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Follow the Fake Blood in the 2015 San Bernardino Shooting Hoax

UPDATED: March 19, 2018, 10:00 CST

In order to realize the degree of the fake in San Bernardino, 2015, all a person must do is to follow the fake blood. Evaluating the blood trail will readily prove the nature of this event, demonstrating it as a staged hoax.

Image result for images; san bernardino shooter; dead;

Clearly, that fake blood moves about and instead of clotting and congealing on the hot pavement it moves about, as will be demonstrated throughout this post. Moreover, so does, apparently, the dead shooter. He is seen in two different places in the imagery provided, here.

Image result for images; san bernardino shooter; dead;

We are not sure how he is doing it, but somehow the fake shooter is crossing his legs even though his head was supposedly blown off. It makes no sense that he would have muscle tone if he was already dead.

The following is another look at the overhead video screen-capture:

His body is clearly pointing in an entirely different direction than in the previous photo. The driveway represents the light-colored portion. In the final photo he is perpendicular, while in the immediately above he is parallel. This is hard proof of staging; in other words, he was fully alive when these images were shot. This was the breaking news point, meaning that the image was set-up before the more final one used for public consumption.

Here is what Wiked-pedia has said about the fake shoot-out of this phony shooter:

…Farook walked across the street towards some homes while continuing to fire, pinning officers behind their squad cars…One police officer eventually shot Farook in the right side, allowing others to flank and shoot at him. Farook fell to the ground, shot several times in the legs and upper body. He fired at the police once with a handgun as he lay wounded on the ground, injuring an officer before the gun malfunctioned. Farook was shot again several times and killed. His body was handcuffed and positioned to lie face-down afterwards

It seems that he was a kind of ISIS super-man. For someone shot several times in the legs he must have femoral arteries made of steel. Nevertheless, there is no evidence to any degree that this man was shot multiple times. If he was shot in the legs, then, he should have bled out from this area.

Yet, then, again, the blood isn’t that of a super-man, as it separates, making it feeble, in fact, fake to the extreme:

Image result for images; farooq; san bernardino shooter; blood; killed

Of course, there was so much blooooooddd. It was a miracle that only 14 people (fake) died and that only 17 were (fake) injured.

After all, the rogue ‘Mooslem’ had countless rounds of ammo and was armed to the extreme, even with a fake pipe bomb, that was actually ‘thrown’ at law enforcement. What could be more ridiculous than that? Here is the exact statement from Wikipedia:

At least one fake explosive‍—‌a metal pipe stuffed with cloth made to resemble a pipe bomb‍—‌was thrown at the police during the pursuit.

Image result for San bernardino; images; wounded; injured; 2015; shooting

Nevertheless, regarding the matter on the pavement it’s paint, not real blood, which is obvious to anyone in the medical profession:

No one can demonstrate this as being representative of real arterial blood, which is bright red mixed with darker venous blood. Nevertheless, the real blood wouldn’t have so extensively separated.

Hoax index: not measurable.



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  27. the San Bernadino incident was, IIRC, a bit like the Las Vegas incident;
    the accounts kept changing and never made much sense any-way(s);
    it would be interesting to get “a ball-park figure” on how many Yanks question the official account of these so-called
    “mass shooting” incidents;
    i suppose that there is no way you could get even a semi-reliable figure for that [?]
    another question would be: if there is a sizeable minority who questions the media accounts, then, is this preventing the US federal government from enacting draconian fire-arms laws [?]

  28. It’s very likely that nukes are a hoax anyway

    have seen that claim “doing-the-rounds” on YouTube and else-where over the years;
    of course: not being a qualified “nuclear physicist”, i could not say for sure although the evidence presented that debunks the atomic bombings in Japan does seem, prima facie, to have @ least some validity;
    the question is, of course: is there even such a ‘thing’ as a nuclear explosion [?]

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