Boston Bombing — 30 April 2013
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Follow the Lady in Pink for the Ultimate Truth

There seems to be little doubt that the Boston Bombing was a false flag operation. There are clearly government operatives and DHS agents on-site immediately, as well as prior to, the blast. One of these individuals stands out greatly, who does not appear to be a mere spectator caught in the foray. This is the lady in the pink vest with black undershirt. Immaculately dressed, she is found virtually everywhere in relation to the bombing site.

Follow the lady in the pink vest, and the real nature of the Boston debacle will be made clear. Representing the opposite behavior of an individual caught in a deadly bomb-blast this Zionist mole will reveal all. It is superior to looking for a mere Waldo, since by finding her, exposing her, and uncovering her, the exact nature and scope of this plot will be confirmed.

Here is the ultimate finding if it is determined that she is a pro-meister. It is not possible to have a real bloody massacre at the same time as creating a fake one. It’s one or the other, not both. How they faked it all remains to be determined, but even the faking of one injury gives proof that the entire claim of a real bombing at the Boston Marathon with real amputations is a scam.

She is highly useful. She will save countless hours of research.

There is only one lady in pink. So, she cannot be confused with others.


She is a clear and unprecedented collaborator, committing high crimes against the people of this country. This is by assisting in the creation of the appearance of a massacre. World Jewry has its legions of undaunted moles, who have long ago sold their souls to the devil. Many of them can be clearly seen, here, the brunette woman, left screen, cheering the fallacious project, fraudster male with the white shirt and jeans, prop man in the front, black shirt, fake wounded moles and collaborators on the ground, the lady in pink herself, her blue-coated fellow operative in crime, and additional Jewish moles, the two people playing out the fake shock on the right. Eretz Israel at any cost, even the telling of filthy lies, even the faking of a massacre–even cold-blooded murder.

It was Zionist Jews who did 9-11 and who also perpetrated Sandy Hook. Regarding Sandy Hook you can hear the Jews speaking, not just American Jews but, in fact, actual Israelis, who are speaking Hebrew, caught, live.  It  was such murderous vile ones who were on the ground blowing up the World Trade Center. Likewise, in Sandy Hook on the ground the majority of fake parents and actors were Jews. It would, then, be expected that regarding Boston they would be the culprits.

The difference of late is that they are faking the massacres, while, apparently, ruthlessly murdering any patsies.

Who can deny that they are faking it? Let them come here and do so. They will be proven categorically wrong at every step. Let them also prove that these enemies of the human race are not the culprits. Let them reveal themselves by attacking the researchers, here, for their revelations.

We take no money for this effort, don’t even request it, much unlike the money-grubbing Zionist Jews–and their cohorts, like Adrianne Davis-Haslet, who enriched themselves greatly over this scam, while the average person on the street pays dearly by bankrolling the illicit Zioinist-controlled DHS.

Regardless of what did or didn’t happen to the purported amputees they are all collaborators in a fraud, fake, and fabrication.

That lady in pink: she can be found on the scene immediately. She will not be found in the areal views. Rather, she surfaced from an area of disguise, right after the detonation of the Hollywood bomb:

Right away, after the smoke bomb is detonated she shows up. At least three other collaborators are in line with her. All are agents of the upcoming fake massacre.


Spectators long ago running away in pandeomium and absolute fear, lady in pink starts evaluating the scam site for a Hollywood-style triage: the fabrication of fake injuries.


There she is with the man in blue and another operative, setting up the triage for the fake massacre. Repeat screenshots have demonstated that while there were people on either far side of the Lens Crafter store, the central area in front of that story was emptied of people. It is a set-up, even if all the elements are not known or easily identified. Fake cops in the frame to block any independent people from investigating the scene. Surely, clearance through the DHS was required for anyone to get reasonably close. Thus, there are no reports from independent people about what went on from the scene, only various Jewish collaborators, all spreading filthy lies.


Various moles and operatives already on the ground, ready to go, ready to earn their keep to lie to the world. Head mole, lady in pink, has her black gloves on, like she’s ready for some serious work. What better artifice than that: those gloves will cover that fake blood she will apply exceedingly well.


A bit of discussion with a fellow theatrical operative; fake cops block the view from the spectator side.


However, now, it appears, the gloves come off; she is bracing one of the between her arm and side. She will put those same gloves on later, as she works intimately with the fake victims. Time to get some serious work done. Behind that feeble picket fence are many of the operatives, whose photos, spread all over the world, were deemed “iconic.” Now, she seems to be moving toward the actors strategically placed on the ground. Nevertheless, if anyone really died, she is culpable for disguising this from the appropriate authorities.

Zionist mole in action

It is Zionism which is the motivation to commit this heinous act. What exactly is this mole doing? That’s important to know, since it has nothing to do with helping any purported victims:


Clearly, she is involved with the individuals on the ground. What is in her hand at this precise moment has yet to be defined. Some believe them to be water bottles, others fake blood packets. Later on, when she is at the picket fence attending to presumably Ms. Campbell and Ms. Rand she can be seen in the process of applying what appears to be fake blood. Fellow collaborator, the woman in black, is giving a signal to someone. Another operative, now identified as a doctor, Martin Levine,  gives a signal, apparently, for loading one of the actors on a stretcher, the lady in pink and others achieving their dastardly deeds by that time:


One last dose of fake blood:


Once again, numerous actors on the scene, who were not on-site on the pavement during the explosion. These individuals came to the area from either the right or the left barricaded areas or from within the buildings. Note a man who appears to be Steven Spielberg hailing possibly a gurney or wheelchair. All the men, here, are a part of the fake massacre scam. Men in yellow are also all actors and DHS cohorts. Regardless, the lady in pink is clearly opening a close container. Yet, is there any evidence of her handing such materials to the fake wounded?

One more time, extensively enlarged:

Now cut down and zoomed in, again:
It is assuredly a fake blood packet in a Ziploc bag. She had to take her gloves off to open it. Moroever, the violet-colored edge of that bag can be see, as well as pressure-induced spillage of the fake blood onto the dorsum of her hand.

It truly is fake, as demonstrated by the reactions of this crowd of falsifiers to the environment surrounding them. No one is attempting to resuscitate anyone. 30 amputations would be mind-bending, emergency chaos, with screaming and yelling everywhere. Nothing doing, here. Mr. Arrendondo is off-screen to the left (right screen). Where are those thirty people who had limbs blown off? Where are the limbs? You claim there was carnage. Where is it?

Note: it has been presumed that these are fake blood packets being passed out. The vantage point, here, is not sufficient to say that definitively.

Mission accomplish, ghoulish-appearing Hollywood-like scene completed. Yet, what is known is that people who weren’t injured and who were not bleeding right after the blast or many seconds after it only later were covered in or surrounded by blood.

Yes, that is exactly what was weighing down that purse:


Woman in light-colored blouse, left screen, gives the victory sign.

Who, then, can prove that this wasn’t staged?

The whole world runs away, fearing additional blasts, while the Zionist Jews and their wicked collaborators stay on to do their filthy, diabolical deeds.


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  1. Excellent report. it is not surprising to me that just as drkresearch has issued its conclusions pointing to International jewry as being responsible for 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombings, today Alex Jones worked overtime to cover for the same, going so far as to say that Obama at the least is a former Muslim and maybe still one, is the head of AlQuada, and that radicalized violent followers of Islam will be part of the NWO. I say, what we have is a Jew World Order.

    • Barack (from Hebrew Baraka or blessings, actually the Arabic form, but still a Hebrew word), Hussein (crafty to give this Jew a Muslim name) Obama (unknown), with the mother, Michelle Cohen Obama, a Sephardic African full-blooded Jew. Doesn’t Islaam command that to murder any true believer in God is a mortal crime? He’s not a very good ‘Muslim.’

    • Off topic, but I really think it is quite contra productive to call them “jews”. Most of these people in these hoaxes that call themselves jews, are in reality something else. Something else is behind it than just judaism. There are quite a few decent jews that opposes zionism. And the elite does not seem to care that much about jews in general. I think Israel is expendible just like anything else. And it is easy to get most jews to play along for the sake of Israel.

      I strongly believe there is something else behind all of this than a pure jewish conspiracy. There is a secret ancient religion at work. I think you all know what I am talking about.

      And I also have this feeling that most people working inside this cabal believe that it is good. This secret religion promotes strength and hates weakness. It is elitist and cruel, but works for the survival of a strong humanity.

      They are satanists and luciferians.

      • And if the Jews play along for the sake of Israel, then they should be punished, to put it mildly..

        • The problem is that I think this cabal thrives on anger, fear and other negative feelings. I know it sounds new age. But think about it. The solution is to expose them with love and humor. That is their weakness. But really difficult to do because anger and hate is the normal response to lies, deceit, etc.

      • Isn’t it odd that the whole world called 911 an act by Arab terrorists, Muslim fundamentalists, Islamic terrorists – it was those evil fundamentalist Muslims who did it. Oh, your regular Muslims are OK, the moderates. But watch out for those radicals; they’re out to destroy the West and even kill anyone who isn’t one on them.

        That was OK, that they were identified and blamed. And they didn’t even do it. They were beyond innocent. In fact, they were brutally murdered because of an act done by their enemy, Zionist Jews.

        Now that the real enemy is clearly identified and caught in the act, beware: don’t tell anyone.

        As a result of this hate and malice against the people of Islam, as a result of this terminally false blame, some 2 million corpses, people who were mercilessly killed, in the desert sands, among mountain rock, and more. That includes women, children, infants, and pregnant women, including their fetuses.

        Unlike the Zionist-orchestrated Sandy Hook and Boston Bombings, these are real deaths.

        “Know thy enemy?” When the people who planned and perpetrated this war are named, they shouldn’t be named? Yet, the world said nothing when the Jews organized an invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and more, because of a terrorist act they themselves perpetrated. “Don’t know thy enemy” watch yourself brutalized.

        • I feel the same rage as you do. But I realise that anger is never a constructive outlook.

          That is why they are so good at what they are doing. They never get attached, they just play the game.

          They feed on anger and fear. A revolution based on anger will fail because anger strengthens them. Imagine 10.000 angry and hatrful protestors, what would happen? They would be killed or thrown in Fema-camps by scared cops.

          We need to try something else. I vote for love and humor. That is their achilles heel. But it takes a new mindset that they have worked hard to destroy

    • HA HA HA HA. Surely you’re not talking about the disinfo agent Alex Jones? When people upload and comment on Alex Jones videos (negatively), WARNER MUSIC GROUP (WMG) place Copyright claims to remove the video, not Alex Jones. What a joke and anyone believing Alex Jones is crazy as they obviously are too stupid to do even the most basic research. Just follow the money trail from Stratfor (the company he promotes). Talk about a two-party system where it really is only one party but most people think that it’s true or that people like Alex Jones are there to help and warn them. It would be funny if it wasn’t so criminal. Idiots believe Alex Jones. I was one of them for a few years until I started looking into him a bit more.

  2. The majority of Jews in the US do not like the idea of Israel. They feel that Israel is just another danger surrounded ghetto and they want no part of it.

  3. Getting off the Jewish topic. I was wondering when someone is going to do an analysis of the photo of suspect #2 when he was captured and laying on the grass. It’s an interesting photo and would like to see someone else’s opinion of it.

  4. Vert=green vegetation (in a forest),right to cut down green vegetation.Vertex=peak,highest point,top,summit.Verticil=whorl(in botany,a group of leaves,flowers,etc,arranged in a circle).Vertebrata =division of animals having a spinal column,vertebrate(Zoology).

  5. Okay this is fine and all, but if it was all fake then what would the hospitals do about these people coming in? The ambulances and workers, you’re telling me they are apart of this ‘elaborate’ scheme? Come on now.

    • Yes, many are. But most think that they take part in federal emergency drills where realism must not stop at the site of the accident. They have been taking parts of these drills for years for educational and probably also financial purposes. Not only do they get to train medical skills, but also how to handle media and so on. Control a handful of the staff (money is nice) and it is easy to confuse the rest. “Havf8” on YT made a video a week ago showing the federal documents that describe this in detail. Look it up.

  6. Look at that last picture. “Bauman” is lying there all alone. Where is the black woman? Where is the hoodie/sunglasses guy? There is no blood where the black woman was near his head. Nothing there. No one. No blood.

  7. right now.

    Crisis actor “Kaitlyn Roig” (Sandy Hoax) is Boston Marathon runner Rebecca Roche.

    “And what about THESE GUYS? the SAME hero police officers from Sandy Hook were at the Boston bombings working as a team there as well. YEP, the actor pool is pretty shallow, there are only so many people out there willing to commit frauds this big and keep their mouths totally shut.”

    “Remember mister blown off legs? The guy with the leg bone showing? The DUAL AMPUTEE ACTOR?

    “His FAKE LEG FELL OFF and got caught on video. WATCH THIS! It’s hilarious. (Contains obscene language.)

    “I keep going back and forth between Boston being a total fake and only partly fake. This pushed me back towards TOTAL FAKE”

    More on site

    • Thank you, now in the post.

      • Very, very interesting. It does look like there is either the removal of or the placement on of a prosthetic.

    • pink lady on the cell beside the ambulance

    • I know I am throwing my 2 cents in but the chicken wire and wood fences used as barriers have been deemed unsafe for use at sporting events back in 1989 and you can see why. Why would they use this?

  8. This site is sick and twisted.

  9. look athe guy in green in this video

    • the guy sitting

    • Which video? Please provide the link.

      • Note: because of controversy two posts have been pulled for further review. Please accept the apologies of this site for any confusion. They will be reviewed for accuracy and re-posted if justifiable.


  10. I’d definitely like to see you do the same type of investigation of the man with the bright yellow/green Under Armor hat. He and the lady in pink actually left together… so closely in fact, that one youtube video claimed that he may have been an undercover cop arresting her… You can clearly see that this wasn’t the case, but they were close enough that she almost appeared to be handcuffed in low-res pics as the left. I don’t have much doubt at all that HE was the one who directed this entire scene from the ground. I’ve seen multiple subtle hand gestures from this man, which isn’t THAT damning on it’s own… but, when you notice that multiple “victims” are looking directly at him as he makes these gestures, it’s very suspicious. He seems to move around the scene, NEVER attempting to help anybody… he just makes hand gestures, and ‘victims’ react by laying doesn’t, moving, etc. You can see it plainly from from to frame. Thanks for all of your hard work on the site… it’s quickly become one of my new favorites.

  11. Here is another shot of the lady in pink.[email protected]/8684058267/in/photostream/lightbox/

    There is also a Massachusetts State Police shirted man who ran the race in this photo. His number is 25379 which makes him a David P. Twomey, 35, from Quincy MA. He ran the race in 4:01:58. This according to Boston Marathon searchable results. If he is a cop, he certainly is not paying attention to the debacle around him.

    This searchable site shows no Bill or William Richard or Richards crossed the finish line, but does show Rebecca Roche as a runner. According to she also played Kaitlyn Roig in Sandy Hook (ears are identical). Race results are usually very accurate as people are assigned a timing chip and this feeds into a computer when they cross specific timing points (electronic mats) and at the finish line.

    The lady in brown is also in this pic, and here as well.[email protected]/8684567486/in/photostream

  12. Yikes, is the pink lady Susann Bump, the state auditor?[email protected]/8701711433/in/photostream

  13. You can see Lucas Carr who “helped” at the Boston bombings here[email protected]/8686999245/sizes/l/in/photostream/ He is wearing a dark yellow Boston singlet and black shorts at the top right side of the photo. His number is 27003. Facebook page is where he continues the narrative.

  14. You wrote: “It is not possible to have a real bloody massacre at the same time as creating a fake one. It’s one or the other, not both.” I guess you didn’t know there were two main bombing sites and a third at the library which was probably part of the drill as well. How is it possible you are so naive!

  15. Watch at 4:17, the pink lady ends up in a wheel chair after all her work! She lifts her pant leg which had no rips at all and shows a light scrape on her leg. Yet, she is pretending to be in pain in a wheel chair.

  16. Hello I think the Lady in Pink is Doris Kearns Goodwin !!!

    Look for example:

  17. Read a report a while back about the actual identity of “Lady-in-Pink” at Boston Marathon 2013. Either official of MA State or City of Boston. What was/is her position and name. Also, that assoc. of Fmr. Boston EMS Dir. Richard Serino.TY

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