Nairobi Hoax — 21 November 2013
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Who is the Fraudster Simon Belcher of the Nairobi Hoax?

It has already been proven, here, categorically, that the so-called Nairobi mall massacre is a terminal hoax, where, despite all claims no one was hurt and, surely, no one was killed.

Relatives of Johnny Mutinda Musango, 48, weep after identifying his body at the city morgue in Nairobi

Here are a number of fabricators in action. It is all an act; note the cell phone in hand for the crisis actor, all fully proven, here: indisputable. The huggers are fakers, too.


Two agents behind them: no one cares about anything. No one showing any real emotion. It is all arranged by that arch-Israeli antagonist and former IDF terrorist, Frank “The Faker” Lowy.

Here is one of Lowy’s Israeli moles, a complete fabricator, acting as if he is dealing with a live shooting. He can even be heard instructing crisis actors in various video recordings, in fact, instructing them to make the noises of fake shootings.

Security officers pictured securing an area inside Westgate shopping centre on Saturday after the attack began

Yet another Israeli agent, here:

Luiz Ortiz, 33, at the Nairobi City Morgue where his father, Juan's body lies after he was shot when he drove into the mall parking lot early on in the siege on Saturday - Juan's daughter, 13, is recovering from gunshot wounds

CAP”TION: Luiz Ortiz, 33, at the Nairobi City Morgue where his father, Juan’s body lies after he was shot when he drove into the mall parking lot early on in the siege on Saturday – Juan’s daughter, 13, is recovering from gunshot wounds.

All of them are spewing mere lies. Islamophobia is one of their many aims.

A photoshopped image or two:


Don’t forget the fake wakes and funerals. This terribly grieving woman takes the time to shoot her eyes right at the camera:
Sad day: Family members mourn as they arrive from Kenya accompanying the flag draped coffin of celebrated poet, professor, and ambassador Kofi Awoonor, at the airport in Accra, Ghana

Yet, what about Belcher, who claims he was nearly mortally wounded, supposedly shot through and through?

It is certain that he is a fake.


Simon Belcher was shot as he shielded a child

Here is what the DailyFail says about this fabricator:


Note: they could have at least cleaned him up a bit before the photo. A faker, a fraud, a huckster: no doubt about it.

Simon Belcher, who was privately educated in Britain, was hiding under a car with his wife and the child, who was not related to them, when the Kenyan military began returning fire on the Al Shabaab militants.

As the terrorists ducked to avoid the gunfire, they spotted the group and shot Mr. Belcher. The bullet went through his shoulder and chest, but miraculously missed his vital organs.

Mr Belcher, who is Kenyan and runs a safari company from his home in Nairobi, is recovering in hospital with his wife by his bedside. She wrote on Facebook that they were ‘very, very lucky.’

Where in the world is that entrance or exist wound in the shoulder? Moreover, what wound on the face and chin would account for that dried termpura paint applied all over?
More wild fabrications by Belcher:

‘We’ve shared this and ultimately came out the other side alive.’

He and his wife parked on the rooftop and went into the mall when they heard gunfire.

He said: ‘At first we thought it was a robbery gone wrong but when we heard grenades going off we knew it was terrorists and probably Al-Shabaab.’

He’s got it figured out, right in the middle of the fake shooting.


More of his lies
Mr Belcher, who runs a safari guide business in Kenya, said: ‘My wife and I feel safer in the bush among the crocodiles and lions than in a shopping centre with humans now – it’s going to take us a while to recover.
Note: who believes such story lines from this arch-Zionist?Here is the BIG one:

‘I still have a wound in my chest where the bullet exited but apart from that my body has healed.’

Safari guard Simon Belcher (pictured in hospital)

Editor’s addition: Where, just where, Mr. Belcher, is that wound? Through the shoulder, chest, back: where?


There is no evidence of trauma anywhere on this individual. Look carefully at the supposed chest wound. Not a bit of induration, swelling, or anything else. What a hack-job dressing it is. It’s just a tube with fake blood sloppily taped to the chest with gauze as a cover-up. I’ts not even secured. Look, too, at what appears to be more tubing under the gauze. None of it makes sense, unless it is a hoax.

Here’s more, from the Spectator, showing the impossibility of the claims:

The bullet hit Simon in the abdomen, went clean through his body and then into his right arm and came out in a messy exit wound.

Where , just where, is the evidence for this kind of an incredibly dangerous, potentially life-threatening wound? How much money was exchanged for all these fabricated stories?

Back to Belcher:

“‘The physical stuff is fine. It’s the mental stuff that gets you in the dark of the night.’

Mr and Mrs Belcher had returned from guiding a safari tour days before the September 21 attack.

They were going to the cinema in the shopping centre when members of the Al-Shabaab terror group struck.

Speaking from the Kenyan coast where he is recovering with his family, Mr Belcher said: ‘In a funny way it’s brought my wife and I closer together.

‘It sounds terrible and something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, let alone your family – but because we both experienced that horrific day we know exactly what each other is going through and can pick each other up in the bad times.”

He runs a Safari entity. Is the travel business a bit slow? Did Lowy finance him? There must be a considerable connection.

Here is more on this Belcher’s alternating story, per the Spectator: a spectacle is right.

A group of survivors now ran down the ramp with the two security men, but suddenly there were more explosions and gunfire. Amanda and Simon, caught in the open, lay next to each other and pretended to be dead. After some more minutes, helicopters appeared overhead and three Red Cross ambulances zoomed up the ramp. Amanda waved. Simon, who was shivering and going into shock, was stretchered into the back of one vehicle, where he was put next to another man called Boniface with a severe leg wound.

The ambulance driver then took off down the ramp ‘like Niki Lauda. But he had to keep reversing and going forwards, I think to avoid bodies.’ At the Aga Khan Hospital A&E, Simon was taken into triage. Scores of other injured survivors were coming in, one of them a boy of nine saying ‘I lost my mummy, I lost my mummy, I lost my mummy.’ This boy also lost his 14-year-old sister.


Today, Simon has a tube coming out of his abdomen draining bloody fluid into a flask. His bandaged right arm is stiff and he is unable to move his fingers much, but the terrorist’s bullet did not break bones or sever arteries or veins. Amanda sits close to him, feeding him fruit. On the phone to their children in South Africa, their boy Sebastian, 18, said, ‘Mama — if you’ve still got the bullet can you please keep it.’ There is no AK round, of course, because it fragmented as it tore four holes through Simon’s body. Their daughter Phoebe asked Amanda to send a photo of her father — but the parents agreed for now that this was not a good idea.

Both Simon and Amanda stress to me repeatedly that they are proud to be Kenyans. Their origins are British, but Simon’s family arrived here in 1908. ‘Everybody has been so good to us. We are Kenyans, whether we’re Hindus, Christians or Muslims. And we are not blaming Muslims.’ After what they’ve been through, I find it interesting that Simon bears no grudges. Together they run a successful safari company, Royal African Safaris, and they hope to be back at work ahead of the Christmas season. ‘Tourism will take a hit of course — but it will be back.’

The Belchers are putting on a brave face but they are still fragile. What they saw was horrific. They realize that the terrorist attack at the Westgate was not the first and it will probably not be the last outrage of its kind in Kenya. ‘You can’t live in a state of heightened anxiety all the time. You go about your business.’


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  1. How about the shrapnel in the liver? Nothing in the FB bulletin from October 20 – . Bullet holes mostly closed up except for the two largest. Doctors are pleased with the healing process. Right wrist still not functioning but I progress with my physiotherapy diligently.

    The bullet hit Simon in the abdomen, went clean through his body and then into his right arm and came out in a messy exit wound.

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