Boston Bombing — 26 May 2013
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Follow the Brown Sweatshirt Mole for the Ultimate Truth
PART ONE in two parts

Note: there is sufficient evidence against the criminals of Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing hoax to begin vigorous action, including the action of prosecution. Even so, when strong evidence is available, this will be posted on this site.

This post will prove that the entire so-called Boston Marathon bombing was staged and was not a true terror attack.

The brown sweatshirt woman is a mole of the most extreme degree and played an essential role in the criminal enterprise known as the Boston Hoax fake bombing attack. Traumatizing a nation that is already reeling from the consequences of endless corruption and war, she had a heavy hand in assisting in this scam. What was brown sweatshirt woman thinking when participating in this role?

Because of her girth she was placed in a strategic position and role, on the one hand to conveiniently block the view while simultaneously acting a key source for the much needed substance: fake blood stored in zipper tipped bags. Her role in both these acts is easy to prove and is, essentially irrefutable.

The woman has not been definitely identified: yet. This post will focus on her actions caught on camera, the consequences of which are irrefutable.

All these individuals are moles rushing into position to play their diabolical role. These images prove that this was a smoke bomb and nothing else. There is no destruction of any kind of the feeble picket fence, no injuries in the least to these operatives: no BB or nail strikes, no shrapnel wounds, no lacerations: nothing.

It will be seen that the feeble picket fence remains fully intact: not even a single slat at this time is broken. Yet, what else is seen? What is this, as seen in the far right lower corner?

It surely isn’t natural. Yet, it is seen, again, in another frame, this time being moved downward:

This is during the period of the utmost disguise. It is a kind of synthetic prop. Is it Bauman’s fake stump, or is it something more elusive, like the Teflon fakery used on Karen Rand and, particularly, Krystle Campbell? Also make note of the woman in blue. She will later come into importance as a blood drizzler, to be published shortly.


It’s fake, make no mistake about it, and it appears artificially enlarged, because it is in the front screen. It is surely synthetic material. Is it a prop for a synthetic leg, or is it Jeff Bauman’s stump being removed? The animated gif does show Bauman and his handler in close proximity:


It would appear to be Bauman’s stump which was removed by Williams that somehow got into the image. Karen Rand and Krystle Campbell are at a distance. Imput from posters would help confirm this. Back to our mole.

It can be seen that she a key coordinator of the affair. In front of her is Sydney Corcoran.

No doubt about what she is holding.
Some spillage of the fake material seems to be falling over her fingers.


That person was identified who snatched the fake blood packet as fraudster Michelle L’Heureux, who faked injuries to her legs and went on to money, while receiving praise:

L’Heureux now runs off with her packet. Yet, there is more:

Blond-haired woman now moves in; there’s plenty more, brown shirt’s pouch is full:
Blonde woman snatches her load; residue remaining in brown shirt’s hand?

As mentioned previously, surely, there’s a full load clearly evident, dragging the pouch down.


Rushing over to the actor group on the ground next to the black fence, large packet of fake blood squeezed tight in her hand and against her abdomen:
Bag of fake blood delivered; producer gives the signal.
Another prop-meister is this bald-headed man; he is found in numerous places. Apparently, when he is done with a component of his work, he raises his hand to give the signal. It was a signal possibly for the photo op to capture this image of what appears to be a fake wounded child.





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