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Forensic Analysis of Fake Trapped Woman on the 23rd Floor in Grenfell Fire Hoax

It is presumed that, based on reports by the Zionist-controlled media, that people were actually trapped in London’s Grenfell Tower and they died there, being burnt up alive. One example of this is the purported family of Rania Ibrahim, an Egyptian woman supposedly living in the building.

Here is the woman in question:

Image result for Rania Ibrham; grenfell towers; images

Here is a picture of her, presumably with her family. This image appears to be in St. James Park, London. One wonder what she is doing off in the distance and why she is not holding her daughters.

Image result for Rania Ibrham; grenfell towers; images

The oft-viewed video of her opening and closing her door has been seen by millions. In this regard it is said:

What normal mother would do this? Obviously, the only thing should would do would be to rush down the stairs or through some other agency and get her children to safety. She wouldn’t be fiddling around with a facebook post. This means that her role, if any, was staged by various psyops moles, who aided her in perpetrating this fraud.

Regarding the video the key issue is the existence of a handler, an actual media mole working for the Zionist-controlled networks. What is that handler doing in there? Why is she instructing her regarding what to do? Obviously, this film was a crucial one to perpetuate the fraud.

Here is an transcript of the video to a reasonable degree of accuracy:

Arabic-speaking woman: “Yaa Allaah,” that is “O God.”

Handler: “Don’t open the front door. You’re gonna bring the smoke in. You’re not going to be able to breath.”

NOTE: This is highly telling. The building is burning down, and she needs someone to tell her how to think and react, completely implausible, inane.

Arabic-speaking woman: “Someone (or can we go) outside?”

Handler: They’re in the other flats.

Arabic-speaking woman: “Are you sure?”

Handler: “They’ve gone into the other flats.”

Handler: “Listen, you have children. Standing (among) the smoke is not going to help you.”

NOTE: She has to remind her she has children?

Arabic-speaking woman: “Yea.”

Handler: “Where is your husband (plus, inaudible)?”

NOTE: She has to ask her where is her husband? All this is hard proof of fabrication and staging.

Arabic-speaking woman: “Yea.”

Handler: “There’s too much smoke; you’re not gonna feel good.

NOTE: She has to tell her about the nature of smoke and what it will do to her, as if she can’t think for herself?

Arabic-speaking woman: “OK, OK, I’m not open it (plus additional, various Arabic-based invocations).”

Someone, then, opens the door, when it is said, “Hello, come hear, come hear…no?,” adding, “Come, come, come, hello.” NOTE: This is followed by screaming and various other antics.

Someone (unknown, after the door is open): “Because the stuff is coming (presumably the pyrotechnic smoke).”

Arabic-speaking woman: “The people outside.”

Someone: “Close the doors.”

Arabic-speaking woman: “Oh my God, I close it. I close it.”

Handler: “They’ve gone into the other flat.”

NOTE: all the white, an Anglo-Saxon or, rather, non-Egyptian/Arabic woman, presumably one of the Zionist producers, is saying, “Hello, Hello.”

Arabic-speaking woman: “Someone outside (inaudible). OK, I’m going out.”

Zionist producer: “Hello, Hello.”

Now, during the video there is a revelation. When the door is opened the second time, someone actually comes into the apartment. This is what the images originally looked like as they were screen captured sequentially:

Here they are after being lightened up, color added:

Now, she has two non-Egyptian, non-Islamic people in the room with her, a male and a female. In the final image it can be clearly seen he has made it in with his left hand following. Moreover, his face seems to have been purposely blurred out, as the rest of his body has detail.

The film now is cut and then it goes to the scene where she is looking downward. In that scene there is no fire anywhere to be seen:

Image result for Rania Ibrham; grenfell towers; images

How clever of the Zionists to do this, using what appears to be a distressed Islamic woman acting as if she is about to die, saying, “Yaa Allah” or “O my God” in Arabic.

Arabic-speaking woman: miscellaneous Arabic invocations are again said, while she seems to giggle a bit, here. The invocations include, “Laa illaha illallah,” meaning there is no God other than the One God.

Arabic-speaking woman: “Get out.”

Handler: “We’re on the 23rd floor. We’re stuck on the 23rd floor. Hello. There are too many people stuck upstairs.”

This part is a cut-away in the crafted, fabricated video. They had time to edit this and post it while being burnt up alive. Moreover, where are the children? Why can’t they be heard? Why aren’t they screaming? She says nothing about them. The handler reminds her of their existence.

To add to the emotional jarring the following was perpetrated, that is fabricated witnessing by a purported friend, who also presumably received specialized messages:

Why would she ask for forgiveness from ‘everyone,’ instead of, perhaps, her creator? Why would she send out a message of ‘goodbye’ instead of running for her life?

Every effort is being made to manipulate people’s emotions. As a result, they have donated to such a degree that the agencies are saying, “Don’t send any further donations.” Moreover, regarding the money collected it is now in the millions of pounds. As well, consider the following element, which is supposed to represent the hopes and desires of a burnt alive child. Notice the nature of this. Someone took a match to this. The edges were burnt artificially: no doubt about it.

R. Ibrahim did not die in the fire. Nor did her children. Nor did her husband. Nor did her two arch-Zionist, criminally minded, fraud-committing handlers.


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  1. A tenuous claim and of course unsupported.

  2. Why don’t the police and firemen man up and admit to the public that this was an arch hoax? Are there no honest people in those services!

    • There are always plenty of dirty cops to use & exclude the honest ones. The most brave fireman simply were told they were not allowed to enter the fire was too hot etc. And they were told most of the people were already exited from the building. As long as there are contridictory stories most people are confused & nuetralized from investigating further. People are programmed not to act when confused just follow the official line even if it changes! And the different political & racial & religeous groups of people have different media presented stories to follow & divide & conquer them.

    • What a load of ****, Cowboy.

      Where is your evidence?

  3. Ex25) GrenFell Never Fell On June (33) & 14(77) = 110 (WTC) Stories Aka Reinforcement Programming & Reveals: Burning HeavyDuty Steel Towers Don’t Fall!

    No One Died, no one rescue & no one was even in the building! All a PsyOp & zioScam!

    Zionist Jew Frank Lucky Lowy’s buddy Lucky Larry Silverstein made out like a bandit on 911 & ziotrash Lowy will make out like a bandit on this PsyOp!

    Also the Grenfell building is 220 ft as more subliminal & reinforcement programming of 2– 110 Stories WTC Towers of 911. & 24 stories for a 888 code # of the Devil! Also 4 6’s like 66 & 66 aka two sets of dual 33’s!

    Grenfell in Jewish Gematria Equals: 183 & 18+3is21 aka 777 order out of chaos code

    Grenfell in Simple Gematria Equals: 79 aka 7+9= 16 aka 4×4 aka 44 Death & destruction code!

  4. Ex2) San Bernadino Staged PsyOp Pic With 4 Fireman Right Next To Flames of ZioDHS Magic Spontaneous Combustion Car Set WildFire!

    Using common sense his pic is a staged picture! You don’t put four men with two hoses this close to a wild fire! The hoses can shoot water hundreds of feet away! A wild fire could jump instantlly & engulf & kill all of these men! And you can see a shed is burning yet the stories say no houses caught fire! So this shed or small barn was set on fire seperately! That way it would not in reality represent the danger this picture falsely represents to these fireman it would be in if this was the main (set PsyOp) wildfire! And they threw in an old large milk can for theatrics! If they were saving people or homes maybe the’d need to be closer or even go into a burning home but not this close to a wildfire to put out an an already burned down old shed or barn in the middle of nowhere practically!

    No Exploding Car started this Fire it was by DHS & FEMA & Nat’ Forest Service San Bernardino FD Control Burn (Govt Arson) Drill style! Fake & staged just like this picture! The local politico crooks robbed the Public coffers & taxslaves & drove the city of San Bernardino to Bankrupcy so San Bernardino Crooks are ActWhoring the town to the ziocrooks running DHS in Hoax after hoax to get millions & to avoid prosecution for their massive malfiscience & theft of San Bernardino & SB County & California money!

  5. Another fraudulent idiotic gibberish post by ziotrash jew Gabriel the troll made fraudulently by the lowlife loser under my name here as Cowboy…

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of—>Cowboy JUNE 26, 2017 AT 9:56 AM
    I am dedicated to exposing the truth about the government’s involvement in the sinking of the Titanic. Specifically, that they did it (and by “they” I mean Jews). Lol!

    I’m just a tool with a laptop who discovered the truth, but I encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions based on my premise that the government is lying to you and that your disagreement with said premise constitutes your admission of being a sheep.

    Still not convinced?…..etc etc etc….& more gibberish from ziotrash Trannyfag troll Gabriel aka Gabriela, Gabs, Cyndi, etc

  6. New St Louis RaceWar PsyOp Black Cop Shot By White Cop After 2 Other Cops Already Recognized him! 44,66&77,666 &Dual 33Coded

    This is exact excerp from WP Story from June 27, today, below:

    (The off-duty black officer, 38 years old and an 11-year veteran of the force, was at home when he heard shots and sirens from the chase of a stolen car by members of an anti-crime task force. He grabbed his service weapon and went to help, but two on-duty officers ordered him to the ground until they recognized him and told him to stand up and walk toward them. As he was doing so, another on-duty officer, a white 36-year-old officer with eight years on the force, arrived on the scene and, “fearing for his safety,” shot the officer, hitting him in the arm.
    To recap: An off-duty police officer runs to help fellow officers, complies with all orders and still ends up getting shot. What exactly was the threat that was posed that required the use of deadly force)

    All that above is from story…It’s a Hoax! It admits the two cop ordered him to the ground (since he was armed & supposedly near where they were investigating or making a drug bust)
    Then then they soon recognized him as a cop who they knew & told him to get up walk towards. Then another white cop comes up on the scene and shoots him! Right! Not! BS! It’s a zionist DHS RaceWar hoax PsyOp tied with the Ferguson Ongoing RaceWar Agenda Series of PsyOps!

    As for the gematria codes: 11+38 is 49 aka 77.

    38 to subliminally say 38 special handgun.

    June 237 aka 999 aka 666 upside down.

    44 Death & destruction code from 16 being 4×4

    36 is 6×6 for 66 aka dual 33° code
    36 is also like dual 666 as 36 is like 666 & 666 – 6 sixes

    Also they like puting 11 into stories like the 110 stories of each WTC.

  7. San Francisco Hoax Shooting Idiotic Script Crisis Actwhore Leopold Parker Watched 2 Chinese UPS Workers get Shot, Chinese Shooter hated Chinese but
    not Jewish Crisis Actwhores like Leopold???

    Parker, 53, was standing by his truck at the morning meeting when Lam walked up and shot Louie in the head, he said. Louie was a few feet in front of Parker. Lam glanced at Parker.

    “I heard a pop. I saw a flash. I saw Benson drop in front of me,” he said. “He glanced at me, so I thought I was next cause I was right next to Benson.”

    But Lam went the opposite way. Parker jumped into the cab of his truck and said he saw a couple of bodies on the ground when he looked over. He ran to the roof of the building after he saw Lam running toward an exit.

    So 1st he runs into his truck then he runs onto the Roof of the UPS Building!!?? Did listen to music & have a bee & a smoke up there to while other Crisus Actwhore were being interviewed?

  8. Ex3) San Francisco UPS Shooting PsyOp SWAT Truck 66 aka Dual 33 Coded– on 14th for 77 Order out Chaos Code Also×600.jpg

  9. Ex4) San Francisco UPS Shooting Happy Hoax Huggers / Crisis ActWhores Motley Crew

  10. A terrible analysis.

  11. Deserving of a post, The Fake Dead and Missing of the Grenfell Fire Hoax

  12. Ex2) New St Louis RaceWar PsyOp Black Cop Shot By White Cop After 2 Cops Recognized him! After Fake Cop Chase & ShootOut! @42sec mark Drill Dummy On Ground! LMAO! & Clown Mayor Say Happy He Got shot! That’s how bad she screws her scripted lines up!

    44,66&77,666 &Dual 33Coded PsyOp!

    You just can’t get more ridiculous than hoax/ZioPsyOp ZioHollywood RaceWar script! Cop Chase Car has no bullet holes, no glass on ground! White Cop shoots black cop after 2 cops already have recognize him & more cops are on scene next to them! lmao! And the white Dummy on the ground with mannequinn arm really takes the cake!!! Also Idiot ZioPuppet Buffoon mayor screws her script up & says she is happy the black cop was shot! I lost that video but I will post it later when I find it.

    This is exact excerpt from WP Story from June 27, today, below:

    (The off-duty black officer, 38 years old and an 11-year veteran of the force, was at home when he heard shots and sirens from the chase of a stolen car by members of an anti-crime task force. He grabbed his service weapon and went to help, but two on-duty officers ordered him to the ground until they recognized him and told him to stand up and walk toward them. As he was doing so, another on-duty officer, a white 36-year-old officer with eight years on the force, arrived on the scene and, “fearing for his safety,” shot the officer, hitting him in the arm.
    To recap: An off-duty police officer runs to help fellow officers, complies with all orders and still ends up getting shot. What exactly was the threat that was posed that required the use of deadly force)

    All that above is from story…It’s a Hoax! It admits the two cop ordered him to the ground (since he was armed & at his home near where they were supposedly investigating or making a stolen car arrest).

    Then then they soon recognized him as a cop who they knew & told him to get up walk towards. Then another white cop comes up on the scene and shoots him! Right! Not! BS! It’s a zionist DHS RaceWar hoax PsyOp tied with the Ferguson Ongoing RaceWar Agenda Series of PsyOps!

    As for the gematria codes: 11+38 is 49 aka 77.

    38 to subliminally say 38 special handgun.

    June 237 aka 999 aka 666 upside down.

    44 Death & destruction code from 16 being 4×4

    36 is 6×6 for 66 aka dual 33° code
    36 is also like dual 666 as 36 is like 666 & 666 – 6 sixes

    Also they like puting 11 into stories like the 110 stories of each WTC.

    See The Drill Dummy lying on the ground just before 42 sec mark! Dumb A-Holes!! Certainly a DHS Paid drill & PsyOp reported treasonously as a Real shooting for the Zionist Agendas of: RaceWar, Cops Vs Black, Gun Confiscation & Police State!

  13. Police State Drilling, After Fake Killing- Making Crisis Actors Act Like Prisoners of War @ SAN Francisco UPS Shooting PsyOp

  14. Ex6) San Francisco UPS Actors & Other Crisis ActWhores Drilling In Perfect Formation! & 14 (77) Coded Cop Car!

    095 aka 14 aka 77
    & 144 Cop Car Also used to include 44 death & destruction Code

    Also 144 is also the name on some Sections of Baltimore National Pike aka Baltimore National Road aka Baltimore National Hwy which goes/went from Baltimore to San Francisco!*388/San-Francisco-UPS-shooting-KGO.jpg

  15. Ex7) San Francisco UPS Shooting PsyOp Heavily Coded Crime Scene Staged Photo- 44 Twice, 33 Mult Times, #13 Police Helmet, dual 13 Cop Car Tag!

    Cop’s Helmet has #13 on it.
    Cop’s Bike has #359 & 35+9 is 44 d& d Code
    Street is 16 aka 4×4 aka 44 death & destruction code
    Utah Ave is 309 aka 3&9 is 12 aka 66 aka dual 33°
    Cop Car tag has dual 13’s, & 33, & 6 aka 3+3 aka 33°
    So Cop car tag has dual 33 code
    Also cop car is #84 which could be a 444 code but also 84 aka 8+4 is 12 for 66 code & dual 33 code again!
    Also video view of time is exactly 5:00 next to Channel 5 for a 55 code.
    Also 55 & 44 is 99, etc etc…

  16. Is this cowboy person for real?

  17. Ex1) Venezelan Action Movie Star CIA/ Mossad agent blue eyed Oscar Perez Stages Helicopter, Grenade & Gun Attack on Supreme Court

    The zionist Jew Mob & Banksters Wants a New Constitution & Government of Venezuela with ziopuppets running it so they can steal Venezuelan Oil Profits & take over it’s trade & economy completely!

  18. Ex2) Venezuela Zio PsyOp- Proof Court House Attacker Crisis Actor Movie Star Oscar Perez Is a Police Academy Trainer & Pilot!

    He’s sitting pretty now in zionist run Panama now & will be given Hollywood movies for his service to the zionist enemy of Venezuela!

  19. Ex3) Proof Venezuela Policeman Mossad Terrorist Crisis Actor Movie Actor Is a FreeMason–> Symbol on His Cap In Helicopter!

    He does his staged zioHollywood style terror attack on the Supreme Court & then the court gets the zionist mob message and immediately demands the President of Venezuela Resign! LOL Ziotheatrics ZioPsyOps Terror Tricks Work!

  20. Ex5) Zionist Owned Jew Media in Venezuela/ Latin America Making ZioHollywood Movie Actor Oscar Perez Crisis Actwhore Terrorist Cop Out To Be a Super Hero for the people!

  21. Ziotrash Crypto Jew Lloyd Webber Song Shameless Thief/Plagiarist Calls English Theater Hideously White Revealing his fangs & hatred of Goyim & Whites!

    Here’s some of his song/musical thievery!

    From Babylonian Talmud:
    “All the property of the Goyim belongs to Us, the jews.”

    Filthy Ziotrash Jewish Supremist Andrew Lloyd Webber Flashes the sign of his Tranny *** Goat Head god Baphomet!×395.jpg

    So racist supremist jew Zionist Lloyd Webber claims theaters are hideously white yet his plays exclude blacks & are dispurportunately Jewish by many times their numbers in the general population! Maybe this racist zio Jew should replace some of his over represented Jewish actors in his plays with Blacks, asians & hispanics & whoever! Since he pretends to care!

  22. Ziotrash Andrew Lloyd Webber plagiarist thief was forced to pay Royalties to Italian Opera/Musical/ Playwright Giacomo Puccini’s Estate:

    Also I read Jewish owned firms supply 98% of costumes to London theaters!! Total ZioJew Mob Control of that industry!

  23. Zio-Occupied Germany Passes War On Free Speech! Hate Crimes Law Allows InterNet Holocaust Truth or Jewish Criticism Thought Crimes Fined $50 million!

    Most Orwellian ADL- Zionist Jewish Supremacist AntiFreeSpeech Achievement Thus Far this Century!

  24. ZOG ZioJew Occupied Germany Passes Homo Marriage Major Zionist Jew Agenda Achievement! Zio Faggotry Forced On Goyim! ….

    …Unless You stand up & defy these criminal Baphomet Tranny *** god worshipping perverts & the Babylonian Talmud derived insanity!

    All acceptance of Faggotry & Tranny Faggotry & Next Pedophila will be forced on you & your kids by the zionist jews, goyim!

  25. London Bridge Bike Cop Buffoon Crisis ActWhore Says He Felt Like Cowboy Fighting Wolves (Eeevile Mossadlim Boogeymen ISIS CRISIS ACTORS!)

    Did Mel Brooks write the black Cowboy part of the London Bridge PsyOp?

  26. Kh(azar))uRam Butt Faggified Fake Terrorist ActWhore London Bridge PsyOp#2 Was In ’16 TV Show “The Jihadis Next Door”! Busted!

    So Ya’ Know He’s ZioJew Mossadomite! Hear me fellow Goyim???

    & He Had a Butt buddy named Khurah Shazed (Shaved) Butt!! Yes Subliminally Shazed Butt is Shaved Butt! Kh(azar) Ura Shaved Butt! ZioHollywood Perverted Faggotry in Fake names in the script!

    & Script crosses Koran with ram in “Khuram” & Middle name & last together “Shahzad Butt” is subliminally like “Shows that Butt”! Pure ziofaggotry scripting!

    You just can’t make this sh#t up! But the ziotrash jew criminals can!

    From the CNN ZioMedia Story:

    [Khuram Shahzad Butt appeared in a 2016 Channel 4 documentary called “The Jihadis Next Door” … Khurah Shazed Butt, left, and Rached Redouane have been named as two of the London attackers by the Metropolitan police. … I am not surprised that Khuram Butt carried]

    “Jihadis Next Door” 2016
    Documentary??? Or Ziotrash Mockumentary & Predictive Programming of Upcoming PsyOp??!! Yep! Programming the goyim whites for ‘inevitable’ terror & (zionist) wars with Muslims & Arabs & others…to mutually destroy
    all sides of the hated goyim e enemy!

  27. are you out of your sick demented mind?? to post this ****..YOU LIE AND YOU DO IT AT THE EXPENSE OF A VICTIMS WHO LOST THEIR LIVES?? YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RETARDED AND YOUR ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE IS NOTHING BUT LIES. how the hell do you sleep at night spreading this vicious **** all over the net. someday you are going to answer to God. There is a special place reserved in hell for you!

  28. Im out of my mind thats why ive never had a life LOL

  29. She’s really a man and has a crisis actor on her nose.

  30. Ex1) NYC Bronx Hospital Shooting Fake Dr Bello Never Existed & Toy Gun Used In Drill Style Staged Picture!

  31. Ex1b) NYC Bronx Hospital Shooting Fake & Dr Bello Never Existed & Toy Gun Used In Drill Style Staged Picture!

  32. Ex1c) Bronx NYC Shooting Massacre Fake, Dr Bello Fake! ZioTrash DHS & zioMedia Gun Confiscation Agenda Drill Style PsyOp

  33. Ex2) Bronx NY Fake Killer Dr No Blood As He Fake Shoots Self In Head After Crisis ActWhore Mission Accomplished

    This tape (Crisis Actor) will self destruct in 10 seconds!
    (Mission Impossible)

    Suicide Means No Trial, No more screwups at Kangaroo Court Fake Trial!

  34. Ex3) Bronx Leb* Hospital Admits To YouTuber It Was Active Shooter Drill! LOL! & Idiot Crisis Actor Can’t Read Script So Reporter Reads It For Him!!

    This is pure comedy by the A- Hole Ziotrash Criminals pulling this PsyOp!

    Bronx Lebanon *

  35. Ex 4) Bronx NY Killer Dr Bello Fake Shooter on Scripted Codes: 16&17 flrs for 33°, 45 yrs for 66&666, 2:45 for 90 aka 33 kill1 &wound 6 for 44

    All those ziotrash/ occult /Talmudic Codes & more in this script!

  36. Ex 4) Bronx NY Killer Dr Bello Fake Shooter on Scripted Codes: 16&17 flrs for 33°, 45 yrs for 66&666, 2:45 for 90 aka 33 kill1 &wound 6 for 44

    All those ziotrash/ occult /Talmudic Codes & more in this stupid script! I found all those myself just looking at a screen shot of a ziomedia news story on the video below!


    Crisis ActWhore Fake Doctwhore Bello

    Fake Bloody Fake Dead Killer Doctor Bello.. Notice no blood on guy investigating!

  37. Truth-Hating Ziotrash Jew Run Youtube Terminates
    Barry Soetoro, Smoke’n Mirror Youtube Channels ZioMedia War On Sandy Hook Truth!

  38. BBC Legend Turned 911 Truther Brit Reporter Alan Hart Exposes 1967 War Lies Still More Powerful Than Truth! He Quotes Israelis Admitting No Arab Plan To Attack Israel!

    Alan Hart Destroying his career for the Truth admitting Israel, Zionist & Mossad did 911!

    “If Europeans and Americans do not stop the New Nazis, it is likely that their end game will be the extermination of millions of Palestinians.

    In a letter to British Conservative Party leader David Cameron in August 2007, Hart wrote that “the Zionist state, which came into being as a consequence of Zionism terrorism and ethnic cleansing, had no right to exist and, more to the point, could have no right to exist unless … it was recognised and legitimized by those who were dispossessed of their land and their rights during the creation of the Zionist state. In international law only the Palestinians could give Israel the legitimacy it craved. And that legitimacy was the only thing the Zionists could not and cannot take from the Palestinians by force.” He also stated that the “Jews who went to Palestine in answer to Zionism’s call had no biological connection to the ancient Hebrews. The incoming Zionist Jews were mainly foreign nationals of many lands… The notion that there are two entire peoples with an equally valid claim to the same land is an historical nonsense.”. Hart has also suggested that the United States is in danger of an Israeli nuclear strike with a stolen nuclear weapon to trigger a war with Iran and “finish the ethnic cleansing of Palestine” under cover of war, which Hart claims that Israel is planning to do “as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

  39. More Idiotic gibberish disinfo fraudulent posts made under my name here by ziotrash jew ziotroll Gabriel the perverted *** Israeliophile…

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of –> Cowboy JULY 1, 2017 AT 9:15 AM
    Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, AKA, Criss Angel, likes to call himself the Mindfreak because of his sweet-*** magic, but you know what I think is pretty freaky? Not using your supernatural abilities to END THE WAR ON TERROR.

    Imagine, if you will, a soldier who could predict the location of enemy leaders, who could walk through walls, allow enemy fire to pass through his body, and literally make terrorists vanish into thin air. Well, stop imagining it, because that is EXACTLY WHAT CRISS ANGEL COULD BRING TO THE FIGHT AGAINST ISIS!

    The military applications of Criss Angel’s Mindfreak powers are near limitless. He could mind control the terrorists into turning themselves in. He could summon a horde of mind demons to fight them. With less effort it takes for you to wink one eye he could turn the enemy’s entire water supply into Mötley Crüe tickets. These are just a few of the things Criss Angel fails to do every day and really, is it any surprise?
    …. blah blah blah & more gibberish by weirdo coward Gabriel the ziotrash slimebag…

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of ->Cowboy JULY 1, 2017 AT 9:47 AM
    My name is Cowboy and I am a coward.

    I post libelous unfounded accusations against innocent people all while hiding behind my computer screen.

    I don’t have the ***** to personally present my “evidence” to the accused, to the media, to academia, or in legitimate forums because that would mean I would have to disclose my true identity. Which I won’t do, because I am a big *****, and know my “evidence” would be summarily laughed at, ridiculed and ripped to shreds. And then I’d be exposed as the fraud that I am. In addition to being the coward that I am.

    A lot of people are fascinated by my zealous hatred of Zionists and my prolific postings on NoDisinfo. Today, I am going to open up and reveal some truths about the man, the myth, the mysterious character, Cowboy.

    I spend hour and hours, day after day, month after month, year after year, railing against Jews, the government, Zionist conspiracies, and people who don’t believe the earth is flat. Deep down I know what I’m posting is utterly ridiculous, but I can’t help it. It’s a manifestation of my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)….blah…blah…blah…(and more gibberish by Gabriel who only posts perverted, disinfo & fraudulent
    & gibberish posts to defend the zionist & jews & Israel & to malign & express hatred towards all others (Goyim) like Italians, Serbs, Christians, Muslims, Lebonese, Syrians, Arabs, Germans, Romanians, Whites, Blacks anyone but his beloved fags, trannies, jews & Zionists!….)

    Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of–> Cowboy ….) JULY 1, 2017 AT 10:36 AM
    I am not a COWARD and I am not scared of your threats to expose my identity you little *** Ziotrash Jew troll Gabriel! Now go back to your tranny call boy, you little perverted Israeli mossadomite freak!

    Oh, and bring your own body bags for your Mossadomite faggot JDL ADL thugs’ dead carcasses if you & your ziotrash uncover who I am, Gaybriel, sissy boy! lol! …..blah blah blah..(This one he cut & pasted part of my reply to his deaths he posted to me as JDL… And JDL is a cowardly murderous assassination terrorist group Jewish Defense League which he admires obviously. They death threat antizionist & send hit teams to murder innocent unarmed people for telling the truth & expressing their free speech which the zionist trash hate! And I never posted anything about caring about him exposing my identity. I was replying to him threatening to have me murdered by the JDL /ADL /Mossad, simply letting them know I would defend myself if they came to murder me..And stating I will not hesistate to defend myself & send their punk a$$es to hell via lead bullets! lol) And this is the only language a cowardly murderous ziotrash jew like Gabriel, Mossad, IDF, etc, understands, so one must use such language to make it clear to such trash the deadly consequences of his murderous ways. Such cowardly ziotrash don’t go after armed men.)

  40. Little Rock Rapper Fake Shooter Arrested By ATF, Fed Marshals, FBI 374mi Away Birmingham for dual 77 code & #28Injured > Dual 77 & Impossible 25 Shot, No Dead!

    Also he is 25 & 25 were shot of 28 injured for yet another 77 code as 2+5 is 7 twice for 77!
    So actually you have triple dual 77 Hoax codes! See bottom of post.

    This DHS Script is so non sensical- why would he drive to his hangouts like Birmingham past Memphis..& when from Little Rock he could have been in atleast any of, 5 or 6 different states where they’d not know or expect! They even admit in the script they set up traps around Birmingham to catch him! So the script was only that he’d only go to Birmingham! lol In a real such shooting He’d have had some flunky drive the Mercedes back to Birmingham or where ever & he’d have another flunky or girlfriend drive him to Missouri or Kentucky or where ever like any of 5 or 6 nearby states much closer than 375 miles! & stay gone until things cooled down & an alibi , & etc could be established & favorable witnesses “found” or bought by his lawyer! lol

    Just like P Diddy/Puff Daddy always does!

    The script had him cross state lines to use Alphabet Soup Federal Buffoon Agencies to arrest him. But not to go a realistic place he’d actually go, because the script has to simplistic for ziomedia brainwashed zombies!

    Triple Dual 77 in PsyOp Script & another 77 single

    374 mi aka: 3+ 74 =77

    374 aka 3+7+4 aka 14 aka 77

    28 injured aka 14 &14 aka dual 77

    25yr old shooter & 25 shot aka

  41. Bronx NYC Hospital Fake Shooter Doctor Bello,45 is Alias Henry W Obotetukudo,45, Actor of Bronx-NYC, Beverly Hills, Miami, LA, Proof! BUSTED by me, Cowboy!

    New York Times says he is 45. Same as this identity/alias I found. And it also has his Bellow alias shown too (that some stories mention.) And he is all over Wealthy California towns where actors & wealthy live. And he actually has more series of aliases. The Heavy website (which is in on all these PsyOps/Hoaxes) shows his medical licence where he is listed as Bello Henry Williams! Yet No one even mentions that alias either! Some ziomedia just say they can’t find any medical license under Henry Bello! Well no! His license is under Henry Bello Williams another last name so it would never come up!

    From Radaris Indentity Search:

    Henry W Obotetukudo~45 New York

    Known as /aliases:

    Belo Herry
    Henry W Bello
    Henry W Bellow

    Related to:

    Miriam Bello, ~27 Emmanuel Bello, 37 Yvonne Bello Yvonne F Bello, ~46
    Micha B Bello, 32 Micah Bello, 32
    Miriam Bello, 62

    New York, NY
    Bronx, NY
    Beverly Hills, CA
    Agoura Hills, CA
    Moorpark, CA
    Phoenix, AZ
    Newbury Park, CA
    Thousand Oaks, CA
    Brooklyn, NY
    Woodside, NY
    Miami, FL
    Irvington, NJ
    Los Angeles, CA
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  42. I know, right? It’s hard to fathom anyone could be so utterly twisted in his beliefs, but Cowboy’s screeds are quite entertaining. Like being unable to turn away from a car wreck.

  43. ZOG Chicago 4th of July WeekEnd Shootings PsyOp Pics for Ziotrash Gun Confiscation Agenda! ZioTheatrics Mega Staged Pics!×281×197

    Woman Fake Praying Theatrics as Ambulance passes:×197

    Stage Dead Body with one shoe ever-repeated zioscript code & ziopuppet cops standing arounde supposed dead body talking casually!×197

    ZioClown buffoon cop ridiculously attaching Crisis Tape to a cop car’s spotlight! What a fat buffoon actwhore!×197

    Fat Buffoon “Cop” very young female Cop Crisis Actwhore acting startled…ZioTheatrics ZioPsyOp Tricks! Why would ever allow a female cop this young to be this out of shape???×197

    Chicago 4th of July Crisis ActWhore Hoax Huggers! You can’t manage a fake tear so just do a Hollywood hoax hug!×197

    Look up in the sky! It’s a bird? It’s a plane?? It’s Super Man! ??? No! It’s a hoax!!!
    Look at this idiot Crisis Actor following the stupid script pointing up into the sky!
    Anything to look dramatric for the dumb brainwashed goyim masses!×197

    Another Idiotic staged picture of a fat buffoon cop Crisis Actor looking up into the sky!×197

    Faggy Ghetto Crisis Actwhores having a tender rear-ender moment at Chicago Gun Confiscation Shootings PsyOp!×197

    Half Naked with Towel Crisis Actor Fake Grieving at Chicago 4th of July Happy Hoax-a-Thon Shooting Spree PsyOp!×197

    More happy hoax huggers:×197

  44. Uber Dumb Fake Script: Man In Uber Fake Taxi Shoots Wife In Front Seat, Gets Dropped Off Sleeps In Bushes!

    So he is sitting in the back seat with his wife in the front seat & he shoots & kills her through the seat or around it… And the driver casually asks: “Where would you like to go?” And he decided to be dropped off so he can sleep in the bushes! Never mind his dead wife with blood & guts splattered all over the car! And he claims he doesn’t remember killing her!
    This hoax ziotrash story is as fake & dumb & ridiculous as they come!
    The zionist believe any story will be believed by the dumb ziomedia brainwashed goyim zombies! And most will believe it!

  45. UK’s 114 Yr Old Vauxhall & 118 y.o. Opel Carmakers Takeover (from GM) by Peugeot Govt’ Approval for mere tiny $2.9 Bil!

    This will make Peugot/Citreon/ Adam Opel/Vauxhall the #2 Carmaker in Europe after Volkswagen.

    Vauxhall has made cars in UK since 1903. And it has been owned by GM General Motors of USA since 1925. It has 4500 Employees in UK. And produces over 200,000 Cars per year.

    Opel sells over 1 million cars per year. Opel has sold & assembled cars since 1899. But at first they were a French car built for them & then another French Maker built the frame & motor in 1902 to 1907 & they added the body. And They started building their completely own cars in 1906. Also Adam Opel was the first German Car maker to use an modern American type assembly line. And they were the top selling German car by the 1930’s and even number 1 in Europe by 1939. GM bought the company in 1929 impressed by their modern assembly line & standardized production technique which most German & Europe companies were far behind American carmakers in doing so. So most of the European cars were more expensive & often much lower quality than American ones.
    Anyway this is for UK really just more of the zionist/Capitalist deindustrialization of UK & the castration of it’s people’s & workers pride in producing modern manufactured goods. The Vauxhall will still be made in UK for now atleast. Also both Vauxhall & Opel were much older manufacturing companies before they ever made cars.


    Adam Opel Cars

    1939 Vauxhall J 14

    1957 Vauxhall Victor

    1939 Vauxhall Luxury Big 6

    1939 Opel Kapitanän_4-Door_Sedan_1951.jpg/640px-Opel_Kapitän_4-Door_Sedan_1951.jpg

    1939 Opel Admiral

    1937 Opel Admiral (with a Fastback if you will…)

    1969-74 Vauxhall Droop Snoot which stole it’s look from the 1964 Studebaker Avanti..

    Studebaker Avanti:

  46. CallBoy Renter Church of England PedoFag Preist Crypto Jew Andrew Sloane HomoLover Of Ziotrash Israeli Defender Kenneth Collins Mann of DC & NY USA Proof!

    He looks like hideous Congressman zioJew Pedofag Barney Frank who was caught running a Pedophile callboy ring in his basement in the 1980’s & is still a Congressman! Also looks like Elmer Fud!

    This Obituary Claims his Washington DC & NJ & NYC Lover is dead but other evidence indicates this Israeli *** Ken Collins Mann is still alive! These faggy ziotrash jews never stop pulling Zioscams!

    It also looks like fags Andrew Sloane & Mann Episcopal are closely connected to C.O.E./Episcopal priest Philip Stowell of DC, MD & NJ. He is connected to EMS & Fire Departments & his son Andrew Stowell also a firefighter apparently faked his death as a zioScam!

    Rev Philip Stowell ( he may be the brother or Brother in law of Andrew Sloane???

    Looks the admitted lover of Pedofag Rev Andrew Sloane named Kenneth Collins Mann is a US State Department Traitor & an Israeli Public Defender Leader/Activist & big Hillel supporter (Jewish Supremist on College Campuses)!

    Kenneth Collins Mann 
    age 70


    New York, NY; Washington, DC; Sheboygan, WI; Moorestown, NJ


    Susan Mann


    American University; The State Department; Funding Committee; National Public Defender Of The State Of Israel

    It could be that this pedofag Andrew Sloane has a sister named Susan & she plays shell/shill/ fakewife to both his lover Kenneth Mann & Rev Philip Stowell! Or maybe it is Mann’s own playing the wife named Susan of both! The ziotrash mossadomite *** agents often use their sister to play their wife!

    Younger Kenneth Collins Mann

    Much younger Kenneth Collins Mann

    Notice how much Fake dead Andrew Stowell looks like young Ken Collins Mann! Related??

  47. Meet Fat Ziotrash Jew Genocidal Pig TrannyFaggot Dean Hutton Jewish Supremist South African Traitor Who Wants Goyim Whites Tortured Murdered & Exterminated!

    I knew this creature would be some vile disgusting beast when I saw Christinne’s post…so I looked him up! But This fat Ziotrash murderous piece of $h#t far exceeded my lowest depths of the sewer expectations! It even admits it’s tranny faggotry! This pig deserves what just he desires for the white South African goyim he so satanically hates!

    This pig has murderous hate straight from the satanic filth Babylonian Talmud jewish so- called holy book!

    Look at this beastly tranny *** creature painted in gold! Mocking all South Africans that the zionist Jews aka murderous Oppenheimer & Rothschild Co. still have a stranglehold over all South African Gold & diamonds & Platinum & all precious metals while South Africans are cheated out of any profits from these resources & many whites live in squatter camps & go hungry are raped & murdered for the pleasure & great joy of the
    of the ziotrash pigs like Dean Hutton!–20

    Vile, sleazebag woman-hating, white-hating, goyim- hating supremacist jew circus-Freak-show tranny *** Dean Hutton!

    Filthy fat pig Ziotrash murderous jew Dean Hutton trying to get blacks in SOUTH Africa to murder innocent whites in South Africa! May some cannibal tribe will eat this fat Hog beast!

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