the last eight years, largely coinciding with the presidency of Barack Obama. Why, then, would anyone consider the French Nice attack to be real?

Does not this individual seen sitting along the edge of the imagery not tell it all? See her smirking, actually smiling in glee, while the fraud of crisis actor staging is being committed:


Acting as one of the wounded she is sitting there while people in the street are being dressed with moulage and fake blood. No wonder she is getting a laugh out of it.

She should laugh, while the gullible, vulnerable, goy-based world cries real tears of sorry, although it would be better if they just cried crocodile tears.

The truck, alone, proves the hoax. How could this truck have any relationship to the mass slaughter of 84 people? Where is all the blooooddd, that is all the bloooooodddd stains? Moreover, what happened to the front fenders? Did those fragile human bones bust them off?


Why are there no people crushed to death anywhere near or, for instance, under the truck? Moreover, what are all those forensic moles doing there? Why aren’t the inspecting the area about the vehicle?


For instance, there are these crisis actors, one being the fake wounded and the other, the phony good Samaritan:


How are these two victims of a strike by a ambling truck?

Regardless, it is an obvious drill, as seen by the following image. Where are the victims who have actually been run-over by a truck?

Furthermore, consider this image. What about this imagery represents a crisis? There is no emotion to be seen anywhere. Don’t these people have anything better to do than this?


Here is further absolute, hard proof of staging. Notice the camera-person in the back of the image. Notice the two people, arms around each other, as part of the staging. Then, the bicycle man is freely able to ride through the melee, right in the midst of the (arch-fake) crime scene. Notice also the lack of blood disseminated about; and there is no splatter; there is also no tracking of blood. Under the claimed circumstances this would be impossible.


There are dead people there, and nobody cares? How long could it be expected that these seated people would be left in the street without the arrival of medical transport, ambulances and the like? No one can find this plausible.

Then, there is this absolute, undeniable proof of staging, this arch-fake hoaxer who can be seen in the following images:


It’s the buttocks man. He is being staged for one of the key elements of this scam, the phony LifeFlight:

Truck attack targets civilians in France's Nice, leaving 84 dead, 202 wounded

See the flag-poles in the background? It’s the same man being staged in final staging, same area, just a few minutes later. The man there with the cell phone is for public consumption affect. Notice the non-emergency nature of the flight agent, carrying nothing with him at all, just walking aiming before the camers. However, wait a minute, it couldn’t be all fake. Islam really is this evil to prove people to do this. That’s what people are trained to think, and they do blame it viciously, and wrongly, because of these treacherous plots. Even so, it is as if it is a thrill to heap false blame on the Islamic faith, as if it is the mainstream thing to do.

What about this arch-hoaxer, Taha Mejri? What does he think he will gain by such over-acting. Talk about an over-reaching fraud? No one can possibly believe upon viewing this that it is anything other than an act.

Throughout the act he upholds his cigarette. Then, during the faux hugging routine he takes the time to switch the fag from one hand to the other:


That switch was quite a feat. Even so, everyone can see this is a fake. The excessive dramatics are clearly evident. Regardless, why would a person feign grief before the cameras if this was real to any degree?


In that casket there is nothing. It’s a fake death ritual. The man was paid for his participation. All his relatives, too, know it is fake.

670France Truck Attack

Even so, if he really lost is wife and son, why doesn’t he shed a tear amongst all the drama and posturing?

Who are these two crisis actors? Why are they participating in this phony? What were they paid to do so?


Both of them fake it as if they are grieving, even crying; yet, no actual grief, no real tears, are seen anywhere.

This is a poorly contrived hoax. The fact is no one died, and no one was injured. Let anyone prove otherwise. Hoax index: countless trillions to one. Furthermore, the BS meter is high on this: fully off the scale.





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  1. Graduated in 1984 from the
    College of Osteopathic Medicine & Surgery in Des Moines, Iowa.

    Reprimanded and fined for *Failure to provide timely information* – voluntarily allowed himself to be placed on inactive status

    His license # is 36070858

    You can look up his medical disciplinary action at the following website: https://www.idfpr.com/dpr/licenselookup/default.asp

    Supposedly still licensed in IOWA, lic #02144

    • IOWA License lookup at: http://www.docboard.org/IA/df/lic.htm (let me know if this works for you, didn’t for me)

      Created a SCOFIELD translation of the Koran translation with notes to control the view and interpretation of the meaning of the Koran.

      Work is entitled The Magnificent Message Vols. 1 & 2

    • Rudolf, your blog is pathetic and thoroughly symptomatic of your narcissistic, psychopathic illness. Keep up the C&P for all to laugh at

    • Publish it you cowardly big nosed fucker or stfu

  2. Turkey declares three-month state of emergency following failed coup


  3. The Turkish hoax: Bloodied faces, handcuffed and forced to kneel in their UNDERPANTS: Does this horrific footage prove Turkey coup ringleaders are being tortured…?


  4. NASA Fraudster Tim Peake Falls in in fake space on fake station doing a little magic trick they like to do when his harness fails & lets him free fall. They make the harness ropes green or blue so they don’t show up on the blue or screen they use. But that doesn’t coverup a quick freefall slip! lol


  5. Exhibit A) DHS RaceWar 77777.. Repeatedly Coded & Truck North Miami Hoax Shooting of Black Caregiver for No Reason! Ridiculously Fake! VicSim named After ZioJudeic Hero Pedophile pervert psychiatrist-psychopath Alfred Kinsey.. Charles Kinsey…

    The Toy Truck in this PsyOp alludes to -Represents the Fake killer truck in the Nice Hoax. (And I found a real life Miami murderer used as a crisis Actor in the Nice Hoax Stephany Paola Concepcion aka Stepanie Paola Leslie aka Stephanie Paola Conrad etc…& all her aliases. She never did any of her conviction sentenced years in prison from 2009 to 2020.. if you read the Bail bond website closely it shows she was ordered released some how magically as soon as she was convicted & put in prison!!! The Babylonian Talmud gives one way a goy can fully become a Jew. If a goy (non-jew) murders someone he can convert to Judeism & not be punished. Is this what Nice Crisis Actor Paola Did??? Looks like it. Or she was already a self-chosen master race racist & therefore she still is not subject to death for killing a goy!)

    And police excuse now: Oops it was an Accident!

    So this (PsyOp) Shooting supposedy happened on 7- 19th.. But it all gets video released-reported on 7-21 aka 7777 and zioMagically happens on 21st Street aka 777 & 14th Northwest aka 77 again…And we have a coding of “North by Northeast” from North Miami & Northwest St!


    Also we have the zioHoax PsyOp meme scripted blackman hands up don’t shoot perfectly played out with a blackman laying down, defenseless, with hands out, no threat, clearly unarmed getting shot be Eeevile racist white goyim cops! Perfect ziotrash RACEWAR Agenda Screenplay wrote in Hollywood to pure gasoline on the zionist DHS desired RACEWAR flames!

  6. ExB) Miami Cops Shoot HandsUp, LyingDown Black Man Caregiver PsyOp- 77777..Repeat Hoax Coded


    Released 7-21 aka 7-777
    Happened on Northeast 14th Ave for another 77 code &
    (Correction) – corner of 27st (not 21) So gematria coded 999 aka upside down 666

  7. ExC) Miami HandsUp Blackman, Don’t Shoot! Caregiver Crisis Actor Gets Shot By Cop PsyOp with Nice Toy Truck Alluding to Nice Fake Terror Truck Hoax PsyOp & 777 Hoax CODE – Order Out Of Chaos!


  8. ExD) Hoax Miami Police Shoot Autistic Caregiver Black Man

    VicSim-Crisis actor Script says 40 or 45 Cal Bullet “Felt like A mesquito Bite”! LMAO!

    This ridiculous DHS Script by Charles Kinsey sounds as ZioTwistedly insane as something pervert Pedophile Alfred Kinsey would say!!!
    Kinsey said one of the officers shot him. “I’m like this right here, and when he shot me, it was so surprising,” Kinsey said. “It was like a mosquito bite, and when it hit me, I’m like, ‘I still got my hands in the air, and I said, ‘No I just got shot! And I’m saying, ‘Sir, why did you shoot me?’ and his words to me, he said, ‘I don’t know.’”

    This PsyOp screams DHS Hoax! A 40 or 45 Caliber bullet hitting you anywhere would leave a massive hole, guts shooting out exit wound, massive blood pouring out & massive pain! And yes I look up the bullets- police weapons used in North Miami!


  9. yeh……its pretty well est. that they’re all hoaxes….
    problem is: we don’t seem able to get any more than a certain % of the ppltn to believe that……..
    i’d ‘hazard a guess’ @ 15% total ppltn…….
    the rest?
    either too lazy, too stoopid or too scared to investigate it……..

    • Jimbo-

      Some constructive advice you may or may not choose to consider.

      If you’re in a group of 15% who believe something- and most of the folks in that group aren’t known for their brilliance- you may want to reconsider your thinking.

  10. Perhaps for the sake of accuracy and truth NODISINFO should check out this article in the local Nice newspaper showing the names of the dead. If it can be proved that non of these people existed or have been killed then NODISIFO might be believed.


    I have a feeling the NODISINFO will not be interested in obtaining accurate info.

    • You must be dumber than a barrel of doorkknobs “Doug”– my @$$! ..or should I say GayFag ziotrash Gabriel since nobody else is that lying & stupid! How does one run over dozens of bodies at low speed & none of them bleed you lying $ack of $h#t! You need some free daily kicks to the head lessons ZioFreak liar! And how does kill silicone dummies & mannequinns &
      already euthanized dead dogs & hogs used in the Nice like [email protected]$$ Massacre on the French Riviera??? They might as well drove the happy Nice hoax terror truck on a few miles to Monaco & Across the border into Italy as well! Lying freaks like you would still claim was real! And how does a less than 8 feet wide truck leave a 20 feet plus wide path of death & destruction?? Huh Dougy Gaybriel ***??? Was it a magical mystery mossadomite rainbow *** Nice Happy Hoax Bozo truck?? Did your uncle get killed again like on the Malaysia Hoax Disappearing plane?

      • @ cowboy
        You’re just a foul mouthed know all nobody. I happen to live in Antibes right next to Nice. Where do you live? Let me guess in some mental institution in the good ‘ol dumb US of A where they find it hard to locate their backsides let alone France.
        They are posting all of the victims on France Bleu Azure newspaper. You an check these people out if you have the intelligence but you have proven by your language you probably cannot.
        So I think it’s time for your medication.

        • So let me guess you are an American or Brit zio in France busying outsourcing jobs to slave labor China…And 2 of your friends were killed by the Eeevile Mossadlim Terror Magic truck?? Now tell my why their was no blood in the initial footage? Huh? None were Bleeders?? LOL! And how did this less than 8 foot wide truck leave a path over 20 feet wide?? Huh? Director thought it woud be more dramatic & the dumb goyim would never notice??? And if anyone did they’d add a truck bomb to the script?? Or maybe a gunman on the roof of the truck spraying twin machine guns blazing zio hollywood style?? …One in each hand like a cartoon caricature hollywood Mossadlim style!

    • There is no need for the type of protracted silliness that you suggest. We have provided unprecedented numbers of smirk photos and other low resolution images of people sitting and standing. What more do you want you arch-Zionist mole? No more on this subject. It has adequately been proven a hoax.

      Alahu Akbar!

  11. One of the victims at random. Prove that he doesn’t exist or wasn’t killed. Should be easy enough.
    I think you will have to admit NODISINFO has become ALDISINFO.

    Michael Pellegrini, 28, professor of economics at the private school of Récollet in Longwy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), died on the Promenade des Anglais. On Twitter, students greeted his memory by publishing photographs showing laughing uproariously in his classroom. “We lose a colleague. This is not a missing is a gaping hole that we will fail to reseal soon,” he told one of his colleagues.

    • These turds don’t care. They’re psychotic.

  12. Mother of Baton Rouge Police Shooter on the Failures of the VA. Oh really?


    • Severe Truth coming Christinne! Both Corine Woodley & Gavin LONG characters are Hollywood voiceover & actors & he’s a yoga celebrity-trainer-set up with multiple businesses. Queer as a $3 Bill too! I have both their real names, aliases & pictures to prove it! She is his Grandmother in real life not mother! She is wearing a wig too ofcourse. Also I have these new Fake Miami vicsim linked directly to Hollywood! I will be posting it a little later. Hopefully deleting won’t occur!!! lol

      • I believe u, Cowboy.

  13. TENSION: Engineered ‘Civil Unrest’ in the UK Planned for This Summer?


  14. These people were not run over. They were struck by a moving vehicle. Usually there will be no blood.

    • They were struck by their own lies.

    • Pray tell, you are an expert on the subject? Where is the video or imagery proving that the truck struck anyone?

      • I thought *you* at one time possessed a license to practice medicine? Re-educate yourself on “blunt trauma”… As a mundane example it’s the reason that you normally don’t see dead struck animals (deer, dogs, cats) with any signs of blood discharge.

        Blunt trauma
        Most people understand that falling from a height or being involved in a car accident can inflict great force and trauma upon the body. If blunt force is involved, the outside of the body may not necessarily be damaged, but enough compression may occur to internal organs to cause injury and bleeding.

        I’m sure if you ask the authorities for surveillance footage (especially if you tell them that you’re from NODISINFO) they’ll send you their video.

        As far as first person video, those in fear for their lives I doubt had much time or inkling to fumble with their phones.

        Please participate here more, dr k. And please ban cowboy. He’s just a douche canoe. Rudolf, too.

        • Amen Brother. I visit this site daily. Every God **** day it’s nothing but trolls and fucking BS. PURGE THE COMMENT BOARDS!!!!

    • Since the truck proveably was traveling at very slow speed it would have run people over has it hit anyone. It was moving to slow to throw anyone out of the way! Which it hit no one at all! And it would have koncked out after a couple people since it was a big heavy low powered delivery type euro diesel truck which would konck out easily at such low idle & low speed running over dozen of bodies, also with low clearance where bodies would be catching on the axles & springs & drive train, brake lines etc. You have a better chance running over all those bodies with a full size American pickup at such a low speed with much more & better clearance & fourwheel drive. Anyway it was impossible & did not happen & all the evidence, critical thinking & common sense. But common sense is not too common these daily amongst the braindead/beainwashed zioMedia programmed masses, sadly…very sadly!

      • I think the maneuver the driver used is commonly called “zig-zagging”.

        You’re welcome, cowboy.

        • No zig zagging is shown in the footage so think up another ridiculous lie! lol And the truck would be even more likely to konck out by zig zagging! Turning the wheels sharply at such a slow speed & low idle would even more greatly reduce the power of the truck to plow over bodies! Just try driving a delivery truck like that over a few wood chocks. Then imagine doing it over dozens of them or over scattered firewood! It would jerk & shake and repeatedly konck out. It would not drive through bodies at slow speed & low idle like truck with a snowplow where it is constant, uniform, or even steadily increasing backpressue. As long as you have no life experience & use no common sense nor any crititical thinking I guess you can stay brainwashed & believe any BS hoax Warmongering story the ziMedia & government feeds you! Like pig eating his slop or his soylent green! Just shoveling it iut & braindead Mikey or Dougy will eat it up! A little Manure mixed in no problem just tell em that’t sime fresh Celantra to spice it up! Emmmm good! Mikey likes everything!

    • So 83 People Get run over (Struck) and NOT ONE OF THEM has become snared under the undercarriage? Not one person was drug over the pavement? If you plow into a wall of people, something(one) is going to end up under it. Especially if it continues to move forward. If you are in the initial wave that gets struck and it keeps smashing through wave after wave of people, where did the initial victims go? If someone on the side goes “Flying like a bowling pin”, where do the people in the center end up? Wonderland? Even if you were to Zig-Zag, would you not still be putting the people in the middle in the direct path of the wheels then? I’m not calling you out Terry, just constructive criticism. I find you are one of the only sane people on this thread.

    • No blood?????? Are you kidding? Have a look at what a truck can do to a person on video. No tricks here. Surely out of 84 people at least one would have left some kind of bloody drag mark if not pieces of them everywhere such as in these isolated incidents If you have the stomach to see it have a look at these live videos of people who have been run over by trucks and then tell me that not one of the supposed 84 finished up like this.
      http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a78_1340568165 biker hit by truck.
      http://www.documentingreality.com/forum/f166/cop-cut-half-still-alive-after-being-hit-truck-26347/ cop cut in half by truck.

  15. Ex7) Baton Rouge Fake Revenge Cop Killer PsyOp Shooter “Gavin Long” Fake Mother Nurse Corine Woodley is Played by Pamela Antwine aka Ziotrash Actress Swine!

    She is his real life Grandmother & a Hollywood Actress/Voice-over Actress, Voice Trainer, Dancer, Wellness Nurse! She is a multilingual Kabbala Jew Creole admittedly formerly of New Orleans (& Baton Rouge too probably) & Barbados, etc.
    This above is her facebook page as her Corine Woodley aka Corine Long indentity. She is probably connected to/embeded in O Fallon AFB & California military bases near LA, San Francisco & San Diego.
    ( Fake shooter Son[grandson] Gavin Long is alias Gavin Sealy Woodley (Acting name since Andrew Sealy was taken) & Gavin Sealy & Andrew Sealy is his main persona as celebrity yoga trainer/host/interviewer/Speaker & Yoga businesses.)
    Her identity as Corine Woodley from Radaris puts her in Kansas near the same parts of California like her Pamela Antwine identity :
    Corine N Woodley, ~59 Kansas City, MO

    Known as: Corine Nmi Woodley · Corine Woodley · Corine F Long · Corine F Woodley · Corine Long Woodley · Corine Long · Corine Woodley Long · Woodley Corine

    Has lived in: Kansas City, MO · San Diego, CA · Pasadena, CA · Grandview, MO · Belton, MO
    Related to:
    Hershel Long -Carl Woodley 58 – Carmesa Woodley – Dorothy Sample – Gavin Long 29

    (Also Radaris
    Her Identity as Pamela Antwine in Kansas, MO
    Pamela M Antwine, ~61Kansas City, MO

    Known as: Pam Antwine

    Has lived in: Kansas City, MO

    Related to: James Antwine -70

    Radaris search in California
    Pamela D Grant, ~62Van Nuys, CA

    Known as: Pamela Denise Grant · Pamela Antowine –  Pamela A Grant · Pamela D Antwine · Pamela Grant · Pamela Grant Antwine

    Has lived in: Van Nuys, CA · Granada Hills, CA · North Hills, CA · San Fernando, CA · Northridge, CA
    Related to:
    Pamela Antwine – Basil Grant 69 – Basil Grant – 37 – Keisha Grant 41

  16. Ex7-b) Baton Rouge Fake Revenge Cop Killer PsyOp Shooter “Gavin Long” Fake Mother Nurse Corine Woodley is Played by Pamela Antwine

    She is his real life Grandmother & a Hollywood Actress/Voice-over Actress, Voice Trainer, Dancer, Wellness Nurse! She is a multilingual Kabbala Jew Creole admittedly formerly of New Orleans (& Baton Rouge too probably) & Barbados, etc.
    Check the glasses out..Same Sun Glasses!! LMAO!!! multiearrings, Necklace, same Short hair for easy wig changing, etc..

  17. Ex7-d) Baton Rouge Triple Cop Killing Revenge PsyOp- Mom Crisis Actor in Masonic Black & Red Symbology for Tavis-Stock Smiley PsyOp Show Interview!

    nurse Corine Woodley (of Kansas & SanDiego) Fake Mom of Gavin Long, played by his real Grandmother Pamela Antwine of Kansas City & San Diego & New Orleans. Actress -Wellness nurse, voice Actor, Crisis Actor.
    Her “Son character” the cop killer Gavin Long is played by her Grandson Andrew Sealy alias Gavin Sealy Woody & Gavin Sealy & Gavin Long.
    Notice her (here as Corine Woodley) in her black and red top & suit jacket worn at Tavis Smiley Happy Hoax PsyOp Interview. It is very similiar the top & jacket I will show her wearing on her Pam Antwine Facebook Cover photo! **** near identical. Just stitching on this red jacket, rest is the same. & And no wrinkle cream & gaudier makeup & wig in this disguise to make her look different & less sophisticated!
    http://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/theadvocate.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/5/1b/51b1a1ff-5e0d-5a3a-8451-93078abcce5c/57915c6af3b7d.image.jpg?resize=1200%2C847See my Ex7a,7b,7c & 7e) of Pamela Antwine aka Corine Woodley..

    Especially compare this picture to Exhibit7e) & Ex7c).

  18. Ex7-e) Baton Rouge Revenge Triple Cop Killing PsyOp- Killer’s Fake mom nurse Corine Woodley played by real Grandmother Pamela Antwine aka Pamela Grant Actress-Nurse-Voice Actress

    Ok in 7c & 7d You see her as Character nurse Corine Woodley with basically the same Red & Black masonic death & deception coded outfit only without the gaudy makeup & wig disguise & with wrinkle cream! But also here on her main profile pictures in the 2nd bigger picture the bird and violet & purple heavy colors in a star burst are represented “The Eastern Star” Women’s version of Freemasonry. She is telling you she is high level freemason & that it is important to her & she serves it & which ever fake god or gods that her level has been revealed to her as who she serves. “The Secret”! These freaks serve to discover higher level secrets! WORTHLESS SECRETS that serve only to enslave them inti doing evil like a puppet on a string or dog on a leash & to take them to hell! lol

  19. Ex 7-f) Baton Rouge Cop Killing Revenge PsyOp by Fake Character Gavin Long aka Andrew Sealy

    Significance of Red & Black Outfit worn by Actress Pamela on her Main Facebook Pic & in Her TravisStock Smiley PsyOp Interview as character Corine Woodley:

  20. JOIN Freemasonry! Come on jump into the meat grinder! Soylent Green is good for you!

  21. Freemasonry they have the secrets, worthless secrets to enslave you and take you to hell!https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/25/af/bd/25afbd1e2052b363a40e44ba27e7cac3.jpg

  22. Ex7-c) Baton Rouge Revenge Cop Triple Killer RaceWar PsyOp Fake Mom Actor casually discussing her supposedly Just Killed Cop Killer Son with Tavis(Comstock mind control)Smiley -faced Liar!

    ..Babbling her script about the evil 1% & the VA not treating her Son’s PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress DisOrder from his fake IRAQ war experiences.You think a mother goes on Tavis Smiley when her son just commits mass murder of cops & us killed DEAD! Not! More insane ZioDHS ridiculous scriptwriting tailored for the Treason trifecta of zioRace War, Cops vs Blacks & Gun Confiscation AGENDAS all in one PsyOp & part of series of 4 PsyOps: MN, Baton Rouge, Dallas Sniper Revenge, Baton Rouge Revenge, etc!

    Again this is Creole hollywood actress/voice actor/dancer Pamela Antwine playing Hoax PsyOp mom Corine Woodley aka Long playing RaceWar Cop Killer Character Gavin Long’s mom. And he is her real life grandson I have discovered named Andrew Sealy (alias Gavin Sealy Woodley) Yoga Celebrity teacher/speaker/businessman/crisis actor & NOT DEAD fraudster!
    Her and her Grandson are very well educated but play Ghetto characters in this Race War PsyOp. Both are experts at dialects & speak Spanish, French, French Creole, American black ghetto dialects & perfect American English as a Californian, Missourian, Cajun, southern etc…Probably even some yiddish & Hebrew!


    Note her wearing black & red her & note her wig. She likes black & red. Her main FB picture as Pam Atwine she is also wearing black & red without her wig. The wig is to help her character look less sophisticated & less educated.

  23. No blood on the truck, hoax.

  24. Shouldn’t the title say ‘No One Died’ as opposed to ‘One Died’?

    Have you ever heard of proof reading and editing?

    • Correct. Tks.

  25. Isn’t it Mars, not Marz? Oh wait! It’s super fucking cool to use a “Z” instead of an “S”. Have you ever heard of Grade 1 Grammar? Of this entire article all you gathered from it was an omitted word? Really? Get up off your chair and go outside for once. We have this ball of Fire in the sky called “The Sun”. You should see it, it’s fucking amazing!

    • Grammatical errors? Ha ha – that post is full of them

  26. Has anyone ever run over an animal as big as a human or even smaller? If you have the stomach to see it have a look at these live videos of people who have been run over by trucks and then tell me that not one of the supposed 84 finished up like this.
    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a78_1340568165 biker hit by truck.
    http://www.documentingreality.com/forum/f166/cop-cut-half-still-alive-after-being-hit-truck-26347/ cop cut in half by truck.
    Is there, at least one body that got squashed, mangled or at least left bloody drag marks all up the street? The gutter bar on the truck would have shoveled that many carcasses up so high they would have bogged and stalled the truck. Not much thought went into this one, much the same as the Port Arthur massacre. So blatant a child could work it out.

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