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Suicide Attempt by Fraudsters and Crooks Ruth and Bernie Madoff is a Hoax

Updated, Mar. 8, 2016, 9:00 EST

Make no mistake about it the claim by Ruth Madoff of attempted suicide by her and fellow arch-crook Bernie Madoff is a lie and a hoax. It virtually makes a person nauseous to even listen to these filthy liars. See how, though, the terminally corrupt arch-Zionist media runs cover for the Madoffs and their frauds.


In this interview terminally vile liar and fraudster Ruth Madoff says that Bernie Madoff actually did do much trading, while her son says it was all fake. She can’t help herself with the lies. Madoff is venomous and unrepentant, and there can be no doubt about it. After all, it was she who said on tape that it was the “gentiles who are responsible for this.”

Now, just how are the masses of Christians responsible for the actions taken against these imposters, these fake Jews of Askhenazi background? What did they do, report them to the media? Did God-loving Christians have anything to do with their extortion-related acts? No one on this earth could be more lying and thieving than her. Then, how is it that she still perches on tens of millions of dollars in illicit gains?

It is sickening to the extreme to hear even a word spoken from lying, thieving mouth of Ruth Madoff. She should be purged of all assets immediately. Moreover, it surely demonstrates the degree of corruption of the Zionists that they would use their media assets to spread her wicked lies. Notice how dry, uninvolved, and emotion-free she is in the interview. She is a Satan in living flesh, no doubt about it.

See in the above video how the Zionist-controlled anchor attempts to excuse this criminal mind for her arch-fraud. So does the CBS expert. They are giving this treacherous Zionist mole the pass.

Regarding the attempted suicide for both her and Bernie Madoff that is definitely a lie. She this arch-liar perform her inane act in the following screen captures:


‘It’s the gentile’s fault,’ sure it is, right.


As is typical of hedonistic Zionist Jews they pull in their sons and daughters, just as in Sandy Hoax, to participate in the lie. They are absolute fraudsters in unison:


They speak not only out of the corners of their mouths but also with forked tongue. Filthy Jewry aided them is spreading their fabrications, giving them the world audience to do so. There was no suicide attempt despite the words of these Madoff criminal minds. It was all staged. Then, what else in regard to the Madoffs and their collaborators, like Jeffry Picower, was staged? Where is, by the way, Picower and the various sons? Are they now perching in luxury in the Zionist strip?

In fact, this arch-lie would indicate that all suicide-related claims by the arch-self-centered, terminally corrupt Madoffs are fake, including the purported suicide of Mark Madoff. It has all the elements of a staged event:


There are no images of a corpse. All that is seen is an element found being rolled along on a gurney. Without this, that is without images of the suicide-related corpse, the one that supposedly was hung from a pipe in the roof, it is fake until proven otherwise. Are there really pipes in the roofs of 9 million-dollar apartments?


Even so, the suicide is awfully convenient, as is the purported death of Andrew Madoff from cancer complications.

Here is Stephanie Madoff, a beneficiary of the fraud, in the act, now known as Stephanie Mack. Make no mistake about it, she is a cheat like the others. All the Zionists have been given a free pass by the Jewish-controlled media, even though Jews were among the primary victims of the scam:


Why is she holding her nose if it isn’t running? Why wipe the eye when it is not tearing?

The suicide is highly suspect, as is the purported young death of the other son, Andrew. All this needs to be investigated as yet another fraud of the vile, corrupt Madoff clique.


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    • John, there are more than 3 million registered firearms in Australia. Up to a million are thought to be unregistered. The only difference between the US and Australia is that there are controls to stop undesirable people registering a gun. Any genuine, non criminal, sane person can do so. Sorry if that excludes you.

      • So you’ve got a 1:3 million chance of being shot dead add the other million odd and you’ve got a 1:4 million chance of being shot dead.

  1. Too funny for words – Missing MH370 pilot’s wife has gone into hiding and refusing to reveal husband’s state of mind – two years on from the flight which vanished with 239 on board

  2. This is yet another fraudulent disinfo comment by lying, dishonest zionist troll EP, aka Gabriel aka Evidence Please aka Zerg aka ha ha, etc., posting under my name here again Cowboy to discredit this site & legitmate truther posters here & confuse new readers so they will think site is disinformation & so they will not return to the site:

    Cowboy on March 8, 2016 at 11:10 am
    Someone please produce still frame images from videos of “Doctor” K peddling his snake oil so that it may be dissected and presented as proof of lying. I’m certain that exact facial expressions will be captured as are presented here as “evidence”.
    Posting fraudulent comments under other posters’ names is dishonest & disinformation should never be tolerated on any truther site & research & anticorruption site ever.

    • Come ‘‘new readers’, meet your resident disinfo agent Cowboy!

      His posts are so prolific and wide ranging that it is not often possible to make sense of it. So for your benefit, I’ve prepared a summary of his recent ‘truther’ ‘research’:

      – Posted numerous tweets in US Pacific time rather than in Eastern US time and claimed that this was ‘hard proof’ that certain individuals had advanced knowledge of crimes several hours before said crimes occurred (disproven)
      – dishonestly edited the obituary of a man, in an effort to provide ‘hard proof’ that the family were name-changing arch zionists crisis actors, removing information that the deceased was a Christian, an avid hunter, a life member of the NRA and a Republican Committee contributor (characteristics not typical of zionist crisis actors but ones he admires and suggestive of a family that might carelessly allow a 14 year old access to a firearm which was then used to shoot up his school thereby busting his hypothesis)
      – failed to read a name caption on a photograph and wrongly claimed that the victim of a shooting was actually the shooter and then absurdly tried to claim that the victim was a crisis actor playing both the role of the shooter and the victim (disproven)
      – claimed that the victim of the above crime was in fact a bodybuilder from Kentucky based on a single image in which the two looked nothing alike, but had similar ‘nipples’
      – using an obscure photograph the source of which is unknown, claimed to have located one of the Dunblane massacre victims alive, well and living in Australia
      – confused Austria with Australia
      – accused two women of being men based on his opinion of their appearance
      – claimed that Jews are systematically involved in the torture and ritual murder of non-jewish children internationally, over hundreds of years
      – claimed that the woolly mammoth is a hoax (an elephant with hair)
      – claimed dinosaurs are a hoax (deduced from reading Childcraft Encyclopedia)
      – repeatedly claimed that space travel is a hoax and flip flopped on the reality of rockets
      – enthusiastically espoused a theory that the earth is flat and in doing so claimed that engineers receive no training in how to calculate curvature of the earth when building major works (disproven)
      – suggested that the sun and moon are scientific hoaxes
      – unjustifiably and angrily accused multiple opposing voices of being a single poster named Gabriel. Now new readers, watch him come back here and call me a ‘zio trannie, homosexual and pervert liar Gabriel” for simply posting these facts. (I am not Gabriel)

      Cowboy’s ‘thruths’ are only limited by his fruitful imagination and his opinion alone forms the evidence base for all of them.

      Perhaps you ‘new readers’ actually agree with some or all of the above assertions. If so, you should hang around and assist this fool by providing the empirical evidence he is so incapable of supplying on his own. Alternately, you may wish to join me and others in ensuring he is held accountable for this profuse pattern of lies and disinfo.

      “Everything I posted above here is off the top of my mind”- Cowboy March 3 2016.

      • I’m new here and can see for myself who the bullshit artists are.

      • ‘Fully debunked’ would require that you disprove all the above facts point by point – but you cannot.

        New readers I won’t bother explaining Poodolf Friedprick to you. You can see for yourselves what a depraved clump of sink hair he is.

        • The only debunking you do is when you rise from the bed in your cell each morning. Please convince Cowboy of your ISS Twitter theory given his stand on rockets, which I believe you agreed with only yesterday.

          And don’t forget that it was you that admitted you are dying here…

          “So we don’t like the cure and thus keep dying” – you Feb 27 7.19pm

      • “…debunked unaccountable times…”

        unable to be explained.

        Yep, Rudy got that right. LOL!

      • Gabriel aka EP you are the idiot lying about timestamps. I never posted about anything using Pacific Time Zone timetamps presented as Eastern Standard Time zone Timestamps. I live in the EST & Andy Wendt is also in the EST & the Hoax was in the Eastern EST as well. You keep making up lies to save a busted & exposed hoax shooting! No school shooting ever happened at all in in Middletown Ohio at Madison Jr & Sr High. All of your fraud posts, disinfo & lies cannot change that!
        **** near everything you post is a lie zionist troll Gabriel!
        Also I never changed or wavered on anything to do with the fake space travel by rockets & my explaination of why Rockets cannot fly in a vacuum & thus cannot fly in space. What I said was a Rocket could possibly burn in a vacuum if it had it’s own oxygen supply but it could not achieve thrust or flight or movement because you still would have no pressure in the admitted Vacuum of space. I even explained how a jet engine & rocket or missile can & does operate under water because it is provided oxygen within the Rocket for the fuel to burn. But as always you choose to lie in everything you cannot refute! These facts about a rocket engine being able to work in an atmosphere without oxygen were meant to clarify that the point that I was making (rocket vehicle can’t travel in space) had nothing to do with lack of oxygen in Space, but rather that there is no pressure admittedly in space and that that fact is the proof Rockets flying in space is impossible. Your lying about what I said cannot change that orbany other truth.



    • Another stupid Disinfo Fraudulent Post by zionist Jew troll coward Gabriel posting under my name here as Cowboy:

      Cowboy on March 8, 2016 at 10:27 pm

  4. I think this region is heating up, there certainly seems a lot of threats to use nukes if that’s what the great leader said. Now so far the great leader has supposed to have threatened Turkey, the US and the South.
    I do think Nth Korea is on the WW3 hit list.

  5. Paris Hoax Fake Metal Band Eagles of Death Leader Says He Loves Israel & Satan & Drugs & Gang Rapes & Homo Sex With Other Men! He truly follows the Babylonian Talmud Insane Evil Book of The Jews & Zionism!

  6. Israel’s Edge: The Story of the IDF’s Most Elite Unit – Talpiot

  7. Christian Zionists Reach New Heights of Absurdity in Latest Anti-Palestinian Propaganda Video

    • Very interesting Christinne. You are still maintaining this is a hoax? Dr K, look how coiffed the hair is, the script undeniably well prepared and rehearsed, how she speaks out of the corners of her mouth and the tongue repeatedly darts in and out of the lips like a red bellied black snake. Forked for sure. You could do some wonderful things with red arrows on this.

  8. So u fell for the cretin anti-North Korean propaganda?

  9. subscribers pay for exclusive rights to full text articles. In 10 minutes on this website have identified more than 20 copyright breaches. The owner of nodisinfo must cease and desist in this violation of copyright law or be held accountable.

  10. Extremely impressive feat as this one Pryenees Sheep dog kills two wolves consecutively to protect his sheep. I don’t know if this in Russia or Finland or where but this film is probably 50 years old or older. But for anyone with livestock especially sheep is it shows you the best dog to defend them!

    I found this video looking into a possible hoax involving Salma Hayak & a supposed killing of her Belgian Shephard Dog by a nieghbor. It would be a very justifiable killing if true. But I doubt her stupid dog was killed by a single air pellet gun shot! It is a German Sherpherd size & similiar breed dog! The story is likely a hoax designed to attack gun rights & delf defense rights & to make it easier to arbitrary jail people for killing dangerous dogs like putbulls & Rottweilers, Shepherds, Doberman Pinchers etc coming on their property & menacing or attacking them!

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  11. ZioHollywood Freakshow Frankenstein Bruce Jenner In New Zio Script Wants To Date Men! So now he’s homo! (&Tranny)

    So Who will the Zionist Manage to hire to Date CaitlynStein-Frankenstein Creation??

    What Freak will they pay enough to date Baphemet chatacter & zionist Jew Babylonian Talmud & Hollywood invented creation & monster known as:
    Caitlynstein-Frankenstein Jenner? Hmm?

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    • Cowboy, the elderly overweight chihuahua stood at the front door, panting heavily, wagging his tiny tail furiously, a constant high-pitched yip yip. Caitlyn Jenner was coming to take him on a date. Pant pant wag wag.His zio handlers had paid top dollar for it because they were sick and tired of his obsessional sniffing of poop in the playground. He and Caitlyn were going to hunt wolves in the park. Pant pant wag wag…

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        • Great idea. I’ll talk to my manager about that. Pant pant, wag wag, yip yip.

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  12. Boston Weak Hoax Bombing Fraudster Victoria McGrath Becomes Fake Victim/VicSim Dubai Car Hoax Wreck!

    Lots of Predictive Programming Before & Reinforcement Programming After All these Hoaxes! They use numerogy & names & phrases, & agendas, etc, that link all these Hoax/ PsyOps together to brainwash US all: the hated goyim masses to better confuse & mind-control US into the defenseless slaves they desire!

    • Cowboy, the elderly overweight chihuahua stood at the front door of the new luxury villa in Cyprus. He panted heavily 17 times, furiously wagged his tiny tail 77 times, yip yipped 36 times and did 3.3 poops on the carpet. It had been 88 hours since he successfully faked his own death and 66 hours since he arrived at the hide-out. Cutting a 360 turn he trotted down the 12 metre hallway. Pant pant wag wag yip yip (3 times each)

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    • If Russianvids says it, it doesnt mean its necessarily true. They say a lot of **** anyway. She could have died for real, which means she was used, her part was over and she was offed for obvious reasons or she faked her death for the same obvious reasons.

      • I’ve flown this route several times. Hmmm doesn’t seem to be much of a hypothesis. Can you expand?

  13. It’s funny you know when it comes to chemtrails the deniers always want to tell the believers just what they’re seeing, and that would be a contrail or two etc. The little sneaks hide their actions at nite and spray us like invading insects. Bastards.
    Chemtrails have many purposes as you know, spraying Aluminium is thought to deflect solar activity back into space. At any rate its messing with the weather, and the weather controls many things.

  14. Enhanced video of Lavoy Finicum’s murder by cowardly FBI/DHS assasins. First FBI Killer cowardly shoots him the turns & runs away. Finicum points at him & says he shot him. Then the next cowars shoots him he staggers more. Then the coward from behind run towards him & shoots him in the back as Finicum tries to to turn hearing the coward running up behind him. So all 3 of these cowards murdered him & possibly more shot him lqter from afar or up close even!

    If other Patriots would have come along and killed all these Federal scum on the scene to make sure they did not murder anyone else in the truck it would have been fully justifiable!

  15. Lavoy Finicum’s wife, brother & daughters at press conference Question & Answers session March 9, 2016.

    • By Gom! I do not believe that I have ever seen such smirking and laughing in the face of money-grabbing grief! I was afraid that the pregnant teen might spontaneously abort with all the guffawing. And what about the brother!

      Now Dr K will try and change all the goal posts he’s previously set with grief, but he needs to realise that once that is done nodisinfo can never go back, no matter how many red arrows.

  16. Study: ‘NYT’ Portrays Islam More Negatively than Alcohol, Cancer, and Cocaine

    Israeli Textbooks for Arab Schools: ‘Bad for Arabs, Bad for Jews’


  18. Exhibit 1) Old Time Roy Rogers Ft Worth, TEXAS ShootOut vs Cops Hoax In A Field!
    2 Ed’s Vs Cops Ends In Dead Ed & Mortally Wounded Cop & Other Ed On The Loose!

    Will Roy Rogers & Trigger Catch Young Ed Russell McIver Jr before he kills more bumbling cops to avenge the death of his Daddy Ed McIver?

    Notice the picture of the younger Crisis Actor character “Ed McIver” looks like Crisis Actor Natalie Halloway’s killer ZioDutchJudge’s Son Vanderslooth!

  19. Exhibit 11) Ivory Coast 3 Simultaeous Beach Resort Attacks by Only 6 Gunman! Proves This Is A Rididiculous Hoax! lol!!

    Especially Considering the Contradictory Impossible Crisis Actor-False Witness Scripts Delivered Stating they saw 4 or more Gunman at each Hotel! LMAO!!

    The Zionist PsyOps Screenplaywrights are such pathological liars they can’t control their contradictory lie lies in the evil hatemongering & warmongering Hoax Psychological Warfare Attacks Against the Hated Goyim!

    And Babylon Talmud Oocultic Ridiculous Gemtria Encoded in the Hoax:
    22 Dead,
    2 Special Forces Deax
    33 Shot
    6 Gun man
    3 Hotel Resort
    & Footage from elsewhere on the Beach!
    Certainly not from Beach front of 4 or 5 Star Hotels! The only likely footage from the hotels I see the bar scene which is fake as can be with Crisis suddenly running from nowhere & off-camera obviously as on cue & scripted! And the fakey Shakey Shakey Cam Flim Flam ZioScam footage by the pool! Not reality just scripted Theater at C grade Below Bollywood level!

    And how about the woman running with 3 boys in white underwear on the beach! She was supposed to be a guest at an expensive hotel resort??? NOT a Chance in Hell! Just a local woman hired as a Crisis Actor with her kids! She gets 2 weeks pay & extra for her kids to do a few scenes. The boys may well be dead VicSims in other Scenes! The African Countries like Ivory Coast need to run the Zionist Psychopaths out of their Countries while they still can!

    • Yea, it’s a hoax for sure.

  20. Exhibit 2) Cops vs Ed & Ed Russell McIver Jr Fort Worth Texas ShootOut Is Hoax!

    This Fraudster Is Ft Worth Police SpokesLiar & Butch **** Lesbian Activist ZioPuppet Traci McKnight spewing her Bull$hit ZioHollywood Script: that they have the Fugitive Shooter Pinned down in a 2.5 mile radius. And she says they have hundreds of Police & Federal Agents on Site after the Eeevile Shooter Attempted Cop Killer! BIG FAT TEXAS Steer Queer Buffoon Bull$h#t Hoax ShootOut!

    And this Scripted Hoax Ended Later by Ed McIver Jr being Captured by hundreds of Buffoon Cops & Fed Buffoon Goons drilling around, milling around, drinking coffee & energy drinks & who would shoot each other & run & stampede like squeeling pigs if a real shot was fired at them!

    • Exhibit 2) Cops vs Ed & Ed Russell McIver Jr Fort Worth Texas ShootOut Is Hoax!

      This Fraudster Is Ft Worth Police SpokesLiar & Butch **** Lesbian Activist ZioPuppet Traci McKnight spewing her Bull$hit ZioHollywood Script: that they have the Fugitive Shooter Pinned down in a 2.5 mile radius. And she says they have hundreds of Police & Federal Agents on Site after the Eeevile Shooter Attempted Cop Killer! BIG FAT TEXAS Steer Queer Buffoon Bull$h#t Hoax ShootOut!

      And this Scripted Hoax Ended Later by Ed McIver Jr being Captured by hundreds of Buffoon Cops & Fed Buffoon Goons drilling around, milling around, drinking coffee & energy drinks & who would shoot each other & run & stampede like squealing pigs if a real shot was fired at them!

  21. Barefooted muppet

  22. Evolution & Spinning Ball Earth, racing thru Space Fake Science & Fraud Occult Religion shattered by AirHead Bleached Blonde! Lol!

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