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France Terror Attack a Total Hoax with PhotoShop Fakes?

Updated, April 24, 2017, corrected

It is surely tiresome yet, once again, the powerful ones behind the French government – criminal Zionist agents – have perpetrated another hoax, faking the death of a police officer, while blaming it on Islam. There can be no doubt that it is an arch-fake, just like Charlie Hebdo and countless others. Make no mistake it is false blame plus Islamophobia, clearly proven, here, per the National:

Who finds this plausible? Once again, it is a lone wolf ‘Islamist’, an agent of ISIL, who strikes, wildly attacking police officers with a long gun, variously reported as a rifle and/or AK-47? Where could he have procured such weaponry in autocratic, police state-like France? See the classical arch-Zionist symbolism, invoking, alternatively, “2001” and also the standard Mossad-style naming of a Muslim, the ‘Abu’ as if this signifies a terrorist mind. Moreover, it is not merely but “Abu Yusuf” and if that is not enough, the surname is “Bejiki”, for Belgium, as in “Baghdadi (aka Simon Elliot),” as in Baghdad. This is all the work of the Mossad and its collaborators: mere Islamophobic hoaxing.

Then, of course, there is the leveraging of the Qur’an, although it is simultaneously said that the purported perpetrator was “not going to the mosque” and was “not religious.” Could it possibly get more inane than this? It may be recalled that Qur’ans were used as props or imagined ones during Sept. 11, 2001, when the Mossad and its assets bombed into oblivion the WTC complex.

The timing cannot be a coincidence. The Rothschild-based Islamophobes just had to take advantage of such a hoax, considering the timing of the French vote just hours ahead:

Of course, the ‘killer’ was shot dead: how convenient. Now, while this is a fake consider the value of such a claim, the distraction value at the least. France has been involved with covertly supporting Middle Eastern-based terrorists, mostly foreigners, who have invaded and attacked Syria. These terrorists have murdered countless thousands of people, displacing millions of others. Such a fake is an ideal scheme to distract the world from criminal acts by France’s power-brokers.

‘Fear’ and ‘panic’ are ideal schemes, and it is known that the majority of people will fall for this, will presume this as real without a second thought:

Sure, he did, right. He fired point-blank six or more shots at the officers. It would be a blood-bath. Where, then, is all the blood? Where is the legitimate crime scene? Wait a minute, though. It had to be real. Everyone was “afraid,” scared out of their minds. Plus, ISIL (that is the Israeli Secret Intelligence for Levant) claimed it as real, even taking responsibility, even claiming that it was committed to advance the “Caliphate.”

Who is the (fake) dead cop? It is Xavier Jugele, who can only be seen in this seemingly staged photo:

Image result for paris attack; April 20, 2017; images; police

Is it possible that the head has been placed in this imagery for purposes of the hoax? He is front-and-center and all by himself. Moreover, there is no reflection of the image in the glass pane. How is that possible?

The Jugele image casts no reflection or shadow, though his face appears to be well-lit and it appear that there is ‘light’ on the bridge of his nose:

The supercilious smile is sure indicative of the nature of the scam. Even so, nothing about the image appears real. How about the emblem? It appears to be a cut-and-paste hack-job:

Note the pixiliation and jagged edging found around the image badge. Some will say it is a compression issue. Yet, the rest of the detail on the uniform is precise and without such edging. Moreover, it is not found in a real image taken as a screenshot from a police uniform, as seen, far right.

As well, it appears the face has been cut-and-pasted into the image, with PhotoShop cut line being seen under the eyes, particularly evident under and about the left eye, where certain oddities can be seen:

Those do appear to be clear PhotoShop cut lines under the left eye. The nose bridge appears to be manipulated by the blur tool. It is odd that the reflection or light ends right at the top of the bridge of the nose.  It does not have the appearance of natural skin or an actual light-based reflection. Who can demonstrate otherwise?

Here is real imagery of the photo of a police officer at some distance. There are no cut lines under the eyes and the bridge of the nose is natural with normal reflection.

Regardless of any digital manipulation it is a clear fake, as is evidenced by the imagery at-large:

Why are the two cops aiming in different directions? There is no danger on that street. It’s all staged. Moreover, what in the world is this policeman doing aiming his gun directly at the camera-person, and why is his cohort aiming his gun to the ground?

There are cameras abounding everywhere, right in the midst of all the ‘action.’

This is an extremely poorly conceived and orchestrated arch-fake. Nothing about it appears realistic.

This can be nothing other than a fake. The videos show much evidence of extensive staging.




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  1. Exceedingly week post.
    The light on the guy’s nose- that’s your argument?
    Good thing you’re not a lawyer… or a doctor!

    • The only one being bashed is you, poo.
      No surprise that you’re too dumb to notice. That’s ok…
      How’s your separated wife? And your telepathic mum?
      I enjoy your blot. Especially the cowboy posts.
      It’s a thinking man’s blot, for sure…
      Keep up the great work!

  2. 1st US Federal Zio-ADL Hate Crime Convict Charleston Fake Black Church Massacre Killer Dylann Roof Goes To Indiana Prison Death Row & Hoax-Execution PsyOp

    This Zionist DHS Fake Massacre moves forward the Zionist Federal Hate Crime Agenda so soon Opposing the Zionists, Jews & Israeli warmongering, Hatemongering & Transexual Faggotry Agendas will soon get you executed unless these ziotrash agendas are opposed & stopped!

    Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Moved to Death Row in Terre Haute Federal Prison

    Convicted church shooter Dylann Roof has been transferred to death row at Terre Haute Federal Prison in Indiana — the facility that houses male inmates awaiting execution under the federal government.

    Roof, the first person to be convicted of a federal hate crime and sentenced to the death penalty, was removed from custody in Al Cannon Detention Center in North Charleston, South Carolina, on Friday and transferred to Terre Haute, prison records show.

    Terre Haute, a medium-security prison where inmates are put to death by lethal injection, currently houses 1,338 inmates

    In January, a jury sentenced the self-proclaimed white supremacist to death for killing nine black worshipers in June 2015 at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston during a Bible study. The 23-year-old told FBI agents that he was trying to start a race war.

    He also pleaded guilty to nine counts of state murder charges on April 10.

    Roof is now among the long list of well-known criminals who have spent time in the Indiana facility. Others include murderer and drug trafficker Raul Garza and Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

    As of Feb. 9, there were 62 federal inmates on death row, according to the Death Penalty Information Center three inmates have been on death row since 1993 — drug gang members Richard Tipton, James Roane Jr. and Corey Johnson, who were convicted of killing nine people to protect their crack trade.

    Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who a jury in 2015 recommended be put to death, remains in a federal lockup in Colorado, where officials say they can better handle his “unique” security arrangements.

    After the federal death penalty was suspended by a 1972 U.S. Supreme Court decision, it was brought back 16 years later and three people have since been executed under it.

    Like his fellow death row inmates, it isn’t likely Roof will be executed anytime soon.
    Legal battles are underway in a number of states, including Arkansas and Ohio, over the constitutionality of controversial lethal injection methods. Prosecutors and defense lawyers are arguing over whether one of the three drugs used in the process, called midazolam, constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment” because it fails to render inmates unconscious before two other drugs are injected.

  3. ZioPaid $$$ Barney Fife & Wife & USA Family Crisis Actors “Get Ringside Seats” to See Champs Elysees ISIS Crisis Actor Mossadlim Massacre PsyOp!

    “We saw the Gunman”..”We saw him go down!” ..He had a machine Gun!” ZiOTRASH puppet filthy paid treasonous lying family of Crisis Actwhores! Just bring in the scumbag actors from anywhere lots of sayanim Crisis Actors working for the zios Israhell everywhere! Gotta’ have ZiO-Lie-O Amerikans at every PsyOp to Warmonger hated Christian & other Americans against other Goyim Arabs & Muslims via filthy Zionist lies!

  4. London Bridge Hoax Is Falling Down Cochran Zio USA Family of Ziotrash Cockroaches/ Crisis Actwhores Raise $83,000! Sayanim Criminals!

  5. San Bernardino Hoax School Shooting Buffoons/ Happy Laughing Crisis Actwhores & Fake Shooter Fake Script: “My Eyes Are Shaking!”

    Most Idiotic Statement by an idiot Crisis Actwhore in this PsyOp: “My Eyes Are Shaking!”

    More script idiocy: “We need to know where to find our cues!!!” ..Aka “we need better cue cards to remember our screenplay PsyOp scripts!”

  6. Hoax President ZioPuppet Clown Obama Meets The Hoax Stonehedge The Fraud Built This Century!

    Stonehedge is 1 billion % Fake!!!

    • Shill Disinfo comments by zionist jew troll & Fraudster Gabriel/Gabriela/Gabs /Cabbie, Gabbie, etc:

      Cabbie 2017 AT 12:08 AM
      Hey Cowballs,

      Why don’t you get on line and book a non-stop flight to Australia. I guarantee you that it’s possible. United might be willing to fly you.

      RonaldAPRIL 23, 2017 AT 10:25 PM
      This analysts is a joke. Exceedingly weak argument and totally unpersuasive all around. Amateur hour at best. Who’s writing this ****? Are you retarded?

      Mack TavishAPRIL 24, 2017 AT 12:12 AM
      Cowboy is a hateful rabid white supremacist but white nationalists wouldn’t breed with him because of his Syrian heritage.

      Rudolf Von GasslickerAPRIL 24, 2017 AT 1:19 AM
      Yes, and ‘no possibility’ of a doubt Summa Theologica of aquiniana memory. But it ‘s possible that rather than aim for a niche adjacent to the’ if sbajo, I corriggerete ‘smell sorosiano, Our must currently undergo the disturbing proximity of a wetsuit, but .. Very active flora corpse …?

  7. This analysts is a joke. Exceedingly weak argument and totally unpersuasive all around. Amateur hour at best. Who’s writing this ****? Are you retarded?

  8. Matrix Movie Creators (ZioJew) Wachowski Bros Both ComeOut As Creepy Tranny Fags Pushing Ziotrash Tranny Agenda & War Against Women & Family!

    The Ziotrash Enemy Continues to Push the Tranny Faggotry Agenda Harder & Faster!

    Tranny *** Hasidic Jew

    Never Ending Awards for coming out as a Tranny ***:

    Super Creepy Tranny *** character ziotrash *** jew LANA Wachowski with Super Creepy fake voice!

  9. Miami Girls Night Out Shooting Hoax 1 Dead , 4 Shot (77 Chaos Coded) & PsyOp Girls In Camo Picture

    CBS Apr 24, 2017

    MIAMI — A night out ended in tragedy when a young woman was killed and four others hurt in a shooting, CBS Miami reports.

    The women had just finished celebrating at a birthday party when gunshots rang out. One of the victims was in intensive care. The other victims were in stable condition.

    Friends stood outside a hospital trying to figure out how a night of fun on a party bus turned into deadly chaos.

    “We just heard gunshots and everyone started scattering different ways,” said Cleondia Gaiter. “Everybody just took off running.”

    Friends identified Jasmine Dixon, 21, as the victim who died. Police confirmed the death hours later. Dixon was a friend of the woman celebrating her birthday.

    “I don’t know, it happened so fast,” said Runika Jean-Gilles. “I don’t know if it was people that was at the bus party, or people that came after the bus party. We don’t know. We just heard gunshots, and it was coming from all directions.”

    Miami-Dade Police investigators said their party bus was dropping off a group at the Golden Glades Park and Ride when gunshots rang out. As chaos erupted, people began to flee the parking lot in their cars. There’s evidence that there may have been accidents in the process.

    Quanisha Hepburn, 18, was one of the girls wounded. Her mother said she was shot in the abdomen and back. Danesha Goulbourne, 17, suffered wounds to her right shoulder, right arm, right side of her neck and clavicle.

    Two other people, Kandisha Rodgers, 23, and Lakeesha Hayes, 20, were possibly struck by cars trying to get away from the area.

    “I’m hurt,” said Karina Font. “They are my close friends, I grew up with them. For that to happen to them, that’s sad. That’s dead wrong.”

    Police are looking for the shooter or shooters. They’re also looking for the driver of a white or silver vehicle, possibly a Hyundai or Kia, with damage to the front-passenger side.

  10. ExB) Miami Girls Night Out Shooting Hoax 1 Dead , 4 Shot (77 Chaos Coded) & PsyOp Girls In Camo Picture

    PsyOp Girls In Army Camo Picture for Hoax Shooting:

  11. Bill Nye The Fake Science NASA Actwhore Guy Saves Ball/Baal Earth With Lies & Fakery & Tranny Faggotry & Global Warming Occult Dogma

    Bill Nye Tranny Faggotry

    Scientism Actorwhore Bill Nye Buffoon says a Real Scientist refuting Global Warming Hypthosis Dogma should have to debate 97 Scientist & Buffoons who support Global Warming to make it fair! So obviously he knows it is fake science Dogma or he would not demand a stacked unfair debate to make it fair for his fake science!

    Bill Nye Fake Science Guy Incredibly Stupid Non Proofs On How We know “Earth is Round” & ofcourse round does not even mean ball or sphere!

    Bill Nye Scientism Actwhore Guy Buffoon on How To Shut Down Flat Earthers:

    Bill Nye The Not Science Guy But Paid Shill Actwhore Guy!

  12. DHS Burleson Texas Twins School Shooting & Killing Hoax Busted Crisis Actwhores Camden & Cameron Lewis Not Dead! Not 17! Over 21 & In College!

    Fake Dead Cameron Lewis Crisis Actwhore Twin ZioPuppet has been Graduated from HS & a Student @ University of Oklahoma since atleast 2014!

    Fraudster Twin ZioPuppet Camden Lewis Student at Univ of Texas @Austin:

    Both these twins & their friends have done Crisis/Horror/Zombie/ Mass Murder/Gore acting for years at Hangman’s House Of Horrors for years in Dallas’s Twin City Ft Worth:

    The fake script zioMedia & zioDHS School Shooting Gun Confiscation Agenda PsyOp News Story!

  13. Please give me this as a post:

    ZioClown Trumpowicz Happy Holohoax Remberance Day & No Memorial of Zio Perpetrated Real Holocausts of Goyim in USSR, EEU Armenia SPAIN, UKRAINE & Palestine!

    You must bow down & honor Babylonian Zio Tranny Jew God Moloche/Baphomet & celebrate Holocaustianity Insanity Goyim!

    Ziotrash Pig Puppet Trumpowicz Reading his World Jewish Congress ConArtist Holohoax Script off a Teleprompter!

    Ziotrash Puppet Trumpowicz Demands honoring the Fake Jewish holocaust in Poland while Similtaneous Denying Real ZioCryptoTurkJew Perpetrated Holocaust in Armenia!

    ZioYoungTurk Jerks Denial of Crypto Jew YoungTurks Holocaust of Armenian Christians

    The Non Holocaust Truth of Poland

    Harold Rosenblatt Incredible Paid Pathological Holoco$t Liar Crisis Actwhore

    Joe Rizoli on the Sick Perverted Holohoax Liars & ZioHolohoax Porn Pushers:

  14. Dbl>33&77 Coded Dallas Hoax HighRise by Highway Shooting Crisis Actor Matt Kempf Kills Mom of 7on7th Floor, Fake Witnesses & Hoax SpokesLiar

    This Hoax happened 33 Days after Zio Jew Occult beloved Spring Equanox on 7th Floor & related DHS/FEMA Drill Exercises happened on 10th & 13 floor and other floors! Mom of 7 named Canada killed on 7th floor. lol Chris Collinsworth names start with C&C C=3 aka CC for 33!

    VicSim Fake Victim Lana McAree Canada is 16 or 4×4 for a 44 death & destruction code & 88 a shortened 888 Satan/ Devil code or Double 33

    DHS paid Hoax Crisis Actwhore Fake $heckel Paid Witness

    Fat ZioPuppet Ziotrash Pig Crisis Actwhore False Witness Chris Collinsworth:

    A man fatally shot his female supervisor, then killed himself Monday morning at an office tower in Lake Highlands, near the High Five.
    Dozens of officers — including agents with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — responded to the building along LBJ Freeway, near Schroeder Road, as workers evacuated from the building about 10:45 a.m. Monday.

    Dallas police on Tuesday identified the shooter as 60-year-old Matthew Kempf of Frisco and his victim as 48-year-old Lana McAree Canada of Sulphur Springs. 

    Police said Canada, a mother of seven, was a newlywed; her Facebook page indicates she was married in March.

    Kempf had no apparent criminal history, according to a search of public records.

    Police shot a locked glass door with a shotgun to get into the office where the bodies were — the only shot fired by police, Assistant Police Chief Randall Blankenbaker said. 

    Police suspect that Kempf shot Canada before killing himself in the meeting room. 

    One officer suffered a minor injury from broken glass and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

    Blankenbaker said there were witnesses to the shooting, but no one else was injured.

    SWAT officers searched the building floor by floor to make sure there were no other gunmen and to evacuate everyone who had taken shelter indoors. The building was declared safe at 12:49 p.m., police said MaryJo Nsuk, who works in the building, stood in the parking lot shoeless just before noon. She was on the 10th floor when she heard a commotion coming from below and heard police say, “Come out with your hands up.”

    About five minutes later, police came to the door to escort her downstairs,  saying, “Get out of the office, come on.” She left her belongings, including her cellphone and shoes, behind.

    “Police were doing their best to make sure all floors were clear,” she said. “They protected people with shields, and a cop was facing backwards when they were trying to get us downstairs.”

    Brandee Love and Bailee Christian, who also work on the 10th floor, said they heard a number of shots and then screams.

    A short time later, SWAT officers escorted them down a stairwell and out of the building. One officer’s arm was bleeding, they said.
    Paul Doran was on the sixth floor working at a commercial real estate investment company when he heard popping noises.

    “We got the fridge to barricade the door and hoped we were all right,” he said. “I was just scared. I’ve never been in this situation before.”

  15. Courageous Wonderful Alison Weir On How USA was used (like a cheap whore) to exterminate Palestine & create (Evil Satanic genocidal Babylonian) Israel!

    • thanks cowboy. I will watch these videos you posted.

  16. Every picture tells a story!!! Extermination of Palestine by Genocidal Parasitic Israel:×500.jpg

    Every picture tells a story!!!

  17. New Dallas Shooting ZioJew VicSim Actwhore Lana McAree Canada is DHS Naval Embeded Zio Traitor Alana Cagle Master of Disguises

    As Alana Atrium Cagle

    As Lana Cagle Navy Oceanic Office using heavier older pictures:

    Photoshopped Picture as PsyOp Hoax Shooting Victim with light brown hair as Lana McAree Canada:

    Heavily Photoshopped ZioMedia Image of VicSim Lana Canada

    Official Facebook as Lana McAree & Lana Canada

    Her Lana Canada identity & cover/shell business in TN & Ny

    Lana D Canada 
    age 42


    Ashland City, TN; Charlotte, TN; Ronkonkoma, NY


    William Canada


    The Kitchen Link , Inc.; Recipe link dot com

  18. Gabriel Ziofag Israeliophile Extremist Jew Troll Fraud posting as –>Felix APRIL 26, 2017 AT 1:55 AM
    Cowboy is waiting to fight for the new Islamic Super State’s “Caliphate” as a mercenary but he will be deceived he will be actually fighting for the Synagogue of Satan.

    Reply by me, Cowboy:

    Obviously ISIS is Israel Secret Intelligence Service aka Mossad’s Mercenary Terrorist Force of mostly Turks, Saudi & Jordanian & other hired heathen brainwashed mercenaries.
    I do not support them and never have, never will! I support the brave Syrian people & Syrian Army & volunteer militia called Hezbollah fighting these paid whore mercenary murderers! I will fight only when attacked here in America. When your ziotrash puppets at zionist traitorous DHS try to come for the guns I fight in self defense & defense of the Constitution & Bill of Rights & Fellow Americans. Not Before, not elsewhere. Only here in America. So go to hell Gabriel ziotrash jew with all your lies & fraudulent posts & disinfo!

  19. Bear Delaware State Trooper Shot @ WAWA store DHS 44, 88,66,40,33, 777 SuperCoded Hoax! & School Drill Lockdown! With a Lon Chaney LookaLike Cop!

    Address is along America’s oldest national Hwy called “40” & “Baltimore National Pike” is 1332 in Eng’ gematria aka 9 aka 33. 642 in jewish gematria aka 66 or double 33. 222 in simple gematria.

    Bear is 88 in Jewish gematria. 2& 6 in Simple for 8. & 642 in English gematria for 66 or dual 33 code again.

    The same road is also called:

    Pulaski Highway which  in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1723 & 17+23 is 40
    Pulaski Highway in English Gematria Equals: 1020 aka 12 aka 6+6 or 66 or dual 33
    Pulaski Highway in Simple Gematria Equals: 170 aka 1+7 is 8 & 4+4 is 8
    44 is death & destruction Baal/ Jewish/ Babylon occult number.

    Casual Deleware Cop Clown Actwhore Dressed to go to Ocean City, Maryland beach after the PsyOp performance is done!×480/local/-/media/2017/04/26/Wilmington/Wilmington/636288134805956976-wawashooting1-1.jpeg

    The story mention Brick Mill Road 3 times in a row! lol! Why to get their Masonic/ziocoded numbers!
    ck Mill in Jewish Gematria Equals: 183 & 18+3 is 21 aka 777
    Brick Mill in English Gematria Equals: 534 & 5+34 is 39 aka 3 13’s

    “In Middletown, Brick Mill Road was closed to traffic and lined with emergency vehicles as unmarked state police vehicles sped by.

    The media was not allowed east past Brick Mill Elementary School on Brick Mill Road.”

    Wawa is 288 like 2-88’s or 2+88 is 9 for a 33 code
    & also 28+8 is 36 for 6×6 aka 66 & dual 33’s but also 36 is like dual 666 & 666 beast, baphomet # twice

    WAWA in Simple Gematria Equals: 48 & 48 is like dual 888 & 888 # of Satan or Devil twice & alao 48 is 4 x12 & each 12 is dual 33’s or 66’s

    Also in many places this road Baltimore National Pike or National Hwy or Route 40 or Pulaski Hwy or Baltimore National Hwy is also called 144 & WAWA is 288 like 2-144 codes.

    Ridiculous Mutiple Emergency Taped Areas Adjacent to each other!! With hoaxer standing around Lmao Why?×480/local/-/media/2017/04/26/Wilmington/Wilmington/636288072288848037-IMG-4173.JPG

    They lockdowned a nearby school Brick Hill Elementary..And closed Nearby Brick Hill Road..hmmm..But left open Pulaski Hwy, Rt 40, Baltimore National Pike the main road where it happened??!!! LMAO! Because it was too big to close for a hoax PsyOp & would have needed to many more local cops to reRoute! And they were already using mostly State Troopers since they are the most corrupt & most useless cops anyway l & highest paid & strictly used to commit hwy robbery against drivers! And they are the most UnConstitutional police within in a state!

    Delaware Trooper Shooting Hoax Lon Chaney Look-A-Like!

  20. Ex2) Bear Delaware Trooper Shooting Hoax With Lon Chaney Lookalike Crisis Actor

    Real Lon Chaney

  21. Ex4a-e) Live DE Trooper Now Dead! Hoax Cop Killer Barricaded in Home, Scripted PsyOp ShootOut Next! (44 Death Code) Scripted Massive Tributes & US Flag Coffins Already! Pics Prove Hoax!

    US Flag Drapped Coffin ZioHollywood Style Right after he fake dies!×480/local/-/media/2017/04/26/Wilmington/Wilmington/636288302315928246-042617-Officer-KRG-0262.JPG

    (Hoax) Body is still warm & Cops Putting On Big Scripted PsyOp Tribute Show In miles Away in Delawares only Big City Wilmington LMAO:×480/local/-/media/2017/04/26/Wilmington/Wilmington/636288302334336364-042617-Officer-KRG-0174.JPG

    44 Pictures posted on Zionist Gannett News Journal site for Dead & Destruction Occult Code…
    Plus story mentions 4 Police Cruisers on Standby & 4 Ambulances on Standby for another 44 Death & Destruction Babylonian Baal Jewish kill code!

    And a 3rd 44 code by mentioning 1600th block of a Road aka 16 aka 4×4 for another 44!!! Are they playing to hoax kill the hoax shooter & 3 hoax bystanders! LMAO! why else 4 Ambulances???..Oh yeah for the 44 code!

    Fireman Hoax Troops Hoax Saluting Hoax Dead Trooper at Christiana Hospital As Hollywood PsyOp Ridiculous Same Day Scripted Staged Tributes Ridiculous Run Hog Wild!×480/local/-/media/2017/04/26/Wilmington/Wilmington/636288297907531151-IMG-6205.JPG

    This Super Staged Fake Drill Picture Proves Hoax!! Buffoons are casually arpund stretcher in front of WAWA Concenience store! Why! He got shot in parking lot! Where’s the blood! Huh! Where the Ambulance??? LMAO! Pure zioMedia, ziotrash Hollywood & ZioDHS ZioJew Treason Fakery for their Gun Confiscation Agenda Against Americans!×480/local/-/media/2017/04/26/Wilmington/Wilmington/636288230169156515-042617-cop-shooting-wb23463.JPG

  22. Ex5) DHS Bear Delaware Hoax Cop Killer Shooting @ [email protected] Home Now! & WAWA Store 777 & 666 Coded Address!

    1605 Pulaski Hwy, Bear, Delaware, 19701

    1605 aka 16+5=21 aka 777
    since 21 is 7+7+7
    777 Order Out of Chaos Code

    19701 zip code 1+9+7+1= 18
    18 is 6+6+6 aka 666 Beast, TrannyFag ZioJew Baal /Babylonian Talmud god Baphomet Code

  23. Cleveland Happy Hoax Crisis Actwhores In Duping Delight At Godwin FaceBook PsyOp Murder Funeral! & Zio PsyOps Subverting Free Speech!

    Ziotrash Using Cleveland PsyOp To Usurp Power, Subvert & Destroy Free Speech!

    Closed Casket Fake Funeral of Fake Dead Crisis Actwhore Godwin

  24. BUSTED! Bear DE DHS Trooper Killer (Hoax Dead Now) Shooter Burgon Sealy! played by Bob Holder Son In Law of Burgon & Renee Sealy! & Script Flip!

    Real Robert Holder who plays Hoax Cop Killer Sealy

    This is Hoax Shooter/ Cop Killer Character Burgon Sealy Jr play by Robert Holder son in law of older real traitor Burgon Sealy!

    Crisis Actwhore Renee Sealy aka Stewart mother in law of Robert Holder (& mother of Antionette Sealy, his wife) who plays her fake non-exist cop killer son!!! Busted Traitor DHS Ziopuppet Actwhores!

  25. Bear Delaware Trooper Cop Killer Hoax So Busted!!

    Explosives Cops, SWAT & ATF Buffoons Certainly had a great time blowing up the hoax home with small explosions but not a single bullet hole is in it! Proving no shootOut Occured at all & it all is Ziotrash Enemy Hoax Treason PsyOp for their Gun Confiscation Agenda against Americans!

  26. Super Ridiculous PsyOp Picture on Fake Dead Crisis Actwhore Trooper Stephen Ballard’s Facebook account!

    Ferry *** Flying PsyOps Cops To the Rescue ZioHollywood style???

  27. French ZioPuppet Macron Meets Lying Ziotrash Jew Fraud Fat Fake NAZI Massacre Survivor (Mini HoloHoax!) Timeline Of 1 Day of Goyim Worship of Self Chosen Goyim-Hater Tribe!

    French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has promised that if elected, he will come back to a village for the June commemoration of the largest massacre in Nazi-occupied France.
    Oradour-sur-Glane is today a ghost town, with burned-out cars and abandoned buildings left as testimony to its history.
    Macron met with the last living survivor of the massacre, 91-year-old Robert Hebras, who accompanied him for one hour at the site. He laid a wreath at the village’s cemetery.
    On June 10, 1944, four days after the Allied D-Day landings in Normandy, an SS armored division herded villagers into barns and a church, blocked the doors, and set Oradour-sur-Glane ablaze. A total of 642 men, women and children died.
    Only six people survived.
    7:45 p.m.
    French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen says she “abhors” Holocaust doubters amid a scandal involving a senior official in her party.
    Le Pen has made the comment after allegations that a vice president of her National Front party expressed skepticism about Nazi gas chambers.
    Le Pen has worked to clean up the image of her National Front party to make it an acceptable alternative, and noted in an interview on BFM-TV that in 2015 she forced her father out of the party he founded and led for 40 years after he repeated a statement diminishing the Holocaust, for which he had been convicted.
    Le Pen said that today “there is no one in the direction of the National Front who defend these theses.”
    6:30 p.m.
    French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has paid homage to Nazi victims, urging voters not to repeat “the darkest page” of modern French history by forgetting the horrors of World War II.
    Macron walked slowly through the site of the deadliest massacre in Nazi-occupied France, the village of Oradour-sur-Glane in western France.
    In 1944, an SS armored division herded villagers into barns and a church, blocked the doors, and set the village ablaze. A total of 642 people died, and only six survived. The town’s ruins are preserved as a testimony to Nazi horrors.
    Macron warned that “to forget … is to take the risk of repeating history and these errors.”
    He is trying to distinguish himself from far-right rival Marine Le Pen, whose party’s past is stained by anti-Semitism.
    5:55 p.m.
    French far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon is suggesting he will vote against nationalist Marine Le Pen in the May 7 presidential runoff — but is refusing to endorse her centrist rival, Emmanuel Macron.
    Melenchon came in a close fourth place in Sunday’s first-round election, and told his 7 million voters Friday in a YouTube video: “You don’t need me to tell you who to vote for. I’m not a guru.”
    Instead of lining up behind Macron as other leading candidates have done, Melenchon wants to maintain his independence and to capitalize on his strong showing in the presidential race for a parliamentary election in June.
    He warned that both Macron and Le Pen would lead to instability in France and “divide everyone.”
    Le Pen appealed Friday to Melenchon’s voters to block Macron from the presidency. Both Le Pen and Melenchon led populist campaigns against the so-called globalized elite.
    5:35 p.m.
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that she hopes French centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron wins the presidential runoff, but rejected suggestions he would heed Germany’s bidding.
    Asked in an interview with German media group RND whether Macron needed to prove he’s not a “German poodle,” Merkel said the term was “simply absurd.”
    In the interview published Friday, Merkel said she didn’t have “the slightest doubt that Emmanuel Macron, if he’s elected, which I hope, will be a strong president.”
    Merkel declined to say whether Germany would be willing to provide the European Union with further funds to support economic stability in France.
    She said: “We will see, I can’t anticipate the discussion with the next French president.”
    4:15 p.m.
    French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is reaching from her far-right base across to the far left, urging voters who chose communist-linked Jean-Luc Melenchon in the first-round vote to support her in the runoff election.
    Le Pen issued a video via Twitter on Friday urging Melenchon’s voters to “block” her centrist rival Emmanuel Macron, arguing that the former banker and government minister represents the status quo and “arrogant finance.”
    Le Pen and Melenchon won a combined 40 percent of the vote in the first…
    While they hold opposing views on immigration and social issues, Melenchon and Le Pen are both skeptical of the European Union, hostile to free-trade deals…etc

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    • I am such a whiz at numerology you’ve got to wonder why I have not won the lottery.

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      • Fraudulent post by ziotrash troll *** Gabriel…
        (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of—> Cowboy MAY 1, 2017 AT 8:29 AM
        I am such a whiz at numerology you’ve got to wonder why I have not won the lottery.

        Well, the simple answer is that it is all a Zionist racket of course. Lol!

        I don’t claim your tribe’s Satanic Babylonian Talmud Occult Gematria predicts anything Gabriel A-hole! I post about it to show these are hoaxes A-hole Gabriel because your fellow psychopath ziotrash & Talmudists & their Freemason puppets believe by coding all their hoaxes with gematria & occult numbers & symbols they are putting hexes on us Hating Goyim! Never have I said it predicts anything! It just proves in one more way that these are hoax, staged, PsyOps Events! Even when I use the phrase predictive programming it merely means they are staging & planning Real & fake terror events long in advance, not that they have magic powers or a crytal ball! Get that Gabriel ziotrash A-Hole???!!!

    • Christinne you can still beat me posting on the LA Hoax Rampage! Lol! I have only mentioned it barely since I have been researching other new hoaxes of the ziotrash!

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