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  1. http://www.costcoconnection.com/connection/201307/m1/Page.action?pg=100

    His coworkers congratulating him supposedly the next day.

  2. A traitor and a pathetic fraud.

  3. It’s really difficult to understand why this guy would do this. How horrible. But he did. Disgusting.

    • He did this fraud for money. So far he’s received $1,000,000 and I hear will collect another $1,000,000 from the Boston Marathon Fund. He sells out his country for money, which is treason punishable by death or life in prison.

      • He will be receiving over 2 million dollars from the One Fund.

  4. What a fool this Baumer is, all for a buck. I spent 22 years in the military, and the training that I received was mock rioting, mock terrorist attacks, and so forth. The use of flash bang grenades and star bursts. I know about all of this staging. I’ve been there. The military stages these things all the time. Just before I went to Saudi Arabia I had to train in a mock PAT site having to fight the bad guys. When I trained with the 3rd. Mobile Comm. Group in Oklahoma I trained in a defensive position with Special Forces and Rangers being the bad guys. I can see staged events with very little difficulty. We must remember that the Jews live in a fantasy world. Everything to them is make believe. If somebody gets killed; so what, the death is a sacrifice to Satan. That is the way they think. Because their father Lucifer (Satan) requires a sacrifice, that is why all the blood letting. However, true Israel (the white Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people) don’t have to have blood sacrifices any more because Jesus Christ paid for the penalty. It is wonderful that the Jews cannot say the same thing.

  5. Great info! I was zooming in on Jeff in the high res photos by Ben and in #8735 it is very clear that Jeff’s right stump is way too far over to the right by about 10″. You will also see a black device where the leg is to attach and I show that with a 3D model. Take a look at: http://letsrollforums.com/jeffs-fake-leg-attachment-t29942.html

    Photo #8735 by Ben:

    Here are the photos I put together:

    This one shows that the fake gore leg hasn’t been rotated yet:

    • Yes, your information is correct. That fake stump is off anatomic lines. Great find. Plan to blow these up and make a post, possibly video.

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