Boston Bombing — 02 May 2013
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The Post-Trauma Bone Splinter Video

This video, showing the purported amputated tissues of Jeff Bauman, is one of the most damning pieces of evidence against there being a real concussive bomb capable of causing mass casualties. It demonstrates that the impossible happened: bone, an unbelievably tough, hard substance, somehow splintered nearly in two post-trauma.

That can only occur in the artificial trauma of Hollywood.


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  1. Ah yes, Hollywood, and as the Jews brag, they own Hollywood.

  2. Hi Brother,, more photos !!

    Considering Jeff’s backstory leads to troublesome photos. The most popular one is the photo of him holding a sign just a little too low wouldn’t you say? It is cropped before the bottom of the sign so it was either a larger photo or bad framing by the photographer. Well it seems someone on reddit has posted what is supposed to be the rest of the image that shows legs. After seeing this photo my thought is that the cropping was done to hide the bad shadows and not hide the legs (afterall, if this is a charade then photoshopping someone to have legs is not a difficult detail). Shadows are a giveaway most of the time and this one makes no sense (from:

    The female on the right does not appear to belong in this photo at all, at least not the way she is right now. Both Jeff and the other female have shadows that fall toward the lower right of the image. Her’s however fall in exactly the opposite direction (check out her camera lense). The shadow at her feet is not even the same darkness and appears to fall on a different surface entirely (or was created).

    This doesn’t prove he’s made up or didn’t have legs, but this photo is certainly not the original. And typically where there is smoke there is bound to be fire…

    We can see why they cropped it that one was posted Thursday, April 18, by another alleged friend of Bauman’s, a “classmate” claiming to have known him for “20 years”:

    But of course there are conflicting shadow angles

    Now, if this were a real, pre-existing “photo” of the “Boom” man, why would it be manipulated at all?
    What is the yellow streak down the right cheek? Note: when any real photo of a face is lightened (gamma increased), it washes out evenly, never like this:–bucks-for-bauman-shadowspaint1.jpg

    And they always have trouble with shadows; how can a shadow of the little finger be created by that angle of sunlight?–bucks-for-bauman-shadowspaint.jpg

    Continuous red outlines when lightened = PhotoShop

    I like this one. Three days after accident from skeleton he got fatter then ever!

    • I would say it is obvious the shadows of the three individuals have three different angles of lighting. Bauman’s shadows seems to suggest that his part of the photo was taken around noon time because the shadows under his eyes, nose and chin are all straight down. The woman on the right, the lighting is coming from her upper right, and the women on the left, the lighting is coming from her upper left side.

      Conclusion? The three individuals were taken from three different photos that were shot in different time of day; they were combined into one photo using an image editing software.

      • That is a very interesting assessment. Any further links or posts you can provide: thank you, will look into it.

  3. You people are really amazing. Jeff worked at Costco in Nashua NH before this accident. Many people know him from Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Get real, he lost his legs. They originally “identified” him as some CIA operative, not even Jeff. I see they dropped that silly story.

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